i wanna flip tables


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I remembered the First Day of knowing you …

One fine day. Red opened her DA website “oh a new watcher,” le clicks new Watcher.


“????! WHAT IS THIS. A SENPAI-” realises age of Sky “-A SMOLPAI FOLLOWED ME?!”

Oh ya here’s your SwapFell babies in doll forms =w=

  • Jack: *Breaks down door* Good morning all, what's for breakfast?
  • Dean: What the fuck are you doing? Why did you do that?
  • Jack: Cas says we angels gotta be dramatic at all times and fuck doors
  • Dean: *Calmly to Cas* Did you say that?
  • Castiel: I cannot believe how badly you are attacking me right now *flips table*
  • Castiel: I'm leaving
  • Dean: You wanna tell me where you're going?
  • Castiel: No shit head!
  • Jack: A master in action

Honestly the new Mummy movie just looks so bad. I mean. At what point does someone say “hey, you know those really cool movies that had Oded Fehr and Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz? All those stunningly beautiful people and amazing actors? Let’s redo that with none of them and pretend we’re not copying off the ALREADY GREAT MOVIES like we forgot to study for a big test.”

I mean, I typically have nothing against remakes (except that Train to Busan English remake they have planned because fuck that) because even if they aren’t great, they still add something more to the story. I might not like it. but it’s cool, whatever. But this new Mummy movie is just gonna be terrible. I can feel in my core how much this movie is gonna suck. I feel like not even Sofia Boutella can save this movie which sucks because I love her. I’m not saying the Mummy is one of those ‘sacred’ movies that can never be redone or anything, but come on. If you’re gonna do it at least make it look like it will be worth watching. 

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I totally get you on the age thing. In the meantime though, I just found out that Riku and Ignis have the same voice actor in the Japanese dub. I'm sure you knew that though, given how far you are in Ignis Hell, haha


To be fair though, I only played both KH and FFXV in English (I started FFXV in Japanese, but my bf was with me and he missed too much trying to read the words and pay attention to everything that was going on, so I switched to English and now Adam Croasdell is my goddamn kryptonite), so I don’t think I would have known had you not told me.

But now I cannot unknow.

*sighs* when the thirst crosses over fandoms like that, it’s almost like I was meant to be Ignis trash from the get.

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I'm chill about 98% of things in my life but when people start talking about lesbian/gay couples asking who's the man and who's the girl I literally wanna flip tables

this reminds me of the time a guy in my history lesson literally asked me “but then how do you fuck?” sex isn’t just inserting a penis into a vagina hhhhhhhhh

Reasons I sometimes despair

Reasons people give for having to rehome their reptile:

  • My child needs a docile snake to handle right now, the one we have is nippy, and we don’t want to spend time working on taming her down
  • My child went to camp for two months
  • My child lost interest in caring for the reptile

Like, who’s the fucking ADULT in your house? Who is supposed to teach them long-term commitment and responsibility? Who’s supposed to teach them patience with living things? Who’s supposed to teach them reverence for all life?

Would they do the same if it were a fucking dog?