i wanna be you one day

I’ve never been good at expressing my feelings. I hate confrontation, and fear making someone, especially you, mad. You whisper in my ear every night, ‘I’m always here for you.’ I trust you, and that’s a big thing for me. It’s not easy though, to just say how I feel. I fall way too hard and fast. I love too easily. One day, you’ll be like the rest. One day you’ll realize, I’m not easy to love. I take my feelings I cannot express, and take it out on you. I get so frustrated with my mess of emotions and thoughts, I get upset by the smallest thing. It sets me off. I take you always being here for me for granted, because I say stuff you don’t wanna here. Fuck, I just want to express my feelings for you, and with you. I’m sorry it’s so hard. I’m sorry you’re going to get tired of it too.
—  One Day // MB
Isn’t That What Soulmates Do?

pairing: connor murphy x reader

word count: 12000

warnings: swearing, genitalia mention, suicide mention, suicide attempt

summary: when your soulmate gets a mark on their body - pen ink, a tattoo, a cut, a bruise, a sliver, or anything like it - you get a matching one on your body, too. however, this boy seems to write awfully crude things on his arms, and you’re having trouble covering up all the profanities at work. 

a/n: nobody asked for a connor murphy soulmate au but i am here to deliver anyway. (bold text is connor, italicized text is you). also sorry this probably got waay too long and it probably got worse the more time went on and its cheesy and bad and i cant tell if i like it or hate it either way enjoy! 

call in sick monday so you dont have to present that dumb fucking science project you totally didnt do

You sighed and tugged your hoodie sleeve over the messy scrawl on your forearm, turning your attention to the next customer in the queue.

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Don’t Objectify Me!

Summery: Based on this Sinful Sunday Ask

Triggers: Smutty smut, Angry bucky, Dom(ish)!bucky (wasn’t my intention but it happened) Unprotected sex (Before you tap it, wrap it), Masturbation

Word Count: 1600+

A/N: I don’t wanna go to college tomorrow, also the inventor of coursework needs to fight me.


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‘Do you not fucking speak english?!’ You screamed over at Bucky. The two of you were meant to meet for dinner at one of your favourite restaurants after you had finished work. You booked a table there for 6, giving you enough time to get home and change before you got there.

‘Yes, I speak over 30 languages’ Bucky yelled back at you, taking off the gym clothes he wore to meet Steve earlier that day. According to your boyfriend you had said seven so he thought he could finish at the gym at 6;30 giving him half an hour to get ready. Only when he got home you sitting on the bed, all dressed up and fuming from having to wait for him.

‘Ok. I’ll say what I said to you yesterday is Spanish. Seis!’ your hair was pinned back and styled so you took it out, facing the mirror but you could still see his reflection.

‘You said seven!’ He was now taking off his hoodie and shirt. You were so mad at him but he looked so good.

‘I said six!’

‘No, you didn’t’

‘Why would I book a table at six then tell you seven? What, you think I want to spend quality time with my glass of fucking water’ you finally turned to look him in the eye, but he couldn’t look at you. For a second you weren’t sure if he was angry or upset. But then you heard the metallic whirring of his arm, it was very distinctive when he was angry 

‘I’m not doing this right now’ He turned away from you, his hands in the air. Then stormed off into the bathroom, slamming the door hard behind him.

‘Good. Fuck off then’

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Original #13: I Didn’t Mean To Kill Stan

Length: Short

Note: This story includes sensitive adult themes. 

I really didn’t. Why would I? Stan was my best mate. We’d been friends since high school.

I hadn’t meant to kill him. I just wanted him to shut up. All I did was tap him on the head with my hockey stick, for crying out loud. And then down he went, making a mess along the way. Crashing into stuff, grabbing onto furniture. Do you have any idea how long it’ll take me to clean up all that blood?

Anyway, like I said. Stan was my man. He was my homie, my bromie, my Steve Buscemi. I trusted him with my life. But just now, when I left my room to get a drink, I come back and what the hell do I see? Stan was messing around my laptop. Just clicking on shit and looking at my personal stuff. So right there, it was clear that Stan was in the wrong.

And then what happens? He goes absolutely insane. He starts yelling and calling me names and demanding explanations about some pictures I got on my laptop. In my own house! I tell him to calm down but he wasn’t having any of it. So I did what I gotta do. I shut him up. Maybe a tad too enthusiastically, but it was an honest mistake. Killing him, I mean.

I know what you’re wondering about right now. What pictures?

I’ll come clean, alright? They were pictures of Stan’s sister, Stephanie.  

But, look – it’s not weird. I’m dating her. I’m her boyfriend. So naturally, I’m going to have some pictures of her in my laptop. But Stan doesn’t understand. He’s a great guy, but we don’t see eye to eye on some things. Like Steph.

I first met Steph a year ago. I was at Stan’s crib, just hanging and chatting when this absolute babe walked past the living room. I mean, she was so sexy. Va-va-vroom and all that. The way she moved, the way she carried herself, she had such an air of confidence that impressed me right away.

I knew I had to have her.

But I knew I had to take it slow. I had to gain her trust. Turn on the charm, make her fall back in love with me. So that was exactly what I did. Whenever I was at Stan’s place, I would drop in to Steph’s room and say hello. Gradually she become more comfortable around me, and our conversations grew longer. I learned about her hobbies, her favorite music, her favorite TV shows, and all that.

I also learned that she loved ice-cream. So on our very first date, I brought her out to this really classy ice cream parlour downtown. Bought her her favorite flavour – chocolate chip, in case you’re wondering. After that, we went to the theatre and watched this movie that she had really been looking forward to. It was a great date.

But here’s the thing about Steph. She’s a lovely lady, but she’s very conservative. She doesn’t like, shall I say, the hanky panky business that relationships usually entail. I tried to cop a feel one time on one of our dates and she didn’t go for that at all. Said she wasn’t comfortable.

Here’s what you gotta know about me. I’m a gentleman. If my lady is no ready, then I’ll do the waity. I respected her preferences and our dates remained purely verbal. No tactile movements at all.

But here’s another thing you gotta know about me. I’m a dude. I have needs and desires. So if my lady wasn’t gonna give me action, I gotta get them from somewhere else. But I didn’t wanna cheat on Steph too, so I couldn’t go messing around with other girls.

So I compromised. I went to the hardware store and bought a couple of surveillance cameras. You know, the sort that you can hide in corners and on top shelves to watch people. And they were the good kinds, too. With a click of a button from my laptop, I could take pictures from the livestreaming videos. What can I say? Only the best for my lady. Then one day while Steph was using the loo, I installed them in her room. Easy peasy. One on the top shelf facing her bed, and one on another shelf, facing her closet.

It was all going great. I had tons of fantastic pictures and videos of Steph.

And then Stan had to step in. Almost threw a wrench in my plans, what with all the yelling and hollering. Luckily, there was no one else in my house. I would have hated to remove the cameras from Steph’s room!

So anyway, that’s that. I just wanted to get this off my chest. Stan thought that I’m a bad guy, but I really am not. I truly, truly, love Stephanie from the bottom of my heart.

Speaking of Steph, I really should get going. This entire thing with Stan almost threw my A-game off. I’d almost forgotten that we’ve got tickets to go see Steph’s third grade dance recital. I would have hated to miss that!

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top 10 gay coded 1d songs?

ive waited like three years for an excuse to make this post i love you…. imma be real more than half of this is just wlw-coded but like its gay if you change the pronouns too so take it however u like tbh!

1. happily

i don’t care what people say when we’re together
you know i wanna be the one who holds you when you sleep
i just want it to be you and i forever
i know you wanna leave so come on baby, be with me, so happily

2. they don’t know about us

people say we shouldn’t be together
we’re too young to know about forever
they can say anything they want cause they don’t know us
they don’t know what we do best
its between me and you, our little secret
but i wanna tell them

3. end of the day 

my priest thinks its the devil
my mom thinks its the flu
but girl its only you

4. alive

my mother told me i should go and get some therapy
i asked the doctor can you find out what is wrong with me?
she said hey! its alright
does it make you feel alive?

5. strong

but i don’t care, i’m not scared of love
cause when i’m not with you im weaker
is that so wrong? is it so wrong?
that you make me strong

6. does he know

does he know that you’ll never go back?
he’ll never know the way you lie when you look at me
so keep trying but you know i see
all the little things who make you who you are

7. she’s not afraid

she walks in and the room just lights up
but she don’t want anyone to know
that I’m the only one who gets to take her home

8. best song ever

which is only on this list bc of that time harry changed the pronouns mid song to make it literally a gay song

9. i would

also only on this list bc the lyrics got changed again and now its literally! a gay song

10. more than this

i don’t even know what they were up to in their early days but apparently they used to do really wild out there lyric changes and one of them was more than this where harry sang his solo as “i can love you more than stan” ?? listen whatever dude im interpreting this exactly how it sounds

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I wanna see rick being casual like not inventing or going on adventures.I want one episode that shows a NORMAL day..Interdimensional cable was the closest we got but I want one full episode

I hear you my dude, I took part in a thread about this a while ago where Rick and Summer take a trip to Interdimensional IKEA. You know, try some sofas, eat some meatballs and then that’s it. I’d wait for that shit and I’d be happily content about it.

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Tsundere... (Park Woojin) Pt. 2

Summary: School AU with Park Woojin and many many other produce 101 (season 1 and 2) contestants.

Author’s note: thank you to everyone who reads this series! ill try my best to keep updating regularly but i wont have my laptop or phone for the next few days but i will try to post as soon as i do!

Part 1

Part 2: Chocolate

Your perspective…

somsomiiii: guys my parents are going on a trip for the next three days and said i could have some friends over if i want…. :)

hi_doyeon: we should have a slept over

hi_doyeon: sleep ogre

hi_doyeon: slep over

hi_doyeon: sleep over

itsmeyoojung: YES im so down. somi are your parents okay with that?

somsomiiii: ya ofc, u guys can come by at 8 and BRING FOOD. y/n do u think u can come?

y/u/n: yep! i can bring some candy

hi_doyeon: ill bring a bunch of snakcs i have at home. can we bake somthing too?

somsomiiii: yea i have enough ingredients to make cookies or brownies or wtv you guys want. we can invite the guys over to just hangout for the night too since my parents trust all of them

itsmeyoojung: just daehwi, woojin, and jihoon right? i can text them

hi_doyeon: yea thats probably good enouh since too many poeple would be too hectic

somsomiiii: cool ill see u guys at 8, show up in your pjs!

y/u/n: (thumbs up emoji)

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Park Woojin As Your Boyfriend


•Literally every single one of these I’ve seen for Woojin has said he’ll be shy

•And hey I’m not disagreeing

•He’d be so shy when he first meets you, especially bc ur so pretty (😉)

•and yeah he’s just generally flustered around you

•like you could ask him how his day was and he’d just like freak out

•you: ‘hey Woojin! how was your day’

•him: *mind is blank* *where am I* *who am I* *bombs going off in the distance*

•but further into the relationship you discover that he’s just a goofball

•aka you might walk in while he’s doing some extra shit and your just like smh

•I feel like he’d be quite over-protective

•not like possessive tho

•it’s just bc your so precious to him and he doesn’t wanna lose you so he has to protect you at all costs from other boys and dangerous things

•like Kang Daniel and Ong Seongwoo

•I’m barely even kidding

•But seriously you’re so lucky

•like I imagine that with skinship Woojin will get embarrassed quickly

•but he’ll be so into it

•and he’s so cute when he’s embarrassed

•he’ll bury his face into his (big ass) hands and laugh slightly

•and you’re just like


•but lets be real isn’t everyone like that?!

•When you go on dates they’ll be really simple but really cute

•i feel like with Woojin you’d either stay at home or just do something simple like a picnic or coffee shop

•Also you’ll be really good friends with the Brand New guys!

•it’s your squad

•your dates might get invaded by them though

•you barely even mind bc lets be real its Youngmin Donghyun and Daehwi ??

•Waking up next to Woojin would be just as heart fluttering as Seongwoo

•with Seongwoo though I feel like he’s more a spooning type of person whereas Woojin is a cuddler

•and you’d wake up on his chest

•you’d probably wake up before him bc he seems sleepy

•but then when he does wake up he’ll have a deep voice with satoori and and- ugh

•(pls let me date Woojin)

•In short you’re in a cute relationship with a cute embarrassed boy who just wants the best for you

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I wanna be an artist like you one day I LOVE YOUR ART! I have one question though, when your drawing how many layers would you use? I'm a beginner artist so I would love to know <3

thank you so much and I’m glad that you love it! ^^ I really don’t know how many, but I use a lot of layers ;w; I think more than 8? :3 

So yeah

I kind of promised an update in June and June’s almost over

I’m, really sorry guys, a lot of stuff came in the way and it’s even harder to draw personal art quickly, i’m extending the hiatus until I can do a new page

at this point I literally have like, 2-3 hours of free time in the day to actually do art of any kind, it’s a summer class and everything’s fast-paced

I wanna get at least one page done during this time, the semester ends July 28, but yeah, i hope to get something done by then, I’m really sorry again guys…

I have been working on a picture since last weekend to give you all, I hope you’ll like it while you wait for a new page, and I’ll let you know when work on a new page has begun, take care

heyyoooo! so I just hit a big milestone for this blog, and honestly I never thought I would even get this far. I just want to say thank you to everyone that follows me, and everyone that has interacted with me, it means so much that you’ve taken an interest in my interpretation of Kevin. <3 but this post is mainly for me to give a shoutout to my faves and just thank literally everyone. 


@descntos - I fucking love you so much. You’re Joaquin is literally the best one ever. You’ve been my ride or die since day one, and I can’t thank you enough for that. 

@bvrgcrs - Listen– yOU ARE LITERALLY THE BEST. I love you sosos much. Your writing and jughead are so fucking amazing. I’m so glad that we’re best friends (even tho you wanna find a new dad and that makes me upset). 

@ruthlessandronnie - bABE! I know we haven’t been talking for very long and we haven’t even gotten a proper thread going yet (rip) but I love you so much??? You’re one of my best friends, and the best Veronica I’ve ever had the pleasure of interacting with at all. I can’t wait to get our ship going, and ddklfjdlfk i just need you to know that I’m so glad we met, and that I love you okay? 


@joneshead @cherryvixcn @chaosblossomed @luckyheels @heyxtherexjuliet @agonygiven @teencgewitch @tryingmother @southsideleader @blueandgoldcn @niightmaresmurfette @theblondenancydrew @ncttheperfectgirl @jacturra@survivingbywits@giingerstallion@hclliish@vixenwidowed@andrewsnco​ 

I’m probably forgetting people, but again thank you so much for following me and loving my blog! I love yall so much! <3 <3 

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yess oh gosh! but i wanna ask one thing–do you know any really helpful videos/sites/people that teach korean language that could really help you? also, thank you!! i really take my idols as motivation to study. i've dreamt of meeting them maybe on concert or a meetup. i know it seems impossible but even impossible dreams could come true if the effort/the persistence is done ✧ i'm so hyped sorry!! thank you carol omf you made my day bright. -yumi (i'll name myself because i'll be here freq.) ☺︎

it’s a pleasure to meet u yumi!! i actually have my fave korean resources in my faq but i hear the links are a little unpredictable so i’ll list them down here for ur convenience ✨

howtostudykorean // AMAZING resource for all things korean. it contains everything u need from teaching u hangul to grammatical particles and principles and vocab, in addition to including millions of sentence examples and audio clips of everything you’ve learnt/will be covered in the lesson. there are also extra pdf worksheets u can buy, and the owners of the site are always v accessible and helpful - they’re only an email away if u need them (✿◠‿◠) i use this site for 98% of my korean learning so please do check it out!!

talktomeinkorean // a wonderful resource for listening practise and learning about korean culture. their youtube channel is quite useful so definitely check it out (^• ω •^)

memrise // i use howtostudykorean’s units on memrise and it rly helps me to remember the vocab covered in the lessons ✨

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transformers is an old love of mine and i never really was interested in the humanformers au until i found your art ;v; bee was always one of my favorites in tfp and i absolutely love how you draw him - be it in bot or human form

Man thank you, i’m so honored glad you like it! Bee is a old love of mine and i really just wanna do him justice, i’m glad it shows! 

“I don’t wanna be a bartender forever.”
“Please tell me you didn’t fire yourself.”
“No, no.” Mon-El chuckled “I was just thinking in general..about the future I want..for me but also you.”
“Of course. I’m not talking about now obviously but one day, we could get..married, start our own family..and I think being a bartender wouldn’t be enough for us, even if you work as a reporter.” When those words left his mouth he was kind of terrified. They had never discussed their future so directly, Kara was a little shocked at first but, suddenly the idea wasn’t something so distant and frightening, but quite close to what they were in that moment and..she liked those projects.
“Do you have any plans?”
“Actually I don’t, that’s why I wanted to talk about this with you. How did you know you wanted to be a reporter?”
“I just felt a calling, helping people through my words means a lot for me, it’s my passion. Do you have any inclination?”
“I love reading, I love history and literature, but I also love psychology, yet I feel at my best when I’m cooking, making any type of food.”
“Why don’t you try with one of them first? Like, I can look for some cooking classes as a first. Would you like that?”
“Sure.” He smiled contentedly, kissing her briefly. “Why do I have a feeling that you suggested cooking classes first because of your own love for food?”
Kara threw him a pillow, “I don’t know what you’re talking about!” They giggled again, before getting closer under their blanket to watch Netflix.

Cherry Blossom: Did you make all these?

Mimsy: Yep! Fresh too. I set up every weekend and every day after school when I don’t have ballet classes.

Cherry Blossom: They smell really good.

Mimsy: Try one. It’s okay, it’s free this time.

Cherry Blossom: Really? Thanks. Mmm, it’s so good! You’re a really good cook.

Mimsy: Thanks! Do you wanna stay for a little bit and play?

Cherry Blossom: Okay!

yep, that’s right, Cherry Blossom is @berrysweetboutique‘s own! Lacey and Merlot around around somewhere too, but she just happened to come by today.

The World Is Made Of Choices

So this is my very late bday gift for @lynyrdwrites! This looks like an incomplete mess, and just a bunch of stuff crammed into it, and not done properly, but I had to stop it and post it, or else I was scared this would go on and on and I’d never post it at all. Maybe one day I’ll come back to it, and fix it? I didn’t wanna disappoint you *cries* so I hope you’ll like it anyway! I also need to thank @austennerdita2533 for all the help she gave me, she’s an angel <3 

Klaroline + spies + supernatural creatures = this mess! Enjoy~~ On FF

The World Is Made Of Choices

The world was changing, not on the calm surface - no - but on the underground, beneath society and the media, bended between all the laws. Every secret intelligence agency long knew about the truth of the hidden world: Vampires, werewolves, mermaids, any monster and myth known to man, were real and they couldn’t let that knowledge go. They took advantage of such things; experimenting on them, recruiting them, or blackmailing them into working with them - whatever worked. They never cared for motivations, not as long as the work was done. This way, the human agents took care of the logistics while the monsters went on dangerous missions - meaning fewer human casualties and fewer monsters roaming around, and that was a win-win situation in their book.

Caroline’s mother had been a cop, distant and neglectful, but still dear to her - and in the end, very protective of her daughter. When her father - a secret agent - found out about what she was - what she could do - Bill didn’t think twice before he threw her to the wolves.

“It’s for your sake.” he had said, voice low and sad, as if it changed the torture she went through. He’d told her he loved her, that he wanted her well and cured, and that this was the only way to save her - the only way to protect the world against beasts like her.

The moment Bill realized his little girl was no longer the same, he abandoned her. Telling her that now she’d work for them - for the men who cut her open and broke her apart, day in and day out - unless she’d like to die instead.

“One less monster to deal with or a piece to protect humankind,” Bill had said, destroying the last thing she’d held onto with her last remaining strength–her heart. “You choose.” And so she chose, she’d work for them. She’d help the innocents by doing their dirty work and risking her life. Caroline wished she could’ve just flown away from it all, but the shackles around her feet and fettered heart kept her prisoner. So, she became a secret agent for the supernatural department; the best damn agent the CIA ever had. In fact, she was one of the best agents in the whole world.

James Bond who?

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