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there’s a reason this pup has her own fans

Papa and Mama Dragneel ♡( ´▽`)


Aaaah I’m so busy but I’m still wasting timeeee, but I forgot to finish this sketch and I always wanted to draw Zeref and Natsu’s parents… I really need to know more about them! ;__;

i saw a photoset with pictures of male youtuber like peedipew marker pliers and whatnot or whatever and u can tell these men all have that annoying superiority complex that comes with thinking ur a god made man but no one wants to sleep with u cuz u are insufferable just by seeing the thumbnails of their videos

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(wowzaihavesomanyquestions) About deaf!Keith, is he still entirely vocal(still signs tho)? Or does he just stick to signing along with a few sounds for clarification? Also with Lance, is he an interpreter for Keith or another student just touring the school with Keith? Lastly, is Keith able to read lips? Thank you for taking time in reading this I adore your art as well as your au!!! 💞

oh gosh thank your for your interest in my AU anon! 

here are my own headcanons:

- Keith was born with severe hearing loss, so he wears really strong hearing aids. He relies heavily on lip-reading, sign language and writing as communication. (He used a tablet but it broke so he uses the sketchbook now)

- He didn’t really do speech therapy so he can’t speak? He was orphaned and moved a lot so he didn’t get to stay at one place to learn. He probably squeaks sounds out without realizing it tbh (lance thinks it’s cute and illegal stop that)

- Lance is a student at the high school and is Keith’s classmate. Keith is enrolled in a special scholarship for deaf kids that the school offers!

everything is pretty much still in brainstorming stage, but those are what I think are solid for my headcanons of the AU ^o^