i wanna know more about emma's family

➰ ( DAISY RIDLEY, FEMALE, SHE/HER) *✧.:°░。 —- is that LEIA TATE?! you know them, right? they are the 500 year old MERMAID!! they’re known for being CHEERFUL & INTELLIGENT - but i’d be careful if i were you because they’re also STUBBORN & FEARFUL. i heard they volunteered to be paired with Sebastian Stan, Adam Driver, Chris Evans, Jenna Coleman, Zendaya, Zac Efron, Emma Watson

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What I would like to see in OUAT S:6

> Swanqueen hug, seriously. fucking hug already. Its either building up as a special moment, or Adam and Eddie are just that dense, “hur dur they’re such good friends, what is touching?”

> Regina has to drive the bug! why, who the fuck knows, someone could write a saucy fan fic about it.

> Emma and Regina co-parenting more. Henry is growing up, I wanna see how they deal with that, both with him and between themselves. 

> Swan - Charming - Mills family feels. And more of Snow and Charming being awesome and not useless.

> Kill hook for real this time, or reveal that it wasn’t him all along. it was Zeus or something, or this is how he gets his unfinished business… his current existence is a slap in the face to everyone that matters.

> Back to season one story telling style. I can see this happening with the last series set up. I want to see more of Storybrooke mysteries unfolding whilst the main cast have a little relevant fluff on the side. NO MORE OTHERWORLD BULL SHIT UNLESS ITS IN A FLASHBACK PLOX.

> Mal and Lilly, bring them back ASAP, dragon bitches are cute as fuck.

> Swanqueen slow burn endgame. Get it done wit’yer.

Let’s Do the Time Warp: Why the S3 Finale Rocked

Okay, kids, sit down, buckle up, and take a DEEEEP breath ‘cause we’re going into the long-awaited S3 finale review full speed ahead. I’ve only got a few minutes before the little ninja wakes up, so this is going to be what I’m calling the unfiltered Screwball Ninja experience: minimal editing, maximum stream-of-consciousness rambling– think Hunter S. Thompson without the psychedelics and with a predilection for rambling about fairy-tale characters.

You said it, Rumple!

First off, some people objected to the S3 finale for the following reasons:

  1. IT SHOULD’VE BEEN NEAL *sob sob sob*
  2. Get your Hook out of my Snowing!
  3. Timey-wimey stuff is just like fanfiction
  4. Frozen is such a cash-grab OMG

Understandably bitter Nealfire fans get a pass because he’s dead, dead, deaders and his leather-clad rival is running around FTL in a new frock coat courtesy of Banana Republic couture, and I imagine that might chafe. (Chafe the Neal fans’ FEELINGS, not Hook’s … let’s continue, shall we?)

Still dead. (Too soon?)

But I think everybody else should give the finale another chance. Ready to hear why, why, why?

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