i wanna cry because that chapter was so good

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Do you have any WayHaught fic recs?

As someone who refreshes the ao3 page too much, I actually do!

Okay okay yo I just wanna do this first but you gotta read anything by @youreagoodliar​ MY FAVE literally it’s like christmas morning whenever there’s an update only because i get so hooked and there’s always like a cliffhanger and i cry… anyway here’s the first fic I’ve read then you can go on from there :D

Moving on… Maybe you want some slowburn and maybe some angst? Maybe?

  • From Afar by @avrilsky​ - lol literally at 20 chapters in you’re gonna start screaming for them to just be together ALREADY!!!!
  • Like a Boomerang by @haughtbreaker​ and @jaybear1701​ - thank goodness this fic is finished, imagine the pain of waiting for an update and pulling at your hair bc every chapter is like WTF MORE????? (yeah been there, almost died)
  • Paper Trails by @wrackwonder​ and MicheTS - if you want a lil bit of a different format of reading, this is a good fic. it’s sad but it ends happy tho :) Also anything by wrackwonder is pretty good too! :D
  • Snowed In by  Secretmonkey - just straight up angst. angst.
  • There’s Something Demonic About You by NotSoSilentSuicide - mhmm nicole gets hurt we all cry bc everything is beautifully emotional

Other fun au stuff

sn: read anything with supernatural!nicole… idk that’s my thing anyway. Happy reading! There’s so much good wayhaught fic out there and also the smut omg the smut

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what's a senyuu??

Okay so Senyuu is a webcomic/manga/anime and is written by the brilliant Haruhara Robinson. (I’d show pictures but I’m on mobile right now so a simple explanation will have to suffice)

It’s about this kid named Alba who’s chosen to be a hero for his kingdom, and his job is to track down and capture the Demon King since they keep bringing monsters from the demon world into the human world. There are 75 heroes chosen to defend the kingdom, apparently all of them are distant descendants of the Legendary Hero Creasion from 1000 years ago. Alba’s Hero No.45!

He travels around with this royal soldier named Ros. Now Ros is extremely sadistic, sarcastic and rude; he never helps Alba when he’s in trouble and always makes fun of him since, sadly, Alba is very weak for a hero and can barely defeat a common slime monster. But despite Alba’s wimpiness and the fact that Ros pretty much beats him up every chapter, Alba’s determined and eager to impress the king and become a true hero!

Soon enough he and Ros DO encounter the Demon King, but they’re shocked to find out that they’re a little ten-year old girl named Rchi with pink hair and little wings on her head. She’s very cute. Rchi reveals that she accidentally summoned monsters into the human world and is on a journey to send them all back to the demon world since she can create portals there. She’s tracking down the Big Twelve, demons who are named after the months of the year (example: Janua Ein, Februar Zwei, Dezember Zwolf, etc.) And so the three of them team up to fight the demons and save the world!!

Later on in the series the plot thickens a lot and we’ve got all sorts of things happening—treachery, murder, heartbreak, even time travel! It’s a fantastic series and it spans over four “parts”, Haruhara ties everything together so nicely and we get characters we didn’t think were important that turn out to be central to the plot later on, it’s really awesome.

And holy shit there is SO MUCH amazing character development. Alba went from a weak hero who couldn’t fend for himself in part 1 to a (spoiler alert) legendary hero with the powers of both the Demon King and Creasion combined! And he saves the world multiple times in multiple different timelines!

Both Alba and Ros develop a lot as characters, and in the most recent chapters they’re shown to have grown really close as friends :’) They’re the big OTP of the fandom, EVERYBODY ships them and refers to their ship name as Albatross!

The best part about that in particular is that the series is LITERALLY sort of a ship name for Alba and Ros mushed together. Listen. Listen to this.
So in Japanese, soldier is “Senshi”. And hero is “Yuusha.”

Anyway overall it’s mostly comedy with a lot of dry humor that not everybody appreciates, but I love it to death and I’m so glad I happened to stumble across it one day. It’s a really funny series, with a lot of heartfelt and serious moments thrown in between (and a WHOLE TON of phenomenal plot twists). All of the characters are great, they all have such great depth and flaws to them, and they all develop so wonderfully. God it’s just. It’s such a wonderful amazing series and even though it’s ended Haruhara STILL posts chapters with the title of “Senyuu +”, they’re just extra chapters that he posts whenever he feels like it, if he wants to write a cute story or expand on some of the characters more? Bam! More chapters. And they all tie into the main plot—some of the chapters take place in the past, some in the present, and so on. I just think it’s really cool that even though the main story has ended and everything is at peace he still posts chapters with all the characters getting up to shenanigans :’)

So yeah ya’ll should read the manga/webcomic and watch the anime, the anime only covered part 1 but PLEASE, at least read through part 2 because part 2 is my favorite it’s so so so good I cry

And that, my friends, is the basic rundown of Senyuu. It’s one of the most dearest and treasured series to me and one of my hyperfixations so I am ALWAYS down to talk about it and answer questions for it. If you’re confused about plot? I gotchu. Wanna scream about Albatross?? Hell yes, I am here for that. 👌

i took a short nap and i dreamt i was reading new tg chapters and the ayahina angst was so bad i ended up in tears but it was all good because the chapters ended in them confessing and kiss and a super censored bed scene under the sheets.

and then i woke up

i probably should point out that hinami topped 👌👌

Why Can't Someone Hear Me? Part 1

Pairing: Phan

Genre: Angst

Warnings: Rape, Depression, Mental Issues, Cursing

Words: 1,840

Summary: Dan and Phil have a healthy, happy relationship that has been on going for five years and one day when they get into a fight, Dan wonders off to a bar to be hit on by a stranger.

(If that summary made no sense to you, just know that Phil isn’t the one doing the rape. I don’t think I would actually be able to write Phan rape. I would cry and wanna die because I’m not THAT good with angst because I’m a happy ending kind of person.)

A/N: This is my first angst fic, and it’s multi-chaptered! ermahgerd this is a lot of pressure since I’m sure probably no one will read this. I’m usually a fluffy/smutty oneshot kind of person so this is deff. stepping out of my comfort zone and I hope that a lot one person enjoys this. Thanks you guys ily ily ily ily k lemme stop rambling so you can actually read this.

(Suggestions for other fics are always appreciated.)

Part 2  Part 3


  Shouting was the only thing to be heard coming from Dan and Phil’s suddenly chilled flat. Stupid, useless fighting. It was bound to happen sometime, though, Phil supposed. They rarely ever fought. Maybe about twice a year, if even. The only downside to not a lot of arguing was that when it did come, it came strong. All the pent up emotions and thoughts that they left bottled up came pouring out. It’s not that they kept secrets from each other, however. It’s just that if the other said or did something that bothered the other, they decided to let it slide because they were truly in love and shouldn’t let things bother them. But now, standing in the middle of their kitchen, hateful and disgusting words spewed from their mouths as they cried.

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Zutara fic recs? Also your blog is quickly becoming one of my favourite blogs ok have a nice day ok :)

dsfghjdfghj IM SO SORRY I ONLY GOT TO THIS NOW i hope you see this!!

but anyway, wanted to give out a little disclaimer that I’m really picky with fics /and/ despite shipping Z & K since forever I haven’t ~properly~ read as much fics as everyone else has <///3 But in any case, here’s a [very] short list! I hope you don’t mind ack

1.) Clothe Me in Seasons, Dress Me in Snow by sadladybug

Status: Completed | Rating: T - Angst/Romance | Chapters: 7 - Words: 65,000 | 

“It is not the memorial she deserves, nor the one she would want. But it can’t be helped. He owns no property in the other nations, and he needed to keep her close. Closer than she was in life, anyway.” Zuko’s reflections on a life lived and a life that could have been. Told in four arcs: melancholy, slow dancing, unrequited, and cobalt blue/vigil. For Zutara Week 2014-2015. 

Hands down the best Zutara fic I’ve ever read. Beautifully written and canon compliant and everything just FITS. You’ll squeal and swoon and laugh but there are also parts of it that’ll make you just wanna stare at the ceiling and cry <–a whole lot of that last bit too, so be sure to bring lots of kleenex and your favorite stuffed toy to cuddle with because IT WILL HURT A LOT. I usually don’t read fics like these bc i don’t like crying lol, but this was just so beautiful and it was 50000% worth the read. 

2.) Tempest in a Teacup by AkaVertigo

Status: Completed | Rating: T - Romance | Chapters: 22 - Words: 34,018

Fate puts Katara in the Fire Nation to grow up in the company of a Dragon, a prince, and a lot of good tea. AU Zutara…of a sort. 

A fucking Zutara classic. This was written and completed back in 2006, 2 years before ATLA even ended. If you regularly read Z/K fics, I’m almost sure you’ve read this one. It’s a good amount of everything: feels, squeals, and just. Everything. I can’t even begin to describe how much this fic has stuck with me. There’s also an unfinished sequel to this, but the fic overall has enough closure. Just. Just read this ok just read it.

3.) The Rising by The Adamant Daughter

Three years after Fire Lord Ozai’s defeat, Zuko is threatened by the Raiders, a rebel group seemingly tied to his family’s dark past. With the help of Katara, Zuko leaves his home in pursuit of answers and peace. But, does the truth really set you free? *COMICS DON’T EXIST*

Status: In Progress | Rating: M  (for descriptive violence, strong language, dark themes, & sexual situations) - Romance/Adventure | Chapters: 17 -  Words: 101,373 (as of 03/27/16) 

I came across The Adamant Daughter’s blog very recently (she posts zutara one-shots and RP’s on her tumblr), and I fell in love with her writing almost instantly. So when I found out she had a multichapter up on FFn I nearly screamed in delight lmao. The Rising is pretty dark and angsty (it’s rated M for a reason), but also has enough fluff to balance it out. I’m not usually a fan of dark&brooding!Zuko, but I had to make a special exception for this. The canon ATLA comics are completely disregarded too (which is good bc the comics suck dont even bother), and The Adamant Daughter writes a very interesting and creative take in this intriguing AU-of-sorts. Her characterization/writing is consistent and follows through in every chapter, and you really get an in-depth understanding of the characters throughout the story, and why they do the things they do. Plus like I said, I normally don’t read M-rated stories like these. Barely touch the stuff. This is the one exception. Go read it.

Honorary Mention!!!!

The Stalking Zuko Series by emletish (part II & part III)

Status: Completed | Rating: T - Humor/Romance | Chapters: 50 | Words: 429,313 

Katara has developed a new hobby. At the Western Air Temple she takes to stalking Zuko. Much silliness and shenanigans follow. In chapter 20: Katara and Zuko return home to the others. Katara hates the F word and she comes to a decision regarding Zuko.

Just. Dork Zuko. Dork Zuko everywhere. Just. TFGSDHJJNFSKDLSD.  I came across this fic because I was looking for something to cheer me up after reading Clothe Me in Seasons, and needless to say, not only did it work, but I ended up continuously squealing and making a lot of this face–> :OOO!!!! and fanning myself for 3 days straight. And apparently ticklish!Zuko just has me weak everywhere I fucking can’t. Just. FUCK JUST HONESTLY THIS FIC MAKES ME WANNA HUG ZUKO 24/7 BLARGHAGHGAHGHSGDUHJSA *NIGEL THORNBERRY NOISESx10000000000000000000000000000000000000*

ALSO! Shameless plug lol. 

Where the Panda Lily Sleeps by panclarks (thas me on FFn. But i might move soon)

Status: In Progress/Hiatus | Rating: T (it says M but this is definitely a T) |  Chapters: 11 - Words: 18,918

“I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where; I love you in this way because I do not know any other way of loving but this, in which there is no I or you, so intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand, so intimate that when I fall asleep your eyes close. (Pablo Neruda)”

Yes this is mine. Not sure if I’m still going to finish this any time soon because this fic has me on eternal writer’s block ugh, so read at your own risk basically. The reason I’m posting this though is because I’m currently working on a Zutara multichap AU as well as a Korrasami/Zutara oneshot which I’ll be publishing on FFn or Ao3 soon (?), and if you’d like to get a glimpse of how I write and see if it suits your taste, you can use this to check and see. I’d also appreciate some feedback on it if you guys can spare the time!

so um. Sorry this turned out rly long but lol tl;dr apart from my shameless plug just read all of these ok just read everything tfghjkl;.

PS @satans-sock-sorter Thank you! Your blog is rad af as well <3 <3 <3 Really sorry again for not getting back tot his sooner! But in any case, have fun and have a nice day too!!!!!!!!<3 <3 <3

Bleach 686 Liveblog

………. Alright. Alright, I can do this. I’m going to apologise in advance, because this is long. Really, really, really long. But give me this at least. Give me this. One last time. One last time. One last time, for old time’s sakes—


under the cut.

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Ok ok we need more kid flames too sooth all that angst from the main series OR at least happy arts from your artist. I been crying for two minutes straight from reading that chapter!

We are working on more TBS minis. XD It’s just so that @namekian-maoh got huge internet problems at the moment and communication between us is very slow at the moment because of that. But we got a list of things we wanna do and try and work around the problems as good as possible.

*pats you* Also I know, I cried when we wrote that chapter a lot too… the next one will be more happy.


I’ve just read the Mangastream’s version of THAT chapter and after re-sobbing and depressing once again I have to admit one thing:


SERIOUSLY! it’s the third, yet the most tragic and depressing flashback from One Piece series that gave me so much pain almost to the ones who have people wanting to kill themselves! 

I didn’t expect to see Law’s THAT BAD! I thought it would be quite sad but NO! THIS IS TRAFALGAR FUCKING LAW’S PAST! and I believe we would see how it will go in the next 3-4 chapters

so, the chapter no. 762 begins with

the fact that everything’s fine with law since he was thrown away by Corazon  and what did he see after 7 days of absence?

all of members are eating fucking delicious pizza! I’m kinda jelaous because I’m hungry now after crying a lot because of Law’s tragic past.


I can’t believe that Dellinger was such a cute tiny baby who jonied them at the age of fucking 1! 

and finally we can see Gladius’s face without his mask on.

I just can’t understand one thing.  Since we know Law didn’t knew that Monet was part of Doffy’s crew (so, he couldn’t meet her back then), WHERE THE FUCK IS VERGO? WASN’T HE THE FIRST PERSON TO JOIN DOFFY? If my memory is ok, I can remember that Doffy said that he was his longest partner… where the hell is he, Oda? Why do you hide him? At Marine’s base?

HEY! Don’t tease him! Law’s just 10!

OMG! How Doffy is doing it? The younger he was, the more handsome he was! I still can’t believe I’m getting charmed by his beauty! And it’s such a surprise to see him sympathetic to Law, even if he barely knew him.

External image

Law must had experienced such a hell… even worse than Robin. to be hidden in the corpses… and he lost everything he had! He was just a normal kid with family, friends, home and happiness! And HE FUCKING LOST IT! BY WHAT?

but how the hell Law and Corazon would be freinds? When will it happen? I really want to know the truth! HOW CORAZON RESCUED HIM?!

So that’s how Baby was always afraid of him…

you know what always makes me sad in One Piece?

that beautiful places are always suffering… like Ohara, Alabasta or Dressrosa

External image

External image

OMG! Aren’t we going to see HIS EYES??? I’M NOT READY FOR IT!


yup Baby, it’s really terrible

how could they do it? 

External image

it clearly proves  that the WG are not only but a bunch of fuckers and assholes!




External image

External image

no, pleaaaase!!

I don’t wanna




External image

External image


and it’s not the end of chapter yet because

External image


External image


External image