i wanna la la lick you from your head to your toes

Flesh (G.D) SMUT

Request: “Hi, hello, wanna know what you should write? You should write a gray smut based off the song “flesh” by Simon Curtiss okay byyyyyye”

Warnings: SMUTTTT, Bondage, Daddy kink, Fingering..yeah dirty stuff ;)

Song: “Flesh” By Simon Curtis

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It’s what you craved. The feeling of Grayson’s skin against your own. It left you a moaning mess, so when you both found yourselves in your shared bedroom, you couldn’t help but beg for him to do things to you. Things that some people wouldn’t approve of…
“Gray..” You whimpered as he rubbed his knee against your crotch area. “Shhh princess.” He hummed and sunk his fingers into the waistband of your jeans, nails digging into the skin of your hips as he slowly tugged them down.

Push up to my body
Sink your teeth into my flesh
(Get undressed, ta-taste the flesh)
Bite into me harder
Sink your teeth into my flesh
(Pass the test, ta-taste the flesh)

Grayson admired the fading hickies on your neck, all different shades in the stages of bruising as he tossed your jeans to the side. The sight only spurred him on to leave more marks, to claim you as his. Which you already were, but that obviously wasn’t enough.

Finally, he released his vice-like grip on your hips long enough to finally discard your shirt, pulling it up and over your head before tossing it away. Immediately, his hands were back to shoving your hips against the wall, holding you in place as his knee rubbed against your throbbing heat. The moan that left your lips caused Grayson to smirk as he leaned down, ghosting them over your bare collarbone.
“Fuck, Gray. Please.” You pleaded which made Grayson chuckle huskily, his front teeth taking a small bit of skin and nipping sharply, hard enough to elicit a gasp from you.
“Tell me, babe. What do you want?” Grayson’s voice was husky and rough, making you clench your legs together in an attempt to stop the throbbing feeling in your panties.
“I want you, oh my god. Please, stop teasing.”

Hold me up against the wall Give it ‘till I beg, give me some more
Make me bleed, I like it rough
Like it rough
Push up to my body
Sink your teeth into my flesh

Grayson laughed once more and removed his lips from your neck, trailing them towards your own. His bruised lips moved against yours softly, you ran your hands up and down his chest then grasped a handful at the hem, tugging on it as if to tell him you wanted it off. In one swift movement, Grayson detached his hand from your hip and grabbed both your wrists, pressing them up against the wall directly above your head. You whimpered against his lips and thrusted forward with your hips, he pressed your hips down further against the wall as the kiss deepened. “You need to use your words baby, you have to beg for it. Earn it.” Grayson mumbled against you.
You whined in response, thrusting forward once more to feel Grayson’s throbbing length through his jeans right against your front.
You just wanted his pants off, to be able to properly grind against Gray without the rough texture of clothing in the way.
“Baby, I need you. Bite into me, fuck me, push up to me. Make me scream, beg for more. Tie me up, fucking choke me.” Your words made a grin etch upon Grayson’s face as he lovingly traced your sides, “Whatever you want, babe.”
Grayson opened his mouth and leaned down to your throat, licking and sucking a red mark onto your skin, occasionally biting the raw skin there which drew loud moans from your lips. He released his grip on your wrists to undo the button of his own jeans. You gasped when you felt his hard on poke at your inner thigh. Grayson then grabbed your panties and tore them off, listening to the relived sigh that escaped your lips when you felt the tip of his cock rub at the entrance of your folds. “You’re not allowed to touch yourself, understand?”

Hold my arms above my head
And push my face into the bed
Cause I’m a screamer baby
Make me a mute

Immediately you nodded, your pupils dilating as you caught a glimpse of how big Grayson’s length was. You’ve had sex with him before, but it still took a lot to get used to his size, it wasn’t exactly very easy to adjust to. “Yes daddy.” You replied and Grayson nodded, reaching down to grab the hem of his shirt to toss it up and over his head, revealing his chiseled body to you.
He leaned forward to press an appreciated kiss to your jaw as you kicked off the torn pieces of your panties from your feet. “What’s my name?” Grayson asked as he cuffed the side of your face with his hand, his thumb brushing against your cheek. “Daddy.” You breathed as Grayson nodded in approval. “Good girl. You’re always such a good girl for me, you know that?”
Grayson unclasped your bra and pulled it off, leaning down to capture a hardened nipple into his mouth.
He pressed the tip of an index finger against your slick folds causing you to gasp in delight. Grayson smirked in response and brought his hand back up to your mouth, you opened it and he stuck his finger inside. You fluttered your eyes as your swirled your tongue around his finger, tasting yourself. “How do you taste baby?” He asked and removed the finger from your mouth. “Amazing.” You replied and licked your lips hungrily. “Hmm, maybe I’ll just have to see for myself.” And with that said, Grayson pried your trembling thighs apart and you shuddered at the cold air gushing against your clit. He pressed a finger into your folds and used his thumb to draw small circles over your clit. You moaned as he leaned forward, his hot breath making you want to just shove his face into you. “Can I touch you? Please daddy?” You whispered as he inserted a finger. “Go ahead.” Your hands found his hair and you gripped his brown locks as he added another finger, his tongue lapping up your juices. “Gray- Grayson fuck!” You moaned as he removed his mouth from your clit, “Want another finger?” He asked, to which you nodded frantically. “Use your words sweetheart.”
“Please daddy, please add another one.” You begged and Grayson complied, shoving a third finger into you. You removed a hand from Grayson’s hair and slid it down to your clit, beginning to rub it to please yourself even more. “What did I tell you? No touching yourself.” You whimpered and removed your hand from your throbbing heat, returning it to grab Grayson’s hair. You grinded your hips against his tongue as his fingers worked their magic inside of you. “Gray..I’m close.” You breathed and rolled your hips in steady movements. Grayson abruptly removed his fingers and stood up as you whimpered.

You put your hand up to my neck and feel the pulse
Beat, beat, beat, beat
It’s like a trigger getting ready to shoot

“Get on all fours. Right here, on the floor.” The command was followed through immediately, and Grayson couldn’t help but to grin as he picked up a tie as he watched you wiggle your behind for him in excitement. “Now, chest on the ground, hands behind your back.” He used his tie to secure your hands against the small of your back, in which he tugged on a few times to ensure that you couldn’t escape.
Two fingers were pushed you suddenly and you moaned in response, your hips pushing back against the digits in search of more.
Compared to Grayson, two fingers were nothing. So, Grayson began with a fast pace, his fingers repeatedly pushing into you, eliciting many, many moans. Two became three, then three became four, thoroughly stretching you out to accommodate his size.

Wanna wrestle with me baby?
Here’s a sneak little peak
You can dominate the game
Cause I’m tough
I don’t play around that often
When I do, I’m a freak
So you better believe
I like it rough

Looming over your back, Grayson keeps his fingers deep inside of you, steadily pressing and rubbing over your g-spot, he bit gently into your shoulder blade and you gasped in pleasure.

“You like that? You wanna come for me, just like this? Or do you want my cock inside you?” In the beginning, Grayson wasn’t very fond of dirty talk, but now he found he was a natural at it. He enjoyed murmuring dirty words into your ear, watching how they affected you and you did as well. They made you want more and they made everything way more exciting.

Hold my arms above my head
And push my face into the bed
Cause I’m a screamer baby
Make me a mute

“Fuck, both. Please Gray, I wanna come, please.” You whined as Grayson peppered soft kisses along your back.
Grayson curled his fingers right into your g-spot once more and the pleasure was so intense that your thighs trembled, your toes curled, and your back arched like a bow.
Satisfied with the outcome, Grayson untied your hands and allowed you to regain your composure before instructing you to stand up. “I want to fuck you against the wall.” Grayson commanded and shoved your hips against it once again, his lips clashing with your own.

Hold me down
And make me scream
Lay me on the floor
(Me on the floor, la-la-lay me on the fl-oor)
Turn me on
(Turn me on)
And take me out
(Take me out)
Make me beg for more

Grabbing your wrists once more, he tied them above your head and you whimpered into his mouth. “Hush princess.” He cooed into the shell of your ear as he slowly entered you. He immediately found a rough and fast pace that left you a moaning mess.
“Fuck, oh fuck, please.” You tipped your head back, face thoroughly flushed as Grayson pounded into you so hard your body jolted with each thrust.

Gray leaned down, littering hickies on your neck, collarbone, breasts, and shoulders. Anywhere he could reach with ease, claiming you, his.
“You’re gonna make me come again, please, Gray.” You squirmed in his grasp, panting heavily, your body already highly sensitive from your last orgasm. In response, Grayson’s hand trailed up until it was enclosed around your throat, pressing down just hard enough to make breathing a difficult task. You clenched your eyes shut as your back arched off the wall, Grayson’s other hand reaching down to give you a harsh slap on your backside.

You put your hand up to my neck and feel the pulse
Beat, beat, beat, beat
It’s like a trigger getting ready to shoot

The first orgasm was intense, but the second pulled a scream from your lips, tears escaping your eyes in pleasure as you grinded your hips against Grayson. Your eyes saw white and your body trembled Grayson continued taking you roughly.

Hold me up against the wall Give it ‘till I beg, give me some more
Make me bleed, I like it rough
Like it rough
Sink your teeth into my flesh

He pounded into you until he was finished, and released your throat. “Fuck Y/N.” Grayson moaned as he buried his head into the crook of your neck. He reached a hand up to get rid of the ties and your hands immediately encircled around his torso to hold him up. “I love you.” You said softly, nuzzling your face against his chest, listening to his calming heartbeat. All you wanted to do now was cuddle with Grayson and sleep for the rest of the day.
“I love you too. More than you know.” Grayson breathed out as he reached down to lift you up bridal style. “I’m not sure if you can walk right, so I’m just going to put on a hot bath for you.” Grayson pressed a soft kiss to your temple and gently set you down onto the bed. You hummed in response and grabbed the blanket, tossing it over your exhausted body. Grayson returned a few minutes later. “Alright, I got the bath running-”
He smiled softly to himself as he spotted you already asleep on the bed. “My beautiful girl.” He murmured softly as he crawled into bed besides you, spooning you under the covers. “I love you.”


A/N- I kinda dodged it a bit. I didn’t add anything severe though. I know a bunch of bad words in spanish but I don’t know why I couldn’t think of them as I wrote, and the ones that I did didn’t really go with the sentence. haha Sorry about that. Tell me what you think!

Request-Hi! Can you please write an imagine in which the reader speaks Spanish and when she’s nervous and angry she curses Spanish words and the guys (Sam and Dean) don’t understand her, so they call Cas and ask him to translate and he get uncomfortable by not wanting to curse a lot, idk if it’s any good but I would like to see it , I think it would be funny idk :/

No Pairing

Word Count- 1189

Warnings- Profanities in Spanish?

Dean and Sam were in their motel room, while you were in yours. The hunt was done but they both had something on their minds. None of the voiced there concerns for several long minutes.

“Does Y/N always talk in another language?” Dean questioned suddenly.

Sam who had been thinking the same thing shrugged, “I… think so? I think Y/N only speaks Spanish when they’re mad,” he answered, while trying to recall all the instances you had spoken Spanish.

“So it’s Spanish? What are they even saying?” Dean asked. It was as if he was hearing you for the first time.

“I don’t know?” Sam responded quickly.

“I can do Latin but not Spanish,” Dean said, shaking his head. “Maybe… Maybe we can get Cas to translate?” Dean said in a questioning tone.

“That’s probably a good idea… but how are we going to get him hear in time?” Sam questioned in return.

They were both silent, thinking of what to do. When Dean looked up, though he had a serious expression that through his brother off.

“We’re gonna have to get Y/N mad,” he said.

Sam’s eyes widened, “You… sure about that?” he asked, hoping that Dean would maybe reconsider.

It wasn’t that they were scared of you. No of course not. They were Winchesters after all, but the aura surrounding you when you were angry. No that that scared them.

“It’s the only way,” Dean responded. Though he looked overly serious for it being just a matter of knowing what it is you say in Spanish.

Sam looked down and thought about it, “What if we just… record what Y/N says?” he suggested. Dean smiled at the idea.

A week later~

You were all on a hunt, a simple salt and burn. Though you were tossed around, you hadn’t said a lick of Spanish. In fact you were pretty silent and only grunted and moaned when you hit the walls, but other than that, nothing. Dean and Sam were surprised because you were usually so- vocal.

When it was all over, you simply sighed, pointed your blade to the sky, and said, “On to the next!”

The boys looked to one another in total confusion.

“What up with Y/N?” Sam questioned.

“Hell if I know,” Dean replied and walked toward his car, keys in hand.

Sam simply followed in suit.

You were like that for a couple of days. No shouting. Not in Spanish at least, but then it happened.

You were all in the bunker. Dean was washing his car, Sam was looking for a case, and you had just showered and were walking to the kitchen for a snack, barefoot no less. To our surprise, the refrigerator was void of any food.

“Hijo de tu chingada madre,” you muttered. Though the boys weren’t there to hear you say it, nor record it for Cas to translate. You marched straight to the garage to get Dean to go buy anything that could pass as a snack. “Dean!” you shouted as soon as you entered the garage.

Dean hearing the hint of anger in your voice, stopped everything he was doing, brought his phone out, and started recording. “Yeah?” he asked nonchalantly.

“Quien diablos se comió toda la pinche comida?!” you shouted, not noticing your change in language. Dean just stared at you in confusion, “Quita esa cara de pendejo y dime!” you shouted again.

To which Dean said, “Uh- Y/N… Maybe say that again in English?”

You were taken aback. How had you not noticed that? You sighed deeply to calm yourself, “There’s no food,” you say.

“All that turned into that little sentence?” Dean said in surprise.

You sighed again, “No- but I’m serious. There’s no snacks or anything. We have to go on a food run.”

“Yeah- alright your highness,” he huffed. He took out his keys and then looked at you, “Maybe put on some shoes if you wanna go.”

You looked down to your feet and wiggled your toes, “Right. Okay I’ll be right back,” you said as you ran to your room. You put on your socks and your shoes, with lightning speed, and ran right out of your room, but of course not everything was as smooth as you’d like. You tripped over seemingly nothing and fell over, face first.

To which, Sam not only witnessed, but had hit his record button, just in case. He got what he needed and more. He was slightly surprised by the way you sounded, terrified almost. You on the other hand, just got up and rushed toward the garage.

Later that day~

Sam and Dean were hovering over the table in the library, where their phones were. They were both opened to all the saved recordings of the day. Several at that.

“You wanna call Cas now or do you want to add more?” Sam asked.

“No I think this is enough,” he paused, “Cas, we need your help,” he called.

It took Cas a few more seconds than usual but he arrived and stood behind the boys, “What is it?” he asked.

“We need you to listen to these and translate,” Dean answered.

“Before you ask, they are recordings of Y/N. They talks in Spanish sometimes and we wanna know what they say,” Sam added.

“Yeah” Dean said.

Cas looked from one brother to the other, “Why don’t you just ask Y/N?” he asked.

“Yeah that’s not gonna fly,” Dean said curtly.

Cas sighed and nodded, “Okay.”

Dean played one first:

“Quien diablos se comió toda la pinche comida?!” you had shouted. “Quita esa cara de pendejo y dime!” you shouted again.

Cas’ eyes widened just a tad but he cleared his throat, “Here they say… ‘Who ate all the food?’ and then they say, ‘Stop making that… face… and tell me’.”

Sam scrunched his brow, “That’s it?”

Cas looked a bit uncomfortable, “There were some words I rather not say…”

“Really?” Sam asked.

“Y-Yes,” he responded.

“How about this one?” Sam asked, hitting play to his first recording of when you tripped on air and fell on your face earlier, but Cas said it was the same as before.

Dean played another one, from when you were out on the food run. A guy clearly ran into you and got mad at you for it. You of course shouted at him to no end.

Cas couldn’t finish listening to the recording. “I cannot repeat those words,” he said, his voice shaking a bit.

“What’d it say?” Dean questioned.

Cas squirmed a bit “All I can say is that… Y/N may have said assbutt, but the rest I cannot say,” he said and immediately left.

“Cas!” Dean called again but he did not return.

They both sighed.

“Well that answers that,” Sam said.

“Yeah,” Dean chuckled, “But who knew Y/N said things that even Cas is too scared to repeat.”

Sam laughed, “Yeah, I wasn’t expecting something like that.”

“Neither was I but now I have more words to learn,” Dean said leaving the library.

“Dean no! You already say a lot of profanities!” Sam shouted after him.

“Not enough!” Dean responded.

Hope you liked it! x)