i wanna draw some comic but no plot

anonymous asked:

in ur supernatural teen au, is it a gravity falls crossover or just a regular supernatural au?

I was planning to clarify that as I haven’t yet given much information about it except for those two drawings:

It’s not a Supernatural AU, as in, the tv show (sorry guys)

rather it’s an AU about supernatural/paranorma/cryptic stuff, an AU that is very inspired by every supernatural-/paranormal-/cryptic-themed tv show, book, comic, anime, and story I’ve ever watched or read. The main inspirations are Supernatural, Teen Wolf, Grimm, and Gravity Falls, though. And many fairytales and myths.

The prompt is roughly explained this: Keith has to move a lot, very randomly, too, because of his father. They move to this village named All-Tean Village (very inspired by Gravity Falls), that seems to be a bit of a hotspot for unexplainable events but it’s not famous or enough to attract investigators of the sort. 

At the new school Keith manages to somehow befriend Shiro -who seems weirdly familiar to Keith- and his friend group consisting of Lance, Hunk, and Pidge. At first everything seems fairly normal and yet oddly abnormal to Keith and he soon finds out that each of his new friend group has some sort of supernatural-related secret. 

Lance and Shiro are werewolves, I’ll reveal Hunk’s and Pidge’s secrets soon, too, with drawings though! (I don’t wanna spoiler too much yet)

Keith soon gets to realise that the only normal thing about this new town is himself. Or maybe, not even Keith is quite as normal as he believes.

I plan to draw a messy comic of it eventually, although I’ll concentrate on building the plot and story a bit better at first and do more ‘concept art’.