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I wish there were more people like you in this world but there aren't there are a million fucking Donald trumps maybe a billion and it's sad all the evil makes me wanna die even though I'm individually blessed I still can't take the evil I witness how do I find happy again or do I just wallow in self pity for the rest of my life I mean come on I'm only 19 don't make me do that how can I make the world better is that even possible will you even get this message you are a pure soul stay that way.

spread love and make sure to tell all your PoC allies that they’re beautiful and their lives are worth it !! do everything you can to stop white people from killing us/saying racist things about us!! a few people from school don’t like me bc I’ve talked about these issues but they need to know that they can’t just step on us and expect no reaction. OUR LIVES ARE NOT LESS IMPORTANT THAN THEIRS !! you’re a great person don’t worry just do everything you can to spread love and do good things for people in need I love u


look what i just maaaaaaaaadeeee 
you can get them here and here, though you need to be aware that those two need lots of cuddles and love, so be sure you’re able to provide that

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I'm so interested on your take on sev, could you write about his relationship with his parents and how his childhood molded him for the future?

yeah, of course. thank you for asking this question ! i’ve touched on this a lot in various & sundry posts, metas, etc.          it might be the relationship i comment the most on for this blog, even more so than lily evans, but i think the way in which his relationship with his parents / their treatment of him effected his early development is extremely important to his being            but i’ve also had the benefit of having two friends who write severus’s parents alongside my portrayal who both bring really interesting / insightful interpretations to the table & help to refine my view of this family dynamic further. anyway ! this will be as concise as possible since it’s rather complicated & i could probably write an entire essay on it. warning before anyone reads further 8l this will touch on spousal / child abuse, etc.

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Reblog/Like if your blog has Vindictus stuffs~

I need some more vindictus on my dash, I’ve searched the tag and followed everyone I can see who periodically posts it, even if they post other stuff I dun wanna see~  Reblog or hell even like this if you post about vindi pls +heart  it’s the main reason I even bother to blog about it, most other stuff I do I figure there’s 10 million things about it already, vindi, I search the tag like once every 2 months and still see barely anything new lol.  ‘Cept for coronaplease who is amazing.

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I honestly just wanna thank you. I feel bad. I have to unfollow just cause it makes me wanna throw up seeing what pro-lifers have to say about people like me. That we should die. But I want Thank you so much for this blog and everything you do for us. It means so much to see people fighting for us. I could thank you a million times more and it wouldn't suffice. This blog is so important. You're beautiful

Your mental health and wellbeing come first and foremost, no question. Don’t worry at all about unfollowing, we’re happy that you’ll be more at ease not seeing it. <3


Bias tag

I was tagged by hiphophansol (i love u so much for tagging me :*) like a million of days ago, and i couldn’t do it, i feel like a really bad person i am so sorry darling OTL, but better later than never so here it is!

My first 5 Bias are:

Exo: Lay (Zhang Yixing)

Seventeen: Woozi (Lee Jihoon)

Infinite: Lee Sungyeol

Shinee: Choi Minho

BTS: Jin (Kim Seokjin)

I love A LOT MORE, but this 5 make my days brighter lol
I wanna tag: alynefreitas, mini-jongini, zion-perez-fowler, kimbab-desu (i love this name XD), b00ksandbands, bagofgifs, kpopdork12 (yes you! lol), kpoppingaround, my-ultra-maniac, kpoprandomtrash and everyone else who wants to do this! Just say i tagged you :* love u all!

I met with the surgeon the other day and he gave me some good news but some bad news as well. I’m running out of time and in a really tough situation. It feels like I’m being hit by a fast train right now with everything that’s going on. There’s nothing I wanna do more right now than to take off and go somewhere very far away. I feel alone but I also want to be alone. (If that makes any sense). My mind is in a million places right now. My world needs to slow down a little. Or do I want it to speed up? So I can skip this ugly part? All I know right now is that my life is gonna change incredibly.

I’ll write more on this tomorrow.

Personal artwork has been going really slow for me, but i feel like today I made kind of a mental breakthrough and got some pages done! I’m not finished yet but I already feel a lot more confident, since after I made the first page I was super embarrassed and doubtful but now I feel a lot better and can’t wait to finish and post and start developing more!!

Ugh. I’m gonna ramble again. Not in a bad way this time though haha

So uh, if you don’t wanna read a novel about my emotions go on, but sure if you do go ahead.

Also, Jack, if you see this, it would mean a lot to me if you read it, but you totally don’t have to haha it’s gonna be long

Now that you’ve been warned, there’s more under the cut

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@ your burger flipping post when i worked at mc donalds i literally flipped burgers thoooo

if you mean you just flipped burgers, that… does not seem representative, tbh. I’ve got way more additions on that post saying “I had a million responsibilities working in food service” than saying “food service is mad easy, I just stood there doing one thing.” it seems like the former is significantly more par for the course, but I guess different establishments are gonna assign labor differently.

but tbh even if someone IS just flipping burgers, who cares? if your boss doesn’t wanna pay you more for doing that job, then they designed that job, they should’ve added to the job description to get more out of it. and if they need that person there, at all times, doing that one job, then that job is clearly vital to the business and should be compensated accordingly.

I need you right now

When my mind is racing at a million miles a second I need you to tell me a joke or something to calm me. I know I said I don’t think about you and I think you’re a douchebag, I meant none of it. For some reason I can never get you off my mind, and every time I do you somehow your way back in to my thoughts. I just need a text, or a call from you. I miss you, I just miss you being my friend. Nothing more, nothing less. I just wanna hear from you so I know you’re still out there for me.