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 i wanna go back . 

 // Killing Stalking playlist by @midlangley 

Tracklist: 1.”Easy way out”  Low Roar // 2. “Wild Place” Aqvol & 333 // 3. “Flip” Glass Animals // 4. “Lie to me” Depeche Mode // 5. “Don’t come close” Yeasayer // 6. “Overcome” Tricky // 7. “Sing through the blood” Kean Kavanagh // 8. “Stand by me” Ki:Theory 9. “I’ll keep coming” Low Roar

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Nah but really, can we normalize animated movies for adults that aren’t comedies, please? I’m getting really tired of every YA novel finally getting a movie and it’s just watered down into an insultingly childish version of the original. Like. Have filmmakers not noticed that movies like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, etc. made a huge profit because they kept the plot and characters in tact, attracting much of the original audience back. Why can’t the same be done in animated movies, even when animals or dragons or whatever are the main characters? Take the movie seriously, and the book fans will see it, and convince like everyone they know to give it a watch. At the very least, a bunch of people will wanna go see the edgy movie about bunnies they heard their friends talking about. I mean, Watership Down was dark as hell, and it’s pretty popular all things considered. But this is mostly just an incoherent sleepy rant about how I wish Guardians of Ga'Hoole had a better movie adaptation tbh.

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Donald trump is president.

Please. You demanded a peaceful transition people. Yet here you are throwing glass bottles, threatening to hurt people, demanding cops stop tear gassing and tazing you yet you continue to give reason to. Your peaceful protests are not peaceful. They are mob mentality riots. You aren’t even giving him a chance to do ANYTHING. Get off the Internet. Stop listening to everything you hear! Young people I’m disappointed, in my generation. The generation that was supposed to be great..

Shame on the adults here too. Our parents letting their 8 year olds set fire to things and yell trump sucks. Look just. Stop. Quit setting bad examples… otherwise the only future your children will have is in prison.

Go back to work. Go back to school. Wanna make a difference? Do so in an intelligent way. Do something worth while. If you’re not being heard by acting like violent animals it’s time to make a change. Why don’t you love instead of calling for love but returning hatred.

Jesus is good. Jesus is pure. He is love. He is probably weeping over this right now- this is just sad. America was never founded on God. And by the looks of it, it never will be.

glass animals  —  starters

❝  look at this poor boy.  ❞
❝  they’re killing by the night.  ❞
❝  ain’t that nice ?  ❞
❝  you never fight back.  ❞
❝  i wanna make it right.  ❞
❝  i wanna make you cry.  ❞
❝  i should’ve had a mother.  ❞
❝  let’s say a prayer.  ❞
❝  we’re just smoking too much weed.  ❞
❝  get down on your knees.  ❞
❝  don’t get up.  ❞
❝  you know i want this just as much as you.  ❞
❝  i wanna go back.  ❞
❝  put the flowers in your hair.  ❞
❝  i am your boy.  ❞
❝  come close.  ❞
❝  let me show you everything i know.  ❞
❝  look at this poor boy.  ❞
❝  i’d say “i’d told you so” but you’d just cry.  ❞
❝  i can’t take this place.  ❞
❝  i just wanna go where i can get some space.  ❞
❝  i’ve been here, i’ve done this all before.  ❞
❝  how can i believe you ?  ❞
❝  take my hand.  ❞
❝  i’m talking now.  ❞
❝  i’m dancing.  ❞
❝  you said you’d kick the booze.  ❞
❝  don’t you cry.  ❞
❝  i’m fucking loco.  ❞
❝  i can’t get through to you.  ❞
❝  i’m a twisted fool.  ❞
❝  all i ever want is just a little love.  ❞
❝  you can’t run.  ❞
❝  you won’t make it back this time.  ❞
❝  suck it.  ❞
❝  our time is done.  ❞
❝  please don’t go.  ❞
❝  it’s not okay.  ❞
❝  i can’t get a job.  ❞
❝  i look fantastic.  ❞
❝  you were clearly meant for more.  ❞
❝  don’t you need me ?  ❞
❝  sometimes it makes me sad.  ❞
❝  why can’t we laugh now like we did then ?  ❞
❝  how come you only look pleased in bed ?  ❞
❝  i want you all the time.  ❞
❝  i won’t forget how you looked at me then.  ❞
❝  lay with me, my dear.  ❞
❝  i wish you could see the wicked truth.  ❞
❝  that boy went stone cold crazy.  ❞
❝  that girl is gone.  ❞
❝  i feel so fucking numb.  ❞
❝  you live in my daydreams.  ❞
❝  i feel like a new man.  ❞
❝  i am a true romantic.  ❞
❝  i don’t love you anymore.  ❞
❝  just stop & think a minute.  ❞
❝  calm down. stop & breathe a second.  ❞
❝  go back to the very beginning.  ❞
❝  i want to hold you like you’re mine.  ❞
❝  you’re on my mind.  ❞
❝  you’re the holiest thing i know.  ❞

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(1) hey! this is gonna be a bit long, but i was wondering if you could help me w/ ideas? I've written myself into a corner. i have a group of players (level 3) who are currently in this huge circus-esque tent after trying to track down a giant goat to give it back its baby. In the tent is everything they could ever want, books for the book nerd, animals for the animal lover, etc. I don't really know where to go from here? I was initially thinking that this placed was run by some liches that fed

“ (2) of joy or something, but the group is rly low leveled and in no way would be able to handle a lich at this point. any suggestions? “

 If you really wanna do a lich you can totally do a lich. Change the Lichs’ stats, make the rolls easier or harder if need be, etc. Make the lich weaker if the party comes up with particularly sad stories?

Unrelated to the ask: Sorry for not posting! I had a few big life events happen and I’m finally settled in to my new home and my honeymoon is over. I’m gonna be posting more pretty soon. Its been mostly asks lately because they’re really easy to become inspired by, or answer. Thank you for your patience and I’m excited to post regularly again!

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  • Zaba

Alright come close
Let me show you everything I know
A jungle slang
Spinning round my head and I stare

While my naked fool
Fresh out of an icky gooey womb
A woozy youth
Dopes up on her silky smooth perfume

Right my little pooh bear
Wanna take a chance?
Wanna sip the smooth air
Kick it in the sand?
I’ll say I told you so but
You just gonna cry
You just wanna know those
Peanut butter vibes

My my simple sir
This ain’t gonna work
Mind my wicked words and
Tipsy topsy slurs
I can’t take this place
No I can’t take this place
I just wanna go where
I can get some space

Truth be told
I been there I done this all before
I take your gloom
I curl it up and puff it into plumes

Hold my hand and float back to the summer time
Tangled in the willows now our tongues are tied
How can I believe you, how can I be nice
Tripping round tree stumps in your summer smile

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for the date thing: im 15, demiboy, 5'4 and bi. i really love theatre and also many youtubers (ex: hidden block, normal boots, and rooster teeth). i really like p!atd and animals. i have 2 cats named tucker and egg. i have blue-greenish eyes and really short hair that was silver purple but is now fading back to being bleached. I really wanna be on broadway when i grow up. For a date, we'd go to an arcade then if it was a really nice day we'd walk along a beach then at night we'd go star gazing

Child omg I love
-Mod Lex

How To Be A Heartbreaker - Marina and The Diamonds // Wrecking Ball - Madilyn Bailey // Robbers - The 1975 // Girl - The Beatles // True Love - Pink // Feel so Close - Calvin Harris // Kiss With A Fist - Florence + The Machine // Black Dog - Led Zeppelin // Animals - Maroon 5 // Good Girls Go Back - Cobra Starship // Kickstarts - Example // Do I Wanna Know? - Arctic Monkeys // Please Don’t Leave Me - Pink // Talking In Your Sleep - The Civil Wars // Blank Space - Taylor Swift // Beggin For Thread - Banks // One More Night - Maroon 5 // Drive By - Train // Just Give Me A Reason - Pink // Red - Taylor Swift // 1000 Sundowns - Emma Louise // Turning Tables - Adele // A Drop In The Ocean - Ron Pope

I created this playlist on Spotify, my username over there is sassyblackinnon - go check it out!

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Directions: You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to!  Put your MP3 player, itunes, spotify, etc. on shuffle and list the first 10 songs, then tag 10 people everybody, no skipping.

1. Shape Of You - Ed Sheeran 

2.For The First Time -The Script

3. Let It Go - James Bay

4.I Don’t Wanna Live Forever - ZAYN (ft Swift)

5. Demons - Imagine Dragons

6. The Kids Aren’t Alright - Fall Out Boy

7.Animals - Maroon 5

8. Say You Won’t Let Go - James Arthur

9. Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol

10. Half A Heart  - 1D

I tag @harktheharold@legend-waitforit-harry  @stylessemantics @yetanotherharry  @stylishmuser @never-enough-harry2

There’s literally like a niche community of people who just critique steven universe and it’s very strange
They do make some pretty good points about the frankly questionable way the crew goes about animating the show but then they go full psychoanalyst and try to say “here’s how the crew is actually a bunch of subconsciously racist homophobes” and like. you lost me. you’re actually all just as crazy as the rest of the fans I thought you were different but I guess not

I recently heard Dan say in an episode of Game Grumps that he doesn’t wear black shirts and I thought to myself “why did I animate Dan wearing a black shirt? I just know I did it for some reason…” And then I remembered waaay back when I was designing how I wanted Dan and Arin to appear in my animation.

Heads up: this is going to be looong and convoluted and ultimately pointless. But, if you wanna hear me ramble about my design thought process and you’re not bored… feel free to stick around and keep reading.

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Today's life ruining, trip related, Harry thought of the day:

Today I went to the London Zoo and I had this mental image (because I can’t even go on holiday without Harry attacking me):

Imagine you and Harry take your little one to the zoo for the day. Maybe your little girl is just past 3 or so and still pretty small, so there’s a lot of , “Daddy. I can’t see it!” “Daddy, where are the monkeys?” “Daddy, wanna see!”
So finally, Harry lifts her up and sits her on his shoulders, pointing out all the animals. “D'yeh see him, poppet? He’s sitting on his mummy’s back just like you’re sitting on mine. You must be a monkey too!”
And eventually Harry starts to feel something heavy weighing down his head and neck and you look up to see your little girl slumped over on his shoulders, eyes closed and fast asleep. So you and Harry continue having a great time walking around the zoo while your daughter sleeps in Harry’s arms because you don’t dare stop moving, knowing she’ll wake if you do.
Harry doesn’t mind, though. It’s so rare for him to have a day out like this with his girls, so he’s going to prolong it as much as he can.

This one hurt me so I felt the need to share my pain. You’re welcome.

What Matters Most

for @shealwaysreads for always being wonderful and just bc I love you a lot

for @hoechlbutt and @okamiaki my babies that make my every day, since the moment i met them, brighter and are not having it good these days *wraps you both in fluffy blankets and octopus hugs you* I love you so much I wanna adopt a mission of monkeys with you and a zoo. I want all the animals with you two. *smooches*

Stiles had been pacing back and forth for a while now.

Derek was used to it.

He knew sometimes that was just how Stiles thought. He needed the constant and repetitive movement to organise whatever was going through his head, he had explained it to him, in whispers one night, when neither of them had been sleepy enough to fall asleep right away.

But there was something not right in this kind of pacing. Stiles movements were too jittery, and Derek noticed with a frown that a light tremor touched his right hand whenever he brought it up to run his finger trough his hair in a frustrated gesture.

“Stiles,” Derek called when Stiles had huffed at the empty air, yet again.

His boyfriend turned to him, his eyes a bit too wide and sad –it made Derek’s chest ache, seeing the sadness and uneasiness in them.

“What’s wrong?” He closed his book and stood up, opening his arms in an inviting gesture.

Stiles all but threw himself in his arms, and buried his face in the crook of Derek’ neck. “I dunno.”

Derek wrapped his arms tight around him and rubbed his back.

“I just-” Stiles huffed again, pulling back from the embrace to grip the fabric of his own shirt above his heart. “It hurts here.” Stiles said miserably, “my heart fucking hurts and I don’t know why.”

Derek put his hand above Stiles’, the one on his heart, and squeezed. “What do you want me to do?”

Stiles made a pained sound and Derek felt the same ache in his chest when Stiles shook his head and said, “I don’t’ know Derek, I just- I don’t know.” In a broken voice. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”

Derek pulled him back in his arms. He turned his face to kiss every mole and freckle on Stiles’ face for only pause once he had gently pecked his lips.

He sat Stiles down on the couch and wrapped the white fluffy blanket that the kept on the back of the couch around his shoulder and turned on the TV to put Star Wars on, knowing he’d chosen well when Stiles made a surprised pleased sound.

“We didn’t spend much time together like this in a while, did we?” Derek asked, settling behind Stiles on the couch, nuzzling his neck.

Stiles shook his head, turning away from the TV to face him. He put a hand on Derek’s chest, caressing the hair poking out from his shirt and didn’t say anything, just settled his forehead against Derek’s collarbone and breathed for a while.

Derek didn’t know what else to do other than to let him do whatever he needed, so he buried his face in Stiles’ hair and closed his eyes.


He woke up to light kisses being pressed on his cheeks and nose and forehead, tiny butterfly kisses that made his lips stretch in a wide smile and wrap his arms around the source, pulling him flush against him.

“I can’t kiss you if you hold me this tight,” Stiles grumbled.

Derek’s grin widened and he opened his eyes, peering down at his boyfriend with a glint in his eyes. “I know.”

Stiles had just barely started to frown, before he was being flipped, so that Derek was on top. “Now, I get to kiss you.” He said with a dopey smile that made Stiles snort.


Derek hummed and kept promise on his statement, kissing and nuzzling every inch of Stiles’ face. “I love you,” he whispered in his ear, his eyes soft when he looked down at him.

Stiles’ eyes softened, his fingers scratching lightly on the back of Derek’s neck. “I love you too.”

When Derek smiled, his eyes crinkling at the corners, Stiles felt the weight on his chest lift a little.

This was all he needed. No matter how weird and shitty he felt, knowing and Derek showing him that he loved him, would always be what mattered to him most.


thought i’d finally show you guys some of the stuff i bought whilst in japan. this isn’t even everything. just mainly all the tg! keyrings/charms are from animate, the tg cafe and gachapon machines. doujinshi (tsukikane and kanekane although i did see some haise ones *w*) are from mandarake. 90% of everything is from akiba and ikebukuro. the cd covers are gorgeous. was so lucky to nab them before they sold out!

now you know the reason my suitcase was over 30kg coming back. magazines and books are heavy _(:3 」∠)_

also picked up a lot of durarara items as it was everywhere.

When i was rly little i was really obsessed w wolves
Like i basically wanted to be princess mononoke
I used to get lost in the woods around our house and strip naked to jump into the creek
I was 8 years old i wanna say?? My dad used to howl at the moon with me like guys
Idk i know u can make furry jokes n shit but i love my parents for never telling me that was stupid and encouraging me to be the wildest child i could be

Even when i would bring creatures back to them they wouldnt freak out theyd be like whoa hey yeah thats cool but we gotta let it go now ok?
They taught me to be kind to animals and shit Man idk i had a sick ass childhood. Like they took me to trek Machu Picchu when i was like 4??? And we made it all the way up there!! I had a gang of dogs that i’d run around with, naked (theres footage of this)

My dad was “Papa Lobo” bc he was the Dad Wolf and although my mom wasnt too into that she enjoyed it

Then when i got older and theyd take me to Chile I had family that owned horses and lived down south near Villarrica and I was so adventurous I’d take the horses for like day long trips just riding the countryside!!!

your favorite animal(s)?

so what are you guys’ (other) favorite animals (because wolves and orca’s don’t count)? I wanna get to know you guys better! I’ll go first.

Crocodiles and alligators. Yes, I know. It’s weird. But I love those fierce guys so much. Pretty sure I’ve seen every netflix doc on them.

Okay, your turn! (if you reblog with a picture, I might reblog it back :D)