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(A/N): I really like these color soulmate au’s at the moment so take another one :)

Request: Do you can write a Wanda x female reader soulmate imagine where [Y/N] is Tony’s younger sister who’s a mutant with powers similar to Wanda’s except reader’s energy color is blue and they meet during AoU and they fight each other until they realize that they’re soulmates before they hug and share a kiss?

Warnings: none 

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    You’d never been able to see the color purple, every other color you could see crystal clear but whenever you so much as glanced at something purple it would take up an almost monotone color, a simply grey to be exact.

   For years you’d wondered if there was something wrong with you, something in your brain or eyes that wasn’t registering the color but it was when you reached the ripe old age of 16 that you truly found out why you couldn’t see purple. Soulmate. That was the only explanation, something about your soulmate had to do with the color purple and so you couldn’t see it, not until you met them at least. 

   At first the idea of soulmates had been a hard thing for you to grasp but as you aged into your twenties you began to grasp the idea that someone, somewhere out in the world Had been made just for you just as you had been made just for them; like two pieces of a puzzle or two peas in a pod. 

   As soon as you learned what a soulmate was you were bound and determined to go out and find them- whoever they were. So you saved up and spent your money traveling the world, searching for your so called soulmate. But your little expedition led you to where you were now, trapped inside a cell as scientists experimented on you. 

   "Wait till-“ you growl, biting down on one of the scientists fingers as they attempted to shove something down your throat. "Wait till my brother finds out,” You smirk despite the amount of pain you were in, some poison they put into your body no doubt. A thin sheen of sweat covered your body and it took all of your willpower to bit throw up or cry. Instead you grit your teeth through your pain, pulling against the restraints that these people had you in.

    You close your eyes as something deep settles within your bones causing you more pain than imaginable. Despite your best efforts you scream, your mouth opening widely as your cry pierces the stale air of whatever basement you were in. But suddenly you were jolting upwards, no restraints, no pain coursing through your veins. A layer of sweat covered your body and as you looked around you could see little wisps of blue energy hanging around the air. It was just a nightmare- just a nightmare. You weren’t in some dingy basement, you were in Stark tower, in your older brother’s tower. 

   With a shaky sigh you clutch a hand to your rapidly beating heart, willing it to settle down but as soon as it began to even out a sudden crashing filled the air and suddenly there was a robot sized hole in your wall. One of Tony’s maintenance bots stands in your room, it’s eyes glowing at you dangerously. 

   "Jarvis, power down the bots-“ but before you could even finish your sentence the bot attacked, lunging towards your bed. With a scream you jumped from your bed, just barely managing to miss the bot gripping at the sheets madly. It cocks it’s head to look at you, it’s whole robot body rigid and suddenly it was coming after you again but luckily you were prepared this time and you counteracted it with a short blast of energy, sending the bot exploding. 

   You pant softly, your heart racing once again. First a nightmare and now this? What was going on in the tower? Without missing a beat you jog out of your room and down a few floors, to where Tony had been having a party. Immediately the sight of robots and avengers greets you, each one battling for dominance of the room. One look around and you knew that your team was screwed.

    ”(Y/N)!“ Tony yells over the commotion. "What’re you doing up?”

    “Believe it or not it’s kinda hard to sleep when the maintenance bots decide to attack you,” you shrug, throwing a quick wisp of energy at 2 approaching bots. “What happened here?" 

    "It’s a…it’s a long story," 

    "Well,” your energy wipes out a good chunk of the robots in the near vicinity, little wisps of blue still lingering behind. “I think we’ve got time," 

    "Let me get this straight,” you mutter as you slip on your boots. “You created an artificial intelligence, one that could destroy the world and you didn’t kill it when you had the chance?” Tony sighs as he pilots the jet the avengers were on, all of you on your way to some location, one that Ultron had been spotted at. 

    “(Y/N), it’s not that simple,” Tony begins only for you to cut him off. 

    “Tony, the world is danger because of you, got that? If you had taken some responsibility for once in your life then this wouldn’t be happening right now-" 

   "Don’t get started (Y/N),” Tony warns, gritting his teeth in restraint. 

   “No Tony, I will get started and you wanna know why? You can’t act like your age for one fucking second and-” Your sentence cuts short when the jet shifts, just enough to alert the team but there had still been movement. “Did you feel that?” You ask and immediately afterwards the jet shifts again, this time much more dramatic than before, nearly knocking any free standing Avengers to the ground. “Tony, what’s going on?” You grip his seat for support, looking out of the window to see what was going on. Your eyes train on two figures below you, one with silver hair and the other- well, the other was glowing red it seemed. “Wait a minute, aren’t those the kids from that mission?” You ask, squinting to get a better look but as soon as you did the jet shifted again, knocking right into a building beside you. 

   “We might want to get outtta here,” Tony mutters as he attempts to get a grip on his steering, trying to steer it back to where he wanted it to be. “Whatever mojo those kids have is messing with our ship and I doubt it’s gonna last long,” At his words the front of the jet slowly began to tip down, angling towards the ground menacingly. You, and every other avenger begin to slide to the front, quickly gripping onto something so you didn’t go hurdling through the windshield. “Shit,” Tony growls as he starts pressing an innumerable amount of buttons, attempting to gain control but the ship didn’t obey his command, instead it kept angling downwards, the jet rather suddenly approaching the ground.

   “Tony,” You yell as the jet angles down completely, leaving you smacking into the front windows, an almost sickly sounding crack coming from the glass. The jet seemed to be falling faster now and the glass was cracking beneath you, Tony was still trying to get control of the ship while the others were yelling commands at you, telling you not to move or to shift your weight the right way, but none of that mattered when the glass below you shattered, leaving you to smack against the ground painfully. 

   “Fuck,” You mutter, arching your back as pain surges through you. You open one of your eyes, just in time to see the jet go skidding into some building, tearing the thing to the ground. With a groan you pushed up from the dirt ground, going to make your way towards the jet when a suddenly blast of red energy hit you, smacking you against a wall of some old building. Pain crawled up your spine once again, leaving your head throbbing in pain as you slumped to the ground, all the fight nearly drained from your bones. 

   “Don’t move,” A rich, accented voice demands of you. You crack one eye open to stare at the perpetrator, none other than the brown haired girl from the mission previously. Little wisps of red energy swarm her fingers, much like your wisps of power, only an entirely different color. Another groan falls from your lips as you allow your head to slump back against the wall behind you, your body much to weak to even think about moving. You do happen to spare a glance at the wreck of jet and building and what you saw didn’t look the best; the building was on fire and as far as you can tell there wasn’t a single avenger in sight. 

   “Shit,” You mutter, opening your other eye to blink blearily at the fire. You shift just a bit, pushing your hands beneath your body to stand up when a red finger is pointed at your head. 

   “I said don’t move,’ Your fight seems to return at her words, an anger brewing beneath your skin at her attitude. 

   “Fuck you,” You growl as you bite her finger, hard enough to break the skin. With a yelp she pulls back, nursing her now bleeding hand. You take her moment of distraction to quickly elbow her face, a satisfying crunch coming from her nose. She falls to the ground, her head nearly spinning as you book it to the crash, hoping to get there before the silver haired guy could catch up. “Tony!” You scream as you run at the building, so close you could feel the flames licking your body. “Steve!” You approach the rubble, searching for any sight of one of your teammates but when you found none you began to grow a bit concerned. “Nat!” You cry, pulling up chunks of the building as you attempt to make your way into the rubble. “Bruce!”  Your cries stop short when you hear a resounding thud from behind you, a sound that could only be made by one object. 

   You whip around just in time to see the Avengers emerge from chunks of the rubble, Steve’s shield stuck in a robot’s body. The were beaten and bloodied but they were alive. 

   “(Y/N),” Steve chokes, his breathing a bit heavy as he does, “Take down the twins, we’ll take care of the bots,” You nod your head, an almost relieved smile overtaking your features. 

   “You got it Cap’n,” With a little salute you turn your body towards the two mutants, the sliver haired speedster helping the brown haired girl to her feet. Wisps of energy gather around your fingers as you take a step towards the two, your whole body thrumming in power.

    The two happen to look up, their eyes widening at the sight of you. With a smirk you send a beam of energy their way, thoroughly surprised when the brown haired girl counteracted it with her own beam. The two colors collide and immediately a spark fills the air, getting brighter and brighter with each passing second. You furrow your brows as you look at the sparks forming in the middle of your beams, it was a color you’d never seen before- nearly blue but with a slightly red undertone….Suddenly both of the beams become this vibrant color, thrumming as your two colors mix. And then it clicked- it was purple; this was the color you’d never been able to see before. Immediately your energy powers down, little wisps of it clinging to the air as the vibrant color soon fades, leaving you and the brown haired girl staring at each other in shock. 

   You’re soulmate was the bad guy? Your mouth runs dry at the though and you can barely find the words to speak as you come to this conclusion. Your hands shake and you feel the extreme urge to cry, something you rarely ever did. 

   “Oh my god,” You breathe out, a small tear cascading down your cheek. “Oh my god, y-you’re my-” The girl nods and it looks like there are tears of her own gathering within her eyes. Blood soaks her hands and nose and you do feel a pang of guilt knowing that you’d been the one to hurt her, your own damn soulmate. 

   Despite knowing that she was working against you, despite knowing that she was working with Ultron you find yourself running towards her, not stopping until you’d wrapped her up in your arms, your face buried in her neck. Two arms wrap around you and a warm cheek presses against your head, making you feel more alive than you ever had. 

   “My soulmate,” she breathes out, her lips ghosting along your skin as she does. “Mine.” She repeats, firmer this time. You find yourself nodding against her, your heart overpowered with emotions. 

   “I-I-I don’t even know your name,” You whisper, pulling back just enough to stare at her bloodied, beaten face. She smiles gently, wincing slightly as she does. 

   “It’s Wanda, Wanda Maximoff,” You smile as you gingerly press a kiss to her lips, making sure not to get any blood in your mouth. 

   “I’m (Y/N),” You mumble against her lips, relishing in the small breath she breathed against you. “(Y/N) Stark.” 

You’re My Drug (Bucky Barnes x reader)

Request: Can I have a one shot/fic where reader is shy and one of the avengers’ daughter (up to you) and she sings when no one is at the tower. And Bucky walks in and it relaxes him so he asks reader to sing him a lullaby to put him to sleep. Thank you, and good luck with all your requests!

Hey little mama

Ain’t gotta ask me if I want to

Just tell me, can I get a light?

Roll you up and let it run through my veins

‘Cause I can always see the farthest stars when I’m on you

I don’t wanna ever come down off this cloud of lovin’ you

“Steve, come here,” Bucky whispered with a summoning curl of his finger.  “Did you know about this?”

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To Put It Simply...

I guess knowing that there are Led Zeppelin fans out there who also hate Avenged Sevenfold - and hypocritically bash Avenged Sevenfold for plagiarism, when Led Zeppelin is *much* more guilty in that respect, is really causing me a great deal of distress.

I just don’t understand the rationale to it, and it just doesn’t make sense to me. I really wanna understand why some people are that way, but I’m not getting any answers. If the people in question bother responding at all, they usually respond simply with a one-line put-down - and they don’t even bother making any pretenses of answering any of my questions.

I feel like I’m in limbo, and even though my position seems to make perfect sense to me - it seems like nobody else really understands or gets it. And that’s why this particular issue is causing me a great deal of distress.

“I Would Sacrifice the World “ Part One - Pietro Maximoff x Female!Reader

Word Count: 2,604

Warnings: A lil angst? 

Request: Hi! Love your writing and just wanted to know if I could request a little somethin’. Could you do a Pietro x reader where the reader dies saving the little Russian sass-master in Sokovia and he gets all sad? (You don’t have to if you don’t wanna btw)

Hi! Can I have a request with Pietro where the reader has force field powers and they try to reenact that scene from the incredibles with Violet and Dash? 

Author’s Note: I know I originally said that I was going to make this one long imagine, but I changed my mind because I kinda got stuck. SOOO here’s part one. I hope you don’t mind, but I mixed these two requests :)

**follows the plot of Avengers: Age of Ultron**

“Do you think Pietro wears a speedo?”

“Really, (Y/n)? Right now?” Wanda hissed, nudging your shoulder.

“What? I’m bored… and it’s not like we have anything to do until Pietro gets-”

“What about me?” Pietro asked, speeding his way over to the two of you.

“Well, (Y/n) was just wondering-”

“When you were gonna get back,” you interrupted, walking over to him so the two of you were face to face. “You know, for a speedster, that took way longer than it should have,” you teased, poking his chest.

Pietro scoffed, “Come on, let’s get off our asses and get some work done.” Pietro winked and sped off into the snowy distance, towards the Avengers who were awaiting the “enhanced”.

“And to answer your question,” Wanda continued, “shouldn’t you know? Since you are the one sleeping with him?” She smirked and walked in front of you.

“What-how did you… oh, that’s right. You’re a telepath,” you sighed, bringing your palm up to your face. “It-it was a one-time thing!” You yelled, chasing after Wanda into the battlefield.

One thing was on your mind as you treaded through the snowy forest: how the hell were you supposed to fight the Avengers? Wanda and Pietro were more skilled with their powers, but yours were a little more difficult to control. Creating force fields really drained the energy out of you, and so far the biggest force field you had created was big enough to cover a basketball. Thankfully, HYDRA trained you to become an agent. But unfortunately, that wasn’t what you wanted. The only reason you volunteered for such horrid experiments was because you loved the twins. They convinced you it was the right thing to do, the right way to honor not only their parents, but your older brother.

*flashback to before the experiments*

“Wanda? Is that you in there? Because I don’t think your brain is working,” you retorted, flicking your forehead as if nothing was in there.

“(Y/n)! Listen to us. Stark deserves to pay for what he did to our lives,” She argued, her accent voicing her hatred and anger about Tony Stark. “Our family didn’t deserve to be ruined. We don’t deserve to live on the streets. Our families didn’t deserve to die. Your brother didn’t deserve to be crushed by the apartment building-”

“Don’t,” you interrupted, tears bursting out of your eyes. “Don’t talk about my brother.” You crossed your arms crossed and turned around to look out the window of the place the three of you were squatting at. You took a deep breath, and stared at the people who were struggling to live; attempting to sell homemade food and jewelry, cute little shops that were not so adorable anymore due to the amount of rubble that surrounded them. The city became a dump, filled with tortured and broken souls that had lost too much. “My brother and I moved here from New York because we wanted to live a different life. Marcus thought it would be a good idea to move here, seen as how our family was from this place. When we arrived, I didn’t think the area we lived in was nice, but my brother was an optimist and said ‘don’t worry, (Y/n). We can make the best outta this, like we always have’. And for a moment, I believed him. I believed that even though we were living in the smallest flat, with a little amount of money, that we would still be the same dynamic duo that we always were.” Wiping the tears and pushing your hair out of your face, you turned to face the twins. “So tell me… do you really think this is a good idea? Should we put our faith in this shady organization and risk our lives for this?”

“Wanda, can I talk to (Y/n) for a moment… alone?” Pietro asked, his hand rubbing her shoulder. She looked up at him, then back at you.

“Sure, I’ll be in my room,” Wanda said quietly, walking out of the living room into the room that was claimed by her. Pietro took a few steps closer to you and reached his hand up to your cheek, his gentle fingertips brushing the side of your face in a comforting way.

“Draga, can I be honest with you?” Pietro asked. You nodded. His hands fell down past your waist and took hold of yours. “I don’t know how I feel about us joining this program, but I want him to pay for what he did. The only good thing that came out of that tragic day was you. I want the two of you to be safe-”

“But what if something happens to us? What if we are just gonna sacrifice ourselves for no reason?”

“Then I’ll do it on my own.”

Your eyebrows furrowed, “What? No. I’m not gonna let you…”

“Printesa, I would sacrifice the world for you.”

You smiled, “Pietro, that’s sweet but I can’t let you do that.” Pressing a soft kiss to his gentle lips, you sighed and ran your fingertips through his white tinted hair. “I guess… it’s better that we take down Stark together.”

“You know… I lov-”

*Flash forward to the present*

“(Y/n)! You alright?” Wanda asked, her voice disrupting your thoughts and bringing you back to reality. Her hands were placed on your shoulders, lightly shaking you to get your attention.

“Hm?” Your eyes adjusted to her worried figure, she knew something was up. “Oh, nothing. I’m fine!”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah! I just got lost in my thoughts, that’s all,” you assured with a soft smile. She nodded and the two of you split up, off to fight the world’s mightiest heroes.

Later on, you found Pietro speeding through the snow-covered trees, mocking one of the Avengers you knew as Hawkeye.

“Come on, old man. You didn’t see that coming?” Pietro taunted before speeding off into the distance. You laughed at his childish behavior and began to run in Pietro’s direction, but Hawkeye quickly stood on his feet and pulled an arrow from his quiver and placed it in his bow. Whoosh.

“What the-!” You yelled at an arrow that just missed your head. Hawkeye stood strong, placing another arrow on his bow.

“How many enhanced are there… you all look so young,” He acknowledged while letting go of the arrow, letting it fly towards you. Your hands glowed an alluring periwinkle color, quickly forming into a large circle that floated in front of you like a shield. The force field blocked the arrow, thankfully it was headed for your shoulder since the force field only blocked the top of your head down to your knees. Hawkeye ducked, dodging his arrow that bounced off of the glowing shield, and you stood still, trying not to show how exhausted you were. However, he noticed.

“You alright there, Sparky?” Hawkeye questioned, a smirk that followed the cringeworthy nickname that he gave you.

“Sparky,” you panted, “really, Birdman?”

“You seem a little exhausted,” he poked, nodding his head towards your tired figure. You straightened your shoulders and tilted your head side to side, cracking it as a sign of strength; even though the only thing on your mind was laying next to Pietro in your nice, warm bed instead of being in this cold snow.

“Psh, I could do this all day,” you challenged, still struggling to catch your breath.

He chuckled and slightly shook his head. “I’ve got a friend who says the same thing when he’s not willing to back down in a fight. But it almost sounded like you said it with a hint of uncertainty. Are you sure you are doing the right thing?”

Taking a deep breath and shrugging, you smirked and used all your strength, slowly creating a round technicolor force field that took the shape of a glowing, violet sphere.


Your hands flung the ball of energy towards the Avenger, knocking him into a tree before plopping down onto the snow that covered the forest. Starting to walk away, you giggled before groaning in pain. Your head hurt like hell, almost as if a child was banging it with a pot. Everything started to merge together, creating a messy blur of white covered trees and the flurry of snow that laid on top of the barren grass. The last thing you remembered was the color of the seemingly gray sky with the sun hiding ever so carefully behind the fluffy white clouds. Then everything went dark…

“How much longer til she wakes up?” A man asked, his voice sounding concerned. “She’s been in here for so long…”

“Not sure, she’ll probably try to kill us when she does, though,” a different man quipped, his footsteps getting closer to you.

Opening your eyes was a struggle. A bright, white light was shining over you, almost making you feel like Jesus was coming to bring you to heaven. Psh… like that was ever gonna happen, you thought. On the bright side (pun not intended), the harsh pain in your head had gone away. You tried to move your hands but cold metal stopped you from getting up. Your eyes flew wide open, looking down at your hands only to see them handcuffed to the side of a bed… that you somehow got into. Wincing at the small bruise that started to form around your wrists, your gaze finally adjusted to the genius billionaire playboy philanthropist: Tony Stark.

“Oh, good! You’re awake!” Tony exclaimed, clapping his hands. You tensed up and pulled your fingers into a fist, restraining yourself from smiting him on the spot. He noticed how uncomfortable you were and opened a drawer next to the bed. “Sorry about the handcuffs,” he said, continuing to search through the draws until he found a small key. “They are just a safety precaution, even though we know you are too worn out to create that purple ball-thingy.”

“You,” you growled.

“Yep, tis me,” he joked, turning towards Clint Barton, who just glared at him.

Despite Tony’s reassuring smile and light-hearted jokes, anger spread throughout your body and you tried your hardest not to do or say anything irrational. However, you failed.

“What’s your name, beauti-”

“Screw you,” You interrupted, gritting your teeth. Tony’s dark brown eyes closed; his face showing that “wait-what?” expression.

“Excuse me?” he asked, crossing his arms while cocking his eyebrow.

Anger continued to flow throughout your veins, giving you strength to break free from the cuffs and push him against the wall with another forcefield. Tony hit the wall and Clint came up from behind you, holding your hands behind your back so you couldn’t hit him.

“You ruined my life-our lives!” You yelled, struggling to break free from Clint’s grip. A few things got knocked over, and you accidentally hit him in the face with your elbow. Once you heard him wince, you turned around and saw how much things got out of control. Tony noticed your pain and watched as your eyes started to water.

He held out his hand and slowly walked towards you, “I don’t know what I did to you, but I am sorry-”

“You are 'sorry’? 'Sorry’ isn’t gonna cut it, Mr. Fancyman! My brother is dead because of you! He was the only family I had left and now he’s gone!” You screamed, poking his chest as tears flooded down your face. He grabbed your hands and you froze in front of him.

“Look kid!” Tony shouted, attempting to get your broken soul to listen to him. He took a deep breath and looked into your hurt eyes, “I don’t know what I did. But, I can’t fix what happened. All I can do is say I’m sorry and try to learn from my mistakes to make sure that no one else goes through what you went through.”

All these years you spent hating, despising the man that took the life of your brother. But that man wasn’t the person you thought he was. Tony was kind, and what happened was a mistake that shouldn’t have happened.

“You can’t change the past,” you whispered, your eyes focusing on the mess you made. The silver table that was next to the bed were knocked over, the papers with your background information had been scattered all over the floor. Your hands slipped out of Tony’s gentle grasp as you sunk to the floor, placing your head in-between your knees. “I guess it was easier to blame you…”

Tony glanced over to Clint, who put his hand up as a way of saying “I’m fine”, and kneeled down next to you. His hand patted your shoulder, an awkward sort of gesture, but comforting in a way. Tony opened his mouth to say something but was quickly interrupted by Bruce Banner’s voice over the comms.

“Uh, Stark. It’s Bruce. The package… I need your help.”

“Stay here,” Tony advised, getting off the floor and briskly walking out of the room.

“What’s that about?” You asked Clint, raising an eyebrow.

He sighed and helped you up, “I would tell you but I really don’t feel like it. I got some work to do, wanna help?”

You nodded and he led you to a room with a bunch of tech equipment. Most of it was old; some of the things were very advanced. Which you expected, considering it was all Tony Stark’s equipment. Hawkeye sat down and started to mess around with a radio, attempting to hear some sort of message.

“So, what are we doing?” You asked, picking up an old comm set.

“One of our team members has been taken by Ultron, she’s somewhere- most likely in Sokovia.”

“What’s an Ultron?”

“Tony tried to create something to save the world. But as it turns out, it’s just trying to destroy it. So we have to save Natasha and the world altogether,” he explained, tampering with a radio until he thought he heard something. You watched as he listened carefully, his ears twitching to the sound of a tapping noise. Must be Morse code, you thought. Crossing your arms, you listened as well, even though you never learned Morse code. But you felt like helping Clint. He seemed to have lost a part of him. One thing you learned from Wanda is seeing loss or hurt in someone’s eyes. The way she could manipulate people’s feelings, making them see their worst fears, could really scare the living hell out of someone. She didn’t do it for fun, of course. Only when she was commanded to by some big shot HYDRA agent. But you saw that same hurt in his eyes; the fear of losing someone close to him. Clint stopped listening to the tapping noises coming from the radio and grabbed a pen, quickly jotting down some notes.

“I’m guessing you found her?”

“She gave me a clue-”

Clint stopped, his eyes now stuck on the glass ceiling. He grabbed a nearby gun and gestured for you to get behind him. “You might wanna duck,” He warned, aiming his gun above before pulling the trigger. The glass shattered, and you covered your head to protect yourself from the shards that fell from the ceiling. You heard a loud thud come from the center of the room, it almost sounded like a body had fallen in…

“What? You didn’t see that coming?” Clint teased with a smirk. Making your way over, you saw a man groaning in pain, pushing himself off of the glass-covered floor.


Part Two //  Requests are open :)  //  Masterlist


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Can someone please remix Mambo No. 5 with the names of the Avengers???

One, two, three, four, five
Everybody in the jet, so come on let’s ride
To the Shwarma store around the corner
The boys say they want some Asgardian Mead 
But I really don’t wanna
Beer bust, like I had last week
I must stay deep, ‘cause talk is cheap
I like Clinton, Thor, Scott and Bruce
And as I continue you know they’re getting sweeter
So what can I do? I really beg you, my Lord
To me flirting is just like a sport
Anything fly, it’s all good let me dump it
Please set in the trumpet

A little bit of Natasha in my life
A little bit of Pietro by my side
A little bit of Wanda is all I need
A little bit of Tony is what I see
A little bit of Samuel in the sun
A little bit of Bucky all night long
A little bit of Vision here I am
A little bit of Steve makes me your man

Seven Minutes in Heaven

This is just the introduction to this little story and we’ll be uploaded the next parts soon! There will be 2 parts specifically for each avenger saying what would happen if you got them. The first part is what would happen in the cupboard. The second part is what would happen after the cupboard ;) SO basically its multiple mini stories with the same beginning, not one whole story.

Let us know who you wanna read next!

Complete series list


The game is afoot 

You were on your fifth double vodka and coke when Tony stoodup with a slight stagger in his step. “I believe it’s time to get this littlegathering moving.”

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anonymous asked:

Imagine Steve, Bucky, Nat and Sam all get matching leather jackets

“Shopping,” is the first word Bucky says that morning. Steve gives him a bewildered look.

“Natasha says she wants to take me shopping,” he clarifies. He still doesn’t talk much these days, but today seems like a good day. “Don’t make me go alone,” Bucky says, eyes big.

And, well, Steve can’t resist Bucky’s big blue eyes which is why he finds himself with Natasha and Sam, holding all of Natasha’s bags. He doesn’t actually know where Natasha and Sam are, but he can see Bucky staring at a pair of stretchy rhinestone shorts on a mannequin. 

Natasha appears out of nowhere at his side. “Has he found anything he likes yet? I wanna get him something that he picks for himself.”

Bucky wanders over to the polos and then to the leather jackets, running his fingers along the supple fabric. He lingers in front of them before he goes to see something else.

“I think he likes those jackets. He keeps going back to them,” Sam says from Steve’s other side. Natasha’s eyes light up.

“Oh no,” Steve says warily. She tugs Sam and Steve both over to Bucky.

“You want one of these?” Natasha asks Bucky. Bucky shrinks a little, still having difficulty wanting things.

“I think we should all get them,” she says brightly. “Wanna all be matching?”

Which is how it starts.

It ends with a picture on the official Avenger instagram of all four of them casually standing together. “Team America,” says the caption.

Ok but conservatives trying to drag Steve out of Avengers Tower to get his comment of the Supreme Court ruling and the Avengers aren’t coming out but eventually Pepper lets a few reporters in and of course they don’t notice but she’s practically crying with laughter and so they rush up to the lobby and there’s Tony and Bruce and Thor and Clint and the reporters are like ‘what are your comments. Where are the other avengers. Gays are bad.’ and eventually Tony just grins r e a l l y evilly and goes
“Ladies and gentlemen! May I present to you- Captain America: his personal views on today’s society!”
And Bucky just stands there and Steve looks hella nervous and Bucky just runs over to him and to keep this post PG we’ll omit the details but the reporters are freaking out and then Natasha just walks up to the wall of reporters and stands there with her death glare and it goes a little quiet but there’s still half a riot going on and so she goes ‘Agent Hill.“ And Maria comes up to her, stone faced and Natasha turns and looks at her and the reporters go dead silent because this cannot be good and there’s a moment of complete quiet where Bucky and Steve have stopped their *aHem* overzealous activities to watch and then Natasha and Maria just start making out in front of everyone and there’s panic in the streets and it’s a wonderful beautiful time I need this ok

“What if...” (1/2)*Steve Rogers x Reader*

Originally posted by imaginesforlifetime

“What if…” (2/2) *Steve Rogers x Reader*

Prompt: So my best friend has basically ditched me for her boyfriend, he made her choose between myself and him, just because he doesn’t for some reason like me and I do not know why! Although her walking out of my life caused… a lot of stress, I’ve known her for a long time, we work together and our brothers live together- anyway it sparked these ideas for one-shots and imagines. 
Warnings: Swearing, possible part two and usual stuff - NO smut.
Admins Note: Is anyone going through something similar with their friends? Any tips on how I can possibly get her back? I don’t really wanna talk to him because he is hella scary. 

“Remember that one time in college…” Sam Wilson trailed off his laugh echoing around then Avengers Base as he told another embarrassing story about you both in college. Somehow becoming friends with Sam those many years ago- that’s what it felt like being friends with him - led to you being friends with all of the Avengers, something no one could have predicted for you, and if someone did you would have laughed in their face. 

You rolled your (E/C) eyes as the Avengers snickered amongst themselves, a light sigh escaping your lips as you slouched on a sofa, Sam beside you and the others in various seats and positions; a usual Thursday afternoon if they weren’t saving the world! 

Although the one person that was missing was Steve, Captain America, also your best friend and slight crush: well, you fancied him a lot more than you cared to admit. He was charming, gentle and actually hilarious, everything you ever wanted in a man but you could never work up the right amount of courage to ask him out. 

A whole year you had this secret admiration for him and you still hadn’t worked out if he felt similar towards you, Sam kept telling you to go for it but something kept pulling you back; maybe it was the fact you were so ordinary, you were neither an Agent or an Avenger, you have never saved anyone and you weren’t badass or even uniquely talented. You were just (Y/N) (Y/L/N) who happened to be best friends with the Avengers.

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How would you fix Spider-Man?

Well, making him Miles Morales, while he’s not ‘my’ Spider-Man, is probably the actual necessary first step. But that won’t be happening anytime soon since Marvel wanted to broadcast as loud as possible with Civil War “hey, guys, it’s classic Spider-Man like in the movies you’ve already liked teaming up with the Avengers”. So we gotta figure out what to do with Peter besides “give him to Al Ewing or Greg Pak/Aaron Kuder”.

I’ve mentioned before, my issue with the current status quo isn’t really about him being rich or single (though I’m not crazy about those either), it’s that the powers-that-be have decided to wind him back to the classic high school mindset without actually putting him back in high school, resulting in him coming off as a total fuck-up who can’t manage his own life. It doesn’t help either than him complaining about his life sucking as a teenager - because he was a teenager, when in fact his earliest stories as often as not had clean-cut happy endings - has translated to a bunch of creators deciding his life actually should be catastrophically awful at all times, because I guess it’s way too easy for a bunch of comics creators to get in that mindset. So we’ve ended up with this endless faux-retro string of stories about an allegedly lovable dumbfuck getting his life wrecked again and again until reading his books becomes a minor experiences in sadism, mixed with a soap opera mindset that often puts his amazing adventures in the background of the deadly secrets of Carly Cooper’s father or whatever. Daredevil can have his life destroyed over and over again and have it be engaging because he’s a tormented badass who’ll always come back swinging - Gwen Stacy and Uncle Ben coming back to die in front of Spidey again or whatever’s going on right now is the storytelling equivalent of kicking a puppy.

A lot of it would come down to changes in storytelling approaches rather than to the status quo, but a few alterations to the setup wouldn’t hurt. Married, maybe with a kid, seems like a good start in establishing him as a grown-up with some degree of stability. If not a teacher, some similar setup where he’s using that brain of his for good but maybe not hauling in the dough. And above all, more weird shit, or at least stuff that isn’t just classic superhero adventures. He’s a Steve Ditko character, he’s supposed to be odd and spindly and out there. Have him abducted by drunk aliens on a bender, accidentally discover a portal to a world where he’s Earth’s greatest hero in a broom closet, wake up on a rock in the middle of the ocean with a note pinned to his chest saying he has one minute before Kraven begins the hunt; anything as simple as “he fights Electro” should have at least three major complications on top. Even as a competent adult, he should always be in over his head and out of place and dealing with bizarre stuff the FF and Avengers would never touch, having a little more fun with it all than he likes to admit. I wanna get back to that weird period where he’d seem to find himself trapped in a doll city with a massive Mysterio towering overhead, or he could botch an experiment and grow new arms. Something creepier and crazier, a guy who’s been in this business since he was 15 but without the temperament or charisma to be one of the big guns trying his best to get by and do the right thing in a world of freaks in vulture suits. Give him an atmosphere again beyond 70s Marvel Adventures, and it’ll all start to click into place.

Somewhere in Neverland (Pietro x Reader)

This is a birthday one shot for avengers-x-reader ! I hope you had a wonderful birthday, darling!! (I’m sorry if this is wayyy too long lol)
Song: Somewhere in Neverland by All Time Low

“Pietro seriously,” you said to your crazy best friend. “Where are we going?” He had come to your room with a blindfold, fully intent on keeping his plans with you a surprise.

“It would not be a surprise if I told you, no?” he said. You could hear the smirk in his voice.

You sighed. “No… I suppose not.”

“Then we have no problem.” You could feel the cool evening air on your face as you left the building. “Hold on tight, prințesă.” He lifted you up and took off as soon as you wrapped your arms around his neck.

Not a minute later he stopped in front of a place in town. You heard the city traffic and people. Most importantly you heard the music coming from inside the building in front of you. You smiled. “No you didn’t.”

He lead you inside. “Of course I did.”

He lifted your blindfold and the first thing you heard was “SURPRISE!” He had taken you to your favorite karaoke bar. You only saw people you knew, whether it be from childhood to your new family: the Avengers themselves.

Tony came up and hugged you. “Happy birthday kiddo. And don’t worry! We’ve got the place to ourselves.”

You grinned. “How’d you pull that off?”

He tipped his drink to you. “Everyone has their price.”

Pietro was more than happy to let you mingle in the crowd. Wanda nodded at him to hurry up and get everything ready before you realized he was gone. She turned back to you and grinned at whatever you had said.

You were caught up in a bear hug from Thor when Steve hollered, “Alright! Everyone settle down! We’re in a karaoke bar so you know everyone is going to want to sing. I vote we go ahead and get started so we can dig into some cake! Sound good?”

Clint spoke up. “I think Thor should go first, I’ve heard his voice is… heavenly.”

There was laughter and murmurs of agreement and then Nat spoke. “I say Speedy goes first since he’s the one who managed put all this together.”

You smiled at your best friend who suddenly reappeared at your side once again. You hugged him tight and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Thank you so much, Pietro.”

He grinned to hide his light blush. “Anything for you, prințesă.” He sauntered up to the stage. You could see he was slightly nervous, but you were excited. You had never heard him sing before.

A familiar tune hit your ears and you were even more excited. It was your favorite song by All Time Low. When Pietro started singing Somewhere in Neverland he never took his eyes off you, even when he did goofy theatrics on the stage. It was a little skewed with his accent, but he was actually really good. You laughed and you smiled. He walked off the stage and walked right in front of you and got down on his knees, singing the last bit of the song, “Wendy run away with me/ I know I sound crazy/ don’t you see what you do to me/ I wanna be your lost boy, your last chance/ a better reality/ Wendy we can get away/ I promise if you’re with me say the word and we’ll find a way/ I wanna be your lost boy/ your last chance/ your everything better plan/ oh, somewhere in neverland.”

“Y/n,” he whispered. “Will you be mine?”

You wiped the tears from your eyes, grabbed his face, and kissed him with all that you had. “Of course I will.” He looked shocked. “What? You didn’t see that coming?”

Sleepy Morning

A/N: This one is cute :) Request: Can i request tony x reader fluff? I dont really care about the plot i just need some sweet tony rn :) thanks!! Warnings: none :) You woke up to someone nuzzling your neck. You rolled over and found your boyfriend, Tony, sleepily pulling you closer. “Time to get up,” he whispered, tightening his grip on your waist. “Noooo,” you groaned, pulling the covers over your head so he couldn’t see you. He laughed at that. “Five more minutes, please?” you pouted, whining when he pulled the cover off of your face so he could look at you. “Did someone not get enough sleep?” he teased, smiling at you. “I would have,” you said, “but SOMEONE wouldn’t stop kissing me and let me go to sleep last night.” That made him laugh, and you took the opportunity to cuddle closer to him. “Well, I’m sorry for being affectionate to the love of my life,” he mumbled, kissing you hair. It was your turn to laugh. “Don’t say things you don’t mean, mister,” you said, pressing a kiss to his bare chest. Tony pulled back and looked at you. “What do you mean by that?” You looked into his chocolatey brown eyes. “I mean, don’t give me a line that you don’t truly mean.” A look of hurt flickered across his face. “Do you not think I love you?” You furrowed your brow, confused. “I mean, you’ve never said it. I know you care about me, of course…” you trailed off, and he crushed you to his chest. “Well, let me correct that at once. I, Anthony Stark, love you, Y/n Y/l/n, with all of my heart. With every part of my being. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, and one day soon I hope to make you my wife.” Your eyes widened at his words, and he took advantage of your speechlessness to kiss you. “What are you saying?” you asked, and he grinned that trademark Stark smile at you. “What I’m saying, is that I love you. Wanna get married?” You rolled your eyes and kissed him again. “Of course.” He smiled widely, and you returned it. “And Tony?” “Yes, darling?” “I love you too.”

Just my imagination

I like to request for Sam Wilson where the reader fell in love with him cuz he’s a flirt and the reader thought he’s serious. But when the reader finally decided to confess, she saw Sam flirting with the other girls. Angst but a happy ending please. (@halegalaxy00)

  • Words: 783
  • Pairing: Sam Wilson x Reader
  • Warnings: Little sad maybe? It gets happy in the end.
  • Author notes: (Y/N) is your name. It sucks, I know! I’m so sorry :(

Originally posted by sorrelrum

Feelings and you were not compatible. You never were and you hopes that this time things would be different. Sam’s arrival to the team was little after what happened in Sokovia and it made a huge difference in your everyday life. You never expected to find love in a team member, but it happened. You were head over heels for Sam Wilson and it felt awesome. It was great.
You wanted to shout it to the world, but most importantly, you wanted him to know it and you were going for it. Wearing the prettiest clothes you had, you wanted to confront Sam about it because you wanted some answers. Was he feeling the same way about you?
You sighed before coming to the training room in which he was hanging around at that time; you were nervous as hell. Your hands were shaking and you felt your palms getting sweaty… Knees weak, arms are heavy… And Eminem does the worst descriptions of nervousness.
What you saw inside the room was unexpected. He was holding hands with a female agent and his other hand slowly roamed up to her waist. You were unsure of what to do, and more exactly, you were paralyzed. Your brain told your limbs to move away, but there you were, like a tree.
Sam kissed the agent’s cheek and she ran away to the lockers. Sam turned around and he saw you there, about to burst in tears or about to explode and destroy the entire universe, none of you were sure about that. He walks to the men’s showers and you were left alone again. Everything ended the same way it started; too soon.
You went for a walk outside the facilities, trying to avoid everyone’s look and interrogations. You passed by Captain Rogers and Natasha, muttering an apology after you bumped into them. You reached the furthest point of the facilities, the point no one went to because they were lazy or because they didn’t know it.
Little did you know that you were not alone that time.
“Hey, what’s wrong sweetie?” Scott asks as he sees you wiping the last few tears that rolled down from your eyes “Hello?” He sits down next to you and places his head on your shoulder.
“Nothing, Scott” You sniffled and cleaned your nose with the sleeve of your oversized sweater “I’m perfectly fine”
“Ok, ok” He hurried to say “I may not be the smartest guy around here… We’ll leave that privilege to Stark but don’t tell him I told you that, ok?” He whispered and winked, making you smile slightly “What I was saying is that if I see someone crying is not because they are perfectly fine. Come on (Y/N), talk to me” He placed his hand on your shoulder this time and sweetly caressed it “Do I have to micro punch somebody?” His voice was very fatherly “’Cause I can do it… Although I shouldn’t… But it’ll be our little secret” You remained silent as you avoided his look, but he was not giving up on you “I am your best friend, right? Because if I am, you should tell me”
“If I tell you, will you stop bothering me?” You ask. He nodded immediately and you sighed, ready to tell the truth “It’s Sam”
“I should’ve known about that…” He rose his eyebrows quickly “What’s going on with him?”
“Nothing. Just me and my imagination, as usual” You huffed “It’s me going all crazy about a guy that evidently doesn’t feel near the same way as I do. The thing is that I thought Sam and I were onto something because he was there… flirting with me, being nice and all that… But apparently not”
“Why would you say that? I thought you were going serious”
“Yeah, and he was going serious with like two other girls. I was never his only one and I will never be” You threw your head to your hands and started crying again.
Out of a sudden, you felt your body being tightly held by Scott. He caressed your back as you let out what you hoped were the real last tears. His silent company was all you needed. After a moment that seemed to last forever, your eyes ran out of tears. You freed yourself from his warm embrace and looked up.
“Hey…” He said with a slight small on his lips “Don’t cry over that asshole… You know what? I kicked his ass once” He smiled widely and proudly.
“You told me that” You giggled
“Wanna go for some frozen yoghurt? I’m sure that’ll cheer you up” He kissed your forehead and helped you get up.

The science experiment


Blacknwhite21 :

Hello i’d like to request an imagine avengers x reader with number 9 from your prompt list. I’m not sure if you still except requests, so just forget this one if you don’t! ^^ (please tag me in case, I don’t wanna miss it) A lovely day to you

So, this is for @blacknwhite21 and I hope you like it!

Today was a nice day. No missions, no chaos, no aliens. Today was a great day. Something’s wrong. Let’s see, the outside world seems to be fine, the tower seems to be intact, all the avengers seem to be pres- Tony and Clint. They weren’t in the common room. Please, just don’t be idiots for one day.

“Team! Get down here. NOW!” Fury’s voiced boomed through the speakers, surrounding the Goddamn room. We all made our way to the meeting room in patronisingly awkward silence.

“Can someone tell me why, just why, someone would cover the training room walls to quieten the room to -9 decibels? I’m looking at you Stark.” Fury was never one to talk I’m a calm voice, but when he did, we all knew it was sarcasm… And that someone was going to die.

“Well, you should be looking at Banner too. What? You think I’d be able to pull this off without my science bro? Plus, it was fun to watched everyone go in and their own blood moving, and their heartbeat and they’re not even aware!” motioned to all of us, answering our silent question along the way. Banner leaned forward a bit to show that he was to say something,

“Actually, this was a scientific experiment to see if-”

“If it caused the unsettling awareness of our own heartbeat, as well as the persistent feeling of being out of place. It’s child’s play, really” I remarked, fully aware of what this was all about.

“Stop saying smart stuff, you’re making the rest of us look dumb, (Y/N).” Tony groaned, sliding back into his chair as Sam leaned forward.

“Someone ate a dictionary in their way.” Chuckles and giggles spread around the room.

“Well- y'know what? Shut up.” I was never good at comebacks,

but I was great as hell at being intimidating.

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Oh my god have you seen the civil war trailer?!?!

OMG your message sent me straight to youtube and OMG WE FINALLY HAVE ONE!!! Joy to the world, what a beautiful day!

Where do I even start?? 

  • BUCKY!!!
  • reformed Bucky who is HUNTED 
  • the UN - probably - branding Steve a vigilanteeeeee
  • Bucky looking all ragged and on the run
  • Bucky on the Avengers bike
  • Steve’s dark Uniform Of Hotness is back!
  • Nat warning Steve, like friends do
  • TONY!!!!
  • Tony’s “Sometimes I wanna punch you in your perfect teeth”
  • Tony in that three piece suit
  • FALCON!!!
  • Steve getting shot at while not wearing his uniform
  • Sam’s “Cause people that shoot at you usually wind up shooting at me, too.”
  • Sam being a BAMF and a great BFF
  • Black Panther in da house!
  • and is Steve literally holding a HELICOPTER while also holding to the EDGE OF A BUILDING?
  • wait what RHODEYYY why is he lying on the groundddd
  • “But he’s my friend.” - “So was I.”
  • Holy shit the fight between Iron Man, Cap and Bucky - where do I even start????

AHHHH… okay. Coherency, where art thou? Basically, this is one of the best trailers I’ve seen in a long time: 

They set up Steve’s stakes, counter with the UN and Tony’s view, render the conflict understandable, show the gradual escalation and hint at the final show down while simultaneously showing that both sides aren’t that different (Tony holding Rhodey as a mirror to Stucky with the “He’s my friend” voice overlay).

Basically - wow. Is it 2016 already?

Each one of the Avengers and friends would have a different method of distracting Tony when he gets an obviously terrible idea so that science won’t get out of control.

Like, Bruce is all, “Your suit could use some improvements” and Tony gets all indignant and demands to know how they could possibly be better

And Clint is like, “Dude, want to split a bottle of Cuervo and drunk-dial Coulson?” and Phil wakes up to a 2am voicemail that’s just 40 minutes of Clint and Tony singing “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” and saying “I love you, man”

Sam goes, “I bet I can get more numbers than you at the club” and Tony walks around a club all night just paying for every woman’s drink he sees

Steve just sighs and reluctantly says, “Fine…you can make me a suit” and Tony rushes to the lab and Steve walks by the door to hear JARVIS saying, “Sir, don’t you think stars on the buttocks are a bit much?”

Natasha is like, “You take one step into that lab and the picture from last New Year gets sent to Rhodey to do with as he sees fit”

Thor is like, “Man of Iron! You agreed to show me the War of the Stars!”

And then Pepper just whispers in his ear

Happy Birthday

A/N: Sorry for the bug, everybody! My ask is now officially open for requests :) This is my first imagine, so here we go!

Request:a Bucky imagine where he enlists the help of the other avengers to throw you a surprise birthday party, & towards the end, when you are opening presents from all the other avengers, he proposes as his present to you, since you guys have been together for like 2 years or so.

Warnings: Language

“Good morning, beautiful” were the first words you heard on your birthday. You sleepily opened your eyes and grinned at the dark-haired man lying next to you. “Good morning, Buck” you say as you pull him down for a kiss. His metal arm tightens around your waist as his normal hand brushes your hair out of your face. “You might wanna get up and get dressed. Wanda wants to take you shopping” he says, laughing at the expression on your face. “But it’s my birthday, Buck. I just want to spend it with you!” you whine. “I know, love, but I’ve got work to do. I’ll see you tonight”, he says, kissing you one more time before he disappears. “Ugh”, you groan. You and Bucky had been together for a while now, and you thought things were going great…until about a month ago. He had all of a sudden become very secretive, spending all of his days with the other Avengers. You usually only saw him at meals and at night, which frustrated you. You had moved in with him because you wanted to see more of him, and the exact opposite had happened. You very distractedly got dressed, just in time for Wanda to burst through your door. “Come on, y/n!” she said with a wicked smile. You sighed and followed your best friend out the door, hoping to put your mind off of your precarious relationship with the super soldier.

Wanda had kept you busy all day, and you were exhausted. You had fun with her and enjoyed the girl time, but you just couldn’t shake the thought of Bucky. As you rode in the elevator up to the tower, you sighed. “Wanda, does Bucky still love me?” the girl looked shocked by your question, but didn’t have the chance to answer. At that moment, the elevator doors dinged open, and you stepped into the dark room. “SURPRISE!!!” the Avengers yelled as the lights came on and you took in the scene before you. The tower was very elaborately decorated, with glittering banners in your favorite color that read “HAPPY BIRTHDAY Y/N”. You grinned and your eyes began to water, as you took in your very smug boyfriend sitting at the table behind a pile of presents. Wanda dragged you over to Bucky, and you sat beside him as you began to open your presents. Each gift made you laugh, perfectly fitting the Avenger that had given it to you. As you opened the last one (a new pair of sparring gloves from Nat), you felt Bucky get up and leave the room. “Thank you guys so much”, you said, smiling at your friends. “I don’t know that this day can get any better!” Everyone chuckled as Tony said, “We’ll see about that”. You turned, confused, to see Bucky coming back into the room with a bouquet of your favorite flowers. You stood and walked over to him, and he smiled down at you as he handed you the flowers. “Y/N, I know you think I’ve been avoiding you lately. Truthfully, I kind of have. I didn’t want to spoil the surprise, and I didn’t know that I could wait if I kept spending all of my time with you. Ever since the day I met you, I’ve been hopelessly, desperately in love with you. You make me happier than I’ve ever been, and it’s only with you that I feel like myself. Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N,” he said, dropping to one knee and pulling out the most beautiful ring you’d ever seen, “will you marry me?” Your eyes welled up with tears as you pulled him up to hug him. “What do you think, Buck?” you said, kissing him with a smile still on your face. As you broke apart, he slid the ring on your finger before holding your hand up in the air like a winning prizefighter. “We’re getting married!!” he proudly announced to the other residents of the tower, and kissed you again amidst their cheers.

A/N: hope you enjoyed!!