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Hello my lovelies!

I finally decided to open up requests properly for edits. By this I mean character quotes, posters, gifs, icons, taunt videos, drawings: anything really! (if I can not make it then I will let you know) I’ll list below certain points that I need to make clear:

  • I’m open to doing any games (and even film and TV if I am familiar with it!) but if it is one I am not familiar with I will need specifics about what you want featured. I.e: if it were a gif set like this, then I’d need location names and/or props that I could use (seeing as I don’t know the content of the game).
  • I can make icons for anything really! Just give me a character and any specific details you like and I’ll be sure to make it! I’ll also update you with what it may look like so that you get it how you want.
  • I’m open to drawing requests too - mind you these may take longer and I’ll need details about which characters.
  • With any of the requests I’ll most likely message you asking about certain points, to make sure I include the right stuff and that I’m on the right track basically.
  • I can also make taunt videos, but a chosen song and/or artist will need to be specified, as well as if you want certain Uncharted characters as well.
  • Game titles and character names will need to be included in the request so that I don’t get confused haha!
  • If you end up using any icons and/or gifs as headers then credit is not necessary but appreciated.

You can request things via either messaging and/or my ask box, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!


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Pairing: Theo Raeken x Reader

Prompt: “Oh c’mon, everyone’s got a story”

Summary: the reader is Stiles’ twin sister and doesn’t think Theo is evil.

A/N: Hi guys, this is my first imagine, I hope you like it. If you have any requests feel free to stop by my blog :) I write about Marvel, Teen Wolf, Supernatural, Harry Potter, One Direction, Zayn, Magcon or any other fandom that I might know a thing or two about.

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School took away all your energy, but the worst was your brother, Stiles. Lately he was trying to convince everyone that Theo was evil. You were tired of listening to him ramble about Theo, but he crossed the limits. He actually got the nerve to take Liam to spy him in the woods. Who does that? Why did he had to stalk him? I mean, he’s just trying to prove a point, more to himself than to the rest of the pack.

Your thoughts were interrupted by the bell. You packed your things and headed to the lunch line trying to avoid Stiles or the rest of the pack. After you got your food, you looked around for a place to sit. You spotted the pack sitting at your usual table, and Stiles started waving weirdly at you. You kept looking around, not wanting to sit with them and listen to your brother’s shit. Your eyes stopped on a familiar figure, Theo. He was sitting alone, avoiding eye contact with everyone and he looked sad. If you were in his shoes, you wouldn’t be too happy either, the only people he knew, his friends, made sure to sit away from him.

A small smile made its way to your lips as you walked towards Theo’s table. From the corner of your eye you saw Stiles getting angry. You knew Stiles well enough to know that he was gonna ask Scott to listen to your heartbeat, Theo’s heartbeat, to what you were saying, trying to catch your chemo signs and whatever the hell werewolves can do.

You stopped in front of Theo’s table and cleared your throat making him look up.

“Is this seat taken?” You asked pointing to the chair in front of him.

“No, not at all.” He smiled at you as you sat down “You’re (y/n), Stiles’ sister right?”

“Yeah and I’m in your Biology class.” You nodded.

“I guess you know who I am.” He chuckled.

“Stiles is my brother, of course I know who you are.” You said making him chuckle.

There was an awkward silence filling the air.

“Look, (y/n)…” Theo cleared his throat “Not to sound rude or anything, but I thought you weren’t allowed to talk to me. I mean…Stiles hates me for some reason and…” You interrupted him.

“Stiles is a drama queen. The pack has been through a lot so he doesn’t trust easily. He’ll get over it eventually, don’t worry.” You paused “Besides, I don’t care what Stiles thinks, he can’t control who I’m friends with.” You finished with a shrug.

“Are you sure? I don’t wanna get you in trouble.”

“He’s getting off limits. I heard about what happened in the woods, I’m sorry about your sister.” You gave him a sympathetic smile.

“Thank you.” He looked down at his food “But I guess everything happens for a reason and I believe that wherever she is, she's…”

“She’s looking over you.” You finished his sentence “My mom died a few years ago, I know how that feels.” you looked down at your food, poking it lightly with the fork.

For a few minutes no one spoke, the silence wasn’t comfortable but it wasn’t awkward either. You were just…quiet.

“Okay, enough with the sad things!” you looked up at him, slightly confused “Let’s talk about other stuff.”

“Like what?”

“I don’t know…tell me about yourself.” he smiled.

You thought about it for a minute, not really knowing what to say.

“I’m (y/n) Stilinski, I’m Stiles’ twin sister. I like pandas and ice cream. I literally spend all my free time on the internet. I consider myself a nice person but also very sarcastic and sassy, something that apparently runs in my family.” he chuckled “I like to draw and math. I like math” He chuckled and shook his head a few times “What about you?”

“There’s not too much to say about me. I’m just a normal kid.” He sighed, running his hand through his blond hair.

“Oh c’mon, everyone’s got a story.” You joked “C’mon Raeken I wanna know what is going on inside that head of yours.” You lightly tapped his forehead making him laugh.

“No, seriously…I’m just a normal kid, you know? I’m lame.”

“You’re a werewolf.” You lowered your voice “I’m pretty sure that not everyone in this school can say that.” Although we were in Beacon Hills, there was a lot of weird shit going on here. From banshees, to werecoyotes and kanimas, just name it, we have it “I won’t judge even if you tell me that your favorite movie is The Little Mermaid and that you cry watching Nemo.” You shrugged with a laugh.

He opened his mouth, but heavy footsteps coming your way turned your attention away from Theo. Stiles was walking towards you, looking pissed.

“Listen here Theo…”

“And here we go again.” You mumbled under your breath.

“I know that you’re hiding something and I might be the only one who sees right through your shitty act…seriously dude, you should take a few acting classes, you’re a terrible liar…” Uh, what? “But if you touch my sister, even if it’s a hand shake…I swear that I’ll shove a mistletoe wrapped up in wolf’s bane up your little werewolf ass! You hear me?”

“Stiles, that’s enough…”

“No, (y/n), if you can’t see that he’s evil, I’ll just have to look out for you!” Then he turned to Theo again “What are you still doing here?”

Theo grabbed his bag and got up, ready to leave.

“No, Theo isn’t going anywhere.” You crossed my arms over your chest.

“He’s right (y/n).” Theo finally spoke “I should go, it’s okay” He assured.


“It’s okay…” He nodded and gave you a small smile.

“You can’t control my friends Stiles. Besides you’re just trying to prove yourself that he’s evil!” You exclaimed while Theo walked towards the exit.

“No, you don’t understand (y/n), he’s shady…” He kept talking but you just blocked him out.

You watched as Theo walked away with his head down. When he walked past the pack, they just pretended he wasn’t there, except for Scott, who gave him a small nod.

It was true that he didn’t want to say anything about himself, you didn’t know anything about him except his name and that he was a werewolf. Could he be evil? Could Stiles actually be right? If he was hiding something, it made sense that he didn’t really talk about himself. Maybe Theo wasn’t even his real name. Hell, maybe the real Theo was dead a long time ago.

You were a little confused when he stopped at the entrance and turned around, making eye contact with you. He smiled and waved and you returned the gesture.

You shook your head, Stiles’ conspiracy theories were clouding your judgement. Of course Theo wasn’t evil, he was too sweet to be evil. He was just a lost kid, who was looking for a place where he could fit in, he was just looking for a pack.

But little did you knew, that you were wrong. But how could you? After all, no one expects an angel to set the world on fire.

anonymous asked:

Where did you buy the eclipse pets? Also did it look like they were almost out of them or were there plenty? Because I really wanna get some but I know they're limited and I haven't been able to go to a store to get them yet

Me and Gray have bought 16 (i think) eclipse pets all together from Fred Meyer. It seems like they’ve still got some in stock at that store. Keep in mind we live in Oregon, I don’t know what other stores are looking like. 

I’ve also noticed when the ads say “by the counter” the store sometimes doesn’t make them very obvious where they are. At ours they were by the pokemon cards (and cigarettes i think???). 

According to the ad in the Jamaa Journal they’re available at Target, Fred Meyer, Five Below, and Army and Air Force Exchange Service stores. We’ve had luck with Fred Meyer, Target seems to sell out very fast. The rest of the stores are not stores we have so I don’t know much about their supply.

If you’re looking for normal pet boxes, we’ve had luck with gamestop. Hypothetically I think walmart also has animal jam toys but we always get lost in walmart (our local ones so big and their toy sections awful).

For the majority of these stores the animal jam toys (in general) are usually by the trading card section.

gryffindor // a mix for the reckless and the brave [listen] [©]

i. imagine dragons – gold // ii. fall out boy – immortals // iii. all time low – the reckless and the brave // vi. arcade fire – we exit // v. 30 seconds to mars – this is war // vi. matchbox twenty – how far we’ve come // vii. awolnation – i am // viii. big data – dangerous // ix. sara bareilles – brave // x. imagine dragons – ready aim fire // xi. fall out boy – centuries // xii. rebelution – sky is the limit // xiii. bleachers – i wanna get better // xiv. of monsters and men – king and lionheart // xv. college feat. electric youth – a real hero // xvi. dawes – when my time comes


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