i wanna hate her

Straight people are so ready to erase bisexuals when it comes to keeping their precious straight characters straight, but the moment it comes to shipping a lesbian character with a man she has no interest in they’re suddenly bisexual ally #1


Hillary Clinton’s concession speech – full transcript

“The Democratic presidential nominee concedes the election to Donald Trump, thanking supporters and calling for listeners to ‘have faith in each other’” - The Guardian

For the record I fricken love Jyn Erso. So please leave me alone if you wanna hate on her because I find her character very important personally and I feel like there are a lot of pieces of her I can identify with.

People have said they don’t like Felicity’s performance, I understand and respect that opinion, but I personally disagree. We’ve seen bold, intelligent, and witty women in Star Wars already. We have Padme, Leia, and Rey who are all beautiful characters each with their own nuisances. I think Jyn is just a different type of character. She’s more muted with her emotions and for a genuine reason.

Jyn has been dealt a pretty rough deck of cards in her life. She’s been without a family since she was a child, she felt abandoned by Saw whether that was the intention or not, and she’s lost herself. Jyn continues to rebel because that’s all she has left. She doesn’t have any real direction or purpose, her rebellion is what keeps her going. She’s a deeply flawed person. Jyn is broken and has hardened herself to a point where she doesn’t show her emotions as much as others. That’s what makes her relationship with the other characters so important.

Jyn starts off self-centered and a bit arrogant and slowly transforms into someone selfless and loving because through the mission and through meeting Cassian and the others, Jyn finds purpose and family in her life. She completes what her father started and is able to move forward and become who she is meant to be. Everyone handles their grief and troubles differently and how I see it, Jyn holds it all in and has learned not to show her weakness for fear of betrayal and judgement. I can appreciate Star Wars creating this type of character because I can identify with her and I think it’s an interesting change of personality from the more spunky, outgoing ladies we’ve seen in the past. There isn’t just one type of personality for a woman character and I like that Jyn Erso is different in this way.

i’ve designed her,, yellow agate. she’s a roaming kindergarten supervisor who only shows up when there’s a Serious Problem at a kindergarten and it’s her job to get everyone in line and move on. i’m gonna have her show up at eudialyte’s chaotic disaster kindergarten. nobody there is going to be happy about it. because she’s awful. 

I honestly want to cry because I suck at English so much (the school subject) I’ve always been bad at it and never understood it and now it’s more confusing than ever because they’ve italicized a word and I have to figure out what it functions as and each one just seems like a fudging subject to me and I feel so stupid for not knowing this stuff. My mom helped me yesterday and I thought I understood it a little better but now I’m doing it alone and I have to clue what I’m doing. I’m just so frustrated to the point where I just wanna cry my eyes out

I was out with Norman the other day. We drove our motorcycles to get a coffee somewhere and we'resitting outside drinking our coffee and some lady, she’s probably seventy years old comes up and she just looks at me and she says ‘You asshole!’ And of course Norman falls on the ground laughing and she’s like 'Oh i love you.’ And then she looks at me with hate in her eyes and goes 'I wanna know where you live’ Oh no. And he starts telling her, 'I’ll tell you where he lives.’ I have to prepare myself for kinda more of that fan reaction of what an asshole i am.
—  Jeffrey Dean Morgan

I saw people calling Charlotte shallow and greedy so naturally I had to draw her getting married to someone she loves and is gonna treat her right (◡‿◡✿)

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im watching elementary rn and i rly think its better than bbc sherlock but im also rly bad w words and phrasing arguments for the question why can u help? bc a friend is like rly die hard bbc sherlock fan and i wanna make her understand why im not

I hate that’s there’s such antagonism between the two shows. They’re both good and they both have their merits but for me, looking over them as a whole, I find Elementary much better. I am still excitedly preparing to watch Sherlock this evening but it is not my favorite. To your friend, I’d first make clear to your friend that there’s no competition, just 2 radically different interpretations of the same characters.

So the main thing that keeps the two shows apart, in my opinion, is the willingness to take things slow and build up. The BBC Sherlock format is very different from most shows: it’s quick, comes and goes in the blink of an eye, puts a tremendous amount of subtext and characterizations and brilliant mysteries and twists into such a small frame. But this format has limitations which most people overlook for it’s snazzy effects, quick paced dialogue and trendy topics. The thing that makes Elementary stand out, not just from Sherlock but from other crime procedurals in general, is it’s very relaxed and realistic storytelling pace that contributes to a bigger whole.

Not every episode is a wild explosion of craziness, not every significant moment is obvious. There are small, intricate mysteries that fascinate, small bits of dialogue here and there that lay down bigger ideas, there are small changes in the relationship you don’t notice until suddenly you do. There were so many times, wonderful times, when a particular scene would come along and I’d realize how drastically things had changed. But when I’d stop and think, it really hadn’t been drastic at all, it had been slowly and lovingly planted and given the time and the room to grow. Anyone who has watched Season One knows how Sherlock goes from detesting his Watson’s interference in his life to being so proud and so honored to work with her. But the growth happens naturally, it feels good and real and to watch it come to be is honestly one of the greatest joys of the series. Their relationship continues to have those little moments laid out which lead to bigger moments and watching it be built brick by brick is something Sherlock, with it’s “flash in the frying pan” format, cannot do.

Secondly, I will admit I do not watch much cable TV, but it is still one of the most progressive, diverse shows I have ever seen and it does it so brilliantly. Just like it lovingly adds details and slow builds of relationships, it does the same with it’s rich diverse cast. It has people of all sorts of creeds and colors and beliefs all throughout the show. It acknowledges the differences between the people, acknowledges the stereotypes, true and untrue against them but never stops treating them as people. There are no “token X characters” in Elementary. Our Watson is a Asian WOC, Detective Bell and Alfredo are Black men, we see cops and criminals, sinners and saints of a wide variety. It often addresses the wrongs done to people, it never shies away from pointing out the way people are treated and how they ought to be. Even the beloved Mrs. Hudson is a transwoman played by a transwoman and it’s not a huge deal. It’s one aspect of her character but she’s also a Greek expert and has problems with her love life. It treats it’s characters well and with care. Kitty, a new protégé of Sherlock’s in S3, was a victim of rape, this post here does an excellent job of showing how Elementary handled a rape storyline so well. It’s so respectful to her, allows her grow and express herself but still addresses the issue but doesn’t let her get away with shitty behavior. It’s so good guys, it’s not gross at all. This is getting long but Sherlock’s drug use is a central theme in the show and it’s not glorified at all like it is a bit in BBC Sherlock. In fact, it shows the struggle, the temptation to fall back, how it’s battled one day at a time and shows the use of things like support meetings and finding connections with other people and recovering addicts.

Thirdly, The stories are as rich as the characters and let me tell you those characters are rich as chocolate. I am a mystery nerd, have been since middle school when I first read a Sherlock Holmes story and I find myself enjoying the mysteries so much. I won’t degrade you or the show by claiming every one is a gem, but even the dullest episodes have it’s little moments that make me smile and enjoy the overall plot. Because within the show we get lovely little moments: we get Sherlock/Watson banter, we get a plethora of obscure facts and figures, we get intriguing side characters doing their thing, possible hints of larger arcs and occasionally really touching, emotional moments between the characters. It interweaves it’s characters and it’s plots so well, using both the characters to further the plot and vice versa. So many times I think I know where something is going only to realize I’ve missed a piece and I slap my knee at how I was once again outwitted, but I’m enjoying the story and it’s twist too much to be truly angry. Like I said, not every episode is a winner, but I can say that each episode has moments or lines or elements that make it thoroughly enjoyable. It could be a unique twist, it could be plot progression, it could be a poignant moment between characters that you realize has been built upon all the past episodes.

So why is Elementary better than Sherlock? There’s no hard and fast answer because I know a lot of people enjoy Sherlock and there’s nothing wrong with that. Sherlock has many thing Elementary doesn’t. But what it doesn’t have is relatable characters with many rich layers who are given the time and opportunity to change and grow and not always for the better. It has some of the best diversity I have ever seen in a TV show because it doesn’t feel forced or unnatural in anyway, it is open and accepting of it’s characters and our Sherlock can be savage when he spots signs of bigotry and hypocrisy. Because it has really good plots, just as Sherlock does, but it doesn’t feel like a rapid, race across London more like a slow paced, meaningful walk talking the time to lay out a compelling story. So my recommendation to your friend, to anyone interested in Elementary is to give it a shot in the way it’s intended to be, over time. This is not a show you binge in one go and move on. It’s one intended to be watched over a period, meant for the audience to watch and connect and be slowly, piece by piece drawn into the characters and the story. Elementary isn’t “quirky” or “electric” like Sherlock but, if you give it the time, I believe it can come to be so much more.

speaking of being dramatic, my aunt came over and she asked how my trip to the hot springs was and I was like “fine” and then she stood next to me smiling and asked again “was it good” and me, being visibly weirded out answered with fine once again and then she said “i didn’t sleep for 3 days” so normally I asked “were u afraid they’d chop off my foot or sell one of my kidneys to the black market?” and she was like “no silly, you know.. I didn’t sleep when your cousin went on her first trip either” and I said “well… this wasn’t my first trip though I’ve been traveling alone for years now” so she rolled her eyes and went “you know” (meaning I went with a guy instead of a friend) and I said “there isn’t really much of a difference though, I could’ve just as easily left with a friend and then hooked up with a random stranger when I went to london or anywhere else” and she literally went “SORRY I WORRY ABOUT YOU” and stormed out of the room lmao


In here, you can’t see it, but it’s the same. It’s the same as out there we have food and roofs over our heads. You don’t get to just live, you don’t get to put it off or wish it away, Jessie. If you don’t fight, you die.