i wanna have some chicks

Luke and some chick rumours

Alright I wanna have a little rant about this topic that’s going around tumblr. There are pictures of Luke with the girl mucking around at a bar or something while their hands are interwined.

People are freaking out about this and I frankly don’t see why. Luke is a teenage boy, teenage boys date. Get over it.

The main reason people freaking out about this pisses me off the most…

JUST BECAUSE THE BOYS ARE FAMOUS AND IN A BAND DOESNT MEAN THEY CAN’T HAVE GIRLFRIENDS. Some of us think that since we love them so much that whenever they’re with a girl we go off our rockets.. Because we think they’re our property.. which they’re not.

They can’t stay fucking single forever because they’re in a band and have girls obsessing over them all day. They boys are allowed to have relationships, even if it’s groupies (don’t get me started on the groupie rant seriously)

When I saw this picture of Luke and this girl I said ‘good fucking on you Luke!’ If he wants a girlfriend he can have one, good on him, he deserves it.

I love the boys more than anything don’t get me wrong but why do you have to hate of this poor girl who Luke could be dating? What’s the point in it? Just because he’s not with you?

Just stop please. Let the boys been teens.

I’m not sorry about this rant. I’m a girl with a lot of opinions and I’m not afraid to tell people. I could continue this rant, but I won’t because I probably should end it there.

I love this fandom so much because I feel like I belong in it, but when people do this I get really annoyed and frustrated.

I may lose followers for this, but I couldn’t care because I’m ranting about something I strongly care about.