i wanna give this poor kid a hug

be more chill; a summary
  • more than survive: masturbation and suffering
  • i love play rehearsal: girl gets very excited about play rehearsal
  • the squip song: fun fact i'm not all that cool i cheated
  • two player game: NO HOMO BRO
  • the squip enters: ouch
  • be more chill pt 1: dude you fucking suck
  • do you wanna ride: do you wanna ride my ;)))))))) moms van
  • be more chill pt 2: listen here bitch
  • more than survive reprise: no masturbation and less suffering
  • a guy that i'd kinda be into: things are looking up for nerd then everything goes to shit
  • upgrade: bitchy character development
  • halloween: underage drinking the musical
  • do you wanna hang: he don't wanna do the fuc
  • michael in the bathroom: give this poor kid a hug, some ice cream, and a decent friend
  • the smartphone hour: chaos and gossip
  • the pitiful children: fun fact; everyone else is suffering too
  • the play: everything starts to go to shit then michael saves the day
  • voices in my head: he got the girl

anonymous asked:

OK BUT courfeyrac and combeferre growing up as childhood friends yo?????

So many ideas aaaahhhhh!!!

First of all: Tiny Courfeyrac is the only person who can get Tiny Combeferre to play on the playground at school.

“Why didn’t you guys ask Ferre to play tag with us?”-Courf

“He didn’t want to, he’s too busy reading.”- another kid in their class

Courfeyrac frowns and runs over to Combeferre, who has his nose stuck in his new book, “Tag! You’re it, Ferre!”

Ferre sighs, but closes his book and runs after Courf with the cutest little smile on his face.

Second of all: Other kids make fun of Ferre because of his big glasses, and Courf will have none of that shit.

Like this big kid took Ferre’s book and he’s holding it just out of his reach. Now he’s standing over Combeferre calling him names and he won’t let poor tiny Ferre walk away. He shoves him down calling him “four-eyes” (real original I know). And Ferre is crying.

Courfeyrac doesn’t realize it’s going on until Ferre hits the ground, but when he does, he loses his mind. He runs over at full speed and punches his kid right in the face, yelling at him to leave Combeferre alone, and taking Ferre’s book back from him. He helps Ferre off the ground and hugs him and gives him his book back. 

Ferre is still really quiet though and he keeps sniffling. 

“Do you wanna come over after school?” Courf asks.

Ferre nods and finally smiles, “Yeah.”

Courf grins, “Good! Will you read some of that book to me?”

“Wouldn’t you rather play tag?” Ferre asks.

“Nah, those guys are lame,” Courf replies, “I’d rather hang out with you, Ferre.”

“Then, yeah, I’ll read a bit if you want,” Ferre says. Then he goes off about how interesting and awesome this book is.

Third: They both knew that they were going to get married someday by like age 9.

Ferre is talking to a girl in their class about something, probably space, and when she walks away Courf is there in about .5 seconds.

“She’s really nice,” Courf says.

“Yeah, she is,” Ferre agrees.

“Do you like her?” Courf asks almost jealously.

Ferre considers it for a moment, and thinking that Courf means as a friend says, “Yes.”

“Are you going to marry her?” Courf asks.

Ferre shakes his head, “No, I’m going to marry you.”