i wanna do right by you

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-gives no shits, loving the fact that everyone would know how well he fucked you- 

*fucks you harder with quicker strokes while one hand presses on your core; trying to force out your orgasm*

You; *lets out throat tearing moans while incoherently crying out for him* 

“That’s it, babygirl. Scream for me.” 
“Let everyone know how good Daddy fucks you.” 

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-the second he hears the members come into the dorm, this smug smirk paints across his face as your sounds gradually become louder- 

*while one hand grips your hips, the other moves down to your heat; his fingers automatically finding your sensitive bud* 
“Sh, sh, sh… You’re being so loud, princess.” 
*begins to rub your clit as he fucks you with long sharp strokes, filling the room with your moans*
“Be quiet, darling, do you want everyone to hear how good I make you feel?” 

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-he’d be so shy knowing that his friends were just in the next room, but would be completely entranced by the sounds of you crying out for him- 

*feels your pussy clamp down around him*
“Fuck- Fuck, God baby..”
*proceeds to quicken his speed, nearing his own high*
“Cum with me, princess. Cum all over my cock.” 

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-despite knowing how much the members will tease him about this later, he’d continue pounding into you, just adoring the way his name flowed out of you the harder he went- 

*groans loudly as you claw into his back*
“Tell me, kitten, who’s the one fucking you so damn good, huh?” 

You; *throws your head back into the pillows* “Y- You! You, You do.” 

“What’s my name, babygirl? I wanna hear you scream it out, I want everyone to know how good I make you feel.” 

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-neither of you would realize just how loud you were being, or that the members were even home for that matter, until Vernon knocked on the bedroom door- 

Vernon; *laughs while knocking on the door* “Can you two stop fucking for a moment and come eat?” 

*both of you blush heavily before giggling* 
“We- We’ll be right out.” 
*collapse on top of you, planting candied kisses on the crook of your neck*
“Looks like we’re going to have to continue this later, princess.” 

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-he’d be eating you out, relentlessly tongue fucking you while everyone was in the living room; not caring if their heard your sweet moans or not- 

“Moan for me, babygirl. Be loud..”
*gives your clit kitten licks as two of his digits sink into you, your body automatically obeying him* 
*his lips curl into a grin as he listens to you* 

“Good girl, that’s my girl.~” 

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Creepypasta #1255: My Daughter Had An Imaginary Friend

Length: Medium

I’ve always found imaginary friends creepy. You hear these stories about children having imaginary friends that are the ghosts of confederate soldiers, or children who point to pictures of dead relatives and say, that’s grandpa, he plays with me every night. I hate those stories. I always hoped my own kid would not have the necessary imagination – but when we moved into the townhouse, it turned out she did. A few weeks after the move, she loudly declared the existence of her imaginary friend at the kitchen table.

“I played with the clown last night, mommy!”

“The clown?” I frowned. She didn’t have any clown toys. I had seen It at an impressionable age, and my relationship with clowns has been  strained ever since. No clown toys were allowed to enter the household.

“The clown came to my room and played with me after you went to sleep!”

Oh god, I remember thinking, why did it have to be a clown?

“Was the clown nice?” I asked carefully.

“Very nice. He gave me chocolate!”

I frowned, but a smile tugged at the corner of my mouth. Of course her imaginary friend would give her chocolate. She loved chocolate.

“Sweetie, you know you’re not allowed to eat chocolate, right?” I smiled at her.

She giggled. “But it was magic chocolate! The kind you can eat and eat and eat and eat and never get a tummy ache!”

“That sounds like really good chocolate!”

“It is!”

I reasoned that the move had triggered the need for an imaginary friend. It wasn’t surprising; our old apartment was in a building with a few other kids, while our neighbours at the townhouse were all older. There were certainly kids in the area, but none would play in the adjacent yards. Instead, we had an elderly couple on one side, and a slightly younger widower on the other. Neither had grandchildren that came to visit, so the yards were empty.

So Ellie made up an imaginary friend. It wasn’t too strange, I just didn’t understand why on earth she had to go and make up a clown.

It went on for years.

I learned that the clown lived in her closet, that he was very nice, and that he would give her magical chocolate sometimes.

At one point she stopped talking about him, and I hoped it would be the end of it. I asked her about it.

“So you don’t play with the clown anymore?”

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Me: I don’t wanna work at this job anymore. Or any job. I don’t think I’d ever be happy working at a job.

Parents: Then what’re you gonna do!? Sit at home, idle!?

Me: <incoherent noises> …….. Yeah?

I don’t even have the guts to say it out loud that I wanna be a full time artist. How is it ever supposed to come true?

September 8, 2017

11:44 pm

I hate that I know the kind of music you like
I just wanna listen to it without having to think of your stupid beautiful face
What’s the point of majoring in psyc
If I can’t get the thoughts in my head to move to a different place

I hate that half the tv shows on my to-watch list are there because of you
I just wanna sit back, relax, and not pretend you’re watching with me
Why bother trying to forget if that feels impossible to do
At this point it feels like obsession and honestly I probably need therapy

I know eventually I’ll have to stop waiting for that text I’ll never get
Hell, I’d be fine if I got a message with the tone of a threat 
But waiting for that threat would be like waiting for me to get my phd
It’ll never happen because of how incredibly lazy I can be

But I can still hope, right?
Even if that means tears falling from my eyes night after night
Even if that means our future last conversation ends up being a fight
Even then, in something so heartbreakingly numbing
I’d still find delight
Because at the end of the day I got to hear my favorite voice

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ok so I have these 3 friends age 13-18 and they've all been sexually harassed or assaulted by this guy in his 40s and me and another friend really wanna help them and say something to someone and get him reported and 2 of them are on board but the other one doesn't want to and idk what to do she says nobody will believe us and I wanna help her but at the same time I don't wanna give her story if she's uncomfortable with people knowing

I’d say involve an adult asap. If the one friend doesn’t want to tell, then she has every right to deal with the trauma on her own, but the two who are willing to say something: get an adult involved. A teacher, a school counselor, a parent, the police. Present a united front, they might believe you more easily if several of you validate and confirm the same version of events. 

Hospital•Ethan 💕

Your POV

Me and Ethan were home just getting out of the shower, we decided to go get some food and come back home and watch a movie.

“so babe where do you wanna go eat?” asked ethan as he dried his hair with the towel.

“ I’m not sure babe, mmmm… maybe we can go get some sushi?” I said putting one leg into my sweatpants.

“ sushi sounds so good right now!” said ethan as he kissed my cheek

“okay let’s go” I giggled

We got to the restaurant, we sat down and just talked for an hour! Ha I’m surprised we didn’t get kicked out!

*later at home*

When we got home we settled down on the couch, and put on Mean Girls, that’s our favorite movie ever! After that movie we watched like 3 more movies! Ethan and I were curled up on the couch, cuddling. He was laying on me with his ear on my chest he was facing the TV, and my legs were wrapped around his torso. We ended up falling asleep.

It was about 3AM and Eth kept moving so I woke up, and lightly nuged him to try and wake him up.

“Pumpkin, wake up sweets” I said

“hmmmm..” he groaned

“Are you feeling okay honey?” I said rubbing his back

“no” he groaned rolling onto his back.

“here lets go upstairs baby” I said leading him upstairs.

“My stomach hurts really bad!” he whined. I gave him some pain meds and started rubbing his stomach, we both fell asleep again.

**The next day** part 2?

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I'm curious, what are your Henry's stats and build? I wanna build a Henry myself, but his unfortunate stat spread is discouraging. Do you have any tips?

Of course! I love talking about Henry. So as of right now this is how my Henry is 

He’s currently S ranked with my Gaius so +2 to his atk/spd/def/res whenever they’re next to each other.

With this build and his current stats, in the arena, his biggest concern would be speedy Blue units and some Red mages (but red mages are surprisingly rare for me to come across). Otherwise, Henry will be able to tank a hit or two from many units, not accounting for buffs and debuffs. 

Green physical units like Hector and Brave!Ike will only really hurt him if they have Bonfire/Ignis/Luna/ or Aether active and Brave!Lyn will be near useless against him. And green tomebreaker makes it so the popular green mages; Julia, Nino, Robin and Cecilia cannot kill him in one round and sometimes end up suiciding into him if they survive and a dancer dances for them. 

If you’re really in a tight spot, he is capable of surviving hits from some Blue units, but only if they’re not a mage with a super high attack (Delthea, Linde, Reinhardt) or using a sapphire lance. And they can’t have Speed that’s 5 above his or else his chance of surviving is very low. 

Personally, I feel Henry’s best asset is his high defense and HP. He’s a mage tank and acts like it. His base kit really helps him capitalize on it. He’s not meant to fight other mages, he’s meant to fight non-mages with poor resistance without fear of taking a lot of damage from physical attacks. If you’re looking for certain IVs, I’d say Atk or Def+ / Res- would be the best option. 

Of course Henry is only as good as the team comp you have with him. If I really wanted to maximize just his stats I could possibly use this build

Granted I’d need Fury 3 (Hinata suddenly stops showing up if you let the game know you need it) but this build would do great for his damage output. But personally I think this makes him super dependent on his team for buffs and reliant on my Gaius for healing. I like the first set better for arena for the moment. 

Overall, Henry can be a great unit if some work is put in. He doesn’t have the one-shot kill ability that the more popular Red mages do, but to me he makes up for it with his ability to survive being attacked by physical weapons. He does require more tactical thinking to use, but it’s not impossible. I mean he’s never left my arena team since day one. 

right i wanna get a MacBook for uni but i have a few worries - how well does sims run on it? Its not that big a deal BC i have a gaming pc but i need to be able to do builds on it and stuff when i’m on the move so can ya’ll tell me how well sims plays for those of you that use macbooks. 

Also CC things and just general thoughts on your mac..! thanks in advance! 

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Hey! Do you take requests? If so I was wondering if you could draw one of my OCs? Here's the description: (again, it's totally cool if you don't want to) •female• •short• light tan skin• •light, sandy, sidebraided, blonde hair• •BRIGHT green eyes• •white, lacy, collared tank top• •jeans• •black combat boots• •oversized jean jacket with grey cloth hood and grey cloth sleeves• •black fingerless gloves• Thanks again, luv! It's totally cool if you don't wanna do it. 😘😘 I love your style so much!

I am not taking Oc’s as requests right now. Generally, I treat requests as “prompts”, so I may or may not draw it depending on my mood, but that’s on shows and games I’ve seen . I do have commissions if you want you OC drawn though!


our tiny smol has arrived at the jungle 😣💓💓💓




“I don’t know that Jake feels this way, I know people feel I don’t give Jake enough credit. I will tell you right now that he wrote the funniest line in the entire movie. And he came- and he said, ‘I wanna try another take of this where Elias lets me in and when he says, You dont smoke, do you? I’m gonna say to him- I’mma- just watch what I’m gonna do. And he walked in and Elias says, ‘You don’t smoke, do you?’’ and he said, “Once. In high school.’ And I almost fell outta my chair, it was- cos it’s such a perfect epitomising [sic] of who this guy is. That when he talks to authority figures he- he immediately has to tell the truth. He’s compelled to tell them - even though it’s something that he’s embarrassed about or he feels in - and it’s actually the funniest line in the movie.”

- David Fincher, Director’s Commentary, Zodiac (2007)

Autumn ride together 🍂 Where are they going? 🍁


something vaguely moboween

dunno if this is gonna grow into something else but pls just have this for now


Finn Wolfhard dropping a box of Froot Loops in the Behind the Scenes video for Sonora 

I wanna give a shout out to my man Bill Skarsgård for not pulling a Leto and freaking out cast/crew members.

Yes I know he scared some kids while in character but he asked if they were alright. That’s how you do method acting. You can be in character but DO NOT make the people around you uncomfortable. I heard many stories of how he scared someone or thought he did and he asked if they were okay. This boy was raised right.

BTS REACTION: you wanting to be intimate with them but you’re too shy.


Jin sat awkwardly at the end of the sofa, you at the other end. You both decided to watch movies, but you were acting weird. It wasn’t like you didn’t know each other. He was your boyfriend after all. He just wanted you to be closer, even if it was just a tad closer. he cleared his throat, trying to earn a response from you.


he frowned. 

“y/n?” he asked. You looked over, meeting his sweet eyes.

“You’re a little far…” he said. You immediately became shy, cheeks turning a beat red color. 

“I-i..” you stuttered. A concerned look grew onto his face, and he pushed some of your hair out of your face, bringing you a little closer to him. Despite what you thought, his touch was comforting.

“You what jagi..” he whispered.

“Well.. you’re my first real relationship.. so I don’t.. I’m awkward when it comes to this stuff.. I wanna be close to you.. I just don’t know how? If that makes sense? It doesn’t..” you rambled. A soft smile formed on his lips.

“it makes perfect sense.. we’ll take it slow.. okay?” he asked. You nodded slowly. He sat back, putting his arm on the top of the sofa. You sat close to him, laying your head on his chest, earning a smile from Jin. 

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Suga wasn’t the most affectionate person. Yes he kissed you, and held you’re hand. But that was about it. It was actually odd. But you didn’t mind because you weren’t used to being close to another person. You usually got irked by other people, which is probably why Yoongi liked you so much. He told you he was gonna drop by, but you didn’t know when that was gonna be. He was in the studio, and when it came to nights like that, you usually didn’t hear from him. You left a key for him under the mat, and began drifting off to sleep when you heard your door open. You looked up and saw a very sleepy yoongi at about 3 am.”

“baby?” you whispered. No response. He walked over to your bed, almost zombie like.

“yoongi..” you said. He laid in bed, pulling you close to him, and laying on your chest. He cuddled you, so he was close you. You tensed up, but eventually relaxed and got into the motions, running your fingers through his hair.

“i’ve had a long day..” he whispered.

“tell me about it..” you said. He began filling you in, making it an almost perfect night. While you grew comfortable, he felt content, because he knew he had broken through your hard exterior some how.

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J Hope

He was always confused. Every time he tried pulling you close, or kissing you when you two were in his room, you would shy away. You could tell he was confused, and decided to finally tell him how you felt. A confused look grew onto his face.

“That’s all? Jagiiiii” he teased. You groaned, swatting him away. He pulled you clsoe to him, kissing your face.

“That is absolutely pure and innocent I love it.. but you need to be comfortable with me.. I’m not going anywhere” he said. A smile grew onto your face.

“okay okay..” you said.

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Rap Monster

He loved every part of you. He literally would love to just softly stroke your hand, or softly touch your cheek, just to simply see your cheeks flush. You were a piece of art that he loved to admire. But you never liked to be intimate with him, which was insanely concerning. One night, you bother sat in the studio and he sighed, sitting back. He felt flustered and confused. You could see him getting frustrated. He was tired, and overworked. 

“baby?” you whispered. 

“hmm” he replied, rubbing his templed.

“are you okay?” you asked.

“no.. baby i’m not” he said.

“can I help with anything?” you asked. 

“Can you just come sit on my lap please.. I just wanna hold you..” he said, looking over at you. Your cheeks lit up.

“i-i.. I meant like a water or something..” you stuttered. He sighed, looking at his computer. 

“Right.. I’m fine.” he mumbled. You immediately felt bad.

“joon…” you whispered, walking over to him. 

“no y/n it’s fine..” he mumbled. 

“i’m.. just not as experienced or anything.. you know you’re my first serious relationship.. I’m not used to doing things like that..” you whispered. You knew at time you were absolutely ridiculous and distant from him. He had every right to be upset. But guilt struck him. He had completely forgotten about that. 

“it’s okay baby..” he whispered, softly kissing your hand. You shyly made your way around him, sitting on his lap. All the tension in his body seemed to evaporate. You wrapped your arms around his neck, bringing his head to your chest, and softly made circles in his hair. 

“i’m just tired..” he whispered.

“I know..”

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Jimin planned a whole candle lit picnic to celebrate your month of being together. It was the sweetest gesture that anyone could’ve possibly done for you. After dinner, you sat across from him feeling fully of glee. 

“Thank you for everything Jimin..” you said. He smiled at you. 

“anything for you.. can I have a kiss?” he asked. Your cheeks immediately heated up. You were still insanely shy with Jimin, simply because he was well….


“y/n?” he asked, snapping you out of your thoughts. 

“I.. um..” you stuttered and he gave you a small smile.

“I just.. Jimin you’re so.. yoouuuuuuu. You make me nervous..” you groaned, causing him to chuckle. 

“stop.. I’m normal.. you know me.. you don’t have to be shy with me” he said. You smiled softly, moving closer to him. 

“I don’t?” you asked. He shook his head, bringing his face closer to yours.

“nope.” he whispered. You closed the space between the two of you, by placing your plump lips against his. 

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Thunder roared from outside your window. You jumped slightly, causing your boyfriend concern. 

“jagiyaa? you okay?” he asked. You nodded, immediately lying to your boyfriend. You knew if you said you were scared, he would wanna cuddle you which terrified you. You wanted to cuddle with him, but you were genuinely scared to simply because of how inexperienced you were. 

“you’re lying” he said. You ran your fingers through your hair uncomfortably. 

“jagi come here.” he cooed, immediately pulling you close to him. You seemed o relax, causing him to smile. 

“see..” he said, kissing your temple. 

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Jungkook was shy, everyone knew that. But the only exception was you. He was the one to always initiate kisses with you, and cuddles. You were always insanely shy around him. 

“why are you so shy around me?” he asked out of the blue. Your cheeks heated up, and you took a deep breath.

“my ex wasn’t so kind to my kookie.. He was always harsh and cold to me.. so I just assumed everyone was like that… I’m experienced in a way honestly..” you whispered. Kookie’s jaw dropped and he pulled you to him.

“i would never do that to you.” he cooed

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Sometimes I’ll be sitting in my room, perfectly fine, and then I just get slammed by this wave of loneliness and I hate it