i wanna know what was his reaction to their picture in her kitchen i wanna know it

How would GOT7 react to their best friend becoming their girlfriend

Can you please do a GOT7 as your best friend turned boyfriend? Thank you so so much hehe 😚 


You were finishing off some of the work you had left when Make came to take you out. Fridays were the only day you really had time to hang out. You were packing your stuff when one of your co-workers came in and put 20 fils due tomorrow on your desk. You sighed and your co coworker went out to the hall and went out to drink with the others. Marks eyes got a mile wide when you unpacked and sat back down by your computer. He was about to go after the people but you stopped him. “It’s okay, Mark. it’s always like this.” Mark got super mad. You couldn’t understand when he almost started yelling at you for doing the work. “they could’ve done it!” You stood up and padded his shoulder. You froze when he pulled you close. You smiled and enjoyed his warm embrace. You kissed a cheek and thanked him for always being there. He took your hand and dragged you out of the building. He smiled and took you out for Bibimbap.

“I will not let this happen to you anymore. I promise.”

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You and Jaebum had taken a trip to Ulsan together to get some time away from everything. The week you had been away felt like a dream. You ate great food and were more relaxed than ever. You ended your vacation with a nice long walk by the ocean. There were only a few people on the beach to watch the sunset. You and Jaebum reached the path back to the hotel you were staying at. You stood and looked at the sun for a while. When the sun had set it started to get dark really fast. The other people on the beach lit candles and pulled out blankets. You started getting cold and Jaebum rapped his arms around you. You smiled. Jaebum turned to you and became quiet when you started talking about going home. “I don’t wanna go home,” Jaebum mumbled. You giggled and thought it was because he just didn’t wanna go back to training. He told you he didn’t wanna go home because he was alone here with you. He told you that if they went home it would be different between them. Back to being friends. They would go back to not seeing each other every day. And he never wanted to be apart from you. He leaned in to kiss you on your cheek. 

I would miss the fact that I can just do this here…”

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You came crying into the got7 dorm. Jackson ran to you comforting you, doing his job as the best friend. You sat down on the couch telling him about how your boyfriend had left you in the snow telling you he didn't like how much you flirted with Jackson. You were sad he had left you, but you couldn’t blame him. You knew you flirted with Jackson but you also couldn’t help it. He was like your second boyfriend. It was very confusing for you. Jackson wiped away a tear from your cheek. “He told me I couldn't see you again,” you mumbled. Jackson pulled away and looked at you like he didn’t know what to say or do. You smiled. “I’ll never leave you,” you said hugging him. Jackson pushed you away asking if this was really what you wanted. If you really chose him over your boyfriend. You nodded and hugged him again. Jackson screamed of happiness and kissed your cheeks. He jumped around the living room. He rushed back to the couch when he realized you were still in the midst of crying.  

“Does that mean we have to wait with dating until you break up with your boyfriend?”

(You being Youngjae)

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You and Jinyoung were hanging out in your apartment talking about your boyfriend problems. Or you were talking about your boyfriend problems, Jinyoung was eating.He hated hearing about your boyfriend, he had told you many times before he liked you and wanted to be with you. You had always nicely declined and pretended it didn’t happen. You started listing all the things you wanted your boyfriend to be and wanted to do. Jinyoung just sat there telling himself he matched it all. At one moment Jiyoung got enough. He yelled how he was all you were looking for and you sat there dumbfounded by his action. You turned towards Jinyoung and placed a peck on his cheek. You smiled and ran ou to the kitchen to get more water. Now it was Jinyoung who sat frozen. His speeches face turned into a slight laugh and he hugged you as tight as he had always wanted to do.

“Just date me then.”


You finally had the big party for your birthday you wanted. You and your best friend Youngjae were fixing the last mistakes and getting ready. You wore the prettiest dress you had and put your makeup on. Youngjae kept staring at you. When 20 minutes had passed and no one had shown up you started to worry. You checked your twitter and saw that one of your so-called friends had posted a picture eating out with a couple of your coworkers. You sat down on a chair with your head in your hands. Youngjae immediately came to you trying to cheer you up. He tried aegyo and smiling cutely. Nothing helped so he hugged you tightly. He looked deep into your eyes and told you that it didn’t matter if those people shwówed up because you had each other. Before you knew it Youngjae was leaning in to kiss you. When he pulled away you smiled and felt happier than you had ever been. You knew this could mess up your friendshiå like cray, but honestly, you had always thought he was super handsome and had always had a slight crush on him.

“They don’t deserve and love you like I do.”

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“Hot” You laughed/cried as you almost spit out the food you and Bambam were having on the street. It was your favorite place. It was so casual and cozy. Bambam laughed at you and handed you a napkin. You started talking about a cute guy, and Bambam almost threw a tantrum. He yelled up about how no one was good enough and he was probably a bad guy. You carefully moved closer to Bambam and whispered, “It’s you, you fool.” You pulled away and continued eating as Bambams frozen smile turned into a smirk. He stole a kiss from you and ran up and down the street laughing. You laughed and tried to hide the blush. when Bambam had calmed down you decided to eat a little more before going. When Bambam was about to say something to the lady with a smirk you paid her and you left in a hurry.

“Y/N wait up! I wasn’t about t say something embarrassing this time.”

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You and Yugyeom had been best friends ever since you moved to Seoul 5 months ago. You met at an ice cream store near their dorm. Yugyeom had forgotten his money and you kindly lend him some money. by that time you didn’t know who he was. There was something about you that Yugyeom couldn’t shake. You were different. He liked that. 2 years later you and Yugyeom went back to the ice cream store. He wanted to buy you ice cream to make up for last time. While you were eating, Yugyeom was acting differently. He was smiling and blushing more than usually. After eating you walked home. When you were outside your apartment, Yugyeom told you he liked you. His smile disappeared when you didn’t answer. He was about to lose hope and walk away, but you held onto his arm. You placed a peck on his cheek. He smiled and hugged you. you felt his warm cheek on yours. You knew he was blushing like a baby. 

“I’ve held that back for a long time”

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Feeling Betrayed

Word Count: 1373

Wanna One: Park Jihoon ft. Ong Seongwoo

Author: This is my first serie i’m startiing. I hope it’s good please let me know :3


(Your Insta): ParkJihoon99: Hello :)))     21:34PM

I could feel my phone vibrate on the table, stealing a quick glimpse over to my phone. I saw an Insta message from an unknown person. Quickly opening it and hitting the ‘accept’ button.

You: Hii, how are you?  21:37PM

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Magic Words (Ong Seongwoo)

Title: Magic Words

Member: Ong Seongwoo ft. Kang Daniel

Genre: Fluff with kinda angst?? (I don’t know lol)

Words: 2,367 words

Quote: Mahaken da Pepeldomoon

“to forget one’s pain and sorrow”

Song reference:  여왕의 기사 Overcome by Nu’est

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  • You and Ong had been best friends for quite a long time now. You and Ong met when you are still studying at middle school, since at that time you are new to the school, Ong had volunteer himself to tour you around school since he said he’s the best tour guide ever. Every time the both of you stop in a room, he’ll make puns and jokes just to ease your nervousness.
  • After that Ong became your first friend in the entire school, he always makes sure that everything will be fine and you’ll fit right in school.

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c-s hinata & leo support

this support was basically the result of looking at hinatas nohrian festival dlc conversations and the fact that hisame was supposed to be his little twin brother at first and going “he would want to be everyones big brother” and also looking at leos supports and saying “hes so smooth but theres gotta be someone who can sweep him off his feet and turn him into a tomato”

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Can you write one with a mix of 31&36 with Nate maloley!?

Thanks for requesting babe! and tbh if you don’t know (y/s/n) means your son’s name and (y/d/n) means your daughters name. I hope its how you wanted it and i hope you love it :)))))

“Don’t you dare say you love me”~ Nate Maloley

I turned into the Park Elementary just in time to pick the kids up from Kindergarden and first grade. When I finally found a parking spot, I walked into the school and went to pick up (Y/s/n) in the kindergarden hall first. (y/s/n) saw you and his face was full of light. He ran to you and with his backpack that was two sizes bigger than him on. He threw his arms around your neck and embraced you like you were never coming back. “Hi mama, I misshed you”, he said. “I missed you more, I said giving him a eskimo kiss. Let’s go get (y/d/n) and go home to make dinner”, you said picking him up walking to the first grade hall. The kids didn’t know but Nate was coming home from tour and you both wanted to surprise the kids. Once you reached her classroom, she packed her bag and handed you a picture. It was you, your son, and her in the house, and your husband on a bus. It broke your heart but that’s about to change.

You pulled into the driveway and saw that the garage door was down with Nate’s car inside. You were so excited to see him and the kids reactions. You got them both out of the car and made your way inside. That’s when you saw some heels…..that weren’t yours. And then the path of clothes leading to your bedroom door. “(Y/d/n), take your brother down to the basement and put on cartoons please”, you asked quietly. She took his little hand and led him downstairs to play. You followed the trail to the cracked bedroom door. That’s when you saw your husband in bed with..your best friend.

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“So…how long”, you finally whispered while heaving.”Oh fuck (Y/n), Nate said literally throwing (y/bff) off him. You turned around and ran down hall to the stairs to the basement. You walked down to see your kids playing. “Hey guys,you said while wiping the tears, wanna go stay at Nana’s house tonight”, you said while your voice trembled. (y/s/n) walked over to you and wipe your cheeks and kissed them. “mama why you cryin, he asked”. “Oh, its nothing baby”, you said picking him up and taking your daughter hand to go back upstairs.  “(Y/d/n) go get your princess suitcase and pack you and your brother some clothes for Nana’s okay”? They both ran and went to pack. Nate then entered the kitchen.

“(Y/n), baby I meant nothing I swear babygirl, I love you so much”, he said walking towards me. “Don’t you dare say you love me!”, you screamed in his face. “If you fucking loved me, you wouldn’t have done this, especially with my BESTFRIEND. You vowed to me and only ME Nate! While yelling in his face, you kept pushing his chest back. Just then the kids entered the kitchen seeing Nate since six months ago.

“Daddy!”, they both shrieked with excited and love. They both were kissing him and loving on him…thats when I really broke down, thinking that he just broke our family. “Hey my babies”, he said giving them the same affection. As they were both distracting Nate, I went and got all our bags and put them into the car. I came back into the house and saw him still loving on them, like he always did. “Hey guys, go get some toys from the basement and meet me in the car okay”? “Okay mommy”!

“(y/n), please baby don’t lea-”,Nate said but i interrupted him. “No Nate, I’m done. I’m going to go stay at my mom’s. I’m taking the kids and you can stay here with your new whore. I’m not doing this”. You handed him your Wedding ring that was 5 years old. I turned and walked toward the door to go to the car when I felt an embrace on my arm making me turn around. “Please, please baby, I don’t know what I was doing. I love you so much. I love our kids, I wanna be together forever babygirl”, he said. Now he was crying but i didn’t care I was fucking done.

With that I forcefully pulled my arm back and walked out the front door. I walked to my car and went to each car seat making sure they were buckled in safely. As I was about to back out, Nate started running out of the house with a piece of paper. He kept shouting and shout “STOP STOP PLEASE WAIT”! I then contemplated whether to stop or not, but I stopped anyways. Nate then came to my side window and started reciting his wedding vows to me. “Nate, please I need time to think okay, I said. “Momma is daddy coming too,” (Y/d/n) asked. “No baby, Daddy isn’t coming”. And with that you backed out of the driveway and headed to your moms.

BTS Reaction to helping you study

Jungkook: “You got them all wrong, how can you get them all wrong? Did you not look over the flashcards I gave you?” Jungkook crossed off the last question to the practice test he had given you. 

“I looked at them.” You crossed your arms over your chest, leaning back against the chair you were sitting on at the table in the kitchen. You had failed your most recent English test and on something as simple as vocabulary. You knew the definitions and knew all the words, you just couldn’t get the words to the right definition. 

“Did you study them?” Jungkook raised a brow at you knowing very well that you didn’t.

“How does one technically study a word? Because I can’t ‘study’ for the life of me.” You grab one of the cards that Jungkook was holding and read the word in black ink. “Resplendent. Now who in the hell comes up with these words?”

V: “You’re not even helping me! I have to study for this test or I’m going to fail the class!” You yelled at your boyfriend who only shrugged his shoulders at you from the middle of the living room. “Tae. I’m serious.”

“Come on jagi, you’ve been studying for the past four hours. Let’s go do something for once.” Tae whined, stomping his feet like a little kid. 

“I’m not going anywhere until I know the answers to the rest of these questions.” You flip the page of your textbook reading the chapter once again implanting all the facts in your head.

Tae had grown impatient with your constant studying, snatching the worksheet you had beside you he read the questions you had unanswered and soon closed your Chemistry book losing the page you were on.

“Hey! I was reading-”

“The answers are Carbon, one triple bond, C6H6 and Cuprous Oxide. There you have your answers let’s go.” Tae threw your jacket at you, pulling you from the couch and dragging you out of the dorm allowing you to finally relax and not bother with your schoolwork for a minute.

Jimin: “Oh so you think me potentially failing my math class is funny?” You cocked an eyebrow at your boyfriend who was now hunched over from laughing at you. 

“Come on jagiya, it’s math how hard can it be? I’ll help you study.” Jimin sat beside you soon grabbing your textbook and opening it up to the chapter you had bookmarked. His eyes widened at all the words highlighted inside. “This is math? Where’s all the numbers? Why’re there so many words? This isn’t math!” Jimin exclaimed, eyebrows knitting together at frustration and confusion.

“Still want to help me study?”

J-Hope: “Hello? (Y/N)? Are you in here?” Hoseok called for you from your doorframe, the lights were dim in your room and from what he could tell, your room was messy. Hoseok’s eyes scanned the room for any movement, his hand found the light switch and soon your dim lit room was now full of light.

There were sticky notes everywhere along with flashcards and pictures printed from your online textbook pinned to the walls. A movement came from your bed and well enough your head popped up, hair a mess and exhaustion evident on your face. “Hoseok? What’re you doing here? I thought you had dance practice?” You mumble, sleep still a factor on your body.

“That was this morning jagi, have you been asleep this whole time?” Hoseok questions, walking into the cluttered room, eyes scanning all the words on the sticky notes and index cards.

“I’ve been studying all week. I need to make sure I ace this final.” You yawned leaving your bed soon making your way to your boyfriend. “Come help me study.” You gently pull on his hand bringing him over to one of the covered walls. 

“Jagi.” Hoseok said quickly gaining a simple hum from you as you were looking at your index cards pinned to the wall. “Why am I looking at pictures of penises.”

“Welcome to the anatomy of the male genitalia.” 

Rap Monster: “Now you’re just scribbling things down!” You yelled, frustrated at your boyfriend’s study tactics.

“We’re multitasking! We were on math now we’re on science! Okay, like I was saying-”

“Why are there numbers in science! That’s not right!” You threw your pencil at the chalkboard Namjoon had been writing on. “I give up, you’re a horrible study partner.”

“No, no, no, we are finishing the lesson!” 

“Which lesson!” You pointed out to Namjoon.

“Math.” He sighed, soon turning to the math problem he had written on the board.

“I don’t really wanna study for-”

The squeaking of chalk rose to your ears as your boyfriend started scribbling the math problem with the chalk in his hand.

“No math then.” Namjoon showed you a strained smile.

“I don’t think I wanna study for science either, do you think Taehyung would want to help?”

Suga: “Yoongi fix the camera I can’t see the notebook.” Yoongi’s arm extended, hand covering the lens of his video camera which happened to make your computer screen now black. His hand soon uncovered and now you were able to see your lovely boyfriend and his notebook containing the notes he had written down for you while you were on tour. 

“So what did you do today?” Yoongi asked while holding the notebook up to the camera allowing you to copy down what he had written. Yoongi had meant to give you the list but had forgotten once you arrived at the airport. He wanted to make sure you studied the list while on tour.

“Basic dress rehearsal, Yura is really sick right now so she wasn’t there so we don’t know if we’re going to have someone sub in for her or just perform without her. We need her for the dance routine’s but it looks like she’s just getting sicker and sicker and we have a concert in four days so-

“(Y/N), what does number three say.” Yoongi interrupted. He knew how stressful it was being away on tour, especially when you didn’t have the one you love there with you. Your eyes scanned down to the third tip you had wrote down.

“Don’t stress over things you can’t control.” You sighed, dropping the pencil, bringing your hands to your face soon covering it.

“Hey, what’s wrong. Don’t start crying, talk to me jagi.” Suga’s voice was soft but full of concern. He hated not being able to be there for you, especially when you were upset. Your hands lowered from your face revealing tears threatening to spill out. “Jagi no.” You heard Yoongi breath out, frown evident on his face.

“I just miss you. That’s all.” You wiped the tears off your cheeks that quickly spilled once you blinked.

“I miss you too jagi, I miss you too.”

Jin: “Let’s just go out to eat, who needs whatever class you’re taking anyways.” Jin swiped the paper you were reading and began reading it himself. “I can’t even read this, what are you reading? Is this in Chinese?”

“AP Chinese Language and Culture. I was reading the grading percentages to see even if I fail the next test if I’d still have an A.”

“Well what percentage do you have in that class right now?” Jin asked looking over your shoulder at the paper even though he didn’t know a single word.

“103 percent. But the grading system is twenty percent for tests so if I completely flunk the test it should only drop my grade…5.15 percent. I mean I think so.” You mumble trying to do the math in your head again.

“Come on jagi, you’re too smart for your own good. I’ll even help you study!” Jin pulled your chair from the table causing you to jerk and drop the paper.

“You can’t even read the paper how are you going to help me study?” 

“We go out to eat! That’s how I’m going to help you!” Jin pulled you up grabbing onto your hand and soon pulling you out of the dorm and down the street.

“Jin where are we even going?” You slightly jog to keep up with your overly excited boyfriend even though you know he’s more excited about the food. You look up once Jin had stopped, a wide grin on his face as he pointed up to the sign of the restaurant. 

“Chinese food? Really Jin.”

Just Wonwoo Things

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Request: Hey! What’s up? WONWOO IS BACK! And I’m so excited!! XD so, can you please do a scenario with wonwoo? A lazy day or about his comeback I don’t know haha Thank you ♡♡

Genre:Fluff, comedy, little bit smutty {not really}

Words: 1370

A/n: In this Wonwoo can’t cook Hope you liked it!!! If you don’t know about Just Girly Things go look at Instagram lol but yeah and shout out to ya’ll in the group chat for helping me!

“Omo that’s so cute,” Your best friend says as she shows you Instagram posts. She was on one of those just girly thing accounts and is basically stalking the account. 

“Making breakfast together… waking up on Saturday morning… cuddling in bed… ah how romantic.” She yells clutching her phone to her chest. 

“Yah, Y/n does Wonwoo ever do these things with you? You guys are like goals! you must?” She asks. “Yeah of course but since he’s been recovering and then preparing for their concert and all we haven’t had much time together.” You say drinking your coffee.

 “Yeah I get it, well at least you’ll be going on tour with them.” She says smiling as you nodded and lay back on the couch. You hear the front door unlock and you swivel your body around to see who it was. It was no other than Wonwoo your boyfriend of 1 ½ years. “Jagi I’m here ugh I’m so tired let’s cudd- Oh I’m sorry y/f/n I didn’t know you were here, well hello.” He says placing his keys on the kitchen counter. Noticing you friend he waves his hand and sitting down on the couch next to you. “Well Wonwoo I’m glad you’re better and that you’re going on the tour, I’ll be going now and will let you two be alone ok? Y/n I’ll see you before you leave alright, well bye!” She answers. “Wait y/f/n you don’t have to go.” You say getting up. “Yeah I didn’t mean to kick you out or anything,” Wonwoo says blushing. “Oh no I’m leaving on my own will, I’ve been here for hours and besides its around 11pm on a Friday night already I better get home bye y/n!“ She says heading out and closing the door. 

“I didn’t mean to kick her out like that,” Wonwoo says rubbing the back of his neck. “Wonwoo I see her everyday haha it’s fine I feel bad myself but she’s right it’s late.” You say sitting back down on the couch. 

There you and Wonwoo just cuddle and talk and watch tv. Y/f/n sent you the Instagram account link and you were currently scrolling through it. “Jagi why are you on Instagram?” Wonwoo asks as he stares at your phone. “Y/f/n sent me the link it’s very cringe worthy but still cute.” You say giggling. Wonwoo hugs your waist and watches you scroll through each post. 

“I’m sorry I can’t do the things with you like the posts say. We’re not a normal couple.” He says kissing your temple. “Wonwoo we are normal just a different type of normal.” You respond getting up and heading to the bedroom. “I’m gonna go to bed I already washed up so come in when you want; and Wonwoo?” You say. “Yes?” He says. “We both have off tomorrow let’s just hang around here ok,” you reply as Wonwoo nods his head. “Ok and I’ll be in just a minute I just want a glass of milk.” You nod and head off.

 Wonwoo sat for the next few minute thinking about you as he gets his cup of milk from the fridge. But because of his health and job he couldn’t be like a normal couple on Instagram or a normal couple in general. “I’ll make it up to her  promise.”

 He whispers to himself taking one more gulp of his glass of milk  and then he gets up to go to sleep. After he washes up he sees you asleep with the light on. He turns off the light and hops into bed. You gently move to face him and you flutter open your eyes. “Wonwoo I love you, you know that?” You say as he smiles at you. “

Jagi I love you more than the whole world will understand.“ He says as he kisses you and then you both fall asleep; together.

The next morning you wake up to find Wonwoo fast asleep next to you. He had the covers pulled up to his nose and looked like a little kid. Yo quietly take out your phone and take a few pictures as you put your phone down he wakes up. 

“Aye did you just take pictures of me this early in the ring!!” He says tackling yo and ticking you. “Haha! Its 10′olock it’s not early haha!” You say as he continues to tickle you.

 “Can we cuddle jagi?” He asks. Wonwoo never asks to cuddle he just does it and latches himself and to you. “Sure I guess why are you asking?” You said as he wraps his arms around your waist and he snuggles his head into your shoulder. “Hmm, I don’t know.” He says.

 For the next hour, you two just cuddle in bed listening to him tell you what’s happening with the boys and all the funny stories. All of a sudden your stomach rumbles. “As I must be hungry,” you say as Wonwoo nods. “Well let’s go cook then.” He says getting up. “Wait you want to cook?, Wonwoo is this because of last night and that Instagram account.“ You state.

 Something was up with him and you knew it. He lets out a sigh and lowers his shoulders. “Jagi I just wanna make it up to you, with being away and all and you looked so happy looking at that account and I wanna be a normal couple for you.” He says as you go to hug him. “Wonwoo that account was the most cringeworthy thing ever and we are normal just a different normal and thank you anyway. ok.” You say as he smiles. “Well let’s go make breakfast then.” He firmly states dragging you to the kitchen. 

You hop up and sit down on the counter and Wonwoo stands in between your legs and grab both of your hips and kisses you very playfully. “Oh, two can play at this game then.” You say as he laughs into the kiss. You grab his face and kiss him back smiling into the kiss. You deepen the kiss and you finally break it when you both run out to breathe. He latches onto your neck and you were sure there’d be a hickey there later bet who cared at this point then. 

He rests his head on your shoulder as you stroke his hair. As you stroke his hair you see something next to the fridge, “Wonwoo did you leave the milk out last night. Wonwoo; we can’t have anything now that you ruined the milk and I didn’t go food shopping.” You reply chuckling.

“Damn it! I mess up cooking and I didn’t even touch an appliance or dish.” He whines as he blushes. “Well, we could go food shopping or see what Mingyu is making.” He says as you jump down from the countertop.

 “Hey less work if we go see the boys right.” You giggle as you head back into the bedroom. “Why are you going back in aren’t we going.” He says getting his shoes on. “I have to go change right? I’m only in fabric shorts and an oversized shirt your usually like oh go change and besides I wanna look good.” You say as he walks up to you.

“No need to the boys already know you’re mine.” He taps the hickey that was forming on your neck. “Let’s go now then I’m hungry.” He says as you slip on a pair of shoes and walk out the door. After a short drive to the boys’ dorm, you walk into the smell of bacon and eggs. 

“Told you Mingyu would be better,” He says as you wave to the boys. “Never doubted you. You say smiling. “Wonwoo you don’t need to mark your girlfriend we know she’s yours,” Seungcheol says as Wonwoo lowers his head and blushes. “I love you so much you know that.“ You say as you kiss his cheek. “I love you more than these boys will ever understand.”

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How Wonwoo actually wakes up tho~ #JustWonwooThings

Admin Jai Hope you liked it~ #Wonwoosback #Wonwoofighting

Little Wolfies

Author: deanwinchester-af 

Words: 1.7k+

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language.

Summary: No matter the feelings between them; ‘best friends before soulmates’ has always been the deal… Or at least that’s what they thought.

Beta by:  @waywardlullabies

Day 7 (Final) of Countdown to Halloween Collab

Prompt: Monsters + Colorful Leaves

A/N: Last day of this series! Gosh, how much fun I’ve had! Thank you so so so much for reading and loving this. Can’t wait to read everyone’s reaction! *evil laugh* Remember to check out lau’s (@waywardlullabies) & karo’s (@loveitsallineed) pieces, and also to leave feedback ♥ xoxox.


My little wolf couldn’t stop moving her legs up and down as she sat on top of the kitchen counter, anxious about how is her Halloween Makeup going to turn out. Charlie giggled softly as I draw strokes on her smooth and beautiful face.

“Tell us more, mommy.” Jo asked from her seat.

I giggled, watching how she eats pumpkin shaped cookie while trying not to mess her wolf makeup. She smiled back at me before having another careful bite. Charlie cleared her throat slightly in order to gain my attention back to her. My little twin monsters. I dipped the tip of my cosmetic brush into the brown color. Charlie giggled, yet tried to keep her cool. Between Charlie and Jo, Charlie always was the cool and hyper sister while Jo is more passive and adorable.

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Any chance you could possibly perhaps write a little stiles-away-at-college-and-derek-sexting-him-during-lectures-and-stiles-getting-really-distracted fic? Ps I love you, your writing is always amazing, please never stop!

Stiles’ lecturer is reading from the power-point presentation. 


No adlibbing, no jokes, no witty asides to keep them all awake and willing to push through their afternoon lecture, nothing. 

Stiles started off trying to keep up with note writing, and then realised he was repeating himself from the notes he made last night. Their lecturer emailed them this power-point three days ago, and now he’s reading it to them. 

He could have been having skype sex with Derek, hell, he could have driven home to Derek and slept beside him for once. Instead, he thought he needed to cram for an important lecture, and they’re all being trolled. It’s as if his lecturer was too busy getting laid, or doing something else nice with his other half— like Stiles could have been doing— rather than preparing his own damn class. 

God damn, Derek had looked so sleepy and warm and good on Stiles’ laptop screen, too. He’d only been able to talk for five minutes— Derek had a night class, and Stiles had thought he needed to study— but nope. 

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I’m not that kind of girl - Chapter 13*

 Cameron Dallas fanfic

*WARNING SMUT (not even tbh)

Word count: 2′157

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A week later on friday

Luke: Wanna come to this party at John’s?

Y/N: who is John? Why should i go?

Luke: dunno. maybe you need something to distract you…?

Y/N: stfu luke. no i won’t go.

Luke: damn okay. have fun sitting alone at home.

I ignored his last text. I really didn’t feel like going to a party just to go home early because I didn’t feel alright. I was home alone once again.

My parents were at some dinner of some friends and said they would stay at a hotel because it was pretty far away. My sister has more friends than I apparently and is at some friends house and will stay there too. I had the whole house to myself. It was around 8pm currently I was watching ‘10 things I hate about you’. My all time favorite movie. I was just at the part where the guy sang that ‘I love you baby‘ song or whatever.

I hadn’t spoken to Cameron the whole week. I didn’t even see him in class. Probably because he skipped every single class that I was in. I actually wanted to talk to him. Apologize maybe. Just because I was so cold to him but he should understand but whatever. 

I nearly fell asleep around 9pm when I heard a knock on my door. I jumped up from the couch and checked my phone. A text from Cameron 15 minutes ago.

Cameron: are you home?

I went to the door and already knew who it might be. I opened and it was him. He was standing there with some black ripped jeans a nice grey shirt and some chucks. His style was a blessing. I on the other hand were standing there in gray sweatpants, messy bun and a black top.

„Aren’t you cold?“ I immediately asked. He came in and I closed the door. He smiled a little. „No it’s fine.“ And there it was, the awkward silence. In the background I could here the end of the movie. „You can’t buy me a guitar every time you mess up, you know that, right?“ It made me laugh. 

„Watching a movie, huh?“ Cameron said to break the silence. „Yeah.“ I sighed. „What do you want Cameron?“ I finally said. „I wanted to see you.“ He slowly said looking me in the eyes while I tried the exact opposite. I knew if I looked at him I’d give in right away. 

He stepped closer to me which made me look up. „Cameron…“ I started when he grabbed me around my waist. „You can always say no.“ He whispered as he came closer to my ear starting to kiss me behind my earlobe. I would have said no for the sake of me being mad at him but I missed his touch. I really did. 

„Jump.“ He demanded and I did. He grabbed my thighs tight which kinda turned me on. He went upstairs to my room. On the way there I made out like we never had before. He even slipped a little bit of tongue in there. 

He laid me on the bed. I took my pants off as he took off his shirt. Everything went fast. He was leaning down again kissing me roughly. My lips parted and he moved back to take of his pants. I leaned over to my nightstand to get a condom. While I was looking for it Cameron grabbed my ass and slowly slipped off my thong. „I missed this.“ He smacked my butt cheeks. 

I began to giggle and turned around to see him kneeling in front of me. „May I?“ I smirked up to him and grabbed his length. I gently stroke it a few times before I put on the condom. „You are such a tease.“ He said as he pushed me back so I was laying back again. He started to kiss me roughly. 

I wrapped my legs around him and without any warning he thrusted into me. My moaned into the kiss. It was rough and fast. It wasn’t like the previous times. It wasn’t loving or gentle. It was the complete opposite. He thrusted roughly and buried his head in my neck. I grabbed onto his back probably leaving marks with my nails. 

I heard him moan lightly which made him so much hotter. His hand held onto one of my thighs. He kept pounding into me as I couldn’t hold in my moans. I could feel his lips pressing against my neck while I arched my back. His grip tightened as he got closer to his climax. He sure left a hickey on my neck and I sure left scratches on his back. He reached his climax and shortly after I did too.

He laid next to me breathing heavily as did I. I pulled a blanket over the both of us. I didn’t even dare to look over to him. I just stared at the ceiling waiting for him to say something. But he said nothing. He just laid there for a few minutes and than got up. 

„Cameron?“ I suddenly sat up. Where is he going? „I’m gonna go now.“ He got his clothes and started to get dressed. „Really? Hit and run?“ I was in disbelieve covering myself with my blanket I got up from the bed to properly face him. He huffed. „What’s so huffable?“ I was getting crazy mad. He just put on his jeans and was about to put his shirt on. „You think you can do that with me?“ I started to get louder. He still didn’t respond.

I didn’t know what to do. So I simply dropped your blanket standing naked in front him. He froze for a second eyeing me up and down and tried to hide the smirk creeping up on his face. „Still wanna huff?“ I licked my lips waiting for a reaction. I looked him directly in the eyes. His hazel brown eyes. They were much brighter than mine. 

I found myself lost in his eyes when he started to take of his shirt and pants until he stood there in his underwear. „Maybe I should huff again and see what happens.“ He smirked at me. He stepped closer to me and pulled me closer by my waist. 

He leaned down to kiss me. It was more gentle now. „You want to get a shirt or something?“ He whispered as my lips parted. I giggled and he smiled at me. „Yeah… I’m gonna take a shower first. If you want you can get a movie or something ready.“ I suggested as I looked up to his hazel eyes again. „Sure.“ He looked so cute and innocent for some reason.

I went to take a shower real quick I stepped outside the bathroom in only a towel. „Cameron?“ He wasn’t in the room anymore. „Cameron where are you?“ I shouted. No respond. Did he really just left me like that? 

I got dressed as fast as I could and went down stairs. He was nowhere to be found. „Are you kidding me?“ I said to myself. I took out my phone. No texts. No calls. I sighed and sat down in the living room. 

I took out my phone again sending a text to Luke and Sam.

Y/N: are you both already at johns?

Luke: yup why? you wanna come now? ;)

Sam: I can pick you up. Ethan’s gonna pick me up in a bit and we can stop by at your place.

Y/N: perfect. thanks

I rushed upstairs and got out my beloved grungy grey t-shirt and some ripped jeans. I put on some eyeliner and mascara. I was just looking for my vans slip ons when I heard my phone ring. I picked it up. „Y/N we are here. Are you ready?“ I heard Sam’s voice. „Yeah give me a few minutes.“ With that I hung up and found my shoes. I got my leather jacket and went outside to meet Sam and Ethan waiting for me.

I got in the back seat. „Hi guys. Thanks for picking me up.“ I said smiling at them. „it’s alright.“ Ethan said and started to drive.

I soon arrived at the party. Outside was Kian standing with a drink and I went up to him ignoring Sam and Ethan. „Sup.“ He smirked down at me. „He hit and run. Dude. If he’s here I’m gonna lose my shit.“ I blurted out. „Wait what? Who?“ He was puzzled. „Cameron.“ He chuckled.

„Whatever go inside. It’s cold. We can talk about it tomorrow alright?“ He put a hand on my shoulder. I turned around and went inside. Fuck it, I thought. I went to the kitchen where Ethan and Sam were. „Where’s the beer?“ I asked. „Fridge.“ Ethan simply said taking a sip of his. I took one out. I was so mad. It was weird that Sam hasn’t noticed yet. 

I decided to go to the backyard by myself. You sat down on the bench that was there taking a sip from my cold beer. I just sat there. There were some people smoking outside but they were gone fast. The night sky was clear. It was pretty cold but I was alright with it. I took my phone out and checked social media. I saw a picture of Cameron, Kian and Luke. I huffed. „Stupid bitch.“ I whispered to myself before taking another sip. I put my phone away and just stared into nothing for a while.

I didn’t know how long I was sitting there. I just sat there and drank my beer. 

„Why do I always find you outside?“ I heard a familiar voice say. „Maybe because I feel like I don’t belong?“ I answered and took the last sip of my beer. He chuckled and sat down next to me. „So you decided to come to the party. How come?“ He started. „It doesn’t matter Luke. I’m actually done. I think I’m gonna walk home.“  I was about to get up when he pulled me back. 

„Okay. Something is clearly not alright. What happened?“ He looked concerned. „Doesn’t matter.“ I said coldly and tried yet again to get up without succeeding. „Y/N why don’t you just tell me. Did someone hurt you?“ Yes. „No.“ I answered. „Are you sure there’s nothing you want to talk about?“ I’m just a quick fuck for Cameron. „No. You are way too sober anyway. Go get drunk!“ I got mad for some reason. Finally I got up and went back inside to tell Sam I’d go home already.

I found her in no time. „SAM. I’M HEADING HOME!“ I shouted against the loud music. She nodded and gave me a thumbs up. She probably didn’t even hear but whatever. 

I was headed out when I saw him standing outside on the porch. He ditched me for a party? First I didn’t want to face him but than I exactly wanted to do that and nothing else.

I went outside and approached him. He was talking with someone but I couldn’t care less. He stood there casually as nothing ever happened but when he saw me he knew I was up to no good.

He widened his eyes as I stood in front of him. „Y/N…“ He started. „NO. NOT Y/N. YOU ARE SUCH A FUCKING BITCH.“ I started to shout. „Please. Can’t we talk about this in private.“ He interrupted me. „NO WE CAN’T. I WON’T EVER TALK TO YOU AGAIN. WE ARE SO DONE.“ I shouted at him and before I knew it I slapped him. I slapped him hard. I heard people gasp and whisper. But it went quiet for a split second and I realized what I have just said and done. I turned around and stormed off. I heard someone come after me. 

I stopped and turned around. „WHAT?“ I shouted. I was expecting someone else. „I thought we could talk about it tomorrow. But I guess not.“ He said quietly with his hands in his pockets. I sighed and walked up to him and he greeted me with a hug. „Aw. Look we are actual friends.“ I had to laugh at his comment. „Thanks Kian.“ „No problem.“ He sighed. 

I could see the house in the back while hugging him. I saw how Cameron was about to come after me but stopped when he saw the two of us. He through his head back with his arms. He turned around and started kicking some can that was laying there. Does he suddenly care? „Come on lets go. I’m gonna walk you home. Fuck all of this.“ He loosened his grip around me. I stepped back and nodded lightly. I was just about to go when I looked back one last time. Cameron was no where to be seen anymore.

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A/N: And here we go with another chapter! Hope you enjoyed it and like it. Tell me what you thought about it. And sorry it’s pretty short but I didn’t want to add unnessacry stuff just so it’s longer. Have a great week! Love you all! :D

Today Justin and I are going to The Ellen show. Well he’s getting interviewed and I’m gonna be watching from backstage.
When we got there Ellen greeted us and we talked for a little but then it was time to start the show.
“Hello everyone! Today we have a very special guest. He’s a good friend of mine, everyone please say hello to Justin Bieber!” Ellen said very enthusiastically. Justin comes out with a huge smile on his face. He gives Ellen a hug and sits down.
“Hey Justin, how are you doing today?” She asks him once the crowd settled down.
“I’ve been good, I’m a little tired but other than that I’m good.” He smiled.
“Well that’s good. So earlier I got a chance to speak to you and your girlfriend, (Y/N). Everyone knows who (Y/N) is right?” She asked the crowd and they started cheering. They also put a picture of Justin and I on the back screen. Justin looked at it and smiled. “So tell me about her. She seems like a very nice girl.” Ellen said and I smiled a little.
“Yeah, she’s a very nice girl. She’s really caring and is very supportive of what I do.” He said.
“How is she with all the media and the rumors and everything like that?” Ellen asked. Justin thought for a second.
“She’s not really bothered by it. She’s very chill about it all.” He said.
“Well it seems like you picked the right girl. From talking to her for just a little I could tell she’s a very down to earth girl.” She said.
“Yeah she really is. She pulls me back when I start to be an ass. She’s just amazing all around.” I blushed at his comment.
“Wow. That’s awesome. Tell me if I’m pushing it but does she get hate?” Ellen asked a little wary.
“Yeah, of course she does. Everyone in the spotlight gets some kind of hate. But she’s not really bothered by it. She always shrugs it off. Sometimes she’ll even laugh at the things the haters say.” Justin said which made me laugh. It’s true, I do laugh at a lot of the hate. It’s just ridiculous.
“That’s good to hear. Well it was nice talking to you today Justin! I hope you and (Y/N) have a good day.” Ellen said and smiled at him.
“It was nice seeing you too. It’s always a pleasure.” Justin said and got up to give her a hug. He walks away and back to his dressing room where I am. When he walked in I hugged him.
“Hey babe.” He said and hugged me back.
“I love you.” I said and pulled away to give him a kiss.
“I love you too.” He mumbled against my lips.
“Okay, let’s go couple of the year. It’s time for lunch.” Scooter said pushing us out the door. Justin and I laughed at him.
Once we got outside of the studio paps surrounded us. I immediately grabbed Justin’s hand. What he said about me earlier with the paps was true but sometimes it does get to be a bit much. They’re just everywhere you go. They even follow me when I’m not with Justin. I think I’m scared that one day they’ll go to far and get physical or something like that. Justin is aware of that fear so when we are together he promises to protect me.
We start walking to the car and Justin instinctively wraps his arms around me. Hopping it would help me not get pushed around as much. I mean, I’m not a very strong girl. I can barely do a push-up sometimes. So there is no way I can protect myself from the pushing of the paps.
We finally make it in the car and I let out a breath. Justin intertwines our fingers and asks “Are you okay? Did you get hurt?” He’s always concerned if I got hurt.
“I’m fine, I promise.” I kiss his lips gently. He smiles at me and leans back in his seat.
“Do you just wanna go back to my house and eat?” He asks me.
“Yeah that’s fine.” I answered.
I felt like the drive back to his house took forever. I’m just so hungry. All I want is food. We finally get to his house and I jump out of the car and walk fast to the door.
“Woah, slow down babe.” Justin laughs catching up to me.
“Sorry, I’m just really hungry.” I blush and open the door. “What can we have?” I ask while taking off my shoes.
“Well, what do you want?” He asks me and we walk to the kitchen.
“I don’t know. Food?” I say and he laughs.
“Okay, food. I think I have that.” He jokes back. I hit him on the arm.
“Stop.” I whine. “I just don’t know what I want. Can you make me something, please?” I ask him and give him a puppy dog look.
“Ugh, fine. You just want me to surprise you?” He asks giving in to me.
“Yeah, that sounds good. Thanks babe.” I kiss him on the cheek and then I sit on the counter.
“What are you doing?” He gives me a weird look.
“I wanna watch you cook.” I simply say. He just shakes his head and laughs a little.
“So, how’s has your day been so far?” He asks while cutting stuff up.
“Fine. I’ve been with you all day so you should know.” I giggle.
“True, but I still like to check up on you. I know you like to keep a lot of things inside.” He said looking up at me. I smiled at him.
“Trust me, I’m fine. If I wasn’t I would tell you.” I said.
“Promise?” He said moving in between my legs. I wrap my arms around his neck.
“I promise.” I said then I leaned down to give him a kiss.
“Okay, now I have to cook.” He said walking back to whatever he was making.
“I love you.” I said out of no where.
“I love you too.” He said looking over at me and smiling.
“I also love your cooking.” I said thinking about how hungry I am. “I would love you more if you cooked faster.” I teased.
“I would love you more if you help but that’s not going to happen.” He said back. He’s right, I’m not helping. If I did I would probably burn down the place.
“Trust me babe, you don’t want me to help.” I laugh.
“Yeah I know.” He said. We kept talking and teasing each other for a while until he was done cooking. And let me tell you, it was good! I’m not sure what it was but it was really good.
“Thanks for cooking me food.” I said taking his plate and then kissed his cheek. I went out to the kitchen and put the dishes in the sink. I’ll wash them later. I don’t feel like doing it right now.
“Baby, come watch tv with me!” Justin yelled from the living room. I went out there and sat next to Justin on the couch. We were flipping through channels until I heard someone say Justin Bieber. I listened to what they were saying.
“Does Justin have a new mystery girl? We have picture of Justin and a girl today in L.A. Does this mean him and (Y/N) are no longer together?” After they said that I just burst out laughing. Justin have me a confused look.
“What’s so funny?” He seemed so amused by my reaction.
“The girl in the picture is me. Look! They don’t realize I’ve dyed my hair.” I said pointing at the picture they have. Justin looked and started laughing. “Are they really that stupid?” I said trying to calm down.
“I guess so. We should post a picture on Instagram.” He said pulling out his phone. He kissed my cheek and took the picture. I soon got a notification. I liked the picture and the caption said “(Y/N) is still that same person even though her hair is a different color.” There were so many comments of how cute we were and other things.
“Aww look how cute we are!” I joked but it was still true.
“Yeah, we are.” He said giving me a kiss.

Blank Space

Pairing: Luke x Y/n
Word Count: 2614
Requested: downunderirwin
Based On: Blank Space - Taylor Swift

A/N: I have struggled with this song, i’ve rewritten this three times because i literally do not know where to go with this song but this is the final version and i’m done there’s no fluff (ok slight fluff in the beginning) but it ends on a rough note so just be open ok and now i need to write something happy

now go read out of the woods it’s more fun and fluffy

saw you there and i thought, “oh my God, look at the face, you look like my next mistake. love’s a game, wanna play?”

“I’m here in our Los Angeles studio with New York’s very own, y/n y/l/n, promoting her new single, Shake It Off. Can we talk about what the song is about at all?” Ryan Seacrest asked. You swiveled in your chair, readjusting your headphones before leaning in close to your microphone. 

“I really think I just wanted to portray how the media sees me and that I just don’t care because it doesn’t really matter to me at all what they think. That’s what the song is really about.” You explained, finishing with a smile. Ryan nodded in understanding. 

“So you’re not a crazy ex-girlfriend who has to slash his tires when you get dumped?” Ryan questioned, obviously trying to get into some of your past relationships. “I know you had a pretty hard time a couple years ago when you split with Nick Jonas." 

You swallowed hard. "Yeah, I’ve never been that girl. Nick and I are still on pretty good terms though and he’s a really great friend.” You nodded, content with your answer. 

“So anybody you have your eye on? Are you looking? ‘Cause I know someone who’s been keeping an eye on you.” Ryan wiggled his eyebrows, trying to gauge your reaction. You felt your cheeks warm and you were hesitant to answer at first. 

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1000 Days Of You Part 6


Chapter 16 – Jet Plane 


A/N 1: From the John Denver song – Leaving on a Jet Plane  

               // ‘Cause I’m leaving on a jet plane

                 Don’t know when I’ll be back again

                  Oh babe, I hate to go . . //


“I need you to be in New York for a few years. .” His father informed him.

“Because the Board isn’t happy with everything that happened?”

“The Board is right. You need to be as far away from the company as possible right now. Unfortunately that entails you leaving the city.” His father continued speaking dispassionately.

“I can just keep a low profile.. .”

“If you stay, the local news will run the story every time they see you on the street or in a mall . . God forbid they see in in a club. The economy is not what it used to be Stefan, we cannot afford to take a chance . . goodwill is a precious commodity. You need to disappear for a while.”

“What am I supposed to do in New York?” he asked irritated.

We have an office there. An impressive one I might add. You will work there for the time being. .”

Stefan shook his head. He couldn’t believe it. This was where he belonged, and now to be banished to another city, to disappear. .  This was a nightmare.

“Stefan, this was my grandfather’s business… he started small . his son added to it and his son after that. I will not be known as the Salvatore who brought it crashing to the ground because he couldn’t bear to disappoint his son.”

“What about . . the investigation .  . I thought I wasn’t supposed to leave the state”

“Leave that to me.” His father commanded.

“Dad. . you don’t think I did it on purpose do  you?” he asked in a small voice.

“Doesn’t matter.  Pack your things, you leave tomorrow morning”


“Damon?” Stefan said, surprised at the seeing him on his door-step.

“Stefan!” he said pushing his way into the apartment. 

“What uh . . what are you doing here?”

“I have good news brother” Damon said dramatically, turning and patting his shoulder.

“Okay . .”

“You are coming home!” Damon beamed.


“Chicago . . your dad wants you back asap”


“Well things have cooled down… he wants you back where you belong” Damon informed him.

“I uh . “

“SO I figured, why not break the news myself. . we can have a fun few days here, I’ll help you pack . . scratch that , you’ll pack and we can go home together” Damon said and paused for a reaction. He didn’t get any. “What?” Damon asked confused.

“Nothing . . I just. . wasn’t expecting this. . at all . .”

“Surprise?” Damon mocked. “I’m starving, thank you for asking by the way”

“Right. umm..”

“Dinner would be good. .” Damon suggested.

“Okay uh. . I just need to make a quick phone call . . why don’t you . . uh make yourself at home. .” Stefan told Damon.

“Phone call?”

Stefan entered his room, shut the door behind him and dialed Caroline.

“You know you don’t have to call and check with me every time you wanna come over !” She said instead of the usual hello.

“No that’s not what this is for”

“You okay?” She asked.

“Damons here” He informed her. 

“That’s . . good?”

“He’s here to help me pack.. sort of  “

“Pack?” She sounded confused.

“my dad.. he uh . . wants me back in Chicago.”

“oh… uuhhh”


“This is … great” She said finally.

“it is?”

“yeah! I mean . . you finally get to go home . . it’s what you’ve wanted for what? 5 , 6 years now?”

“Give or take . .” He answered

“yeah .. yeah .. so. . “ He heard her pause. What is she thinking?


“I’m. . happy for you …Do you want help packing?”

 “yeah . . I guess I do . .” he said.

“When do you leave?” She asked. 

“Couple of days?”

“Okay. . umm. . I’ll see you first thing in the morning. .”

“Yeah . .”

“Caroline?” This doesn’t feel right.


“nothing. . uh.. . see you in the morning. .”

“Good night” She said.


 … . .             … . .              … . .              … . .

 He got back home from dinner with Damon and immediately dialed Caroline.

“This better be an emergency!” he heard Caroline’s groggy voice.

“So I packed some New York Crumb Cake in case-“

“I’m coming!” She said and hung up.

“Wow you weren’t kidding when you said you and Caroline were best friends” Damon said referring to his constant need to talk to Caroline, or text her.

“You uh. . gonna stay up or. .” he started as he scratched the back of his head.

“Don’t worry, wouldn’t wanna intrude on your best friend time . . I’m beat anyway. . night”

“Night” he said and turned to the door to see her walk in. She looked like she was sleep walking in her pink striped pajama pants, and white spaghetti top, her hair in two pigtails and matching pink fluffy night slippers to boot. She looked adorable. His stomach did a twist at the thought that he would never see her like that again… He put it out of his mind when he saw her smile. Her eyes might have been heavy with sleep, but it still sparkled.

“Where is it?” She asked.

“Where is what?” he asked feigning ignorance.

“My cake !” She said in a matter of fact tone.

Your cake?” he asked with a lop-sided grin.

“What?” She asked clearly confused. He loved that look. Her eyes grew wider, her face looked puzzled and she looked like the picture of innocence.

“Well technically it’s my cake.  . but I can share..” He said taking the cake box in his hand for Caroline to see. 

“You don’t eat cake” She said reaching for the box.

“Sure I do”

“Since when?”, she looked baffled.

“Well I eat New York Crumb Cake  … . and cupcakes… sometimes” He said moving to the kitchen to get a plate.

“Cupcakes?” She asked yawning and rubbing her eyes. It made him smile.

“C’mon” He said snaking his hand around her waist and lifting her slightly and taking her to the couch, his other hand holding the plate with cake and forks. She didn’t protest, instead yawned again.

She sat on the couch, turned sideways and tucked her leg that was against the backrest under her other leg that was dangling over the side. He placed the plate on her lap and slid close to her, mirroring her sitting position.

 He felt a slight twinge of guilt. He knew telling her about the cake he brought back with him would get her in his apartment. He had been good for weeks he reasoned with himself. Even thought it drove him insane to not be able to see her whenever he wanted… . And he would leave very soon, why shouldn’t he spend as much time with her as possible until then? Of course, he didn’t want her to feel guilty about walking into his apartment so late into the night when her boy friend was still so threatened by him. So cake was the only way to go. He commanded his conscience to shut the fuck up.  

“You’re not eating any” Caroline commented.

 “Well I’m uh.. still really full from dinner”

“oh. .” She said taking the plate and placing it on the coffee table. “We can wait” She was onto him.

“Caroline. . “ he chuckled. “We both know I don’t care about cake” he said blushing. 

“Hmmmhmm” She said licking the crumbs of her fork.

“You know you don’t have to use cake as an excuse to talk to me” She said placing the fork on the plate and looking right into his eyes.  There was a hint of sorrow in them. “And you definitely can’t use it as an excuse when you’re in Chicago . .”

“Yeah … ” he breathed out heavily.

“What’s wrong?” She asked, the sorrow in her eyes spreading to her voice. Her lips moving ever so slightly as if trying to curtail her grief from seeping out.

“What do you mean?” he asked, deflecting, trying to buy more time. His brain had momentarily stopped functioning as he gazed upon her face and took in the sound of her voice. Neurons firing only the image of what was right in front of him; replaying her voice like a stuck record player. Only, it wasn’t annoying as a stuck record player was usually attributed to be, it was enchanting . . even with a drop of sadness, her voice was captivating and beautiful and he could listen to her talk all night long.  

She didn’t answer. She just looked at him patiently, waiting for him to speak when he was ready to.

“I just…” he sighed again. “For years all I’ve wanted was to go back . . and make up for the shit that I did. . to get this second chance to prove to my dad that I’m not some crack head. .  to.  .  earn his trust back . .”

“okay. .”

“But now . . now… well that’s all still there. . I do want to make it up to him . . I want all that . . but. .” he said fumbling for words, trying to express all the emotion that he felt. It was a lot. . every since Damon told him he was here to take him back, he was overrun with emotion, some of which he couldn’t place.

“But what?” She urged him on gently.

“But it doesn’t feel the same anymore” he said glancing around the room, trying to come up with the right words to articulate all that he was feeling and thinking.

“I thought it would feel different. . I thought when it was time to go back … I wouldn’t worry about missing New York. . at all . .”

“It’s okay to miss New York Stefan … you spent almost 6 years here . .it was bound to rub off on you… you just didn’t expect it to . .”

“Yeah . . I guess I didn’t”

“I think Kristelle will really miss you. . even though she’d never admit it” Caroline said leaning the side of her head to the backrest of the couch. 

“Yeah she’d sooner die than admit that!” He said mimicking her motion. They stared at each other for a few seconds, both their heads using the couch as their shared pillow.

“What do you think you’ll miss most about New York?”

You. . but he didn’t say it.

“I donno. . Jay’s? Movie nights? Pizza? Pictionary? ” He looked away.

“Good times…” She mused. 

“But hey, plenty to look forward to in Chicago … I’m sure you won’t miss New York for long. .”

But I’ll miss you. .

“Maybe you and Damon can play Pictionary” She joked. He laughed at that. “But I don’t think he’ll be as good as me. . “ She continued, he could tell she was imagining him and Damon playing Pictionary.

“No . .Not by a long shot” he said smiling.

He grabbed the plate Caroline had earlier abandoned on the coffee table and placed it back in her lap.

“You sure you don’t want a bite? No New York Crumb Cake in Chicago . .” She said breaking off a piece with her fork.

No New York Crumb Cake and no you in Chicago. “Yeah … it’s all yours” He said softly.  The little light hearted moment that he had experienced a minute before suddenly dissipated as reality sunk in. He felt even more depressed than he did few hours ago when he had first heard the news.

… . .             … . .              … . .              … . .

Damon woke him up with a slight pat on his arm. Caroline and him were still on the couch.

“So is this normal for you guys?” Damon asked looking at the blonde who had fallen asleep with her head on Stefan’s shoulder.

“Go away” Stefan mumbled to Damon.

“okaaaay” Damon said raising his hands up in surrender.

“Caroline?” he whispered into her ear. She didn’t stir. “You’re gonna get neck cramps if you sleep like this all night. .” He continued whispering groggily, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. 

“And then you’ll yell at me for not waking you . .” He received no acknowledgment that his words were being heard . .

“Besides, you’ll probably feel cold… wake up in the middle of the night…  search for a blanket…  and not be able to go back to sleep by the time you get to bed … and then… you’ll be cranky all day tomorrow…” He continued to whisper. Her eyes remained shut and her breathing at a steady rhythm. She was still very much fast asleep.

“Not that I have a problem with cranky . . your cranky is . .” he stopped and looked at her resting on him . . it felt so right. . He sighed.

“Come on” he said, his voice inaudible to everyone but himself. He gently lifted her in his arms and carried her across the hall, he tried the door to her apartment, and it was unlocked. He entered and placed her in her bed and pulled the covers over her slowly so as to not wake her. “Good night” he whispered resisting the urge to place his lips upon her forehead.  

He came back to his apartment to see Damon waiting for him.

“So . . do you talk to unconscious people a lot. . or is this just a Caroline thing?”

“Good Night Damon” he said ignoring the question.

“I mean .. do you like. . visit comatose patients and talk to them in that soothing voice of yours? That would be nice I guess. .”

“Not now Damon. .” He warned him. He was not in the mood for his sarcasm. 

“Cause you know, you don’t really talk much to conscious people. .  so imagine my surprise when I hear you whispering furiously to someone in REM sleep”

“Maybe you should wait till I fall asleep to talk!” Stefan suggested entering his room and shutting the door on Damon’s face.

“So you’re saying you’d rather talk to asleep Caroline than awake me?” Damon shouted from outside the door.

“Go to sleep Damon!” He yelled back. 

“Coz I’m a great conversationalist. . as opposed to someone who can’t respond to you because they are .. well.. sleeping. .”

“Bye Damon!” He yelled from his bed.

“Fine. .  be like that” he said childishly. Stefan waited for more jibes from Damon. The house fell silent. He turned on his stomach and closed his eyes. His brain brought up the picture of her blissfully asleep in her bed. He opened it and looked to his won bed. He suddenly felt very alone.


“FUCK OFF!” Stefan yelled and placed his pillow over his head.

… . .             … . .              … . .              … . .

“Are you seriously gonna just stand there and watch us pack?” Caroline demanded.

“No .  I’m gonna take a seat . . and drink  . .  while you pack” Damon said pouring himself a drink.

“I don’t think I like him” Caroline whispered to Stefan. He chuckled.

“Not very many people do” he admitted in a hushed tone.

“Are you two whispering about me?”

“You wanna help us pack or not?” He asked Damon. 

“Not” he said leaving the room.

“Why do you have all these books. . I mean. .  haven’t you heard of E-books? wait… how old are you again?”

“Shut up” he said his voice dragging out the syllables, his lips smiling.

“These look OLD”

“Yeah they are all first editions. .” He informed her.

“hmmm” Caroline said packing them in boxes.

“If you’re in a hurry to leave, I could pack these up and mail the -“

“I’m not in a hurry” he said cutting her off.

“Why is it that you are so nice to her and a dick to me?” Damon yelled from the other room.

“Cause you’re a dick” Stefan yelled back. Caroline giggled.

“Stop laughing Barbie”

“Don’t call me that Jerk-face”

“I feel very ganged up on right now . . I need more alcohol” Damon whined.

“Stefan!” He heard Kristelle’s voice as she entered the apartment.

“Krisssss” he heard Damon address her.

“Demon” She replied coldly. Stefan and Caroline exchanged a horrified glance and headed quickly towards the living room. The last time these two met, it was a disaster.

“Hey ..uh .. ssup?” Stefan said stepping in between his two cousins. 

“Well I thought I would help you pack . . a little . .but now I wanna vomit” She said, her face twisted in disgust looking at Damon.

“Bathroom’s that way” Damon said pointing to the powder room. Stefan turned and glared at him.

“Issok . . you don’t have to help us pack” Stefan said reassuringly to Kristelle.

“Why not? There are like a gazillion boxes to fill and Damon’s not helping!” Caroline said sounding surprised.

“I’m helping ! Like right now, I’m finishing this bottle of Bourbon . . one less thing to pack. .” Damon said pouring himself another drink.

“That’s okay . . we’ll uh… get it done. . “ he said awkwardly, his hands on his hips.

“Sure . . okay . .“ Kristelle said frowning. “Well . . I’ll be at home if you need anything” Kristelle said walking away.

He turned to see Caroline sulking. “What?”

She looked around “This will take forever with just the two of us packing!”

“Don’t be lazy . .” He teased grabbing another box.

“You’re lazy” he heard Caroline retort childishly. He smiled.

… . 

“This vintage too?” She said waving the DVD in front of him.

“That’s not mine” He said going red at the porno Caroline uncovered.

Caroline giggled. “So should I pack it or not”

“Not” he said still blushing.

“Maybe I’ll just leave it in the box . . I mean. . wouldn’t want it to feel left out” She said pouting and teasing him.

“Shut up” Stefan said as she giggled hysterically.

“OH I was wondering where I put that” Damon said reaching for the DVD in Caroline’s hand.  Stefan chuckled at the uncomfortable silence that followed suit.

Caroline wiped her hands on her shorts like it was filthy.  “Gross” She said shuddering.

… .

“Its like you’re color blind. . “ He heard Caroline say slightly bewildered. He turned around to see her stare at his T-shirts. “There are white T-shirts, black T-shirts.. T-shirts in different shades of grey . .  and then that’s it. .” She said sounding more flabbergasted with each word. “It’s like there is an invisible line .  . . like here” She said gesturing to the door of his walk in closet “and no color is allowed past it…”

Stefan crept up behind her “Caroline, stop teasing me and get back to packing” He whispered into her ears, her blonde curls tickling his nose, his hands itching to hold her. 

“How’s the packing going?” He heard Damon from behind them. He turned back and scowled at him. “Just great” He replied. “Why aren’t you passed out yet?”

“ppfftt… Do I look like a light weight to you?” Damon said walking away. “Now come on get this done, I wanna get back home to my own bed. . CHOP CHOP” He concluded clapping his hands. 

“I certainly won’t miss him!” Caroline commented packing up Stefan’s room. The feeling of dread that had taken over him last night came alive again. He felt like he would drown in it. He dropped the box he was holding gently to the floor and sat on his bed. He realized that this was the first time Caroline was in here since they had sex. However uncomfortable it was the morning after, he somehow didn’t feel awkward thinking about it now.

“You okay?” Caroline asked looking at him with worry.

“Yeah. . you wanna take a break? Go grab coffee or something?” He asked looking up at her.

“Yeah . .” She said.

“Great!” he said grabbing his jacket.

“What about Damon?” She asked.

“He’ll be fine” Stefan said as walked out of the apartment, Caroline following right behind him.  

“Maybe I should change” Caroline mused pausing to look at her denim shorts and top.

“You look beautiful” he said tugging at her arm and leading her to the elevator.

… .

They had been in the coffee shop for over two hour when Caroline decided to break his happy bubble.

“We should get back..” She suggested.

“Somewhere you need to be?” He asked thinking that she might need to meet Cami or see Nick. 

“Yes. WE need to be back at your house packing. .” She reminded him. 

“Oh. . well. . umm. . are you sure you don’t want to get a bite to eat?”

“Yes.. I can’t pack if I’m stuffed with food! Come on don’t be lazy”

“I’m not lazy” he whined

… .

“I guess we are done. . “ Caroline said in a soft voice. She sounded lost.

“Yeah. .” he said standing beside her, hands in his pocket, looking around his apartment. It was filled with boxes that would be shipped to Chicago; boxes containing everything of value he held in New York, packed with care so that its contents wouldn’t be damaged during the move. The most treasured part of him however, would be left behind. The irony of it all was not lost to him. So he just stood there not wanting to move or talk. Caroline didn’t say anything to break the silence either. They just stood there, as if at a funeral of a loved one.

The doorbell rang and snapped him out of his trance. He walked towards the door, his whole body felt numb.

“HEY!!” He was greeted by a bunch of people. He glanced at their faces. His friends had come to say good bye looked like.

“BRIAN!” he heard Damon call out his name.

“Hey, thanks for letting us know Stefan was leaving!” Brian said shaking his hand.

“How thoughtful of you Damon” Stefan said pretending to be happy.

“Well we can’t throw a party in here” Zack said looking at the apartment flooded with boxes.

“Yeah let’s just go to a club. . boys night. I’m in serious need of a wing-man!” Conner suggested.


“Hey Caroline !” Brian “Sorry didn’t mean to be rude, would you like to-“

“Noo issok. . boys night sounds like a great plan” She said smiling politely. “Enjoy your night!” She said to Stefan as she headed out.

“You guys decide where we’re headed…I’ll uh be right back” Stefan said going behind Caroline.

“Don’t ask” He heard Damon tell the guys.

“Caroline!” he called out to her. She turned around confused.

“I can blow those guys off-“

“No” She said immediately. He shoved his hands into his pocket and looked at her disappointed.

“You should go out, have fun with your friends. I know Damon would love it too.” 

“What about tomorrow?” he asked swallowing. My last day. .

“Well I have a class in the morning that I can’t avoid. . and after that I’m all yours”

“What do you wanna do?” He asked her looking forward to the next day.

“I was uh… I was thinking . .” She stopped short.

“Lemme guess, you wanna call the rest of the people I know and have a farewell party?” It was her thing. . she liked getting people together for big events such as this. But he just wanted to spend time with her.

“No. .  I was thinking we could just spend the day together. .just the two of us. .but a party with the rest of the people you know is fine too if-“ Caroline said.

“No I’d rather it just be the two of us. .” He said, the words tumbling out rapidly. 

“Okay. .” She said smiling. She really did look happy about spending the day with him  “I’ll see you tomorrow” 

“Yeah . . do you want me to bring you some dinner or dessert?” He asked, unwilling to let the conversation end. 

“Nah I’m good” She said smiling and walking into her apartment. “NOW GO!” She scolded him, forcing  him to scurry back to his apartment where his friends were waiting for him.


“Hey” Kristelle said opening the door, “Carolines not here she’s-“

“Gone to class. I know” he said pushing his way in. “I’m uh.. here to see you”

“You are?”

 “Yeah . . I’m leaving tomorrow . . so. .”

“What’s that?” She asked gesturing to the little brown paper box he held.

“Peace offering?” He said giving it to her. “Cupcakes. . all yours” he added.

Kristelle smiled and shook her head. “This is so weird”

She went to the dining table and opened the box. Stefan took a seat opposite hers.

“Sorry I didn’t help with the packing. Ma wasn’t happy about it.”

“Nah issok. . I . .” 

“Wanted to spend time with Caroline?” Kristelle asked. 

“Yeah . .”

“You guys have gotten really close. . You gonna miss her aren’t you?”

“Yeah. .” he admitted. He looked to Kristelle, she seemed to be avoiding his gaze. “Something on your mind?”

“No. . just uh. .  I think this is for the best… I mean. . your life is in Chicago. It’s like you pressed pause when you came here.” She said.

“Hasn’t felt like that in a while though “

“Yeah cause you were living in your Caroline bubble. . “ Kristelle said.

“My Caroline bubble?” He asked his eyebrows raised.

“Yeah like you were in this alternate reality where it was just you, her and your weird dysfunctional friendship… maybe its time you live in the real world now. . I know Caroline is.”

“Caroline and I . . we are best friends. . not some bubble that is going to burst with time. . “

“yeah sure, you’ll always remain friends I guess. .  normal friends… I think it’s good for her too . .”

“’Cause Nick doesn’t like me. .”

“I don’t think any guy who wants a romantic relationship with her would Stef” Kristelle said softly.

“Because we have a weird dysfunctional friendship?”


“Never felt dysfunctional to me. . “ He said softly.

“That’s what all bubble-residents say”

… . .             … . .              … . .              … . .

“We can take a cab if you don’t wanna walk” She suggested.

“Why? We always walk to Jays” he reminded her. She smiled.

“So how was last night?”

“It was okay. Damon was pretty happy to get out of the house I think”

“I bet. . so did the movers pick up the boxes?”

“umm .. no . . I was thinking-“ Stefan started.

“issok, I’ll get it done” She interjected. 

“Right. .thanks. .” Guess he won’t be buying more time with that excuse.

“You know . . I’ll uh. . miss this. . “ he said.

“Walking 30 minutes to a bar?”

“Yeah . . I’ll miss walking 30 minutes to a bar” … With you

“Liar. . you hate walking” Caroline said laughing.

“I don’t hate walking” … With you  but he left that out“Do you wanna get dessert on the way back?”

“Yeah .  .”

She smiled, it was her enchanted smile. The one she had when she was really looking forward to something.

“Hey there kids, haven’t seen you in forever.” Jay said as they walked in.

“Yeah. . we’ve been . .busy” Stefan said. .

“No Nick I see. .” Lisa commented.

“No uh. . just us. . Stefan’s going home tomorrow” Caroline told Lisa.

“Home ?”

“Chicago , I’m going back to Chicago” Stefan clarified.

“Oh. .we’ll miss you kid. .” Lisa said

“Yeah I’ll miss you guys too”

“But hey. . home. . that doesn’t sound so bad eh?” Jay mused. 

Stefan smiled politely.

Jay brought them their drinks. “On the house.”

“Thanks” Caroline beamed. She took her beer mug and looked like she was going to do a toast. “Here’s to you and your return home.” She said clinking her mug to his Bourbon glass and taking a sip.

“Do you think you’ll ever visit Chicago?” Stefan asked.

“I donno . .” Caroline shrugged.

“For your birthday, if I gifted you tickets to Chicago would you come?” Stefan blurted out remembering that Bonnie got her tickets to go to Virginia. 

Caroline hesitated to answer. 

“I guess Nick wouldn’t be thrilled about that huh?” Stefan asked softly.

“I’m guessing no …”

“Are you still gonna spend you birthday with Bonnie or will you spend it with Nick this year?” She didn’t make an exception for him, would she do it for Nick he wondered. Even though they were dating for months now, he still thought of himself as more important to Caroline. But he could anticipate that that would change, especially with him no longer in New York. And he didn’t want it to change. 

“I donno… my birthdays months away. . but yeah . . I’d probably spend it with Bonnie I guess… that’s the one constant in my life . . I donno if I want to change that…”

“What about me? Do you think we’ll drift apart.” First Kristelle with her Bubble Theory and now Caroline referring to Bonnie as her constant and not him was making him anxious.

“I hope not. .”

“But you can’t say for sure. .” He asked sorrowfully. 

“Well. . I don’t want us to drift apart…”

“I don’t want that either”

“There you go” Jay said placing their food in front of them.

“Thanks” they both mumbled.



I’ll really miss you. 

“I’m glad we came here”  He said instead.

“Yeah me too . . it’s gonna be weird coming here without you though” She admitted sipping her beer. She looked somber as if there was a sadness she couldn’t shake.

“Maybe we can skype when you’re here” He suggested fondly.

“That might be weirder” She said sounding depressed. She rested her cheek on her hand. “I’ll be here talking to a laptop and drinking beer. . how pathetic is that.“ She sighed. His attempt to lighten the mood didn’t work was not working.   

“Text then? Might be less weird. .”

“Yeah. . I guess. .” She mumbled.

“This is so saaaad !” Jay sobbed, dabbing his tears away with his handkerchief.

“There, there hun” Lisa consoled him. “Sorry about him,” She said turning to Caroline and Stefan, “he’s kind of a lightweight when it comes to the emotional stuff” She said soothingly rubbing her husband’s back.

“I’ll uh. .  I need to use the little girls room” Caroline got up and hurried to the washroom before he could react. He sighed and gulped down his drink.

“So when do you leave Stefan?” Lisa asked him.

“Tomorrow morning” he said glumly.

“Well I’m glad we got to see you before you left.”

He smiled at her. “Yeah me too”

“You okay?” he asked her as she sat down next to him. 

“mhmm” She hummed gulping down her beer.

“Easy there tiger” he joked. She smiled.

“One more round?” She asked.

“yeah.. why not. .”

… .

“Not hungry?” he asked eyeing her plate that should have been empty hours ago.

“Nope. .” She said staring at it. “I think I’ll just get it packed. .”

“You wanna go get some dessert maybe?”

“No . . I think we should just head back.  It’s getting late and you have a morning flight”

“That’s okay. . I’ll just sleep on the flight. .”

She smiled at him woefully. He got up, stepped towards her. “No . .” he said shaking his head softly.

“No what?” She asked.

“No sad-smiling” he murmured. 


“The smile you’re giving me right now …that’s not the smile I wanna see… ever…” he said, feeling down and out.

She stared at him perplexed.

He lunged forward without warning and tickled her. She shrieked and squirmed in her seat. He caught her in his arms, making sure she doesn’t fall off and stood her up, her back facing him as he curled his arms around her.

“Are you still sad-smiling?” He murmured into her ears. She turned her head to look into his eyes, their noses almost touching, and an impish smile on her face. 

“I’m leaving New York, not you” He said looking into her eyes.

“Okay” She said softly.

“Good, now eat your food, ‘coz you know . . you can’t sleep well on an empty stomach” He said grinning at her.

She smiled right back.

… . .

He was back home in his bed. The reality of leaving sinking in.

“Caroline?” he spoke into the phone. “Can I come over?”

“Key’s under the mat” She said her voice echoing her sorrow.

He quickly went to her room, got under the covers and turned to face her.

“It’s you…” He said softly. “You asked me what I would miss most about New York. . it’s not Jays or pizza. . or Pictionary . .its you. .”, He said, his voice hitching, his breath labored. She crawled next to him and hugged him. “I’ll miss you too” 

He held her tight and placed a soft kiss on the top of her golden head.

“You’ll pick up my calls right?” He heard her muffled voice as she spoke into his chest. 

“Of course I will . . why wouldn’t I” 

“You ignore phone calls a lot. .” She said her voice faltering. 

“I won’t ignore yours.” He promised, resting his cheek on her head.

He stroked her hair as he felt her tears soak his T-shirt. “Maybe I should just . . stay. . “ he mused.

“Stay then. .”

“Okay. . “ He whispered.

“Okay. .” 

She hugged him tighter. “Not okay” She said sobbing.

“Why not?”

“You need to go . . fix things with your dad… get back to your life.”

He didn’t say anything. “What about us?” He asked.

“We’ll be okay”

“Promise?” He asked, his voice shaking.

“Yeah . .I promise”

He continued to hold her as she drifted off to sleep. He couldn’t bring himself to close his eyes. If he did, he would open it in time to leave and he would miss holding her.

… . .

He felt her stir awake. “What time is it?” She asked scrambling to check her phone.

“Shit shit shit !” She said clearly panicking. His eyes however were fixed on her study table.

“You don’t have our picture on your table” he said almost in a daze.

“Stefan, go get dressed!”

“You have everyone’s picture, why isin’t my picture there?”

“Seriously? You are going to miss your flight!”

He just stared at her heart broken. 

“I have a picture of us . . I just haven’t found the perfect frame yet” She said softly. He swallowed and looked away. His phone rang just then. “yeah I’m coming” Stefan said into the phone. “I uh” he started. 

“Yeah. .” She said. 

He got up and left, his heart sinking. He quickly showered and changed into his travel clothes. He packed whatever little was left and headed out the door. Caroline was waiting for him, leaning against the door to her apartment.

“I’ll meet you downstairs” He told Damon.

“Hurry up .. “ Damon told him. He nodded goodbye to Caroline, she nodded back.

“So. . “ She started, her voice cracking.

“yeah. . “ He said unable to look at her. This didn’t feel right. He felt miserable.

“Don’t forget about me okay?” She said tears rolling down her cheeks. He immediately grabbed her and hugged her tight.

“Shut up” He said as she hugged him back. They stood there in silence, him never wanting to let her go, until his phone rang. “That must be Damon” Caroline said breaking the hug.

“Time to go Stefan” She reminded him. His phone rang again, he silenced it.

“Bye Caroline” He whispered finally breaking his silence.

“Bye. .” She said. “Have a safe trip. .”

And with that, he walked away. There were so many things he wished he would have told her. If only he wasn’t crippled by the weight of the emotions running through him. Emotions he was still coming to terms with. I’m gonna miss you so much. .he wanted to say. .you have no idea what you mean to me.. . 

He entered the elevator. I’d stay forever if I could.  .  .

He leaned against the elevator wall and took in the sight of her one last time. I love you…

The door closed. His words remained unspoken.

A/N: A moment of silence for my friend Cami aka camii75  who I’m sure just died reading this.

Chapter 17 - Home Is Where The Heart Is


“Seriously?” Damon sounded annoyed.

“What?” Stefan asked not taking his eyes off his Bourbon. He was seated at the bar. The Gilberts were having a party for reasons entirely alien to him.

“You’ve been here for two weeks and all you’ve done is mope around. It’s like New York all over again…I fucking don’t get you Stefan. In New York you moped cause you wanted to be back here and now that you’re here you’re brooding because.. what ?”

“Lets see… I got here to find out my house has been sold. . thanks for the heads up by the way” He added sarcastically. .

” and then surprise surprise, turns out my dad has decreed that I live with him . . I feel 12. . thanks for not trying to change his mind about that !” He said through gritted teeth..

“ Not that it makes that much of a difference because he hasn’t really talked to me … not unless its work related and absolutely necessary . Oh wait it does cause I feel like an imbecile “ He breathed out sharply and stopped short.

“And?” Damon mumbled into his drink.

“And what?”

“Is that it?”

“no . . I. .uh… I can’t help but think that had Caroline been here. . I would have felt differently about all this” he said feeling depressed.

“Did you and Caroline. . the night before we left New York. . did you guys.. you know. .”

“NO Damon!” he replied gritting his teeth.

“Okay.. just uh.. . checking. . I mean you slept at her house and you didn’t look like you slept at all. . ”

Stefan glared at him.

“Look . . you guys are close friends… more like the only friend you let into your life in New York. .so yeah. . I get why you miss her. .  But Stefan, she’s in New York. .in a relationship with someone else. You’re here in Chicago . . single. .… maybe it’s just a crush . .  I mean. . granted, she’s hot. “

Stefan just sighed. “I don’t think it’s a crush” 

“I’ve known you your whole life and you’ve always been a mind over matters of the heart kind of  person. . .”

“Yeah . . “

“I’m sure you had your reasons for not wanting to pursue anything more with her after you guys slept together. “

“I did”

“Past year and a half of your life has been all about Caroline. .  Maybe you just need to get back out there… you won’t know till you give it a shot.” Damon suggested.

He didn’t reply. 

“Can we at least enjoy this party… “

“I hate parties” Stefan said tapping his glass for a  refill .

“Stefan…” Damon sighed in exasperation.

“Fine. .” Stefan buckled to his brother’s whim.

“Great! Come on, let’s mingle”

Stefan grabbed his drink and followed Damon reluctantly.

 “Rebekah, have you met Stefan?”

“I don’t believe I have” The girl replied.

“Stefan this is Rebekah Holt” Damon introduced him.

“Holt as in Holt Industries?” Stefan enquired.

“That’s right. .”

“I hear the company is doing very well in the U.S. markets” Stefan complimented her.

“yaay us” She said clearly disinterested in talking business.

“What’s up Bex, you don’t sound like yourself. ” Damon chatted. Looked like they were friends.

“Just a bit down in the dumps. .” She sulked.

“I hear ice-cream helps with that” Stefan quipped sipping his drink.

“I beg your pardon?” Rebekah sounded confused.

“You know ice-cream. . well one scoop of cookie dough ice cream and one scoop of vanilla with sprinkles” he replied like it was common knowledge.

“Ice-cream with sprinkles?”

“Yeah solves all of life’s problems” Stefan declared.

Rebekah burst out laughing. “That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard ! But thank you. .  I needed the laugh.” 

You’re stupid !  “You’re welcome”

Damon smiled uncomfortably. “Excuse us, we’ll be right back” he said grabbing Stefan’s arm and yanking him away.

“What the fuck was that?” he asked irritated.

“I have no idea what you’re referring to” Stefan slurred.

“Gimme that” He said taking the drink out of Stefan’s hand. “Water for you”


“Ice-cream solves all of life’s problems? Really? What are you 8? This is a Caroline thing isn’t it? You know what don’t answer that. Enough with the Caroline obsession Stefan. Wake up and smell the coffee. Because if you don’t, you’ll find yourself in a situation where she’ll be married with 3 kids and you will still be using ice-cream solves all of life’s problems as your pathetic pick up line” Damon ranted.

“I’m very grateful that I’m drunk for this” Stefan replied apathetically.

“I am trying to help you-“

“If I want your help I’ll ask for it” Stefan said walking away.

… . .                       … . .                       … . .                       

“And she thought ice cream was stupid” he told the blonde haired, blue-eyed face that occupied the screen of his laptop.

“ugh” Caroline stuffing a spoon full of ice cream in her mouth.

“She’s stupid” They both said in unison. That got them both chuckling. Stefan licked the spoon clean, his ice-cream bowl empty.

“How are things with your dad?”

“Same” He answered.


Stefan shrugged. “What did you do today?”

“Nothing much. . the usual”

“No Nick?”

“Nick has been busy at the hospital for a while”

“Hmmm do you miss him?” he asked. Caroline froze. He stared at the screen to read her reaction. She shrugged. “Not really.. I mean. .  he’s just at work . .  why would I miss him?”

“hmmm” Stefan hummed.

“How’s work” She asked him.

He shrugged. “Fine”

“More ice-cream?” She suggested.

“Yeah!” He got up for a refill.


“Drink?” Damon asked him and his father. 

“Sure” Stefan replied. His father nodded.

“Mr. Salvatore” Elena said embracing his father.

“It’s lovely to see you again Elena” his father said politely.

“Nice of you to join us Stefan” Elena said smiling.

Stefan gave her a tight-lipped smile. He then proceeded to find Damon.

“So what’s this about?” he asked

“What do you mean?”

“Since when do you invite people for dinner. . you’re more of a club kind of guy”

“Well I can’t imagine my uncle would want to go to a club.”

Stefan rolled his eyes. “Whatever”

The doorbell rang. Stefan turned to Damon puzzled. “Be right back” Damon said handing Stefan his drink. “And Stefan . . you may wanna take it slow. .” he said referring to the drink in Stefan’s hand.

“Mr. Holt, Rebekah. .” He heard Damon’s chipper voice and tuned out. He sighed. This was a business dinner to get to know the Holts. He wasn’t surprised. His family always had an ulterior motive for everything they did.

He picked at his dinner, as if bored.

“How’s the lasagna Stefan?” Elena asked.

“It’s uh.. good” He said not wanting to offend her.

“Not hungry?” 

“Yeah, no , I’m just. . distracted” he said staring at his food.

He zoned out again. The lasagna had carrots in it. Caroline wouldn’t have put carrots in the lasagna. Also Caroline wouldn’t invite people for dinner for the sole purpose of future gain. But then again Caroline was nothing like the people sitting around this table. He wondered if he was. Before New York he would have gladly had a business dinner, flashed a fake smile, pretended to thoroughly enjoy a conversation with snooty businessmen to further the company’s agenda. Maybe he should just treat it as business, suck it up and be the man he was raised to be. The company would come to him eventually, he’d probably have to do this a lot more than he wants. He glanced around the table at the politely smiling faces, perfectly appropriate in their speech and movement. Scripted almost. Did they like each other at all he wondered. Did it matter? Should it matter? He felt conflicted. Maybe this was what his dad meant when he said Elena would be the perfect fit, she was someone who was accustomed to all of this. Would Caroline sit here and just make polite conversation all the while knowing the only reason she was doing so was so that an artificial entity could benefit from her hospitality? Maybe Kristelle was right. .  maybe it was a bubble… maybe reality was too complicated to accommodate him and Caroline. Not in the way he wanted to anyhow.

He decided to pay attention to what was happening. US politics seemed to be the topic at hand.

“Well the chances of the Republican party winning the elections seem to be dropping by the second.” Mr. Holt complained.  

“yeah well. .  that’s cause they have an idiot for a candidate.” Damon quipped.

“Well I wouldn’t call him an idiot. . ” Mr. Holt said.

“He’s fighting a losing battle is what he’s doing.” His father said disapprovingly. 

“He just bugs me for some reason . .can’t put my finger on it” Rebekah commented.

Stefan chuckled.

“The presidential elections funny to you?” She asked him, taking offence to his amusement. 

“No uh.. not at all. . I just remembered a funny incident that’s all”

“Pray tell” Elena beckoned.

“Well Caroline, she’s my, well we didn’t really know each other at the time” he scratched the back of his head smiling like a dork. “Uh so. . I hear this frightened loud scream. . Like somebody broke in to the house or something, so I run in with a gun thinking she’s in trouble” he paused to chuckle again. “ And Caroline’s on the couch, completely terrified, I’m looking around for the perpetrator . . who turns out to be a little bug!” He laughed again remembering how cute she looked pointing to the bug and asking Stefan to kill it. Why didn’t he find it funny at the time? It had ticked him off back then. He stopped laughing and looked around the table to catch the bewildered stares of everyone including his father. 

He cleared his throat. “Um.. you should have been there I guess.. not funny when its.. um. . narrated. .” he clarified awkwardly. 

Everyone continued to stare at him. “You said bug.. and uh ..  the incident involved a bug . .so . .” he gave his reasoning for the story popping up in his brain.

Rebekah smiled politely and went back to her meal. Damon scowled at him. He should have kept his mouth shut he realized. His phone rang to his enormous relief. Caroline. “I have to take this, excuse me” he said getting up from the table.

“Thank You” He said answering the phone and closing the guest bedroom door behind him.

“You’re welcome.. uh .. what are you thanking me for again?” He heard Caroline’s voice

“For saving me from the most annoying dinner with my dad and-“

“Oh crap, I didn’t mean to interrupt your dinner with your dad”

“No its ok”

“Its not! Hang up and go back”, Caroline exclaimed.

“No you don’t get it, the Holts are here and I told them the bug incident and now they think I’m retarded” Stefan explained.

“The bug incident?” She asked confused.

“You know, when you saw a bug and you screamed and I came in with a gun” he said suppressing his laughter. 

“And then you were a total dick. Yeah I remember”

“Yeah I was a total dick … but now that I think about it. . it was kinda funny”

“There was a giant bug in the apartment. . how is that funny” She demanded to know.

He let out a short laugh, “It wasn’t a giant bug, it was a tiny thing, it was probably more scared of you-”

“Wait, why was it scared of me?” She asked incredulously

“Maybe ‘cause you were yelling kill it !” He teased her. 

“The bug understood English?”


She burst out laughing. He laughed with her. There was something contagious about her laughter. He fell flat on the bed. “What did you do all day?”

“Nothing. . well . . Nick and I had a fight . .so”

“What about?”

“He asked me to move in with him” She said. His heart skipped a beat. “And I said no…so . . lets just say he didn’t take it so well”

“hmmmm what did he say?”

“Stuff.. ughh.. not important..” she deflected.

“Why did you say no?” he asked softly.

“I just… I think it’s too soon ..  I just. .. I just don’t feel it” She said vaguely. 

“Well if you don’t feel it, you don’t feel it. . that’s that. .”

“yeah . .” She sighed.

“Was he rude to you?” he asked gently.

“Well he certainly wasn’t charming !”

“I’m sorry”

“Nobody’s perfect right?” She said sounding glum.

“Time for you to get back to your dinner. .” She reminded him.

“Naaa I’ll just-”

“Stefan!” She scolded him,

“ugh, you’re no fun” he teased. She giggled.  He loved the sound of her giggling. It brought a wide smile to his face.

“Call me when you’re done?” She asked. 

“yeah. .”



He sat up just as the door opened to reveal Damon’s disapproving countenance.

“What now?” he asked Damon feeling exhausted.

“Bug? Really?” 

He rubbed his hands over his face.  He couldn’t do anything right looked liked. 

“Yeah that was… stupid” he admitted.

“You know . . it’s really an uphill battle setting you up with Rebekah”

“I’m sorry what?”

“Rebekah, the hot blonde at the table?” Damon said condescendingly. 

“I know who she is, why the hell are you setting us up?” Stefan demanded to know.

“Because, I think she might be good for you”

“Good for me? Does this have anything to do with her last name?”

“Look she’s great,! Elena and I have known her for a while now. . you gotta give her a chance” Damon reasoned. 

“I’m not really-”

“Look we can double date. . less pressure. . I’m not gonna drop this Stefan. . and your father approves so. .”

“Of course he approves.” He said getting up.

… . .           

“Nightcap?” his father asked him as they got back to the house from Damon’s.


His dad poured himself and Stefan a drink in his study and gestured to his son to have a seat. He hadn’t been in such a formal meeting with his dad in years, it made him nervous. 

“So I hear you did well in the New York office..” he started.

“yeah. . it was. . fine”

“Damon tells me you are no longer using.” His father commented casually, not looking him in the eye.

“I’m clean. . been clean for years”

His father started at him intently, as if trying to gauge him.

“I’ve never known you to be inappropriate at business dinners . .” His father said hesitantly.

“yeah I guess I’m rusty . . It’s been a while since I attended one”

“Who’s call did you attend?”

“A friend’s. .  from New York.” 


“Look, if you have something to say, why don’t you come out and say it” Stefan said growing impatient.

“Alright then. What I want is for you to put our business and this family first and not leave abruptly to attend a call from a friend when you are in the middle of a conversation with someone like Holt” 

“It was one phone call dad, not the end of the world” 

“It takes time to build up a working business relationship Stefan, and you disrespecting potential partners does not help matters” His father said sounding slightly exasperated. 

“I didn’t disrespect anyone, I answered the damn phone.” 

“How about you do what I ask of you and not talk back?” His father ordered.

“How about you acknowledge that I’ve always done what you have asked of me. I have obeyed you my whole life starting from which sport to play in high school to which college to go to, what to major in, hell I even let you pick my girl friend – look how that turned out.” Stefan rambled. 

“I didn’t ask you to do drugs or kill anyone”

“No that was all me, but did you really not notice that I was on drugs, or did you just choose to ignore it because I was playing my part like you wanted me to.”

“I thought you were responsible enough to quit on your own” There was disappointment in his father voice.

“Yeah ‘cause that’s the effect drugs have on people .. Look I’m not blaming you for what happened, that’s on me. But you didn’t help either. So lets not sit here and pretend you ‘re always right”

“You do realize if it weren’t for me, you’d be in jail right now”

“Yeah and I’m grateful. But we both know that was not just about me… it was also about the repercussions my possible incarceration would have on the company. You can’t hold that over me forever, dictate my whole damn life, tell me where to live, how to go about my life, who to love.” Stefan said getting angrier with each word.

“You never had a problem heeding my advice before” His father argued. 

“Well I guess I know better now and I’d like to make my own decisions and not just blindly follow whatever decision you make for me . . “ He said getting up. “Also, I can’t live here indefinitely. I’m gonna move into a hotel till I find a place” Stefan said walking out.

“And I never intended to kill Justin. I’m not a murderer. It was an accident.” He turned around declared.

He went up to his room, locked the door and rang Caroline.

“Hey” He heard her voice. She sounded upset.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, the anger that was boiling within him dissipating with the sound of her voice. 


“You’re lying. . is it Nick?” he asked, worry seeping in.


“What did he say?”

“It’s not what he said. . more like. .how he said it”

“What do you mean?” His eyebrows furrowed as he pushed her for more information.

“he was mad. .really mad. .”

“Well don’t let him pressure you into doing anything you don’t wanna do” he said.



“I’m okay”

He breathed out sharply. She didn’t sound okay.

“I found a frame for our picture” She said sounding better.

“You did?”

“Yeah” She said. It made him smile. “Good. .  it’s not behind Bonnie’s is it?”

She chuckled.

“How did dinner go?”

“Fine” he lied. 


“I’m moving to a hotel till I find a place” He informed her.


“I uh. . had a difference of opinion with my dad and . . I can’t live here anymore Caroline, it’s driving me insane. I need my own place, I’m not 12, I don’t need a parent watching my every move”

“Hmmmm” Caroline hummed.

“You don’t think I should move out?”

“I didn’t say that. . I mean. . I get why you would want to move out” Caroline admitted.


“But nothing. .”


“really. .  I mean . . maybe yours is a good fences make good neighbors situation . . so. .” Caroline sounded like she was thinking out loud.

“yeah I really think it’ll be better if I move out. . I don’t feel like myself here”

“But I do think you should clear the air with your dad before you move out”


“So you intend to follow through with what you said the other night?” his father asked looking at him standing before him, his bags packed and ready to move.

“Yeah. I think it’s better this way.”

“Very well. .” Was all his father said before heading up the stairs.

“Is it though?” Damon asked from behind him. “I mean. .  you haven’t even started looking for a place-“ he stopped just as he caught the look on Stefan’s face. “Fine” he muttered heading to the door. 

“Did you think about what I said?” Damon asked him. 

“You said a lot of things”

“About Rebekah” Damon clarified. 


“You know  she is your type. . “

“And by that you mean?”

“Pragmatic, intelligent, hot. .”

Stefan didn’t reply.


“He keeps bugging me to go out with Rebekah” He whined to Caroline over the phone.


“The girl who thinks ice-cream is stupid”

“Oh.. hmmm”

“This is the part where you say, yuk no, why would you go out with her . . or something to that effect in Caroline Forbes lingo…”

She let out a short laugh and fell silent.


“Well you didn’t like ice-cream either. . until very recently. .”

“But I do now. .” 

“Stefan . .” 

“The other day she joined Damon and me for lunch and she kept complaining about how it might rain”

“You complain about rain too” she said. 

“That. .  that’s not the point”

“Maybe he’s right… Maybe she is your type. .” She sounded sad.

“What about your whole – you should be with someone with more soul epiphany. 

“Look . . Damon knows you better than anyone else. .  so if he thinks she’ll be good for you-”

“I don’t think Damon knows me better than anyone else” he interrupted her.

“Stefan, when you were here in New York, you were not happy, not because you couldn’t be, but because you didn’t allow yourself to be happy. .” She said gently.

“What’s that got to do with Chicago?” 

“I just feel .. maybe you’re falling back into old patters and refusing to let yourself be happy in Chicago . .”

“So you’re saying. .” 

She sighed.

“I’m saying. .  You won’t know if she’s your type, unless you… give it a shot. . a real shot”

“So, you want me to date her?”

He heard her sigh again. Was this difficult for her? If it was, was it because maybe she has feelings for him too? He was the one who had decided they wouldn’t work, he was to one who put an end to it before it even began…

“I want you to be happy . . and if your happiness lies with her.  . then I will find it within myself to like the girl who thinks ice-cream is stupid.”


“So now you want to take her out on a date? What changed your mind?’ Damon sounded confused.

“Who. .” Stefan corrected him


“Who changed my mind.” He sighed, “Caroline thinks I’m not giving Chicago or Rebekah a real shot . . and that maybe I should…”

“Caroline. . hmmm..”

“Look. .  I know I have feelings for Caroline… but she… she’s with someone else. . and we did agree to remain friends. .  and I . . . I haven’t really been with anyone since Elena… I . .Maybe I’ll feel differently if I date someone else. . I don’t know. “

“When you say you have feelings for Caroline. .” Damon began hesitantly. He cut him off.

“Damon… . Life’s far more complicated for love or whatever to be the answer to everything. Maybe Caroline and I are better off as best friends… and if that’s the case…then maybe me moving on is what’s best for the both of us”

“Okay. . that’s… I don’t entirely understand it. . but. . whatever.. I’ll text you her number”


He heard a knock on his hotel door. He opened it to find someone he had never expected to see at his doorstep. 

“Mr. Nelson?” It was his mother’s husband.

“Hi Stefan. .”

“What are you doing here..”

“Well your mother told me you moved here till you found a place. . and . .” David Nelson said politely. 

“Would you like to come in?” he asked stepping aside so he could come inside. They sat in the living area of the suite.

“Look I realize we haven’t spent much time together. And you probably hate me for breaking up your family-“ He heard him start.

“No I don’t hate you . . I’m past all that. My mother’s happy . . you make her happy. . ”

“I’ve always felt that I had a role to play in your. .”

“No. . that. . you didn’t. Don’t worry about it.” Stefan reassured him.

“Stefan, your mother and I would really love it if you would move in with us till you find a place. .I mean… we don’t want you to have to live in a hotel. . and your room has been unoccupied since I don’t remember when. .”

“You don’t have to do that. . I don’t think-“

“Please. .  I think Lily would love to have you live with her even though it’s for a short while” His stepfather sounded sincere and he had never really gave him a chance before.

“Okay . . yeah . . thank you”

Chapter 18 – Accidentally In Love

“So what do you like more? New York style pizza or Chicago deep dish?” His sister asked him while pouring herself cereal. He had been at his mother’s house for a week, but he felt more at home there than he did at the house he grew up in. He had never really taken the effort to get to know his sister and he regretted it now. She seemed sweet and welcoming, well as sweet as a teenager can be.

“Both?” he said sipping his coffee.

“You have to pick one.” She stated.

“New York” he said immediately.

“Traitor” She accused him. He chuckled.

“So uh-“

“Do you think you can convince my mom to get me a puppy?” She interrupted him.

“A puppy?” He asked. 

“yeah. .” 

“uhhh … I donno if I should. .uh” He replied awkwardly.

“Ugh ! Lizzie is right, brothers are useless” Sara said dramatically.

“Sara!” Lily admonished her. 

“What?” She asked turning to her mom who had just entered the kitchen. 

“It’s fine” Stefan said turning to his mother. “Kristelle is way ruder” 

“Is Kristelle coming to Chicago anytime?” Sara sounded excited.

“I don’t know. ” Stefan replied.

“Morning guys” His stepfather walked into the kitchen, pecked Lily on the cheek and proceeded to get coffee and breakfast. Everyone returned his greeting.

“So Stefan, you wanna go catch the game somewhere on Thursday?” David asked him.

“yeah sure”

“Yes please goooo, I need to watch my BS Diaries live!” Sara declared. 

“BS Diaries?” Stefan asked. 

“Blood Sucker Diaries”

“Don’t get her started” His stepfather David mumbled.

“Dad doesn’t appreciate the intricacies and layers of the show” Sara explained seriously.

“It’s a show with 100 year old vampires attending school dances, how layered can it be?” David commented.

“That’s rude Dad. . really rude. .I’m offended. .  I’m gonna go get ready for school now. . bye rude family” She said walking away. Stefan chuckled. He had spent enough time around TV show obsessed girls to know better than to insult their show or favorite character.

“I’m gonna pay for that aren’t I?” David asked.  

“Yeah” Both Lily and Stefan replied decisively. Lily and her husband turned to him wondering how he was so sure.

“Caroline once threw me out of her apartment for insulting a TV character. . she didn’t speak to me the whole day . . I had to bribe her with food. .  they can get pretty intense. .” He explained.

“Intense you say?” His step father sounded worried.

“I went to a coffee shop one time with Caroline and her friend Sakshi and they had an argument with complete strangers because they were insulting some characters on their favorite show . . It was ridiculously intense. I was surprised we didn’t get thrown out! I think someone took a video of it and its on YouTube with like hundred thousand hits.”

“So are you saying my kid doesn’t need therapy or that they all need anti-psychotics?” he asked looking nervous.

“Sara is pretty normal. Just pray no one important dies on the show. . that’s when things get really crazy” Stefan volunteered information.

“Exactly how crazy we talking here?”

“I’m talking acid trip alternate dimension crazy. . one friend of Caroline’s asked me to shoot her dead” Stefan replied.

“Maybe I should cut the cable?”

“She’ll kill you in your sleep” Stefan informed him seriously.

He looked across the table to his mother who was uncontrollably laughing at their serious discourse.

“This is not funny Lily, our daughter might lose her marbles over this Bull Shit Diaries”

“She’ll be fine ! Don’t worry about it. And she’ll definitely loose her cool if you call her show bull shit diaries.” Lily said stifling her laughter.

“So your Caroline. . she’s ummm.. okay despite all this ?” David Nelson asked Stefan.

“yeah she’s perfect”


“What’s with all the noise?” He heard Caroline’s voice on the phone.

“Rebekah wanted to go to a club”

“Wait you’re on a date? I am so sorry I-” 

“Chill its ok.” Stefan interrupted her unnecessary apologies.

“No it’s not, next time you need to ignore my call if you’re on a date and call me back whenever you’re free” 

“Caroline. . “

“Stefan . .”

“Why’d you call?” he asked.

“No reason”

“Are you sure-“

“yeah ok I’m gonna hang up now. Enjoy your date” And with that the line went dead.

He reluctantly went back to where Rebekah was seated.

“Everything alright?” Rebekah asked politely.

“I’m not sure” he said still thinking about his conversation with Caroline.

“You’re not a club person are you?”

“No not really.. . too many . . people” he said.

“Yeah you do look like a bit of a loner”

“Caught that did you?” He joked.

“Maybe we should just do dinner next time” She suggested. 

He looked back to his phone and sent a text to Caroline – Are you sure you are okay?


“yup” Stefan said looking up from his phone.

“so dinner next time?” She asked him again. 

“Uh. .yeah. . dinner. . sounds fine”

He checked his phone again. No reply.

“Please tell me that is an important business contact you are worried about”

“uh.. sorry. .” he said shoving his phone in his pocket. He did promise himself to give Chicago and Rebekah a fair chance. 

“Do you want to get some dessert on the way back?”

“No I don’t want the extra calories” Rebekah replied. 

“Yeah, I’m not much of a dessert person myself” 

“Then what made you ask?”

“My best friend,  she is obsessed with dessert. Every time we went to our favorite bar, we’d walk back and grab dessert. Sometimes we’d go to this ice cream store and she always picked either the cookie dough flavored ice cream or nutty delight and she’d eat it on the walk back. Sometimes, she’d want cake and we’d take a detour and go to this quaint bakery that is open till really late and she’d pack red velvet cupcake or crumb cake or sometimes pie, but rarely pie.”

“Why did you walk?” She asked confused.

“She likes walking and I didn’t at first. .but . .I donno I got used to it I guess.” He said smiling.

“Hmmmm” Rebekah hummed, obviously disinterested.

“So where do you wanna do dinner next time?” He said changing the topic to something she might be more interested in.

“The new French restaurant of course”

“Right. . I’ll get us a reservation” His phone buzzed and he immediately fished it out of his pocket.

Stop texting and enjoy your date. IM FINE - - the text read.


“Just tell me which house to pick!” Stefan said exasperatedly staring at the screen of his laptop.

“They are all great houses really I mean you should go with whatever feels like home to you” Caroline reasoned.

“What would you pick?”

“The one with the white fences.”  She said immediately.

“okay. See wasn’t so hard was it?” he cribbed.

“What’s your deal? Why are you grumpy? Fight with Rebekah?”

“nope.. no fight. .”

“So it’s going well then?” She enquired.

“I donno. . too soon to tell. .”

“Well you’ll know when you know..” She said shrugging.


“I gotta run” She said looking at her phone.



“Your birthday . . are you spending it with Bonnie ?” he asked her. It irked him that she might be in New York for her birthday this year and he wouldn’t.

“Yeah she’s coming over here. .”

“You’re gonna be in New York for you birthday this year?”


“great” he muttered.



“Why are you sulking?”

“I’m not sulking”

“you look like your sulking” She replied, her eyes narrowed.

“I thought you said you have to go?”

“Yeah shit! Bye” She said jumping up and grabbing her bag.

“Call me-“ he said to have her cut him off.

“I’ll call you tonight”

He looked up from the laptop screen to see his mother staring at him curiously.

“So the house hunting seems to be almost done?” She asked.

“Yeah .. sorry I took so long, I didn’t mean to-“

“Stefan, I love having you here. . I’m just sorry you’ll be leaving soon”

He smiled. “I love being here too. .  Sara is . . pretty great. . should have gotten to know her sooner”

“yeah well. . better late than never right?” She reassured him. He nodded and opened his laptop again.

“So Caroline… she seems pretty sweet..” Lily said out of the blue.

“She is. You would love her.” 

“Feels like I already do … Did you guys date while-“

“No. . Caroline and I are best friends. . nothing more. .” he cut her off, swallowing.

“Is she not your type? I mean, she seems very different from Rebekah” 

“No .. uh. . I’m not her type” he looked up to see his mother raise her eyebrows questioning that statement.

“She’s all sunshine and rainbows… and I’m . . me”

“hmmmmm” His mother said reaching for the fridge.

“Besides she’s seeing someone else so…” He added. 

“So are you, technically”


“Hey I gotta take this” he informed his step-dad as he grabbed his phone and exited the bar.

“Hey” He answered her call.

“Busy?” She asked.

“Nope”, he lied.

“Watcha doing?”

“Nothing” He knew she wouldn’t talk if he mentioned that he was catching the game with his step-dad. “When is Bonnie getting there?”

“She’s on her way.”

“So what plans for your birthday tomorrow?” He asked.

“Girls night”  She said

“Sounds fun”


“Something on your mind?” he asked her pointedly.

“No why?” her voice sounded a little high pitched, like she was hiding something. 

“Feels like it”

“Nope. .  .just normal stuff. . school . . work . . friends” She rambled a little.


“Yeah him too.”

“Caroline“ He called out to her lovingly, beckoning her to speak her mind. He heard her sigh.

“Stefan I-“ Bonnie barging in cut her short.

“I gotta go” She informed Stefan. 

“Yeah I’ll catch you later, have fun” he said sighing.

“You too !! bye !”

He ended the call and thought about what could possibly be going on with her. More than just worry gripping him. His mother’s words echoed in his head about his relationship status. “So are you, technically”.  Yeah he was in a relationship but that didn’t stop him from feeling the way he did about Caroline. Give it a shot. . a real shot . . Caroline had told him. Well he was giving it a shot. Both Chicago and Rebekah. He had to admit Chicago wasn’t so bad ever since he moved in with his mother. But Rebekah was a whole other story. Maybe he’ll feel more for her with time. Or maybe he was just wasting his energy in this foolish pursuit to regain control of his heart. Maybe what he needed was for his mind to accept the dictates of his heart rather than for it to silence his heart. Or maybe his brain has it right and Caroline and him wouldn’t work in his world. But what if they could?

He put it all out of his mind and went back to sit beside his stepfather.

“Caroline?” His stepfather asked not taking his eyes off the game. 

“How’d you guess”

“She’s the only one you drop everything for” David said smiling slightly.

“I didn’t mean to be rude” He clarified. 

“You weren’t being rude. She’s important to you.”

“She is” he asked the bartender for a refill.

“Can I ask you something?” he spoke turning to his step-dad.


“Why did you decide to pursue something with my mother? I mean she was married, with a kid. . it was complicated. . and I don’t mean to say you were wrong for doing so. . I’m just. . curious. .” he asked hesitantly. 

“I’d be lying if I said it was an easy decision to come to. . . she had a family . . I would be breaking up a kid’s home. .  we were from different worlds. Hell it didn’t get easier when we got together either, with your dad refusing joint-custody. . .”

“but ?”

“But I knew I wouldn’t be as happy or as content with anyone else . . I just couldn’t let her go” David said looking right at Stefan.


“Did you sign the papers yet?” Damon asked while they had lunch. 


“Why not? It’s a good house, it’s not going to stay on the market forever. You need to close the deal bro”

“Yeah it’s a nice house” Stefan admitted.


“But nothing . . it’s a nice house” Stefan said going back to his sandwich.

“So how’s Caroline?” Damon asked changing the topic.

“I donno..”

“That’s new.” Damon retorted.

“I haven’t heard from her in two days” Stefan said feeling glum.

 “Are you seeing Rebekah today?” 

“Tomorrow. . dinner”

“Exciting!” Damon commented sarcastically to his lack of enthusiasm.

 “How are things with you and Elena?” he asked.

“Great. Couldn’t be happier” 

“So it was worth the risk?” Stefan asked.

“What risk?”

“It was worth the risk of me never speaking to you?” Stefan asked getting straight to the point.

“Yeah . . I guess it was… I thought we were past this-“ Damon said cautiously.

“We are. . don’t worry about it. I’m happy for you.”


“Mom” he called out to Lily who was in the kitchen making breakfast. “Have you heard from Kristelle recently?”

“Recently as in?”

“As in, in the past couple of days?” He asked.

“No .. last I heard of her was from Lydia, something about your friend Caroline’s birthday?”

“Aunt Lydia hasn’t spoken to her since then? Cause her birthday was 5 days ago”

“I don’t know. Why?”


“Doesn’t sound like nothing”

“I haven’t heard from Caroline in three days and Kristelle isn’t picking up my calls and I can’t reach Irene and I don’t have anyone else’s phone number” he rambled.

“I can call Lydia and ask if you want.” His mother offered with a slight smile playing on her lips. 

“Well … only if you want to. .  if it’s not too much trouble. .” He said scratching his the back of his head awkwardly. 

“It’s not too much trouble to call my sister Stefan”

He smiled at her. “Do you want me to take over for you?” he asked pointing at the eggs. “Sure” She said stepping aside and grabbing the plates for the family.   

“You know, the work you do here in the Chicago office, can be done in New York just as easily” his mom said smiling and setting the little dinning table in the kitchen where they ate their meals.


“I’m just saying” she said putting her hands up in surrender.

 … . .

 “Here we are” He said parking his car in front of her house.

“It’s not too late, come in for a coffee maybe?” Rebekah offered politely.

“Yeah coffee sounds good” he said switching off the ignition. He still hadn’t heard from Caroline. Tomorrow would be day four without any word from her and he was losing his mind. He didn’t have the will to come up with an excuse to not have coffee.

He entered the house. It looked a lot like his fathers in spirit, but colder. The furniture was all white and the walls held paintings of contemporary artists.

“So dinner was fun” She said heading to the kitchen.

“Yeah” he said not wanting to be rude. This was getting ridiculous, Caroline should have texted at least by now. She can’t just disappear. If her phone was switched on he could have tracked it, but it was off. He felt like a stalker. Damon was right, he was obsessed. Did his love for her steam out of his unhealthy obsession or was his obsession a direct result of him so vehemently trying to move on from her. 

He took a seat on the couch and waited for Rebekah to return. He tried Kristelle again. No answer.

He didn’t notice Rebekah coming back with coffee. He didn’t realize she was sitting on the couch with him.

“You know. .  you could stay. .if you’d like” he heard her sultry voice. It brought him back to his current reality.

“Uh . .why would I-“ He stopped short as he saw her move towards him. This was suddenly getting too real for him.

“Rebekah-“ he started to be cut off by her pressing her lips against his. She pulled away and looked at him with confusion.

“Yeah this is not happening” He said awkwardly. She looked down between his legs “oh .. well they have treatment for that you know” She said sympathetically. 

“What? NO ! That . . that is not the problem.  . . everything works just fine there” he rambled getting up and going completely red. 

“Okay so… what then?”

He sighed and ran his hand down his face.

“Do you really think we are good for each other?” he asked sitting back down.

“Well yeah… I mean. . why wouldn’t we be?”

“If you strip away my last name, would you feel the same way?” He asked her gently.

Rebekah frowned “Wait, what are you doing?” She asked.

“Chasing a feeling. .” he mumbled softly gazing absent-mindedly at the painting behind her. 

“I didn’t catch that.” Rebekah informed him.

“Look, I don’t want to be in a relationship simply because it makes sense, I want to be with someone who I just can’t possibly imagine being without” he rambled.

“Uh..” Rebekah wasn’t sure what to make of that looked like.

“I just. .” he paused. How could he possibly explain all that he was feeling to someone who had obviously felt nothing close to it before? It was like explaining taste to one born without taste buds !

“Have you watched the movie Wizard of Oz?” he said finally.

“Yeah. . but what does that-“ Rebekah started completely baffled. 

“When the movie starts it’s all in black and white. Which is fine, I mean, you can still see people and scenery and hear what their saying.  Gets the job done right?” 

“Right” She nodded.

“But then the protagonist goes to Oz and then suddenly, without warning screen is just overrun with color. And it’s overwhelming at first. Its bright and there are all these colors and you’re not sure if you prefer the colors over the black and white for a second, cause the black and white is safe and familiar and there’s just so much color. . But then, your eyes adjust, and you fall in love with the greens and the blues and you never wanna see things in black and white again”

“I’m still confused as to what this has got to do with us” Rebekah informed him. 

“Rebekah, you and I are black and white people. Living what we believe are sensible lives in a world where nothing really matters apart from business and family, and most of the time, the lines between the two are blurred.“ He paused for it to sink in before he continued. 

“Being with Caroline, was like… seeing color for the first time. It was overwhelming, I didn’t know what to make of it and I chose the familiar path. I chose wrong. I don’t wanna be on the safe route anymore, not if it means I’ll never be with her.”

He took her arm gently, “You need to find that person who makes you see color for the first time, and hold on to him. Don’t settle for anything less”

With that he got up and left.


“Hey what’s the emergency? Did you move back to your dad’s” Damon yelled as he entered the front door. 

“Come up to my room” Stefan yelled back.

“You still haven’t unpacked? Hold on I’m not-“

“Shut up and listen. You need to ship all these boxes back to New York.” Stefan spoke with urgency.


“Yoouu neeed toooo shhiippp aalll -”

“I heard that. . what I meant was, WHHYYYY” Damon yelled.

“Cause I’m moving back” Stefan declared.

“Your moving . . Does this have anything to do with you breaking up with Rebekah?” Damon asked him. 

“You heard about that?” 

“Yeah “

“Well if you must know, I am going back for Caroline” Stefan said.

 “That’s healthy” He remarked sarcastically.

“Remember when you carried on with my girl friend behind my back for six months?” Stefan sniped at him.

“What’s that-”

“Sometimes people do things others might consider unhealthy or illogical for love. So I need you to support me here.” He said looking right at Damon.

“So this is not just a best friend thing?”

“No not just a best friend thing…I’m in love with Caroline” He confessed. Felt good to say it out loud, even if it was just to Damon. 

“Since when?”

“I don’t know. . since. . forever?”

“Okay. . okay . . but what makes you think . . I mean. . what changed? The last time I spoke to you, you were going to buy a house and -”

“What if I’m enough?” Stefan cut Damon off. He sat on the bed and looked down. “Elena said she wanted more and I couldn’t give her more. What she needed was you.” He looked up to him, “But what if, I am enough for Caroline?”

“What about the boy friend?”

“I don’t think she should be with him.” Stefan said shrugging.

“But she is. ” 

“Damon, I know I can make her happy.”

“You know?”

“Yes. . Because I’m nuts not Nick” he said in a matter-of-fact tone.

“Couldn’t agree with you more” Damon said sarcastically.

“No I mean, I’m the nuts in her banana bread, I make everything better. ME, not Nick. She belongs with me.” Stefan said decisively.

Damon stared at him incredulously for a minute. “Fine. . Good Luck!” He said patting Stefan on the back and turning to head out.

“Where are you going?” Stefan asked.


“No you have to drive me to the airport” Stefan told him.

“Now? You’re going NOW” Damon asked.


“Okay. . This is happening.” Damon said still sounding like his coffee hadn’t kicked in.

They headed down the stairs to be greeted by Stefan’s very disapproving father.

“I though we talked about this Stefan.” His father said.

“We did and I told you I will continue doing the work I’m doing in New York. No harm no foul” he shrugged.

 “ And I told you I need you here in Chicago”

“Well I’m sorry, but I have to go” 

“I’ve had enough of this Stefan. First it was the drugs then the murder and then it was you refusing to go to work in New York, when you came back, you behaved as if you were never brought up in a business family and now THIS?” His father looked furious.

“I know it feels like I’m just all over the place. But I can’t stay. I have a flight to catch. I’ll call you from New York dad and we can talk”

“You step out that door and you’re cut off.” His father said grimly.

“Okay” Stefan said and hugged his dad. “I love you dad. But if I let you stop me now, I’ll resent you for the rest of my life”

Both Damon and Stefan walked out, bags in hand.

“So you’re really going to do this?” Damon asked as he drove.


“I’ll talk to your dad” Damon said

“Thanks” he was beginning to get nervous.

“You still haven’t heard from her?”

“Nope.” He felt like a bundle of raw nerves.

“What are you going to say to her?” 

“I have no idea” he admitted gulping.

“I see this is a very well thought out plan” Damon mocked.

“Shut up and drive”

“Maybe you should just. . kiss her?” Damon suggested.

“You think?” Stefan asked considering the advice seriously.

“Yeah . . I mean…Why not?” Damon shrugged

Stefan’s phone rang just then and he scrambled to answer it. It was his mother.

“Hey mom, I’m on my way-“

“Stefan, honey. . I spoke to your Aunt Lydia”

“okay. . and?”

“Caroline. .” She didn’t finish her sentence. She sounded somber.

“Is Caroline okay?” He asked anxiously.



1000 Days Of You - Part 3

Chapter 9 - Drops Of Jupiter

“That’s great!” Caroline commented while she ate her cereal. Stefan filled her in on all the tiny, minute details of what went down with his mother the previous week, why he was so hesitant to meet her in the first place and how relieved he was that they worked past the mess that was their past. “Like super great!” She said enthusiastically.

“When you’re back in Chicago you should get to know your sister” Caroline said as she reached for her coffee.


“Yeah.. Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll be back before you know it..”

Stefan blinked at her.

“Why are you looking at me like I just spoke Latin? Coffee not kicked in yet?” Caroline asked him.

“No… I uh.. I guess I haven’t given much thought to Chicago in a while…” he said finally.

“New York not so bad after all huh?” She joked. He gave her a soft smile. Not bad at all.

“So what do you miss most about Chicago?” Caroline asked. His mind drew a blank again.

“I donno… Just the familiarity of it I guess… I mean.. It is my hometown.. I never thought I would live anywhere else. New York was more like.. Punishment.. you know..”

“mmhmmm..” She mumbled going back to her coffee.

“I guess I miss my dad not treating me like the black sheep of the family… keeping me at bay so I won’t affect his reputation..”

“He’ll come around” She said, not missing a beat. Stefan smiled slightly.

“You know.. Chicago does have great pizza!” He mused. 

“I’ve never had Chicago deep dish” She mused.

“There’s this pizza place in Chicago that has the most amazing meat filled deep dish extravaganza you’ll ever have.. We should go there for pizza night”

“Deal! If I’m ever in Chicago that is ”

That brought him back to reality. Why would Caroline be in Chicago? She lived here in New York and if he ever left, he would leave her behind too. The inevitable reality of him ending up in Chicago while she stayed on in New York dawned on him. Chicago didn’t seem so great right then.

He saw her checking her phone for the 5th time.

“Waiting for a call?” He asked sipping his coffee.

“Yeah.. sort of..”

“Ssup?” He asked. 

“Its Bonnie…”

“Everything okay?”

“I hope so… it’s just.. every year I spend my birthday with her.. and this year she hasn’t made any plans with me yet.. “ She said, her face shrouded in disappointment.

“Well you have us…” Looking at Kristelle who just  walked in to grab breakfast.

“Have us for what?” Kristelle asked her voice still sounded like it wanted to sleep in for a few more hours.

“Caroline’s birthday” Stefan informed his cousin.

“You’re not hanging out with Bonnie this year?” Kristelle asked.

“I donno..”

“We’ll do something fun” Stefan said trying to cheer her up.

“You and fun? Sounds like an oxymoron” Tell said still groggy.

“I can be fun” Stefan defended himself. Kristelle ignored him and poured herself some cereal.  The doorbell rang just then.

“Expecting someone?” Stefan asked. Caroline shrugged. They both turned to Kristelle. “I’ll get it” she groaned, heading towards the door.  She opened it to be greeted by a very loud scream “SURPRISE!! Oh wait.. you’re not Caroline..”

“In the kitchen” he heard Kristelle tell the excited girl at the door. Caroline had bolted by then screaming at the top of her lungs “Oh my God! Oh my God ! Oh my God !I can’t believe you’re here! AArrgghhh !! !” Stefan followed her and stood behind her as he saw her jump on the visitor. He recognized Bonnie from the picture in Caroline’s room.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were coming?” Caroline continued in a high pitch voice. He had never seen her so excited to see anyone before. “Coz it was supposed to be a surprise dummy!” She replied. The both of them were jumping in unison as if they were on a trampoline.

He looked at his cousin to gauge her reaction. He wasn’t great at blending into social environments consisting of high decibel screaming alternated with indecipherable babble.  He figured he would just follow Kristelle’s lead. But she just stood there looking at the two girls, not really sharing in their excitement.

“C’mon meet my friends!” Caroline said pulling Bonnie towards Stefan and Kristelle.

“This is Kristelle my roommate I’ve told you soooo much about and this is her cousin Stefan, he lives across the hall.”

“Hey” Bonnie said giving them both a short awkward wave. “Sorry to barge in unannounced.. don’t mean to put you guys out”

“ooooh relax Bon! Want some breakfast? We have cereal… and eggs if you like.. or we could go out and grab some pancakes?”

“Pancakes sound good” Bonnie said immediately. Stefan frowned instinctively.

“Ok great. I’ll just quickly change.” Caroline said clapping her hands.

“Yeah I wanna get out of these travel clothes, ” Bonnie said following Caroline into the room.

“You guys coming right?” Caroline asked turning to Stefan and Kristelle. Bonnie was quiet.

“Yeah” Stefan said immediately, his hands on his hips, ticked off with the way he was introduced. Kristelle turned to him, surprised at his response as Caroline and Bonnie closed the door. More screaming was heard from behind the closed door.

“Why are we going to eat pancakes?” Kristelle asked confused.

“She introduced me as your cousin!” Stefan said irritably.

“You are my cousin” Kristelle reminded him.

“Just go change” he said walking out of the apartment.

. . …                   … . .                 … . .

“Nice car” Bonnie commented as they looked at the menus. Caroline was with Kristelle checking out what flavor cupcakes they had while Kristelle was more interested in pie.

“Thanks..” Stefan said awkwardly, although he knew very well that it wasn’t exactly meant as a compliment.

“So you and Caroline have been friends since you were little?” Stefan asked making small talk. He was curious to know about Caroline’s childhood.

“Yeah since we were babies! Our parents were friends; we lived next door to each other. After her parents died she practically lived at our house. Even though technically she still had her place.” Bonnie informed him. Her tone was not warm though. It was more as if she was marking territory, declaring that she was a far more important friend than he’ll ever be. It annoyed him for some reason.

“That’s nice of your folks..” he said feeling like a complete moron. Where was Kristelle and talent to engage in conversation when he needed it?

“I got red velvet!” Caroline said placing her cupcake on the table. “Did you order yet?”

“No not yet” Bonnie said going back to perusing her menu.

“Cupcake?” Caroline asked the rest of the gang seated at the table. Stefan shook his head to signal a ‘no’, Kristelle was happy with her pie.

“Don’t mind of I do” Bonnie said taking a bite.

“So you guys come here often?” Bonnie asked.

“No… I think this is the first time I’ve come here with Stefan”

“We’ve been here a couple of times” Kristelle said digging into her pecan pie.

“You have?” Stefan asked baffled.

“Yeah Stefan… It’s shocking, I know. But Caroline and I have been friends long before you so unwillingly became friends with her.” Kristelle teased

“Unwillingly?” Bonnie asked.

“We had a rocky start,” Caroline said casually licking the frosting off her fingers. 

“Not that rocky” Stefan mumbled.

“Pretty darn rocky! You were kinda rude to her… although, I guess you were way way ruder to her last week. “ Kristelle thought out loud, “I was so sure you would move out” Kristelle said turning to Caroline. Stefan glared at her. Maybe bringing her along wasn’t such a good idea after all.  Caroline chuckled and went back to her cupcake.

“Hmmm… I think I’ll have the simple pancakes and syrup combo…” Bonnie said her eyes still on the menu.

“So, what was Caroline like growing up?” Kristelle asked changing the topic.

“Hmmm pretty much the same really.. Bubbly, fun.. Head cheerleader, popular girl, head of pretty much every committee in school!” Bonnie said smiling.  Caroline rolled her eyes,

“So what do you wanna do today Bon? You know if you had just told me you were coming, I would have planned something fun for us to do!”

“Hmmmm” Bonnie said pressing her lips together and giving Caroline a slight smile.

“What hmmmmm.. what are you up to Bonnie Bennett!” Caroline asked, her eyes narrowing.

“You’ll just have to wait for it Care.” Bonnie said.

Caroline groaned “Uggh why can’t you just tell me now! You know how much I hate suspense!”

Bonnie giggled.

“One time Caroline combed through Cami’s room to coz Cami said she had a surprise birthday gift hidden and Caroline just couldn’t wait a month to know what it was!” Kristelle said beaming. “Cami thought she was being robbed” Kristelle concluded laughing.

“She almost hit me with her tennis racquet!” Caroline said laughing. Bonnie smiled.

“How long have you guys been friends again?” Bonnie asked.

“Kristelle and I have been friends for… 3 years now?”

“Yeah… pretty much..” Kristelle said nodding.

“Stefan and I have been friends for… well I we met last year November.. but we didn’t become friends till much later..” Caroline said narrowing her eyes trying to unravel their friendship timeline. “So… like 8 months?” Caroline concluded sounding almost surprised.

“Feels like a lot longer though” Stefan mused.

“That’s coz you spend ALL your free time with her.” Kristelle told him.

“So how come it took you so long to be friends?” Bonnie pressed for more information.

“What do you mean?” Caroline asked casually.

“I mean.. it’s you.. you take what 3 seconds to make a new B.F.F…”

“I donno.. ..just took longer.. it happens..” Caroline said. Stefan noticed Caroline’s eyebrows furrowing, she clearly didn’t like something about the way Bonnie was questioning her friendship, he just couldn’t figure out what it was that was bothering Bonnie so much.

. . …                   … . .                 … . .

Stefan got into the car with Kristelle. They decided to give Caroline time to catch up with Bonnie.

“So, what do you think of Bonnie?” Stefan asked; his eyes fixed on the road.

“I donno..” Kristelle shrugged.

“You don’t have an opinion? That’s new!” He grumbled. Kristelle rolled her eyes.

“I don’t know her at all to form an opinion. Not like she shared her life’s story with us..”

“Yeah…” Stefan frowned.

“Are you grumpy coz there’s a better best friend in town?” Kristelle asked.


“You know what… I know you are not used to sharing your favorite things or in this case, people, by that I mean Caroline.” Kristelle said fiddling with her phone.

“I can share just fine.” Stefan mumbled.

“It’s just that.. Bonnie… she..” Stefan said after taking a minute.

“She what?”

“I don’t think she likes me” Stefan said awkwardly.

“Since when do you care about whether people like you?” Kristelle asked.

“I don’t.” Stefan said, an uneasy feeling building up in his gut.

… . .          … . .                … . .

“So I’ll be back in 2 hours tops!” Caroline said to her friend. “I am so sorry about this , I just really have this thing at school I can’t avoid”

“Caroline.. hey ! isssok ! really !”

“Cool ! Love you Bon !” Caroline said hugging her friend and walking out the door.

“I need to step out too. Will you be okay? Stefan will be here” Kriselle said to Bonnie.

“Don’t worry about it, I’ll be fine” Bonnie answered politely.

Stefan waved as Kristelle walked out of the door.

. . …                   … . .                 … . .

“So.. umm.. are you staying for Caroline’s birthday? You guys spend it together every year I hear..” Stefan asked trying to be polite. She was Caroline friend after all.

“No, not exactly..” Bonnie said unwilling to let him in on her plans for Caroline’s birthday.

“I get the distinct feeling you have a problem with me” He said, tired of pretending that he was oblivious to the cold vibe he got from her.

“It’s nothing personal Stefan” She replied not missing a beat.

“It feels personal” Stefan replied seriously.

“Its just that… I know people like you..”

“People like me?” He asked, his demeanor getting more serious by the second.

“Yeah the ones who live in fancy houses and drive porches. The ones with millions of dollars stashed away in trust funds that were set up when they were born. “

“What does that have to do with anything?” He was starting to get annoyed.

“I just think Caroline will be better off with people who get her”

“You don’t think we know her?”

“I think there’s a big difference between knowing a person and understanding them”. Bonnie said looking him right in the eye.

“So are you saying … I’ll never understand her because we are from different backgrounds or is it that I won’t bother to take the effort?” he asked not backing down.

Bonnie sighed.

“I have met way too many entitled rich kids to know Caroline does not fit in with you lot. Caroline… she… tends to trust people easily … Gives way more than she expects in return… and I don’t want to see her get hurt.”

Stefan didn’t reply. This girl did not know him and did not care to try to get to know him; she didn’t deserve an explanation from him.

“I think Caroline can make her own decisions” He said going back to checking his emails.

. . …                   … . .                 … . .

“I’m baaacckkk!” Caroline yelled from the doorway. “I cleared my schedule for the next week like you asked! So you what do you wanna do Bon?”

“Pack!” Bonnie said clapping her hands.

“huh?” Caroline asked confused.

Bonnie pulled something out of her bag and handed it over to Caroline.

“Wait.. what? You got me plane tickets to Virginia? I can’t take these!” Caroline said seriously.

“Sure you can. Mom and dad really wanted to see you… they miss you”

Caroline looked like she was in shock. She continued to stare at the paper in her hand. “I donno what to say..” She said finally.

“Don’t say anything.. just pack ! I’m gonna go call my folks.”

Caroline looked up right at Stefan.  He smiled at her. “What times’ your flight? I’ll drop you at the airport” He said giving her a warm smile.

“You don’t have to do that,” Caroline said.

“Issok…I want to.” Stefan replied.


“Do you need help packing?” He asked.

“No.. I got it… “ Caroline said; she still looked subdued.

“You okay?” he asked reaching for her hand.

“Yeah.. I just.. Wasn’t expecting this…”

He entwined his fingers in hers. “Well it wont be as fun as hanging out here, but I guess it’ll be okay.” Stefan teased her.  

She shook her head slightly and smiled. He gave her hand a slight squeeze.


Caroline had been gone for almost a week. He had spoken to her two days earlier when he had called to wish her. But it had gone quiet after that. He figured she was busy with Bonnie and her family. She hadn’t been there since she left for New York, must be nostalgic to be back where she grew up, where her parents died. He hoped she was having a good time.

Someone ringing the doorbell non-stop, interrupted his musings. Either the bell was stuck or Kristelle was going crazy he figured.

“COMING!” he yelled.

“EMERGENCY FAMILY MEETING!” Kristelle yelled barging in.

“Hi” Irene said feeling slightly embarrassed. “Sorry to barge in like this”

“Don’t worry about it” Stefan smiled slightly closing the door. Irene was sweet. He wished she had a more calming influence on his cousin though.

He sat down on the couch and waited for Kristelle to explain her current dilemma.

“So I was thinking about what you said last week about Bonnie” Krsitelle started.

Stefan frowned. “What about Bonnie?”

“So there was this guy who used to be friends with Caroline, in our first year of college and then Bonnie came to visit her and poof! They haven’t been friends since!”

Stefan sighed. “I think you might be reading a little too much into this.” Stefan said.

The doorbell rang again. “That must be Cami”

“What’s the emergency?” Cami asked stepping in the door. “Hi guys”

Irene waved to her casually.

“Hey Cami, there’s no emergency, Kristelle is just being Kristelle” Stefan informed her before Kristelle could start her rant.

“I need you to tell me everything you know about Bonnie Bennett” Kristelle said in complete seriousness, channelling her inner FBI agent.

“Oh.. Okay… . umm.. I like Bonnie.  I wanted to meet her when she was in town.. but I couldn’t ! Got caught up with school” Cami said cautiously.

“Skip to the part where you give me specifics on the Bonnie-Caroline friendship” Kristelle said impatiently.

“Well, she’s really protective of Caroline… I mean.. They’ve been friends for like forever! It’s nice though that Caroline has someone like Bonnie watching out for her… You know.. With her parents gone and all” Cami said.

Stefan frowned at that.

“Tell me about Enzo” Kristelle pressed on.


“Yes Enzo” Kristelle said folding her hands across her chest. Clearly she wasn’t going to budge without getting the information she wanted.

“Well Enzo and Caroline were friends… for like… I donno… a little less than a year I guess…”

“Why did they stop being friends?”

“They are still sort of friends. They are just not as close as they used to be…” Cami said defensively.

“Cami… Do I need to pry this out of your brain with my bare hands or what?” Kristelle said testily.

“Ughh” Cami sighed. “Well all I know is that Bonnie really really disliked Enzo and after that Caroline kept her distance.” Cami said. “I don’t blame her though.. Enzo is… trouble…Why the sudden interest in him anyway?”

“You think Caroline will stop being friends with us?” Kristelle asked turning to Stefan.

“NO!” Stefan said irritated that Kristelle was obsessing over this.

“But Enzo” Kristelle started.

“We are not Enzo” he cut her off.  

“But you said she didn’t like you” She reminded him.

“Just forget I said anything.”

“What if she wants to keep her distance from us because Bonnie doesn’t like you?”

“She won’t” He said dismissing the suggestion.

“But what if she does?”

“I said, she won’t” He said standing his ground.

“Are you gonna just ignore this till it blows up in your face?”

“Nothing is going to blow up in anybody’s face.” Stefan said sounding exhausted.

“Bonnie doesn’t like you?” Cami asked Stefan.

“You look worried. Why do you look worried?” Kristelle asked, hyperventilating.

“No… I just.” She turned back to Stefan, “You and Caroline are so close.. Why wouldn’t Bonnie like you?”

“This is a disaster!” Kristelle said falling on the couch.

“Kristelle, go home, find something else to worry about” Stefan said signaling for the group of ladies to leave.

“He’s right..” Irene interjected, “You’re just making a mountain out of a mole-hill… You heard Cami, Enzo was trouble.. that’s why she took Bonnie’s advice and kept her distance. She’s not going to do the same to you guys!”

. . …                   … . .                 … . .

He checked his phone again anxiously. His mind drifted to the conversation he had with Bonnie and what Cami said about Bonnie being protective of Caroline. He had figured as much from their brief exchange of words. His phone finally rang. He quickly answered.

“Caroline!” he said

“Hey !! Did I wake you?’

“Nope.. how’s it going?”

“Crazy !! Really crazy ! But fun crazy!” She sounded really happy.

“That’s good.. when umm.. when are you coming back?”

“Next week”

“I thought you were going just for a week..” He said sounding disappointed.

“Yeah I decided to stay a little while longer” She said. He heard Bonnie’s voice on the other line speaking to Caroline.

“Hey I gotta go, I’ll catch you later ok?”

“Night” Stefan said softly.

“Stefan?” She called out to him before he could hang up.


“You okay?” She asked, she sounded concerned.

“Yeah” He reassured her.

“You sure?”

“Positive” he lied.

“Okay… sleep tight!” She said

“You too.”

He dropped the phone onto the middle of the bed and rubbed his eyes.


“You seem to be in a better mood”, Stefan commented as he opened the fridge.

“Yeah I figured just because Bonnie doesn’t like you doesn’t mean Caroline will stop talking to me! I mean, we’ve been friends way before you came into the picture” Kristelle said.

Stefan chose to ignore her.

“Did you speak to Caroline?” Stefan asked.

“Yeah she texted last night. She’s having a blast” Kristelle replied. His brows furrowed at that. The last he spoke to her was 3 days ago when she told him she was extending her trip.

“So…what did Cami mean when she said Enzo was trouble?” Stefan asked casually.

“I donno. Never met the guy”

“Guess” He said irritably.

“Umm.. he has a reputation of being flaky and rude… Tas once said he has no personality.” Kristelle said.

Stefan didn’t respond to that.  

. . …                   … . .                    … . .

“So what’s wrong with it?” Kriselle asked impatiently.

“Nothing” Stefan said looking at her laptop.

“It doesn’t look like nothing!” She said hovering over Stefan who was seated in front of her laptop

“It just needs a software update” Stefan replied.

“Ok.. so..”

“So it’s updating just leave it alone”

“I donno… You’re not exactly a computer genius” Kristelle commented.

“THEN WHY DID YOU ASK ME?” Stefan asked losing his cool.



“WHY ARE YOU YELLING?” Kristelle asked.


“Watcha yelling about?” He heard Caroline’s voice. He turned around to see her standing there watching them curiously.

“Caroline!! Hey!! You’re back!” Stefan exclaimed.

“I missed you!! Stefan is being Shrek again!”  Kristelle complained.  

Caroline giggled. “I got you guys dinner on the way here ” Caroline said placing the food on the counter.

“Why didn’t you call me? I would have come picked you up” Stefan said giving her a welcome back hug.

“naaw I didn’t want you to go to the trouble of driving all the way to the airport just to pick me up”

Stefan didn’t say anything.

“I’m gonna go take a quick shower and change. You guys go ahead and start without me” She said gesturing to the food.

Kristelle and Stefan watched as she went to her room and shut the door.

“You think Bonnie got to her?” Kristelle spoke in a dramatic whisper.

Stefan remained quiet.

. . …                … . .              … . .

“Sleeping?” Caroline asked as she sat herself on Stefan’s bed.


“Why’d you run off then?”

“You were on the phone… I didn’t wanna bug you”

“I got you something”, Caroline said as she moved closer to him and adjusted the pillows so it would prop her up.

“You did?”

“Don’t get excited, it’s just a refrigerator magnet,” She said. “I saw it at the airport and it reminded me of you”. She gave it to him. It was a little replica of his favorite Bourbon with a magnet at the back to hold it up on the fridge. He smiled.

“Thanks” He said admiring it.

“So what did I miss?” Caroline asked.

“Nothing at all..”

“How was Virginia?” He asked her.


He continued to look at her expecting her to delve into explicit details of her trip. But she didn’t elaborate.

 “That’s it? Crazy?”


“Last month you gave me a thirty minute thesis on why Gummy Bears and Twizzlers make the best study snack. You go back to your hometown after years, for two whole weeks, on your birthday no less and all I get is one word?”

He watched as Caroline’s forehead creased. It looked like she was studying his visage.

“Well, I don’t want to bore you with all the details … “ She said softly.

“Who says I’ll get bored?”

She gave him a small smile.

“Okaaaay you asked for it …” She said leaning back. “You can’t be my albatross if my recap gets too long” She warned him.

“It won’t get too long”

“Hmmm. . Lets see.. Where do I start.. So Bonnie’s folks”

“That’s not where you start…” he cut her off she turned to him confused. 

“I dropped you off at the airport… go!” He said giving her his preferred starting point.

She beamed at his enthusiasm. “Right.. You dropped me off at the airport and then Bonnie and I..”

. . …                  … . .              … . .

“And then I came home to find you and Telle yelling at each other” She finished yawning between the words. Somewhere in between telling him about her birthday cake and the trip to the lake she settled in under the covers; his hand lay loosely over her as he listened to every word with rapt attention, making sure he didn’t miss her animated expressions or the shift in her tone from happy to delirious to nostalgic. She yawned again.

“Sounds like a good trip” He said smiling.

“Yeah…” She said, her face turned towards him, her eyes closing on her.

“What do you wanna do tomorrow?” He whispered.

“I donno… “ She said closing her eyes.

“Did you really like the stupid refrigerator magnet?” she asked opening her eyes.

“Don’t call my bourbon refrigerator magnet stupid” He joked. She smiled.

“Go to sleep” He said.

“Night..” She murmured.



Author’s Note 1: The title of Chapter 9 is inspired from the song “Drops of Jupiter”. I realize it has a myriad of interpretations. Some say it’s a song about heart-break, some say it’s about a guy missing his friend who he has feelings for. The artist attributes a whole other meaning it it. But as far as Chapter 9 is concerned, Drops of Jupiter is about Stefan missing Caroline and wondering if she’ll go reconnect with her roots, have the time of her life and worrying that maybe she’ll decide that he wasn't the kind of friend she wants/needs in her life. 


Chapter 10 - My Best Friend

Author’s Note2: Based on the Tim McGraw song about the best friend the singer is in love with; the lyrics are beautiful and very Steroline!


“OOH YOU CAN GO AS BATMAN!” Caroline shrieked.

“No” Stefan said his voice falling flat.

Caroline, Kristelle and Irene were deciding on their Halloween costumes. There was a big Halloween bash happening and the girls were excited to go.  Stefan wanted to sit it out.

“Spiderman?” Caroline asked



“You want me to go as an arrow?” Stefan asked baffled. What sort of a costume consisted of a lone arrow?

“The super-hero dummy !”

“oh.. NO”

“ugghh what do you wanna go as?” She asked.

“A person who hates Halloween?”

Caroline rolled her eyes. “Stefan, everyone will be in costume, why would you wanna stick out like a sore thumb?”

“I don’t do costumes” Stefan said flatly.

. . …                  … . .              … . .

“Damon” he addressed the person on the other end of the phone.

“Stefan”, the voice returned the greeting in the exact same tone.

“What’s up?”

“So, we’re coming to New York this weekend”

“Who’s we?” Stefan asked.

“Elena and me”


“Because it’s your birthday and we wanna take you out to dinner”

“You wanna take me out to dinner?” He repeated Damon’s words unimpressed with the idea.


“I’m not much of a birthday celebrating kind of guy remember?” He said, hoping to dissuade him.

“Well you can make an exception this year. The restaurant’s booked. Its just dinner. You’ll survive!”

“Fine. What time is your flight? I’ll pick you up” he said reluctantly.

“Thanks brother, that’s mighty hospitable of ya! Flights late night on the 31st

“See ya ” Stefan said hanging up.  He didn’t have a moment to think before Caroline barged in the door.

“Okay we have figured it out” She said victorious.

“Caroline! I said NO costumes” he repeated himself.

“I know I know… this won’t feel like a costume at all!” Caroline said proceeding to his closet.

“What are you doing?”

“Picking out your costume” Caroline said looking through his suits.

“There” She said pointing to the ensemble she laid out on his bed.

“We decided to do a group thing.. Charlie’s angels and Bosley !!” She said clapping her hands. “You’re Bosley” She said making herself clear.

“Bosley?” he repeated.

“Yeah you just have to wear a suit !”

“Umm.. Damon and Elena are flying in that night so I’ll have to pick them up at the airport”

“Yeah I know”

“You do?” Stefan asked surprised.

“Yeah Kristelle told me. Her friends from Chicago told her that Damon and Elena were coming to New York for your birthday.”

“And you were gonna tell me this when?” He asked.

“Well I figured if it was a surprise.. I shouldn’t ruin it.. You know..”


“Anyway, you can still attend the party for a little bit and then go to pick them up” She suggested.

“Yeah.. I guess” He said reluctantly. That got Caroline exited again. She hopped on back to the apartment to Kristelle and Irene.

Halloween and Damon and Elena.. it was going to be a rough weekend!


“Okay, lets get this over with” Stefan said as he walked into the apartment. He stopped abruptly when he saw Caroline. She was wearing a skin-tight white strapless number that just about covered her ass. His mouth hung open slightly as he took in this new version of his best friend. Caroline however, did not seem to notice, she was trying to stuff something into a very small bag.

“Yeah this is not happening!” She said defeated by the little purse in her hand. “I’m just gonna have to leave you behind” She said apologetically gazing at her phone.

“You ready?” She asked looking at Stefan.

“uhuh” he managed to stutter.

“Okay come on, Telle and Irene are on their way to the party.” She said walking towards him.

“We should go.” He said, his eyes till fixed on her.

“Yeah.. We should” She said looking at him expectantly. “Stefan?”


She pointed to the door behind him.

“Right.. the doors that way” He said stupidly.

“Yeah.. are you sure you’re okay to drive?”

“Why, why would you ask that?” He stammered.

“You look.. drunk ..”

“no… no I’m fine..” he said reaching for the door handle. He opened the door and bolted out before Caroline could say anything else.  How is she single? He wondered as he pushed the elevator button 

. . …                  … . .              … . .

“So it’s nice of Damon and Elena to fly in just for your birthday” Caroline said appreciatively.



“Nothing.. Just .. Damon and I haven’t been in good terms in years.” He said honestly.

“So maybe he wants to change that”

“Yeah, I know he does..

“Maybe you should let him..” She said sincerely. They were stopped at a red light. He looked over at the beautiful, honest blue eyes of his best friend.

“What is it?”

“I donno if one dinner will get us back to what we used to be.” he mused. There was sadness in his voice that reflected the weight of a complicated past that burdened his heart.

Caroline didn’t say anything to that. She took his hand in hers and squeezed it reassuringly. He smiled, acknowledging the gesture. He didn’t say anything. He knew he didn’t have to. She knew what he meant to say. The incessant honking of the cars behind him brought his attention to the fact that the traffic signal had turned green.


“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” He heard Caroline scream. She must have barged in to wish him he figured. “oh hey Elena. Where’s Stefan?”

“Caroline, I’ll be out in a bit” Stefan yelled from his room, scrambling to put on his clothes.  He heard Elena talking to Caroline through the door.

“Would you like to have a seat?” Elena gestured to the couch.

“Umm… yeah.. I guess” Caroline said. He couldn’t make out the rest of the conversation.

He opened the door to see Damon walk into the living room.

“Damon, this is Caroline” He heard Elena introduce them.


“Stefan’s neighbor from across the hall, she lives with Kristelle” Elena added.

“The annoying blonde who tries too hard?” Damon blurted out.

“Damon!” Stefan exclaimed trying to silence his brother.

“Your words not mine!” Damon said looking at Caroline after he was done replying to Stefan. “That is you right?” Damon said. Looked like he was at his inconsiderate best.

“Yup.. …” She said pressing her lips together. “You missed crazy and over-the top… but annoying blonde who tries too hard works too” Caroline said, her face did not betray emotion.

“Caroline..” Stefan started.

“Here,” She said leaving an envelop on the coffee table, “Happy birthday… Enjoy your dinner” She said and swiftly walked away.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” Stefan turned to speak to Damon.

“What? I was doing you a favor, you said she was annoying and now she won’t annoy you any more”

He shook his head in disdain and went after Caroline.

“Where are you going? We have a reservation!” Damon yelled as Stefan opened the door to go to Caroline’s.

“Caroline” He called out as soon as he opened her front door.

She did not turn back.

“Hey, hold on…” He said holding on to her elbow, beckoning her to turn around. She broke free. “I’m sorry about that” He said.

She turned to meet his gaze and let out a short laugh as though she was mocking him or was it herself she was mocking, he couldn’t tell.

“Damon misunderstood” He started

“It doesn’t matter” She interrupted him. 

“Sure it does”

“No it doesn’t!” She said not looking directly at Stefan. “I am very well aware of what a flawed individual I am, Stefan. I know I’m all that Damon said and more.. I’m annoying, over the top and a whole other level of crazy. I try too hard, I get excited over stupid things like Halloween costumes and drive people up the wall, and most of the time I don’t know when to shut the hell up!” She said pulling her hair back with her hands.

Stefan just stood there rooted to the spot surprised at what she was saying.

“It’s not like that at all …this is all just a huge misunderstanding, I swear.. Just let me explain,” He said meekly.

“Misunderstanding. Yeah …” Caroline said almost like she was talking to herself.

“STEFAN!” He heard Damon yelling for him in the hallway.

“You should go.” Caroline said staring at the front door.

“Not like this.” Stefan said, looking at the dejected face of his best friend. She didn’t seem to hear him; it was as though she was lost in thought.

“I defended you.” She murmured shaking her head, her eyes fixed on the floor.


“Nothing … forget it … doesn’t matter” She said looking anywhere but at him.

“Hey” He said reaching for her hand. She took a step back, placing herself just out of his reach. A lump formed in his throat seeing her back away from him. She swiftly went into her room and shut the door behind her gently.

He tried Caroline’s door handle to find it locked from inside. He sighed.

“Caroline?” he called out for her to let him in. He received no response from the blonde.

… . .                    … . .                    … . .

“Give us a minute” Damon addressed the waiter. He looked at Stefan, “Okay can we just address the elephant in the room” Damon said exasperated.

Stefan didn’t say anything.

“How was I supposed to know you became best friends with the annoying neighbor?”

“You still shouldn’t have said anything.” He said  “And stop calling her annoying” he commanded, sounding angry.

“Okay fine. Can we just have a good time without the brooding and the frowning?” Damon begged.

Stefan sighed.

“So. How does one go from … thinking someone is annoying one minute to being best friends with them the next?” Elena asked, her curiosity getting the best of her.

“You missed a few minutes,” He mumbled correcting her.

“Pray tell” Damon said curiously.

Stefan fiddled with the fork on the table. His voice soft and nostalgic as he tried to put things in perspective for the two people who he had at one point considered the most important people in his life.

“You … Let them drag you out in the rain against your better judgment … fall sick, become an albatross, spend three days annoying the living daylights out of them only to …believe them when they tell you that you’re better than you think you are … and then … you become best friends” He said fondly.

“It’s like a twelve step program is see” Damon said sarcastically.

Stefan didn’t respond. His mind kept bringing up the image of her walking away from him, it was as though it burnt a hole in his heart that was getting bigger with each passing minute.

“So umm.. What’s this albatross thing? Is that a new drug or something?” Damon asked cautiously.

“Damon!” Elena said looking at him displeased.

“You think I’m back on drugs?” Stefan asked his brows furrowed.

“No.. no.. Maybe. . I don’t know …”

“How many times do I have to tell you till you decide to believe me?” He asked feeling let down.

“Stefan.…when someone drags you out in the rain and gets you sick, that does not result in everlasting friendship, okay? That’s just … crazy… So I’m gonna ask you to be honest with me.. Are you back on drugs?”

“Will you believe me if I say no?” He said not answering him.

“Stefan..” Elena said placing her hand on his, trying to calm him down. He pulled his hand away as if repulsed by her touch.

“What else do you still not believe?” Stefan asked, his eyes boring into his surrogate brother’s eyes.

“What do you mean?”

“I know you didn’t believe me when I said I didn’t mean to kill Justin.” Stefan said.

Damon looked down.

“You were high all the time …  I didn’t know what was the truth and what was a lie any more… I couldn’t tell whether it was the Stefan I knew talking or the drugs” Damon justified himself.

“And what about later when I got clean? Did you believe me then?”

Damon opened his mouth to speak only to drag his hand over his face, as if exhausted.

“Stefan. . you can’t hold that against him … everyone doubted your intentions because of the drug use…” Elena said calmly.

He looked at her intently, his mind replaying the conversation he had with Caroline when he told her everything about what had happened that night.

“Not everyone” he said getting up.

“Stefan” Elena began.

“Thanks for flying out here.” He said searching for the valet ticket.

. . …                    … . .     

He barged in to find her sitting on the couch with Cami.

“Stefan!” Cami said alerting Caroline of his presence.

“Cami” he said acknowledging her. He didn’t give Caroline time to react. He grabbed her hand and led her into her room, closing the door behind her. He let go of her hand only to have her reach for the handle; she obviously didn’t want to be in the same room as him. He spun her around forcing her to lean against the door and face him. He placed one hand firmly against the door to make sure she wouldn’t open it.

“It matters!” he said firmly looking right into her eyes.

“It matters because you are none of those things you listed earlier. You are not over the top – you’re full of life. You try because you care … and you care a lot. .  Okay, yeah you’re crazy … the best kind of crazy. .  The essential kind. . You don’t drive people up the wall, just the opposite actually … I love that you talk a lot … and I hope you never shut up.“ He said smiling despite the situation. “ You are definitely not annoying …” He said and paused to gauge her reaction. She was staring at the wall behind him, her guard up, emotions tucked away safely.

“I described you as annoying and as someone who tries too hard because I was quick to judge and an ass. You know this. I apologized for it remember?”

She folded her arms over her chest and looked down.

“I didn’t know what you were made of back then. But I do now . . and I am so so sorry for Damon treating you poorly . .” he concluded hoping for some sort of reaction from her.

“Fine” She murmured still looking down.

“Fine?” He repeated. Caroline shrugged, her face still parallel to the floor. He stared at her for a moment trying to figure out what was going on.


“What do you want me to say?” Caroline said, her voice dull and lifeless.

“Tell me you’re not mad”

“I’m not mad” She said indifferently still unable to meet his gaze.

“Are you upset?” He asked

“No. . Maybe… I don’t wanna talk about it.” She said, her voice barely audible.

This was not just about what happened with Damon he realized reading her countenance. He took her face in his hands and tilted it gently towards him; she reluctantly looked into his eyes for a moment before shifting it to the wall behind him again.  

“You know she’s wrong about me” He said decisively. Her eyes darted back to meet his, surprised at what she just heard.

“You said you defended me. It was to Bonnie wasn’t it?”

Caroline sighed.

He pulled her hair back and entwined her fingers in her blond curls. “She doesn’t know me . . she doesn’t know us . . But you do . . You know who I am… And you know I’m not who she thinks I am. .” His voice broke at that.

She swallowed and closed her eyes. A moment later she brought both her hands to caress his wrists. “What did she say to you?” She asked.

“Doesn’t matter” he said still trying to read her.

“I’m sorry, she shouldn’t have said anything”

“It’s okay.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Caroline asked him.

“Her heart was in the right place…”

Caroline covered her face with her hands, clearly overwhelmed. He pulled her hands away.

“I’m sorry” She said

“Don’t be” He said softly.

“Ugh !! I just.. I shouldn’t have . . I”

“Hey ! Stop ! It’s okay. .” He said shaking his head softly.

“No its not… I ruined your dinner”

“No you didn’t” He said letting her hands go, smiling softly at her. “Are we best friends again?”

She placed her head on his chest and hugged him in response; He held her tight and closed his eyes, sighing in relief.  She pulled away, her hands clutching his suit. His hands were still holding her, his eyes travelled to her pink lips and remained there as she wetted them nervously.

“Stefan?” She said softly, it was almost like her voice echoed in his suddenly hollow head.

“Damon is in the living room” he heard the words as her lips parted again.


“Kristelle just called him the devil” She said her lips slightly curving at the corners. He looked away from her to hear commotion from beyond the door.

“Shit!” He said opening the door as Caroline giggled. Sounded like Kristelle and Damon were in a heated argument. They never got along even in Chicago.

. . …                  … . .              … . .

“MA ! ! Where’s the holy water you brought with you when you last came here?” He heard Kristelle talk into the phone.

“Why? What do you mean why? I need to cleanse my house of evil spirits that’s why ! Damon Salvatore was just here!” She said moving to her room.

Cami and Caroline were rolling on the couch laughing. Stefan just leaned back on the single seat sofa, exhausted from playing referee between Kristelle and Damon.

“Well your birthday is officially a bust!” Caroline said as she composed herself again. He could tell she was feeling bad about it.

“I never liked birthdays anyway” He said honestly.

“Still . .” She mused. “Hungry? I made lasagna … I mean.. yeah . .its no Michelin star dinner… “

“Sounds perfect” He said smiling.

“Does this mean I won’t get to take the left over lasagna home?” Cami asked looking sad.

“Probably” Caroline said chuckling.

“Oh!! You know what we should do?” Caroline exclaimed suddenly, her voice dripping with excitement. “LASANGA BIRTHDAY CAKE!”

“Da fuck is that?” Kristelle asked interjecting herself into the conversation.

Caroline didn’t answer; she went to the kitchen searching frantically for something.

She took the lasagna from the oven and placed a candle in the center and beamed at him. Stefan chuckled. Lasagna birthday cake indeed !

“Please don’t get candle wax on my lasagna” Cami said with trepidation. Caroline stuck her tongue out in response.

“Come on! Make a wish” She said smiling at Stefan. He stood next to her and placed her arm around her neck, pulling her close. “Crazy!” he whispered. She continued beaming.

“Ok quick picture!” Cami said holding her phone up. He didn’t protest like he normally would.

“Okay now cut the cake.. lasagna .. Whatever, I’m hungry “ Kristelle said.

. . …                  … . .              … . .

“You know.. we should do lasagna more often” Stefan said in between bites.

“Feel free to make me some for my birthday!” Cami said enjoying her dinner.

“Still think my birthday was a bust?” Stefan said pinching Caroline’s side playfully.

“OOwww . .” She said avoiding to question. He stopped eating and looked at her, demanding an answer to his question. She looked at him, her forehead creasing ever so slightly, as if trying to read him.  “Well… like I said, its no 5 star dinner”

He shook his head, a small smile playing on his lips.

“Did you like your present?” She asked.

“What present?

“The envelope I left for you..” She said casually.

“I didn’t get a chance to open it..”

“oh okay”

“What is it?” he asked.

“You’ll know when you open it” She said smiling.

. . …                  … . .              … . .

“You got me concert tickets!” He said beaming holding the tickets up.


“I love it!” he said. “Thank You!” he instinctively pulled her in and kissed her on her forehead. He went back to staring at the tickets. His phone rang and he reached to check who it was.

“Damon” He said answering it.

“So.. we are at the airport.. I uh.. couldn’t say what I wanted to with that whole Kristelle madness getting in the way..” He said awkwardly. “I uh.. didn’t mean to offend your friend.. or you..”

“Okay” Stefan said in response.

“Okay” Damon repeated.

“Have a safe trip back” Stefan said. He hung up and placed the phone back in his pocket.

“Everything okay?” Caroline asked. He looked into her eyes, there was a beauty to the simplicity of emotion reflected through them. When she was happy, her eyes danced. When she was reminiscent, it was as if her eyes were blue orbs were floating in memories. Right now though her eyes looked concerned … Concerned for him.

“Don’t worry about it..” He said fondly.

“You wanna go to the concert with me?” He asked before she could ask him again.

“Huh?” She asked. He waved the tickets in front of her.  “There are two tickets.” He said suggestively.

“Yeah I thought you could take someone who was into rock”

“Like who?” He asked rhetorically.

“I donno..

“ Maybe you could” She began.

“I wanna go with you” he cut her off.

“Okay… fine. . but if you change your mind and wanna take someone else that’s okay with me.. you don’t have”

“I won’t change my mind” He said smiling like a dork.


I Will Wait Chapter 4

 Chapters [1]  [2]  [3]


Day 36

Stefan entered what would be Caroline’s apartment, once it’s done up. Bonnie was already there, staring aimlessly at the walls.

“Hey”, Stefan calls out to Bonnie. “So, Caroline not here yet?”

“Nope, she is on her way with paint swatches and something to do with patterns and other things..” Bonnie replies.

‘”Hey”, comes the cheerful voice he has been longing to hear all day.

“So I have catalogues and paint swatches and theme ideas and wallpaper catalogues too if that’s what you are into..” She rambles on handing them folders to scan through.

“Caroline ? Why do you have a folder with 50 shades of pink ?” Stefan asks clearly not amused.

“Its a girls’ apartment, there’s no harm in exploring pink..’ Caroline says confidently.

“I vote no pink ” Replies Stefan looking at Caroline.

“ Why do you have a vote?” Bonnie asks turning to look at him and then at Caroline

“He doesn’t.” Caroline is quick to reply rolling her eyes. “ You don’t get a vote” She adds looking at him.

“Hmmm” Stefan hums, he smiles and turns to Bonnie  “Do you want to live in a pink doll house?”

“He gets a vote” quips in Bonnie immediately !

“What??” Caroline’s confused. 

“Great !!”  He says as he flings the folder to the side. It falls on the ground with a loud thud. “No pink” he says with a satisfied smile. 

“Lets just go with beige or something neutral you know…” Bonnie suggests.

Caroline rolls her eyes.. Beige !! How boring !!

“How about we paint clouds on the ceiling.. we have a really high ceiling, it would look amazing with sky blue walls and white wood furniture..

All three stare at the ceiling trying to picture Caroline’s latest vision.

“Clouds ?” Bonnie asks sceptically 

“Yeah it’ll look like you’re looking up at the sky !” Caroline sounds like a kid. It makes Stefan smile. 

Stefan suddenly has a mental picture of the Sistine chapel. Wonder how the Sistine chapel would look if Caroline was in charge of it… bet there would be a rainbow…

Are we talking just clouds or rainbows too…” He wonders out loud.

Caroline’s eyes grow wide, she opens her mouth to speak only to have Bonnie cut her off..

“NO RAINBOWS” Exclaims Bonnie… giving Stefan a dirty look.  “ And we can have clouds..only if you throw in some grey ones as well…just so that I don’t feel like I’m living in a cartoon..”

Stefan chuckles. This is all very amusing to him. Clouds on the ceiling ! He’s going to  have to get used to that considering he expects  to spend a lot of time here. 

“Hmmm..yeaah..I guess that would… add some depth to the whole… theme…” Caroline adds trying to convince herself that grey clouds won’t ruin her happy theme.

Matt walks in on the Bonnie, Stefan and Caroline staring intently at the ceiling. He’s not entirely sure what to make of it. “What’s going on?” He asks hesitantly.. 

“Matt ! Hey you made it” Bonnie is thrilled to have an extra pair of hands to help them out.

Caroline smiles politely.  

“Hey’” She greets him.

“Hey.. can we talk?” Matt asks awkwardly.

“Yeah sure..” Caroline is not sure what to expect.

Bonnie looks over to Stefan "I guess we should go and get testers, you know,  shades of baby blue and sky blue and whatever blue to test them on the walls…”. Stefan is busy staring at Matt and Caroline to pay attention to what Bonnie is saying. 

“Stefan ?” She asks clicking her fingers in front of his eyes to grab his attention.

“huh? eer..”

“Lets go.. I didn’t bring my car, you’ll have to drive” Bonnie informs him.

Stefan looks over to Caroline, his eyes silently asking her if she would be OK .. he got his answer in the faint curve of her lips..His brows are still furrowed as he leaves the apartment. He still hasn’t forgiven Matt for how he reacted to Caroline’s apology. Sure Matt may have his reasons, but Stefan doesn’t care. Caroline is what is important to him, not Matt’s moral dilemma. He can settle his fight with his conscience in his own time, he doesn’t see why Caroline should have to bear the brunt of it. He thinks back to Elena’s no humanity phase and how quick everyone was to forgive her. He’s not entirely sure Caroline even got an apology. Things shouldn’t be so hard for her..

Caroline props herself on the counter of the open kitchen. She’s not sure what Matt wants to say to her. She waits for him to start. He leans up against the counter beside her. 

“I was kinda harsh the other night…” He starts. Caroline looks down. Matt looks straight at the unfinished wall in front of him as he continues. “The thing is Care…for a long time, I just.. I wanted to ignore the supernatural crap happening around me and try to get by.. you know…” He pauses, he’s reminiscent. He shakes his head as he continues, “…but now..I can’t ignore them any more….too many people have died for me to shut my eyes and pretend everything’s fine…” He sighs..looks down and continues.. he can feel Caroline looking at him. “ and I don’t wanna leave like Jer or Ty.. Mystic Falls is all kinds of messed up, but its my home…I just wanna try to do the right thing.. and the thing is . .” He looks sideways to meet Caroline’s gaze. “The thing is .. you have always tried to do the right thing…you have always tried your best to be a good person, a good friend, a good daughter… you try harder than anyone I have ever known…and that.. that has to count for something right ?” He gives her a sad smile and continues.. “So…I’m thinking.. as long as you keep trying..that makes you the same Care that I have known all my life…”  

Caroline smiles. Its a smile that says she understands. She gets it. She couldn’t ask for more. She is grateful. “Thank you…it means a lot..” She says. They both sit there quietly contemplating the past few years of their lives. So much has changed since they were kids.

“You wanna go grab a sandwich..I’m hungry..” Matt says. He doesn’t want to think of Mystic Falls right now. 

“Yeah, I’ll ask Stefan and Bonnie what they want” She says hopping off the counter and reaching for her bag. 


When Caroline and Matt get back to the apartment, Bonnie and Stefan are already there. Bonnie had tried on a few shades of blue on the wall and was staring at it trying to figure out which one she hated less. Stefan was sanding the wall, for reasons unknown to Caroline.

“Hey” Caroline says as she nudges Stefan with her elbow.

“Hey..how did it go with”

“Thank you” she cuts him off. Looks at him with her I-know-what-you-did look. “I know you talked to Matt..”

“How did you ..” 

“I know you Stefan..” She smiles. She’s grateful that he has her back..no matter what.

“Well…I’m glad it helped..” He replies giving her a short smile. He finds himself staring into her gorgeous blue eyes. 

“Missed a spot” She says snapping him out of his trance. She is pointing at the portion of the wall he was sanding.

“Where?” is his immediate reaction as he turns around to look at his handy work. Her giggle gives her away. She’s teasing him. Two can play at this game…

“Glad you’re in a good mood..Bonnie has decided she doesn’t like the blue sky theme”

“WHAT?” her expression changes from happy giggles to wide eyed panic. He can’t help but let out a chuckle. She catches on real quick and swats him with her hand. He feigns pain and before she could think, starts to tickle her mercilessly. She shrieks. Stefan’s laughing while she struggles to rescue herself. As she moves back she trips on a paint roller on the ground. Stefan instinctively grabs her by the hand to prevent the fall and pulls her towards him. His free hand finds the back of her waist. Before he knows it, he’s holding her in his arms and she is just inches away from him.. he looks into her eyes…and steals a glimpse at her lips.. the laughter still hasn’t left her lips…he wants to kiss her..but then, she’s not his to kiss.. He wonders whether she can hear his heart beating faster with every passing second. .  Whether she knows the effect she has on him . . He feels her tense up. She’s not ready. He releases her from his hold gently. A longing look in his eyes. 

“It’s like watching reality TV..”, Bonnie whispers to Matt from the kitchen counter as she nibbles on her sandwich “ The Caroline and Stefan Show - will they or won’t they…” She continues in a dramatic whisper.

Caroline takes a step away from Stefan putting a little distance between them. “Sandwich ?” She asks breaking the awkward silence. 


They turn to the kitchen. Matt is suddenly looking at his phone and Bonnie seems to be admiring her sandwich like it was the Mona Lisa.

“Damn it” Matt exclaims.

“What is it?” Bonnie asks him

“The guy who was supposed to bar tend with me tonight has the flu…and I can’t get a replacement at such short notice…”

“I can help..” Says Caroline in a matter-of-fact tone. Everyone turns to to look at her with surprise.

“What? I’m great at making drinks !!” She smiles. 


Stefan walks into the Grill to see that Caroline has fully embraced her inner bartender. She was having fun. He heads straight to the bar. He notices Damon sitting at one of the tables. He’s keeping his distance from Caroline. That’s good he thinks to himself. With him is Alaric and Bonnie. He grabs a seat and waits for the beautiful blonde to notice him. 

“What will it be? Double shot bourbon ?” Asks the gorgeous bartender flashing him her biggest smile.

“Yup” He smiles right back.

“Coming right up” She says and pours him his drink. 

She heads to tend to the other customers waiting at the bar. Its packed tonight. He smiles as he watches her fix a cocktail. He takes a small sip out of his glass and takes in the sight of Caroline Forbes enjoying herself. 

“Stefan Salvatore”, comes a sultry voice from behind. He knows that voice…it can’t be. He turns around. “I was so certain that I would never lay eyes on you again..” She continues as she smiles at him seductively.

“Genevieve..” He says staring at her in utter shock. 


To Be Continued…..

Imagine/Preference #4 Midnight Playgrounds

CALUM: Your best friend Calum had just called you around 11:30 PM asking if you wanted to hang out and he picked you up in the next 10 minutes. You were driving around listening to music for about 20 minutes before you came across a park. “Oh my gosh Y/N!!!! Look it’s even got a sea saw!!!!” Calum shouted with excitement “Wow I’ve never actually one of these in person” you said as Calum turned towards you with his jaw dropped, “Get on” he says signaling to the teeter totter. After a few minutes Cal suggests you play confession, “Fine but you’re going first!” you smile back. You go back and forth sharing some embarrassing stories and secrets. You had just finished telling him a confession, “Okay Cal your turn” You say wondering what he might reveal next,”Y/N, I don’t think I have anything left!” he says with a chuckle “Oh come on Cal there’s gotta be something” you respond not wanting the game to end, there are a few minutes filled with a chorus of chirping crickets while Calum thought, then you notice something change in his face and you could tell this one was gonna be different than the others, deeper. “Well there is this one secret that I have been keeping for a while…” he trails off “Well, what is it?” You ask, your curiosity peeking through your voice. “It has to do with why I called you earlier…” 

His POV (10 PM earlier that night)

We were practicing for some upcoming shows, and let’s just say I was a little off my game. I had been messing up on almost every song. “Alright guys, I think we need to just take a break for a while” Michael said sounding frustrated of course. I walked to the kitchen to go get a glass of water as Luke and Michael followed behind “Calum what the fuck was that man?” Michael asked “I don’t know I guess my head wasn’t there..” I trailed off knowing I messed up. “Try picturing Y/N is here watching us maybe it’ll help you motivate you to keep your head here this time” Michael chuckles as he walks back to go grab his guitar. “What the fuck was that about???” I asked Luke “Well you just tend… you seem.. to” Luke paused seeming to find a way to phrase what he was about to say very carefully. “Look Calum you have feelings for Y/N and before you interrupt saying you don’t just realize we all know you do, but it’s been messing with you lately and you need to tell her before someone who feels the same decides to tell her first. We all don’t wanna see you go through that mate.” Luke says waiting for my reaction. “You’re right but what if she says she doesn’t like me, what if she doesn’t wanna be friends anymore because it’s too weird” “Cal what if she says she likes you back!” I feel my cheeks getting hot just thinking about it “Shit I gotta tell her Luke oh my god what am I gonna say?” I start to panic how on earth am I even going to be able to talk to her. “Calum just breathe, you’re going to just tell her the truth tell her how youre in love with her” “But Luke what if I screw it up because im so fucking nervous” “Calum its good to be nervous, it shows this means a lot to you” as he says those words I realize, I’m going to do this and I’m going to tell her tonight.

AUTHORS NOTE: Okay guys so this is only part 1 and depending on how many notes it gets and requests for it ill maybe post part 2 and I will also possibly try to do the other boys. as well  

Day 14 and 15: Valentines Day and joint romantic holiday

*Taylor’s Pov*

”Good morning babe” I heard a voice say. Even though I didn’t saw his face, I knew it was him. His morning voice was one of my favorite things in the world, and he was my favorite person. I turned around to face him. When I saw him I put my hands over my face. He stood next to the bed with lot’s of roses in just his camo boxer shorts. ”Isn’t this the greatest thing to wake up to” I said as I jumped out of the bed to hug him. I then realized I was in my cat pajamas, not the most beautiful thing, but I saved the others until tonight.  ”You in your cat pajamas isn’t bad either” he teased.

I pulled away from the hug and he gave me all the roses, they were red, my favorite color. ”Thank you. You are the best. Stay here, I’m just gonna go and put the flowers in a water” I said and walked towards the doors. ”I’ll be waiting right here” he said and sat down on the bed.

After I found a vase to put the flowers in I walked against my wardrobe, I had hidden my presents to Adam there. I knew it was probably really silly to give things on valentines day, but I had only kind of spent valentines day once before with a guy. And that was not real, just in a movie, but he became my boyfriend so it was almost real. And I remember that I was so happy walking around with that giant bear, until my arms began to ache. So I wanted to give Adam something special, and something he could wear without his arms starts to ache.

I grabbed the first present and made my way back to the bedroom. ”Here you go” I said and gave Adam the present. He looked at me with a smile and said ”Really? Thanks”. I sat down beside him on the bed and kissed his cheek. He started to open and when he saw that it was a camo sweater it was like he became a seven year old boy on christmas. ”Thank you so much” he said and lay me down on the bed. Then be became a man again when he then lay down over me and when our faces just were a few inches a part he said ”I love you” and then kissed me. I kissed him back. ”I need to try this on” he then said and pulled away a bit. ”No you don’t, not right now anyway”.


*Adam’s Pov*

”Let’s just stay home tonight” Taylor said as I put down pancakes on her plate. ”Are you sure?” I asked her a bit surprised. ”Yes, I mean we can go out but I rather just stay here with you” she said and stood up next to me. She put her arms around me and tried to reach my mouth. I helped her on the way. Taylor is tall, but it’s still a pretty hefty difference, when she’s not wearing high heels anyway. ”If you are sure” I said and made my way back to the kitchen-range to make pancakes for myself. ”Of course I’m sure. I wanna spend this day together with you” she said. ”I bet your fans are going to be a bit disappointed” I said. I wanted to spend that day with just her, but I also wanted to show the world that she’s mine and that I love her. ”Yeah, but they will understand” she said as she started to eat of the pancakes I made her.

”Thanks for the breakfast, babe” she said and smiled. I loved that smiled, that smile helps me getting through everything, this girl makes my world go around. Without her, I’m nothing. ”Your welcome. So what do you wanna do next?” I asked her. She light up even more when I asked her that. ”Watch Titanic” she said. ”Sure, I make some popcorn” I answered.

”Why do he have to die?” she asked me when the movie ended. ”I don’t know, good for you I’m not planning on dying” I said. She pulled away her head from my chest and said ”You wouldn’t dare”. I started to giggle, then answered ”No, I love you way to much”. ”You wanna eat and watch another movie?” she asked. ”Only if I get to choose the movie” I answered. ”Okay….” she answered, knowing that I wanted to watch a movie she wouldn’t be super happy about seeing. ”I wanna watch valentines day” I said and bit my lip. ”Oh no….I kiss Taylor in that movie. And I love you now, it’s not a good idea Adam. And I play stupid and I’m going around with a bear. And…” I interrupted her by hugging her. ”I always watch that at valentines day, that’s just something I do, every year”. I said. ”Okay, if you buy me pizza” she said. I started to laugh, she could get what ever she wanted and she asked for pizza.

”I’m on the dance team” I heard Taylors voice from the television say. ”My favorite part of the whole movie” I teased. When the dance moves where done Taylor looked at me with a very serious face and said ”Adam, don’t look.” I didn’t care about her warning, I looked anyway. I had seen this lots of times before. But this was the first time I didn’t enjoy this part of the film. Taylor kissed Taylor, another man kissed my girlfriend. And maybe even worse when she said ”Oh my God, I totally love him.” I kissed her, to prove to myself that she was mine, only mine. ”You know to me you are so much more than just beautiful to me” I said when I pulled away to breath. ”I know, I love you” she said and kissed me. The rest of the movie I don’t remember much from. A make out session on the couch is so much better than seeing another man kissing the woman you love.

When the movie ended we just talked for a few hour and then I went up to train a bit, back on the bike, one of my favorite things to do. Not really because it’s funny, more because of the fact that I wanna look good for my girl.

When I was done I took a shower and went out for awhile, by myself, I needed to go and pick up the neckless I bought to Taylor. I had specially ordered it so it took some time to get it to the store. I was really hoping she would love it.

I’m back babe I said as I walked in to a house that smelled delicious. ”I made us some dinner honey” she said as she walked out from the kitchen to face me. ”WOW” my mouth dropped to the floor when I saw her. She was wearing a tight beautiful short dress and her makeup was really glamours. She was so beautiful. ”I’m glad you like it” she said and licked her lips. She went closer to me and was now wearing high heels so she was almost as tall as me. She put her hans around me and kissed me. ”I just need to go and change. I be back in a few minutes” I said and walked up stairs. This was perfect for my plan.

When I got down I saw a big present standing against the kitchen table. ”For me? One more?” I asked. ”Yeah…” she said. I opened and it was a guitar. And it stood forever and ever on it. ”Thanks I said and hugged her. ”This is so sweet.

*Taylor’s Pov*

We were just about to start eating our dessert when Adam pulled out a box from his suit pocket. My first reaction was oh my God a ring. So when I got to open it by myself and I saw that it was a neckless I got a bit disappointed at first. But when I saw that it was a heart that you could open and the text in it was forever and ever and then that it was my favorite picture of us, I couldn’t be disappointed. This was so sweet. I bought him a guitar with the text forever and ever and he bought me a neckless with it, it was our thing to say to each other. A tear started to running down my cheek. ”Thank you love” I said. We hugged each other and then we at.

After the food Adam asked me if we could go out a bit. I was totally fine with it so we went out to a little lake. It was a lots of lights light up and a basket with champagne. ”Oh my…” he smiled and looked me in the eye. He took out another box from his suit. ”Taylor Alison Swift, from the first day I met you I knew you were the one. I have loved you from that moment and I have dreamed about this moment since that day. When I saw you perform on stage with Kenny Chesney on one of our first dates I knew I wouldn’t be able to live a life with you. You make me happy everyday and your smile is the most beautiful thing in the world, or wait maybe you eyes are, or maybe it’s just the whole you. You are the best thing that has ever been mine so please Taylor. I wanna spend the rest of my life together with you, have kids with you and grow old with you. So Taylor Alison Swift, would you make me the luckiest man in the world, would you like to marry me” he said and went down on one knee. I can promise my heart skipped a beat. ”YES” I almost screamed as tears fell down my cheeks. ”Yes, I would love to marry you and spend the rest of my life with you” I said and we hugged each other. We opened the champagne and kissed each other. Then started to make our way home. ”I love you” I whispered in his ear. ”I love you too” he whispered back.

When we got home we found Olivia in the funniest position and Adam filmed it to his snapchat story. I realized I talked in the background, but my fans didn’t get any pictures so they could get this. ”You know they are going to freak out, right?” he asked me. I started to giggle ”I know”. I have one more surprise for you” I said. ”What?” he asked. If you wanna see it you need to help me get out of this dress first” I said and kissed him.