i wanna go to russia though

I wanna see Viktor cry.

For real, though. So far the saddest we’ve seen him was when he was torn between going to Japan to see Makkachin and staying to support Yuuri during his FS. Otherwise, he’s been generally happy-go-lucky and carefree. Or so it seems.

But skaters’ hearts are as fragile as glass. And we haven’t heard anything about his personal life; his family, etc. Certainly, nobody seems to be too preoccupied with him living outside of Russia for a while; nobody except for his coach and his fans. In fact, we only see him say goodbye to Yakov.

So I think there’s something deeper at play. Not sure what. But Viktor could probably use a good cry.

I’d love to see Yuuri being the one to comfort him. I think Yuuri would be better at that sort of thing, seeing how he cries a lot.

So, yeah. I wanna see Viktor cry.

(Maybe I’m just evil. Who knows?)