i wanna know what he said

Trigger warning: rape

My boyfriend and roommates’ friend came to visit this weekend and kept making a bunch of rape jokes. They had had another friend come to visit who did the same and I wished and wished I had said something to him about how uncomfortable it all made me but I hadn’t. The boys in my crew also know I get very uncomfortable but don’t do much except say stuff like “tone it down,” but only after I kind of grimace or give them a look. That’s what my boyfriend did this last time with this past weekend’s friend. The friend got “the hint” but I was really uneasy and super upset. So, after finished eating at the mall food court and headed to Target, I lingered back and addressed him directly. I said, “Hey, man. I wanna bring up something about the rapist stuff you were talking about.” He made a face because he thought I was going to get pissed. I was super calm though. I told him my truth and my thoughts, and then I said, “I’m telling you this because I like you, otherwise I would write you off as an asshole. You never know who you’re going to trigger and it’s really not funny.” He said stuff like, “All of us - all the boys - used to joke about that all the time,” and defensive things like that. I said, “I know. And I squashed that. They know me and they love me and they know better now.” I was firm. I said, “1 in 4 women dude. You don’t know who has gone through it and it’s not fair to joke about it when you don’t know. You’re going to make people feel unsafe like you made me feel unsafe.” And he said he was sorry and he would never happen again. Ultimately, I don’t care of what his opinion of me is after this, nor do I care if I even made him upset. I made him think about it, address it, and I didn’t back down until he stopped arguing. This isn’t negotiable. He apologized and I respect that and I’m glad he listened to me just for one second. I’m also super fucking glad I stood my ground. 

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gray ghost 5

5) “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”

Valerie turned around, rested her hands on her hips and raised a brow at Danny. “Excuse me?” She said.

Danny smirked back at her, pointing at her. “You’re jealous I caught more ghosts than you this week! Admit it!”

Valerie frowned at him, tilting her head back. “You wanna play like that, Fenton?”

Danny’s smirk quickly faded. He knew whenever Valerie called him by his last name, it meant she was upset with him. He nervously chuckled and raised his hands up.

“Uh, you know what? Forget I said anything, sweetheart.”

Valerie huffed, turning back around. “I thought so.” She muttered as she walked away.

Danny heaved out a sigh, pushing back his bangs. It’s a good idea to not make your ghost-hunting girlfriend mad at you. Good thing he stopped himself putting his foot in his mouth.

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hi um im really panicing at the moment and your my favouite account and i dont know what to do so i wanna ask you if im being stupid or not. my mum and dad have been arguing a lot recently (they already have told me and my brother that they will probally divorce) and it was about 2am and they were really shouting at eachother and I heard my dad say that he is moving back to germany (i live in britan but im german) and he said he would take my brother and im so scared because my brother is (1/2)

the closest person i have in my life and i need him because i dont really have any friends nor any family members as they all live in germany still and i would have my mum but she doesnt understand and i really dont wanna loose my dad and brother and i keep telling myself i heard it wrong but i know im just tricking myself and i dont know what to do. im sorry to come to your asks like this, its just i cant bottle this up anymore and i needed someone and you are like the kindest person i no

your dad can’t just take your brother, because that’s illegal. he’ll need a court order first: https://www.gov.uk/looking-after-children-divorcehttps://www.gov.uk/looking-after-children-divorce/types-of-court-order, and to be honest, when they come visit you tell them you don’t want your brother to go or that you want to stay with your brother, they’ll think heavily about granting one 

MD: Although the Air Acolytes are not Airbenders they are committed to keeping the traditions and culture of the Air Nation alive. They wear traditional dress, practice nonviolence, and promote peace and harmony throughout the world. Many of them live on Air Temple Island, where they learn under Master Tenzin.


Downton Abbey Spoiler Alert (x)



(some) Owl City song locations |  Map

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hello louisa, can you do a compilation of kaisoo whispering (when you feel like it)? thanks! and you are loved (!) in the kaisoo tag <3

hello anonnie ahhhh thank you so much i always worry everyones like ugh not her again and block me but ha thank you <3

lets begin with a recent one, can u get closer

seriously really close

ha soo kinda pushes him away what did he say?

something sexual?


did u bite his ear

blurry but wow?

he could’ve told whatever it was to baekhyun?

no i’ll whisper it to jonginnie

whatever he said makes jongin smile like wow

look at him he’s smitten

they whispered a lot this day

another newer one

very very close almost kissing?

look at soos smile ahhhh

aka the day they were all over each other

i always wanna know what theyre talking about ha


this one always gets me tho tbh

cause soos face after he says it


and you know what hurts more

there’s gonna be people on tumblr who are gonna be SOOOOOO happy ray is leaving

because they hate him based on a few problematic things he’s said and that just fucking grates on me

well i hope they’re happy!! i really hope you’re happy congratulations whoop de doo he’s GONE

you should stOP


Miles & Monroe (feat. Frank and the Blonde Cadet) | 2.18

“Rachel did this to you.”

sometimes I wanna sit zayn down, talk with him and ask him, “why brave? out of all liam’s many admirable traits, out of all thousands and thousands of words in the english dictionary to describe liam, why brave specifically? why? what happened? site all the instances liam showcased bravery. pls” and before the conversation is even over i am pretty sure i’ll end up as puddle of feelings on the floor

I Know. - Part 2 (a Nate Maloley story)

Part 1


A couple hours later I woke up again. I blinked my eyes open to see Nate looking at me. I smiled at him and he smiled back. Never in a million years did I think that I would actually talk to Nate Maloley. Let alone wake up next to him. 

He’s the first to speak. “So what do you wanna do today?”

I decided to trick him. “I don’t know. I think I might go home now.”

His smile fell from his face so fast. His eyes looked confused and kind of hurt. “Really?”

I giggled and said, “No, silly.”

Relief washed over his face. “Oh okay.” He kind of laughed at his worry. “So anyway, do you just wanna chill with me? We can watch movies or something.”

“I’d really like that.” I remembered my forgotten breakfast and realized I was hungry. “But can I eat first? And maybe take a shower? I’m probably not in the best shape.”

He nods. “Yeah of course. I think you always look good but okay.” That made me blush. He continues, “Eat your food while I get you some more clothes to borrow.” Then he gets out of the bed and walks to his room. 

I already missed him. I sat up and grabbed my cold food and ate quickly. I finished by the time he came back with a shirt on and another t-shirt and some shorts in his hands. I took them, said a quick “Thanks.” and made my way to the bathroom. 

The hot water felt good while I took my chance to think about Nate. I couldn’t have asked for anything better than what’s happening right now. He’s probably downstairs waiting for me so we can watch a movie together. How crazy is that?! And I think it’s safe to say he likes me, right? I mean he calls me beautiful non-stop, so that’s good.

I finished up my shower and dried off and dressed in Nate’s clothes. His scent was refreshed in my mind and I could stand here intoxicated by it, but the real thing was waiting for me downstairs.

I tried to make myself look presentable and made my way downstairs. 

Nate was sitting waiting with the screen paused. “I went ahead and chose a movie. It’s “50 First Dates”.” He then scooted over to allow me to sit.

“That’s cool. I love that movie.” I said as I sat down right next to him. He had gotten some blankets and pillows and put a blanket over me, then put his arm around me so I instinctively rested my head on his chest. 

Nate pressed play and the movie started. 

Halfway through, I was laughing at the Ula guy. He was hilarious in the clip Henry made for Lucy… When I went back to normal I tried to quickly glance at Nate, only to see him already looking at me with a smile on my face. “What? Is there something on my face?” I ask.

He shakes his head, “Nah. I was just thinking, uh, about how glad I am that you’re here with me.”

I blushed. “Well if you heard my confession earlier, then you know how happy I am too.”

He smiles and I’m so tempted to poke his dimple. “Yeah, I know… Say it again.”

“Say what again?”

“What you said about liking me.” He smirks.

I huffed out some air and then say, “I’ve liked you a lot since the 8th grade. Happy?”

“Not quite.” His face got kind of nervous looking. “I, uh, I really like being with you even if it’s only been a day. I mean, you already seem to know the kind of person I am so I’m comfortable with you. And I… I like you too.” 

I just smiled in response and felt myself leaning in towards him. He leans in too and were so close, but then there’s a sound from the stairs.

Sam appears and looks at us. He looks tired, but same as he usually did in school. If I didn’t massively love Nate, I would think Sam was cute. 

I pull away from Nate as he groans in frustration. So close…

Sam says, “Woah.. Uh, hey bro! and…?”

I respond, “Skylar.” Well obviously he doesn’t remember me… Then again we never had classes together.

He raises an eyebrow. “Skylar? Are you the girl Nate used to talk about in school?”

I look over at Nate and he makes wide-eyes at Sam. I giggle and say back to Sam, “I guess so… Nate you talked about me?” I ask while smirking at Nate.

“Uh, I, uh-” He stutters, before Sam interrupts him.

“Yeah all the time. Usually after your class together at lunch. Just ‘Skylar-this’ ‘Skylar-that’. I’m happy to see he finally got the balls to talk to you.”

“Well actually, I talked to him first.” I say while Nate just tries to hide his face in one of the pillows he brought.

Sam laughs, “Well I guess that he’s still a weak boy. Wait, so did you make the breakfast I found earlier?”

“Yeah that was me.” 

Sam turns to Nate with a serious expression on his face. “Bro, she makes you food AND thinks about your homie. Keep her, man.”

Now I was embarrassed. 

Nate looks at me with this look in his eye. Admiration? And says, “Yeah bro. I will if she lets me.” And we just stared at each other for a little while before Sam speaks up again.

“Uh, well I feel like I was interrupting something so.. Ima head back upstairs. Hope to see you soon, Skylar.”

I just say “You too.” and look back at Nate. “So Nate, turns out you’ve liked me for a while too huh?” I said teasing him.

“Maybe…” It was adorable seeing him get shy. “And about what Sam said, I do wanna keep you.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, we both like each other so… Can I ask you to be my girlfriend?”

Oh my god. He just asked me to be his girlfriend. NATE MALOLEY just asked me to be his GIRLFRIEND. If there was fireworks going off and rose petals falling from the sky, this would be like how I’ve always imagined. I mean, 5 years is a long time to like somebody but now look where we are. OH MY GOD.

I realized I was kind of just sitting there while he waited for my answer and then quickly nodded my head. “Yes, yes I would love to be your girlfriend.” He smiled with relief. 

I felt a rush go through my body and I couldn’t risk being interrupted again so I went for it. I kissed him. He was a little shocked at first, but quickly closed his eyes and kissed back. His lips were so soft against mine. We fit perfectly. It was sweet. 

I leaned more into him and ended up straddling his lap. My fingers found the nape of his neck where I held onto pieces of his hair, and his hands went to my waist. His big hands slowly slid down to my ass though and just rested there, with the occasional grab. I felt him lick my bottom lip, and I automatically parted my lips to let him in. We were sitting there just making out while the movie continued in the background. I never want to leave this position.

After a while, we had to part for air. We stayed close just looking at each other and breathing hard. Then Nate starts to kind of laugh, out of breath.

“Yeah I’m definitely gonna keep you.”

I laughed too and rested my head on his shoulder. He gave me another kiss on my head before I got off of his lap to finish the movie. 

When it finished, Nate grabs my hand and asks, “Can I show you something?”

“What is it?”

“Come on.” He stands up and pulls me along with him. We head back to his room and he grabs his laptop. I sit on the bed with him as he signs in and pulls up what looks like an mp3 file. “This is something I’ve been working on. I really love music, and I’ve always dreamed of being a rapper, so I made a track. And I want you to hear it.”

“Me? You sure?” I ask. I know how he feels about music. So his own must be even more important.

“Yeah. I trust you Lil’ Mama.” He smiles at me and then presses play. I delightedly squirmed at the nickname. The song was only a free verse called ‘Bang Out’ but it was pretty good. I think it was just to try his hand at rapping, and he was good at it. He was nodding his head along to the beat and I watched him as I listened. That light was there again, the one he had when he had headphones on. The one that helped me realize I loved him. 

After a couple minutes the music stops and Nate looks up at me expectantly. 

I smile and say, “That was so good! You should put it online.”

He smiles back, “Yeah I think I’m gonna put it on SoundCloud. You like it?”

He had a look of content when I nodded and hummed an “Mhm.” 

Nate set his laptop aside allowing me to lay down on him again. It wasn’t long though before I heard a growl come from his stomach. “Time for lunch?” I asked/suggested.

“Yeah.” He nods. And we both get up.

We decided to pick up some food and then come back because neither of us felt like cooking or going out since I wasn’t dressed. We drove to McDonald’s and I offered to pay for my meal. I had about 10 dollars but that should be enough I think. 

Nate just looks at me and says, “Nah you my girl now. I gotchu.” And proceeds to get out his money. “Whatchu want, babe?” He asks. He just called me his girl and babe, I’m gonna have a hard time getting used to this if I keep having heart attacks when he says something cute. 

I tell him, “I want a quarter pounder with large fries and Hi-C orange… yum.”

He looks at me, “Damn girl, I like that. Girl can eat! I’ll get the same.” I honestly thought I was keeping it light because I ate a couple hours ago. If he thinks that’s an appetite then he’s got another thing coming.

We pull up to the window and Nate orders for each of us, except for him he got a Coke. When we got all of our food, and he paid, we headed home. 

At the next stop light, Nate casually puts his hand on my knee and continues to look forward. I reach out and lace our fingers together. 

I’m so happy…

We stay quiet with the soft sound of the radio playing for the rest of the ride.

When we get back to Nate’s house, we walked in with the food and sat in the living room. We ate in silence, too. Not because it was awkward, but because we were happy just being together like this. I could honestly say I love him but it’s only been a day, I wouldn’t freak him out like that. 

I finished and thought about how I haven’t checked my phone like all day. I didn’t really think about it since, you know, Nate... I tell him, “Nate, hun, I’m gonna go check my phone. K?”

He says, “Okay.” And finishes up his food. 

I dash upstairs to the guest room and sit down on the bed with my phone. I open it to find 12 missed messages and 4 missed calls. Oh shit. 6 of the messages were from the groupchat still wondering where I was. A call was from my best friend of the bunch, Monroe. She was always the worrisome type, but never pushy. And the rest were from my parents. Another Oh shit. They were wondering where I was. They’re used to me being out late at night or even spending the night, but I always come home in the morning. And since I haven’t said anything they were worried sick about what the heck happened to me. I tried to call my mom but she didn’t answer, so I texted her real quick saying I was at a friends just hanging out. I didn’t wanna drop the bomb on her that I basically got a boyfriend overnight. And that it was Nate Maloley, my crush that she’s known about for 3 years. 

I wanted to get back to Nate already so I brought my phone along with me and headed back downstairs. 

Nate looks up at me and says, “Good. You’re back. I was starting to miss you.”

I laugh at how cheesy he is even though I still find it adorable. “I was missing you too.” I sat down with him on the couch. Today was such a lazy day but I loved it since I was with him all day.  

Nate turns his head in my direction, “Hey Sky?”

“Yeah?” I respond.

“Can we kiss some more?”

I immediately burst out laughing at how blunt he is. He laughs a little along with me, even though I know he was serious. Once I got my air back I say, “Yeah. If you want, we can kiss some more.” I look at him.

He puts on a giddy smile and pulls me onto his lap. He wastes no time in wrapping his arms around me and pulling me towards his lips. We kiss again and I almost feel my lips burn at the contact with him. I’ve never felt this way before with any other guy. But then again, I’ve always been waiting for Nate so maybe that’s why no one else seemed good enough. 

We start to make out again and he attacks my tongue with his, trying to feel around while I did the same. We didn’t want to stop so we were breathing extra hard while basically sucking each others faces off. I have no shame right now.

I had just started to grind my hips on his lap with how heated we were getting, when my phone rings. It was my mom’s ringtone. 

I pull away, “It’s my mom.” He just nods trying to get his breath back. I breathe as much as possible before answering the phone, still sitting on Nate’s lap.


“SKYLAR MARIE WOODROW! Where have you been?!” She yells.

I tense up. “I’m so sorry, Mom. I’ve been with a friend. Did you get my text?” I was doing my best to control my breathing. Hopefully she couldn’t tell.

She responds, “Yeah. I got your text, funny how you think that’s good enough. Listen, I know you’re gonna be an adult soon but you’re still my baby and your Dad and I were worried.”

I take a deep breath, “Yes, Mom, I know. Sorry.”

She sighs, “It’s okay. Anyways, what friend are you with? Monroe?”

I was debating on telling her who I was with when Nate suddenly starts kissing my neck. He starts nibbling and my breath hitches when I go to say, “Um actually my friend, Nate.” He stops for a second upon hearing his name but goes back to what he was doing. What a dick…

My mom lowers her voice, “Nate? That boy you liked? I didn’t know you guys were friends! Wait, Sky, are you okay?” 

My breath was really unsteady at this point; Nate found my sweet spot and he knew it too. “Uh yeah Mom, I’m fine. And we weren’t, but now we are. Can I talk to you later?”

She hesitates before saying, “Okay. I’ll see you when you get home. Please return by dinner time, k?”

“Okay. Love you. Bye mom!” I barely let her say “Bye.” before I hang up. I immediately hit Nate. “What the fuck was that!?” I let out a slight giggle but tried to give him a stern look.

He laughed too. “I don’t know what you’re talking bout Lil’ Mama.”

“Mhmm” I say and climb off his lap, which causes him to whine.

“Aww don’t be like that.” He tries to pull me back. 

“Nope. You fucked up. I was on the phone with my mom.” I tell him with a smile on my lips. 

“Ugh.” He groans. That was sexy as fuck ohmygod. “Okay.”

I decided to take it a little further. “I think I’m gonna head home now. You’ve probably had enough of me, anyways.”

“What? No?” He says with an immediate look of confusion. 

“No don’t try to be nice. Ima head home.” Then I get up and go to get my clothes and stuff from last night. 

He follows me up there and back down with pleas of “No don’t go… It was a joke… Are you really leaving?”

I snickered. When I actually thought about it, it’s Sunday and I have work tomorrow so maybe it’s best I head home. “Nate, I got work so I actually have to head home.”

He pokes out his bottom lip. This kid will be the death of me… “Okay babe.” Then a thought crosses his mind and he laughs as I put on my shoes. “Wait, lemme get your number girl.”

I laugh too. I almost forgot that we didn’t have each other’s numbers. I hand him my phone to put in his number and he gives it back after he enters it. I look and he put his number under “Skate” with heart emoji’s. “Skate, huh?” I ask teasingly.

“Yeah, I think that’s gonna be my rapper name. And then you can be my girl.” He smiles.

“I can dig it.” I nod and wink at him. “I’ll text ya, Skate.” I turn to open the door and walk outside.

He calls after me, “Bye beautiful! …Wait, you drove me in my car. Do you need a ride?”

I thought about it and I think I could use the walk, so I politely refuse. “Nah that’s okay. I wanna walk. It’s at that house from last night so it’s only a little bit away.”

He hesitates but then says, “Okay. Text me Lil’ Mama.”

“M’kay. Laters baby!” I laugh and begin to walk back to Katie Clemens’ house to retrieve my car, luckily my keys were in my pants pocket. I take a deep breath and sigh happily at the last 24 hours. Only last night I was wasting away watching people at a party, and now I’m dating the love of my life. How does that happen?

I quickly get back to car and drive home, where my mom was waiting with questions about Nate. I wasn’t quite ready to tell her about Nate being my boyfriend, especially since she’ll tell my dad which can wait for another day. So I head up to my room and relax until dinner time. Just thinking about Nate. 

I remember that I said I would text him, but I wasn’t ready to have a full conversation because if I start I won’t stop. So I say, “Hey babe! It’s Sky. Just wanted to give you my number. I know you were probably freaking out ;)”

He almost immediately texts back, “You have no idea”

I just sent two of the laughing emoji’s and left it at that. I set out my work uniform for tomorrow. I work at a record store, and my boss likes when employees where musician shirts so I have a Nirvana t shirt as part of the outfit. I decided to just keep Nate’s shirt on for the rest of the night to smell the fabric. I miss him already…

After dinner, I tried my best to go to sleep, after checking my social media of course. I wanted to wake up ready for work and talk to Nate as soon as possible. 

Just thinking about him put a smile on my lips and I fell asleep that way, dreaming of Nate’s kiss with fireworks and flower petals raining down around us…


I’m so so so excited about how much people liked my last part to this story! Last I checked it had like 145 notes!? That’s crazy! 

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Part 3

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LOL bit,ly/1CImF77 bit,ly/1CImXL0 bit,ly/1DP1KkH bit,ly/1yNKE0Q Jongin really, really enjoys when Kyungsoo whispers stuff to him like if you watch the fancams of that moment you can see how Jongin reacted to that, he was so pleased XD It was ridiculous. He really can't pull himself together, he just keeps grinning, it's so obvious is ridiculous, I just wonder what Kyungsoo told him to have that kind of reaction from him (probably something really sexy or really romantic or both)


Starting a family (Calum)


Anonyous said: “First, god damn you’re beautiful! Second, can you something about Calum wanting to start a family or something similar to that? You’re amazing, love you :-)”

wow, thank you so much! so are you babe! yes, absolutely, I’ll do my best :) love you toooo xx


It was one of those day when all you really want to do is lay in bed all day and watch bad tv. When you can hear the rain hit the roof in a constant patter and when everything else is completely still. When you are lying with your head in your boyfriend’s lap as he tries to do a braid in your messy hair but fails miserably. It was one of those days when Calum suddenly broke the silence and said, “Do you wanna know what I’ve been thinking a lot about lately?” 

He gives up on the braiding and settles with slow, caressing fingers along your face, outlining your ear and jaw and lips and eyebrows like it’s the first time he’s seen you in the past three years you’ve been together. 

Enlighten me.” You say, smiling up at him and scrunching your nose together when he leans down to give it a peck, pulling away with a small laugh. 

“Babies.” He says a few moments later, staring intently at your face for any type of reaction. You watch him as he gently puts one hand over your stomach, before he averts his eyes back to you, a small smile tugging at his lips. “Like… A family. You and me.”

“And a baby.” You say and he nods timidl, picking up a strand of your hair with his free hand. 

You watch his kind, lovingly eyes and flushed cheeks before you decide to sit up. You straddle his lap and put your hands on his cheeks before you lean in a place a light kiss on his lips. He puts his hands on your waist and when you pull away he is looking at you with a confused face. 

“I’d love to have a baby with you. A family. In fact, it could be the one thing that I want most in the world.” 


“Yes, one hundred percent.”

In all honesty, you had been thinking of this particular subject for quite some time now. After seeing Calum cradling his little new born cousin or playing football with his nephew you had always felt this immense feeling of fondess. Seeing him being so good with other kids makes you want to have your own, and you couldn’t think of anyone else than Calum that you would rather have them with. 

“I love you. You know that right?” Calum asks, hugging you close to his body. 

“Yeah. I love you too, probably too much for my own health.” You say, laughing because it is actually true. You haven’t been working out properly ever since you started seeing Calum and the sweets that he likes to bring you when he comes home from work is definitely not helping. 

Calum laughs, teeth showing and eyes crinkling, before he leans in and captures your lips. 

“Are we really doing this then?” He asks a moment later, forehead pressed to yours.

“I guess we are.” You say, feeling your stomach turn in both excitement and fear. But last said soon goes away when you look into your boyfriend’s eyes and see nothing but care and love, everything’s going to be fine as long as you have each other. 

“We’re starting a family…” He whispers. You wrap your arms around each other, hugging, beacause yes, you are starting a family and it is going to be a hell of an adventure.