i wanna cry so much

guys jared finally made a shirt and its benefiting to write love on her arms that organization has gotten me through so much i wanna cry and hug jared for doing this

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Hi, I am really scared. Recently today... I've had a mental breakdown and i have never felt unhappy in my life. So when I felt It I Became so scared, I was eating my dinner and this never happened to me but I wanted to cry because I was eating. I hate this feeling. I hate that I hate everything about myself no I'm lonely I wanna cry so much. I called kids help phone and there was someone on the phone but I got so nervous I just hung up. I need someone and I'm really scared. Please help.

Awh baby girl. I feel the same way ️kik me okay we’ll talk privately.


HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY, JOHNNY DEPP! This is a momentous day and I just wanna say thank you for all things you’ve done, for all your films and characters. You’re my life, love and inspiration. You made me better and I’m very grateful to you for it. I don’t even imagine my life without you.

MD: Although the Air Acolytes are not Airbenders they are committed to keeping the traditions and culture of the Air Nation alive. They wear traditional dress, practice nonviolence, and promote peace and harmony throughout the world. Many of them live on Air Temple Island, where they learn under Master Tenzin.


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Oh god my handwriting is indecipherable, but here is finally a tutorial due to popular demand
Now you guys see how simple it is-hope that didn’t kill the magic. It’s still gorgeous and you guys should try it out :)
[P.S polish brands don’t really matter mine are all cheap ones I bought in Korea.]