i wanna know whyyyy

thegreatbubble  asked:

I would not be surprised if Keith beat up that guy. It looks like 2 students that got into a fight and can't sit next to each other, so I'm sure he did fight that guy LOL. So now that you mention it, I don't think its only you

No no I’m certain he did because his knuckles were bruised and the guy gave him a nasty look when he went into the office. I just can’t help but wonder WHY if the guy is ranked above him and looks so much older (about 4 or 5 years older).

Like what made 10 year old Keith so mad that he got into it with a guy so much older?

I wanna know if that’s the right age gap and also WHYYYY

I first was distracted by the buttons but then…

Um… where’s the ring? 

I didn’t notice while watching the premiere but I just checked 501 and she’s wearing it with the first outfit but as soon as she’s changed in this one? No ring.

So… The ring disappears when Emma disappears?

Just like it switched hand when Emma switched world?

I mean… I know she technically once again switched world but…