i wanna hug phil

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Gosh i love Phil so much, I was having some personal family stuff and crying my eyes out as usual, but then i saw he uploaded and in the end of the video i found myself smiling and i stopped crying. I wanna hug him so bad it hurts

phil is just ! a lovely person i hope you feel better <3

oooh boi let me tell you something. phil lester is soft. I have witnessed multiple occasions that people don’t think phil as"soft" than dan is softer ,fonder, bull shit.
this man makes swoon every single day.
his voice is so nice and smooth. his pale skin is like porcelain from taking care of it with various skin care treatments my God D:

his eyes are so light sometimes you can’t see his pupils

•the tongue thing: like like how did he start doing it was just a soft habit he picked up?? Ahh what a soft. •he he laugh: :(( uh when phil gets excited he’ll let the hehe laugh slip and Im just like aweeeeeeeeee •hand cover: phil covers his mouth when he giggles golly I wish he wouldn’t he has a great laugh :((( •are you ok Dan? : in how to make Dan cringe at the end are you okay dan plays in my head all the time. •I’m too pale: babe baby look at me phil you can wear ripped jeans we all want you to just plzz. •Mr t’s oven oven glove: my gosh, when dan started poking him his face scrunched up and he giggled ahhhh :(( •phil in shelter. • I DIDN’T WANna HUG YOu anyway (tweet) :+( •remember when dan was on supergamers :Phil was like loook at dannnn he’s on tv !!!! :(((((( •luckily im brave :( • Phil’s messy hair is soft. • the way phil hugs people he like cradles you?? Smooshes you towards him and you just melt. Damn I want to be held. Look all I’m saying is phil a soft giggling school boy in certain situations and I want everyone to know that phil is a softie man.

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Dear Lord! I don’t know how to start! xD

  • Philo is so damn adorable, I wanna hug him so hard!
  • Crap! I want Phil to be my teacher! xDDD
  • Browney is so young and cute :3
  • Scott!… xD I noticed violence in the band! xD At 1st Phil was trying to “kill” Scott with a knife, and then Scott was trying to beat Phil! xD
  • Scott with mustache? Something new! xD Also he looks like 50s porn star. xD
19th October, 2009: 0:01am

Dan: I can’t wait to see u :P

Phil: omg clock hurry up!! I wanna hug you <3

Dan: & I wanna hug you back [: only a few hours left

Phil: I hope you don’t realise how much I suck IRL and we don’t downgrade

Dan: Ffs Phil that will never ever happen r u kidding me you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me

Phil: …

Dan: besides I suck just as much

Phil: shut up you’re awesome

Dan: hehe you should get some sleep

Phil: but I wanna stay up and wait with u :(

Dan: time goes quicker if u sleep, and I’ll sleep too I promise

Phil: good.

Dan: I’ll see you soon, Phil Lester.

Phil: a few hours left, Dan Howell.