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Husband Taeil

Request: oh my gosh your scenarios are so so cute!!! if you have time would you be able to do husband!taeil i loved your taeyong one so so much!!!! have a lovely day!!!💞💞💞

  • aye a request for this hyung!!
  • i wanna squish him sometimes he’s so adorable
  • maybe before reading this you’d want to read boyfriend! taeil first hehe
  • without further a do,
  • let’s start

  • so this bun had been considering about asking you for a few months already

  • but he didnt knew how to ask
  • or when to
  • all he knew was that he wanted it to be on a special day
  • so he asked the other members for help
  • which half of them didn’t because they were either too busy teasing him
  • or that they thought he was only joking
  • other than mark, who offered to help taeil out
  • alongside with taeyong and doyoung
  • so they all helped him come out with a plan,
  • which is to compose a song together and have taeil sing it to you during your anniversary dinner
  • featuring mark & taeyong who’d be rapping a few parts
  • so after two long weeks of staying overnight and discussing, they finally finished producing and recording everything
  • and you knew something was off because he had been coming back very late at night those past two weeks
  • and early in the morning, after he made breakfast for you, he’d leave the apartment
  • so you asked him
  • “babe what’re you busy with lately?”
  • “uhhh extra vocal practices”
  • “your vocals are good enough though????”
  • and he’d get all flustered and wouldn’t know what to say so he’d just give you a kiss and leave
  • he was so busy you actually thought he’d forget your anniversary date
  • until he messaged you two days before,
  • “baby for our anniversary, head down to the restaurant we first met, i’ve got a big surprise for you”
  • and you tried asking him when he got back that night,
  • but he wouldn’t say anything
  • finally the day came!!!
  • and he bought a dress for you to match with his outfit
  • and both of you look super good and elegant
  • and you were all like??? what’s with this formality???
  • reminded you of your first date aw
  • but during the dinner taeil’s all blushy and nervous, stuttering in his words
  • just when you were about to ask him, the restaurant lights go out
  • when you call out to taeil he doesnt respond
  • and when you reach your hand out to hold him he’s not that
  • ngl you were about to scream
  • but then a sweet and soft melody started playing
  • and somehow there were lights shining on the 4 boys in front of you
  • taeil in the middle
  • and you’re still confused like??
  • but taeil’s soothing voice!!!
  • after 3 minutes of singing he kneeled down and held your hand
  • very cliche
  • and you finally get it
  • he’s still stuttering but it’s super cute
  • “i..i-i prepared all these for you for the past two weeks… w-we’ve come this far, and i want to spend the rest of my life with you, will you marry me?”
  • and you see taeyong tearing up a little
  • and of course you nod your head
  • and taeil gives the biggest smile ever and hugs you
  • which made you super happy and touched so you started tearing up
  • taeil noticed and kissed you
  • cute
  • okay on to the husband part that was so long im sorry
  • but
  • i feel like he’d become more sweet?
  • and especially, affectionate
  • he’s just go up randomly to you while watching television
  • and either lie on your lap, or attack you with a big warm heart
  • lazy kisses on the neck and lips too
  • that’s his favourite
  • he loves it when you run your fingers through his hair too
  • somehow always has his hands on you, especially in public
  • and everytime people stare or compliment the both of you
  • he’d have this “yes that’s my wife” look
  • always gives in to you and listens to whatever you say
  • “babeeee i’m hungry, wanna go out to eat?”
  • “o-oh.. sure!!”
  • when he had practice that night and you didnt know
  • which was why taeyong nagged at him for skipping practice for you
  • goes home one day with a big bouquet of flowers
  • “what- what’s the occasion?”
  • “nothing, just felt like getting them for you”
  • “represents my love to you”
  • never seems to get angry at you like??
  • closest he ever did was when he ignored you for the whole night
  • but next morning you woke up in his arms
  • and the reason why he was pissed was because you were stressing yourself out too much over work and he didnt like it
  • but when he tried asking you to stop stressing out, you ignored him
  • but he still made you breakfast so
  • the sweetest!!!
  • both of you always get teased by the other members
  • “taeil hyung! what’s that on your neck” -a smirking yuta
  • “w-what? THERE’S NOTHING” -a very flustered taeil
  • “aye hyung, i didnt know you were like that” -johnny
  • “STOP IT THERE’S NOTHING” -still very flustered taeil
  • “oh i saw y/n today and she has too, had fun last night hyung?” -ten
  • “bye i dont want to talk to you all anymore” -an embarrassed taeil
  • and later that night you receive a text from doyoung
  • “dont leave any marks today!! hyung had a hard time today”
  • and you’re like ?? but you get it so you show it to taeil
  • so he blushes like mad again
  • okay let’s get off this topic im a smol bun
  • honestly treats you like a queen
  • he’s super sweet and nice 24/7 like
  • and you love him so much!!!
  • so you give him random hugs and kisses
  • which he loves too
  • okay i’ll end this here im sorry idk what to write anymore ahh
  • taeil is husband material dont lie to yourself and agree with me yes

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Hello yes I follow you on Snapchat and would like to ask: what kind of cupcakes are the ones in your story? They look good and I'd like to try to make them sometime! Sorry to bother! Have a great day!! 🌻🌼💖💐🌸💖🌷💖🌺🌹

Oh ya! They’re peanut butter cup cupcakes! Here’s a link if you wanna try em out!

  • Cogsworth: *regaining consciousness* What just happened? Please tell me nobody kissed me.
  • Lumiere: We won.
  • Cogsworth: Alright. Hey. Alright. Good job, guys. Let's just not come in tomorrow. Let's just take a day. Have you ever tried shawarma? There's a shawarma joint about two blocks from here. I don't know what it is, but I wanna try it.
  • +
  • Source: The Avengers (2012)

Prompt sent in by @doubledeathisforlosers (thank you!!)

They thought me untouchable, but you swept me off my feet a lifetime ago and never quite put me down. Of course I was out of their reach.

(Prompt credit)

Pairing: Prinxiety

Everyone though he loved nobody. That he was cold, unloving, even heartless. They though he was untouchable.

They couldn’t be more wrong.

The truth was, one person had captured Anxiety’s heart from the day they met. He with the flair for the dramatics, the romantic and fanciful side, the embodiment of creativity. The one with the sparkling eyes and brightest miles, the ego and confidence, the flirt, the brave and honourable one. The one who was everything Anxiety wasn’t.


Anxiety had been enchanted when they first met; the royal boy had been so new, so different, so strange and refreshing, a shining beacon of light in the darkness of Anxiety’s world.

But he knew Roman would never feel the same, so he hid it. Buried the feeling. Covered the emotions up, the longing, the pain and hurt and love, the adoration and sadness, the wish for the feelings to be mutual. Covered up with sarcasm, sass, insults and hissed words of annoyance, rolled eyes and scoffed remarks. Hid with a cold stone mask of indifference and annoyance, a hard, tough exterior to hide and protect the soft interior.

But covering things didn’t mean they would go away. The feelings remained, bubbling under the surface of the walls and shields Anxiety had put up, trying to break free every time Anxiety saw Roman laugh, noticed how his eyes sparkled, heard him sing a Disney song. He loved Prince, and there was nothing he could do about it. All he had accomplished was making the others drift away from him, ostracise him, believe that he was somebody he was not. He’d made them believe the mask, believe that he was cold and aloof and didn’t care and didn’t love anything or anyone, because no matter what they did he would reject their friendship, ignore any kindness or affection, because he couldn’t stand it, the guilt, the emotions, the feelings.

They thought Anxiety untouchable, but Prince had swept him off his feet a lifetime ago and never quite put him down. Of course Anxiety was out of their reach.


Thank you so so much for sending me a prompt oml 💖💖

Hey friendos, so I just hit 500 followers (whoa, what??) so I’m doing a thing where you can send me in anything and I’ll write about it! Any pairing, genre, plot, prompt, whatever, I’ll write you something haha 💖 Please send me in stuff?? I’ll love you forever haha. There’s a post here that explains a bit, just ask if you have any questions :) 

Have a good day/night!, ily!!

To continue on with the fluffy Brad feels, I made a new playlist

I found love and light in your eyes, and you gave me life 💞🎶

“Home” tracklist:

1) Golden Vessel, OKBADLANDS - Wave

2) One Direction - Fool’s Gold

3) Troye Sivan - Talk Me Down

4) Iron & Wine - Flightless Bird, American Mouth

5) Ellie Goulding - How Long Will I Love You

6) James Arthur - Say You Won’t Let Go

7) Destiny’s Child - Emotion

8) Cashmere Cat ft. Ariana Grande - Quit

9) Rihanna - Close To You

10) Jessie Ware - Till The End

11) Ruelle - I Get to Love You

12) Jarryd James, Broods - 1000x

13) Howie Day - Collide

14) Ingrid Michaelson - Can’t Help Falling In Love (Live)

15) The Score - Don’t Wanna Wake Up

16) Michael Buble - Home

17) Ed Sheeran - Perfect

18) Astrid S - Paper Thin (Live)

19) Justin Nozuka - Golden Train

20) Zach Winters - Meant

21) Corinne Bailey Rae - Like a Star

22) Drew Holcomb & The Neighbours - What Would I Do Without You

23) Ed Sheeran - Kiss Me

Credit if using/reposting coverart


Originally posted by mewchim

this is a collab with @rapmoniepapi

Summary: You’re friends with a group of trouble makers, ‘junkies’ as the town calls you. But one day.. it gets all too much.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

After saying thanks to Amber for the first aid kit, and getting her number, incase we wanna hang out again, we were on our way. 

Walking quietly around the town, we found a park, and sat down at a picnic table. I rested my head against Jin’s shoulders and in response, he wrapped his arm around me, kissing my forehead, silently telling me everything will be okay. 

Jungkook suddenly spoke from in front of me, “You guys know what I miss?”

“Weed?” I heard Hobi ask, “Cause I sure fucking do." 

"No, well yes, but that’s not what I was talking about,” Jungkook said, shaking his head, chucking, “No, music. We haven’t really listened to any since we got here, and the music at the bar doesn’t count." 

"Well, what do you wanna do, rob a music store?” Jimin asked him, sarcastically, but immediately noticed the change on his face, “I WAS JOKING.”  

“Well, I didn’t take it as a joke, now I wanna go rob a music store.” Jungkook said, with a smug look on his face. 

“We’ve never robbed a place before, also we don’t know which stores have cameras and which don’t.” Jin pointed out, his arm still around me.

“What about those black masks that we have? Also, we all have hats, plain generic black hats. We could get away with it.” Jungkook said, pointing to the back pack on Namjoon’s back.

“He’s right. Plus, new headphones, and we all have black clothing, they won’t know who it is,” Namjoon responded, after pulling out the black masks and hats, “I actually forgot I packed these.”

“As long as we don’t get caught and thrown in jail, I don’t give a fuck,” Jimin said, “It will be a good story to tell my kids, if I ever have any.”

“There’s one thing you guys are forgetting,” Jin said, getting the boys attention, “We don’t have anywhere to play the music." 

"Yeah, we do!!” Hobi said, “We can play it when we go back home and get the truck!!”

“Anything else we’re forgetting, eomma Jin?” Jimin asked, nudging him from the other side of Jin.

“We have to be out within 5 minutes, so makeup your mind on what albums you want.” He said, with a sigh. 

After changing, and walking around for about an hour we finally found a music shop. 

“Who’s phone isn’t dead?” I asked, “Mines dead, and I wanna know the time." 

"It’s three am, so if we’re gonna do this, we better do it now,” Namjoon sighed, “Wait, do you not have your charger?”

“No, I do, but we gotta get a hotel or something if i’m gonna use it,” I said, letting a smile slip at the end, “So, let do this, yeah?" 

Jimin got on his knees before the lock on the door and started using the few bobby pins I found at the bottom of my bag to try and unlock the door. "Almost got it,” Jimin grunted out, but froze when we heard a voice ring out.

“What are you guys doing?” He sounded familiar, but I couldn’t place from where. I turned around to face him, and his head tilted to the side, his eyes squinting at me. 

“Weed girl?” It hit me where he was from. 

“Cologne guy!” I said, pointing to him, “I didn’t recognize you cause you dyed your hair!" 

"Oh, yeah, I got tired of the blonde, do y-” he got cut off by Hobi saying, “Wait, you know him?" 

"What? Oh, yeah. The day that everything happened, when Jin dropped me off at the bus station, Cologne guy-" 



“The cologne guys’ name is Yoongi,” he said, chuckling.

“Yoongi gave me some cologne cause I smelled like weed, and I don’t know, why were you so nice to me?” I asked, spinning back around to look at him. 

“Cause I went through the same thing. Now two things, can I have you guys’ names? annnnd, what the hell are you guys doing?" 

Pointing to each one, I started calling their names out, "Namjoon. Hoseok, but we call him Hobi, Jimin, Jungkook, Jin, and then I’m (y/n). Also, we’re robbing a music store." 

”(y/n)!! You can’t just say that!“ Jin scolded me. 

"Nah, its fine. Mind if I join in? There’s a cd I’ve wanted for a while, and we can take my jeep, it’s a faster getaway than running,” Yoongi said, pointing to down the block where his jeep was parked, “It doesn’t look the best, but she’ll do for the time being.”

“Fuck yeah, okay, let’s get this show on the road!” Jungkook yelled, “Open it!!” Now yelling at at Jimin.

“How about you hold your fucking tits while I unlock a goddamn deadbolt,” Jimin muttered, while I heard Yoongi chuckle under his breath.

“Hey,” I whispered to Yoongi, after walking towards him, and standing next to him, and him humming in response, letting me know he’s listening, “I think you’ll fit in with us, you know? We’re a bit broken, but we fix each other. You can be apart of us, too. Well, if you want. Also, you might want this,” I handed him a black mask, and a hat that I pulled out of my bag. After a moment of silence, he spoke, “I think I’d like that, and thanks,” he turned towards me and offered me a gummy smile, which I returned with my own smile.

“Fucking finally! Guys, come on! If we’re gonna do it, let’s do it now!” Jimin yelled, and we all walked to the door, immediately hearing the beeping from the alarm in the wall going off, and Yoongi immediately punching it, making us all look at him. 

“What? It’s annoying. Now, come on, we’ve only got 5 minutes,” he said, immediately taking off, grabbing a cd. I start walking towards the cd section of the music store, and looked around for some music I liked, and hopefully a pair of headphones. After I had gotten around 5 cds, I heard Namjoon calling my name, and I immediately lifted my head up. 

“Black or red?” he asked, holding up the two pairs of headphones. “Black,” I responded, pointing to them. 

“Guys, we gotta go, like now. I hear the sirens in the distance,” Jin said, and we immediately started running out of there, Yoongi pulling out his keys and unlocking the car, I jumped into the passenger seat, taking my cap off and putting the cap and cds in my bag, and Yoongi starting the car.

“Hey, Joon?” I asked, looking in the review mirror after a moment.


"Did you get my headphones?" 

"Yes,” he gave me my headphones, and I put them in my bag. 

“Can we go to a hotel now?” I asked, and got a choirs of ‘yes please’ and Yoongi said, “Yeah, i’m staying at one, you guys can stay with me.”

i wanna thank you guys for 20k.

like, comment or send me an ask in my inbox for a screenie of your blog. i’ll choose 10 favorites and post one a day. again, thanks for your support :)

That post about old internet friends reminded me of an old buddy of mine from the Invader Zim message board I used to go on when I was a kid. Years later I found them again on Gaia Online, purely by chance, and then a few years after that I found them again on DeviantART, also by chance. A couple years ago I tried seeing if they had a Tumblr, but I couldn’t find one, but I tried again just now and I found it =O. Apparently they’re making really nice Rick and Morty plushes these days??? I kind wanna follow them, but I don’t see how that could possibly not come across as Extremely Creepy. Like “Hey, remember when we were kids and we used to draw each other’s Invader Zim OCs and then I kept finding you again every few years on other websites? Well its me again, and I promise I haven’t been stalking for the past 14 years, I just wanted to see how you were doing” 

But man, they really stuck to the same online alias for a long ass time. That is some dedication. 

Honestly I just wanna give a huge shout out to all the people, friends and family, bands and songs, strangers, books, movies, fandoms, sites, amazing sunsets and sun rises, for keeping me alive. I can’t thank each of you/thing enough. These last couple years have been hell and I really don’t know where I would be if it hadn’t been for all those people I made friends with ( @kaitiez464 @emilyyyyyyy-0 and a ton of other people :D ), or all those stories I read, or all those songs I listened to. Y'all have made such a huge impact on me (yes, every single on of you) and I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for keeping me going.

“Meet Cute” FF47

(Wow check it out finally using my Military AU FinnRey again)

Rey was explaining all the ins-and-outs of the A-10 Warthog, the current aircraft she flew. Finn was taking a few pictures before turning around, tilting his head slightly before snapping a picture of the jet. Rey turned her attetion to him and smiled “Want to take a picture inside the cockpit?” She asked kindly. Finn blushed slightly, noting to himself the pilot was rather adorable.”T-thank you!” He managed stuttering slightly. Rey helped him into the cockpit and stood on the wing folding her arms on the outside of the cockpit and rest her head on her arms.

“What’s your name?” Rey asked looking up at him, Finn turned his head to her and gave her a bright smile “Finn.” He introduced. Shaking his hand, “Rey Skywalker.” Replied Rey who quickly spoke again “I’ve seen you hanging around with Dameron, wanna grab lunch one day together? He’s told me a lot about you.” She asked with a kind tilt of her head.

Finn raised an eyebrow and put his head in his hand, “Is that a date? Well.. Then yes!” He said. Rey grinned before explaining the controls to him. Poe grinned slightly watching their interactions before puffing his chest out, finally setting them up.


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You should consider making a Ko-Fi. It's basically a fan funding thing where people can send $3 to buy you a coffee and help support your work!

i’m nt a fan of asking for money but honestly this would be super helpful and it’s an extremely cute concept? i made one, anyway lol

i’m uploading every day in June and have been working on a ton of new content, so if u wanna support me and “buy me a coffee” per se so i can stay up until 5am every night editing videos for VEDJ, id be eternally grateful hahah


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Dear Dad, I found this tiny turtle figurine outside and for days I've been trying not to pick it up. Today, I gave in and picked it up. Everyone, I would like you to meet Laurens! He is my turtle son and no one can stop me. -TOAOT

that’s so cool i wanna see a picture!

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Hey it's the angst gremlin here to give you feelings! I was considering that Adler is a sweet child who would definitely have a lot of smile lines when he's older, and then I remembered that he doesn't live to see thirty. Babs why did you kill him I'm sobbing



But if Adler’s dreams did come true, and he did live to see beyond thirty, and he and Lyra lived a sweet life in a little house in the country (him metalworking for fun and art, her pursuing a singing and writing career), I think he would look something like this!!!


And I think even when he’s a young man like in the story, he already has worry lines. (It’s criminal that someone so young should have forehead lines so deep)

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most of the supercorp fandom is so messed up. i followed hayley for a day and then i was done. her and her gang are just bullies. the only one i like is queenluthor since i've followed her since clexa. do you know any supercorps that aren't trash? i need to unfollow some people

before i rec some cool mutuals i just wanna say! that! the supercorp fandom from what i’ve seen is really cool. and i love supercorp, too, i just have a preference for sanvers. i don’t want people thinking the supercorp fandom sucks or that i think that cause neither are true.

anyway! some of my supercorp mutuals include @llesbianlena @darlinglena @planet-krypton @wayhaughtie @theluthor @saffho @karadancers 

oh right that’s why i logged on

hey what’s up

weee got to boston yestedary night. we stayed in a hotel for one night, drove aimlessly for like two hours, and we went to a new hotel bc ??? idk and idc. tomorrow we’re going sightseeing and also maybe shopping some more bc i need headphones and a case for my cintiq (if you know where to get both of these in one place please lmk i have no idea and i want/need the two of them)

also mom turned on the heating and i’m Slowly Melting

Why Would You



anyway that’s about it. i also bought a small plush in secret and i’m keeping it a secret til i’m back  home. on that note, we’re leaving on sunday! Hell Day bc we’re basically going to spend an entire day hopping planes and staying in airports and I Wanna Die It’s So Boring

so anyway what’s going on? i want to draw but Can’t bc i don’t have the time or space really

takkevak  asked:

not an anon, just wanna tell you that you're one of my faves blogs on tumblr - or my fave actually- you're an incredible person have a good day <3<3<3

Oh my gosh

you are the most adorable angel in the world <3 I love you so so so much. 

This was so kind and selfless and so incredibly sweet and I love you

thank you so much my love <3 it’s 3:20 am but I already know my day is going to be wonderful thanks to you <3 

one of the weirdest… idk i guess leftover things i have to deal with wrt being hospitalized

you couldn’t re-organize your room… it was strict. you couldn’t swap beds. you could ask for a room change, but even with a grand amount of begging they would only do it if they felt like THEY could benefit from it. i had a roommate who would bully me and intentionally cause me to lose points/get in trouble cos she thought it was funny to see me upset and they just… would not care

anyway now to this day i have trouble like. justifying rearranging my room? my own bedroom. it should be my private space, my little safe zone and i should be able to do WHATEVER i want with it but i still get worried my family’s gonna come in and like. be upset with me for moving things around

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Hi! You're art is literally the cutest and I have been /stalking ;;;; / your page on instagram and saw your Gorillaz child and I was like "that's so cute I wanna do something like that one day." You inspired me to make a 2D child along with a few other instagram pages who inspired me to make characters and all! Is it fine if I draw your child with mine one day? Like a sister thing if it's fine? Have a good day and stay great at what you do!!

aaaa thank u so much, i’m so flattered!!! <3

and ofc u can!! i’d love to see that <3 <3

There are currently 3.7 million children living in poverty in the UK. That’s over a quarter of all children. 1.7 million of these children are living in severe poverty. In the UK 63% of children living in poverty are in a family where someone works.

Tumblr out here cooing all over the Queen like she’s the best thing since sliced bread. She sits in her palace with her net worth of £10 billion whilst our country’s public services gets flushed down the toilet by the Queen’s Tory pals. Please stop reblogging pictures of her with the caption ‘she is so cute!’ and 'I wanna go to England and meet the queen one day’ it’s disgusting. If you ever meet a Brit with their head screwed on right they will tell you that the Queen is NOT a true representation of British values and that most of us agree her fortune should be distributed back into society, and that her and our current Conservative government should be thrown off a cliff.