i wanna go ; ;

she crawls up to me in the dead of the night, my heart in the outstretched palm of her hand and says, “i’m not quite sure how to do this.” the moon says it’s too early
to be talking like this and i know to always follow nature’s advice, but i don’t want her to love me the wrong way. but what does the moon know about a girl on earth, a girl with a hole in her chest? what does the moon know about me? i don’t know how to do it either, i whisper, let’s make all the right mistakes for all the wrong reasons. to hell with the moon, with nature, with obligation. love me the wrong way. we can fix it later, sew me back together with a dull needle and ragged thread, patch me and stitch me and fix me. i can be a broken girl for love. if i can heal, too.
some promises should not be made. the moon knows more than i thought she did. turns out she knows everything about a girl on earth, a girl with a hole in her chest where her heart used to be. the dead of the night fades into the fresh breath of the morning sun. i should have taken nature’s advice. i shouldn’t have let her love me the wrong way.
it’s so much easier
to break
than it is
to heal.
—  what does the moon know?


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okay @ all of france i really really REALLY need you to go vote in the second round, PLEASE.

if you don’t want le pen to win, vote for macron. it’s that easy.

no “she’ll never win anyway”. that’s how brexit happened.  

no “but he’s not great either”, that’s how trump got elected.

no “I’m abstaining because i want to send a message”, that’s just plain stupid and i hope i don’t have to explain why oh my god. PLEASE.

If Le Pen wins, the EU is finished. Yes I’m german and I’m openly admitting that without France, we can’t do it. 
If she manages to win the election she’ll also be able to get France to leave the EU, and that will be a desaster for everyone involved.
Look up how absolutely fantastic the Brexit negotiations are going if you’re still on the fence about that.

It’s a very similar situation to the one the US was in last year.
“ugh a boring politician they’re not exciting and has ties to the big banks and voting for them won’t change anything god i hate the system”
versus one 
oh look a charismatic fascist who will probably literally kill us all and throw the country, if not the continent, into utter chaos” candidate.

please think twice before you say it’s a choice between two evils. it’s not pest oder cholera, at the very worst it’s a stubbed toe versus lung cancer, and the lung cancer’s best chances lie in people not voting at all.



okok theres one part of elements i really liked but keep forgetting to talk about so ill post it b4 i forget again

but HEYO finn and pb’s platonic relationship is. really very important to me holy shit, AT’s been pushing the ‘moving on’ from his crush thing for a couple of seasons now and i still go hell yeah every time its reinforced

LSP tries to break the fire elemental curse on finn by telling him to go to his happy place but his brain automatically goes to all this past romantic stuff with PB at first, its real bad because its still wrapped in flames but Then

finn crushes it, puts out the fire (or rage and anger/pain as the element represents here)

and he goes back to his real happy place, back to pajama wars (still a super fav ep!!) where all they did was hang out like best friends w no hint of romance whatsoever

it felt like a real throwback to Dont Look where finn’s “true perception” of PB wasn’t an infatuated crush but just one of his bros

my boy’s moved on and is learning and enjoying his friendships and im proud of him