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Since there has been some hate on WinterBoneless, how do you think the boys and reader would react to someone hating on their poly relationship? Like they're out and about, all holding hands and someone comes up to them and just rants

“So… you’re saying you’re taken?”

Ivar makes a face like he’s talking to an unruly child. If you and Bucky could move a little faster bringing around the drinks, it’d be much appreciated. 

“Yes - I am certain I have already pointed out my girlfriend.” He did. About ten minutes ago.

The lady trying to make a pass at him leans closer to his seat on the bar stool; he reflexively leans back.

“You’re too cute to be kept by some skank,” she mutters. “Let me buy you a drink.”

“Excuse me?” Ivar snaps, stuck on the skank part. His eyebrows nearly disappear into his hairline as he glares at this woman. 

“She’s all over some dude at the bar.” She clicks her tongue against the roof of her mouth, as if just busting someone amid committing a crime. “You deserve better, honey.”

“That is my boyfriend,” Ivar insists, though he’s certain she won’t understand the concept. 

She doesn’t. “…What?”

Ivar loses patience, cups the lady’s face as she insists on encroaching his personal space. He turns her head, points at his lovers as they receive the new order of drinks. “My girlfriend,” he says, pointing at you. “My boyfriend,” his finger moves to Bucky. 

“What, you just pass each other off like a bunch’a freaks or something?” 

He releases her with a growl. “Look, woman, if you do not mind fucking off -”

“How does that even work? Are you, like, gay or bi?”

He’s about to cuss at her again when you and Bucky finally arrive at the table. You scoot onto the stool next to him, completely oblivious to his irritation as you kiss his cheek and slide his drink over.

“That bar is fucking packed, it took forever -”

“I know,” Ivar grits out through his teeth. Your eyes finally land on the woman next to him and you cock a brow.

“Who’s this?” You ask.

Instead of getting an answer, she’s already eyeing Bucky. “So are you, like, gay or what? How does this work?”

Bucky sends Ivar a pointed look. “What’s this about?”

“It just seems a little slutty,” she goes on. She sizes you up from across the table, raking her eyes up and down the length of you until you start feeling defensive. 

“Can I remove her?” You ask.

Please.” Ivar pleads.

“Look, lady, if you could just -” Bucky starts when she interrupts again.

“I just don’t understand how this could work! You all sleep with each other? Who passes who off? Don’t you get jealous? Does she fuck other men or is it just -”

“Hey!” You snap, slamming your palm on the table. “Why don’t you go back to whatever shit-den you came from?” 

Bucky runs a soothing hand over your thigh beneath the table. The lady’s mouth bobs open and closed like a fish. “Take it easy, Doll.” But he’s better at this than you, stays calmer. You’re already annoyed that Ivar is feeling this upset. You’re not sure how you didn’t notice at first; he’s seething with anger.

“I just wanna know!” She’s one persistent fucker. “How does it feel when your ‘boyfriend’ -” she literally air quotes with her fingers. “- fucks other women?”

“The only woman he fucks is me,” you sneer, hand itching to clench into a fist. “Now, fuck off before you get what’s coming to you.”

“Whatever.” She finally says, throws her hands in the air as she stalks off.

Your eyes are still following her when you feel Ivar’s lips on your neck. 

“Have I told you how sexy you look when you threaten people?” 

The anger dissipates within almost as quickly as it filled you. You grin at him while squeezing Bucky’s hand on your thigh. 

Bucky tuts at the pair of you. “Sexy, but one night without a fight would be nice.”

Ivar scoffs and you’re already sputtering in defense when Bucky finally bursts with laughter, shaking his head in mock disapproval. 

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85 + 101 omg can u pls do thigh riding with jungkook 🙃

Jungkook + 85 (Making Out) + 101 (Thigh Riding)

It started out as an innocent study date – going to his place after class to work on some assignments and quiz each other with hand-made flashcards – where open textbooks and loose-leaf papers are sprawled out on the floor around you messily. But when boredom kicks in after comparing notes for so long and the two of you have nothing better to do, it turns into you straddling Jungkook’s lap on his couch – lips abusing one another as you exchange an array of sloppy, wet kisses – with the thought of studying all night long already out the window.

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