i wanna flip tables


For @skyriazeth

I remembered the First Day of knowing you …

One fine day. Red opened her DA website “oh a new watcher,” le clicks new Watcher.


“????! WHAT IS THIS. A SENPAI-” realises age of Sky “-A SMOLPAI FOLLOWED ME?!”

Oh ya here’s your SwapFell babies in doll forms =w=

in response to the lord’s decree because i hate kit and everything he stANDS FOR

She is a dignified Princess of Nobles. Though she had expressed her disagreement with Cadis Etrama di Raizel, it seemed his words proved true. Raskreia had made her visit to the throne room briefly, and the Lord was making an official declaration to all the family leaders already. When the Lord named off a few people who were already following this new trend though, Raskreia was horrified.

How could she, who is the Lord’s most loyal patron, fail to uphold these changes?! How could someone even as young as Karias, who could barely even speak a word, support the Lord like this when Raskreia had rejected this notion just a few hours prior?!

This cannot be so. She must make this right, as her failure to uphold the Lord’s wishes, she will repent for her incompetence as the Princess.

Therefore, it is only a matter of seconds before she wills her shirt to dissipate away. What gives her remaining modesty is the sarashi binding her chest; she had seen human women like this before, allowing thick cotton to wrap around their chest in order to allow for more freedom while retaining womanly dignity.

No one will make a fool of me. ❞ Her mutter is spoken silently, oh so silently, as she holds her head high. Gradeus, Frankenstein, Lagus, Karias, Cadis Etrama di Raizel, Muzaka; you will not be a contender for the Lord’s approval.

She is the most loyal to the Lord, after all.

sandrinhaap  asked:

Can you tell me your top 3 manga/anime?

Hello my dear 😊

I hope my post isn’t too long 😅

There haven’t too many recent manga/anime that have caught my eye but I can share with you the ones that have earned a place in my heart.

It goes without saying what my first choice would be…

  • Akatsuki No Yona (Anime & Manga)

This video is a pretty good summary of why I am hooked on Akatsuki No Yona.

  • There’s action
  • There’s romance
  • There’s amazing character development
  • The manga is ongoing with an incredible plot and backstory

Most importantly, if you know me you would know..

  • There is the beauty that is Hak x Yona ❤

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Next on the list…

  • Rurouni Kenshin (Manga & Movies - SUB)

Rurouni Kenshin, otherwise known as Samurai X, is an old anime & manga set late in the Meiji Era. It may be an oldie, but damn, it’s a classic.

  • There’s action
  • There’s plot
  • There’s SO MANY FEELS
  • Kenshin’s backstory is like 😭😭😭

My preference is the manga, since there is so much more to the story. The anime is good but there are too many fillers for me. The movies are enchanting - especially the newer releases. It’s easy to get lost in this compelling story.

If you give it a try, please let me know!

The pairing I fell for is Kenshin x Kaoru.

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Last but not least is my most recent addiction…

  • Boku No Hero Academia (Anime & Manga)

Yoooooo!!!!! This anime & manga is legit! Take a look at this!

I kid you not. When I watch this I wanna flip over tables and scream!

Plus Ultra baby!!!!

…Ok…forgive me…I just had a moment 😅

Since I started watching and reading this I have been HOOKED.

  • There’s action
  • There’s awesome characters and their development is great
  • There’s ZERO FILLERS - what’s not to love???

The anime and the manga have been SO true to each other. Watching an episode literally feels like reading a chapter straight out of the manga. I love it!

If you didn’t know, I am glad to tell… Todoroki shounen has joined my harem 👌

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I hope you found this helpful and if you give any or all of these a try, I reeeally hope you love them as much as me 😁

Row echelon is dumbest fucking shit ever and im so fucking mad !!!!!! i have an exam in 2 hours n im trying to learn this shit and i wanna flip a fucking table like . LTERALLY ONLY REASON IVE BEEN TAUGHT THIS IS BC IT CAN BE PUT IN A COMPUTER PROGRAM. like bitch km not a computer program FUCK engineering i wanna be in science i hate this shit so much

Reasons I sometimes despair

Reasons people give for having to rehome their reptile:

  • My child needs a docile snake to handle right now, the one we have is nippy, and we don’t want to spend time working on taming her down
  • My child went to camp for two months
  • My child lost interest in caring for the reptile

Like, who’s the fucking ADULT in your house? Who is supposed to teach them long-term commitment and responsibility? Who’s supposed to teach them patience with living things? Who’s supposed to teach them reverence for all life?

Would they do the same if it were a fucking dog?

finedininganddestiel  asked:

I keep seeing everyone freaking out about these spn rumors... Is there even any truth to thm?

I’m gonna publish this, but please let me know if you’d like me not to and I’ll delete.

The script is not finished yet, so how can anyone have access to it in order to “leak” anything? As of right now the ONLY people who know what’s happening are writers and producers who aren’t going to risk their careers to leaks spoilers to ANYONE.

But people will freak out regardless, that’s just how fandom is. I notice the post about Jim’s tweet has less than 100 notes, while one I just saw where someone was once again fear mongering and calling these fake leaks “legit spoilers” and basically telling everyone they should believe them has hundreds.

I’m just gonna go ahead and let Westy express exactly how I feel about this whole thing right about now: