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Divergent One Shot/imagine

So this is set in Dauntless and I kinda added another source of entertainment to the pit and put a twist to events that might occur. I hope you like it!

From the movie/book Divergent

Character: Eric

One Shot

Rating: M (contains sexual content)

Also guys this is the song im imagining they dance to, its in the Divergent movie when Tris goes to the tattoo parlour. Its an amazing song and if you like bass its for you. Id take a look! :)- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cS38d3Kw2Zo

I walk into the room and am instantly overcome by the atmosphere. The music is vibrating right through me and people are dancing everywhere, all I want to do is join them. I get handed a drink by a fellow initiate and we walk towards a group of new friends who already look to have taken the effects of alcohol. I mean id heard stories of Dauntless life, everyone knew they were crazy and totally free, but being here and being part of something like this was something else. Id come from a boring faction where it was a no go to do most things and now im here, surrounded by people dancing hot and heavy, laughing, music filling my ears; Id dreamt of this.

“Hey, you wanna dance?” Im brought out of my thoughts by some girl, another transfer by the looks of it.

“I thought someone would never ask” I wink at her and we make our way over to a group of older Dauntless members who’re already dancing. The bass in the music was incredible and my hips instantly start to sway, following the others moves.  Another woman catches my eye and calls me over to dance with her group and I drag my new friend along. She doesn’t even talk to us, none of them do, they’re all too involved with whoever they’re grinding against..im pretty sure it would probably be classed as a sin or something where I came from but damn it looks good.

The next song comes on and I get far too excited by the sound to mind anyone around me. I can feel the effects of the alcohol and im not paying attention to anything but this song, where do they get this amazing music?!

I stumble backwards into something hard and spin round to assess any damage to whatever the hell or whoever it was.

“Uhmm sorry!” I laugh. The guy turns round and im greeted by none other than Eric. He smirks at me with a look of amusement. I mean yes he was a bit of an arse but my god he’s attractive.

“Well well, initiate! Isnt it past your bedtime?” he steps towards me, out of his group of friends.

“Hilarious. I didn’t think this would be your scene Eric? Surrounded by people having fun and dancing. Oh my god, you don’t dance too do you?!”  I mirror the smirk on his face and clearly he’s amused by my comment.

“I think you’d be surprised” He steps forward, challenging me. If he thinks i’m afraid of him, he is so wrong. I laugh and turn around to continue dancing with my..friends?

Some time later, to my surprise Eric joins us, wrapping an arm around a girl opposite me and she greets him back. Hmm, I wonder if they have a thing..he seems that type. Lets be honest who would reject him, I’ve seen the way the girls here look at him. He makes his way towards me and says something to me.

“What?!” I cant hear anything but this amazing music.

He steps towards me and grips me round the waist pulling me towards him so he can get closer to my ear. Im trying to listen to him but all im focusing on is his breathe hot on my neck….No. Stop. He’s a Dauntless leader and my trainer.

Im still getting shivers down my spine though..

“Im surprised you’re still going” He says. I grab his neck this time to get closer to his ear.

“I could go all night. Never give up right?” I smirk at him and he shakes his head, both laughing.

Why am I this daring right now? I never talk to guys like this. Especially guys like Eric. Damn alcohol. I like it.

I continue to dance and this time he joins me. Im trying really hard not to make eye contact to make things awkward but he looks so hot right now and even more attractive now that he’s loosened up a bit. Screw it.

I moved towards him and he notices. He smirks and pulls my arm, dragging me closer to him.  I grab his neck and pull him down again.

“Who knew you could move Eric?”

He laughs into my ear and puts his grip moves to my waist again. “I did tell you”

I laugh and go to move away, but this time his grip on my waist doesn’t move, it tightens. I look up at him with a quizzical look and he just smirks. Is he flirting right now? Two can play at this game. I wrap my hand back round his neck and start to roll my hips again, slightly brushing Eric’s thigh, trying to match the moves of others around me.

“Careful initiate” He says into my ear, but I can feel his smirk. Initiate. I think he says that to irritate or intimidate me, actually I find it kinda hot, dominating.

“Is someone scared?” I tease him, I know no ones looking. They’re too pre occupied with whoever they’re with.

He laughs again and continues dancing, this time pulling my closer to him and joining my actions. I can feel myself getting extremely hot and my breathing intensifies. He spins me round, hands moving to my hips and I grind against his crotch, enjoying this far too much. Erics head comes down to my neck, breathe hot against my skin sending another shiver down my spine. I close my eyes, wrapped up in the dancing and the song, only to my caught off guard by a wet touch to the curve of my neck. And then another. I smirk and spin around, raising an eyebrow at him. The corner of his mouth lifts and he goes for my neck again, but I catch him off guard, this time getting his on the mouth.  He smirks into the kiss but lets it happen. I brush my tongue across his bottom lip and he opens his mouth, tongue brushing mine. His mouth is so hot on mine and I cant help let a small moan escape my mouth. He pushes him body against mine, backing me into a wall. He kisses me more roughly and his hands go down to my thighs and back up to my bum, kneading my flesh. I move my mouth to his neck and suck on the inked skin, nipping slightly. Where did I even learnt to do this? Whatever I was doing he seemed to like it as I earned a throaty moan from him, his adams apple vibrating on my tongue.

He moved back and at first im confused but then he grabs my wrist and pulls me through a black door leading back out into the pit. Theres people out here but no one seems to notice him dragging me along, which im kinda glad. We go down a corridor and into another room. His room? He closes the door and goes back to kissing me, picking me up and wrapping my legs around his waist, grabbing at my thighs roughly. I push my hips towards his groin, noticing his growing hardness. His breath hitches slightly and he puts my down on the bed and removes my trousers after I lift his t shirt over his head and throw it on the floor. His arms and abs were so defined and all I wanted to do was trace the lines of his muscles and tattoos.  He pulls me down to the edge of the bed and pushes my legs apart, neither of us saying a word.  He begins to rub me through my panties, teasing me,and I can feel the pool of wetness thats gathered there.

“Eric please” I groan, pushing my hips towards him.

He smirks, amused by his teasing and removes my knickers. His finger moves over my slit and he rubs a wet finger over my throbbing core. Pleasure hits me and my head hits the mattress as he enters a finger, and then another. He pushes them into me, gently at first and then getting rougher. My breathing gets heavier and faster and im pushed close the edge as he dips his head between my legs and starts to suck and nip at my bud, fingers still thrusting inside me. I can feel my insides tighten and im overcome by heat and pleasure, my back arching off the mattress, fists balled in the sheets.

I give myself a few moments to recover and then bring Eric up beside me and remove his trousers and pants to reveal his length. I give him no time to question and swipe my tongue over his end and he groans, lying back on the mattress. I move my tongue up his length and back down again, taking him in my mouth what I can manage and pump him at the same time. He thrusts deeper into my mouth and I swirl my tongue around him whilst sucking, nails digging into his thighs. I look up at him and he grits his teeth together, close to release.

“Fuck!” He groans and releases into my mouth.

I flop down next to him onto the bed, both our breathing heavy. After a few minutes of silence, he clears his throat.

“Extra points to you I guess initiate”.

I punch him playfully in the arm and we both laugh before getting up and getting dressed again to return to the party.

Friends? 🌿💕

Hello lovelies! I realize I haven’t really shared too too much about me. And if I don’t, how will people know who I am and gain an interest in talking with me? Straight to the point—they wouldn’t.

I would love to make some new friends. And seeing as I have 2,800+ beauties following me, there’s sure to be many people who can relate with me and have some of the same interests as I do.

So here’s a little intro: (Message me or send me an ask if you wanna learn more tho 🐋)

My name is Mandy Rose, I’m an eclectic witch and I absolutely love animals. I’m a vegetarian and a great advocate for all animals, especially cows and pigs. Aside from that, I enjoy practicing tarot, being out in nature, and taking some time to chill and read books or write poetry. I have one cat named Ginger (who is my bb) and two birds.

My music taste ranges from Vance Joy to My Chemical Romance, Nirvana to Metallica, Red Hot Chilli Peppers to Twenty One Pilots and the Smashing Pumpkins.

My absolute favorite television series is the X Files and Scully is my woman crush!!!

And that’s about it, message me or inbox me to find out more ! :D

I just made a new blog and need people to follow so please like or reblog if you post any of the following

- The Adventure Zone

- McElroys (Any of their shows)

- My Hero Academia

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- Animal Crossing

Thanks a bunch !! I really wanna make some new friends and just brighten up my blog in general

Hello new friends! Thank you to everyone who responded to my looking-for-Voltron-blogs post, and especially to my new followers. I’m excited to get to know you! <3

write fics, make playlists, post headcanons, and occasionally draw a thing, but I’m going through a rough time at the moment, so bear with me and enjoy some reblogs. I have some original content in the works, but it’s slow going because The Depressions.

If you wanna get to know me, my ask box and messenger are open whether we’re mutuals or not! (Hint: The fastest way to my heart is by sharing Voltron song recs with me.)

Hello! My name is Ana and I’m new to the studyblr community (I’ve joined a week ago) so I thought I should write a proper introduction! So, without any further ado, here are some facts about me:

  • My name is Ana
  • I’m 18 (will be 19 soon)
  • I live in Brazil (if you’re learning portuguese and need help, or just wanna practice, I’d love to help you!)
  • I like organizing things (thanks Marie Kondo) and I want to live a minimalist lifestyle
  • Second year uni student studying electrical engineering
  • I’m learning german and I want to learn as many languages as I can!
  • I love drawing
  • I take days to answer people on whatsapp/messenger (it makes my friend furious but I can’t help)
  • I’m working on myself to become a calm and independent person

Here are some of the studyblrs I follow and admire (they post/reblog nice stuff), so if you’re new here like me, check them out!:

@toomanysubjectstudyblr, @em-spacestudy, @vimtamin, @kokosnod, @studypsy, @entropystudy, @focusign, @studyjiminie, @studyblr, @emmastudies, @studywithmaggie, @inspostudying, @mildstudies, @natastudies, @studytillyoucry, @zostudy, @echostudies, @cam-studies, @productivityplant, @soymilkstudies, @cafetudiant, @heather-journal, @nerdtryingtostudy, @scribbledjournal, @joo-ah-lee, @elkstudies.

Thanks for reading my intro post~ (also sorry for the low quality picture)


I used to think that the reason I haven’t been able to make a lot of close friends is because of me. Like that I’m just not interesting enough or that I’m too annoying so people didn’t wanna be around me. But that was my armor. Growing up I was never anyone’s top priority, so it was too painful and hard to deal with if I was left out of things socially too. If I wasn’t thought of, it was rejection, and it hurt. Making it my fault, finding my flaws and blaming myself, was how I kept it from hurting when people rejected me. 

And when stopped making it my fault, I kind of realized that I’ve been pushing people away on purpose for a long time. Every time I’m comfortable around people or I make a friend I stop making the effort because I’m scared of being rejected. So they drift away from me instead of splitting off painfully. I’ve even pushed people away as audience members. I don’t have the following colleagues with smaller channels have, which I used to think was because I’m not charismatic enough, but I’ve probably made an effort to put a lot of distance between myself and people, in spite of how open I am about some things in my videos. When people respond to that I don’t know how to accept their generosity and kindness. So I ignore it and make it stressful and turn it into pressure. I push it away because I’m afraid of letting people down and being rejected.

So I wanna say, sincerely, thank you to the people who have stayed. To my friends that refuse to be ex-friends even if I’ve tried to push you away. To my viewers who continue to follow me even if my uploads gap or I try new weird things in my videos or I don’t respond to your messages and kindness. To people who are understanding of my weirdness. I have a lot of flaws, but they come from a lot of hurt. I’m still working through it all, so I’m incredibly grateful that there are so many of you who really understand and who still care about me. Thank you. 

I haven’t lived a really long life and a lot of what I’ve experienced has been painful and scary, so it’s hard to put distance between myself and that even though it’s been years. It was a majority of my life. But the more positive, wonderful, kind people I’ve met and continue to meet, the more I start to learn what normal is like. The more time and experiences I put between myself and how I grew up, the more positive my outlook is and my opinion of myself. Sometimes I worry that I’m too open about a lot of things and it makes people uncomfortable. If I do, maybe that was me pushing you away too. But I also hope that somehow, if there’s some kid like me who’s still in the awful part of their life, if they read how much better it gets, they’ll have hope. Cause hope is all you can hold onto when you’re powerless.

So I have this section which is part of my new theme called “Members” (I swear I’m not trying to act like I’m better then anyone or that my blog is exclusive or anything, that’s just what it was called on the theme!) and I didn’t know who to put in it so thought I would do a little contest of sorts? Kind of like a blog of the month, but there are six slots, so you wouldn’t be the only one lol. I have quite a few followers so lots of people would see your blog! 

Contest ends September 27th (but possibly the 28th because I’m away on Saturday, so we will see when I get home). 
**If you are a SIDEBLOG, there is no reason to message me and tell me. When I look to see if you are following me, it will tell me that blog isn’t there, so I will message you asking if it is a side blog. So have your inboxes open.
Winners will be announced on the 28th! 

- Reblog this post once (likes don’t count sorry!)
- Must follow me
- Must be a Disney blog (at least half your posts must be Disney kinda thing). 
- Can get an extra up to two extra chances in: follow my twitter (@shannbon) - and / or follow my instagram account (@shannon.cooper) . TAG your user names in the tag section of this post if you do this. I have an Xkit extension that lets me see all the tags, that way you don’t have to worry about me not matching the user names up or anything! 
- Also please don’t delete this text! 
Thanks for following me and reblogging this :) I’ll pick the winners next sunday by using some sort of online random picker site!! 

I’ve been meaning to make another ff for a long time but for some reason I never got round to it.

So, this ff is dedicated to the new friends I’ve made, and some cool people I wish to befriend maybe one day.

I’d also like to thank all of you for sticking around and choosing to follow my lame-ass blog in the first place. On to the ff…

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Okay, so I made it to 1200 followers and really wanted to do something for it. And yeah here’s a follow forever again.

“But Tori, why would you make another one of these if you just made one a month ago?”

I wasn’t happy with my last one tbh. I missed some people and I hated the graphic I made for it since I couldn’t use photoshop, and I’ve tripled the amount of followers I have. Plus, I really wanted to make a Christmas themed one, but still.

Also, I’ve made a lot of new friends since the last one and wanna make that known to everyone when I refer them to this~

(Also a huge fucking shout out to captain-fucking-levi for promo-ing me and helping me reach my milestone. Thank you so much!)

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I took a bit more time on this one, but there’s always the possibility that I might have missed someone or screwed something up, so if that’s the case I’m so sorry. I’m a forgetful piece of shit.

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Hi guys! I’m super close to 11k so I wanna find some new blogs to follow / queue from, and maybe make some new friends so I’m doing my first favorite’s page!

What is this?

  • A page on my blog where my favorite people will be listed!
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How to become a favorite?

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  • anything else you can think of

That’s it guys! Good luck, and I can’t wait to meet all of you. :)


Cowabunga, dudes! This blog’s now reached over 400 followers! Can you believe it? It seems like only yesterday that I took the role of these four green, pizza-loving dorks, and so much has happened since then! I’ve made some radical new friends, as well as getting back with some old, I’ve improved my ability a bit as a writer and RPer, and I’ve made people here who adore the Turtles as much as I do happy! And that’s all any Turtle fan could ever want! But best of all, I’ve made so many awesome friendships, both in and out of the TMNT community, and those individuals’ve been so understanding and kind, and stood by me through it all. We’ve become like family! I wanna thank all of my partners and followers sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, for making my experience here memorable. To show my gratitude, I’ll be handing out icons, promo banners, and drawings to a few of my senpais this evening! Looking forward to shellin’ them out!


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yes we are adding new members and you know you wanna join!


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increase your chances:

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other info:

Basically i tried making this group awhile back and i was very nervous about it. Once it all came together though, its turned out very well and now ive got some very close friends. So i’d really like it if you’d wanna join as well. I don’t care what type of blog you are but just listen to this kinda music because we do talk about that a lot. I’ll probably add 7-10 new people into the group whenever this gets a decent amount of notes (100 maybe?)


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