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im going to a concert soon any tips???

  • [Standing] wear comfortable shoes but also ones that wont get lost and can provide some amount of protection from people stepping on your feet
  • dont wear something really warm unless its really cold
  • [Standing] get there as early as you can
  • [Standing mostly] eat before and stay hydrated as much as you can !! i wouldnt recommend eating right before it starts if youre gonna b pressed against people real close
  • [Standing] touching, theres a lot of touching, theres tight spaces and sometimes you can barely move so if you deal with claustrophobia i would be wary and if you get too anxious just get outta there, you can enjoy the concert from a bit back still
  • most venues (at least around me) don’t allow bigger than a purse or messenger bag in so i wouldnt recommend taking a backpack
  • [Standing] even if they do let backpacks in dont take a backpack because thats a dick move
  • check around bc you might be able to meet the band/singer afterwards if you stick around long enough
  • make sure you have your phone, emergency money, and anything else tucked away somewhere safe, ((i’ve been told dont put ur phone in your bra bc i guess that can cause breast cancer and i’ve also been told thats a myth so heedy hoody hada do whatever u want idk sometimes i put it under my shoulder strap))
  • also money for merch, you need a lot of that, going off like every concert i’ve been to posters are like 10$, shirts 25$, jackets/hoodies/crewnecks are like 50$, but if i know im gonna buy merch i just take like 40-60$, idk how much prices range from different locations and bands/singers and shit. I didnt check the prices at the maroon 5 concert so im basically going off pop punk/rock/indie band merch? i guess? just take a lot of money
  • figure out parking before you get there is a good one, if its a venue you havent been to before i would at least check info online or like look at the surroundings on google earth or whatever you can
  • if youre getting dropped off make sure your ride knows the area youre gonna be in, tell them before or text them after the show 
  • also figure out a spot to meet up with whoever youre going with in case you get seperated, merch tables/[venue] bars/nearby well-lit places (stores like walmart basically/right out the front of the venue can work well, or if youre standing you can just stand on the floor until mostly everyone shuffles out and then find each other
  • [Standing] don’t shove?? unless theres a mosh pit or whatever just dont shove, people are there for the music and if everyones pushing forwards thats different but dont be that dude that shoves people to get closer, no one likes that dude, its annoying
  • ear plugs? i havent actually tried this but APPARENTLY ear plugs work great because you can still hear the music but your ears wont be ringing or damaged afterwards
  • try to make friends! talking to the person in line next to me usually works, but also talking to people in the crowd is nice too. If someone doesn’t respond/is a dick, move on, try not to get discouraged, there are always willing people to talk to
  • make sure you make plenty of space on your phone/ipod/whatever, delete pics and apps and shit before you go so you have room to take pictures or videos for the concert, also charge that shit and try not to use it before you go in if you wanna take a lot of pics/videos/etc
  • be careful if you have epilepsy or any similar kind of problems with lights because a lot of shows these days have bright flashing lights and shit, make sure you have your emergency info/medical ID on you in an easy to find place (wallet/bracelets/etc)
  • thats all i got rn idk

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hi im sorry for bothering you i'm going to go to my first concert with friends (and all time low's performing w/ the maine omygod) and im very very very excited my parents have been very strict about me going to concerts and im just so happy that im gonna see them! idk i'm just very nervous about making friends i guess and in general the whole experience because it's my first but anyway thank you for always responding to my frequent ramblings even if im anon x stay beautiful :)

hi lovely!!!  NOO YOU AREN A BOTHER AT ALL! I ACTUALLY FELL OUT OF MY CHAIR I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! (ok shut up dahlia) congrats on being able to go! i saw all time low the second time just a week ago and they’re amazing! the first time was at soundwave but i was tired so i wasnt in the crowd, but the second time i was at the barrier and it completely changed the experience! so friend, i shall transfer my wisdom onto you, and train you in the art of concert-going. come young grasshopper. 

first of all, don’t worry about what people will be like there- you’re going to the show for you, to see the band with your friends! but luckily, it’s really easy to talk to people at shows! in fact, the thing i love about concerts is that everyone acts like they’ve known each other for ages! you can just turn to the person next to you and ask them a question, or sing with them in the crowd, and they will happily respond! in fact, the more open and excited you are to them, the more they’ll reciprocate. i know you may feel shy, but being in that environment should build up your excitement and you may find that you’re dying to share that with more people. but if that’s somehow not the case (and that’s unlikely), just pretend to be confident! it really helps me to just not care about stuffing up what i say, because i know i’d regret my inactions the most. think about it this way: you wont regret talking to people and sharing excitement, but you’ll probably regret it if you stayed quiet. most of the people you talk to in the crowd, you won’t stay in contact with after the show, and that’s ok, but you can always ask for someone’s number or tumblr if you talk for enough! 

NOW FOR CONCERT TIPS. welcome to the training course friend. along with the above, i have some extra information with you:

What to bring 

  • LOTS of money, even if you don’t plan on spending it- just in case. If you know you’ll spend a lot of money on merch, try set a limit on how much you can spend, or get a friend to watch out for you. Merch can get quite expensive but it probably varies for each country, and definitely for each band. Over here, ATL merch in about $45 per shirt, up to $120 per hoodie, and $30 per hat (The Maine’s merch will be similar too) 
  • Photo ID- probably won’t be needed if you’re under 18, but it depends on the venue and the event. Good to keep one handy 
  • A water bottle- not all venues allow them in, but you may as well try, or drink something in line. Security will also serve you water there and some venues allow free refills, otherwise water bottles can get quite expensive in there
  • A bag- it doesn’t have to be a big one, but it’s wise to keep your money somewhere. Have your friends designate one person to carry a bag so you can all keep your stuff in there, and then put it in the cloak room as soon as you get admitted to the venue (you’ll need a few dollars to pay for cloaking the bag). If you’re the only person who wants to bring a bag, then use one as small as possible- usually venues make you cloak the bag if it’s larger than A4 size. 

What to wear

  • Wear secure, closed shoes. You really should have shoes that fit your feet well and have shoelaces. I’ve been to many shows where I’ve seen flying shows, and I’ve even had my shoes come off. WEAR SHOELACES. DOUBLE KNOT THEM. MAKE SURE NO ONE STEPS ON YOUR SHOELACES 
  • Be careful what colours you wear. You may want to avoid wearing light/pastel colours because you’re gonna get sweaty, and you don’t want your clothes to be stained, dirtied, or see-through.
  • Choose comfortable clothes. Something you can move around in that won’t make you more sweaty than you’ll already be. 
  • Choose good bottoms. Some people find this choice difficult. Some girls are scared they’ll get bruised if they wear shorts, but no one really touches your legs. You could also wear leggings, but don’t make them too tight because it’ll feel sticky and gross. Some people think it’s too hot to wear jeans- personally, I wore them to my last two shows and I’ve been fine (I got bruised at the barrier though). Most girls avoid wearing skirts or dresses unless they’ll be sitting down because they don’t want to flash or be grabbed- to be honest, everyone’s close together so you probably won’t flash, and I don’t think ATL fans would wanna grab you but whatever.
  • Wear band merch if you’d like. Some people say it’s tacky to wear a band’s merch to their own show but I don’t think so; hell, ATL wears their own merch on stage. And trust me, more than half the kids at ATL shows wear ATL merch. Some people like to change their clothes after they buy merch there so that’s an option.

What to do 

  • Organise what time you all want to get there. You don’t have to wait in line ridiculously early to get to the front of the crowd. But, it helps to know the capacity of the venue and its distance from your meeting place. Use that information to make a judgement accordingly, but honestly you don’t need to really stress for bands like that. I like to come two hours early (I went five hours early to twenty one pilots though), and the time goes quickly anyway, plus you can talk to people in line. All Time Low fans kind of like to come early but it depends on the area and the venue. Either way, you’ll all be admitted into the venue, and pretty quickly, so don’t stress out. 
  • Eat well beforehand. It’s very important to eat enough, and well enough, so that you have enough energy to last the night. If you don’t eat, you’ll feel shaky in the knees and will probably pass out. Carbs are the best for energy, so get together with your friends beforehand and have a meal together with pasta, rice, bread etc. You can bring some lollies to eat for a quick energy fix when you’re in line (some venues don’t allow food inside so you should probably finish them beforehand)
  • Have a plan. Discuss with your friends what will happen when you get there. Organise what time you want to get there, and what your first actions will be once you’re in the venue. For example, depending on the venue, I will quickly buy merch, then cloak my bag, then head to stage and I could still get to the front. Also organise where to meet after the show if you lose others/have to get picked up/if your phone dies. 
  • Charge your phone. Try to make sure it doesn’t die so you can call friends/family/look up google maps if you need to. You may want to consider investing in one of those cases that charges your phone just in case.
  • Organise a code action. When you and your friends are in the crowd, it’ll be hard to hear each other, so it’s important to organise something to do if one of you feels faint and/or needs to leave the crowd. Usually tapping them on the shoulder and pointing outwards helps. 
  • Stick close to at least one person in the crowd. There will be a lot of moving around, especially on the inside of the crowd, so expect it. That being said, it’s more than possible that you’ll separate from friends, especially if there’s more than two of you. If you do lose them, don’t panic, just try to enjoy the show and see if you can move to them later during the set, or after the show. 
  • Drink plenty of water during the show. Self-explanatory. If you’re up front, you can ask security for water periodically; if you’re at the back of the crowd, you can leave to get water. 
  • Don’t film too much. If you’re constantly worrying about getting good photos and videos, then you’ll regret it and not enjoy the show for what it’s worth. When you’re at the show, focus on what each of your senses detect and the details of the environment, like the details on their faces- it’ll help you remember it more and enjoy it more! You’re still allowed to film- but film less than half of it. You can snap a few photos but there’s a very low chance that they won’t turn out blurry, so try using videos (you can also extract the frames and save some as photos later). Film your favourite song or a minute or so of some songs, or film them talking for a bit, but try not to look at your phone! And remember, there will always be videos of your show online, so don’t worry if you don’t have your favourite parts! You can alternate between filming with your friends (they film one song, you film another), and make sure you have at least 3GB free on your phone (just in case)!!
  • Be nice. And I trust that you will be! Unfortunately though, not all people in the crowd will be nice, and it gets worse depending on the fanbase. At the same time, we shouldn’t cause them trouble in return, so please be patient if people are pushy and rude. 

Other tips 

  • Decide whether or not you want to buy merch, and make a judgement as to when will be the best time depending on where you want to be in the crowd. You can look at merch before the show and come back to buy it after, but be wary that they will probably sell out.
  • Seeing as you’re a first-timer, I wouldn’t recommend going in the middle of the crowd, because that’s where it’s the most rough (and of course with heavier bands it gets more intense!). The safest way to enter closest to the front, is to come from the sides, so pick either the front-left or front-right of the crowd and try to weasel your way in. Over the course of the show, people will move around, so it’s definitely possible for you to get close to/at the barrier. 
  • If you want a better idea of what seeing the band live will be like, try looking up videos online. All Time Low are great live; they have so much energy and love to get the crowd jumping, and they like to interact with the crowd, so they’ll talk to you a lot. They got some kids on stage during Time Bomb so they may do that too. Jack really likes to use the whole of the stage, so if you’re at the barrier or close to it then he’ll run around and will probably see you!
  • If you want to get as close as you can in the crowd, then you’re allowed to. Just get as close as you can without being pushy before the bands start. As the show goes on, people will move and you can weasel your way in. Another tip: if you say “excuse me” and try to walk past a person, they’ll usually let you, so don’t be afraid to. 
  • If you want to meet the band, your best bet is to probably wait after the show, not come super early beforehand. With All Time Low, they tend to come out at the end of the show (depending on the venue) so you’d have to wait a bit, but they also have pre-show meet and greets with Hustler Club members (you have to pay for membership). 
  • You can ask for the band’s setlist! But you’ll have to be at the front of the crowd. Politely ask a security guard before the stage is fully set up and they should save it for you afterwards, unless Jack and Zack throw the setlist out to someone random in the crowd. Jack, Zack and Alex also throw out their picks and Rian throws his drumsticks so try catch them! 

wOW i rant but thank you for sharing this great news with me! enjoy the show! don’t stress out about whether or not you’re following all of this information, only take it as a guideline and enjoy yourself! it’s a fun concert not a boot camp! i’d love to hear about it afterwards! lots of love, stay cute! xx