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a young actor not rejecting a role just because he would be playing a (for him, from the start) gay character (even though it’s not ~confirmed~ until s3)  and doing his absolute best to portray this character’s journey and struggles and feelings throughout those 3 seasons honestly has me so emo y’all like i talked about this in my tarjei/henrik friendship post, but they’re not the kind of people who say “no homo” after any interaction with each other or homosexuality outside of the show. and this is so nice bc he’s helping to normalize more boys being like s3 isak and learning that being gay isn’t all stereotypes and negative connotations and helping them embrace it i’m :’)


these were legit the only most recent ones that i actually took on the same day so .. rip (u can tell what song i was listening to during dat second pic like 😪😪)
i was tagged bY THE BEAUTIFUL @ryoguk THNK U!! 💗💖💓🗣 k so forreal since im the same i rl talk to like no one exhept two or sth, imma just tag som’ (nd when i say some i rl mean some bc legit if u could i would put all of u,,, forreal) of my fav mutuals 😇 ;
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[Bonus Mode NDRV3 Spoilers]

Maya’s been translating the Izuru events from the bonus game in V3 for me and all I’ve learned is 1) I want to marry Izuru Kamukura and 2) I will literally sell my soul to see his events with Komaeda.

Me: *sprinting out of the battle tree with my three fainted maxed out pokemon*

Hau: “You lost on your second ba-”

Me, panting and kneeling with their bruised bodies: “They’re superstars, Hau.”

Hau: “But this is your fifth attempt in a ro-”

Me: *sobbing* “SUPERSTARS”

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The sad thing is that everyone has Kiibo and Ouma as a ship but as someone that can read Japanese I can tell you they don't get too much beyond Ouma bullying Kiibo over and over. There's not actual depth to it so I'm a little disappointed.

I want him to sue Ouma for robo harassment >:/


quick, but very important update:  Firstly, i’m sorry for the lack of activity on here, but it’s in preparation for a pretty big change.  Long story short, it’s likely that this blog is going to become a multi-muse. I’ve been talking it over with some people on my other blog & i think this is the best idea for the position i’m in right now.

i’ll keep Steven on this blog ( i have no intention of getting rid of him ) & he’ll likely even remain the dominating muse, but i’m going to be adding a couple of characters to join him.

i’ll keep you all updated on the progress, but it’s pretty much decided at this point.