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holy shit!!!! your blog is LITERALLY *THEE* prettiest I've ever seen. Your Sims 4 screenshots make me really wanna give the game a go again and like, buy every expansion.. I have a question about that, though! Did you notice they don't have a seasons expansion? Does it upset you? It suuuuper puts me off, which is one of the reasons I find it so hard to get into it!! And I also love your Animal Crossing stuffs too sdfghj you're just incredible and I hope you have a lovely day, ily ♡♡♡

i’m actually crying, this is so cute, i can’t thank you enough. ;A;
i am painfully aware of the lack of seasons in sims 4, tbh it’s probably my favorite of all the expansions in the franchise. after the release of toddlers i’m thinking we’ll definitely get it in the future, (along with pets), but now it’s really a matter of when… hopefully we don’t have to wait too long!! sims 4 is such a beautiful game, like the graphics genuinely make me gasp sometimes, so the idea of rain or autumn leaves is super exciting, AH! anyway, thank you for being absolutely precious, ily and i hope you have the greatest day!

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Have you ever considered what the edgelords for the whole teamiplier would look like. TBH I've always imagined the "blueberry" as "Nightshade" with like his old (probably) ripped gymnast body a tank and a bit taller than his counterpart but with some slight fangs. Almost identical but with a slightly scarier look... kinda like a nightshade with a blueberry IRL lol. What do you imagine???

Sounds cool but i’m really not going in too deep with these Dark youtubers stuff. Maybe one day if i feel like it i might design some?? But at the moment i have non planned. Again, fanart is cool but i have a shit ton of other personal art to handle, i do not wanna add more to the stress pile.

You shoul try designing them yourself! You have cool ideas!

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I feel like my whole world is breaking. Like no one cares or ever did. I feel like I'm too fat. I feel like my acne is too far gone for me to control. I feel like my head is too big. I feel ugly, and useless, and I just wanna leave for a bit, but not did or something. I want to rip off my skin, and I'm scared. This isn't healthy and I dunno what to do. I feel... fake. Luckily my friend is going to watch over me for the next couple days but.. I feel worthless. I'm wasting her time. Im stuck.

It’s completely okay to feel scared, anon - that’s a very scary feeling to have :< I’m glad you have a friend to watch over you.

I want you to know that, even though you feel those things, they are not necessarily true. There are people who care - your friend, me, and this entire community. You are not useless or worthless, you are just struggling right now and aren’t at your usual 100%. Don’t be too hard on yourself, it’s okay to have days like this and it’s okay to take a break to deal with them. Take your time to rest, recover, and get back to you.

Your acne may be hard to control right now, but with the proper research and skincare routine you can get it under control. I thought for years that I would always have acne and there was nothing I could do about it - until I learned what kind of skin I have (combination dry/oily, fun fun) and what I needed to do to take care of it. You are not ugly, don’t worry. You’re positively beautiful <3

If you feel like these issues are overwhelming you, I urge you to talk to a therapist or counselor - they can help you learn coping techniques and change the way you feel about yourself for the better.

I hope this helps. You’re not alone, friend. Stay strong <3

Keep on shining!
♥ Courtney


-I have constant nightmares and I’ve always had someone to cuddle with. Now, I realize we’re not on that level but you’re only one here and I’m really scared to go to sleep.

-You’re severely depressed these days and I’m too scared to leave you alone so yes this is the only solution please accept my hugs

-The heater broke and I’m freezing get over here

-Hey dude I read that cuddling helps you sleep better, you wanna try it out?

-The Classic™: The hotel only has a king sized bed, I guess we’re sharing.

-We fell asleep on the couch together on accident, how did my hand end up in your hair? Were you breathing on my neck?! (Why did I get tingly???????)

-You’re staying over, take my bed, I’ll sleep on the couch, yes i am yes i am yes i am yes i am no you’re not yes i am FINE WE’LL BOTH TAKE THE BED, happy!!??

-We’ve had this tradition as besties to have a sleepover once a year but this year….it feels different…were your pajamas always this cute??…did I always have butterflies???

Platonic fluff meme!


“I know you’ve been feeling down lately, so I thought I’d keep you company for a while.”
“Do you wanna talk about it or should we just snuggle?”
“Listen… I’m here for you.”
“Hey, guess who loves you? It’s me!”
“I love you more than I love [favourite thing].”
“I could hug you all day.”
“Nobody fucks with my friends. Except me. But that’s different.”
“Hey, I bought you something.”
“Hey, I made you something.”
“You did this for me? Thankyou!”
“You’re my friend, I’m not going to leave you.”
“I’m not just here for good days. I’m here for the bad ones, too.”
“They don’t like you because they don’t know you like I do.”
“Don’t worry about it, I’ll take care of it.”
“You’re my favourite person.”
“Have I ever told you how great you are?”
“Do you want to do something together? To take your mind off of it?”
“Look, even my parents love you. You’re amazing.”
“I’m freezing, hold me.”

my dash is getting deader by the day and people i follow keep going inactive or switching fandoms so i’m looking for new blogs to follow! new mutuals would be cool, too. ♥ like or reblog this post if you have a tagging system and post any of the following:

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  • sebastian stan, chris evans, anthony mackie
  • star wars (the force awakens + rogue one especially)
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  • aesthetic photography

and i’ll check you out! drama/hate free blogs are preferred but i can deal.

if any mutuals could reblog this to help me out, i’d really appreciate it.

For elsewhere university - What if a music major who regularly practices inside their room (and really only their room. Playing elsewhere is a bad idea.) just has a fae casually listening in away from sight. Like the music mayor knows their there but just doesn’t say anything till they finally get super annoyed, cause really the fae choose the worst spot to hide, plus they keep their personal music sheets there n are really annoyed to find them missing.

So one day they just call them out n invite them in. ’“I know ur there, if u wanna listen then go head won’t stop u (not tht they can anyways.) Also I’ll give you an entire gallon of pure coffee cream or whatever food necessary to keep u from my music sheets. Im bad enough at procrastinating, I don’t need them missing too.” They just sorta don’t expect a reply n really keep playing, sometimes loudly declaring out loud “I wonder what I should play next!”


Where you from? // Draco x Reader imagine

Imagine where the reader is from America and comes to the UK and draco takes a big interest in them and likes her accent

Similar topic to ‘I like your accent’ which is a Fred x reader imagine but whatever:)


You gave both your parents one final hug, they were both in tears which made you wanna cry too. This was the first time you wouldn’t be seeing them until the holidays. It was a big change from America, where you would go home after the end of each day. You grabbed your luggage and boarded the train. As the train left you waved goodbye to them until they were out of sight.

You sat alone because you had no friends yet. You were heading to a new school all by yourself with nobody to even help you. You saw the odd student pass by the door, none of them seemed to even look in your direction. You enjoyed the silence for a while but you then got quite bored. You decided to take a short nap before you got to your new school.

You were waken up by the sudden stop of the train. You looked outside and it was dark. All the students were getting off the train so you scrambled to grab your luggage and headed off as well. You looked around at all the students. Nobody talked to you because they seemed to have their own friends. You looked as most of the students went up to their rooms like they knew the place like the back of their hands. You saw the younger students follow an older students to a big room called the ‘great hall’. You looked at a note from your parents saying that once you got here, you were to go to the Head Masters office. You met with the head master and a few professors and got everything sorted. Turns out you were put into Slytherin, just like your dad. You grabbed your luggage and found your new room.

You decided to take that night and rest. You were going to explore the castle the next day. You woke up a bit late but you still manged to make it for breakfast. You sat next to a very attractive blond headed boy who was quietly eating his food. You didn’t bother making conversation so you just sat there and ate. Out of the corner of your eye you saw him look at you. He let out a small cough before speaking to you. “Are you new or something? I’ve never seen you around here before” His voice was utterly beautiful. You finished eating your food quickly. “Yeah, I’m not from here. My names y/n.” He looked a bit taken back by what you said. He stuttered a bit. “Your accent is very… beau- unique… I like it. The names Draco Malfoy.” You shook his hand. You two made small talk until you both finished eating

Draco helped you throughout the day. You had the same classes together so he showed to to all the classrooms. He gave you tips on the classes and heads up with the professors. By the end of the day you two became great friends. After classes he showed you the library and the astronomy tower and some more secret places that he visited. You two were walking back to the common room when you let out a yawn. “Somebody’s tired hm? Instead of going to the common room I’ll just walk you back to your dorm for the night okay?” You yawned again so you nodded your head.

You two stood outside your dorm. “Thank you so much for today Draco, it meant a lot. Your my only friend here so it really helps.” Draco smiled a bit and looked down at his feet. “It was certainly my pleasure y/n, I enjoyed it.” You two stood there for a moment in silence. You were sure what to do so you leaned up and kissed his cheek. He looked shocked for a second before turning his head away with a pink tint on his cheeks. “I’ll see you tomorrow at breakfast alright? I’ll save you a spot” You nodded your head once more. You saw Draco spin around and head to his own dorm for the night. You quietly snuck into your room without waking your roommates. You were tired so you quickly got into bed. You fell asleep with a big smile on your face that night.

Valentine’s Day PSA for Singles!

I would just like to say to all my fellow singles out there… Don’t let some day full of marketing and expectations make you feel bad.

You wanna go get a fancy meal at your favorite restaurant? Take yourself out to get it, be your own date! It’s nice because you don’t have to work around anyone else’s schedule, and you don’t have to dress up if you don’t want to!

Want some flowers? Buy some for yourself! You can get ones you’ll actually like, and they don’t have to be roses! Roses are too expensive on Valentine’s day anyway.

Want chocolate? Go nuts! Though maybe wait until after the holiday, cause then it’ll be on sale ^_^

Love yourself. Treat yourself. Romance is fine, but the longest relationship you’ll ever be in is with yourself.

Show you how much you love yourself by doing nice things for just you!

Happy Valentine’s Day. Now go out there and love yourself! <3

Team Voltron at a Nice Trip to the Amusement Park
  • Lance: What do you guys wanna ride next?
  • Keith: (points to Shiro) I wanna ride that.
  • Shiro: (chokes on his ice cream)
  • Lance: Honestly, could you just go one fucking day without being gay?
  • Keith: You're asking for too much.
Requited [Rick Grimes x Reader]

Hi! Could I please request a fic where the reader is Daryl’s sister, and her and Rick fall for each other, but neither one is sure what to do about it because it might make things awkward, until one day, one of them (pref. Rick, but however you wanna do it works, too!) decides enough is enough and just goes for it, kisses the other and smut (and maybe fluff at the end?) ensues. XD Thank you !

Here you go, anon! Hope you like it! 💛

Warnings: romantic smut, unprotected sex, fluff

Words: 1,244

Keep reading

EDH/Commander Guilty Pleasures

I wanna know everyone’s EDH/Commander’s guilty pleasure decks. Basically a deck that you know it’s very strong but you love to play it anyways.

Or even too strong but you love it anyways.

I’ll go first and give everyone an Example:

Mono Red Wheels!
One day I’ll make this deck good enough!

Ok let me hear what your guilty pleasures are!

Tip of The Day

Colorism is not a Black movement. It is a darkskin movement. As lightskins, it’s not our place to add comments invalidating their oppression with things that we think also affect us because of colorism. Cuz we dont face colorism. Like at all. We’re the ones with the privilege. IF WE WERE TALKIN ABOUT RACISM THEN WE WOULD BE THE WHITE PPL IN THIS SCENARIO! So if you wanna go ahead and add that comment to a colorism post about how you face it too because you always felt like you weren’t black enough just understand that you sound like those white ppl who say they face racism because black people have more scholarships or that they couldnt get a job or accepted into college because of status quos and affirmative action. And just like i wanna beat they ass for inserting themselves in something they don’t belong to i wanna beat yo ass too. so next time you see a colorism post explaining the struggle of darkskin ppl and ur first reaction is “but what about me” sit yo lightskin ass down in several seats becky. cuz you actin like a becky trynna say that all lives matter bull shit when what they really mean is “i dont know what to do when im not the center of attention”. STOP SPEAKIN ON SHIT YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT!


Riverdale Appreciation Week (and a half)

Day One - Favourite Teen

“It’s called necrophilia, Reggie. Can you spell it?”

“You want vengeance? You wanna go full dark no stars, Veronica? I’m with you.” 

I Just couldn't pick one so I choose my favourite two though I must admit I love all of the core four plus Cheyrl, Josie, Reggie, Valerie, and Kevin

Why are there so many likeable characters on Riverdale? It’s just too hard to choose.

“Look Papy! The snow is so pretty here! I wanna play wit it allll day!”

“Well good– because this is our new home!”

“But I don’t want a new home.”

“… why’s that Sans?”

“Cause I already have one.”

“But we can’t go back…”

“Silly Papy, you’re my home! I’m always home when I’m with you, so I don’t need a new one–”

srfnwesgwesg I mentioned to a friend before that he wears the scarf as a hood– SO HERE IS SOMETHING VISUAL-

Have some of my SF babybones

I had so much fun with this too, the colors were nice to play with ;o;