i wanna get along again but i still don't think i have anything to apologize for

Vortex Club Energy

Fandom: Life is Strange
Pairing: Grahamfield (Max Caulfield/Warren Graham)
Rating: Uh… T? M? It doesn’t go all the way, but there’s a sexually charged situation I guess you could call it? I’m embarrassed, don’t look at me. It might be worth mentioning that no clothing is removed.
Warnings: I’m such trash I only remembered this while making this post but Warren is under-age for the US… whoops… if that upsets you, turn back now. Also, I might have implied that alcohol is involved but that’s up to interpretation.
Words: 1,150

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You Suck

Michael Clifford Imagine

Requested: yesss pls enjoy send me requests in my ask

Word Count: 1.1k+

Rating: fluff

Warning: lame and cliché af

Michael Clifford was a nightmare.

For some reason you could not fathom, your friends were his friends.

You couldn’t deny that he was attractive; he was quite possible the hottest guy you’ve see. His personality was fine, adorable even.

Except his attitude around you. The moment you met him, his tone went from inviting to bitter. One second he was laughing with his friend, the next, he was staring at you with malice.

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Don't Think // Michael Clifford (Smut)

Anonymous asked: I’m here to ask for a blurb where you’re best friends with Michael and he comes with you to get your first tattoo (i’ve been thinking about tattoos i want in the future!), I wouldn’t mind a little sexual tension thrown in there!

warning: omfg okay i went overboard on the “little sexual tension” part so smut warning sorry and this is v long bc the beginning is draggy and i was gonna split it in two parts but part 1 would’ve been shit oops so i apologize for that also

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All You Had To Do Was Stay

Pairing: Michael x Y/n
Word Count: 2154
Requested: downunderirwin
Based On: All You Had To Do Was Stay - Taylor Swift

all i know is that you drove us off the road

“I think we should break up.” Michael’s voice didn’t reach your ears entirely and you had had to ask him to repeat what he’d said. 

“What?” You asked in utter confusion. You’d been nothing but amazing to Michael, or at least that’s what you thought. 

“I think we should break up..” Michael repeated again.

“No, Michael, I heard you.” You shook your head, trying to make some kind of sense out of this. “Why?” You narrowed your eyes as you looked up at this boy you’d known for two years of your life and suddenly, you didn’t want anything to do with him anymore. 

Michael bit his lip, staring at you nervously, almost afraid to say the next words that were going to leave his lips. “I don’t want to be tied down anymore…” He trailed off, averting his eyes from you. 

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anonymous asked:

You Lucaya shipers will do anything to turn Rucas moments into your own. You call us delusional, but look at you. First Date is a Rucas episode and you guys analyze it and try to say stupid shit like Lucas is dazed because of Maya, Lucas cares more about Maya being upset than his own date, and other crap. You don't see us taking Lucaya episodes and spinning them to Rucas (oh that's right, because there are NO Lucaya episodes). If we're delusional, then you all are desperate and pathetic.

You understand that I have no control over stage direction or the script of the show, right? If you’re upset about what happens onscreen, take it up with the writers.

You don’t have to accept it if you don’t wanna, but I’d *love* to hear your explanation for why Lucas is looking so distinctly to the left before he straightens out and looks at Riley. Or why Farkle follows Lucas’s gaze and then comments on what he sees: Maya. (That’s yet another example of the show basically telling us what’s going on). And Lucas ended his date with Riley to send her over to Maya. In that moment, he clearly cared more about Maya’s feelings than about being on a date with Riley. And Riley was pleased about that. According to the writers, Lucas sending her over to Maya is WHY Riley kissed him. So again…if you don’t like it, you’re ranting at the wrong person.

First Date was both a Rilucas and a Lucaya episode, as most episodes are. What did the writers say a while back? Something like “they both happen every episode”? Which…they pretty much do unless you’re so blinded by shipper goggles that you can’t accept even the basic EXISTENCE of whichever ship you don’t prefer.

Anyway, at least I don’t sit here pretending that a look which matches almost exactly with a look Lucas shot MISSY is a positive ship moment. Some of y'all act like that forced smile in the downstairs bay window was a “look of love” or something. It’s like you can’t read basic facial expressions and then you wanna come at me for literally describing what happened on screen? The kid looks distinctly to the left in First Date. It’s not my fault Maya just happens to be on the left. Riley is dead ahead or maybe slightly to the right, so what else could Lucas have been looking at?

Maybe it was the Feeny poster. 😂

Look, I get that you don’t see it yet. Maybe you never will. It took me a long time to believe my eyes before I accepted it. I couldn’t believe a show like this would be that sneaky. But it totally was. This show is not as straightforward as you think it is. They’ve been playing us for a long time. You’re unlikely to believe me or anyone else, but odds look pretty good that the show is going to revisit a few things, and this is probably gonna be one of them. They’ve already done one altered flashback to First Date, they’ll probably do another before this is all over.

Finally, I don’t know how many times I’ve told y'all that objectivity is why I changed ships in the first place. I’m not trying to “take” a Rilucas moment, I’m just telling you what I see. And this isn’t like some random crime, where you only see it once and your memory and eyewitness testimony are unreliable. It’s a TV show. You can check and re-check until you’re sure. Which I did.

Still, I acknowledge that I could be allll wrong. It’s possible. And if I’m wrong when this arc resolves, feel free to come back and take a victory lap in my asks. I’ll publish it. If I’m right though, you and a whollllle lot of other anons are going to owe me a big old apology (although you’ll probably be too busy moaning and carrying on about “fanservice” even if the show points out every single last little one of the receipts they sprinkled in along the way).

But either way, maybe try taking the show’s/the writer’s advice: watch carefully. Don’t assume. There is more going on than you realize.

Or not. Do whatever you want to do. But if it turns out I’m right…well, don’t say I didn’t try to warn you.


Secret Saturdays Sentence Meme Episodes 7-12
  • “You know that's not really how sonar works.”
  • “I don't ask questions from the guy with the money.”
  • “Don't! Scratch! The finish!”
  • “I've set traps less obvious than that.”
  • “When I have ever done anything rash or irresponsible?”
  • “I keep a list. It's alphabetized.”
  • “You can tattle or you can come along.”
  • “Betrayal! Chicanery! Heavens, the drama!”
  • “I don't know if I should be impressed or disgusted.”
  • “What kind of evil mastermind do you think I am?”
  • “Can you maybe trust for me, like, five minutes?”
  • “Even your threats have bad science!”
  • “Your mom has bad science.”
  • “You gonna beat up a kid?”
  • “I just can't resist the entertainment value.”
  • “So we're holding a stethoscope up to a volcano to see if it has indigestion.”
  • “Whoa. So it's exploding this time.”
  • “I... don't think that's a man.”
  • “Yeah, see, I would've guessed that when it came out of a volcano.”
  • “Your fancy technology is a hose?”
  • “See, not all science has to be boring.”
  • “It's like swimming through a giant milkshake.”
  • “Every spider I know shoots webs out of it's butt.”
  • “If it helps, I think you won the pointless macho contest.”
  • “It's called improvising.”
  • “Oh, I'm gonna get my money's worth.”
  • “I don't think that's a guy in a rubber suit!”
  • “No one likes a dirty sacrifice.”
  • “Don't freak out, but I think they want the big bird to eat you.”
  • “Just, y'know, shining the head.”
  • “What? You think I make everything up as I go along?”
  • “Actually, I already have a plan. If anyone's interested in that sort of thing.”
  • “So hard to find good childcare these days.”
  • “No unauthorized access. Please stay back, sir.”
  • “You have to admire their determination.”
  • “How are they even that smart?”
  • “So... we're gonna scare the things that have us outnumbered a hundred to one?”
  • “This is my fight too.”
  • “Alright, but so help me, if you shock me again...”
  • “I want my apology back! I'm taking it back!”
  • “Everything is so dramatic with you.”
  • “I really do dislike you.”
  • “Good guys. Bad guys. You always know their next move. Victory goes to the grey men in the middle, because you never know how we'll surprise you.”
  • “I guarantee I can find us some fun in five seconds or less.”
  • “Why would you steal something if you don't know what it is?”
  • “I see it. I like it. I take it. Why is this complicated for you?”
  • “The dragon is still very hungry.”
  • “I should have stolen one of these years ago.”
  • “I can get the notes, but I ain't singing.”
  • “So I know stalactites grow down and stalagmites grow up, but what are they called when they grow sideways?”
  • “Okay, you park WAY worse than you drive.”
  • “Nobody lives forever.”
  • “So tell me again how I'm the reckless one.”
  • “We're debating and discussing.”
  • “It's snowing in my bedroom. How is that my fault?”
  • “Have you ever really tasted hot chocolate? I mean, like, REALLY tasted it?”
  • “We have mini marshmallows?”
  • “It's all simple particle physics.”
  • “I just wanted to hit them in the face.”
  • “Are you disturbed yet?”
  • “Blah blah blah blah. Smart talk science. Pbbbgth.”
  • “Um... right back at 'cha?”
  • “Mm... shiny.”
  • “I don't think you wanna get in the middle of family time.”