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Signs as Thugisa's best lines
  • Aries: It's a big pool. How many bodies you think fit in here? I wanna say... a lot. Looks like a lot
  • Taurus: Look at him in his stupid glasses and his dumb outfit. I HAVE TO HAVE HIM!
  • Gemini: Whaddup sluts?! Guess who've just got out of prison!
  • Cancer: *sees Rei* *Miss New Booty starts playing in the distance* bitch you gonna me mine
  • Leo: *flirting attempt gets rejected* But you do admit that we are currently flirting?
  • Virgo: Ayo, homeboy looking like shark week, I ain't messing with that shit
  • Libra: Why he touching my man WHERE HE GO WITH MY MAN
  • Scorpio: Thanks for the life lesson, Boy Meets World, how is your repressed love life doing?
  • Sagittarius: Your ass just got looney tooned
  • Capricorn: Can't prove nothing if they all dead
  • Aquarius: Look at that majestic ass motherfucker. Like a dolphin or some shit. A dolphin with legs, and arms... And a jetpack
  • Pisces: Makoto I love you but you're dumb as hell
Attention | Gil x Reader

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Prompts: #31 “You’re an idiot. I’ve met smarter sandwiches.” #40 “I’m in love… shit.”

Summary: After a failed attempt at flirting and a little help from Uma, you and Gil get together

Author’s Note: Wingwoman! Uma is my new aesthetic tbh

You stormed past market stands, just wanting to get this trip over with. “(Y/N)!” You heard Gil yell from behind you. You continued ignoring him and sped up. “(Y/N)!” Gil‘s voice was much closer and you felt him grab your wrist, pulling you into an alley.

“What are you doing?” You snapped at him as soon as he let you go. “Will you talk to me?” He snapped back, equally frustrated. “What do you want me to say?” You growled at him. Gil sighed. “I’m sorry I dragged you into this. I didn’t meant to.” He apologized. 

You were sitting in Ursula’s Fish and Chips shop when Uma stormed in. She was sending some people out for a supply run. For some reason or another, Gil had volunteered you.

You stared into his brown eyes, trying to intimidate him. They were beautiful. You were confused when warmth blossomed in your chest. It wasn’t unpleasant, quite the opposite in fact.

“What are you thinking about?” Gil asked curiously. You snapped back to reality. “N-Nothing!” You stammered, mentally cursing yourself. “Really?” Gil questioned with a raised eyebrow. “You’re an idiot. I’ve met smarter sandwiches.” You muttered, stepping back out into the street.

What you didn’t see was Gil’s downcast expression. He looked at you sadly before walking in the opposite direction to find more supplies.

“It’s so weird, Uma!” You complained to your blue haired best friend. “Whenever I’m around him or I look into his eyes, I turn into a babbling moron and I feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.” You complained, holding your head in your hands.

You narrowed your eyes when you heard Uma laugh. “What’s so funny?” You questioned, crossing your arms. “You’re so oblivious. Gil, like, loves you. And you definitely love him.” She said with a confident smirk. ”He asked for me to pair you with him on the run because he wanted your attention.” Uma explained. You were about to retort when you actually thought about it. 

You did really like his eyes and his long, blonde locks. It was also really sweet how he tried to help you when he could and even though, he said the wrong thing sometimes, he always-

You blushed, realizing you got caught up in your thoughts. “I’m in love… shit.” You swore, making Uma snicker. “I’m glad you realized it. No one is as surprised as you.” Uma told you.

The sounds of loud talking and cheering caught both of your attentions. “Gil’s with them. As your Captain, I order you to go get your man.” Uma ordered. “I’m not getting out of this, am I?” You sighed. “You wanna walk the plank instead?” She questioned, crossing her arms. “I‘m going!” You called over your shoulder, walking out on the deck.

“Gil!” You called, spotting the blond haired boy, talking to Harry. “Woah! ‘old up there, lassie.” Harry stopped you with his hook. “Whatever you’ve got to say, it’s not nearly as important as what I’ve got to-” “Harry!” Uma yelled. “Nevermind.” Harry muttered, jogging over to Uma. Uma winked at you and you winked back.

“What was that?” Gil questioned. “Nothing you need to worry about. Come on.” You grabbed his hand, pulling his up to the quarter deck. Once we got up there, Gil pulled his hand away. 

“Listen, (Y/N). I’m sorry I dragged you into that supply run. I-” You cut him off by taking his hands again. You stood on your tiptoes and pressed your lips onto his. It took a second for him to start kissing back. 

“Finally!” You heard Uma yell. You broke this kiss and turned around, blushing once you realized Uma and Harry were watching. “Get a room!” Harry jeered at you. You smirked, getting an idea.

“You know what? We will! Bye!” You yelled over your shoulder, dragging Gil below deck. You reached your room and once Gil was inside, you kicked the door shut. “You’ve got all my attention now, baby.” You grinned. Gil pulled you in for another kiss.  

For once, everything felt right.

|My Dog Doesn’t Hate You?| Peter Parker

Peter Parker x Reader

Request: Can I get a peter parker x reader where she is walking her dog and she gets attacked but he saves her, and then her dog recognizes him and she asks him on a date?

Warnings: a gun being pointed at a pupper :’/ BUT NOTHING HAPPENS CAUSE I COULD NEVER DO THAT

Words: 938

A/N: my dog doesn’t hate you? story time I hope this is what you meant!


“Come on, Max. Just go pee…” My dog cocked his head to the side and looked around. I sighed and glanced down the sidewalk. I really hope I don’t run into anyone cause if I do Max will bark like crazy. He’s not that big of a dog like I could carry him, but his bark was still pretty loud. I don’t now why but he just doesn’t like people. I heard him yip and when I looked down he was laying in the grass. I groaned and tugged on his leash. “Let’s go inside.” I started to walk back to my apartment buildings and turned the corner down an alley way. I threw away Maxs’ shit bag away in the trash bin and started to hear him growl. I turned and saw a man walking my way. Shit… Maybe he’s just throwing something away too. The man reached into his pocket and pulled out what looked to be a gun. Oh god.

“I-I don’t wanna use this- I just want some money.” He stuttered. I shook my head.

“I don’t have-” He advanced towards me and Max lost it. The man pointed the gun at Max and my heart stopped. “Wait!-” The man looked up at me and I let go of Max. His little legs carried him out of the alleyway. Go get help boy. The man looked at me with an angry expression and then launched at me.

“Why did you do that?” He asked, grabbing my arm and pointing the gun at my shoulder. I heard Max barking in the distance and then he stopped. I screamed and the man shook me violently. I kicked his shin and tried to run.

“Hey!” The man and I looked up. A familiar man in spandex was standing on top of a building looking down at us. Spider-Man was holding Max and held him tightly as he shot his way down here. He set him down and webbed the mans hand. The man flew away from me as Max ran up to me.

“Come here, boy!” I said excitedly as he jumped into my arms. When I looked up the man was already webbed to the wall. I let out a sigh of relief as Spider-Man jogged over to us.

“Uh-” He awkwardly started to speak. “You good?” I nodded and smiled. Max scurried out of my arms and rushed to Spider-Man.

“Hey- boy-” The sight in front of me confused me. Max had tackled him and was trying to lick his face. Spider-Man laughed and pushed him back a bit.

“Max- Max! Calm down!” Spider-Man chuckled. How did…

“How do you know his name?” He leaned up and scratched the back of his head.

“I- Uh- you said it earlier.” Did I? Maybe I did. But normally Max hates everyone.

“Oh… Well, thank you for saving me.” I said, my voice quivered at the thought of what could have happened.

“No problem…” He jumped up, setting Max down. His voice sounded strangely familiar but I shook it off as I grabbed Maxs’ leash. “You want me to walk you home?” I looked up at him and smiled.

“Sure- I don’t live that far so it won’t take long.” He nodded and we started to walk back to my apartment building.


He chuckled at a joke I told as we neared my apartment. Max walked beside Spider-Man happily yipping every few minutes.

“I don’t know why he likes you so much. He normally hates people. All except for my family- Oh and my best friend Peter.” Spider-Man awkwardly laughed. I slowly stopped in front of my apartment. “T-This is me…” I said. He looked down at Max and I could tell he was smiling under his mask. He leaned down and pet Max on the top o his head.

“Bye little Maxy-” He said. That was strange only one other person called him Maxy… Spider-Man looked back at me as he leaned up. I was about to comment on what he just called my dog but suddenly Max rushed at the door across the hall as it clicked. My neighbor was probably locking up for the night. He ran under Spider-Mans legs and I collided with him. He put his hands on my arms to steady me and I kept the hand with the leash to my side so it wouldn’t touch something that would embarrass me. I blushed and Max stopped growling. Maxy huh? … Peter? It couldn’t be, right?

“Peter?” I asked. His eye glasses widened.

“H-How did you know?” I smiled.

“Maxy? You’re the only one who calls Max that.” He sighed.

“You can’t tell anyone.” He looked down the hall.

“I won’t… if… you agree to maybe get some coffee with me sometime.” I backed up a bit as Max came back from under Peters’ legs.

“Are y-you- asking me out… and blackmailing me at the same time?” He asked, chuckling at the end.

“Yeah- I think I am… You don’t have to if-”

“Yes… I mean- Yes I’ll go get coffee with you… sometime. I-Is tomorrow ok?” I nodded and smiled widely. He pushed away from me and I fished my key out of my pocket. “I gotta go- but I’ll text you later!” He started to slowly walk backwards down the hall.

“You better- Spidey-Boy.” I teased. He groaned and continued walking as I opened my door.

“It’s Spider-Man to you- I mean to everyone- Ugh! It’s Spider-Man!” I rolled my eyes as he disappeared down the stairs. I walked into my apartment and closed the door behind me. Max yipped happily. Not knowing what he said, I just spoke my mind.

“I know boy… I can’t believe I just asked out Spider-Man either…”


A/N: THANK YOU ALL FOR 400 FOLLOWERS!! I’m also so close to 500 lol.

Things my theatre class has said:

•"Michael put your shirt back on.“

•"Stop dancing like magic Mike and run your lines.”

•"Put the sword back or so help me god.“

•"You gotta be an exotic dancer, man.”

•"God damn it Jerry.“

•"Wanna go to Starbucks and see how many cake pops I can fit in my mouth?”

•"I’ve got this shit down packed.“

•"Put the hand back.”

•"Let’s play murderer, I like that game.“

•"If she’s the lead girl, I’m fucking playing lead boy.”

•"Get the skeleton out of the closet.“

•"That’s an octopus in a jar.”

•"See you later, lesbian thespians.“

•"theatre class is the only reason I haven’t dropped out yet.”

•"Put the goddamn tutu and wings on, stop complaining.“

•"Tiny Ashia is a senior? What the fuck? When did that happen?”

•"Wanna hear my Shaggy immpression? I’ve been working on it.“

There was an Off Topic Podcast where they talked about Ryan over-reacting dramatically to small things in GTA lat’s plays, mostly through the influence of Gavin. It got me thinking of like, super paranoid Vagabond. He’s been in the business for so long, that he’s become super cautious. He doesn’t want to lose a(nother) crew. If there’s even a whiff of cops being nearby when they’re trying to kidnap someone, their would-be-victim instantly get a bullet to the head and the crew is forced to retreat. If someone fires a bullet at any of them, Ryan’s pulling out a machine gun, or on a memorable occasion, a fucking flamethrower and going to town on the dude. Everything is an over-reaction, and Gavin, little shit, knows this. He knows that if he yells, or acts scared, or shoots his gun at nothing, Ryan will come flying in, giving all he has to remove the danger. 

This is all fun and games until Ryan catches on, and he starts ignoring him. Gavin shoots the wall next to Ryan, and he just turns to look at him, eyes cold behind the mask as he stares at Gavin with disapproval. Gavin screams ‘They’re coming!’, and Ryan doesn’t even bother to ask who, just keeps piling money into the bag. It’s like the boy who cried wolf. It ends the same way. 

Weapons deal, Golden Boy goes in, told to leave his guard dog and all weapons at the door. Ryan doesn’t like it, but remembering that Gavin’s with him makes him refuse to act on his paranoia, to retain his pride. They people they’re dealing with don’t take their coms, either through laziness or lack of noticing. Ryan stands by the closed door, waiting for Gavin to come back. He’s listening to the conversation and kind of zones out. He just barely notices the other man in the room say ‘I’ll be right back.’ There’s a few seconds pause then Gavin starts sounding alarmed. 

‘What have you got that out for? This is just a weapons deal, not a demonstration.’ Ryan shakes his head. He knows Gavin’s alone, the guy just left the room, it’s a stupid prank. 

‘Mate, come on, you really want to shoot me? You’d have the entirety of the Fake AH Crew chasing you down.’ Gavin is starting to sound a little more alarmed, but Ryan still refuses to move. Golden Boy is a convincing actor, but Ryan refuses to be a part of this play. He shuffles, content to let Gavin play it out until the weapons dealer comes back, when he finally hears the voice of the man Gavin is talking to. 

‘The Fake AH Crew isn’t gonna do shit. The Vagabond won’t hear a thing and by the time he thinks to check on you, we’ll be long gone. Say goodbye Boy.’ Ryan recognises the voice of Mr. E. Everytime he hears it, he’s flooded with thoughts of putting him in the ground, preferably in a casket. 

‘Don’t do-’ There’s a gunshot, and Ryan hears a sound like a bird. 

‘Don’t move so much. It’ll hurt more, the more I shoot you and miss the vital bits. Do you wanna go quick or bleed out?’ Mr. E’s voice imitates that of a kind friend offering food, but is spoilt by the obvious joy he derives from watches Gavin squirm like a headless chicken.  

Ryan busts open the door, with one good, solid kick next to the handle. Before Mr. E or Gavin even have time to scream, two shots ring out. One hits Mr. E solidly in the chest, where he dies on impact. The other hits Gavin in the shoulder. ‘Shit.’ Ryan tucks away his gun and moves to Gavin who’s desperately trying to hold the blood inside himself. Ryan is quick to notice the blood on the left calf of his pants. Making a decision, he picks Gavin up and sets him on his shoulders in a fire mans carry, Gavin squeaking in pain all the while as Ryan carries him to their car and plonks him in the passenger seat. There’s an awkward silence only broken by the occasional groan as Gavin tries to wrap fabric around his ankle and hold his shoulder at the same time. 

‘I’m sorry.’ Ryan stares resolutely forwards, focusing on getting them to Caleb as soon as possible to get Gavin patched up.

‘Me too.’ Gavin gives up on his ankle and just leans back in his seat.

‘You know, if you hadn’t tried to trick me all those times, I would have trusted you, and not let you get shot.’ Ryan tries to crack a joke but it falls flat.

‘… Shut up Ryan.’


(Continuation of ^)

“I came all the way out here just for you to tell me THAT shit!? Then how DOES it work, huh!?”

Thistle opened his mouth to say more but was interrupted by a soft rumble. He looked up, noticing the sky through the cracks in the barrier looking rather cloudy. 

The thorny skeleton glared at Friday for a brief moment before letting out a sigh and freed him of the thorns around his leg. 

“Come’on, kid. We’re leaving. We can talk more on the way- Unless of course you have somewhere better to be.”

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Going on holiday with the batboys hc? ;) 💕

Robin, girl I love you. Yes yes yes. I’m going to do it for Rio too because I like the beach. (Although I did do a separate one for Jason already so…)

•this man is over-prepared
•he has like 5 bottles of sunscreen all different SPFs
•makes sure to get everything you need.
•doesn’t bring weapons because he wants to cherish this time with you.
•he brings a fucking speedo (you know who you are when we discussed this ;))
•you don’t know this
•you guys (unsurprisingly) make it through security and everything with no trouble.
•this man owns the beach.
•your jaw drops when he steps out in his speedo
•"Did you bring swimming trunks?“
•he learns how to dance Samba that day
•you take a video of him drunk Samba dancing
•you send it to Bruce
•he responds with “ :) ”

Jason (I did one for him already but I have one thing to say):
•two words…
•beach sex

•this boy is pale AF
•like he’s practically Danny Phantom
•he burns easily so you make sure to bring a strong sunscreen
•he plans everything out and makes an itinerary
•triple checks that you packed everything you need.
•the flight to Brazil is long and exhausting
•you two don’t wanna talk about it
•jet lag is real
•can’t forget the coffee :)
•breakfast on the beach
•he takes a nice ass photo of you during sunset
•it’s a relaxing vacation
•you two have never felt happier

•he packs his shit like a week in advance
•plans on saving some wild animals from traffickers
•"Damian I know we’re going to Rio, but it’s not gonna be like the movie.“
•"let me save some animals, Y/N.”
•boy knows his por👏🏽tu👏🏽guese👏🏽
•some people think he’s actually Brazilian.
•the beach
•oh man the beach
•while you relax, he’s challenging everyone to beach volleyball and beating them
•goes surfing
•somehow ends up in a coconut bra cuz this guy is wild

Yeee thanks Robin! I hope you liked it!

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Spooktacular Summer

Ship: Reaper76

Summary: Usually Gabriel is excited to decorate for Halloween as early as he can. But something is bothering him this year…

Tags: Modern AU, Halloween, Fluff, Family Fluff, Domestic Fluff, it’s just fun lighthearted halloweeny fluff you guys


The later into summer it got, the more antsy Gabriel felt.

It wasn’t the heat; he was from Los Angeles, so the summer warmth and humidity was no big deal. It wasn’t the onset of school time, though trying to get all the supplies for his adopted kid was a huge pain in the ass.

No, it was the fact that in just a few very short weeks it would be October, which meant that it would be Halloween.

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Carl Grimes in every episode - Service

Well, pardon me, young man and excuse the shit out of my goddamn French, but, did you just threaten me? Look, I get threatening Davey here, but I can’t have it. Not him, not me. Carl, just put it down. Don’t be rude, Rick. We are having a conversation here. Now, boy, where were we? Oh, yeah. Your giant, man-sized balls. No threatening us. Listen, I like you, so I don’t wanna go hard proving a point here. You don’t want that. I said half your shit, and half is what I say it is. I’m serious. Do you want me to prove how serious? Again?

GOT Season 7, Episode 1, Dragonstone Reaction/Review

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- OH fuckkkkk… It took me a little too long to realize that is ARYA MOTHERFUCKING STARK. FUCK YES. FUCK YES. YASSSSSSS BITCH YASSSSSS. (I thought it was a flashback a weird second)

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- Man these Winds of Winter aren’t fuckin’ around.

- Lyannaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! My heart! Bear Island is badass.

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- SANSA I agree with you.

- Goddamn JON, well okay FINE. The rest of the Kalstarks/Umbers are kids. FINE. FINEEEEEEE. UGH.

- Aw Sansa you got so tall!!

- I LOVE THE STARKS SO MUCH. Yes Sansa and Jon please talk everything out. I LOVE IT. Listen to each other. YES PLEASE.

-  Cersei, I hate you, but I like seeing you plot.

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- UGhhhhhn I really don’t wanna see anything about the dumb Greyjoys. Jamie is right, they suck- wait what Queen? OH SHIT.  I thought he was gonna go to Dany! Now COLOR me interested again.

- Damn Euron… well that’s a pitch. You’re still gross, but for Cersei, i dig it? This is neat. Neat neat neat.

- SAMMMMMMMM. My Boi! Man they have you on that internship track. Grosss. I’m surprised this wasn’t turned into a musical remix of some kind.

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- Brianne and Tormoud oh geez. I ship them so much but he needs give her a little room. She doesn’t trust dudes, dude. I just want her to be happy please.

- Littlefinger go awayyyy you creep.

- Wait. That song got OUT. Is that some singer I should know? He looks familiar. Is that that Ed Sherman man?

- Arya aw you are gonna kill these folks? They seem okay.

- Oh hey Hound, what’s up?

Originally posted by mistermarauding

- I’m still annoyed Gendry isn’t with this crew. Lady Stoneheart too.

- Maybe this show ends with the White Walkers winning? I like Clegane’s redemption arc.

- Sam with his family and the books :) Oh who would have thought the island of Dragonstone would be made of it! Golly! hahaha

- OH it’s JORAH! Poor man.

- DANYYYYYYYYY. She finally made it over! Aw man aw man!

- This feels like a trap, but I’m enjoying the tour.

- “Shall We Begin?”  YES LETS.

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Aftershow thoughts:

- Still think Sansa was right and the Kalstarks shouldn’t be forgiven.

- Arya go to JONNNNN. I need to see more Starks together PLEASE.

- I hope Bran is also on his way.


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Things that make me fucking melt

Just wanted to make a lil list cuz i’m in a lee mood and had a bit of a bad day and i wanna cheer myself up a smol bit so yeaaaah

~ KISSES. DURING. TICKLES. I cannot physically articulate how happy and giddy and safe it makes me feel if someone gives me smooches while they’re wrecking my shit 😆😆 Like, on the cheeks, forehead, lips, neck, ears, tum JUST….SMOOCHES *sighs* They’re one of my many kryptonites 💜💜💜

~Being called cute nicknames….😆💜 and also being called anything masculine like ‘young man’ or something something ‘boy’. Because I’m trans it gives me a warm feeling generally but in this scenario it just makes me shut down and go into Happiness Overload.exe and I just fuckin DIE (but in the best way 😆😝)

~Tummy nibbles. Holy. Fucking. Shit 😳😳😆 I just…i just can’t even THE VERY THOUGHT OF THEM MAKES ME GIDDY 🙊🙊 There’s just something about them that makes them complete and utter HEAVEN 😆😍

~Tickles as an interrogation/punishment. The tense atmosphere, the intimidating-ness of the ler….just the whole thing is my favourite EVER kind of tickle scenario *fans self* holy moly 😂😂💜

~Slow traces along the waistline and round the belly button…the slow teasiness just flusters me so goddamn much and the light feeling is just sooo niiiiiice 😆😆 AND UGH YES GIMME MORE GIMME MORE JFC

~Verbal teasing about my sensitivity, Verbal teasing about the noises I make.  Verbal imitations of me. Verbal teases about me loving it. Verbally telling me PRECISELY what you’re going to do to me. VERBAL TEASES MY GUYS VERBAL TEASES 😱😱😱😂💜*ravioli ravioli give me the formuoli*

~Asking me where I want to be tickled CUZ IT MAKES ME SAY STUFF AND I LIKE BEING ASKED OKAY IT MAKES ME FEEL FUZZY AND SPECIAL 😌😆😝 hush leave me alone

~Someone calling themselves the tickle monster or something similar AND CHASING ME WHILE GROWLING AND SHIT! Playing a like game of hide and seek with them taunting and teasing before finally catching me and having their wicked tickly way with me….FAHK 😳😳💜💜

~Someone who doesn’t mind doing it. Honestly, having the security of knowing that the other participant is having fun and isn’t feeling uncomfortable or pressured is honestly the best thing because then I don’t feel awkward or worried that I’m being bothersome. Mutual enjoyment is the BEST SHIT basically 😊😊👌👌

Aaaaaand yeah. That’s it LUV YOU AAAAALL 😘😘💜💜

D0nt R3blog pls

Not to Discourse or anything cuz I know we are all exhausted by men and all that stuff because they Get On Our Nerves but honestly? Truly? Maybe sometimes we shouldn’t be expending so much energy popping the bubbles of people that are attracted to men and are happy and wanna be positive. I say this especially because I’m highkey tired of 1) people derailing positive posts for mlm and also because 2) shit, sometimes I want to talk about the man I love without someone being like “he’s just a boy. Boys are ugly and gross”.

Like….maybe we can just be quiet sometimes and not project bitterness onto people. Anywhom, I’m going back to sleep though so later jellybeans.

D0nt R3blog

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gemma, looking through the internet at all of the things tabloids and fans say about harry being an attention seeking, cheating, scheming, lying, womanizer who only dates when he has to promote something which is an image harry and the boys have spoken up against: no, that one. that comment from a 12 year old fan on my instagram picture implying harry is in a loving supportive relationship with a man. i can't stand seeing comments like these about my brother every day. i have to speak up.

gemma: you’re welcome to live in my brain for a day and then read comments like yours and see how you wanna deal with it, go ahead. me: oh shit thanks *turns off my computer so i can enjoy being an old white privileged millionaire cishet woman whose sole grievance in life is people thinking her brother is gay* great! now it’s your turn to live as a lower middle class trans teen of color who takes the time to support a boyband whose family members demonize you for thinking their brother is gay.


  • me: why don't I have any friends???
  • also me: In order to be my friends, first you must sucefully fill the following form:
  • "It’s summer of ____, Joe meets _______ and he’s like “Yo, _ ____ ____ _____” and ______’s like “yo, i know ____ _____ _____”. “That’s __________. do you wanna _____ a ____?”. And _______’s like “…yeah… that’s cool.” And then he’s like “__, this is a ____ _____ it's not a _____ store!”. And then they met at Patrick’s _____. And Patrick’s wearing ______ ___ _____ ___ _ ___. Patrick is playin’ drums for some _______ _____! and ____’s there, for some reason! They start _______ _____ together. And they’re like ”oh let’s play some _______ _____ from some other bands!” It was like, _____ ___ and _______ _______ and fuckin’ _______! Pete said to ___ “Yo, we gotta ______ ____ ____ up! Yo we’ve played all these bands let’s ____ ____ from ____ ___ ___.” And so Pete and _______ are like “yo, that’s ____. But we need a fuckin’ _______!” Because Patrick’s playin’ drums ___ ____ _ ______! and he’s like “Yo! I got a ____ _____!” and they’re like “Wait, how do you have a ____ _____!?!” and he’s like “__ watch this! yEeeeeEeeeeEeeaaaAAAH!” and they’re like “oh my god! that sounds ____ ____!” so they put it in the ____ and it was like “WHERE __ ____ ___ TONIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!!!?!!!?!” and then they’re like “Yo, this is _______ _______. This is ____ Out ___.” And they made records like, _______ ___ with your __-__________. It's called _______ ___ with your ex __________, everybody _____ it. It’s called ______ out your girlfriend, and its real and it _______ ______. And Pete talked to ______ and ___ and he was like “Yo what the _______! yo this is gonna be fuckin’ ________!” So they made a record, and it was called ____ ____ __ ____ ______. They made it _______ a drummer! And they had like three, four _______ come in. The four drummers they had come in were like… ____ ______, Neil Peart, the dude from ____… the fourth one was like the guy from ____ _____ or something. And they were like, “yo, we need ___ ______. ___ ______. Take This to Your ____. fuckin record it.” and he did it, and he ______ __. He was like, bigadigadigalalululapssshhhh! _______ the skins! Tapping the _____! Tapping the ____! _______ ___ ____! Killing these _______! Wrapping it out! “We should get signed, to ______ __ _____. Cuz these guys know ____ ___ ____ __ going on.” And they were like “Yo, if you can make our _____ any ______ than it is, which is not fuckin ____, we will sign you guys.” Pete was like ”Yo! We got this record that’s fuckin’ ____ ____!! It’s called, Take This to Your Grave.” Hey, its gonna be called ____ _____ ___ ____ ____, it's gonna be fuckin ____. And then Patrick’s like “I gotta ____ __ ____, i gotta ____ __ ________. These are three songs that are gonna make the album and its called… this is called _____ __ __ ____, __ ______ _________, and _____ ____ _____ ____...” And they made this record that was _______ ____ and it fucking hit on the _____. Like one, two, three! _____ ___ ___! Three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten!!!! ___ __ ___! From Under the Cork Tree sold like ____ _______ records! Ten million records! fifteen million records!!! And _______ ____ had nothing to do with the entire record. And _______ was like “that’s gooooooooood!” Pete was like “yo, ____ ___! I can do whatever i want!” Joe was like “yeah its cool man, _______… I don’t ____ a shit.” And then ____ was like “eh… cool!” and Pete was like “______ is fuckin’ great for a guy. Because it makes a guy ____ ________. Which a lot of times, a ___ is not ________. And I _____ ______ that. I wanna make sure _________ ______ that guys are beautiful.” Pete was like “Oh my god I’m so embarrassed about this ____ ____!” And then i saw the ____ ___ and I was like “Eh, its not ___. It’s not a bad dick. let’s be ____.” Panic! at the Disco made _______ _____ one issue ______ ____ Out Boy. And Fall Out Boy made the issue _____ ____ Panic! and they were so pissed! They were like “yo fuck you guys!” they were like “YO! Panic! has the _____ of _______ _____!?! Yo, fuck these dudes, were gonna go fucking _____ _____! We’re gonna hit every fucking _________ there is known to man!” But they didn’t! Because they ______ _ _____ of time, _________. They were like “Oh shit we got every continent.” And they didn’t actually ___ __. Dude, Pete was like “WHAT THE FUCK!” Oh you didn’t _______ ____ the continent. It’s like fuck you! so ____ _____ ___ ____ ____ happens, we fuckin have three, ____ _____ __ ___________! Like people are cumming on themselves ____ __ ___! So Fall Out Boy was like, so _______’s like “Yo were gonna name this record from under the cork tree and from ________ __ ____.” ___ was like “Yo, _____ _ ____ means, the ________ of two.” Fall Out Boy was like “yo, we gotta ____ _ _____” Meaning, Pete was like “Yo, we gotta take a break ___” and Patrick’s like, “_ ____ ____ ___ __ ______! YAAAAAAHHHH!” and ___’s like “yo, i need time to ____ ___ ______ ___ dude i gotta find some fuckin’ meau-metal.” and Andy’s like “I’m just gonna play with ____ _______ _____ _____.” And they were like, “Alright, this breaks been like _____ _____ ____. Two years long. Three years long. _____ ___ _ ____. We gotta fuckin’ come back dude. We gotta ____ ____ STRONG! We gotta make this ____ _____. It’s gonna be fuckin ____. It’s gonna go fuckin ___ ____. We’re gonna make a fuckin record that _____ ___ _____. We’re gonna call this record… ____ ____ ___ ____.” So they made _____ _______, _____ __ up, alone together, _______. And everyone’s like “What the fuck? you’re working with ____ ___ who fuckin recorded ____ _______ and pink!” Pete was like “__, were gonna end up in tour with _____ __ ___ _____ and ______ ___ ______.” And that’s all. And that’s all ____ ______. And that’s how the ______ ____ goes."
  • <p> <b></b> Michael POV<p/><b></b> "Man I didn't even really wanna go to prom, it was just a bunch of overly horny niggas and bitches that spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on one night that would be over before it began" I said as me and my bestfriend Metri sat at the food court in the mall. "Bitch shut the fuck up you know you wanna go, you just mad cause you don't have a date yet, and you extra salty cause Darrien ain't ask you yet" he laughed as he took a bite of his chick-fil-a sandwhich. He was right though I actually did wanna go but I only wanted to go with one person and that was him, waiting on him to ask me to prom was like waiting in line for new Jordan's to drop it takes forever. "Yeah whatever Bitch, he ain't gonna ask me so Im just over it, it's only a week an a half left till prom and I don't have a tux or limo shit I'm mad as hell I brought that $100 ticket" I said actually becoming mad a little. " Calm down Mike, you'll get asked and if you don't you can come with me and Travis" he replied trying to cherler me up. "GREAT!!, so I can be a third wheel, na I'll pass" I retorted honestly. We finished our meal and did a little more shopping as we were leaving I seen darrien and some other boy walking on I quickly grabbed metri and duck behind this big ass flower pot outside the mall. "BITCH, I'll smack the shit outta you bout to give me whip flash better be glad me and Jesus ace boon coons in this new year don't do that shit no more" he said but I ignored everything he said and said " Look, there go Darrien and some other boy going in the mall, do you know him?" I asked because my Bitch been around the block and up the street a few times. " Yeah that's Evan he got a big dick, Mmm.. A really big-". " Michael?" Someone asked from behind me and from the voice I knew exactly who it was. " He-hey Darrien funny running into you here haha" I say nervously beings I was just caught hiding behind a flower pot at 3 in the afternoon. " What you doing behind this flower pot, hey Metri" he said as he hugged us both. "Well I was-we were- he needed" I couldn't speak at all so like a true bestfriend my bitch quickly said " We were here looking at tuxs for prom, how about you guys and hey Evan!" He said as he gave Evan that look that make ya mom uncomfortable cause she no her son getting dicked down right. "Wassup Metri, still looking sexy as ever, you a stranger thou shawty, I see ya new nigga got you in lock huh?" Evan replied licking his lips and I'll admit I got alil turned on. "please don't get him started on niggas" I said as I pulled darriens so we could talk away from those two knuckle heads.<p/><b></b> Darrien POV<p/><b></b> I'll admit it Michael was looking so fine right now he had his hair I'm braids that led to a man bun and his ass was sitting right, I spotted him and Metri walking out the mall as soon as we got close to the steps o seen him duck down behind that flower pot and all that. "So why was you hiding again?" I asked him because I wanted a answer. " ok truth is I seen you and Evan and I didn't know him so I thought-" before he could finish I said " I was cheating, Oh okay, nah shawty I'm not going no where". " So if that's true why haven't you asked me to prom yet Darrien we only have a week basically to get his shit together, is cause I'm a boy and your parents don't know" he said and I could see the hurt in his eyes. " Come on man! Don't start with that, look I love you and I always will but I'm just not ready for my parents to know yet" I honestly said.<p/><b></b> Me and Michael been messing around since sophomore year and we are now seniors, I came out at school for him cause I really do love him I just haven't told my parents yet.<p/><b></b> "Don't do what! D, explain to the guy I love that I wanna be with him whole heartily I fucking love ya bigheaded ass and I just wanna spend this night with you" he said as tears rolled down his face. Before I could reply he grabbed Metri and left me standing there. "damn, bro you fucked up this time huh?" Evan said walking over as we watched them leave. " Man shut up nigga, I didn't do shit, he wanna go to prom with me but I haven't told my parents about us yet, don't get me wrong I love his ass a lot but I'm not ready yet man, what you think?" I asked him cause he was my boy and he keep it 100 with me. " I think that you should take his ass to prom, tell ya parents and move on if that accept you great if they don't go to college with ya man and start a new life my nigga, for to long we love for others because what they might think or feel bit what about us?" He said as we entered Zumiez " Since when did you become Mr. Knowitall" I said mushing his head. " Since I came out 2 months ago and my mom accept me but you know pops ain't wit it but he cool" he replied which made me think about my next move and how I was gonna tell my parents that there only child was gay and wanted to go to prom with a boy!! Damn.<p/><b></b> If you like this first little snippet of my new tumble story "Knight in shining armor" please please please #reblog and comment lemme know wassup I'll beposting updates every Wednesday and the chapters will be much longer this is just a tease!!<p/></p>
Carved Hearts Part 2

Pairing: Reader / Jungkook ft. other members

Genre: summer love au; Fluff / Slight Angst

Length: 3.3k words

Warnings: language

Summary: You spend your summers at Camp Oakwood with Jungkook and his friends. After years without seeing him, he returns to cause even more chaos in your life. Only, this year is different; how would your deeply buried feelings for him come into play this summer?

Part 1  Part 2

After the bonfire ended, you and the boys walked back to the cabins, occasionally throwing jokes here and there. “What’s the worst thing about throwing a party in space?” Jin asked, trying to keep a straight face but failing miserably.

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Not Much but Perfect

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Author’s Note: This is a Juan-Carlos “Juice” Ortiz imagine based on Is This Love? by Bob Marley as requested by a lovely Nonny as well as imagine number 1 for MM12. This imagine is rated M for mention abuse so **TW** if this is something triggering for you, please don’t read! Hope you all enjoy!

Not Much but Perfect

I wanna love you and treat you right;
I wanna love you every day and every night:
We’ll be together with a roof right over our heads;
We’ll share the shelter of my single bed;
We’ll share the same room, yeah! - for Jah provide the bread.
Is this love - is this love - is this love -
Is this love that I’m feelin’?
Is this love - is this love - is this love -
Is this love that I’m feelin’?
I wanna know - wanna know - wanna know now!
I got to know - got to know - got to know now!

I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I - I’m willing and able,
So I throw my cards on your table!
I wanna love you - I wanna love and treat - love and treat you right;
I wanna love you every day and every night:
We’ll be together, yeah! - with a roof right over our heads;
We’ll share the shelter, yeah, oh now! - of my single bed;
We’ll share the same room, yeah! - for Jah provide the bread.

“Do you trust me?” Juan holds a hand out to her and looking between him and the man vibrating with anger beside her, she swallows. “Yes or no?”

“What do you think Oli? You think biker boy is going to be able to protect you? He aint shit! I’m family Oli, I’m family,” Jason’s voice carries a familiar lick of heat that Olivia’s felt the wrath of her entire life, and whether it’s lingering loyalty or fear that has her hesitating she doesn’t know and Jason is quick to capitalize. He wraps a hand tight around her wrist, tugging sharply until she stumbles against him and with a vice like grip on her neck he forces her to look up at him.

He hadn’t always been this way. Once upon a time Jason was not just her big brother but her best friend, but life and all of its circumstances changed him; hardened him into someone she barely recognizes.

Juan takes a step towards them and when Jason notices his grip tightens dragging a soft gasp of pain from Olivia’s lips.

“Jason, please,” her voice is small as pain radiates down her spine. “You have to let me go.”

“Fine,” Jason spits loosening his grip and taking no chances Juan steps close, taking her hand. He wraps an arm around her back, his hand rubbing to soothe the ache. “We’ll see how long he wants to keep you. Don’t think you can come running back here when biker boy gets bored with you!” Jason’s anger follows them out.


With her face pressed to Juan’s back she cried the whole ride to Charming. She and Juan have been seeing each other for nearly a year now and in that time she managed to sneak to a party or two, but she still doesn’t really know what to make of Juan’s friends and family, or what they make of her; and as screwed up as things are in the tiny house she shares with Jason, at least there she knows where she stands.

Most of the time.

The roar of Juan’s bike dies away and taking a deep shaky breath Olivia opens her eyes. She’s perplexed when she finds that they are parked in the parking lot of an apartment complex.

“Where are we?” she asks taking the hand that Juan holds out to her.

“My apartment,” he says wrapping an arm around her shoulders as he leads her to a set of stairs. “I love my brothers, don’t get me wrong, but I couldn’t live at the clubhouse, not full time anyway.” His voice is light as he pulls keys from his pocket, and unlocking the door in silence he pushes the door open.

Stepping inside Olivia is struck by how clean everything is. She shouldn’t be so surprised, for a biker Juan sure is neat, and biting back a smile she takes everything in. The furniture is simple, leaning a little towards sleek, and everything about the décor screams unapologetically male; and looking she sees the strip of photos they took together at fun town staring back at her from where it hands on a small bulletin board near the couch.

“I know it’s not much,” he says and turning she smiles at him.

“It’s perfect.”

Is this love - is this love - is this love -
Is this love that I’m feelin’?
Is this love - is this love - is this love -
Is this love that I’m feelin’?
Wo-o-o-oah! Oh yes, I know; yes, I know - yes, I know now!
Yes, I know; yes, I know - yes, I know now!

I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I - I’m willing and able,
So I throw my cards on your table!
See: I wanna love ya, I wanna love and treat ya -
love and treat ya right.
I wanna love you every day and every night:
We’ll be together, with a roof right over our heads!
We’ll share the shelter of my single bed;
We’ll share the same room, yeah! Jah provide the bread.
We’ll share the shelter of my single bed

She settled into her life with Juan. The first few days were spent wrapped in each other’s arms, but the shiny bubble they’d built for each other was quickly popped by the call for a long run, so while Juan was away Olivia made herself busy. She found herself a job, and as wonderful as the offer for a job at TM from Gemma was she wanted something that was truly hers, and for the first time in longer than she can remember she finds herself thankful for the years of retail hell she endured as she managed to get herself hired on as manager at one of the boutiques on main street.

Her eyes flit to the clock above the stove. 8:45. Juan said they’d be wrapped up at the clubhouse by 9, and turning back to the dishes she lets her mind wander. She always knew life could be this way, despite the things Jason said to her. She always knew that love could be good, kind, the way it is with Juan, the way it was with her Mom and Dad, before he started drinking, before she stopped caring.

“Babe?” Juan’s voice startles her from her thoughts and turning she drops the glass she was washing, jumping when it shatters on the kitchen floor, and immediately she’s on her knees.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,” the words rush from her mouth as she picks up the broken shards, panic filling her so fully that she barely notices that the glass cuts into her.

“Olivia, hey,” Juan’s voice is soft as he kneels across from her, hands wrapping softly around her wrists, stilling her. She lifts flooded eyes to his, shaking almost uncontrollably. “It’s okay, it’s just a glass.”

“I-I’m sorry,” she doesn’t understand where the panic comes from, she’s been doing so well lately, and here she sits looking like an idiot as she cries over a broken glass.

“Go clean yourself up, I’ll take care of this,” Juan’s voice soothes her and nodding she walks on shaky legs to the bathroom.


Her head lifts at the sound of his knocking and offering a smile he slips inside.

“Hey,” Juan murmurs as he takes the balled up tissue from her hand, and studying her wounds he sets to work cleaning them up. She goes to open her mouth but he just shakes his head. “Don’t. I know you’re going to say you’re sorry, again. You have nothing to be sorry for.”

“I was back there again,” she confesses on a wince as Juan dabs at the shallow nicks on her fingers. “It’s been a couple of months now…and something so easy took me right back, just like that.” She snaps the fingers on her unwounded hand so loudly it echoes off the bathroom walls.

“I’m no psychologist Olivia, but years of abuse, that’s bound to…”

“Mess someone up?” she offers bluntly.


“What are you doing with someone like me Juan?” she asks even though she’s uncertain if she’s ready to hear his answer. “You don’t like mess, and yet here I am.”

“I love you Olivia,” his answer is so simple she can’t help the smile that lifts her lips. “Doesn’t matter to me how much of a mess you think you are. I love you, and if you don’t mind I think I’m going to go right on loving you for as long as I possibly can.”

“I know I’m not much Juan…”

“You’re perfect…”

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What would Kuusuke's reaction be too someone confessing their love for him? (I just want to see hilarious reaction *screams into the void*)

Man if you wanna see him be an absolute child then boy oh boy you came to the right place 

And then from a friend (”Kuu, you have friends???” “MOM GO AWAY” “I thought you wanted me to stay?” “SHIT FU-” “LANGUAGE.”)

Gonna keep his acceptance faces a secret since I honestly haven’t thought of them yet

BTS in English class
  • Namjoon: "This is too easy, lol"
  • Jin: "Namjoon help meh plez!" *Shakes Namjoon intensively*
  • Suga: "Piano, piano, piano... PIANO! Infires man!"
  • J-Hope: "I wanna get jam...SLEEP time! I got it fuck yeah!"
  • Jimin: "Excuse meeee!"
  • Taehyung: "Shit down!!! We going to the bitch..beach? Bitch? Beach!"
  • Jungkook: "Ohh Rap Monsta! Album play!"

i just wanna get real sappy for a second and just say a special thank you to everyone whose been acknowledging me as asher. for a hot minute i struggled with picking a name as i just couldn’t ‘connect’ to any of them in a sense and finally my girlfriend ( bless her for taking the time to help me and support me with this like fuck i don’t deserve her tbh ) and i went through them over the weekend and she said every name i felt as though i might ‘connect’ with and ofc, asher was the one i started vibing with the most. so s/o to all you peeps who have been hmu with that name. highkey it feels like the name i was meant to have.