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Set in attack of the clones Anakin 😊
fxndxmtrxsh asked:
Could I have an Anakin one that has really adorable smut. It’s the “first time” And Anakin having nooo clue whatsoever to do with his mechanical hand.
- I hope this is good 😶 -
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“Ani!” I yell from the training room. It was a dark room, filled with lights and panels to fight on. I loved training. Especially when we scrimmage and fight one another. Every once and awhile I fight Anakin and they are my best fights. I almost take off his head each time.
“Coming!” He yells out. He had just gotten his new robotic arm and this is to be his first fight with it, I noticed he was wearing a glove over his robotic hand, the rest covered by his sleeve. Which is understandable. I was honored when Obi-Wan had picked me, knowing I’d put up one hell of a fight.
Once he makes his way around the corner he automatically wields his light saber and runs at me. I release the powerful beam and shield myself from his hit. I laugh and he smiles at me. Typical Anakin. I pull away and swing at him, he dodges and throws another lash of strength towards me I meet his lights saber halfway and push it back. I swing my light saber close to Anakin’s head.
“Alright.” Obi-Wan interrupts, making sure it doesn’t go any farther. Anakin and I are still making eye contact, my light saber inches from his gorgeous face. I’m breathing heavily and I see Anakin smirk.
“Well done y/n.” Anakin moves away and laughs.
“Thank you Anakin.” I bow my head and start walking towards the door. Now that I’ve done my fight today I can go home and meditate or eat my whole fridge.
“Wait!” I hear Anakin’s voice running behind me. I quicken my steps teasing him and he laughs and speeds up his run. Once he catches up to me he stops my by grabbing my wrist and bending over to catch his breath. I giggle at the sight of him.
“Wanna- uh- hang out today?” He asks eyes squinted still trying to catch his breath.
“Sure.” I smile at him and walk towards my home on the west wing of the training camp. “We should just go to my place.” I state. He smiles and follows with a skip.
“So what do you think we’ll do then?” He asks glancing at me then back at the grey dull hallway.
“Eh,” I sigh “probably just watch a movie and eat a bunch of unhealthy shit.” I smile making Anakin laugh at my swearing.
“I’ve got a bad feeling about this.” Anakin laughs.
After we consume a gallon of sugar and caffeine, minds running and hearts beating we end up watching a love movie. It really doesn’t help I have a slight crush on Anakin. Most girls would play dumb and say “oh no he doesn’t like me ahahaha” but I’m not dumb, I can see Anakin and I have strong feelings for each other. We’ve actually kissed before. Not a big deal, but ever since then Anakin has been asking for another, I refuse. He keeps coming back though, which shows a man really does like you, I just decide to tease. Anakin had confessed his love for me and I told him of my slight crush, which I’m not sure if it was a good or bad idea. Anakin was always the seductive type, always getting the chance to wink at me or bite his lip when I spoke to him, glancing at my lips. When we kissed we obviously felt the Sparks, of course I never admitted to it. It’s complete chaos the thought of us being together, cute chaos though. By now, about halfway into this boring ass movie, Anakin was holding my back against his chest. I could feel his heart beating faster as I shifted my body weight against him. He probably thought I was teasing, but in reality I was just uncomfortable, I’ll let him think I was teasing.
“Y/n.” Anakin states in a whine almost.
“Yes?” I reply still looking at the incredibly Cliche love movie.
The couple had just gotten to see each other and they were kissing, a lot..
“I like you a lot.” He says bluntly getting to the point.
“I know you do Anakin.” I laugh looking up at him. He’s looking down at me like I’m a newly found gem, just the way every girl wants to be looked at. Even from this angle he was so handsome and adorable.
“And I want to be with you.” He adds grabbing a hold of my hands, holding them. Not fingers untwined, actually holding my hands, like they were a newborn kitten. I sit up and he soon follows still holding my hands facing me.
“Ani..” I drag out his name. Dating or any relationship to be exact, aren’t allowed, it’s not with the Jedi order.
“And I know what you’re going to say y/n,” he says with a serious expression, “you’re going to say, it’s against the Jedi order, it’s not right, people won’t approve, but I can’t stand the thought of not being with you is driving me insane, my throat burns when I have to tell Obi-Wan we aren’t together.” He rants, on the verge of tears. I can see his eyes glaze with remorse. I can’t help the stinging feeling in my eyes when I see him like this.
“I hate not being able to touch you. Or kiss you, hug you.. anything y/n this hurts tell me you feel this feeling too.” He chokes on the last part. Making a tear fall down both of our cheeks.
“Anakin.” I finally speak after what seems like ages.
“Look at me ani.” I pick up his chin with my hand and face his face towards mine. I rush in for a kiss, and our lips crash together. He takes no time to kiss me back, holding my face in his hands, well I can feel skin, and a glove. I deepen the kiss by turning my head. I can feel his smile when he kisses me.
The kiss of course heats up when Anakin slips his tongue into my mouth, exploring it. I know for a fact Anakin is a virgin, and so am I. We would have told each other if we had done anything before. I’ve only kissed Anakin . Soon enough I’m straddling his waist and moving my hips back and forth, really only on impulse. I wanted more. And when I earned a low grunt from Anakin’s soft lips i knew exactly what I wanted. I felt ready, I trusted Anakin, I hope he trusts me. He lifts up my shirt. Once it is off he takes a few seconds to admire my upper half, tracing his gloved hand across the lining of my bra, where it meets the skin of my breast. He seems hypnotized by his own actions, his mouth ajar. I take my chance to kiss him again. This time I slip my tongue into his mouth. Once we pull away I grab onto his bottom lip with my teeth, another moan from him. I start to pick up my grinding again but as soon as I start his hands grip my love handles and he holds me still.
“Y/n..” He almost has a warning tone to his words. “Are you sure you want to do this?”
“Yes, Anakin are you?” I ask. Consent matters.
“I’m not sure what to do, or say or…” He looks down at my breasts again, “anything” he breaths out. Then looking back up at me.
“Maybe it’ll come naturally.” I state.
“I don’t want to hurt you.” He blurts out. I can hear the fear and seriousness.
“I’ll be okay.” I smile lovingly at him. “I’ll tell you if I’m not okay.” I reassure him. His face settles, feeling a bit more comfortable in the fact that he knows I’ll be okay.
“Okay.” He says still sounding insecure about.. Something.
I smile at him and start grinding my hips again. He instantly let’s out a whine a pleasure. I feel my self get more wet with each sound emitted from him, I can’t hold it in anymore. I moan and pant a little. Anakin’s eyes were screwed shut until he heard the noise, causing him to snap his eyes open and catch my pleasured face. He holds back a smirk, wanting to make this moment as bitter sweet as possible. He didn’t want to make himself feel more in charge than I was.
“Y/n.” He breaths out.
I know what he wants and I get up, even though he wants the rest of my dreaded clothes off he whines when i stop moving my hips on his to stand up, missing the friction between us. I slide down my pants and I’m left in my bra and panties. Anakin’s eyes widen and his mouth hangs open.
“You’re stunning.” He remarks. I smile and hide my blush.
“Thank you.” I say through my huge grin.
“No, thank you.” He smiles at me. Oh gosh I can feel how crimson red my cheeks are turning.
“Your turn.” I giggle sitting down and pushing him off the couch. He stands awkwardly at first but then slides his pants down, he steps out of them and hesitates to pull up his shirt. Oh. His arm. That’s probably what he’s so hesitant about.
“Anakin.” I say sweetly. “There is no need to be embarrassed by your arm.”
“I’m sorry.” He says, looking down at the floor. I stand up and grab the bottom of his shirt.
“Ready?” I ask smiling at him.
“Ready.” He smiles back. I lift his shirt off the reveal his perfectly toned chest and getting to be muscular arms. I run my fingers from his jaw down to his abs back up the his shoulders then down his arms. He flinches and tenses at my touch. Once I reach his hands I intertwine them with mine.
“I love you.” I whisper looking at his lips then to his beautiful sea blue eyes.
“I love you too y/n, so much.” He smiles and let’s go of one of my hands. Twirling me around, like a princess, with my other hand. I laugh at this sweet gesture.
He leads me into my bedroom. My bed covered in fluffy black blankets. The pillows a deep grey color. I skip in front of him and lay down on my back. Head resting on my pillow. He smiles at me with his perfect teeth.
“Are you sure?” He asks again. Gaining a nod of full consent from me. He gently touches my waist.
“Wait.” I stop him, earning a concerned confused look.
“Take the glove off.”
“Y/n I-” he starts.
“No, I’ll be fine.” I cut him off with those words and another reassuring smile.
He slowly takes the glove off. Once he precedes to touch my waist I flinch at the cold metal touch of his synthetic hand.
“See y/n I ca-” he starts reaching for the glove but I grab it and throw it to the other side of the room.
He just gives me a “really?” look and then smiles, laughing a bit. I laugh too.
“Keep going.” I add.
He starts, once again feeling my waist and then tracing the line of my panties, then up to my bra, then up to my jaw. He leans down and kisses me. I spread my legs so his body can rest in between them. I wrap my arms around his neck and we lay there for awhile, just kissing and whispering sweet things.
“I want you.” Anakin finally says.
“I want you.” I say back smiling at him. He makes his way down to my lacy panties and wraps his fingers around the band of them.
“May I?” He smiles.
“Of course, goofball.” I laugh.
He slides them down, taking his time. Using it wisely. He groans lightly at the sight of me in front of him.
“Your turn” I giggle. He slips off his briefs and I gasp at his length.. Holy shit.
“I-I don’t-” he stammers.
“I’ll be fine.” I smile, “I can take you in a battle, I can take anything.” I laugh. He laughs too, feeling a little better. He teases my entrance with his tip, after he puts on the condom of course, which he had “coincidentally”. Once he is inside and I move my hips around, slight discomfort. A total different feeling then what people have said, my mouth open and moaning and slight profanity. He starts to pull out, then slowly back in again. The euphoric feeling is so strong I can already feel my legs shake and the knot in my stomach loosen.
“Oh, y/n, you feel so good.” Anakin groans in my ear, causing me to whimper and kiss his neck, trying not to scream his name. I know I’m leaving love bites. But I don’t care. His hands are holding mine above my head, squeezing ever so slightly every time he pushes his hips into mine. I can tell I’m a moaning mess but I’m not insecure about it knowing Anakin is enjoying how much control and power he had over me. He won’t abuse it though. He loves me. Once we both come undone riding our highs at the same time, we kiss. Kiss the whole way through, even when he pulls out he keeps kissing me. We spoon under my covers for awhile until I say how uncomfortable being naked on my bed together is and laughing about it for the longest time i put on a pair of new underwear and he puts just his briefs on. He decides to stay the night with me. We just cuddle and exchange I love yous. I can sure put up a hell of a fight with him, but he can sure making a moaning mess out of me.


fake ah crew aesthetics: michael jones 

he never belonged. never fit in quite the way people wanted him to. he was to loud. to quick to push and shove before suing his words like a good boy.

he didn’t wanna be the good boy anymore.

its oh see easy for Michael to pack a duffel and take off on his hand-me-down bike. so easy to slip out of town and never come back. no one even misses him. not that much anyways.

but hes got no where to go. maybe its dramatic maybe its cliche. but he takes off west. hes practically a tragic ending waiting to happen.

maybe though, when he explodes. he’ll be reborn. maybe there’ll be someone there to piece him back together this time.

ED| I made a smoother version and took out the fireworks because I couldn’t gt them to ft. I also changed the gun. Just so it fits his character more- which i hope it does…I have 75% of Gavin’s done and pieces of Ryan’s and Geoff’s. I’m still working on this one guys!


feel free to change pronouns, etc.


“ there’s a river that winds on forever; i’m gonna see where it leads. ”
“ there’s a mountain that no man has mounted; i’m gonna stand on the peak. “ out there’s a land that time don’t command; i wanna be the first to arrive. ”
“ no time for pondering why i’ve been wandering. ”
“ not while we’re both still alive. ”
“ to the ends of the earth, would you follow me? ”
“ there’s a world that was meant for our eyes to see. ”
“ there’s an island where all things are silent. ”
“ i’m gonna whistle a tune. ”
“ there’s a desert that’s size can’t be measured; i’m gonna count all the dunes. ”
“ out there’s a world that calls for me, girl. ”
“ i’m heading out into the unknown. ”
“ please don’t say i’m going alone. ”
“ i was ready to die for you, baby. ”
“ that doesn’t mean i’m ready to stay. ”
“ i was ready to die for you, baby: that doesn’t mean i’m ready to stay. ”
“ what good is living the life you’ve been given if all you do is stay in one place? ”
“ i’m on a river that winds on forever. ”
“ i’ll follow till i get where i’m going. ”
“ maybe i’m heading to die, but i’m still going to try. ”
“ i guess i’m going alone. ”

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3x04 Top 5 Moments


2. Barry being the responsible one for once, trying to find the metahuman whilst the team looks for replacement Harry

3. Hipster Harry. I cried. “Greetings Earthlings.”

4. Harrisco hug

5. Welcome back Killer Frost my love

Honourable Mention - Cisco and Harry’s fight “WHAT YOU WANNA GO?”

Chasing West - Part 4/4

Pairing: RaphxLeo
Rating: T
Words: 4691
Warnings: TCEST, 2k16 Turtles, violin porn, romantic tension, STUBBORN TEENAGERS, sort-of-mini-smut at end…?

“Ow, ow, ow,” Michelangelo whines, limping into the lair with Leonardo acting as his support, “My ankle’s killing me, dudes. Ow! Why’s it always gotta be me breaking my legs? Why can’t Raph break his legs? Or Leo-? Ow!”

“Quit complaining, numb-nuts. It’s just a sprain,” Raphael says, smacking him over the back of the head and heading towards the kitchen.


Donatello sighs, shaking his head, and directs his brothers towards the sofa.

“Raph, could you grab me the first aid kit? It’s under the sink,” Donatello calls out, taking Michelangelo’s foot into his lap and beginning to inspect his ankle. Raphael re-emerges from the kitchen with a soda in one hand and the first aid kit in the other.

“Two steps ahead of ya, braniac,” Raphael replies, a twinkle in his eye as he frisbees the kit at Michelangelo’s head. Leonardo intercepts it with an unimpressed look, and passes it to their younger brother.

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Song Meme thingo!!

Rules: if you can, list the Top Ten songs you are listening to lately, and tag ten mutuals to do the same!

I got tagged by the lovely @nahrky <3 Thank you sweetie!! Attached is a lovely spotify playlist cause idk y’all might be interested in hearing these.

  1. Ballad of the Windfish
  2. Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting (Elton John)
  3. No Time for Emotion (K:TGC) - almost heaven… west virginiaaa
  4. Eggsy is Back (K:TGC)
  5. Let’s Go Crazy (Prince) 
  6. Just A Couple of Friends (Sugar Pine 7)
  7. Leila (Miami Horror)
  8. Les Miserables Suite (Michael Ball, Alfie Boe)
  9. Everything Is Going to Be Okay (Mick Gordon/PREY)
  10. I Wanna Prove to You (The Lemon Twigs)

I’m only gonna tag a few people! @charlehesketh @impuregalahad @agent-whisk @codenamegingerale @dogescream-sundae!! (fuck in my rush to put this out i forgot the lovely @dovecandies !!!)   <3


The moment I settle in the back of the truck I regret my decision. I’m not this girl.  I’m not one of Negan’s many wives, but I’m not Paula or ‘Chelle either.  My mind is too active to just breeze into another community, demand their things, and breeze back out.  How Simon can do this regularly is beyond me as my thoughts race with every single way this trip can go bad, every way I could end up dead…we all could end up dead.

“Look at this, all ready to go!” Negan’s booms out over the yard.  “Gives me half-a-hard-on to see such dedication in my men!”  I keep my eyes down as I sense his approach.  “Hold the fuckin’ phone!”   It’s almost a cheer.  “Is that who the fuck I think it fuckin’ is?!”

I glance up, see Simon and the others stop to watch Negan swagger towards me.  My eyes flit around for help, but only Simon reacts with an encouraging smile.  The sound of Lucille hitting the underside of the truck causes me to jump, look directly at him.

Negan’s smile is slow, cocky.  “Well, slap my ass and call me Sally, it is you.”  His voice drops, tempting me to lean forward.   “Swingin’ dick with the fuckin’ big boys now, huh?”

“I need the points.”

“I’m sure you fuckin’ do, darlin’,” he licks his lips, hangs on the edge of the truck.  “But, you know, there are fuckin’ easier ways than fuckin’ goin’ out into the Wild Fuckin’ West that is this shitty fuckin’ world nowadays.”

He thinks I’m going to fail and it only makes me want to dig my heels in further.  “You really wanna help me?”

“Yes, ma’am.”  Something in his grin tells me he thinks he’s won whatever game this is.  I want him to regret that…

Crawling to his side of the truck, my smile relaxes with the rest of me.  “If I’m not back in time, can you make sure Kaylee gets her lunch?”

His smile stays, but his eyes squint in confusion.

“It’s just…” I shelf my upper body on the truck’s edge, present the best cleavage I can manage to him.  “She gets nervous with some of the servers in the mess hall, but I’m sure, if she’s got the Boss Man backing her up, she’ll be brave.”  I look down as I run fingers by his hand still gripping the side, before looking him in the eye with a grin.  “I’d hate for her to get so skinny some boy tells her to eat a fucking sandwich, ya know?”

Negan’s mouth closes, he runs a gloved hand over his beard, dissolving his smile in the process.  “Good luck out there, little lady.”  He leaves without so much as another smirk, heading to speak to Simon, then go back inside.

I pull away from the edge, go back to my corner of the truck bed, and question what I just did.  I challenged our leader, threw down a gauntlet, in front of others…If I was lucky enough to survive the trip beyond The Sanctuary, would I even be welcomed back?  God, sometimes I’m such an idiot…

This was fun to write because I didn’t expect “I” to challenge Negan like that, where she’s almost playing with him to the point not even he’s sure how to respond, haha!  I feel like this idea of her coming into her own - thanks in no small part to Negan and Simon both - will be explored further as things progress.  As always, the gif of the woman covers actions/mood, not appearance - the only consistent aspect of “I”‘s appearance is that she’s overly thin.

Tagging: @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash, @strangersangel9, @dusty-cookie, @dwaynii @kthnxbyeeeee @cemmia @crzcorgi @negans-network @ericuhlorain @imfuckin-gcrazy @angelfuzzy2 …If anyone else wants on the tag list just lemme know.  I’ll also tag this for Negan’s Thirst Squad. 😉

Negan gif from: @mypapawinchester

Previous Chapters: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Anonymous said: reactions to damian dating irey wes


“Damian, be safe. I don’t want Wally to kill us both. Here, these are strawberry-flavored" 


"Damian and Irey sitting on a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G. Hah, I told you, pay up, replacement”


“Woah, he did get a gf" 


"I am going to fucking kill them all" 


"I can get us out of here in a flash. Wanna jump to my back?


“Wanna get out of here?” Westley smirks, coming up behind Madeleine. With Arabella already gone, West has the rest of the afternoon to himself, but he’d much rather spend it locked in his hotel room with her than alone with nothing but the crushing weight of his conscience for company.

Maddie giggles, feeling his excitement brush up against the back of her thigh. “Can’t,” she chirps, a bit too quickly. “I’m on the clock until six.”

“Go ahead,” Gianna, Madeleine’s coworker, pipes up. “I’ll cover for you. I mean, you’re pretty much useless around here anyway,” she tells her with an exaggerated wink.

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Chasing West: Chapter 3/4

Pairing: RaphxLeo
Rating: T
Words: 3771
Warnings: TCEST, 2k16 Turtles, violin porn, romantic tension

“Alright, ya gotta hold it like this- no, higher. Higher. Put the chin rest under ya chin, not your armpit,” Raphael growls, folding his arms with a scowl, “Seriously Leo, are ya even trying?”

Leonardo grimaces, lowering the instrument, “Excuse me for never having held a violin before, Master Raphie.”

Raphie? Really? Raphael pinches the space between his brows and grits his teeth, shifting his stance. On one hand he could toss Mr Sarcastic out on his ass and be rid of this whole tutoring bullshit, but on the other hand if Splinter Jr storms off in some kind of frustrated hissy fit, he might never come back.


“Alright, give it here,” he grunts, manoeuvring behind his brother’s shell and sticking out his palm, “Time to let the master show ya how it’s done.”

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whosthemonsternow replied to your post:Just going to pound all over West’s door, come on, ooopen up. “Are we ready to go or what? Ride’s going to leave without us soon.”

“Uh-huh, likely story.” She grinned, adjusting her jacket before stepping back and waiting. “So, bar, anything else you wanna do tonight while we’re out?”

West shrugged. “Not really. I mean, even just getting off the ship’s great. And I’ll warn you now, the accent’s gonna be strong tonight,” she said with a grin.

The Silent Treatment Ch. 1

By Byron Kastilahn

Wind River must wait, for this feels like fate.

This may be just a tad inspired by something. Just a tad.

I sigh as I sit on the toilet. Probably not the best way to begin someone’s tale down the deep, dark path of desire, but it’s not what you think. Who am I kidding? He’s not here. I should go back home and accept the fact that he left me for good. He doesn’t wanna be with me anymore.

Come on Jill, you went into this bathroom to collect yourself. Get your bearings. Coming back to this town probably isn’t the greatest idea. Especially since you never lived in it. You just came by every once in awhile to hang out with the boyfriend. Or, fiance, if it’s still official. Probably not.

I stand up and wipe my nose. Damn this cold air. The stall door creeks open with a push of my hand and I make my way out of the bathroom and the gas station I’d decided to waste time in. Finally, I get into my car and drive down to the little town of Windsor, Colorado. This was my fiance’s home town. I’d been here a few times to meet his family, but we eventually moved out of our parent’s houses and went to Oregon. The reason? I like whales.

In all seriousness though, everything was going pretty well until the fiance, Brandon, got a bit more quiet. He kept pushing the wedding further and further.

Soon his excuse became, “I need to get through a few things with the job. Just don’t bother me for now,” or, “I’m too busy with work. I’ll tell you when to plan it”

Then it got weird.

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