i wanna go back out west

ok but if sky and rottytops ever have a petty argument onscreen as much as i wanna see rotty call sky out her blatant racism towards zombies i ALSO want her to call sky out on on wasting shantae’s time by telling her to go east instead of west waaay back in shantae gbc bc i never tire of meta jokes lmao

3x04 Top 5 Moments


2. Barry being the responsible one for once, trying to find the metahuman whilst the team looks for replacement Harry

3. Hipster Harry. I cried. “Greetings Earthlings.”

4. Harrisco hug

5. Welcome back Killer Frost my love

Honourable Mention - Cisco and Harry’s fight “WHAT YOU WANNA GO?”


“Wanna get out of here?” Westley smirks, coming up behind Madeleine. With Arabella already gone, West has the rest of the afternoon to himself, but he’d much rather spend it locked in his hotel room with her than alone with nothing but the crushing weight of his conscience for company.

Maddie giggles, feeling his excitement brush up against the back of her thigh. “Can’t,” she chirps, a bit too quickly. “I’m on the clock until six.”

“Go ahead,” Gianna, Madeleine’s coworker, pipes up. “I’ll cover for you. I mean, you’re pretty much useless around here anyway,” she tells her with an exaggerated wink.

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