i wanna have them happy

*gestures helplessly* This was supposed to be a happy drawing. I wanted to draw the boys hugging as a follow up to THIS but I guess we’re still sad??? GDI…

becausemyfriendskeptasking  asked:

Mun I don't know if it's come up before or if you have but would you ever consider doing a nuzlocke comic?

Well, I’ve never done a nuzlocke challenge before but even if I did, no, I dont think I’ll ever do a whole huge comic. The small pokemon comics that I do are just a fun way for me to spend my free time inbetween projects! :D

However, they obviously do reflect my own experience with the games or show headcanons that I have of how I’d like the story to continue for certain characters (like with the latest comic with guzma). And I do have a fully fleshed out team that I didnt come to introduce yet, but would like to! So I guess you won’t ever see a full comic from me, but snippets of storytelling that may connect to each other and give you an idea of the personalities ect. of my own character / trainersona and her team! 

Or I do random comics that dont connect to ANYTHING
thats a very likely thing to happen too


You’re no ordinary person, Tsuna-kun

Kyoko-chan is my sun after all

My KHR OTP 2795 requested by anonymous

I want Rosewood to give me a wedding episode for Pippy and TMI, and I want it to be filled with the same cliches that hetero couples always get for their weddings. 

eyes full of tears as they say their vows to each other.

huge audience clapping in the background

hijinks that seem to disrupt the wedding! but NO, it goes off perfectly

montage of their happy moments together set to sappy music

self-written vows about how much the other means to them

optional: flashbacks to their first meeting, date, kiss, day living together, proposal

anonymous asked:

Why does Erwin always end up crying at the end of your art ;n; Please make him happy! (I love your art) (/◕ヮ◕)/

Oh Anon, you struck a nerve xD I noticed too that I post a lot of crying Erwin and started to feel bad because the poor baby looks sad so often and I love him so much. But don’t worry, Erwn is actually happy all the time!

He is happy when he wakes up before Levi on lazy sunday mornings, when he can snuggle back to Levi and watch him sleep for a while

He is happy when Papa Smith comes to visit

He is happy when he can pet animals

He is happy when Levi has him cleaning the windows and he sings Disney-songs

He is happy when Levi is cradling him in his arms and calls him his princess

And at the end we have crying Erwin again because he was so happy at his wedding :)

Am I an emotional sap? Oh yes! Thank you for the ask anon, I really needed some happy Erwin and I’m so happy that you like my doodles ♡

i have no words.. im so happy right now i can’t even scream about it anymore tenk u album gods for finally blessing me with good luck🤧