i wanna eat him


to our park chamsae, our seoul person, our sebaohla: happy birthday! we are so proud of everything you’ve done. thank you for chasing your dreams. thank you for always working so hard. thank you for always making us happy. always stay happy and healthy, okay? we love you more than words could ever describe. happy birthday, park woojin!


y’all see this face? y’all see this face right here? this cute adorable innocent face from my childhood? I don’t wanna see this face suckin dick. i don’t wanna see this face suckin bowser’s dick, i don’t wanna see him suckin mario’s dick, i don’t wanna see him suckin luigi’s dick, i don’t wanna see him suckin dick. this face right here? this face shouldn’t be suckin dick. i should not have to go into the bowser tag and see his suckin bowser’s dick with his weird ass frog lookin tongue. i just wanna go into the bowser tag and see cute pictures of bowser, but y’all gotta plague my eyes with yoshi suckin his dick. i do not wanna see him suckin dick, i don’t wanna see him eating ass or pussy, i don’t wanna see him suckin tiddies, i don’t wanna see this face doing anything with his tongue. y’all can make the bara furry porn of bowser you want, but as soon as you gotta throw yoshi in there i’m kinkshamin. i already gotta see spencer posting about Junkrat laying hot eggs and tumblr user Liache talking about wanting to suck Roadhog’s tiddy milk. i think it’s fair to say that i should be able to go into the bowser tag and be free of seeing yoshi, of all characters, suckin anyone’s dick, especially bowser. and i swear to got if y’all draw oviposition porn of him and logging fuck off. i deleting my account. i do not want to live in world where i gotta see yoshi suckin thick dick while looking through a mario tag and then see some ovipostion and mpreg with him too. last character i wanna see suckin dick is yoshi. y’all furries going to far when you play yoshi like this. don’t ever make my eyes look at that ever again. do not wanna see yoshi suckin bowser’s dick, thank you and good bye.


me: i want to draw some self-indulgent pastel goth garbage

my goblin brain: make it mika

a list of things my friend said while watching spider-man hoco for the first time:
  • he’s so cute! i just wanna eat him! (about tom)
  • whys he throwing his shoes?
  • he’s naked!
  • peter! anyone can see you! hurry!…i have anxiety
  • he looks ridiculous—oh, there we go
  • i’d be so scared to ask spider man for directions (me: why?) you dont just walk up to spider man!!
  • those ~meddling~ kids
  • *gasp* when the laser went across delmars 
  • “yikes!” (when ned says “peter knows spider man!!”)
  • “is he wearing a fedora?” (about ned)
  • “i’m like, secondhand anxious” about ned/peter walking into the party
  • “i love her!!” (about zendaya)
  • when ned says “peter no one wants that” she laughed
  • “NOO!!! AGGHH” when peter puts on his spider man suit on the roof
  • “he’s a menace!!!!” about the running thru stuff scene 
  • “he found out! i thought he was gonna get it i knew he would! aghhh” (about finding the chitauri energy core in the yard)
  • “he should still go [to the party]!!! does he go?”
  • when peter puts the tracker on “ooh hes smart!”
  • “I LOVE HER SO MUCH” (about zendaya)
  • “omg shes so cute” (about laura harrier)
  • (about taking away the training wheels protocol) “he wasnt supposed to do that! he wasnt supposed to unlock all the features! he doesnt know!”
  • “INSTANT KILL???? OH MY GOD????”
  • about the vulture: “he looks creepy as fuck”
  • “[peter] fucking knocked himself out??? what a dumbass”
  • thought peter was calling her “julie” not “suit lady” 
  • “aww karen…..im really sad her names not julie”
  • during the washington monument scene “feel my hand, im sweating”
  • “that was so stressful”
  • “they fucking wrote it in comic sans im so upset”
  • when peter lifted up the lockers “what the fuck??? he can do that??”
  • “who is he??? i know him!!!!!” abt childish gambino
  • activate taser web “oh good job!!”
  • when the ferry split in two “no!!! it’s titanic!!!”
  • “is this the end of the movie?????? oh god no theres so much more left”
  • “is he shining his converse????”
  • literally SCREAMED when she found out that the vulture is liz’s dad
  • -“theyre not even the same race!!!”
  • -“her mom is black”
  • -“…..oh.”
  • liz’s mom comes on screen and she YELLS
  • “why does she love him!!!! maam do u know what ur husband does at night!!!! he builds weapons of mass destruction!!!! this is awful!!!!!!”
  • she literally is CRYING 
  • “put that knife down”
  • “if he fuckin calls him pedro one more time im gonna scream…again” 
  • “does he know how to drive?? oh my god hes 15” 

me: can i be any softer for joshua?
joshua: :)
me: turns out i can