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keep quiet (m)

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pairings: jungkook x reader

genre: smut and ceo!au

word count: 3,473

a/n: im back after like a 4 month break lolol !! this is for @jinxkook​ idk how i wrote this and yeah lemme cry for a bit. (ignore this part if you wanna but here’s a lil disclaimer)

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Comatose-Chapter 4

Summary: You are the sister of Charles Xavier. You are part of the Avengers and dating Bucky Barnes. Unbeknownst to you Bucky is having an affair with Natasha. When you catch them in the act, things go downhill from there. You are a Mutant with similar powers to Jean, only with Immortality thrown in.

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Bucky X Natasha, Logan Howlett X Reader

Warnings: Angst, Violence, Cheating, Feelings of worthlessness, Depression.

Song: What Now by Rhianna

Been ignoring this big lump in my throat

I shouldn’t be crying, tears were for the weaker

days I’m stronger, know what, so I say

That’s something missing

Sliding down the wall outside the compound, breath coming out in short sharp pants, your eyes are wild with panic. You’re mumbling incoherently, trying your best to reign in your fraying sanity.

“(Y/N), sweetheart, look at me.” Logan’s voice punches through the panic. “Focus on me,” he says as your gaze snaps to his. “Take a deep breath.”

You do as he asks.

“Find your anchor.”

You reach inside yourself, searching for something to root you in reality. Anything would do at this point, a memory snaps into focus;

“(Y/N)” Charles says, “Your power is yours to control.” He draws soothing circles on your back, helping you focus. “You control the power, it does not control you,” he continues. “You are stronger than your emotions, you are not weak, it cannot break you.”

“Brother,” you whisper. “I am afraid.”

“I know, and that is where your power lies.” A wide smile spreading across his face

Whatever it is, it feels like it’s laughing at me through the glass of a two-sided mirror

Whatever it is, it’s just sitting there laughing at me

And I just wanna scream

Your breathing slowly calms, vision coming back into focus. Searching for Logan’s hand, using it to anchor yourself back in the present. “Logan,” your  voice croaks.

“I’m right here. Not going anywhere.”

Relief floods through you. He isn’t going to leave you, not again. Not like last time.

“Are you alrigh’ now? Do you need another minute?” Concern laces Logan’s tone.

“No,” you reply shakily. “No, I’m okay now. Take me home please.”

You’re exhausted, struggling to make sense of the last few days. You want to curl into a ball and cry, bury your head beneath the covers and sleep away the pain filling your soul. You need time to pick up the shattered pieces of your heart, and you haven’t a clue how to fix this. To fix yourself. You want to run, far far away, where no one knows you or Bucky. You need to outrun the pain, the fear, the thisness of what you are feeling. But there’s nowhere to go, nowhere to hide, no way to escape without shutting it all off.

“Alrigh’, sweetheart. Let’s get ya home.” Logan hauls you to your feet, but you completely miss the concerned way he keeps glancing at you.

There’s no one to call cause I’m just playing games with them all

The more I swear I’m happy, the more that I’m feeling alone

‘Cause I spent every hour just going through the motions

I can’t even get the emotions to come out

Dry as a bone, but I just wanna shout

When you get home, Logan strips you down and ushers you toward the shower.

You’re comatose.

Numb. A walking zombie. You couldn’t care less about your surroundings.

“In ya go,” he grumbles as he maneuvers you under the spray. “You’ll feel better after a shower. Yell or somethin’  when you’re done,” he huffs and exits the bathroom.

He’d stripped you naked, placed you beneath the water, and you hadn’t even noticed. Staring blankly at the tiled shower wall, you will yourself to feel something – anything – but there’s a barrier keeping the emotion out. You can’t get through. You scratch and claw at your mind, but nothing is coming out. Your dry as a bone, nothing left to give. You can’t even cry.

What’s happening to me? you wonder as you sink to the floor. Why can’t I feel anything? Especially as the pain had been so strong, so present, less than an hour ago.

Time passed, the water ran cold, but you can’t bring yourself to move. You don’t know how long you have been sitting there, shivering in the shower, until an angry Logan hauls you out and wraps you in an oversized towel. He rubs you down so viciously, he nearly takes a layer of skin off. Still, you feel nothing.  

“Dammit, (Y/N)! You’re gonna catch your death pulling shit like this!” he admonishes you, a roughness to his voice that barely pierces your veil of numbness. Pulling an oversized t-shirt over your head he snaps, “What were ya thinking?”

You don’t answer, content to stare blankly at him.

He mutters a quick, “Fuck!” as he picks you up and carries you to the unmade bed. Dumping  you -unceremoniously on top of its unmade surface, he pulls the covers to your chin and tucks you in, distractedly kissing the top of your head.

“Sleep. Things will look better in the morning,” he tells you and you nod absently.   

“Logan,” you call, and he turns to face you. “Thank you,” you say. He nods gruffly and leaves, closing the door. You lay there, broken and hollowed out, for what feels like days when you hear Logan making a call.

“Professor,” he rumbles. “She ain’t okay. She’s retreated into herself, and she ain’t snapping out of it.” He sounds panicked. Most likely thinking about Jean and how she had done the same before he’d been forced to ‘save’ her from herself. “I dunno what to do.” He listens intently for a few seconds, before finally grumbling, “Yeah, I’ll try. See ya in a few days.”

The silence that follows is suffocating, spreading through you, threatening to break the final threads of your sanity.

Logan clicks open the door and sighs when he sees you curled on your side, facing away from him. There is the sound of cotton rustling, his shirt coming off, and a clank when his belt buckle follows taking his pants to the floor. He climbs in behind you, pulling you into him by the waist, and tucks his knees into the back of yours. The coarse hair on his legs tickles, while the heat of his skin makes you sigh.

Burying his head in the crook of your neck, nose brushing along your skin, he growls a deep, content sound,  and your entire body relaxes.

What now? I just can’t figure it out

What now? I guess I’ll just wait it out

What now? Somebody tell me

What now?

Basking in the familiarity that is The Wolverine, you breath in his woodsy scent and pull his arms tighter around you. Safe. It’s the last thing you think as you fall into a deep, dreamless sleep. I’m safe.

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Really Not Fine

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Words: 1005
Requested by Anonymous:  Hey I know you have a million things going on rn, but if you get a chance to get around to it, do you think you could write a one shot where the reader gets seriously hurt on a hunt but doesn’t want to tell Dean cuz she doesn’t want him to worry but it’s super obvious and maybe she faints or something when they get back to the motel? It’s up to you for the most part

Warning: injury, passing out because of injury

You could feel the blood soaking your t-shirt. You knew it was bad. But you didn’t want Dean to worry, so you grabbed a clean towel from the lady’s kitchen and pressed it to your wound. You were sure she wouldn’t mind; you had saved her from the ghost, after all. It was the least she could do.

           You made sure your jacket was zipped up and covering your wound as best as you could. Maybe you could get yourself stitched up back at the motel. Maybe your boyfriend wouldn’t notice and freak out about you getting hurt.

           Of course, you knew that was a long shot, but you were going to do what you could to keep your wound a secret.

           “You okay back there?” Dean asked as he drove back toward the motel. You had climbed into the backseat without saying anything. Sam had just taken the front seat. No one argued. The three of you just wanted to get back to the room.

           “Mhm,” you tried to make it sound positive, but you were on the verge of tears from the pain in your side.

           “You sure.”

           “Just need a shower,” you said.

           “We all do,” Sam agreed.

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❛ When I grew up was gonna be a superstar. ❜
❛ I sit in the car and I listen to static. ❜
❛ She/he said I look fat but I look fantastic. ❜
❛ Gotta get back, gotta get free. ❜
❛ Lean back now, lean back and breath. ❜
❛ I can’t get a job so I live with my mom/dad/etc. ❜
❛ Boy/girl, when I left, you were young. ❜
❛ I was gone but not my love. ❜
❛ You were clearly meant for more. ❜
❛ I want you to be happy. ❜
❛ Don’t you know you got my eyes? ❜
❛ I’ll make you fly. ❜
❛ You’ll be happy all the time. ❜
❛ I know you can make it right. ❜
❛ Boy/girl, now your life is back-to-front. ❜
❛ But you’ll see that it’s not for long. ❜
❛ I know you’ll feel the ghost. ❜
❛ He/she had all you’ll ever want. ❜
❛ Did you say something? What’d you say? ❜
❛ Was that your voice or was that me? ❜
❛ They’ll never let me be. ❜
❛ My heart strings broke and it was me. ❜
❛ In the summer silence, I was getting violent. ❜
❛ Play with me, my love, in the summer sun. ❜
❛ I’ll be waiting in your favourite Cheshire grin. ❜
❛ Lay with me, my dear, in the evening clear.   ❜
❛ In the summer silence, I was doing nothing. ❜
❛ I don’t ever want to pick a slice. ❜
❛ I’m the treasure, baby, I’m the prize. ❜
❛ Cut me rails of that fresh cherry pie. ❜
❛ Gonna fuck my way through college. ❜
❛ You’ve gone with the thick rims. ❜
❛ Wake me when the bell rings. ❜
❛ I’m gonna sleep ‘cause you live in my day dreams.   ❜
❛ I’m so tasty and the prize is right. ❜
❛ I’m filthy and I love it. ❜
❛ Got a shotgun in my pocket. ❜
❛ I am a true romantic. ❜
❛ And all your days are gone. ❜
❛ Sitting in the floor in your underwear begging me for more. ❜
❛ Alright, come close. ❜
❛ Let me show you everything I know. ❜
❛ Right, my little pooh bear, wanna take a chance? ❜
❛ I’d say I told you so but you just gonna cry. ❜
❛ You just wanna know those peanut butter vibes. ❜
❛ My, my simple sir, this ain’t gonna work. ❜
❛ Mind my wicked words and tipsy topsy slurs. ❜
❛ I can’t take this place, no I can’t take this place. ❜
❛ I just wanna go where I can get some space. ❜
❛ I’ve been here, I’ve done this all before. ❜
❛ I curl it up and puff it into plumes. ❜
❛ Hold my hand and float back to the summer time. ❜
❛ How can I believe you, how can I be nice? ❜
❛ Tripping around the tree stumps in your summer smile. ❜
❛ Just stop and think a minute. ❜
❛ Why don’t you light that cigarette and calm down. ❜
❛ Stop and breath a second. ❜
❛ Can’t you see what was different then? ❜

Don't kill my wife



Prompt: the reader is Hotch’s daughter and Spencer’s girlfriend. She has to go under protection with her family because of George Foyet.

A/N: happy to write it because Foyet is my favorite UnSub ever.


You were sitting in your living room alone. It was about six months that you had to move to another state because a serial killer was threatening your dad, the chief Aaron Hotchner.
You missed him as much as Spencer. You met him 3 years ago and it was ‘love at first sight’: when he saw you at Rossi’s, in your red dress and black heels, he had to find the courage to talk to you.
He did, and now you were the happiest woman in the world.

Six months were long without the people you loved, but you had to be safe, these were the words Spencer told you before you left.
Not a call. Not a message. Not a letter. It was like they didn’t exist. It was hard.

You were thinking about them when someone arrived home.

“Are you mom?” you asked.

No reply.

“Mom, c'mon!”

You stood up, but your legs lost any energy when you saw who was.
Yes, there was your mom with your brother Jack, but behind them there was a man with a gun.

“Hi (y/n), you don’t know who I am, do you?”

“N-no, sir… sorry about that.”

“Not a problem doll, I am George. I am the one who will kill you all.”

An hour had passed since the moment he told you that sentence. You were scared, angry, terrified.
You wanted your dad, your boyfriend, you wanted to be good, but you couldn’t because a serial killer was pointing a gun to your head.

“Listen, George, I know you are mad at my dad, but we didn’t do anything.”

You wanted to speak. You loved to talk to the people and you thought that maybe it could be a great thing to do in a moment like that.

“But the best way to make him suffer is to kill his family.”

You were thinking about what to do when a phone rang.

“Aaron, it is good to hear your voice.” he said putting on speakerphone.

“How are they?”

“You know, your ex-wife is beautiful, but your daughter… She looks like a goddess.”

You felt his hand touching your hair.

“I think that we will have some fun before to kill her…”

“Please, don’t touch her!”

“Spencer!” you screamed.

It was his voice. It sounded so sweet, his beautiful voice.

“Oh, doctor Reid. Nice to hear you too.”

Foyet were saying horrible things when Hotch told something Jack.

“Jack, love, do you remember when you helped me to solve cases?”

“Yes daddy!”

“Then go, go to solve them.”

And so he did, he ran upstairs, leaving you and Haley alone.

“So, doctor Reid, how long you and (y/n) have been dating?”

“3 years. She is the love of my life.”

A tear fell down on your cheek.

“Do you want to hear the story?”

“Go on.”

“I was at my colleague’s home for a party when she arrived with Hotch. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen in my entire life. I went in her direction to tell her ‘hi’, but when I saw her eyes on me, I turned red and went away. A friend of mine said ‘just go, she will love you.’ He was right. We love each other, you know? I love her so much that…”

He didn’t know if it was the case to say it or not, but Foyet forced him to finish the phrase.

“The week before she left, I asked her to marry me.”

Your mom smiled. It was a good news to hear in a terrible moment like that.

“And? What did she said?”

“Yes, she said yes. So please, don’t kill my wife.”

“And don’t kill mine too.” Hotch added.

George listened to all the story, but he came for just one thing: to kill.
The FBI arrived just a second before he could kill you, but your mom were gone. You couldn’t save her. You saw her falling on the ground. You saw her dying.
You were crying on the living room when Spencer wrapped his arms around you.

“(y/n), shh… shh… everything is finished. I am here, don’t cry.”

“Spencer, my mom…”

“I know, I know…”

“I wanna go away Spencer.”

“Ok, go home hun, we can go home.“

Some days later you were sitting on Spencer’s legs at his desk in the Bureau when your dad arrived.

“Why didn’t you tell me about that proposal?”

“Dad, we wanted to tell you, but then we had to leave.”

“Where is your ring though?”

“Spencer didn’t buy it. I am not that type of girl.”

Hotch watched Spencer deeply. It scared you a bit, but then sweet words came out from Aaron’s mouth.

“Thank you to saved her that day. Thank you, Spencer. Welcome into our family.”

Silence Pt. 5

Warnings: mentions of blood, being homeless? ANGST and FLUFF.

Request/Summary: The reader must unveil her secret in order to save herself.

Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester, Sister!Reader.

Word Count: 1,672

Y/N: your name

Y/N/N: your nickname

Age: 12-16

Silence Pt.1 Silence Pt.2 Silence Pt.3 Silence Pt.4

“I-I what?” You asked as your heart sank, anxiety already bubbling up inside of you.

“You have to tell us what happened that night Y/N/N.” Dean said shortly raising an eyebrow at you.

“Oh I heard you.. I just - “You sighed thinking of what to say next, “I just need a minute okay?” You said as you stood up and walked out of the small motel room. You promised yourself to never speak about that night again. It had started to rain, the sound of the  small droplets of water falling to the ground made you zone out and begin to remember the terrible hunt you wanted to forget so bad.

*Flash Back*

“Okay, you know the plan?” Your older brother Dean asked for the tenth time that day, you rolled your eyes. He was always so worried whenever you went hunting with them, you appreciated it but it could get really annoying.

“Yes Dean.” You sighed as you began packing your weapons, “We wait ‘till their asleep, you and Sam go in from the front and kill the son’s of bitches while  I go from the back to get the hostages.” You recited the plan using the exact words he used in the beginning with a monotone voice as if you were a robot.

“Great, you ready?” He asked you with his big brother voice activated.

“Always.” You answered turning around to look at him to see him biting his nails something he only did when he was very anxious, he had been worried recently much more than he usually was. You slowly walked towards him “Dean, what’s wrong?”

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Long Distance with Jungkook

Last but certainly not least is the last member of the maknae line, the second half of the Busan line, the other half of Jinkook, our golden maknae with such a cute smile like the lil bunny smile and the laugh and the nose scrunch good shiT, Jeon Jungkook aka kookie

  • So this series is gonna be about a long distance relationship (ldr for short) with the boys
  • This is gonna involve some reverse idol!Jungkook (here) which is basically where the reader is the idol and kookie is the fanboy, it involves youtuber!kook (here) to sum it up, he’s a gamer
  • There is a mention of ldr!kook in a drabble called Stress (here) which also features reverse idol!kook so this is gonna be the prequel to that drabble, but you don’t have to read it or any of the posts linked up there to be able to understand what’s going on in this post, they’re there to add in some back story for the people that are curious about it
  • You two had been dating for around nearly a year and everything was going great, you were happy and in love but both of you knew the tour was coming up
  • You would be on the road for a few months so it wasn’t horribly long but a few months in a new relationship is a big deal, those are make it or break it months
  • He can’t come along bc he’s got school and his entire gaming setup it at his place and it’s too heavy to lug around everywhere and too expensive to just buy replacements of
  • You two spend that last night before tour together and say goodbye then bc he’s got class the next day and you two wanna say goodbye in private bc Jungkook is just a private person when it comes to that stuff and also bc the relationship is still hush hush
  • So it’s a very long goodbye, it’s a full night of saying you’ll miss each other and how you’ll text and call each other all the time and it’s all cuddles and really gentle kisses and it’s just really sweet
  • You watch his live streams while you’re away, when you’re getting ready, when you’re going to bed, when you’re waking up, whenever he does one bc time zones man, you’re in a different one all the time
  • He plays a lot of different games but he also takes the time to sit back and talk about shit that’s going on, he updates everyone on his major, on his friendships, on his love life
  • His subscribers do know he’s in a relationship but they just don’t know who the other person is
  • “My love and I are happy, we’re long distance rn but we’re happy”
  • It’s always super cute to watch him play games bc he gets this concentrated look on his face that’s super cute and he gets so competitive at times and he almost always plays with Tae or Jimin or sometimes Jin when he’s not busy
  • He gets you to play Overwatch with him, regardless of how far away you are but that happens off camera bc if people heard your voice and heard you two calling each other pet names and shit, they’d be pretty quick at putting two and two together
  • He doesn’t even try to hide his competitiveness around you anymore, in the first few months of dating, he was really nice about winning or losing and would always congratulate you if you won and encourage you to try again if you lost but now it’s just all swear words or unintentional pouts if he loses 
  • But there are serious moments as well, you two Skype/Facetime a lot or sometimes just call each other and it’s of course not serious all the time but that’s where you’re the most likely to say the “I miss you” or “I really want you here”
  • He sends you some selfies and he wants some back bc he misses your face he misses being able to repeatedly poke your cheek to get your attention but he also sends a couple video clips here and there of him and Jimin or him and his fish bc why wouldn’t he get a fish he names her after a character in Overwatch and he acknowledges that she doesn’t do much but he loves her a lot
  • I also have a head canon that gamer!kook has a reptile of some sort, a lizard, a snake anything like that so there are some pictures of his lil reptile friends as well
  • You’re both a bit down bc your first anniversary is coming up but you’ll be working that day so on top of you being unable to fly back to spend it with him, you’ll also be busy for the majority of the day
  • But what you don’t know is that kook is actually flying out and using the time that you’re busy to set your hotel room up with candles and flowers and music and a cute lil dinner he orders in bc there’s zero chance of being able to cook anything himself since he’s only got a couple hours
  • He doesn’t get too dressed up but he does wear a white button up shirt and some black jeans so he still looks 100%
  • Your manager is texting him updates on where you are and when you’ll get back so he can have everything ready to go
  • You wanna cry when you walk into your hotel room and see everything set up and see kook and you give him a huge hug and forget all about the decorations for a few minutes bc he’s here he’s real you can actually hold him again
  • Then you start looking at all of the things he did, he’s got a couple presents on the bed, the dinner waiting on the table, all of the rose petals and your favorite flowers sitting in a vase on the nightstand it’s all just so cute
  • “I know it’s not much but I just flew in two hours ago and I thought you’d be too tired to go out so I kept it lowkey”
  • “It’s perfect”
Imagine being Tony’s sister and fall in love with Loki

Warning : English isn’t my native language so i am sorry for mistakes guys.Hope you enjoy it.

”Y/N! I just can’t believe you, he tried to ruin our world, to kill us and among billions of people you chose him!” Tony raged. All others were silently watching you two. It was first time when Tony was mad at you,his little sister, who he loves the most of all. “You don’t understand he isn’t the monster as you all imagine!” you yelled at him. “Oh, really? Then tell for God sake who he is? Maybe an angel who misunderstood?” mockingly asked Tony.” Lady Y/N, he is right. My brother is too dangerous for you”, quietly said Thor, “he is trickster he can easily make anyone believe in anything. I am sorry”. “I believe him. Whether you want or not it is my choice”, you whispered and left of room. ”Y/N!” yelled Tony and intended to make you back but Nat stopped him: “She won’t listen to us, Tony. We can’t force her stop loving Loki.” “We can. Take your brother to Asgard. Tonight”, categorically required Tony. “It is not good idea. It will not help her. She loves him deeply don’t you think it will have the opposite effect?” Cap didn’t seem happy to make her suffer because he loves her almost as his own sister. “I am her brother. So let me decide whether it is good or not for her” retorted Tony.

Next morning

“Hey, I am sorry I didn’t come last night you know there was…” you were puzzled as entering to find empty cell. “What did you do to him?” you stormed into the kitchen unable to see anyone just Tony. “To whom?” idly asked he. “Don’t play fool! Where.is.Loki?” “Oh didn’t he tell you? Today is his wedding day. He was engaged long time ago”.  “It is impossible…” the news hit you like thunderbolt. “I told you, sweetie, you shouldn’t believe him. Wanna breakfast?” casually asked Tony. “N-no thanks” with these words just silently walked out. Somehow, you got your room and asked F.R.I.D.A.Y locked door. “So I guess I was just toy to enjoy you…” you burst into crying pressed your pillow to yourself to hide sobs.

Your POV

“Hey, I bring you some books it would be boring sitting here without anything,” you said putting books in special container, “I hope you’ll like it”.  He took a glance and then said with grin “Why does it bother you, mortal?” “I-it is not. Just want to help you”, you shrug your shoulders “By the way my name is Y/N”.

It wasn’t easy to become closer to God of mischief. Every time visiting him was a challenge. However, you figured out it when you didn’t visit him because you were too tired and next day he was especially annoying trying upset you with toxic comments. Firstly, you ignored but slowly it fed you up and yelled, “You are fuckin idiot! I was too tired to come and you the biggest egoist of all nine realms!” you were really pissed what seemed amuse him.” You think it is funny?” you literally growled. “You are gorgeous when you are mad, my sweet midgardian girl” he said with little smile. You were stunned not able to understand his words…


Month later

“What is matter, Bruce?” asked confused Tony. “I don’t know all vitals are normal nothing wrong I don’t know…” “She isn’t ill. She is lost “answered Wanda pointed at your curled body. Nat and Cap are currently trying to cheer you up but you answer them with faint smile and close your eyes.” You know what you should do”, said Wanda “if you don’t…” “Thor can you?” “You know, Tony, you midgardians, are more capricious when it is about yourselves. I guess, Loki wants to see her too. Last time when I saw him he merely spoke me and asked one thing.” “What?” “Is she ok?”

Same day, evening

Monotonous days…day changes night and nothing changes…”Y/N?” it can’t be real. I guess my inflamed brain play tricks with me. However, I want to believe in it. At least it is better than reality. His phantom come closer and stroke your hair. “I believed you when you said I am your love I believed every single of your words, sounds funny doesn’t it?” you let your tears fall, “but I truly love you even if you are phantom of him…” you whispered helplessly. “Am I, my love?” he cupped your cheeks and lifts you“L-Loki?” my eyes widen and all I can do is hug him tightly,” Tony said you…” I know what he said. It is lie. You are the only one in all nine realms who I love. You are my everything”, he slowly kissed you, as you are fragile doll.  He carefully covered you with sheets and said, “Let have some rest, my queen,” “Promise me not disappear when I wake up” mumbled you before you placed your head on his chest. “Promise” .


E5� ү

Crash (Suho)

In which (Y/N)’s entire world flashes before her eyes, and Suho is nowhere to be found.

Reader/ Suho (Angst-Fluff)

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

I can’t wait to see you.” Suho says over the phone. “I miss you so much.”

“I miss you too Suho.” You say softly. 

“I love you Jagi, I’ll see you tomorrow. Sleep well.”

“I love you too, stay safe.”

You laid on your couch the next day, waiting for Suho to get home. You hadn’t seen him in weeks because his group was touring. Now you were patiently flipping through the t.v. channels, waiting for the front door to open followed by Suho’s, “Jagi I’m home!”

A news report caught your eye, causing you to stop on the channel. You immediately sat up, unable to breathe. 

A plane had crash landed at the airport where Suho was supposed to be landing. The reporter said that the condition of the passengers was unknown. 

You jumped up from the couch and ran to grab your phone. You quickly dialed Suho’s number and moved to stand in front of the t.v., watching the news cast. The phone seemed to ring forever. Your stomach was in knots as you saw flames now coming from the plane. 

“Hello, this is Kim Junmyeon.” 

You tried to speak, but you were quickly cut off.

“Please leave a message.”

You threw your phone before dropping to your knees in front of the t.v. 

“No!” You cry, burying your face in your hands. You couldn’t breathe, horrified of Suho’s whereabouts. You were so caught up in the panic that you didn’t hear the front door open. 

Suho heard your crying upon entering, and dropped his things, running to find you. When he found you crying in front of the t.v., he immediately put things together. You thought that he was on that burning plane. He quickly picked you up, hushing your cries as he moved to sit on the couch. You sat on his lap, crying into his chest. 

“(Y/N), look at me.” He says softly, lifting your head from his chest. 

His eyes met yours as he brushed your hair behind your ear. He smiled softly, hoping to comfort you. 

“I’m okay, Jagi,” He cooed, “look, everything is just fine.”

“I-i thought-” You couldn’t speak, trying to calm down from the feeling of panic. 

“I know, I know.” Suho whispers, hugging you tightly. “But I’m right here, I’m not going anywhere.”

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May i have a Nalu, “wtf you’re not my roommate, how did you get in here? oh sHIT you’re really drunk aND NOW YOU’RE CRYING OKay okay it’s okay shhhh, you can stay here i guess??” au. Thanks and have a nice day ^_^

bless you people for having the patience of the gods to deal with me and my slow updates.

I am currently dead inside from having to deal with finals and whatevs but thank god for fanfics to keep me going.

Thanks for the request and whoever you are anon, please enjoy!

Never again.

Never. Fucking. Again.

When next Natsu sees Loke-that stupid pretty bastard-he’s gonna break his nose and strangle him with that furry coat of his.

Natsu knew he shouldn’t have agreed to the party, even in his slightly buzzed thoughts when Loke suggested it, something banged pots and pans screaming at him “NO”, but of course he didn’t listen to the crazy little voice in his head the one time it was saying something smart.

A slice of pain shot through Natsu’s head as his eyes slid open. God he was hungover, in the literal sense and like that movie trilogy with those guys because for one, he couldn’t remember shit from last night.

Two, as he sat up, cracking his back with a satisfied grunt, the place was trashed mercilessly. Like there was cake on the ceiling (who does that? He’s done weird stuff but even then, standards) and something suspiciously like vomit on a spot a few feet from him. Also he was surrounded by empty bottles of Red Stripe.

At least he found his answer to the headache.

And third, like Doug from the first Hangover movie, Loke’s ass was nowhere to be seen. He’d have to check on the roof later to make sure last night really didn’t follow the plot of that movie.

But after his post hangover breakfast. Loke can wait when a cheese omelette and toast is calling.

The journey to the kitchen was longer and harder than he ever imagined, everything was a crutch, holding Natsu up as he hobbled to his goal of a healing meal.

He clutched his chest half way there to catch some breath. His shirt was gone, lost to the events of last night. As was his shoes. And his pants. Natsu was practically naked and he still couldn’t remember a damn thing.

God he hoped none of this made it on the internet.


What the hell was that.


Well either the old fridge was acting up again and decided to start screaming in the early afternoon or someone was here with him, and it didn’t sound like Loke.

Natsu knew what a hungover Loke sounded like and he never sounded this alert.  Well at least whatever it was is in the kitchen. Saves him some energy.

Sparkly red pumps attacked Natsu’s weak eyes, abandoned on the dirty tiles next to bare feet. Bare feet belonging to the woman with her head currently in the sink, groaning and maybe close to throwing up.

Uh……..” Her head flew up, damp blonde hair sticking in clumps to her forehead. Well it looks like someone thought drowning herself was a good way to get rid of a hangover.

“You’re not Cana.” She said, voice raspy with sleep and alcohol.

“Nope. And you’re not Loke are you?”

“Oh thank god no.”Her raspy voice devolved into a fit of giggles. Cute hiccupy giggles. They sounded a little bit like alcohol.

“So i’m guessing this isn’t my apartment either.”

“Bingo.” “Cana isn’t here?” Mystery girl brushed wet hair from her eyes, propping herself up on the counter.

“I haven’t found anyone else yet so i’m guessing no.”

Natsu shouldn’t have said that. He should not have said that. If he were sober he wouldn’t have said that.

Small tears leaked from her eyes making them even redder and puffier. “You mean she left me? Cana went home without me……?” she choked up a sob and he realizes that maybe she’s a bit drunker than he probably thought.

“No wait! I just woke up!” Natsu exclaimed, trying to ease her distress.He shuffled a bit closer. “I haven’t searched the rest of the apartment, your friend might still be in here! We can go look!”

She hiccuped and let out another sob that had his semi-drunk self feeling so helpless and lost that even a few tears started to prickle at the corners of his eyes.

But Natsu held those back. Two people crying usually ended up in a never ending loop of tears. That happened once with Gajeel and he wasn’t gonna go through that again.

“You wanna maybe sit down?” Natsu suggested, “I think I got some orange juice left, you could have that and just take a breather to calm down or if you want I can get you something else to drink.”

She took a heavy breath through her nose to even out her breathing from crying.It took a few more but the tears stopped and Natsu couldn’t help a tiny sigh of relief.

“You ok now?” He asked cautiously.

“Yeah…..sorry about that, I just got a little…..overwhelmed.”

Natsu nodded. “You the emotional drunk?” “Yeah. You?”

“Calm and dead. Not a lot of stuff phases me.”

She gave a slightly sober chuckle. “Looks like we balance each other out. Must be a drunken twist of fate.”

Sh held out her hand and he grasped it with a weak shake. “I’m Lucy and well, sorry about the crying and for being in your place like this.”

He grinned. “No problem, you’re not the first hungover person i’ve dealt with. Had to knock out the first guy though. You want breakfast before we look for your friend?”

“If it’s not too much trouble.” “It ain’t, plus you can tell me about last night ‘cause i can’t remember jack shit. You like cheese omelettes?”

“Who doesn’t?”

Oh god.

That’s not what she think it is written on his chest in her handwriting, in her bright blue lipstick that she got herself on valentines.

“Hey is there something on me? You keep staring.” Natsu eyed her curiously as he shoveled the last of his meal in his mouth.

Yeah…NO! No, no no,no. You’re fine! Everything’s just fine!” Don’t look down, don’t look down, don’t look down

“Really? ‘Cause with how you were looking at me you’d think that there was something…….Did someone draw a dick on me?”

His gaze lowered to roam over his naked chest. He looked.

And no doubt he could read the word ‘MINE’ boldly written on him and see the smeared lipstick mark a little bit further down, close to inappropriateness.

No way….” His eyes shot back up to meet Lucy’s and, dear lord, she must’ve had some still on her lips because his face twisted into something sinister.

“Did you do this?” He asked playfully,cackling at her reddened features.

“We were both really drunk and nothing happened!”

“You sure? Because this looks a bit out -” “Yes I’m sure! Just, stop talking! Our drunk selves are different people who we don’t know and must never speak of!”

Alright, alright.” The argument was dropped but that evil smirk was still plastered on his face. He motioned for her to hand over her empty plate and glass as he moved to the sink.

Water gushed from the faucet as Natsu cleaned up, and of course he just had to close off the issue properly.

“Just for the record Lucy,” he called, “You should probably take someone out to dinner first before calling dibs on them.”

She buried her face in her hands. No way in hell was she gonna tell him about the ‘JUICY’ cheekily peering at her, partially hidden by the band of his boxers.

I’m Here For You

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character: youngmin

genre: angst/fluff

word count: 358

summary: you comfort Youngmin after he doesn’t get into wanna one

requested: yes

You hear the door shut softly as you were sitting on the couch. You stand up, honestly not wanting to confront this situation but you knew you were going to have to.

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hc's for how would the paladins react to finding out their s/o used to have really bad self-worth issues and didn't see a point in living before joining team voltron

here they come, the Sad Feelings

(& note: on the real, if any of y’all are feeling real low and don’t know how to figure your way out, there are resources for you, people in your life who’d be keen to listen, and my main blog ask is always open– take care, alright?)

Shiro: Counsels the hell out of you. As a natural leader, he’s going to harbor concern for a teammate who once felt hopeless, but add in the S/O factor and well, there you have it. The nice thing about Shiro is that he’s got the patience to wait for you to open up or explain it in your own way. Truthfully, even if you don’t want to (because maybe he heard it in a passing conversation, or accidentally heard you beating yourself up after training), he won’t mind. But he’ll be more encouraging and remember to be gentle, to help remind that you should be a little gentler on yourself.

Keith: Is a less patient version of Shiro, but damn he just wants you to be okay. Frankly, emotions scare him, and he’s scared that they scare you too and that they once made you feel like your life wasn’t worth living. It’ll come off a bit forceful at first, but he’ll apologize after and explain himself. Tbh Keith is the best one if you don’t want to talk about it wholly, but could still use some support. That boy’ll help be your sword and shield against the worst feelings if you need it, until you can hold it for yourself. 

Pidge: Genuinely doesn’t know how to feel at first. Part of her wants to get mad, pissed even. She knows that you’re great, even if she may pick on you every now and again, and she knows that you’ve always been great! It takes her a bit to set in that people are so much harder on themselves than anyone else, and then she gets it– sometimes it takes something so big to make you see your worth. It’s genuinely upsetting, but she’s glad that this insane thing that brought them all together also gave you reason to fight. S/O, get ready for a very rare heart-to-heart with Pidge. 

Hunk: Listens. He listens when you hesitantly scrape the surface about it, and he listens when you start pouring your heart out. He’d stay real quiet for you so you can say everything you need to say, but it’s also because he’s collecting his thoughts. He doesn’t want to panic on you, because it’s a vulnerable subject, but his thoughts are racing– does S/O really think that lowly of themselves? Do they know how important they were to begin with???? But then he’ll collect his thoughts, and let you know that you’re absolutely worth it, because you made it to them– and to him.

Lance: Is the one you wanna go to if you straight up just wanna cry with someone. He’s going to be upset, but he’ll understand– Garrison days remind him of real low mental times, feeling like he didn’t deserve to be there. He’ll sit with you somewhere real quiet and swap stories, cry some and then some more. But then, he’ll say something that you’re probably going to want to remember forever: I remember the first time I realized that I actually deserved to be here, as a Paladin. It was the best day of my life. Your day, your time is already here. It’s always been here! 

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Please, I'm having a very sad couple of days and I need Dex comforting Nursey for whatever reason please

okay, sweetheart, sorry you had to wait a few hours on this, i was with some company but I promised i worked as fast as i could because i don’t want you feeling sad, okay??? i hope you feel better, dear, and i hope this helps

**death tw/mention for a minor character we never meet**

When Dex wakes up, Nursey isn’t curled against his side, and that’s when he knows something is wrong.

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HELLO I was just sitting here and thinking and i wanna make something clear to yall if you don’t understand it but if i ever say that y/n’s cheeks are hot, or he can “feel the warmth radiating off them” that me AVOIDING saying that y/n’s cheeks are red because i know not everybody can blush idk if i ever explained it tho so there is that

okay but a guys mars really is how he’s gonna be pursue you like 

i’m sitting here on webcam with a leo mars and he just flashed his torso and started working out in the middle of nowhere???? 

another leo mars tried to pursue me like 8 months ago and immediately when he came in he wanted us to go back outside so he could show off his skate tricks 

the rest of the guys i’ve liked i had to pursue because they were virgo mars, pisces mars, cancer mars and didn’t wanna make a move

scorpio mars pursues but its still more subtle and its like they jedi mind trick you