i wanna hug him someday

Does anyone just love how Jack interacts with people at events like PAX and Insomnia and shit? Cause I’ve heard he gives, like, the BEST HUGS! I really wanna meet Jack and give him a hug someday, as thanks for all of the hugs he gives us when we need them, whether it be at events or over a screen.

I’ve also seen the ways he interacts with people who take videos, like, they’re never TRULY serious, and I love it! He could be saying how he’s sorry someone can’t be there, but then he acts really funny to lighten the mood. I’ve read stories about how he always makes sure people are okay, or tells them how wonderful it was to meet us fans, and makes us feel special.

I dunno. I just really wanted to say that. Thanks, @therealjacksepticeye. You mean the world to us, and I don’t know what we would ever do without your smiles. :)