i wanna do a million more of these

I just wanna take Louis and Donna aside and tell them I’ll handle Norma’s estate because… they clearly do not know what they’re doing and assuming Norma doesn’t have more than $1 million in assets, I could do this in my sleep.

Also, it may be over a year and a half since I left my old job, but I’m pretty sure if I showed up at the New York County Surrogate’s Court, there would still be at least 2-3 clerks who remember me.


look what i just maaaaaaaaadeeee 
you can get them here and here, though you need to be aware that those two need lots of cuddles and love, so be sure you’re able to provide that

Meanwhile, in my Panic Disorder filled life… 

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(This is gonna be longish I'm sorry! so 1/?) I wanna preface this by saying that I am an incredibly cynical person when it comes to believing that the writers of SPN have any idea what they're doing ever, or will EVER do Cool Things. And I think everyone can agree that the idea of Crowley!Cas is a Cool Thing, so obviously it was never gonna happen in a million years. BUT ACTUALLY the more I've thought about it recently, the more I've thought it's a very distinct possibility.

(2/?) And I think this because the First Blade is obviously still going to be factor in the rest of the season to come. Cas is the only person who has any idea where it is. Meanwhile they’ve been setting Crowley up to go full villain. The way I see it, they’ll need to reintroduce the First Blade again at some point, but seeing as there is no current big threat on the show, there is absolutely zero reason for Cas to bring that blade anywhere near Dean.

(3/?) Crowley, on the other hand, probably has a hundred reasons for wanting to get that blade back (toss Dean darkside again, kill Dean, torture Dean, etc.). Crowley is a very smart table, and was able to guess where Cas hid the angel tablet, so I guess that’s always a possibility, but seeing as the writers have been presenting a Crowley who is much more enemy than friend, I’m willing to bet the means he uses to get the Blade are going to be a lot more aggressive.

(4/?) The writers ALSO mentioned, when Cas’s grace got replenished, that his issues with his fading grace would not become a problem again until after 10x14 (which is where we’re at now). So, I can see it going down one of two ways: Crowley tortures Cas for the information – unlikely, seeing as the Blade is detrimental to Dean’s well being, Cas would probably be more likely to die before giving up that information. That leaves possession as the only viable option, imo.

(5/?) Now I doubt there are gonna be love confessions or whatever it is that we’re all dreaming up, but still! I honestly think Cas getting possessed is where the writers are headed at this point! The blade is too important to the plot, and the writers have spent far too much time building it up for it to drop off the radar, and I think the ONLY way for it to surface again is through Crowley (there are no other antagonists this season except KINDA Rowena,

(6/6) but she’s too busy antagonizing Crowley for much else). SO YEAH, like, when everyone started going off on the Crowley!Cas idea I was thinking “Wow what a fun and awesome bit of speculation that will never happen in a million years” but the more time I’ve spent thinking about it, the more viable I think it actually is!! I’m so sorry I’m sending you all of this but you’re one of the only blogs I’ve seen speculating on this in particular issue.


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Hi lovely I know you probably have a million requests but can you do a daddy luke or 4/4 whichever one you wanna do but were their daughter is like a freshmen in high school and is going through her first break up and she doesn't take it well and they try to comfort her xx

more daddy luke!!

luke had been waiting up for his little girl to come back from hanging out with her boyf (he really hated the fact that his little girl was old enough to even like boys) and she came in, the door quietly closing. “how was tonight sweetie?” luke asked, standing up to greet her, but was met with a blank expression as she bolted to her room. which luke thought was pretty peculiar, so he followed her down the hall, and before he knocked, he heard crying come from her room. gently, he knocked on the door, hearing her shuffle around the room and her sniffling, when he heard a faint ‘come in’. luke shuffled in, seeing his daughter try wiping off her tears and mascara, and luke automatically could tell what happened. quickly, he rushed to her side, pulling her into his arms, “what happened, tonight?” and she’d choke out, “he—he broke up with me, daddy” and another load of sobs rushes out, and luke’s heart breaks watching his daughter break down from a stupid boy. “I’m so sorry, sweetie. he’s just a dumb boy who doesn’t realize what he had. you are a beautiful, wonderful, and smart young lady.” and she sobs out, “why are boys so stupid daddy?” and luke sighs, petting her hair, “I don’t know why we’re so stupid, love.” and he holds her all night, talking her through her first break up, and making sure all of her tears are dried and no more come out because of that jackass

potteristhedoctor i wanna write a phanfic based on the bench that we sit at in school… should I?

2k #ProudGamers!!!!

WE ARE NOW 2k #PROUDGAMERS!!!!!!!! Oh…My….God this is unbelievable Thank you so much guys for taking your precious time and watching this weird guy do weird stuff, Like I always say and will say million more times its you who make me who I am without you I wouldn’t be able to make this far and I can’t say how thankful I am because you let me do what I love the most, playing video games and making everyone smile!! I remember when I was a kid someone asked me what you wanna do when you grow up and I said I wanna make everyone smile and I don’t mind being a joker for that ( Its too cheesy right!! -_- I know but that’s how it is!! :P ) and I’m still trying to do that, you won’t believe how happy it makes me when you guys say my videos make your day or it make you laugh its the best feeling which I can’t describe so thank you so much for all the love and support guys you guys mean the world to me and I love each and everyone of you!!! There will be a vlog or QnA soon so if you guys have any questions which you wanna ask me feel free to ask me (C’mon I know you wanna ask me something xP)

With Love

LetNashPlay (Nashy) ;)

Chance made millions, Haim made millions
Dan made millions, Kendrick made millions
I would too if I wasn’t in my feelings
You know, cause like, people say money’s not everything
But money, you need money to do what you wanna do
Like money is power, honesty is power, truth is power
But at the same time they tell you like
Ain’t nothin’ more important than the mula
You ain’t really eatin’ boy, you gotta get your food up
We so steady eatin’ baby, you already know that
The way I’m droppin’ new shit, I’m sittin’ on the toilet
Every night I tour that, moment
But we don’t take pictures, when you’re rich you just see it again
The only thing they really worry about is me and the pen
Wrote some shit on Instagram, I’m just bein’ honest
They tried to give your boy pills like I’m bein’ violent
They tried to give your boy pills just to keep him silent
Keep tellin’ people the truth, you could be iconic
They tried to give your boy pills, like “he’s scarin’ us”
Try to stay inside, I don’t really like appearances
I try to stay inside, but they still got something to say
“Are you still on the show? Are you dating Jhené?”
It’s deeper than that
Calico inside the handbag, I’m keepin’ the cat
I got some niggas in reserve like I’m deep in Iraq
And I’m deepening rap, and it’s deeper than rap
This is deeper than rap

love this freestyle so much

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33 40 43

33. Name five facts about yourself.
- I eat the same thing for breakfast every morning
- I hate the way jello feels
- Just wanna cuddle
- I really don’t even know when I’m being sarcastic anymore
- If you make some sort of impact on my life, I’ll more than likely end up writing a song about you

40. If you were paid 1 million dollars to spend the night in a supposed haunted house, would you do it?
- yoooooooooooooo, no

43. Whom do you admire and why?
- I admire stoopycampbell for obvious reasons

30 / 30

Band/Artist: Britney Spears
Genre: Pop
From: USA
10 favourite songs: Anticipating, Gimme More, Overprotected, Before The Goodbye, Now That I Found You, Circus, I Wanna Go, Lucky, What U See (Is What U Get), Till The World Ends
Favourite music video: Lucky
Favourite album: It’s a tie between Britney and Circus.
Favourite lyrics: Nothing seems to be the way that it used to; everything seems shallow.
Favourite member (if applicable): N/A
How were you introduced to them? …Baby One More Time.
Have you seen them live? No, because she’s living in Vegas for ten million years and I didn’t get the chance to see her when she was doing the Circus Tour.
Starting point recommendation for new listeners: Britney.

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Aww I’m gonna miss Emma.

{{ ;u; *pets* <3 me too fjdklaf but dean has more activity than any other account of mine, it just seems pointless to me to keep staring at an empty dash on emma’s when I have a million drafts to do on here y’know? and I kind of wanna organize this blog a bit more}}

i’m beginning to think about winter and snow in Finland, the French cheese that melts your heart, the beautiful faces that i’ll meet one day when i’m far away from home — from this dusty city — more than i think about my family and friends… or those two combined together with chocolate and cheese cake.

i am afraid of the war.
i don’t wanna die. i haven’t seen Prague or Lisbon yet, neither Finland — i haven’t been to anywhere really.
my coffee still tastes good to me and i haven’t been in love also.
there are a million things to do in this crazy world and all that i seem to care about is what color is the sky today.

it’s usually grey here in England.
every day. every hour of the day.

This is why dumb ass bitches like yourself will never PROGRESS bc you stay dwelling in the past. I told yo ass millions of times I ain’t wanna deal with the shits no more and you still DEALING. WITH. THE. SHITS. LIKE I GIVE 2 FUCKS. Stfu and leave it alone. If you unfollowed me then why do you even care????? shannextdoor 👈👈👈👈SEE THAT, I @’d YOU THIS TIME.

i have work to do but jeez i cant… im so fed up with the whole school thing… i only wanna dance to freedom by george michael n play tamburine n read like millions of books id like to read. i need more free time

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36. Brown or white eggs?

I can’t even tell the difference tbh.

37. Do you own something from Hot Topic?

Honestly yeah but none of it fits because it’s all from middle school hahaha

38. Ever been on a train?

Yeah trains rule! The MBTA however does not.

39. Ever been in love?

I’M IN LOVE WITH DA COCO (but real talk I am in love with the beautiful girl who asked this and she knows that)

40. If you were paid 1 million dollars to spend the night in a supposed haunted house, would you do it?

HELL YA I’d do that shit for free fam that sounds so fun.

41. If you could trade places with any person living or dead, who would you trade places with?

I wouldn’t wanna leave my life for more than a week or two, but it would be super cool to be a member of Animal Collective lmao

or Danny DeVito