i wanna draw her more shes really cute

Kylie Ryder

Here is my first EVER commission, and it was for the lovely, the beautiful, the amazing @havvk-e !! Thank you so much for helping me with this whole idea, commissions were never something I thought I was good enough for but hey ho here we are haha!

I hope you like her darling, she was a pleasure to draw! I had so much fun! <33

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Another quick coloring job to pass some time. This time @sho-n-d let me butcher one of his cool drawings, he didn’t really but I changed some stuff here and there, hope he doesn’t mind.

So here she is, the cute Shimakaze. I really like her and been meaning to draw her for quite a while but just hadn’t been struck by the will or inspiration to do so. Here’s the next best thing tho… really liked the way she came out if I say so myself. Anyways, I kinda wanna be more active so… see you around I guess/?

What if there’s a Pokeani UB AU?

I kinda wanna this AU a thing within the UB AU?? I headcanon Ash about to enroll into the school but then finds Lillie her friends have fun with their Pokemon and transforms into Nihilego to play with the other Pokemon, but not directly touching them. Ash figures out that she’s possibly a Pokemon and only her and the trial captains know and keep it a secret. I really wanna draw more about this soon!

UB AU belongs to @mana-chan!

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July 14th: I Can’t Man Up…

I’m actually so proud of this one! I’ve loved Pidge since the start of Voltron Legendary Defender, with her spunky yet reclusive attitude, her boss ass lion, and just…. just… everything!! She’s my awesome little tech midget and I can’t wait for more of her in Season 3. Seriously, I need me some character development for Pidge, Lance, and Hunk! (Please reblog, like and stay tuned for more!) 

I have more Voltron Drawings in my Daily Drawing Challenge that need some serious love, please check them out for some cute character feels, cause I really wanna draw everyone (having some Klance feels planned 😉): 

She is Beauty, She is Grace…

Patience Yields Focus  

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hi , i have a quick question ! if you dont mind me asking , what is it that you like so much about angie ? i really wanna start liking her more , so id like to hear your reasoning for loving her ! thank you !

sure, i don t mind ! there will be some mild ndrv3 spoilers though !

i love angie because she s cute, an artist, and fun to draw, but mainly because of how morally grey and numb to herself she is. her good intentions combined with her drastic methods, lack of awareness of the effects her actions have on others, and numbness to her own feelings are interesting to me ! she genuinely doesn t understand why people would be unhappy with her, because she’s lived her life separating her wishes from herself, and being obeyed on her island as the word of god. 

she cares about peace and other people, but she doesn t trust or understand them. consciously or not, she knows how to manipulate others, but not to connect with them on a personal level, because she s not in touch with her sense of self enough to allow herself to actually bond with others. That s why she throws himiko under the bus in ch2- even though they re ‘friends’, angie is so distant from her that she feels no guilt over accusing her. she s kind to everyone in the group, but she values peace for everyone over any individuals.  

her dissociation from her own feelings and her willingness to push for what she perceives as the god-sent greater good is especially interesting because she s a “ bubbly and cute “ type character, who don t often get to have a gray morality.

however, i love angie so much mostly from reading into her and having headcanons more than from the game itself, because her writing makes her come across as one-dimensional due to being marred by the tropes and sexualization applied to her. it s natural that you and others may not like her much because of how kodaka chose to portray her and her behaviour. 

If you want to like her more, i suggest considering the essence of angie as a person, and exploring her potential through interpretation and fanwork !

i ve written some fics with her if reading might help !




( major ndrv3 spoilers ) http://archiveofourown.org/works/11415468

i hope that helps at least a little !!

A true entertainer always keeps a smile on their face! 

30 Days of AA Challenge ✬ Day 29: Character You Want to Cosplay

So I found out a few months back that my sister and I match Trucy and Apollo’s height difference exactly so we’re gonna cosplay them together. We’re adding a couple adjustments (which is why i gave her outfit more frill and stuff, and drew her w/ freckles and brown eyes to look more like me) but I’m looking forward to it! (I also wanna cosplay susato but I already drew her so shhhh)

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Praisekink headcanon: croix noticed that chariot got flushed when she's praised (esp by her). First she thinks that chariot is very modest so she keeps doing it cause she thinks it's cute but she starts noticing other little details/differences compared to when other people praise her and she just connects the dots. Croix starts complementing her in detail/ more often just to test how she would react and it drives chariot wild.

THIS IS REALLY GOOD.. please send me more nasty HCs

here’s a sketchbook doodle I did in relation to this haha

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Fusion juice UmiPana?

Did you mean….the fluffiest shyest baby possible to exist? Hold on tight Anon

  • So Nozomi wants to see what happens if she fused Umi and Hanayo together
    • She’s 1000000% positive that she will be the fluffiest, cuddly baby in the world
  • And so it happens
  • The result
    • short navy blue hair
    • Shy violet eyes
    • a very fluffy chest
    • Nervously twiddling fingers together
  • Eli, Honoka and Kotori went “Harasho” and died
  • Nozomi is entertained
    • She must go and test something
      • The puddle of blood around Kotori, Honoka and Eli gets bigger when they hear UmiPana squeal
        • Nozomi had washi washiied her
          • It’s so fluffy
            • But she was not expecting UmiPana to grab her suddenly and throw her over her shoulder in a panic
              • How?
          • If you were wondering, Nozomi landed on Nico, Nico couldn’t breath with those pillows on her face
  • Wait, now Eli has a question
    • She goes over and yanks up UmiPana’s shirt
      • What she was expecting: muscles
      • What she got: average body size with a normal amount of fluff and muscle
        • But that slap that she got in return was pretty god damn strong
  • Kotori and Honoka just sigh and stare at the sight of UmiPana bowing and apologizing profusely
  • So to sum up
    • UmiPana is a shy little fluffy baby
    • she’s pretty nervous and shy, so don’t sneak up on her
      • No seriously don’t, because in times of panic, she could probably break a door or something
    • But underneath all that shyness is an angel
      • She’s very kind and considerate, if only she could stop panicking over everything
    • She has this calming aura at times
      • Very pure, super pure
  • With Eli
    • As much as Eli would lovee to jump and snuggle her, she doesn’t want to scare UmiPana
      • Not to mention, she’ll be knocked into next week if she tries 
    • So whenever she approaches her, it’s usually just a very gentle hug
      • The only time she surprises her is when she decides to hug her from behind
    • Eli can’t handle the cuteness of UmiPana
      • She feels more like a younger sister if anything
        • A very cute, fluffy younger sister
    • The furthest they will probably go is for UmiPana and Eli just to cuddle a little
      • Well, UmiPana will most likely be asleep by then
        • If she was awake when that happened, she would be so flustered and shy that she’d run out of the room and hide on the roof top for the next half an hour
      • Not to mention when Eli did try to give her a little kiss on the cheek, UmiPana overheated in less than a second
    • But then there was that one time when UmiPana gave Eli a little kiss on the cheek
      • UmiPana then hid herself behind pillows or something close by
      • And Eli just went “Harasho~”
  • With Kotori and Honoka
    • The amount of fluff with this trio is unstoppable
      • They spoil her rotten
        • But UmiPana is a good girl and feels bad for always having Honoka and Kotori give her things
    • They love to hug and cuddle her
      • It’s practically a non-stop cuddle fest with them
    • Because of Eli making them promise, they can’t enjoy their fluffy rice baby as usual
      • But…this is still really satisfying
    • They know how to control themselves…..kinda
      • One time, Honoka started tickling UmiPana around her stomach
        • That light, fluttering laugh just caused both Kotori and Honoka to snap
          • Next thing you know, there;s more of that fluffy laughter
          • If Eli hadn’t barged into the room to see what was happening to her sweet shy little bunny, they wouldn’t have stopped
            • they were in the process of taking her shirt off when they came back to their senses
    • But they can’t help it, UmiPana’s just way too cute for this world
      • Especially when she gave them kisses
        • They both jumped on her and peppered her with kisses until she passed out
  • Other things to note
    • She loves rice, really really loves it
    • And she also has an adorable face whenever she eats some of Honoka’s manju
    • Everyone makes sure to keep soda away from her after she nearly started crying after taking a small sip
    • Again, despite her appearance, she’s actually pretty strong
      • It’s not like a lot of fluff, but there’s no prominent muscles either
        • but she has superhuman strength when she panics
    • she’s got pretty good overall self-control
      • But if she gets into something like idols, or classical literature, she will happily go into an intense rant about them
        • It’s so cute to see UmiPana come out of her shell
    • And that laugh….you’ll be lucky if you can come back alive after hearing that
      • Even Nico’s passed out from hearing her laugh
        • Beware, the purity will kill you, how ironic
  • Well, it’s finally time to sleep
    • UmiPana’s kinda drowsy already, so she snuggles into the nearest source of warmth, which just happened to be Eli
      • Eli giggles at how cute UmiPana is and helps carry her to the futons laid out
        • Honoka then took the other side of UmiPana
    • Kotori, Honoka and Eli stay up for a good hour staring at UmiPana’s cute, adorable sleeping face
      • And then they finally went to sleep
  • The next morning
    • Only Nozomi’s woken up
      • She sees Umi snuggling deeper into Eli while Eli keeps a tight grip on her
      • And Hanayo trapped within the confines of Kotori and Honoka
        • Nozomi decides she’s going to take a picture of this cute scene before going back to sleep with her own cute little Nico without the facial mask

I think the fluff has choked me. I couldn’t do anything to this baby, or else all of muse will kill me. THIS BABY MUST BE PROTECTED AT ALL COSTS!!! She’s too freaking cute and adorable, 

I was initially going to give her Umi-lengthed Hanayo hair, but then sandy brown hair and amber eyes…. dunno really. But having long hair would make UmiPana even more precious. 

Hmmm…. @tsun-neko, wanna draw both versions? (*^▽^*) It’ll totally be worth it. 



Yup I am finally opening them cause with help I have successfully created a paypal account wooo~

Now the money isn’t entirely for me, but my dear friend sarahsquirrels who is also doing commissions. However she needs about $100 more to be able to afford her ticket… and I really wanna help out and have this dream turned into a reality. 

My main prices are above but here are some others

Sketch page

A page of doodles of your characters 
4 sketches 1 or 2 characters - $10
6 sketches 1 or 2 characters- $13
($2 for each additional character limit is 5)

As I stated I will gladly draw fan art of basically any show~

Insanely detailed characters may cost a tad more 

I will not Draw-
NSFW - (highly detailed porn) I will gladly draw cute fluff between couples though just ask me 
Animals- (like real animals) anthros or animal like i can do easy

That’s about it

If you could help spread this I would really appreciate it!
Thank you all

My paypal and email is polkadotkitty122@gmail.com ~