i wanna cuddle face in cuddle it tight


-he’d just sweetly giggle as you buried yourself into his arms, not wanting him to leave his spot beside you- 

“Babe, come on, we need to go to the grocery store. We need to get up.” 
*you’d shake your head in response, “I just wanna cuddle though.~”* 
“Ahh, my spoiled little girl.” 
“Okay, okay- I’ll just tell Yugyeom and Bambam to go instead.” 

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-no matter what he was doing, he’d drop everything just to return your cuddliness- 

*holds you as tight as ever as he peppers sweet kisses all over your face*
“Ahh my precious little cuddle bug.~” 

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-he’d just be ecstatic to have you be so clingy and cuddly, he always adored having you be so dependent on him- 

“My sweet little princess-” 
*gives you millions of playful pecks*
“You should be like this more often, I love it so much.~”

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-he’d instantly melt as you koala hug his back while he’d be making ramen- 

*burying your face into his back, “Bammie, let’s go lay down and cuddle.”* 
“Babe, the ramen will get soggy.” 
*giggles as he begins to furiously blush*
“Okay, okay- just let me turn off the stove and I’ll give you all the cuddles you want, princess.” 

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-his shyness would immediately come through as you clung to him the instant he stepped through the door- 

“Hello to you too, babygirl.” 
*kisses your forehead* 
“I’m guessing you missed me?” 

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-the instant you bear hugged him, he’d immediately begin to hug you back; protectively keeping you in his embrace as the two of you laid back onto your shared bed- 

“Why are you being so cuddly, babygirl?” 
*chuckles softly as you shrug, repeatedly kissing his toned chest*
“God I love having you with me like this princess..” 

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-as you clung to him while the two of you laid together, watching Harry Potter; you suddenly just turned him and peppered candied kisses along his jawline- 

*trailing his hand up and down your back he just smiled at how affectionate you were being*
“I love you so much, babygirl. You know that right?” 
“You’re my little koala.” 

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Things I love about my boyfriends
- When they talk about things that interest them, even even I don’t understand anything about the topic
- When we’re cuddling and they scoot closer to me
- When they smile when they see me or each other
- When they kiss each other
- When they kiss me
- When we take turns kissing each other in public and confuse people
- When they get excited about something they love
- When we get into “i love you more” wars
- When they laugh
- When they smile and blush when I attack their faces with kisses
- When they hold me really tight when we’re cuddling or hugging like they don’t wanna let go
I love them so much

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Listen buddy, all I think about is cuddling w Harry on the sofa watching Disney movies. Like where he's lying on his back head turned watching the film, and I'm lying on top of him my face resting in the crook of his neck just breathing in his sent and playing w his hair, sleeping and just living life asleep on him squeezing him tight, and him turning and kissing my head every so often. Jfc I just wanna cuddle and sleep on Harry so much.


I want smell him, I bet he smells so fooking good. And hear his deep breaths and feel his slow heart beat.


Day6 Reaction : To their S/O randomly cuddling them

Could you do a day6 reaction when their s/o comes up to the randomly when they are laying down and cuddles into their chest?

Sure thing anon

Here you are~

Sungjin : “Did you have a bad day ? Wanna talk about it ?”

Junhyeok : Would smile cutely and wrap his arms around you

“How are you sweet heart ?”

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Jae : A smile would immediately appear on his face

“Hey, why are you wo cute ?”

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Young K : Would cutely smirk and hug you tight

“I love you~”

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Wonpil : “Hey are you trying to kill me with your cuteness or something ?”

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Dowoon : This lil ball of fluff would cuddle the hell out of you

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Hope you liked it

"Sick Baby" Ashton/4 (Imagine - Requested)

“Ashton! I swear to God if you move out of this bed one more time I will leave you here to take care of yourself,” you threaten, forcing him back into bed.

“But (y/nnnn), I wanna cuddle you,” he whines, with his face into the pillow.

“I can’t cuddle you Ashton, I’m busy making your stupid sickness soup,” you sighed. As soon as you tried to leave, Ashton had already grabbed you with a tight grip. You tried to wiggle out of it but with no success.

“Ashton if you don’t let me go I will call your mother,”

“You wouldn’t," 

"You know I would Irwin," 

The both of you stared each other down until Ashton slowly released you from his grip. You got out of bed and as soon as you walked out the door you could hear Ashton whining. Knowing he wouldn’t stop, you quickly dialed Anne Marie to help you out. While you were trying to force liquid panadol down Ashton’s throat the door bell went off. Ashton shot up and glared at you.

"You didn’t,”

“Now before you get mad, I purely did this for you,” you said, stepping back towards the door. Before Ashton could grab you, you had already ran down the stairs with Ashton following you closely.

“Don’t open the door (y/n)!,”

Too late. You had already opened the door and Anne Marie stepped inside. Ashton groaned and fell to the floor, curling up into a little ball.

“Oh my, you were right to call me (y/n),” Anne Marie said.

“You really don’t need to be here Mum,” Ashton murmured.

“Nonsense you need a mothers love to cure this flu,” she said, helping Ashton up. When they were half way up the stairs Ashton turned back at you and flipped you off. 

“Oh Anne Marie! Ashton needs to take his liquid Panadol!” you called out.

“NO! STOP IT,” Ashton yelled.