Best 5sos Riffs / livesos edition
  • Best 5sos Riffs / livesos edition
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this makes me want to see them live so so bad

American Idiot
-Kiss Me Kiss Me
-What I Like About You
-She Looks So Perfect
-Beside You
-Out of My Limit
-Heartache on the Big Screen

Best 5SOS Riffs / Part 1 (x)

as somebody who’s been hiding severe depression for years I’ve gotten good at telling when people are also hiding it and two of my closest friends are showing so many signs of it and so I talked to one of them and she told me about it and she’s definitely depressed and the other friend hasn’t opened up about it but im certain he’s dealing with it too and I don’t know how to help because im trying to deal with it myself and I feel so hypocritical because I’m hiding mine too and it just makes me feel so bad because I can’t help these people who I care about so much