i wanna give this poor kid a hug

be more chill; a summary
  • more than survive: masturbation and suffering
  • i love play rehearsal: girl gets very excited about play rehearsal
  • the squip song: fun fact i'm not all that cool i cheated
  • two player game: NO HOMO BRO
  • the squip enters: ouch
  • be more chill pt 1: dude you fucking suck
  • do you wanna ride: do you wanna ride my ;)))))))) moms van
  • be more chill pt 2: listen here bitch
  • more than survive reprise: no masturbation and less suffering
  • a guy that i'd kinda be into: things are looking up for nerd then everything goes to shit
  • upgrade: bitchy character development
  • halloween: underage drinking the musical
  • do you wanna hang: he don't wanna do the fuc
  • michael in the bathroom: give this poor kid a hug, some ice cream, and a decent friend
  • the smartphone hour: chaos and gossip
  • the pitiful children: fun fact; everyone else is suffering too
  • the play: everything starts to go to shit then michael saves the day
  • voices in my head: he got the girl
This Is Love.

Genre: Fuff, Dad!au, one shot

Group: BTS

Paring: Jimin x Reader

Summary: You help a kid reunite with his father, his father is pretty hot. He invites you over for dinner, maybe things will blossom from there.


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“Are you lost?” I asked the small kid who was standing alone in the middle of a busy mall foodcourt.

The little boy didn’t say anything, he just looked at me, his tear were beginning to form. I knelt down to his height.He looked me in the eyes and then proceeded to give me a big hug and burst  into tears. Poor kid, he must be scared.

“My daddy left me here!! He’s gone forever isn’t he!!!” I could barely understand through the sobs.

“No, no. You two just got separated, he is probably more scared than you.” I shushed his crying.

“Really? He is scared?” He stopped sobbing momentarily.

“Well, we have to go find him! I don’t wanna worry daddy!” He said and jumped out of my arms.

I laughed. He grabbed my hand and started running out of the food court. I was alone at the mall and nothing to do all day, so helping this kid wouldn’t hurt.

“Woah! Slow down kid! Lets look around the food court first, maybe he’s waiting for you there.” I said and stopped the boy from running.

“Whats you name?” I asked.

“I’m Gray I’m 6 years old! My birthday was yesterday!” Gray said looking up at me.

“Ok Gray, I’m Y/N, and happy birthday” I said. Gray’s face lit up, he’s such a cute kid.

He was still holding my hand, pretty tight too, he seemed worried. We walked all over the food court.

“Dad!!” Gray called out.

A few men turned to him. i asked if he recognized any of them, he said no. He was on the verge of tears once again.

“Well, uh, maybe we should, get some ice cream. Does that sound good?” I asked to try to prevent the tears from falling.

“Really?!?! Ice Cream? YA!!” He replied.

He grabbed my hand one again, i lead the way to the ice cream shop.

I ordered for us, we both got mint chocolate chip, the kid has good taste. We sat at a small table inside the ice cream shop. He is so small, i really hope we find his father. He was so invested in the cone of delicious frozen goodness.

“So, what does your dad look like?” I asked

“He, he is cute? At least thats what uncle Namjoon says. He is kinda short, he, uh, he has brown hair. He is a good dad. I love him” He said still devouring his ice cream.

“Ok, what does he work as?” I asked. I was just being nosy at this point.

“He works in a small Ramen shop downtown. He works a lot, Uncle Jin is usually hanging out with me when dads not home.” He said. And, of course me being the nosy person i am, i just HAD to know more about this family.

“Oh, uh, how old is your dad?”

“He is, umm,” He stopped and counted with his fingers.

“He’s 26” Gray said while holding up 6 fingers.

“How old are you Miss. Y/N?” He asked

“Oh, I’m 25.” I answered

We finished up our ice cream and went out searching for Grays father once again. We walked for about 20 minutes, Gray calling out for his father, still holding my hand.

“GRAY!!!!!” Someone screamed in the distance.

Gray and I turned to the voice. Gray immediately started crying, he ran up to the man calling his name.

“DADDY!!” Gray shouted as the man picked him up and twirled him around.

I smiled to myself. I am a good person aren’t i. Well, maybe now i can get some shopping done. I started walking away.

“Excuse me, miss?” A felt a hand on my shoulder, i turned to see what i assumed was Grays father.

“Thank you for bringing me my son, can i do anything to repay you?” He asked

“Oh, no no, Im fine, just knowing you guys are together and happy is good enough.” I smiled.

“Well, can i buy you some ice cream or something?” He asked.

“Oh, ha ha, no, me and Gray just had some ice cream actually.” I laughed

“Oh, well i feel like i have to do something for you… Can i make you some dinner some time?” He said. I blushed, he was cute, whats the harm.

“Ok, that would be nice, Im Y/N by the way.” I said.

“Im Jimin. How about tonight? At 5?” He asked
“Thats cool.” I didn’t think, my brain had turned off, my heart was in control now.

“Ok, here is my number I’ll send you the address.” Jimin said.

“Are you guys gonna fall in love?” Gray asked. Jimin and I both blushed and looked away.

We said our goodbye and walked separate ways.

WHAT THE HELL?!?!?! What if he’s secretly a murderer? Nah, he’s too cute to be a murderer. Should i dress casual or like, kinda fancy. A mix. Ooh! I can buy a new outfit and look all cute! My mind and heart were having a nice conversation while i walked around the mall. My mind had taken control once again. I bought cute shorts and a sweater to wear tonight.

I went home and got all fancied up. I looked nice, like, really nice. This is like every love story ever, woman finds child, she reunites child with father, her and the father fall in love, they all live happily ever after.

I went to Jimins house, hoping it wasn’t the wrong address. He answers the door and invited me inside. He live in a small house, There was a small living space and kitchen, and 3 doors which i assumed led to Jimins room, Grays room and a bathroom. Jimin sat me down at the table and walked away. He went in one of the doors. He walked out with Gray. Gray ran up and hugged me when he saw me. SO FRICKIN CUTE!!!!

We ate dinner, Ramen and Kimchi, it was sooo good! When we finished dinner it was around 7 pm ish. So Jimin put Gray to bed and i just sat on their couch awkwardly.

He came out of Grays room and sat next to me. we talked for a longtime.

“So, I hear you work at a Ramen shop” I said.

“Ya, i love it, but it barely pays the bills.” Jimin said.

“Why don’t you just get a different job than?” I asked.

“It was always my dream to either be and idol or work at a Ramen Shop and i want Gray to have the best childhood, full of happiness and all his dreams coming true. And I need money to make that happen. I have my dream job and he has a dream childhood, everyones happy.” He seemed pained.

“What about you? Are you happy? Do you have anything for yourself?” I asked

“Im happy if Gray is happy. I don’t have much, but my sons happiness is good enough.” Jimin said.

I felt bad, I wish i could help them.

Time flew by.

“Oh wow, its getting pretty late” Jimin said. I looked at the clock,it read 11 pm. It is late, but i didn’t want to got, i wanted to stay and talk to Jimin for longer.

“I should get going.” I said, my brain was in control. My heart wanted to stay, so badly.

Jimin walked me to the door. He opened the door, like a gentleman. I stood outside, and he, he leaned in and kissed me. I was internally screaming. We looked in each others eyes for a while.

“Will i see you again soon?” Jimin asked breaking the eye contact.

“Ya, at least i hope so.” I replied. My face was burning.

I went into my car and i just kinda, smiled. My smile was from ear to ear, I was happy. This is amazing. I think this is love. I love Jimin, I love Gray. I love this family, i want to be apart of it.

That was two years ago, Today is my wedding day. My wish will finally be granted, I will be apart of this family. Jimin, Gray and me. Park Y/N.

“Ready?” Someone sad and linked arms with me.

“Come on, mom.” Gray said, he was walking me down the isle.

I tried my best not to burst out into tears of joy. This was the first time Gray had ever called me mom. I like it.

Gray walked me down the isle, Jimin was waiting for me, is he as nervous as i am?

“Go get him, mom.” Gray let go of my arm.

I walked up to Jimin.

We exchanged our vows and rings.

“You may now kiss the bride.”

We smiled and leaned in for a kiss.

The kiss was magical, every moment with Jimin was magic. How can someone be so perfect?

Gray ran up and hugged up both. We are a family. This is happiness, This is love.

crazylonesoul  asked:

Oh poor Bekkah. I feel so bad for her. It was bad enough that she had to go through with dominic. I cant imagine how she feels having to tell her kid about it.

@ragedfoxy13​: Well Bekka, look at the bright side, at least he’s not going to hurt you, Hazel, Cuphead, and Connor. He won’t be bothering you anymore

@lilyfirealpha​: Aw im so sorry bekahh it must hurt to bring those memories back ;^;

@stormyrae1987​: Oh no, Hazel you might wanna give your mom a hug or something to help her feel better! ^^

@iron-luigi​: Bekka I’m sorry I’m so sorry what you had to go through it must have been hard but think about it he’s in jail and I got some good news, the word on the street is that he’s being put in jail for life on Albatross Island

@thedarklordkiros1987​: Bekkah my sincere apologies for what you had to go through

@rainonarainbow123​: It’s ok don’t cry your family is here for you and your right he should be in jail for a long long long long time

@dshine12​: Oh no. Bekkah, don’t cry

@skyassassin7289​: I feel bad for Bekkah and Hazel.Bekkah for telling Hazel her horrible releationship before Cup.And Hazel now knowing how her mom really suffered a bad and abusive releationship

@ashtheunluckyrabbitcomics​: Oh no dont cry bekkah that jerkwad is gone you have nothing to worry about

@night-and-zoe​: Don’t cry

@zmsdragon: Hmm… Is it because he suddenly seen you as a disobedient pet after he seen you in your wolf form…? That’s one of my suggestions anyway…   - (Thats what Bekkah comes to believe, at least! She isnt sure if that is the real reason though.  -  Wolfie)

@kittykat-draws-stuff: How does hazel feel about Dominic once being with bekkah?

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6-10 years of age gap? This is just unrealistic, unacceptable and plain unhealthy. You know what's healthy? Shoving teens and young adults into gigantic robotic felines and having them fight an intergalactic war with a space dictator. Or annihilating their planet before fighting. Now THAT's how you maintain a healthy mindset. We don't wanna put a relationship of mutual love and support under these circumstances, they'll completely mess them up. Pff. Can you imagine what it would do to them?

like, considering it’s still a kids show so it’s obvious and nobody should be surprised that one of the teenagers having abandonment issues is without any hesistance gonna sacrifice himself in the intergalactic war while piloting an alien spaceship (i’m still bitter over that, pls somebody give poor Keefer a hug)
but yeah the age gap is horrible, like, ugh and that’s the issue we should focus on!

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OK BUT courfeyrac and combeferre growing up as childhood friends yo?????

So many ideas aaaahhhhh!!!

First of all: Tiny Courfeyrac is the only person who can get Tiny Combeferre to play on the playground at school.

“Why didn’t you guys ask Ferre to play tag with us?”-Courf

“He didn’t want to, he’s too busy reading.”- another kid in their class

Courfeyrac frowns and runs over to Combeferre, who has his nose stuck in his new book, “Tag! You’re it, Ferre!”

Ferre sighs, but closes his book and runs after Courf with the cutest little smile on his face.

Second of all: Other kids make fun of Ferre because of his big glasses, and Courf will have none of that shit.

Like this big kid took Ferre’s book and he’s holding it just out of his reach. Now he’s standing over Combeferre calling him names and he won’t let poor tiny Ferre walk away. He shoves him down calling him “four-eyes” (real original I know). And Ferre is crying.

Courfeyrac doesn’t realize it’s going on until Ferre hits the ground, but when he does, he loses his mind. He runs over at full speed and punches his kid right in the face, yelling at him to leave Combeferre alone, and taking Ferre’s book back from him. He helps Ferre off the ground and hugs him and gives him his book back. 

Ferre is still really quiet though and he keeps sniffling. 

“Do you wanna come over after school?” Courf asks.

Ferre nods and finally smiles, “Yeah.”

Courf grins, “Good! Will you read some of that book to me?”

“Wouldn’t you rather play tag?” Ferre asks.

“Nah, those guys are lame,” Courf replies, “I’d rather hang out with you, Ferre.”

“Then, yeah, I’ll read a bit if you want,” Ferre says. Then he goes off about how interesting and awesome this book is.

Third: They both knew that they were going to get married someday by like age 9.

Ferre is talking to a girl in their class about something, probably space, and when she walks away Courf is there in about .5 seconds.

“She’s really nice,” Courf says.

“Yeah, she is,” Ferre agrees.

“Do you like her?” Courf asks almost jealously.

Ferre considers it for a moment, and thinking that Courf means as a friend says, “Yes.”

“Are you going to marry her?” Courf asks.

Ferre shakes his head, “No, I’m going to marry you.”