i wanna do a million more of these


look what i just maaaaaaaaadeeee 
you can get them here and here, though you need to be aware that those two need lots of cuddles and love, so be sure you’re able to provide that

Hi! My name is Sarah! I’m pretty new to the studyblr community, but I have been going thru the tag for ages. It really inspired me to study. I made this studyblr because I need motivation to study. I’m in grade 11 and my first semester of grade 11 was not the best. I am hoping to change that. And i love the studyblr community so much because everyone is so supportive. My favourite studyblrs would have to be @elkstudies @haleystudies Oh, there is more by the way, but I can’t list them all. OMFG MESSAGE ME IF U NEED ENCOURAGEMENT OR NEED TO TALK OR ANYTHING HONESTLY I AM HERE FOR U!! U CAN DO THE ASK OR JUST MESSAGE ME AND I REBLOG THIS I WANNA FOLLOW LIKE A MILLION STUDYBLRS! LOVE ALL OF YOU! BE PRODUCTIVE AND KEEP ON LEARNING!!

Tell me what characters to draw!

Alright Tumblr. I’m gunna do some headshots of random fan art next week to try and get back in the swing of making more art.

What I need from you is to send me an ask with a suggestion of what character you wanna see. Make sure you’re following me so you can see it when I post it.

I obviously can’t do a million but I’ll pick the ones I personally like. NO OCs.


-Sexy pretty things
-Unconventional color palettes
-Video games
-Humanoids, often supernatural


-Cape comics
-Steven Universe
-Really mainstream things
-Boring/realistic designs


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Okay so hey i didn't see your post until just now and I know you probably have a million other things going on in your life but if you want to talk to me you can. It doesn't matter if it's about your au or your personal life...I'm always here to listen. I'm still on anon but I can message you if you want ☺️ I hope your doing okay or at least better and if not then that's still fine I'm sure you will later ❤️ -au anon

aaaaaaaa thank ynou so much au anon ~~~~ ;v; I don’t wanna upset anybody and honestly people like you who have messaged me is way more than i was expecting in the first place so offers like this make me rxdyctfyvghbjnnhjgttrtcyvuhb and I am doing better today than I was yesterday thank you xxxxxxxxx giuhjk;sdf again thank you for this message i just ;v;

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I’m only putting this gif here because I’m listening to do you rn and I thought it was relevant 

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my actual happy gif for you ~~~~ (i wish I could type hearts smh)

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/sends all the happy vibes and tons of strength your way/ You can do it! ♥

smileofabstractnonsense said:I’ll transfer to you as much strength as I can spare!!! <3 Hwaiting!! I know you’ll make it through the week!! //send a million hugs

Anonymous said:Wanna know something to make it through the week….I love your writing to the point I’m waiting for my messages to say you posted something love you unnie!!!!!😘😘😘😘

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*pout* you guys are so amazing I honestly don’t deserve you guys honestly I’m probably crying more now

on purposeAnswer 10 Questions and Tag 10 Amazing People

Tagged by @cas-has-the-phone-box thank you boo <3

Last movie you watched? Carol , AGAIN

The last song you listened to? Wait for it - Lin-Manuel Miranda (Hamilton)

The last show you watched? The 100 :)

The last book you read? (loads of fan fiction) but actual book a dream of ice by gillian anderson :)

If you could be anywhere else where would it be?
CANADAAAA but anywhere with the wives would be nice

If you could travel to any decade when would it be? somewhere in the future

Last thing you ate? dinner , green beans bleh

If you won the lottery and won millions of pounds what would you do?
give my parents some , buy our practical magic house with a willow in the garden do more music more art travel places see the world learn new things

What fictional character would you want to hang out with for a day? i wanna hang out with someone who would like me tbh i’m basically clarke so lexa will do for now , or oohhhh root yeah or maybe xena or gabby too many tbh

Whats the last fandom you joined? supergirl / supercat mqskdfmqsldkfqldksf and star wars around the same time

and now i have to tag people gosh:

@carmillized , @ofthespookypumpkinvariety @mandyrosask @falling-for-books @toodrunktofindaurl @evilqueencaptainhook @amyackershair @definitelynotsamy @dakota829snow @sharonbelle

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(( *shyly gives URL with a lot of love* If you want to do my URL, that is-- ))

Meme- Accepting

Send me a url and I’ll write some positivity for it.

-whines- I haven’t seen you much on my dash. Most likely my fault with sleeping and looking at a million different things. But I wanna change that. But from what I’ve read in your bio about Sans and from the little I’ve seen I like him. I’m sorry I can’t say much more I feel bad ;3;

I was tagged by @groundercarmilla to answer these, thankyouuuu
1. What was the last movie you saw? Pretty sure it was The Princess Diaries (I’m v cool)
2. What was the last song you listened to? Truck Stop Flower by Swear and Shake
3. What was the last show you watched? The 100
4. What was the last book you read? Throne Of Glass by Sarah J Maas
5. What was the last thing you ate? Ham sandwich, I’m classy
6. If you could be anywhere else right now, where would you be? London pls, I don’t wanna wait 3 more days
7. If you could pick a decade to travel back to in time, what would it be? The 80’s probably
8. If you won the lotto & millions in cash, what would be the first thing you would do? Idk buy a plane ticket somewhere maybe
9. Which fictional character would you like to hang out with for a day? This is tricky but it’s gotta be carmilla karnstein, come on now
10. What was the last fandom you joined? Once upon a time probably Tagging: @carmilla-meowstein @reezmaize @internettingintrovert @blendedz0nes @broken-cactus @covered-with-mist @natureac @queennatvanlis @ultraagay @fadedmemorixs

The very best that I’ve ever had, that, my love, would be you.
I’m broken, shattered, whatever you wanna call it
But I’ve been saved by the sweetest angel.
I fall in love every day, over and over, because she somehow knows how to make it happen, so easily.
Millions and millions of little butterflies fly around in my stomach every time you tell me you’re in love with me, even after 10 months, it makes me weak every time, maybe even more now than before.
I don’t know how you do it, I don’t know how such a perfect creature can exist.
I dont know how she does it, I don’t know why her soft voice in my ear makes me so weak.
I Dont know why hearing her breathe when she sleeps gives me so much comfort.
I don’t know why I love how much she loves to drink her ice water with the little crushed iced cubes.
I dont know why listening to her chew so loud while she eats makes me smile the biggest smile.
I don’t know why I’m crying right now just thinking about how much I miss her.
I don’t know why my heart melts every time she pulls me closer to her in the middle of the night while she sleeps.
I Don’t know why her tiny hands and her short little legs drive me crazy In the best way.
I don’t know why I feel at home when I lay on her chest and listen to her heart beat.
I don’t know why it pisses me off so much when she tries to take all of the cute clothes I wear when I go see her.
I Don’t know why it makes me feel special when she wants to take pictures of me, only because she loves me so much.
I don’t know why she looks so Fucking beautiful when she’s taking a bath.
I don’t know why I get butterflies when I watch her change in front of me. She’s gorgeous. I don’t know if she knows I’m watching.
I don’t know why I get so excited when she jumps on my back and I get to carry her around.
I don’t know why I adore the way she swings her arms around when she walks.
I do know why.
I’m so madly in love.

Feel tired of the day to day struggle. Just wanna feel happy. The person I want to be. Do the things I care about. Why is that so difficult every day? There’s always something in the way. One more thing before I can get to it but then it’s too late and I have to go to bed and restart the next day new and have a million things holding me back from just getting to what I care about. Tired of it, and tired of feeling tired. Just wanna feel happy.

I Love My Daddy So Much..

My boyfriend/daddy/dominant is my everything. I know that i don’t tell him often enough but he is my entire world. He tells me everyday how much he cares for me and loves me and kisses me a million times a day. He calls me every night and helps me sleep. He holds me close and hugs me so tightly and he makes me so much more happier than i’ve been in years.

Daddys not doing so well right now.. its been a hard couple of weeks. Stress at school and at home is causing him to break down and i’m scared. I know the feeling of being broken.. of feeling like there’s nothing left for me. I don’t ever want him to feel this way. I wanna make him as happy as he makes me. Seeing him smile gives me a reason to stay strong and to want to live another day to be kissed by him again. I feel as though there is nothing i can do to help him and it makes me feel worthless.. I love him so much and i’d put his happiness before anything.

It’s not much longer until we can start our own lives together. Living in our own house, sleeping in our own bed, cuddling in front of a tv watching our favourite movies. I’m doing my very very best to stay strong enough to get to that point and i can’t do it on my own.

Please my love.. stay strong for me. I wanna live the beautiful life you describe to me every night before we sleep. I love you so much and i want you to be as happy as you make me. If i ever become too much for you please tell me or if there’s anything i can do at all.. I love you so much and you are the reason i’m still alive. I’ll always be here for you. You’re my boyfriend before you’re my dom. and you’re my best friend before anything.

the more i think about it the more i realize i REALLY don’t wanna go back to school

i dont want to get a job either

kinda want to stop existing but i dont want to die

i just want enough money to live. isnt that what everyone ultimately wants? why is it so hard for me to find any motivation to do anything?

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read, injury, kiss, money, oops, xylophone, yellow? <3 (HELLO DI ILY <333)

  • Read:What was the last book you read?

The Song of Achilles <3 currently half way through the book! 

  • Injury:Have you ever walked into a glass door?


  • Kiss:Who’s your biggest celebrity crush?

RN?? it varies lmfao, rn i love grant gustin (but lets be real i love the character he plays more than him. I love Barry Allen from the Flash and he’s so cute in acting) Otherwise I dont rly have a big celebrity crush bc i don’t much about the celebrity personally.

  • Money:What would you do with 1 million dollars?

OK ngl it’ll prob pay for school and zakat. I can’t anything else except traveling and minor personal expenses

  • Oops:What is one thing you’d like to change/fix?

hm, how i socialize w ppl ;;A;;; i wanna stay cool, calm, and collected lmfao (the dream) let’s see if i can change that before summer :p

on a more broader scale- well, it’s a lot i wouldn’t know where to begin or if it’s even possible

  • Xylophone:Do you play an instrument?

no, i wish + i answered yellow <3

April 23, 2015. 00:08 AM

You don’t get it do you? You really don’t get it.All I’ve done for the last nine months is wait for you. And Im not even exagerating the time. It’s been nine months. Nine months that I spent waiting for you. I waited for you even after everytime you said you weren’t sure about your feelings.I waited for you even when we were so close to being together and you just decided that it wouldn’t work. I waited despite everytime you left.I waited for you even after everytime you said you didn’t wanna see me.I waited despite everytime you made me cry or have a bad day.I waited through everytime you said you'do something and you didn’t. I waited even when you told me you deserved better.I waited for you even though you broke my heart a million times and Im so sorry that it wasn’t enough. I am so sorry that nine months wasn’t enough Because clearly it wasn’t, but Im even more sorry for myself. 
Because it took me nine months to realise that I was waiting for something that wasn’t going to come back

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you ship narry lol why is that any different from larry? fucking hypocrite

the difference is that i don’t actually think narry is real and i don’t spend 99% of my time analyzing every breath they take and think everything is a conspiracy theory. i don’t harass them or their families and friends and tell them to “just come out already!!1!!11!11!!1!!” it’s purely for the sake of because i think they’re cute and i like them as a couple but i don’t actually think they are a couple. honestly i’ve answered this question a million times and it’s getting tiring because y’all wanna accuse me of being a hypocrite but literally nobody is more hypocritical than the larries and y’all wanna accuse other people of shipping other things and “why are you allowed to ship this but i can’t ship larry” blah blah blah and it’s because nobody takes it as deep as you do. you’re the ones that did that to yourselves. but go off i guess.