i wanna horan hug

interviewer: “have you ever been in love?”
niall, who you are dating now for some weeks, turns the sign so that it says yes. harry bends forward to see his answer, then smirks: “he actually is right now, am I right?”
niall: “yes, I think I am. and I hope it’s returned, but I don’t know it yet.”


Niall Horan || On The Road Again || Minneapolis, MN || July 26, 2015 || TFC Bank Stadium || Photos by me || Please do not remove water mark

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What did you mean when you said Liam was always about narry and he said "careful" ????

Well when the boys were on Jonathan Ross, he asked them who among the boys are in a relationship(around 5:30 on the video I linked), of course Zayn, Liam and Louis raised their hands:

Then Jonathan Ross said, “the ones in the middle aren’t” then Niall hugged Harry:

And then Liam whispered “Careful” at Niall:

He tried to be subtle(even turned his head towards Niall) but the camera got it anyway. And of course they are wearing microphones so even though he tried to whisper it it was loud and clear. It was really weird; Niall laughed it off but you can see how Liam’s face was all tight until he nudged Niall. But even when Niall hugged Harry he looked somehow uncomfortable:

I still think about this everyday to be honest.


To: Those of You Who Have Met Harry

Hello, first of all I want I say, congrats because you achieved a life goal of mine I have not accomplished, and doesn’t look like I ever will. All I want in life is to meet this man, hug him, make sure he’s real and tell him how much I love him.
I want to ask him how his day was and to make sure he smiled that day. I wanna make sure he’s eating right and make sure he’s happy and feeling as loved as possible.
If you’ve met him, you should feel blessed because I want to meet him, to smell his cologne and never stop talking about the day I met him, but the way my life is setup I doubt I will. Harry means more to me than anything, and I cry thinking about how I’ve never seen the boys perform live or even come close to meeting them.
So, please… be thankful you’ve gotten to hug him, take a picture with/of him or been to a concert. I’d give up everything to make this happen.