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Half Asgardian

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Warnings: Fluff, cursing probably 

I pulled my suitcase across the wet pavement with one hand and kept a hold of the letter inside my jacket with the other. Holding onto it instead of putting it inside my suitcase made me feel safer. I stood in front of the large house. How have I not been attacked by their security yet? I knocked on the door and there was no answer. Instead it swung open and I stepped inside.

“Hello can I help you?”

“Mr.Fury…. oh my gosh its such an honor to meet you. Oh sorry I’m here to see Mr.Stark.” 

“How did you get in? The door was locked. Why do you need to see Mr.Stark?”

“The…. it opened by itself. I have a letter for him from my mom. She sent me here and told me to give it directly to him.”

“And who are you?”

“Y/n, y/n l/n”

“Can I see the letter?” He asked reaching for it.

“My mom said to hand it directly to Mr.Stark.”

“Is it something dangerous?”

“I don’t think so? I hope not….. She just told me it was a letter. Her last instructions to me was to give this directly to Mr.Stark.”

“Is she still alive?”

“I don’t know. She left a note on the fridge and told me she left this note for him and to take my stuff here and if I couldn’t stay here to go find one of my friends.She wasn’t in the house anymore and I haven’t been able to get into contact with her.”

“Do you know what the letter says?”


“Why don’t we open the letter together so we know that there isn’t anything dangerous in it first. Not that I don’t trust you, but I don’t, and you also don’t know what is in the letter. We both can read it and then you can give it to Mr.Stark.”

I opened the letter and Fury stood over my shoulder.

Dear Tony Stark,

I hope this letter finds you in good health. If you are receiving this it means that I have left and probably will not come back, whether it is because I’m dead or can not come back. After one of your parties we shared together, the night I left was because I discovered I was pregnant. My daughter, our daughter Y/n will be the one giving this letter to you. I would prefer you don’t tell her who you are to her, but I won’t be there to stop you. Please take care of her. She is a good kid and smart like her father. 

Warmest Regards,

Y/m/n y/l/n

“Oh my God….” I said under my breath.

“Well I’ll get him down here.” Fury said and I didn’t move. I couldn’t. Tony Stark was my father. There was a picture with the letter of him and my mom. They both looked young and happy.

“Y/n this is Tony Stark.” I handed him the letter and I slowly got feeling back into my body.

Tony sat down holding the letter carefully in his hands. Silence filled the room.

“I erm…. she never told me. I’m sorry for springing this up on you . I didn’t know til a few minutes ago.” I told him.

“Do you know which friend would be able to take you in?”  Fury asked me.

“ I have a few that I can call.” I told him pulling out my phone.

“What no. She’s my child I’ll take her in.” Tony said jumping up and grabbing my phone from me.

“You don’t even know if this woman was actually telling the truth. Even if she was  you really want to take a child into your kind of life?” Fury asked.

“You’re saying you don’t see the resemblance of me in her? And no I’m not making her an Avenger and she needs a home anyway.”

“She’s going to get hurt sooner or later.” 

“Kid do you wanna stay here? I promise no one is going to hurt or bother you while I’m here.” Tony said looking at me.

Pepper walked into the room. “Who is that?” 

“Someone whose mother claims to be Stark’s daughter.” Fury answered crossing his arms obviously wanting to get rid of me fast.

“Are you sure?” She asked.

“F.R.I.D.A.Y” Stark said and all of a sudden a cotton swab went into my mouth and Mr.Stark’s.

“Paternal test complete. Mr.Stark you are the father.” F.R.I.D.A.Y.  said.

“Ok so you are her father. Doesn’t mean you should keep her. We can send her to a safe location where she can continue school.” Fury said leading me away and to the door.

“I already finished high school.” I told him.

“ Aren’t you like 14 kid?” 


“And are you in college?” Fury raised an eyebrow to me.

“Online yea. I was planning on working for S.H.I.E.L.D. one day.” I told him.

“See she should stay here and learn all she can. She’s my daughter Fury. I never knew about her. Let me take her in now.”

Fury sighed. “And who is gonna take care of her when you go on a mission?”

“ I will.” Pepper said. 

“You’ll take care of her?” Fury asked skeptically.

“Yea, she’s 16. Smart, was the top of her class, no criminal record, i doubt she’ll be any trouble.”  I felt my heart swell. They wanted me. They could toss me to my friends and get on with their lives, but they wanted to keep me. I hugged Pepper without thinking. She hugged me back. 

“Here lemme get your stuff kiddo.” Mr.Stark said and dragged my stuff.

I stared at the ceiling in the room they had given me. This bed was the softest bed I have ever laid on, but I still couldn’t sleep so I got up and walked to the main room. 

“Hello.” I jumped into a defensive position at the voice.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to scare you. I’m Bruce.” 

“Y/n. What are you doing up at this hour? Its like 3 in the morning.”

“Working on a project with your dad.What are you doing? Don’t you have school tomorrow?”

“Nope. I graduated already. Where are you guys working at?” 

“Downstairs, but I don’t think it would be wise for you to….. ok.” He said as I walked down the stair case with him following. I opened the door and saw Tony working on his suit.

“Y/n why are you up? You’re a teenage you’re suppose to be in bed.”

“I couldn’t sleep. What are you working on?”

“ My suit. I’m putting in some upgrades.”

“Need help with anything?”

“Nope I got Bruce.”

“Really because it looks like your hand is stuck between the gears.” I told him looking at the leg of the ironman suit.

“I’m not stuck….” 

Bruce held back a smile.

“Oh yea proof it.” I said crossing my arms and waited for him to pull out his hand.

“I don’t need to proof anything I’m working I have to keep my hand in here because I’m working.”

“Then amuse me by removing your hand from it.”

He tried to pull his hand from the gears. He stood up and put his foot against the leg and pulled ending up with him crashing into a million things “Well shit.”

“ You were saying?” I asked and helped him pull his hand from out of the gears and picked up some of the mess.

“ Thank you. Now I think you should go to bed.”

“Wait her hands are small enough and she’s more competent then some of your  tools. You should let her help.”


“ Ok ok you can help with this one thing then back off to bed.” Tony told me.

“Mkay what do you need me to do?”

“Put your hand in here and turn the knob all the way at that back.” He said handing me the leg.

I reached within the leg and felt the knob. I screamed a little bit to scare him and ended up laughing. “ I’m sorry. You were just acting so tense. There I did it.” I said laughing.

“NOt funny y/n.”

“It was a little bit.” I told him. “If I did get hurt trust me it would be louder than that and there would be curse words stringing from my mouth.”

“Haha now go to bed kiddo. You need your sleep.”

 “Alright. Good night.” I said walking back upstairs. I still didn’t feel to tired so I decided to make some tea for both me and them. 

“What are you doing still up?” Pepper asked coming into the kitchen.

“I couldn’t sleep so I went to see what Tony and Bruce were doing, helped a little bit, then came back up. Now I’m making tea. Do you want some? I was making them some as well.”

“Yes. Sugar and honey please.” she said yawning and leaning against the counter.

I handed her a cup and then took two mugs downstairs. I set them away from the equipment and Bruce saw giving a quiet thank you before drinking his. I headed back upstairs.

“This is good.” Pepper said sipping her tea.

“Thank you.” I said drinking my own. “So why are you up?”

“F.R.I.D.A.Y. told me you were up and I wanted to make sure you were ok.”

“Thank you.”

“Y/n why did you hug me when I said you could stay? Did you expect us to kick you out?” Pepper asked and I sat on the counter opposite of her.

“I don’t know what I expected. I definitely not that no. I figured Tony had enough on his plate. And honestly you could’ve easily told me to go live with my friends.” 

“That would’ve been what Fury wanted to do, but Tony and I are a little more open minded.”

“Why did you have F.R.I.D.A.Y. tell you when I got out of bed?”

“I didn’t know how you would take to living here.”

“Yea no this place is great. There is lots of room and is nice.”

“It is. I think you’ll really like living here.”

“I think so too. “

Pepper and I talked till the sunrise and Tony and Bruce came upstairs. 

“I’m getting hungry. Do you want some pancakes?” I asked Pepper.

“No its ok y/n you don’t have to cook.”

“Honestly I’m ok with cooking. I promise I’m not a bad cook.” I told her as Tony and Bruce slumped on the other chairs.

“Did you guys finish whatever it was you were working on?” Pepper asked as I got started on the pancakes.

“Yea and the Avengers are probably going to be up in about half an hour so I need coffee.” Tony said getting up tiredly.

“Pepper do you want anything in your pancakes? Chocolate chips, bananas, blueberries, anything? And you’re not allergic to vanilla or cinnamon right?”

“No and chocolate chips are fine.” She said.

“Do you guys want pancakes?” I asked Tony and Bruce.

“That sounds better than a granola bar. Yes please. Blueberries please.” Bruce said rubbing his eyes of sleep.

“Tony?” I asked flipping Pepper’s pancakes and mixing Bruce’s batter.

Tony looked at the batter as if he was deciding.

“Yea. And thank you for the tea you made this morning.” He said then sat at the island with the other two. I put Pepper’s pancakes on a plate and put Bruce’s pancakes in the pan before giving them to her.

“I don’t know what kind of syrup you like or what toppings you want soooo.” I proceeded to put all the toppings and syrups I found on the island. She put syrup on her pancakes and proceeded to bite into them as Tony and Bruce drank their coffee slowly. I turned and flipped Bruce’s pancakes and started on Tony’s batter. A few minutes later Bruce’s pancakes were done. 
“Y/n I don’t know what you did, but these are the best pancakes I’ve had.” Pepper said. I smiled and flipped Tony’s pancakes.

“Hey kid. How’d you like to go to meet the Avengers?” He asked as I slid the pancakes in front of him. He put strawberries and chocolate chips on his.

“I would love it. “ I said making my own pancakes.

“Well the first one will probably be up in 5 minutes.”

“Should I make them breakfast too?” I asked.

“They have to ask nicely.” Tony said digging into his pancakes.

“Who is the first to wake up?”

“Steve should be in here in about 5…4…3…2…”

“Morning guys. Who is that?” Steve asked walking over to the island.

“My daughter.” Tony said.

Steve looked at me and back at him.

“Since when?” 

“Since 16 years ago.”

“ Andddd she just now shows up?”

“I just came yesterday. Pancakes?” I asked him

“No thank you. I just need to get some coffee.” He said going to the coffee pot. 

I dug into my pancakes. About an hour later the next few Avengers woke up. 

“That’s Rhodey, he’s like a brother to me,there is Wanda, that’s Natasha and Clint and that’s Sam and the one yielding the big hammer is Thor.”

“Why does it smell sweet in here?” Natasha asked.

“I made pancakes earlier. If you guys want I can make you guys some. I didn’t know if you would want any and if you did I didn’t know what you would want?” 

“Who are you?”

“Avengers this is my daughter and she makes amazing pancakes.” Tony said wrapping his arm around me.

They all kind of just stood there.

“Sup lil Stark. I’ll take you up on your offer of pancakes. Hopefully you cook better than your father does.” Rhodey said smiling and sitting at the island.

“One time Rhodey. One time I set the oven on fire.”

Everyone else agreed to have pancakes and Natasha watched me as I made them. After breakfast they all scattered so they could train. I got ready for the day and about two hours of doing my online college I got bored and decided to wander around and watch them train.

I stumbled across Wanda and Clint training first. I sat off on the side lines and watched in amazement. It was very cool to watch. 

The door swung open after an hour and a half and a frantic teenage boy ran in.

“Sorry I’m late for training. There was a mugger and a crazy cat lady….”

“Think fast Parker.” Clint shot an arrow at him 

“Whoa.” He caught it.

“Take a break Wanda. I’ll take on Parker.” Clint said and Wanda came and sat next to me.

“Who is that?” I asked

“That’s Peter. He’s Spiderman.”


“Yea. He’s around your age.”

“That’s amazing he can do all of that.” I said motioning to his flips and swinging.

“You think he’s cute.”

“SHHHHH Wanda jeez.” I said playfully smacking her. “And he’s not bad looking…” I said quieter making her laugh.

“You should talk to him after.”

“I’m sorry who me?”

“Yes you.”

“What do I even talk about?”

“ I don’t know ask him what school he goes to or if he wants to see a movie.”

“Wanda your turn.” Clint said coming to switch spots with Wanda.

“Hey Clint.”

“He like’s Star Wars. In case you were wondering” Clint said taking a drink from his water bottle.

“Why do you think I was wondering?”

“Because I have a daughter and I know the look.”

“You have a family?”

“I do. But its on the down low so shhhh.”

“ I think that’s nice you have a family. You have something to go home to. “

“Yea. But anyways just talk about anything geeky with him. Star Wars, atomic particles anything really.”

“Lucky I grew up with and love Star Wars.” I smiled 


“Clint!” I whispered yelled.

“Wha?!” Wanda knocked him off his web and he hit the floor with a thud.

“Clint look what you did.” I told him.

“I didn’t do it Wanda did it. He should be able to multitask.” I went to help him up.

“Who are you?” He asked getting back to his feet.

“The Star Wars geek Clint yelled about.” I told him blushing.

“I-I’m Peter.”


Having tea with Pepper in the mornings had become a routine as the month progressed

“So do you have a thing for Peter?” Pepper asked with a small smile on her face.

“What? Why would you say that?” I asked smiling.

“Because you cling around him more than anyone else.”

“He is the only one around my age. And hey I hang out with you and Wanda alot.”

“Mmmmmmmhmmmmm. You can tell me if you do you know. I’m not going to tell him.” She said not believing my story.

“I meannnnnnnnnnnnn……. Maybe a little.”

She started laughing “I knew it. So are you going to do anything about it?”

“I mean what can I do about it? He’s busy being a superhero.”

“You could always enroll at his school.”

“ Back to highschool? I barely survived the first time. And I would be behind in work since its almost 2nd semester.”

“Why don’t you go with Happy and go check out the school. Happy is picking up Peter today anyway.”

“I guess checking it out couldn’t hurt.”

“Good now go Happy is waiting for you.”

Happy drove up to the school and wandered around the school with me. 

“Excuse me can I help you?” One of the teachers stopped to ask.

“Huh, oh I was just looking around to see if I wanted to come to this highschool.”

“Oh would you like a small tour?”

“I… sure…” I told her. She took us outside so we could go to a different part of the building. There was a big group of students huddling around in a circle and screaming.

“What the…” The teacher asked. Happy put a hand on my shoulder to keep me from going into the circle. The teacher tried to barge her way through the circle, but was pushed out. “COME ON GET UP PENIS PARKER!”

I quickly slid out of Happy’s grip and into the crowd. I elbowed people and slid through the nooks and crannies. I finally got to the front and saw Peter on the ground. 

“Look Flash I’m not in the mood. I have places to be.” Peter said starting to pick his stuff up.

“Where do you have to be? Back to your “Stark internship”? Have you even met Mr.Stark?” Flash kicked Peter.

“HEY!” I yelled walking to the middle of the circle.

“Who are you?” Flash asked.

“The question is more like who the fuck do you think you are?” I said getting in his face.

“Awww look Penis Parker has a dorky little friend.” I socked him in the jaw sending him to the ground.

“How about the next time you use what little brain power you have before you pick on someone.” I told Flash and helped Peter up. He held his side and I picked up a few of his books

“Bitch.” Flash said from the ground spitting out blood.

“Next time I won’t be so nice.” I told him and pushed our way out of the crowd and back to Happy. 

“Are you ok?” I asked Peter as we got into the car.

“Yea i’m ok.”

“Why didn’t you fight back?”

“I don’t want to blow my cover.” Peter told me.

“Well you don’t have to completely kick his ass. Just get a good hit in.” I told him.

“Yea thanks for that by the way. You got him good.”

We talked and kept trying to get Happy to laugh the entire ride back to the tower.

“Yea no I’m going to highschool.” I told Pepper when I got home.

“That good huh?”

“That bad.” I showed her my now bruised knuckles.

“What happened?” She said walking over to me.

“It was awesome she hit Flash and he went down like a rock.” Peter said.

“Who is Flash?”

“No one important. I’m okay Pepper. Really. Honestly I’ve had worse.” I told her.

“What? When???” She asked

“When I was not living here.” I told her.

“Well here is some ice. I don’t want to see something like this happen again young lady.” I grinned.

“Maybeeeee..” I told her and she hugged me kissing my forehead.

Today was a day off from school and Pepper was at a meeting and Tony was downstairs working and I was by myself in the main room.

I sat at the piano and waited for Pepper to come back from her meeting. I pressed a few keys and made sure no one was watching before I started playing it.

“You can play piano? Who taught you?” Tony asked standing behind me and I jumped a little because I didn’t realize he had walked into the room.

“I taught myself.”

“Was there anything you didn’t teach yourself?”

“My abc’s, how to read, how to tie my shoes and all that good stuff.” His face dropped.

“I’m sorry. You must’ve thought I was a shit dad for not being there. I didn’t know. She never contacted me. I would’ve….” 

“Don’t beat yourself over it. She didn’t take care of me much either. Don’t get me wrong I do love her, she has always been the partying type and knowledge has been my survival skill. And if its any consolation you and Pepper are already above her on my list. You actually show an interest.” He pulled me into an unexpected hug.

“I don’t do this very often, but Pepper told me you were a hugger.” I hugged him back.

“You don’t have to hug me if you don’t want to you know.” I told him.

“I want to hug my daughter.” He said.

“Y/n I’m back…. oh.. Hey Tony did you finish up on the project down stairs?” 

“I did. Why don’t we go out to eat tonight?”

“Y/n was going to make cookies for desert.”

“Uncle Rhodey!” 

“Sup lil Stark.”

“I made cookies you want some?” 


“How are the legs feeling?”

“They feel like they did before the crash.”

“That’s good. I’m glad to hear you’re not in pain.”

“These are …….so good.” he said shoving more into his mouth.

“ I smell cookies where are they at? Did y/n make them???” Sam said walking into the kitchen. Rhodey took the plate and started to walk away with it.

“None for you bird brain.”

“Im going to have to make another batch for tonight huh?” I asked Sam and he nodded.

After dinner that night I got a felt a wave of something hit me. I missed my mom. I stole the picture that was in the envelope with the letter and headed to one of the training rooms. I sat and just stared at it trying to focus on all the details.

“Lady y/n is everything ok?”  Thor asked sitting next to me. I hid the picture

“I…. it’s nothing.”

“Is it about your mother?”

“Yea…… I jjust want to know if she is alive or if she isn’t and what happened.”

“Y/n….. I knew your mother.”


“I don’t know if she ever told you, but she is or was Asgardian like me.”

I sat there silent for a few moments. Asgardian. That would mean that I’m half Asgardian. 

“Does Tony know?”

“I don’t think he does.”

“Do you think he’ll still want me if he finds out?”

“Why would you think that Lady Y/n? Your father loves you very dearly.”

“I don’t know. Sometimes I get scared that they might wanna give me up.”

He hugged me. “They would be crazy to do so.”

“So does this mean I can lift Mjolnir.”

“If you are worthy yes.”

“I don’t want the answer to that question just yet. Do all Asgardians have super abilities?”

“Everyone of us has something special. In theory you should have abilities since you are half Asgardian. Have you shown any abilities that you excel in or been in any danger? Dangerous situations usually trigger dormant powers in those who are half Asgardian.”

“No. Soooo if I’m in a dangerous situation they might show?”


“Like a lightening strike?”

“Lady y/n….”

“Pleaseeee Thor? Just like a small one?”

Thor stood up and so did I. There was a bright light and I collapsed to the floor. My limbs felt heavy.



“Hey….” I said looking at Tony trying to prop myself up against the wall.

“Thor…. you better have a good ass explanation to why my daughter is on the floor and there are scorch marks on her.”

“She is half Asgardian and….”


 I felt my body being lifted and put on the couch, but I couldn’t really tell who it was because my vision was going blurry. What looked like Pepper’s face came into view.

“How are you feeling y/n?”

“Heavy…. Make sure dad doesn’t kill Thor.”


Tony’s face came into view.

“Dad don’t kill Thor. I asked him to.”

“Why?” he sighed. “Are you sure you’re ok?”

“I’m ok I just want to sleep.”

lol sorry not sorry for making it this long. There were also a lot of time skips.

Anyways let me know if you liked it. I enjoy hearing what you guys have to say. Have a good day my lovelies.

company; peter parker

paring: peter parker x stark!reader
word count: 1,426
summary: reader is tony stark’s daughter, she’s very lonely. one day she decides gonna try to become friends with ned and peter. tho her and peter become more than friends
warning: bit corny in my opinion, but hey some people like romance ;)
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(A/N): I really like these color soulmate au’s at the moment so take another one :)

Request: Do you can write a Wanda x female reader soulmate imagine where [Y/N] is Tony’s younger sister who’s a mutant with powers similar to Wanda’s except reader’s energy color is blue and they meet during AoU and they fight each other until they realize that they’re soulmates before they hug and share a kiss?

Warnings: none 

Tags: @mcuimxgine, @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x, @saradi1018, @holland-toms, @superwholockian309, @fly-f0rever, @capbuckthor

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    You’d never been able to see the color purple, every other color you could see crystal clear but whenever you so much as glanced at something purple it would take up an almost monotone color, a simply grey to be exact.

   For years you’d wondered if there was something wrong with you, something in your brain or eyes that wasn’t registering the color but it was when you reached the ripe old age of 16 that you truly found out why you couldn’t see purple. Soulmate. That was the only explanation, something about your soulmate had to do with the color purple and so you couldn’t see it, not until you met them at least. 

   At first the idea of soulmates had been a hard thing for you to grasp but as you aged into your twenties you began to grasp the idea that someone, somewhere out in the world Had been made just for you just as you had been made just for them; like two pieces of a puzzle or two peas in a pod. 

   As soon as you learned what a soulmate was you were bound and determined to go out and find them- whoever they were. So you saved up and spent your money traveling the world, searching for your so called soulmate. But your little expedition led you to where you were now, trapped inside a cell as scientists experimented on you. 

   "Wait till-“ you growl, biting down on one of the scientists fingers as they attempted to shove something down your throat. "Wait till my brother finds out,” You smirk despite the amount of pain you were in, some poison they put into your body no doubt. A thin sheen of sweat covered your body and it took all of your willpower to bit throw up or cry. Instead you grit your teeth through your pain, pulling against the restraints that these people had you in.

    You close your eyes as something deep settles within your bones causing you more pain than imaginable. Despite your best efforts you scream, your mouth opening widely as your cry pierces the stale air of whatever basement you were in. But suddenly you were jolting upwards, no restraints, no pain coursing through your veins. A layer of sweat covered your body and as you looked around you could see little wisps of blue energy hanging around the air. It was just a nightmare- just a nightmare. You weren’t in some dingy basement, you were in Stark tower, in your older brother’s tower. 

   With a shaky sigh you clutch a hand to your rapidly beating heart, willing it to settle down but as soon as it began to even out a sudden crashing filled the air and suddenly there was a robot sized hole in your wall. One of Tony’s maintenance bots stands in your room, it’s eyes glowing at you dangerously. 

   "Jarvis, power down the bots-“ but before you could even finish your sentence the bot attacked, lunging towards your bed. With a scream you jumped from your bed, just barely managing to miss the bot gripping at the sheets madly. It cocks it’s head to look at you, it’s whole robot body rigid and suddenly it was coming after you again but luckily you were prepared this time and you counteracted it with a short blast of energy, sending the bot exploding. 

   You pant softly, your heart racing once again. First a nightmare and now this? What was going on in the tower? Without missing a beat you jog out of your room and down a few floors, to where Tony had been having a party. Immediately the sight of robots and avengers greets you, each one battling for dominance of the room. One look around and you knew that your team was screwed.

    ”(Y/N)!“ Tony yells over the commotion. "What’re you doing up?”

    “Believe it or not it’s kinda hard to sleep when the maintenance bots decide to attack you,” you shrug, throwing a quick wisp of energy at 2 approaching bots. “What happened here?" 

    "It’s a…it’s a long story," 

    "Well,” your energy wipes out a good chunk of the robots in the near vicinity, little wisps of blue still lingering behind. “I think we’ve got time," 

    "Let me get this straight,” you mutter as you slip on your boots. “You created an artificial intelligence, one that could destroy the world and you didn’t kill it when you had the chance?” Tony sighs as he pilots the jet the avengers were on, all of you on your way to some location, one that Ultron had been spotted at. 

    “(Y/N), it’s not that simple,” Tony begins only for you to cut him off. 

    “Tony, the world is danger because of you, got that? If you had taken some responsibility for once in your life then this wouldn’t be happening right now-" 

   "Don’t get started (Y/N),” Tony warns, gritting his teeth in restraint. 

   “No Tony, I will get started and you wanna know why? You can’t act like your age for one fucking second and-” Your sentence cuts short when the jet shifts, just enough to alert the team but there had still been movement. “Did you feel that?” You ask and immediately afterwards the jet shifts again, this time much more dramatic than before, nearly knocking any free standing Avengers to the ground. “Tony, what’s going on?” You grip his seat for support, looking out of the window to see what was going on. Your eyes train on two figures below you, one with silver hair and the other- well, the other was glowing red it seemed. “Wait a minute, aren’t those the kids from that mission?” You ask, squinting to get a better look but as soon as you did the jet shifted again, knocking right into a building beside you. 

   “We might want to get outtta here,” Tony mutters as he attempts to get a grip on his steering, trying to steer it back to where he wanted it to be. “Whatever mojo those kids have is messing with our ship and I doubt it’s gonna last long,” At his words the front of the jet slowly began to tip down, angling towards the ground menacingly. You, and every other avenger begin to slide to the front, quickly gripping onto something so you didn’t go hurdling through the windshield. “Shit,” Tony growls as he starts pressing an innumerable amount of buttons, attempting to gain control but the ship didn’t obey his command, instead it kept angling downwards, the jet rather suddenly approaching the ground.

   “Tony,” You yell as the jet angles down completely, leaving you smacking into the front windows, an almost sickly sounding crack coming from the glass. The jet seemed to be falling faster now and the glass was cracking beneath you, Tony was still trying to get control of the ship while the others were yelling commands at you, telling you not to move or to shift your weight the right way, but none of that mattered when the glass below you shattered, leaving you to smack against the ground painfully. 

   “Fuck,” You mutter, arching your back as pain surges through you. You open one of your eyes, just in time to see the jet go skidding into some building, tearing the thing to the ground. With a groan you pushed up from the dirt ground, going to make your way towards the jet when a suddenly blast of red energy hit you, smacking you against a wall of some old building. Pain crawled up your spine once again, leaving your head throbbing in pain as you slumped to the ground, all the fight nearly drained from your bones. 

   “Don’t move,” A rich, accented voice demands of you. You crack one eye open to stare at the perpetrator, none other than the brown haired girl from the mission previously. Little wisps of red energy swarm her fingers, much like your wisps of power, only an entirely different color. Another groan falls from your lips as you allow your head to slump back against the wall behind you, your body much to weak to even think about moving. You do happen to spare a glance at the wreck of jet and building and what you saw didn’t look the best; the building was on fire and as far as you can tell there wasn’t a single avenger in sight. 

   “Shit,” You mutter, opening your other eye to blink blearily at the fire. You shift just a bit, pushing your hands beneath your body to stand up when a red finger is pointed at your head. 

   “I said don’t move,’ Your fight seems to return at her words, an anger brewing beneath your skin at her attitude. 

   “Fuck you,” You growl as you bite her finger, hard enough to break the skin. With a yelp she pulls back, nursing her now bleeding hand. You take her moment of distraction to quickly elbow her face, a satisfying crunch coming from her nose. She falls to the ground, her head nearly spinning as you book it to the crash, hoping to get there before the silver haired guy could catch up. “Tony!” You scream as you run at the building, so close you could feel the flames licking your body. “Steve!” You approach the rubble, searching for any sight of one of your teammates but when you found none you began to grow a bit concerned. “Nat!” You cry, pulling up chunks of the building as you attempt to make your way into the rubble. “Bruce!”  Your cries stop short when you hear a resounding thud from behind you, a sound that could only be made by one object. 

   You whip around just in time to see the Avengers emerge from chunks of the rubble, Steve’s shield stuck in a robot’s body. The were beaten and bloodied but they were alive. 

   “(Y/N),” Steve chokes, his breathing a bit heavy as he does, “Take down the twins, we’ll take care of the bots,” You nod your head, an almost relieved smile overtaking your features. 

   “You got it Cap’n,” With a little salute you turn your body towards the two mutants, the sliver haired speedster helping the brown haired girl to her feet. Wisps of energy gather around your fingers as you take a step towards the two, your whole body thrumming in power.

    The two happen to look up, their eyes widening at the sight of you. With a smirk you send a beam of energy their way, thoroughly surprised when the brown haired girl counteracted it with her own beam. The two colors collide and immediately a spark fills the air, getting brighter and brighter with each passing second. You furrow your brows as you look at the sparks forming in the middle of your beams, it was a color you’d never seen before- nearly blue but with a slightly red undertone….Suddenly both of the beams become this vibrant color, thrumming as your two colors mix. And then it clicked- it was purple; this was the color you’d never been able to see before. Immediately your energy powers down, little wisps of it clinging to the air as the vibrant color soon fades, leaving you and the brown haired girl staring at each other in shock. 

   You’re soulmate was the bad guy? Your mouth runs dry at the though and you can barely find the words to speak as you come to this conclusion. Your hands shake and you feel the extreme urge to cry, something you rarely ever did. 

   “Oh my god,” You breathe out, a small tear cascading down your cheek. “Oh my god, y-you’re my-” The girl nods and it looks like there are tears of her own gathering within her eyes. Blood soaks her hands and nose and you do feel a pang of guilt knowing that you’d been the one to hurt her, your own damn soulmate. 

   Despite knowing that she was working against you, despite knowing that she was working with Ultron you find yourself running towards her, not stopping until you’d wrapped her up in your arms, your face buried in her neck. Two arms wrap around you and a warm cheek presses against your head, making you feel more alive than you ever had. 

   “My soulmate,” she breathes out, her lips ghosting along your skin as she does. “Mine.” She repeats, firmer this time. You find yourself nodding against her, your heart overpowered with emotions. 

   “I-I-I don’t even know your name,” You whisper, pulling back just enough to stare at her bloodied, beaten face. She smiles gently, wincing slightly as she does. 

   “It’s Wanda, Wanda Maximoff,” You smile as you gingerly press a kiss to her lips, making sure not to get any blood in your mouth. 

   “I’m (Y/N),” You mumble against her lips, relishing in the small breath she breathed against you. “(Y/N) Stark.” 

  • Natasha: You told me this was an intervention to get Steve to stop coming up with awful ideas!
  • Sam: Oh, that was just a pretense to get you to show up.
  • Natasha: What?
  • Sam: It was Steve's idea! What else you got, Steve?
  • Steve: Well, I got this one thing. I don't know, it might be pretty dumb.
  • Sam: You bite your tongue!
  • Natasha: Yes, bite it all the way off! All your ideas are beyond terrible.
  • Sam: Well in that case, I guess I must have TERRIBLE survival instincts—
  • Natasha: You do!
  • Sam: —Because I wanna hear it! They say the devil's in the details. So let's summon the Devil!

No One Else

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Prompts: “I can’t sleep, can I stay here?” &
“You’re the only one I wanna wake up next to.”

Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x Reader

Requested by @river-alice-wolf hope you like this squirrels!♥

[prompt credit @hellsdemonictrinity ]

It had become a usual occurrence after missions for the Avengers team to wind down with some drinks and take out. You wanted to join in with the group, get to know them all a bit more, but you just weren’t feeling up for the company.

Giving a polite smile, you excused yourself, choosing to take a long, hot shower and lounge in bed instead. 

The mission had gone as well as it could have. It was only your second time out there in the field with the whole team and you were still trying to get used to the whole idea of being an Avenger. It was a whole world away from what you’d experienced during your time in the Red Room with Natalia. 

You’d been through so much there, done so many things you’d regretted, you weren’t sure if joining the Avengers would even be an option for you. But Natasha had seeked you out on the instructions of Fury. Apparently he thought your knowledge and skills would be a valuable asset to the team. 

It was a good few hours later when there was a gentle knock on your door. 

“Come in,” you called, sitting up underneath the sheets of your bed.

Natasha walked in with a small smile on her face, she was wearing her tank top and pyjama shorts. “I can’t sleep, can I stay here?”

You nodded, pulling back the covers and shuffling over to make space for her. 

“Sorry I just disappeared earlier, It’s just-” you began, struggling to find the words.

 Natasha climbed into bed next to you, placing her hand on your own, “you don’t have to explain yourself to me, Y/N/N.” 

“You did good today. A little out of practice maybe, but,” she shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly as you rolled your eyes at her attempt of lighting the mood.

“What, are you gonna train me up?” 

“I’m always up for a challenge.” She grinned, lying down on her side so she was facing you. “I’m glad you’re here, Y/N.”

You smiled, pushing a strand of her behind her ear. “And I’m glad you’re here, Natalia. There’s no one else I’d rather wake up next to.”

You Mean The World To Me (Bucky x Reader) (Request) (One-Shot)

Prompt: “1 and 16 with Bucky please?” ~ Requested by @learisa

1. Wanna get some coffee?

16. I always make time for you, no matter if I’m a (celebrity/avenger) or not.

Summary: You begin to worry that Bucky doesn’t spend enough time with you since he is a Avenger, and you are not. After a sweet encounter in your room, Bucky assures you that you are all his.

A/N: These prompts are from my new Prompt List. I do have multiple requests so please be patient as I get through them. I promise I will get to all of them. And requests are still open, so feel free to look at the Prompt List. :)

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It was a lazy Saturday afternoon, lounging around in your apartment. After college, you bought an apartment and were living solo. That was until you met your boyfriend and best friend, Bucky Barnes.


You two met while you were in Bucharest with a study group. It was an extra credit project where you had to study a culture/language that didn’t get much attention. While you were there, you read in the newspaper that James Buchanan Barnes was spotted right outside your hotel. It made you nervous thinking that the Winter Soldier was within a couple miles of your hotel, but little did you know that something was different about him.

One day, you decided to take a stroll along the main street outside of your hotel. There was a fruit stand across the street, so you jogged over to the stand. The woman smiled. “Ce ai dori?”(What would you like?” The woman asked in Romanian. You didn’t even think to learn Romanian, so you were stumped and didn’t know what to say.

You smiled. “Sorry, I don’t speak Romanian.” The woman obviously couldn’t understand you, so she smiled. You looked down and saw the fresh plums in a basket. “How much for the plums?” You asked her, pointing to the plums. She shook her head. 

“Damn.” You muttered to yourself. “Need some help, doll?” You turned around and saw a man in a cap smiling at you. He looked strangely familiar. “Um, yes please. I don’t know Romanian and would just like to buy some plums.” He chuckled. “Plums, huh? I like your taste in fruit.”

You blushed and looked down. He smiled in return and got you your plums. After handing you the plums, he offered his hand. “I’m James.” You shook his hand. “Y/N.” 

“So what brings you to Bucharest?” He asks you as you begin to walk. “Oh, I traveled here from the U.S. for a college project.” James nodded. “I see. Could you do me a favor when you return?” You furrowed your eyebrows. “Um, sure. I guess.”

He chuckled. “When you go back to the U.S, could you give Steve Rogers a message for me? Tell him, I remember.” Steve Rogers, how have you heard that name before. Oh, DUH! Captain America.

“Oh my god! You’re Bucky Barnes. Steve’s lost friend. Well, not really lost considering you are The Winter Soldier and all.” James smiled shyly at you. “Yea, I’m not the man I was though. I escaped here to hopefully be cleared, but the papers have my face all over them. I remember everything and want Steve to know that. Since you are going back to the U.S, maybe you could help me.”  You giggled. “You probably don’t know this, but I can’t simply walk up to the Avengers and tell him your message. They are kinda a big deal.”

He shrugged. ”I just want to be a better person, ya know?” You placed a hand on his left arm. He flinched at the contact. “James, it’ll be ok.” He nodded. “Thank you. This seems weird to say, but for some reason I feel like I’ve known you my entire life.”

You giggled and looked up at his beautiful eyes. “Maybe we’re meant to be.”


You looked around in your empty apartment, longing for your boyfriend to be home. Bucky had moved in with you 4 years ago. You spent every little second with one another, until Steve made him a permanent fixture on the team. 

You rarely saw him now which made you sad and upset. Being an Avenger was hard and demanding. Bucky always came home beat up and exhausted. Every night you’d be in one another’s arms, not wanting to face a new day or challenge. 

As you were sitting on your bed, watching a show, you heard the soft click of a door. Glancing over to the bedroom door, Bucky walked in with a pair of shorts and tanktop. He must’ve been training. “Hey, how’s my favorite girl doing?” You rushed over to him and jumped into his arms. “Bucky.” You sighed. He smiled into your neck. “I’ve missed ya doll.” You cupped his cheek. “Missed you too Sarge.” 

He grabbed your hand. “Wanna get some coffee? We haven’t been out in a while.” You nodded. “Yes, I could so use a coffee right now. Dark Roast with 2 cream and 2 pumps of mocha.” He chuckled. “That’s my coffee lover. Let me get dressed first.” He let go of your hand and walked to his side of the bed.

“Can I help you?“ You asked slyly. He turned to you and smirked. “You’ve been waiting for this haven’t you?” You bit your lip and giggled. “Maybe, I’ve just been dying to run my fingers over my boyfriend’s chest.” He chuckled and lifted his arms. “Go ahead, doll.”

You leapt towards him and grabbed his shirt. Lifting it over his head, you bit your lip hard and stared at his chest. “Damn, Soldier. This bod can do wonders to a woman.” He smiled and chuckled softly. “Only to my woman.” You rolled your eyes and ran your fingers over his chest. 

“You like what you see, doll?” He teased. You smile and nod. “God, it’s the best thing ever.” He bit his lip and tilted your head up. “I’m all yours, babydoll.” You smirked and dove in for a passionate kiss.

Breaking apart to breathe, you fall against his chest and sigh. “I miss you Buck. I miss this. All of it. The kissing and cuddling. I feel like I never see you anymore.” He pulled you away from him so he could look at you. “Babe, look. I will always make time for you, no matter if I’m an Avenger or not. I even left training early so I could spend time with you.” You smiled up at him. “Really? You did that for me?!” 

He chuckled and snaked his hands around your waist. “I’d do anything for you, y/n. You mean the world to me.”

“I love you so much, Soldier.”

“I love you too, Babydoll.” 


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Just a dream || Pietro x mutant! reader

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A/n: I am writing this one shot bc Pietro maximoff is keeping me up at night. I am gunna use y/n now bc i lub you guys and please check out my story, star crossed for star wars afs like me xx

Title: Just a dream
Pairing: Pietro x Mutant!reader
Warnings: depressive af jk
Spoilers: none
Copyright: all rights reserved. I don’t own Pietro/oh well./ and the other avengers i dun wanna get sued mmkay

Pietro Maximoff …

His name sounded like music to my ears. He’s so beautiful, it physically tortured me.The way he appeared so pure and simple, but hid thousands of emotions underneath that cheery smile. His silver hair is majestic to me. His cute,scruffy stubs were so comfortable to me. His cerulean eyes were so deep you’ll get lost looking at it. Overall, He’s a treasure. And a peculiarity to some. He’s very cheerful and protective.

But to me, he was simply a dream.

A dream that won’t come true.

My feelings were all bottled up, waiting for the right time, right sign in order to svoid hurting.

I loved him from afar, stealing glances from time to time, creating a fake scenario about how and him would end up together and fancying his last time becoming my last name someday.

I wish for alot of things but I wish I would stop wishing for him.

It was unrequited. It was one sided. And it hurt.

But even though I knew in myself that it hurt, I let it happen because it makes me happy. He makes me happy. He makes me blush from time to time with those cheesy puns. He makes my heart beat faster whenever I feel the gush of the wind behind me. He makes me feel secured whenever I would tell him I was having trouble going out or falling asleep. He makes my heart skip a beat whenever he would smile at me during meals. He keeps me up at night, rethinking those times we exchanged laughs, his arms around me, the simple friendly hugs and those sneaky body contacts.

Most of all, he makes me feel warm.

I thought to myself that if I wasn’t Y/N, would he love me? If I’m not this ice wielding freak known as Snowflake, would Quicksilver love me?

I am part of the Avengers, alongside Clint, Natasha, Bruce, Steve, Tony,Sam,Wanda, Vision and Pietro.
I mostly stay at home during most of the missions because I don’t like going out and interacting with people. And I’m sick most of the time.

That night, during Tony’s party, it was raining hard. There were thunderstorms.
I made a mistake during the mission earlier and I kept beating myself up.
I sat alone in my bed covering myself in my blankie. And every time a lightning would appear, I would cringe.

“The rain’s good, isn’t it?”

I lowered my blankie and saw him standing in front of me. My stomach is curling up and mychest as thumping nonstop. “Oh, Pietro…”

“Y/N, don’t you want to join the party?” He asked, his argentine hair glowing under the nightlight. “They’re betting on who’s worthy to be the ruler of Asgard”

I waved my hands on him. “I enjoy here. I don’t really like noisy and crowded places.”

“So is this seat taken?” He gestured beside me “Can I join your quiet party?”

“Of course, Quicksilver.” I smiled

He sat and put his arms around me. “Well, thank you Snowflake.”

He’s done that many times but It never fails to make my heart flutter. “You do realize your name means mercury, right?”

“I did not know that.” He spoke in his thick sokovian accent. Which i find very attractive really.

“It meant a silver-white poisonous heavy metallic element that is liquid at ordinary temperatures and is used especially in batteries.” I replied.

“Liquid at ordinary temperatures, huh?” He chuckled. “Then why is it around you I’m getting so—”

I nudged him. “Shut it!”

We exchanged laughs. And glanced at each other then back to the dim sky. Listening to the sound of the rain. There was a long, awful and deafening sound of silence. We were always like that. We would be so awkward, but it was comforting too. He knew that I enjoyed silence and he knew that I am a girl of few words.

“Wanda said you’re blaming yourself for what happened back there. It wasn’t even your fault you froze half of the building. It was that terrorist dude.” He said and made me lean to his chest.

“It was me, I was so stupid I didn’t know there were people there.” I cupped my face. “And now people were hurt and it’s my fault”

“Hey…” He cooed, while stroking my hair. “It’s gonna be okay, sunshine”

“Thank you, speedy.” I replied as I stared in his beautiful caeruleus eyes.

“All for you, snowflake.” He smiled and the distance between us was closed within a second. His lips met mine and it was magical. It was slow and serene. His kiss was perfervid, it was melting the ice inside me. Melting the cold, solid ice inside me.

“I love you…” He confessed between kisses. His hands trailing on my sides and my fingertips trailing his neck and jaw. I didn’t reply because I don’t know what to say or what to do. But I do, I love him so much.

We pulled away, gasping for air. “Do you mean that?” I said. “B-because—”

“I mean it, I’m sorry if I’m too late…” He smiled and held my hand as his own. It seemed like puzzles fitting in together. Like it was made made just from me.
Like it was meant to be.

“No..no you aren’t…it’s just you’re too much for me and I…well I’m me. I’m just this worthless, stu-” he put his index finger on my lips and shushed me.

He smiled and cupped my face. “Never beat yourself up again, okay? You are worth something. Don’t you ever think you’re useless and worthless. You are worth something to me. I love you for all that you are, you’ve been and you will be and I’ll never leave you. I promise that, sunshine.”

I nodded and planted a small kiss on his cheek. “Thank you, Pietro.”

And then everything goes back to reality.

I woke up.

It was just a dream.

He was gone. Pietro was gone.

It was just a mere memory.

I cried again. My room was full of ice blades and frozen drips.
It was cold.
The warmth was gone. Forever.
It was so silent I could hear my own heartbeat and it makes me insanely lonely because I’d rather hear his.

I stared at the clock, 4:43 pm. It was already afternoon.
I remembered my mother explained to me why sunsets are beautiful and poetic. It’s because sunsets means death. Just as morning represents birth and the mid day represents purity. Susnets represented death and passing. And night represented darkenss and oblivion

I’ve been a sad wreck for weeks now.
Sadness was an emotion humans felt, maybe mutants too. It was as common as anger and happiness.and at one point I believe that people experienced much pain than they did overjoy. That was what I felt towards Pietro.
He wanted to be a better brother, better son and a better person. He wanted to achieve so many things. But he can never do it.

I leaned against the bedrest as a familiar tune from Tony’s radio played and I can’t seem to control these tears in my eyes. I felt a big lump on my throat.

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are grey.

I was afraid of happiness, because I know when you’re happy, something or someone is going to be taken away from you. Like something is going to end. It was like the saying after the rain, comes the rainbow, and here’s the rain, then there’s the rainbow, then there’s the rain again. I was afraid of it. I was afraid of losing Pietro, He was like a bubble. And happiness is like a bubble, whenever I try to touch it, it pops. It ends. It disappears in thin air. So fast, so quick, like him.

You’ll never know dear, how much I love you

I regretted that I didn’t told him that I love him. I deeply regretted that. It kills me that he died without knowing or even hearing me say that I love him. I couldn’t manage to utter the words ‘I love you’ and it kills me.

Please don’t take my sunshine away.

I loved him. I truly did. And i knew it would hurt if I had to let him go.

I just didn’t think I’d have to let go so soon

I was so scared of being hurt, I didn’t told him and now I’m suffering.

I have this little picture of him and me, I take it out and stare at it. Every day.

I miss him so much. I feel as though I am missing a part of me. And it was him. It’s been weeks since he was gone, I reclused myself from the others. Wanda and Steve would come sometimes, Natasha would talk to me and Pepper would bring me food. I would give everything just to bring him back. I would give everything just to feel his soft touch again. I would give everything to turn back time and be with him that time. I would give everything just to feel his arms around me. And I promise I won’t let him slip away my fingers

But all of it would stay as dreams,

a series of thoughts, memories,visions, or feelings that happen during sleep

And it’s not real, even if I wished it was.

After all, it’s just a dream.


A/N: sorry this was bad it’s my first time writing a one shot for two hours. It’s already 5am and I’m going to sleep in my hammock...

The Summer Soldier (Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader) - Part III {1/2}

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I don’t wanna think about where you from
I just wanna see your face when the night time come
Tired of tryna figure out what I might become
I just wanna sing my song when the night time come
Please don’t ask me ‘bout all the songs I’ve sung
I’m just trying to get by till the night time come

Set from Age of Ultron in between with Civil War, The Avengers have new recruits in the team, many from the aid of Captain America. One of them happen to be you, The Summer Soldier, an unheard project of HYDRA. What the team doesn’t know won’t hurt them… But will open their eyes

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (Platonic ???), Steve Rogers x Reader (Platonic)

Warnings: Killing, weaponry, blood, needles, italicized are flashbacks 

Word Count: 2,167

Part II

Taglist: @redroomproperty @midnightreme @tvdplusriverdale@ravenclaw-geek24 @ladywitheclecticheart @priettierthanyou @letsgetfuckingsuperwholocked @im-disgustingly-vain @cashmeresock

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You’re My Drug (Bucky Barnes x reader)

Request: Can I have a one shot/fic where reader is shy and one of the avengers’ daughter (up to you) and she sings when no one is at the tower. And Bucky walks in and it relaxes him so he asks reader to sing him a lullaby to put him to sleep. Thank you, and good luck with all your requests!

Hey little mama

Ain’t gotta ask me if I want to

Just tell me, can I get a light?

Roll you up and let it run through my veins

‘Cause I can always see the farthest stars when I’m on you

I don’t wanna ever come down off this cloud of lovin’ you

“Steve, come here,” Bucky whispered with a summoning curl of his finger.  “Did you know about this?”

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anonymous asked:

omg are you going to do the kink prompts thing? bc i would literally kill to see you do #2

I was thinking about doing them for a Smut Friday! Or maybe as a weekend thing. ^__^

But I don’t wanna wait for this one so let’s do it.

#2: “They’re all watching the movie. They’re not even going to notice.”

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Like every other month, I get really close to writing an in-depth analysis on like.. every appearance of David Alleyne until everyone loves him as much as I do. 

All I wanna talk about is the ways people consistently misunderstand his character, his purpose in different narratives, his choices - some good, some very bad, through the lens of different writers. (And why Prodigy & Speed should be a Holmes-and-Watson-esque series. Give them a book, Marvel!) 

I know that no one wants to read a bunch of essays on my favorite x-men/young avenger, but I might do it anyways. 

Avengers Preference #1

Your Song

(Gif credits to owner)

Steve Rogers/Captain America:  Sunday Morning (Acoustic) - Maroon 5

“But things just get so crazy, living life gets hard to do

And I would gladly hit the road, get up and go if I knew

That someday it would lead me back to you

That someday it would lead me back to you”

You were a barista at a privately owned café in New York. He went in one day after Tony told him about it and how it would be such a good place to relax and sketch. The second he saw you and you saw him, you just clicked. Your easygoing, kind, and understanding personality was just what he needed as a reminder of the simple things in life. And he added some excitement to yours. You were kind of an old soul so being with a man who is literally from the 40s seemed perfect.

It was the day after he had came home from a mission. You were singing along to the radio and making breakfast while he got his rest. The song was “Sunday Morning”. You sang along and thought of Steve right away. As he laid in bed and listened to you sing along, he realized that the song described how he loved you to a tee. He smiled and walked out to the kitchen. He pulled you away from the stove and decided to just dance with you. You hadn’t danced together yet, but in the moment it felt like the perfect time. Sure, you may have burnt some pancakes, but neither of you had a care in the world.

Thor Odinson:  House On Fire - Sia

“So take me to the heavens now

As we burn down, as we are found

Take me to the heavens now

My heart screams out”

You never intended on having a serious relationship with The God of Thunder. It just sort of happened. The two of you established this fling. You enjoyed the flirting, the teasing, the making out, the playfulness. But this quickly turned into a serious situation. Emotions started to get involved, but neither of you protested these feelings. After the two of you finally slept together after eight months of teasing and flirting, you realized there was so much more to your relationship. He realized this, too. You actually asked him out on an official date first, which impressed him even more. You kept that playfulness in your relationship after all this time, but mixed with so much love.

Now the two of you have been together for five years now. After five years, you’re just now finding a song that describes how you feel about Thor, and how he feels about you. Thor had recently discovered Sia and had asked you to play some of her songs on a long car ride. When House On Fire came on, both of your hearts melted. You understood each lyric and the emotion behind each word. Thor doesn’t understand what couples having a song really means, but he’s all for it.

Tony Stark/Iron Man:  Alone Together - Fall Out Boy

“I don’t know where I’m going,

But I don’t think I’m coming home

And I said, I’ll check in tomorrow if I don’t wake up dead

This is the road to ruin and we’re starting at the end”

Between his breakup with Pepper and the disaster that is the Sokovian Accords, Tony’s been a total mess. He feels like he has no one to vent to. So he calls you. You were an old friend of his. By old friend, you were one of his usual flings back when he was younger. The two of you kept in touch over the years and, since your divorce with your husband, you could use an old flame right now. After hours of venting to each other, you ending up kissing the poor guy. He looked like he was about to cry, and you don’t deal with crying very well. You stayed at his place, since you were living at home again because of the divorce, and things went back to how they were. Sort of. You decided to try dating again, and he remembers just how good he had it with you.

Peter Parker actually introduced the two of you to Fall Out Boy’s song Alone Together. As this teenage boy blared the music from the compound’s training area, you just looked at Tony. He chuckled and agreed that the words in the song were familiar. The song grew on both of you and you, unofficially, call it your song.

Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch:  Wherever I Go - Kylie Rothfield

“I know I could lie but I’m telling the truth

Wherever I go there’s a shadow of you

I know I could try looking for something new

But wherever I go, I’ll be looking for you”

You broke up with Wanda after the whole Ultron incident because she became distant. She was busy with training and didn’t have as much time for you as she used to. You couldn’t handle being shut out, but once it was over, you were lost. You couldn’t send her those “Good morning, Gorgeous” texts. You couldn’t text her about the old man who looked at you funny when you sang along to your music at the red light today. All these little things added up, and you wanted her back. She wanted you, too, but she assumed you were done with her.

You surprised her by serenading a sultry and soulful cover of Wherever I Go to your ex-girlfriend in front of the whole compound. You didn’t make a huge fuss. You didn’t call out Wanda or even say her name. But she knew it was for her. It was all just for her and she couldn’t wait to get her hands on you later on.

Bruce Banner/Hulk:  Let Me Love You - Glee Cast Version (Originally performed by Ne-Yo)

“I can see the pain behind your eyes

It’s been there for quite a while

I just wanna be the one to remind you what it is to smile

I would like to show you what true love can really do”

You and Bruce had dated before The Avengers. You were a reporter in Calcutta and needed a translator for interviews when yours quit mid-documentary. So, Bruce offered to help you after you got a sick little girl to ask for you. During the time you spent together, things ended up getting intimate. He warned you about “The Other Guy”, but you were convinced he had everything under control. But when he was called in to join The Avengers, you parted ways. But your paths have crossed again in Australia. He is now staying with you and is living a relatively normal life with you. 

Every time he thinks that he may have an incident you play your song for him. The slowed down version of Let Me Love You always makes him feel relaxed. You don’t know why, but the first time he nearly got angry with you being present, you just started to calmly sing that song to him. It calms him down every time.

Sam Wilson/Falcon:  Treasure - Bruno Mars

“Treasure, that is what you are

Honey you’re my golden star

You know you can make my wish come true

If you let me treasure you

If you let me treasure you”

You and Sam met when you were a guest at The Avengers party. You work in the same building as Sam does. While he helps veterans with PTSD, you help teens coping with mental illness. He’s noticed you, but you haven’t noticed him until the party. Steve introduces the two of you officially. You and Sam hit it off right away. You’ve been together for a year now. He treats you like gold. You’re like his queen. You treat him like a king. You have a disgustingly cute relationship filled with love, laughter, and constant, playful roasting of one another.

You had a long day at work, and Sam knew it. He planned on making his girl feel better and show off that beautiful smile of hers the second she walked through the front door. So he got some gold boxers, had the lights dimmed, and had the music ready to rumble. He picked the song himself, having a thing for Bruno Mars. He serenaded you and danced with you around the apartment while Treasure played in the background. You couldn’t help but laugh and smile like a goof. So, now when either of you is upset, the other will sing this song to them. It’s a good system.

Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver:  Halo - Beyoncé

“I swore I’d never fall again

But this don’t even feel like falling

Gravity can’t forget

To pull me back to the ground again”

You and Pietro didn’t have a long relationship. You hadn’t had the chance. The two of you met during Strucker’s experiments. You two did like each other and made it quite clear to the other. The two of you were very touchy in private and weren’t shy about telling each other how much you cared. You two were pretty much in a relationship. You just didn’t consider it a relationship. You weren’t quite sure if you could have a relationship. He promised you that after the fight against Ultron he would take you out on a real date.

The day after what happened in Sokovia, you heard this song playing on the radio. Every word of it was so powerful to you in that moment. Before you and Pietro had began dating, you had your heart broken by being cheated on. You promised yourself you’d give yourself a break. Until you met Pietro. Loving him just came so naturally, and this song described your experience falling for Pietro Maximoff perfectly.

T’Challa/Black Panther:  Nothing Really Matters - Mr. Probz

“I see her face

And in my mind

I seize the day

Whenever she’s nearby

It’s like nothing really matters

You met T’Challa during a global contest to raise money for those living in Wakanda who deal with poverty. You could win a date with Prince T’Challa himself. The typical dinner and take a picture for publicity type thing, you assumed. Well, that was supposed to be, until he saw you there. He made sure the security he had with him kept their distance. The two of you talked over dinner and you fell for him fast. You went on for a long time after this date. Everyone judged him, at first, for dating a poor woman from America, but he didn’t care. Neither did you. At first you wanted him to break up with you. He was getting terrible publicity but he didn’t care as long as he was with you. And now you are his queen.

You came across this song when you were bored and listening to music on Spotify. When the song came on, you thought of T’Challa. You smiled as you thought of how much nothing else mattered as much to you as T’Challa does now. So, you showed him the song, and he felt the same way. You don’t listen to the song much, but it will always have a special place in each of your hearts.

Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier:  Past Lives - Børns

“Past lives couldn’t ever hold me down

Lost love is sweeter when it’s finally found

I’ve got the strangest feeling

This isn’t our first time around”

You and Bucky were together since you were teenagers. The two of you were ultimate relationship goals. You were lovers, best friends, you were engaged. The two of you were in love since the moment you met. But now he forgets you, sort of. He remembers being in love with someone. He remembers all of the feelings and memories, but he doesn’t remember you. Until Steve introduces the two of you easily. It was hard looking at the man you’ve loved pretty much your whole life, knowing he doesn’t know you. But the second his eyes meet yours, it all comes back. 

While you were teaching him about modern pop culture, you came across the song Past Lives. The words really spoke to the two of you, considering your situation. Plus the beat made Bucky smile, which was a bonus.

Vision:  With Or Without You - U2

“Through the storm we reach the shore

You give it all but I want more

And I’m waiting for you”

You were Vision’s go-to person when it came to questions about human life. He was becoming increasingly confused and you gave him the best answers. Simple, but not vague. Detailed, but not confusing. You also just made him feel happy. You made him laugh, which you loved seeing. You loved to help Vision. It made you feel so intelligent and trusted. But the more the two of you talked, the more you wanted to get to know him. But he was a mystery, even to himself. You didn’t mind helping him discover himself, though. He loved hearing you tell stories. He would take any chance he had to talk to you.

You were going through well-known songs to introduce Vision to when you came across With Or Without You. This song is what sparked the conversation of having feelings for each other. He described how it felt when he was around you, and it was the same way you felt with him. You felt happy, intrigued, warm. Your heart raced when you were with him but you also felt at ease. So did he.

Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow:  We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes Off - Ella Eyre

“A quick hit, that’s your game.

But I’m not a piece of meat, stimulate my brain, no.

The night is young, so are we.

Let’s just get to know each other, slow and easily, oh”

Quick and easy. That’s how Natasha liked her relationships before she met you. She just didn’t connect with anyone the way she did with you. You seemed like the opposite of her type, too. Cliché, romantic, dorky, cheesy, kind of awkward. But she loved all of that. She loved you, there was no denying it. She loved your personality. She loved how you’d send her random “I love you” texts. She loved how your face would light up each time you passed a bookstore. She loved how you’d always have her favorite meals waiting for her on a long day. She loved your crappy jokes. She loved making you blush. She didn’t need anything more than that, and neither did you. Not with her.

Once you discovered this beautiful song, you couldn’t wait to show Nat. But you did it the most romantic way you could. Her favorite flowers petals leaving a trail to your living room, where you had her favorite chocolates and wine waiting for her. This song played in the background, and she was absolutely fine with this song choice.

Clint Barton/Hawkeye:  arms. - Christina Perri

“I hope that you see right through my walls

I hope that you catch me, ‘cause I’m already falling

I’ll never let a love get so close

You put your arms around me and I’m home”

Clint was your first partner and you believed your relationship was strictly professional. Just SHIELD partners and nothing more. This was true until you were compromised on a solo mission. You missed Clint more than anyone else. His laugh, his singing, his jokes, his sass, his dry humor. You just missed him, and you hoped that the agents who took you kept him safe. He had never been more worried than he was when you were compromised. He was worried that he’d never see the beautiful person he got to call his partner. He missed your smile, your eyes, your puns, the way you’d laugh at his jokes, even if they weren’t funny. But the second he saw you once you escaped, the two of you hugged. It was the warmest, most meaningful hug you had ever received, or given.

Clint is a huge Christina Perri fan. He loves to belt her music when the two of you are driving around. So, for his birthday one year, you bought him her album “lovestrong.”. The first time either of you had heard the song arms. was on the way home from a mission. The two of you couldn’t help but smile and sing along as you thought of that hug. The hug that made both of you realize you were much more than just partners.

Peter Parker/Spider-Man:  YOUTH (Gryffin Remix) - Troye Sivan

“My youth, my youth is yours

A truth so loud you can’t ignore

My youth, my youth, my youth

My youth is yours”

You and Peter had been just friends since preschool. But not just friends, best friends. You were the only one who knew he was Spider-Man. The two of you had always had a crush on each other in secret, but this year you knew it would be different. This year you weren’t playing around. This year you would go to the dance as friends as usual, but you weren’t going to let the moment pass by again.

During an upbeat song at the dance (which was YOUTH), you held hands with Peter. He was pleasantly surprised, but he went with it. Right before the big bass drop, you grabbed his face and kissed him. After that, you two were a lot more than just best friends. And you were both more than okay with that.

Scott Lang/Ant-Man:  Heart’s On Fire - Passenger

“Well I don’t have many and I don’t have much

In fact I don’t have any but I’ve got enough

'Cause I know those eyes and I know that touch

I don’t have many and I don’t have much”

You and Scott dated for a few months before he went to jail for theft. You broke up when he went to jail, but you stayed on good terms. After the first Ant-Man situation and when he found out he could see Cassie again, he asked you if he could stay with you, where Cassie was already comfortable staying. You agreed and Cassie ended up setting the two of you up on a date again. She ended up locking the two of you in the living room. You and Scott talked and you agreed to be with him again. All of the feelings from before came back. It was like you hadn’t even broken up at all.

You found the song Heart’s On Fire before you and Scott got back together, but you had forgotten all about it until Scott was back into your life. On your first date together after the whole Ant-Man thing, the song popped into your head. You got Scott to listen to it and he told you it was exactly how he felt. It was the only cheesy, romantic the two of you have shared, but it’s one you’ll never forget.

“I Would Sacrifice the World “ (1/2) - Pietro Maximoff x Reader

Word Count: 2,604

Warnings: A lil angst? 

Request: Hi! Love your writing and just wanted to know if I could request a little somethin’. Could you do a Pietro x reader where the reader dies saving the little Russian sass-master in Sokovia and he gets all sad? (You don’t have to if you don’t wanna btw)

Hi! Can I have a request with Pietro where the reader has force field powers and they try to reenact that scene from the incredibles with Violet and Dash? 

Author’s Note: I know I originally said that I was going to make this one long imagine, but I changed my mind because I kinda got stuck. SOOO here’s part one. I hope you don’t mind, but I mixed these two requests :)

**follows the plot of Avengers: Age of Ultron**


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A Bad Night Out (Clint Barton x Reader)

Originally posted by imaginesforlifetime

Request: @deansinkdbitch requested a Clint Barton x Reader. Where Clint is helping the reader from an anxiety attack.

Pairing: Clint Barton x Reader

Warnings: trigger warning, anxiety. panic attack, LOTS of fluff

Words: 1770

A/N: I’m sorry that it took so long but I had a couple of horrible days PLUS I lost my favorite notebook with half of this fic, older ones, and lots of a little smut… If you found it, I need it back!!

If you found any mistakes in this, please let me know!

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A Bad Night Out

“I just don’t wanna go! Guys, you know that I’m not going, why do insist?” You asked in that blurred line between the talking and the yelling.

“C’mon! We just want you to have fun with us!”

“I always have fun when I’m with you”

“So, why don’t you come with us then?”

“I can’t” you lied “I have paperwork to do”

“You can do it later, babe. I could help you”

Awesome, now your boyfriend was complotting against you too.

“Do it for me”

You knew that you should have talked with Clint about this before, but you thought that maybe he would treat you differently. You absolutely hated it when people treat you like a child. Like someone who can’t protect themselves. You were an excellent agent, a pretty good spy and you certainly were as good as Natasha when it was about body combat.

“Really?” you asked him resignedly, you couldn´t win this battle if it was against your boyfriend.


And then, he pouted; you sighed defeated.

“Okay, just this time” you agreed “and then you can’t bother me anymore if I say no to something”

The afternoon passed quickly and when you realized you were being dragged into Wanda’s room for the preparation because Clint was in your shared room and Nat wasn’t very fond of getting his wardrobe extended on the floor.

You tried to keep your nervousness hidden. You knew Wanda may notice it, but you also knew that she wouldn’t get into your mind without your consent if she could feel your effort in keeping your thoughts private.

The black dress that you were going to wear that night was definitely beautiful. The fabric it was made of shone when the light hits it and it adjusted perfectly to your body.

The girls and you were having fun; it was an atypical night and it was really nice to make a gossip night and share stories like any other group of friends… without the pressure of having to save the world of aliens or crazy organizations.

You were having a good time, but you can’t really get that annoying feeling that something bad were going to happen. You knew that you were probably triggering yourself, but it was always the same. It wasn’t something that you need to happen with your teammates. You didn’t need to give the Avengers an extra to worry about.

You pushed your negative thoughts away as you went to one of the common areas where the boys were waiting for you.

“Looking awesome, girls”

“We always do”

You giggled at the wink that your boyfriend made to you and you went with him.

“You look very beautiful” he whispered in your ear.

You smiled widely and peck him a kiss on the lips.

“Thank you, babe. You’re gorgeous”

Clint put a lock of your hair behind your ear before he put an arm around your waist and pulled you closer to him.

“We’re going in Tony’s car”

“Okay,” you were starting to feeling nervous again but tried to cover it sounding more interested than you were “Where are we going?”

“To the opening of a new club, it’s a few minutes away”

“That’s awesome!” you lied faking excitement.

Natasha wasn’t really paying attention to you because she should have found you out by now; Wanda too. But you have to admit that with Clint by your side you were a little more relaxed, just a little.

The trip in the car was good, you were a little crushed between Clint and Steve, but you didn’t mind. You preferred going like that on a trip to another country than to get out the car to enter a club. The thing is that you haven’t got a choice.

“Are you ok, babe…? (Y/N)?”

“Yeah? Yes, sorry.”

“For real?” he whispered; of course it was useless, Steve could hear him cleared than me, “We can take a cab if you want to and go back to bed”

“No! It’s ok, I’m good. Besides, you were excited that we were going to dance”

He took your hand and started to circle patterns with his fingers on its back.

“I honestly wouldn’t mind…”

You shook your head and led it against his shoulder for the rest of the trip, feeling his soothing touch on against your skin and hearing his laugh as Tony made jokes.

When you got to the club was a completely different story. The place was crowded, the line of people to get in was enormous. Of course, you haven’t to wait to enter, that was the worst part.

The place itself wasn’t bad, you really liked the ornaments on the walls and the lights that made the place magical. The music was pretty good too and you can almost feel the excitement of your friends around you when you all decided that you wanted to take a few drinks before dancing. The congested dance floor made your way to the VIP section feels like hell to you.

You tried to control your breathing as you went through the endless dancing bodies. You were starting to feel dizzy and, despite you wanted to let go of Clint’s hand for him to not feel that you were shaking, you really couldn’t… you just squeezed his hand tighter and prayed to get to the staircase that was to the other side of the dancefloor.

You started to feel a prickly feeling on your lips and around your eyes as the time seemed to stop. You just couldn’t get to the other side, no matter how hard you were trying.

You lost your hold on your boyfriend’s hand as you started to hyperventilate. To feel your lungs with oxygen was harder than ever and the tears started to make your sight blurred.

Before you realized that you had stopped walking, you found yourself standing alone in the middle of the club. You were freaking out. How did this happen?

You felt an arm took you by your waist and pulled you to keep going.

“It’s ok, (Y/N). You’re ok, babe.”

You tried to identify the voice, you knew the man that was talking to you but it was so hard to breathe that you were absolutely terrified.

“I-I can’t…” you started within sobbings and your shortness of breath.

“I know, honey. It’s ok”

You felt his grip as he took you in his arms and started to made his way to the exit.

You almost felt relieve when you felt the wind on your shaking body.

“Can’t… can’t”

Clint sat you down on a bench around the corner of the street.

“(Y/N), I’m with you. I’m not leaving” he stated taking your hand with his and putting it on his chest. “Try to breathe with me”

You tried to do as he said but you were so lightheaded that it was almost impossible.

“Breath like me, babe. You’re doing it great, but I need you to relax a little” 

He took of hiss jacket and wrapped you with it before slowly sat next to you and put his arm around your shoulder. By this time, your breathing was almost normal and your heartbeat has normalized. Despite all of that, the tingle hasn’t disappeared and the tears were still falling from your eyes.

“Clint? I’m sorry. I always ruin everything”

“That’s not true! You did not ruin anything” he said cleaning your face from your tears with his fingers “You always make things easier and funnier, you make my days brighter and my life better. Don’t do that. Don’t tear yourself down. I don’t want you to hurt the most important person in my life”

You smiled behind your tears and hugged him tight.

“I love you so much, Clint”

“I love you too”

You spent almost half an hour with your head in the space between his shoulder and his head, breathing his perfume and his aftershave.

“I’m a little scared”


You shrugged and look him into his eyes. Of course, you knew that the place and the anxiety were the triggers of your attack. The thing that you didn’t know was why were you still feeling in distress.

“Do you know something?”


“I’m going to tell you what my mother used to say when I was scared as a child… she used to do a tiny box with her hands, just like this…” he cupped his hands leaving an empty space between them. “And then, I just have to put all my fears and insecurities inside it… go ahead… do it. That’s right…just like that. Are you sure that there aren’t any more left? Well… it’s ok, put them in here too… Now we’re going to close it, put your hands covering the top.”

“Like this?”

He nodded in approvement.

“Can you cover it with just one hand? Or to do you think that they’re going to escape?”

You shook your head as you did as he had said.

“Now we have to open let the box away… Is really cold today, is a really windy day… I think that is better because now we don’t have to worry because the fears just will be blown away.”

You smiled, he was being so adorable, and now that you were getting better you could really appreciate it. You felt so happy that you had him in your life.

He was really convincing with his gestures and words. Clint was so good at this that you could almost feel tingles and little tickles in the skin of the hand that you had on ‘the box’

“Do you wanna throw them now?”

You nodded as you both left all of your fears fell from your hands.

It was almost magical… when you pulled apart the hands that were making the box, the wind blew a little stronger, as if it wished to get your fears away from you too.

The most magical part of all was that you had him by your side and he has you by his.

“I do really love you, Clint”

“What if...” (1/2)*Steve Rogers x Reader*

Originally posted by imaginesforlifetime

“What if…” (2/2) *Steve Rogers x Reader*

Prompt: So my best friend has basically ditched me for her boyfriend, he made her choose between myself and him, just because he doesn’t for some reason like me and I do not know why! Although her walking out of my life caused… a lot of stress, I’ve known her for a long time, we work together and our brothers live together- anyway it sparked these ideas for one-shots and imagines. 
Warnings: Swearing, possible part two and usual stuff - NO smut.
Admins Note: Is anyone going through something similar with their friends? Any tips on how I can possibly get her back? I don’t really wanna talk to him because he is hella scary. 

“Remember that one time in college…” Sam Wilson trailed off his laugh echoing around then Avengers Base as he told another embarrassing story about you both in college. Somehow becoming friends with Sam those many years ago- that’s what it felt like being friends with him - led to you being friends with all of the Avengers, something no one could have predicted for you, and if someone did you would have laughed in their face. 

You rolled your (E/C) eyes as the Avengers snickered amongst themselves, a light sigh escaping your lips as you slouched on a sofa, Sam beside you and the others in various seats and positions; a usual Thursday afternoon if they weren’t saving the world! 

Although the one person that was missing was Steve, Captain America, also your best friend and slight crush: well, you fancied him a lot more than you cared to admit. He was charming, gentle and actually hilarious, everything you ever wanted in a man but you could never work up the right amount of courage to ask him out. 

A whole year you had this secret admiration for him and you still hadn’t worked out if he felt similar towards you, Sam kept telling you to go for it but something kept pulling you back; maybe it was the fact you were so ordinary, you were neither an Agent or an Avenger, you have never saved anyone and you weren’t badass or even uniquely talented. You were just (Y/N) (Y/L/N) who happened to be best friends with the Avengers.

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Seven Minutes in Heaven

This is just the introduction to this little story and we’ll be uploaded the next parts soon! There will be 2 parts specifically for each avenger saying what would happen if you got them. The first part is what would happen in the cupboard. The second part is what would happen after the cupboard ;) SO basically its multiple mini stories with the same beginning, not one whole story.

Let us know who you wanna read next!

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The game is afoot 

You were on your fifth double vodka and coke when Tony stoodup with a slight stagger in his step. “I believe it’s time to get this littlegathering moving.”

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