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All I Want is You

For the anon who requested a fic about being the sister of one of the boys, hope you don’t mind I switched it around a bit.

It had been about three months since I’d started seeing Tyler.  He was easily one of the coolest guys I’d ever met, with his amazing sense of humor, sick tattoos, and his overall chill demeanor.  Our first date was a concert—some local guy that Tyler knew was playing in a park—and after that I was hooked.  We went out occasionally, but I honestly preferred just hanging out at his house and watching movies.  Everything was absolutely perfect—until today.  Tyler came over to my house (something he didn’t usually do) because my entire family had gone to the beach for the day.  I feigned illness so that I could stay behind and see him.  Just five minutes after my dad’s car pulled out of our driveway, Tyler’s pulled in.  I greeted him by pressing my mouth to his hungrily.  Tyler chuckled and said, “I missed you too,” when I finally let him speak.  I moved my mouth down to pepper soft kisses along his neck and collarbone.  “Hey,” he pushed me back a bit.  “Let’s take this to your room.”  I nodded eagerly and led him upstairs.  When we stepped inside my bedroom, Tyler shut the door and immediately began to corner me against my bed.  He pressed closer, forcing me to lay down, then climbed on top of me.  Once he was satisfied with how he had me pinned down, he lowered his mouth down to mine, letting out a contented sigh.  He broke the kiss briefly to start peeling off my shirt, when the door flew open behind us.  

“Hey sorry, we forgot towels—“  My brother stopped talking when his eyes fell upon Tyler and me, and the suggestive position we were currently in.  

“Shit, Josh, I am so sorry I didn’t tell—“ Tyler started, but Josh cut him off.  

“Come out here, now.”  

Tyler and I got up, and began walking towards the door.

“Not you.” Josh looked at me, before dragging Tyler out.

This was the last I’d heard from either of them, and ten minutes had passed.  I was actually starting to worry.  Tyler and Josh were best friends, but I had no idea how he’d react to his best friend hooking up with his little sister (which was one of the reasons I never told him).  I finally started making my way to the door, having decided enough was enough, when I heard their voices slowly trickling through the door.

“I cannot believe you’re fucking my sister.”

“I’m sorry.”

“I cannot believe you didn’t tell me.”

“I’m sorry.”

“I cannot believe I just walked in on that.”

“I know, man, I really am sorry.”

They fell silent for a moment, before Josh spoke up again.

“Don’t fuck with her, okay?”

“I won’t.  I really like her,” Tyler mumbled, making my cheeks flush.

“If you do, I swear to god I’ll fuckin’ end you.”

“Christ bro, got it.”


“You sure you’re good with this?” Tyler asked nervously.

“Yeah, I think so.  I mean, I’m happy that you guys are like…closer,” Josh said, sounding extremely uncomfortable.  I couldn’t help but giggle at the uneasy silence that had fell over the pair, I could feel it radiating through the door.

“Alright, get out here, Y/N,” Josh knocked on the door, apparently having heard my laughter.  I opened the door slowly to find the two boys staring at me, eyebrows raised.  

“So here’s how it’s gonna go,” Josh quickly regained his bearings.  “When you guys fuck, I don’t wanna hear about it.”  Tyler looked like he was going to speak, but closed his mouth after seeing the look Josh shot at him.  “We can all hang out, but no PDA, ever.”



“Okay,” Josh sighed, seemingly relieved at our responses.  “Mom and dad are definitely wondering what’s been keeping me, so I’m gonna leave you guys to… ya know,” he shifted uncomfortably for a moment, before turning quickly on his heels and speed walking back to the car.  

Tyler turned to me after a moment, smiling and said, “dude, he forgot to get the stupid towels.”

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What is this, you ask? Why, this is what I imagine the opening to a show (called Defender of Universes) about a dimension-hopping Rose would look like. You can thank perfectlyrose and badwolfrun for this.