i wanna climb you like a pole

Asexuality is literally the easiest sexuality to explain to people and yet they still don’t understand it.

I can do the beast with two backs, I just don’t do the beast with two backs as it literally does nothing for me and I could be watching Netflix.

That is literally it.

[TRANS] Focus News 'Birthday Talk To You': INFINITE Hoya “My birthday is when my parents gave me the world as present”

Hoya (Lee Howon), a member in charge of rap, dance, and charisma in the popular boy group INFINITE, has celebrated his birthday on the 28th. Born on March 28th, 1991.

Focus News asked questions about birthday to Hoya, who is busy with promotional interviews for ‘Hiya’, a film released on the 10th that he was a lead actor for for the first time, and INFINITE activities.

With concise but heartfelt answers, stolid but considerate just like his actual personality, Hoya showed love towards his family and fans. We listened to Hoya’s take on birthdays.

Q. How do you feel about your birthday?
HY: I’m proud that I’ve been living well and healthily up to this point. I want to have a long and healthy life from now on too.

Q. What does birthday mean to Hoya?
HY: When my parents gave me the world as present.

Q. What are Hoya’s thoughts about growing older?
HY: Like being force-fed even when I’m already full. I wanna stop eating.
T/N: Aging (나이를 먹다) in Korean can be literally translated to ‘eating age’

Q. What do you want to hear the least and most on your birthday?
HY: Rather than what I want to hear the least, I just dislike it when people say things other than congratulatory words. What I want to hear is ‘Live long and prosper.’

Q. What was the conception dream before you were born?
HY: Two shiny red blue crabs climbing up the telephone pole. Apparently they were really shiny.

Q. What was the most memorable birthday?
HY: All the birthdays after my debut are memorable. Fans wished me happy birthday so again, thank you.

Q. If you were to pick a present that was special to you?
HY: The present in which a compilation of my activities were made into a music video and burned on a CD was memorable.

Q: You must have presents that you want to receive in the future?
HY: I want to receive my fans’ infinite love.

Q: What do you want to do if you were given a birthday leave?
HY: I want to have a birthday party/fan meeting with my fans.

Q: Any celebrity that you want congratulatory words from?
HY: President Obama.

Q: What did you wish on your birthday when you were a child?
HY: I prayed that I would become a superstar.

Q: If you were to imagine Hoya’s birthday 10 years from now on?
HY: I think I’ll be spending it with my fans! A concert in commemoration of my birthday at a big venue!

Q: Anyone you want to thank on your birthday?
HY: Of course, my parents. I’m really thankful. I want to forever repay their kindness for giving birth to me and raising me!

Q: Please say a word to yourself
HY: Happy birthday, you!!! Be happy from now on! Do everything you want to do, eat all the delicious food, take good care of your family and friends, and laugh a lot!

Translated by: togetherinspirit7