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I really really want a Dark T shirt but I can't afford it right now and I'll never have the chance to get it again so I'm really close to crying right now and it's not even just that I want a cool shirt it's that I wanna help out Mark & I wanna help out the charity but I just don't ??? Have the money I'm so upset

Aw sweetheart, I’m sorry you weren’t able to buy a Dark shirt..But please don’t feel bad about not being able to donate or help raise any money. They know not everyone can and they are totally cool with that! Simply being there and spreading the word is enough for them :)

Plus! There will be many more charity streams that you can help with! So please don’t feel bad okay? <3

cw: depression

this is mostly venting, but in case people don’t wanna read about depressive thoughts (which i more than understand, and i go pretty deep into them, which could be upsetting), here’s a readmore. 

please do not feel obligated to read <3 (and please don’t rebagel; replies are cool but also not if you don’t want to) <3 <3 

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Love that BNHA kids piece you did! Did the commissioner share explicitly whose children they were?

Yup; she gave me a brief introduction of the kids before I drew them out! Okay so, the one on the left is Bakugou Kazumi (Katsuki’s daughter) and the one on the right is Midoriya Yuudai (Ochako’s and Izuku’s son)! If you wanna know more about them, go talk to @simply-nerdy-gal; I’m sure she’ll be more than happy to give you more information about them!

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Question! With DenNor, what would be crossing the line? Because I think it's really important to know how much to talk about something before it gets hurtful to the other person and I just wanna know in case I wanna say something to you about that specific topic. You don't have to answer this if it is too harmful and if it is I'm really sorry

tbh anything that suggests them being more than brothers is really crossing the line for me. like I LIVE for platonic den//nor, everything abt them being 100% brotherly is great.
other things I live for is dependant!norway and depended!denmark (norway having dpd and being really emotionally dependant on denmark (platonically) is great)
also avoidant!norway and safe person!denmark is really really great, (norway w/ avpd and denmark being one of few safe people / people he feels comfortable around)

annnnnnd just generally anything that suggests them being extremely close not even death could separate them is absolutely Perfect™ so long as they’re not lovers ok

All The Contradictions I Am:

- abandonment fears/self-imposed isolation
- want to be loved/fear of intimacy
- want to die/scared of dying
- wants stability/wants impermanence
- is perfect/is worse than the Worst
- hypersexual/sex-repulsed
- hates my family/loves my family
- knows what career i want/doesn’t know anything else about who i am
- introvert/extrovert
- trust issues/oversharing
- nicest person/giant asshole
- doesn’t wanna grow up/wants to grow up and move out and live my own life

these are all the ones i can think of right now. feel free to add more if u relate and maybe i’ll add more if i think of them

Wanna know what I absolutely love about our fandom right now?

All of a sudden everyone just agreed that Rosie and Sherlock take naps together in the couch. And that she sleeps better in Sherlock’s chest.

That Sherlock plays the violin for her when she has trouble sleeping.

That Sherlock calls John “your Daddy” when he is talking to Rosie. And that John sometimes just stands in the door and stares at them.

That Rosie’s favorite human being in all the world is Sherlock. And that he adores her even more.

I don’t know about you, guys, but I think that’s beautiful 💕

(gif credit to @aconsultingdetective)

cute crush asks

ok, send me a question and your answer to that question in regards to your crush or significant other then i’ll answer about my crush (bc don’t we all just wanna talk about our people??)

1: Do they drink coffee?
2: Are they left or right handed?
3: How do they do their hair? Facial hair? (If they have it)
4: What’s their favorite animal?
5: What is their relationship status?
6: What is their favorite band/singer?
7: Are they more a cat or dog person?
8: What does their laugh sound like?
9: Do they know multiple languages? Which ones?
10: How old are they? How old are you?
11: One word that describes them.
12: Do they have any pets?
13: What is their favorite TV show?
14: What is their favorite movie?
15: What car do they drive?
16: What ethnicity and/or nationality are they?
17: Where did you meet them?
18: What was your first meeting like?
19:  What is their zodiac sign? Are your signs compatible?
20: What month is their birthday?
21: What is your favorite outfit on them?
22: Are they good texters?
23: Your favorite feature about their appearance.
24: Your favorite thing about their personality.
25: Do they make you laugh?
26: Do you make them laugh?
27: Are they good huggers/ kissers?
28: What is your favorite “flaw” that they have?
29: Are they nice to strangers?
30: What is the funniest thing they have ever said?
31: Saddest?
32: Weirdest?
33: Cutest?
34: Ever dreamt about them? What happened in the dream?
35: How tall are they? How tall are you?
36: Do they have a booty?
37: What are their hobbies?
38: What are their talents?
39: What would your dream date be with them?
40: Does anyone know about your crush/love?
41: What do you guys have in common?
42: Do they go to the gym?
43: Do they go by their given name?
44: What is their favorite color?
45: How far apart do you live from them?
46: What song reminds you of them?
47: Do they listen to a lot of music?
48: What do they smell like?
49: If they were in a book (protagonist or antagonist or supporting character, up to you) how would the writer describe them?
50: How often do you see them?
51: The last text/ message they sent you?
52: The last thing they said to you in person?
53: What is the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you in front of them?
54: Do they have any tattoos or piercings?
55: What color are their eyes?
56: What is their clothing style?
57: What is one thing that makes them really special?
58: Will you tell your crush your feelings?
59: How long did you know them before you started falling for them?
60: Was there a defining moment when you knew you liked them?

  • Queenie: What do you think of my sister?
  • Newt: She's okay.
You know what? I'm pissed at the whole kpop fandom.

And do you wanna know why? Because more than half of you don’t give a damn about idols. I know more than half of you are gonna be like “bbb-but onica we dooo care about them!” Or “bbbbb-but onica I do care about them see my entire blog is dedicated to this idol!!” No, you fucking don’t. You don’t care about these people, you’re fucking obsessed with these people. I’ve seen countless people say “I love this idol” “I care about this idol” if you cared so much about this idol you would speak up when you see people white wash their photos.

If you did care so much about Bom you would be concerned that YG bullied her so often about her appearance that she got 4-5 surgeries done.

If you did care so much about Yunho you would be concerned that an anti poisoned his drink and he was hospitalized for over three days, he now suffers with PTSD from that.

If you did care so much about Jooheon you would be concerned that when an interviewer asked how he got so thin he answered with “all you have to do is starve”.

If you did care so much about INFINITE you would not only be concerned you would be enraged that SNL Korea treated them like that.

If you really did care about B1A4 you would be beyond concerned, you’d be hysterical that people actually treat idols like that.

That people treat idols like property. That peoples treat idols like pieces of clay that they can just bend and shape to whatever they want them to be.

Even “fans” do it. They get this idea that because they spend so much time watching them on camera or meeting them at fan meets that they actually know them. But beside the 5 minutes you spent saying hello and getting what ever merch you have signed doesn’t count as getting to know them. That’s like saying that person you always see in the halls is your best friend.

You don’t know these people and there’s a 99% chance that you never will. They’re not your property they are people. So stop treating them as such.

Anon wanted more Pliroy with Victuuri parents and who am I to deny this beautiful AU to them
Or, I was inspired by an ask to make this post, I gotchu covered anon
  • OK SO, all the other skaters know that if u wanna ask Yurio out you gotta ask The Parents (aka Victor and Yuuri) first and they’ll deem u WORTHY (or not) of dating their son
  • They think Victor is the most chill about Yurio dating but OH THEYRE WRONG
  • “Don’t date other skaters, they’ll shatter your heart in an instant.” “VIKTOR DON’T SCARE HIM. Just. Choose wisely ok Yurio? We don’t want you getting hurt!”
  • Yurio: I hate both of you and I hope you know that
  • most of the time Yurio isn’t even in on it, he’s just v clueless about people wanting to ask him out (like, he’s aware of his good looks, but dating doesn’t cross his mind much since he’s more focused on skating)
  • So when Best Bros JJ and Chris (ya that’s gonna be my hc until the anime disproves it) are talking and JJ goes “Man I’m gonna ask Plisetsky out tonight, he’s a real beauty.” “Oh, don’t you know??” 
  • Even after Chris tells him, JJ goes in anyway bc no king was gonna get intimidated by Mista living legend and his somehow-not-husband-yet
  • Yurio is taken aback for a moment because he’s like “wait,,, they actually let you?? huh…”
  • Im a fan of the hc that Yurio doesn’t yet have feelings for JJ so he doesn’t accept right away
  • But you know what they say about characters who don’t have feelings for each other
  • what do you mean no one says that
  • what’s in it for JJ though? He won’t deny he was looking for a pretty face to show off when first approaching Yurio but he’s liking this plan of his ok
  • “wait, you wouldn’t accept so easily, whats gotten into you?” “what, now I can’t help a fellow skater out? I’m wounded–”
  • “Okay, how bout this Kitty, I play into your pretend dating game, and you help me out” “I KNEW IT, what is it you sick fuck want–” “You come help with the charity work when Skating season is over” 
  • “wait what”
  • “Yeah, we’re in need of volunteers.” “…no ulterior motive?” “I’m a man of my word”
  • Cue Yurio and JJ start “dating” so he can prove to his not-parents that he’s got this
  • spoilers: he dont got this
  • “Out of EVERYONE who’s tried to date you, he’S THE WORST OF ALL”
  • Yurio plays into it like “But he does charity work! (:”
  • “…I can do charity work….” Victor mumbles under his breath
  • BONUS: Phichit is the Cool Uncle who is helping Yurio get laid and covers for him with Victor and Yuuri
White Rose Grocery Drabble

I swear I wish people would know the amazing conversations I have with @2013ann about white rose because they’re the best and I literally just came up with this super short and poorly written drabble/conversation/scene about Weiss and Ruby grocery shopping together for Ann. Enjoy~!

Ruby: “Weiss!! I wanna get more cookie dough and milk!" 

 Weiss: "RUBY! We already have 5 cartons of milk at home and 8 jars of cookie dough, we don’t need more!" 

Ruby: *unfazed* ”…okay, but what about strawberries?“

Weiss: "We practically have a whole fruits basket of them. Why don’t we get more vegetables instead? I don’t want you to die early of diabetes." 

 Ruby: "Awww Weiss~ I’m not gonna die early and leave you all alone! I would never!" 

Weiss: "Hmph…” *mutters* “you better not… you dolt." 

Ruby: *grins* "if I eat more vegetables from now on will that make you feel better~?" 

Weiss: "Yes. And this means you MUST eat your broccoli." 

Ruby: "Whaaaaat?! But they’re so… icky and they’re like eating little trees…" 

Weiss: *smirks* "It would make me happier if you did~" 

 Ruby: *grumbles* "fine…”

The signs as skills I have
  • Aries: crying when frustrated/angry
  • Taurus: never knowing how much lotion is enough lotion
  • Gemini: listening to the same song for days and then never listening to it again
  • Cancer: buying 10 more books when I already have 500 at home to read
  • Leo: opening a soda and taking one drink before forgetting about it and letting it go flat
  • Virgo: starting a big paper the day before it's due and getting an A on it
  • Libra: not folding laundry. ever.
  • Scorpio: starting a million projects and not finishing any of them
  • Sagittarius: filling my purse with receipts. even though i know i'm never going to do anything with them. i will throw them away. but i always say 'yes' when asked if i want my receipt
  • Capricorn: lying about having plans because i don't want to go anywhere or do anything this weekend
  • Aquarius: eating a whole frozen pizza by myself. #noshame
  • Pisces: getting really drunk but not throwing up the next day. except that one time

i’m always drawing tsuk kissing yams WHICH IS TOTALLY MY JAM but i know in my heart that yams is equally as affectionate… if not more…. bye

Helpful advice.

When someone makes a post asking people to ask them about their OCs and you really want to make their day, ask them something specific.

“Tell me about your OCs” while it means well, is way too broad and doesn’t give that person a direction to go in. Think about it like this, if someone asks you “tell me about yourself” you’re not going to launch into your full life’s story and every little detail. More often than not, that question’s going to make you nervous. How much do you say? What do you talk about? Are they even interested at all? What if you bore them?

The better bet is to ask something specific to show that you’re genuinely interested in this person’s character and to give them a direction to go in so they’re not just trying to pull something from nothing. “What’s their family like?” “I wanna know more about their interests/fears.” “How’d you come to create them?”

I guarantee you it’ll make them more comfortable and confident and they’ll be really happy to finally get an opportunity to talk about their OCs with someone.

Happy Birthday dear @chimyen!!

Well, it’s been more than a year since I got a chance to make friends with you and that’s when my life changed for the better. You’re full of energy, those stories and random facts you tell me are always interesting and I’m ready to read them for hours, also you’ve got the best sence of humour and taste in music! Just wanna you to know how much of an example you’re for me and how much I appreciate you, muse! 

I hope you’re having a great time in Susdal! Here’re your precious vigilante sons doing the Chris Evans bicep flex and just being awesome as you are :D

//So I just noticed something.


How the others are still focused on Ravus, Ignis turns to fight Ardyn. He even takes a step forward to attack him, yet Ardyn lifts his hand as if telling him to wait.

AND IGGY DOES. Like, why the hell would he stop there. He would wanna protect Noctis with his life, yet one hand from Ardyn and he stops? It makes me wonder so much about these two interacting with each other.

Like Ignis must know something about Ardyn to realize he is the true threat and compared to Ravus. And did he actually trust him enough not to attack Noctis while keeping up a charade.


so I really don’t wanna talk about The loo but I keep seeing this same anon(s) on so many blogs and I need to address it so I just wanna say: y'all are crazy for listening to them.

don’t tweet about lexa during the premiere. or before or after. just stop giving them more publicity and attention. everyone has forgotten about the show by now and we’re the only ones with the power to make noise so just don’t do it maybe? 

do nothing. don’t interact with the twitter accounts, don’t make hashtags, forget them. the time frame for when we had power to do things with noise has long gone. it could only benefit them now. you know the whole “any publicity is good publicity” thing. if you really absolutely have to do something then just downvote the new episodes on sites like amazon/imdb/etc. don’t even read reviews and give them clicks. and ffs don’t watch live. be smart for once