i wanna be you one day

I can’t believe it took so long for this to sink in but I am LIVING for the fact that there isn’t one damn song on Reputation about Katy Perry. Taylor’s like, “Yeahhhh… I don’t wanna waste my breath on you” 😂

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Why are people getting mad that Blake Shelton is the sexiest man alive?

Because. Blake Shelton is not the sexiest man alive. I’m sorry but the man has a beer belly and cheated on his Banging Hot Wife with his co star. Granted no I’m not defending his ex, she did some shady shit too.
But to my point here Blake isn’t hot. He’s not even sexy, he’s attractive sure. But he’s average, he’s a little boring even. Sure he’s probably the sexiest one in the barn yard Ho-down, but alive??? There’s not much to look at in general and he’s only a half ass country star. He was way better back in the day.
What makes his so sexy? Nothing. You wanna know who’s sexy??? Who’s so fine they make woman want to lick them from hairline to ankle???

Ryan Reynolds
Michael B Jordan
Taron Egerton
Chris Pratt
Andrew Garfield
Mark Strong
My Dad
Chris Evans
Chris Hemsworth
My Dog
Robert Downy Jr.
Idris Elba
John Stamo’s
Channing Tatum
Joe Manganiello

I mean that’s just a few of who I think could be a better choice and less boring. But I mean who am I to say anything, I’m only a woman and know what is clearly attractive to anyone out side of the inbred hillbilly barn dance he looks like he stepped out of. But hey I guess I’m wrong.

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Hey :) do you have any similar (Lloyd) cosplay pics from you similar to the one from the first day of #ninjagofashion2017 ? Because that one is absolutely stunning!

Hey anon ^-^

I have only this picture from that day. I wanna do an other Lloyd `Shooting`as soon as possible but it’s difficult.

But well here you can see the symbol on my back :D

This look is inspired by season 4. I want to upgrade the armparts with amor and I’m planing to do a Jade Blade :3

HC/ AU thingy!!!

hi yes can we talk about one of my fav danny phantom hc/au:

tiny ghost community!!!

  • they follow Danny oarouond during the day the way small fish follow a shark.
  • some stay in his room and hide there they cuddle with Danny at night/ dogpile danny at night 
  • follow Danny cause he emits ambient ghostly energy (which is more potent when he is in ghost form) and feels protective to them so they feel safe with him
  • they haunt places he frequents like his home, locker and the nasty burger
  • they like to hover invisibly near him in class
  • danny can sense they’re there but they do not trigger his ghost sense
  • danny being annoyed at them at first and throwing them into the ghost zone but letting them stay eventually since they keep coming back and aren’t hurting anyone

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Minhyun + do u dirty


Your eyes traveled up from your laptop to the tall figure of Hwang Minhyun, towering over the divider of your cubicle.

“Hey,” you replied, raising an eyebrow curiously, unsure as to why your co-worker was talking to you in the middle of the day.

“So, I was thinking,” he began, smiling at you with that charming, boyish grin of his, “would you want to grab lunch today?”

You stared up at the handsome man for a moment, eyes darting over his attractive features before a smirk found its way onto  your lips.

The two of you had hooked up a week ago, after an office party, and you’d warned him that it was a one-time thing, no strings attached. Apparently, he hadn’t taken your warning seriously.

“Nope,” you replied easily, turning your attention back to your computer.

“Wha– (y/n),” Minhyun’s voice dropped to a whisper as he leaned on your cubicle’s partition. “We had something special.”

You shrugged, typing away, “Special or not, I said it was a one-time thing. Meaning, a second time is not an option.”

Minhyun stared at you for a moment more before shaking his head. “You know, most people in the office would jump at the opportunity to go on a date with me,” he sighed, “I guess you really are different.”

“Go back to your office, Minhyun,” you said quietly, not even looking up at the man. Minhyun paused for a second longer before humming quietly and heading off to his seat.

“Wow, you truly are heartless,” your deskmate, Seongwoo commented, nose wrinkled, “turning down Emperor Hwang? That’s dedication.”

You shrugged again, “I’m focused on my career, is that so wrong? I don’t have time to be worried about dating.”

blog rates + icons

hello everyone i just reached my next goal already and i love all u babies. so i decided to do some blog rates and icon requests in one, you can see my icons here.

here’s the rules:

  • must be following my steve loving ass
  • please reblog!! 
  • you don’t have to be a stranger things blog i love everyone
  • pls send me either a heart emoji, or maybe a story about your day, or your fave character !!
  • if you want an icon too pls tell me who + what colour
  • if you don’t want an icon you can just send the other stuff :)
  • icons may take a few mins so be patient with me
  • pls blacklist megsrates if you don’t wanna see this stuff

layout under the cut

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I just had a random headcanon about Jonathan being genderfluid. I was wondering if you have any ideas about this because I'm a terrible writer and can't get any ideas on paper 😃

Never really thought about this before but I kind of love it??? I just want to say that you don’t have to be genderfluid to participate in any of these things. Be who you wanna be, remind anyone who disagrees that lines in the sand of expression are always eventually washed away by the ocean of time.

One word in particular jumps out at me. Skirts.

Have you seen Charlie Heaton in a skirt because I have, it’s gorgeous and something we should never forget. Jonathan wearing black skirts down to his knees around the house, sometimes with leggings underneath and sometimes without. He likes the freedom of them, and he always blushes when Steve is over because the older boy never stops staring at him with utter adoration.

Eleven paints Jonathan’s nails one day for fun (Will’s too) and Jonathan finds he likes the way it looks. He doesn’t do the bright pink El loves to wear, but he finds that blue is a very pretty color. He gets a lot of shit for it at school, but nobody will do anything more than whisper behind his back or bump shoulders with him for fear of getting punched out. Because Jonathan might have some feminine traits but he won’t hesitate to defend himself, he can hold his own. In fact, he’s the one that glares people down for talking shit about Steve. 

He gets his ears pierced, lets his hair grow out to a shaggier length that curls over his ears and brushes his neck.  He still has a propensity for wearing dark colors, but he sincerely loves the pink leather jacket Nancy got him one Christmas.

Back then, genderfluid wasn’t something people knew about, but in a late night conversation Jonathan might describe himself as “Not just a boy,” and that was good enough for him so it was good enough for everyone else that loves him. He felt happy wrapped in Steve’s arms late at night, dressed in only a big t-shirt and a pair of boxers. 

Fourth of July ‘85 Jonathan lights sparklers for the kids in the backyard wearing a white tank top and a dark blue skirt, combat boots laced up and socks to his shins. They call him Jay more than Jonathan now (Something El started way before Jonathan began to dress differently, he doesn’t mind the name his mother gave him but the nickname still makes him smile in the same way Jonny does), and when Steve kisses him under the light of the fireworks, his glittery lip gloss shines on the older boy’s lips.

*screen not mine*


Thanks to @kenjkats and @jakemckenji for hosting!

I secretly headcanon that Meiko was the one who suggested Kenji take MC out for high tea because:

  1. She could tell that he was upset after not hearing from MC for a week
  2. She likes MC and wants them to be happy together

I just really like the idea of my MC being Meiko Katsaros Approved okay. I LOVE HER.

Pfft I tried writing this as fic but it wasn’t cooperating so if you wanna read more, have some bullet points instead:

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Can I have this quote for I.M/Changkyun “Please don’t go away. Please? No one’s ever stuck with me for so long before.” -Dory, Finding Nemo Could you please make it really angsty and sad, I wanna cry right now. Thank you. 💕

Ahh Im afraid this isn’t as sad as you wanted it to be, but I hope you still like it! -Admin Bee

The heavy metal door slams shut behind you, the defining click of the lock sliding into place coinciding with the release of your shoulders. Your back hits the cold surface and you slide down, joining the man beside you on the floor. Both of you are trying to catch your breath, no amount of cardio days at the gym could prepare you for running for your life.

“That was a close one,” Changkyun breathes, looking over to you with an impish grin. All you can do is glare back, words escaping you until your lungs had time to recover. With a final huff, he stands and makes his way over to the control board of the machine, pressing a few buttons to make the machine start again. Meanwhile, your heart was still trying to escape out your throat.

“How did you recover so fast?”

He glances over his shoulder as you struggle to stand before turning back to pull a lever, “Must be an alien thing.”

“Must be,” you mutter. Finally you join him at the console, still having to grip onto the edge of a panel of knobs and wires. With a final lever pull, the machine gives a hefty groan and puff, transporting you away from the mysterious planet and through the realm of space and time.

“Where to next?” He asks, sliding a monitor over to enter the coordinates. You sigh, rubbing a hand over your face.

“Actually, could you just take me home?”

Changkyun stills, his fingers hovering over the keyboard. You’re about to ask what’s wrong when he shakes his head, going quiet but still entering your address and the day you’d left home, just an hour later.

The ride back is unusually quiet. Typically at this time the two of you would be excitedly yelling about the adventure you’d just been on, eagerly awaiting the next destination Changkyun was taking you to. But this was different. Neither of you had said it, but this felt like goodbye.

The machine groans again and you know without opening the doors that you’ve already arrived. Changkyun won’t look at you. He simply unlocks the door.

You whisper a small “thank you,” hoping he knows there’s so much you can’t articulate behind the words. Leaving is suddenly harder than you once imagined it would be. It’s with one hand against the door that you hesitate, hearing his sharp intake of air that makes you turn around to look at him. He’s watching you go, but now with one arm outstretched toward you.

“Please don’t go away. Please? No one’s ever stuck with me for so long before.”

You glance back at your apartment building. You’re so close, near feet away from your doorstep and inside the safety, comfort, familiarity of your home. In a few hours you could be snuggled under your blankets, pretending that Changkyun and his time machine was all a hallucinatory dream, the wonders your eyes had seen simply fairytales to melt into your memories. You’d go back to your job as a secretary, see your two friends from work, resume your ordinary life.

But what was the fun in that?

“Alright, Spaceman.” His eyes light up at the nickname you’d given him at the start of your adventures together and you reach forward to place your hand into his, “Show me the stars.”

send an idol + a Disney quote/song and we’ll write a drabble based on it![no more please!]

A Sickly Sporty Fic

This is for @irl-scrungass who has been feeling sick for a few days! I based it on this doodle they did (the top right one). Sportacus all frowny in a blanket gave me such a jolt of inspiration I had to do something.

Anyway, hope you feel better, Miko!!

Sportacus sat on the floor of Robbie’s lair with a thermometer sticking out of his mouth. He was without his hat or vest, securely cocooned in blankets. His tired blue eyes were fixed on the Robbie’s TV. Every once in a while he gave a great sniff, though his nose remained mostly stuffed.

The thermometer let out a few beeps. Behind him, Sportacus heard footsteps, but he didn’t move. Instead he kept his eyes on the nature documentary. The thermometer was gently taken from his lips and he heard Robbie tisk.

“No fever. So it’s just a cold then. Not much you can do about a cold,” Robbie grumbled above Sportacus. Sportacus didn’t say anything. His throat was dry and his chest hurt with each deep breath. He frowned at the TV as a pride of lion snuggled up with each other for the night.

“’Obbie?” He said in a hoarse voice, “Can I hab some tea?”

Fingers carded through Sportacus’ wavy hair, “I already have some water going,” Robbie said, “Do you need more tissues?”

Sportacus shook his head and leaned his cheek against Robbie’s leg. He felt miserable. He couldn’t jump or play or anything. He could barely talk.

The microwave beeped in the other room. Robbie patted Sportacus’ head and the sickly hero shifted away. He blinked slowly at the TV as Robbie disappeared. Now a zebra was running with its family. Within minutes, Robbie had reentered with a steaming mug. He held it out to Sportacus, who let of his blankets to take it. The liquid felt great going down his throat.

Sportacus tried to thank Robbie but instead launched into a coughing fit. Robbie knelt down and rubbed his back through it. Sportacus slumped against him when he was done, clutching the warm mug like a life line.

Sportacus sniffed, “Are you sure you’re okay habing be down here?” He asked for the hundredth time since Robbie had dragged him into the lair this morning.

Robbie rolled his eyes, “Yes, Sportasick. It’s either I watch you down here or I have to go up to your horrid ship and help you there.” He situated himself so he was sitting beside Sportacus, pulling a spare blanket off his armchair and draping it over both of them.

“But you bight get sick.”  

“It would be a good reason to stay inside sleeping, right?”

“Nooo…” Sportacus pulled the blankets tighter around himself. The medication Robbie had made him take earlier was probably kicking in, “Don’t get sick, ‘Obbie.”

Robbie wrapped an arm around Sportacus and changed the channel to a cooking show, “Then hurry up and get better, Sporty.”

“…N’kay.” Sportacus lay his head on Robbie’s shoulder. He watched the show until he fell into a congested, yet warm and comfortable, sleep.


It me.

gimme like one or two days to figure out how to relax and then I’ll be dishing out drawings. I have a couple blacksun drawings planned (and I wanna redo that one gif I did way back), hopefully I can give y’all some actual animation (probably just roughs since I dunno how to do clean up/color yet), and y’all are gettin some obitine probably cause Rusty got me hecked up over these two. I also have other stuff planned we’ll see~~

and streamssss are back toooo

comms are open until the 4th of January so come get em while they’re hot!

we always talk about how tom would love on us, but can we speak about how we’d love on tom?

like, i’d love to just sit with him on a day with no particular connotation, and just tell him how beautiful and talented he is.

i DESPERATELY want to sit next to him all cuddled up, while i play with his hair and press gentle kisses to his cheek, and tell him how much he means to me.

i’ve briefly mentioned this to another blog, but my favorite place to kiss him would be where his little mole was on his chin. i’d literally pepper thousands of kisses around his entire face before pressing my lips to his chin, and i’d pull away and say “you’re beautiful with and without it.”

there are many other lovey dovey things, but i really just wanna give tom all of my love one day.

Thanksgiving Toonblr Requests

I haven’t done much gift art or anything for others other than commissions due to my slow art style, but this year I’ve been working on improving so I wanna try some requests to give back to the fandom I’ve been in forever

I’ll start off with 5 and see how that goes, but I’m thinking over the next few days up until thanksgiving i’ll take more.
(May or may not be colored depending on how quickly I can get them done)

Note: I’m able to draw most species but I have a hard time with pigs and monkeys and I haven’t tried drawing crocodiles yet

Examples (reblog with a ref if you want one please!):

alma70  asked:

Re-downloaded the file and installed it again but the hair still doesn't show up in my game for some reason. I only have the BG. Anyone else having problems with it not showing up?

I haven’t gotten any asks about it not working.  Is your game updated?  And if so, which file did you download exactly?  I added a folder for individual files: One is the hair itself and one is the flower accessory, which is in the “Earrings” category.

Also, it has a custom thumbnail.  If you’re not seeing it, maybe try narrowing the filters in CAS by ticking “Custom Content”, then by “Texture” and tick “Wavy”.

Anyone else who doesn’t have Cats & Dogs having issues with my “Waves for Days” hair?

If it still isn’t showing up, please don’t hesitate to send me another ask.  I wanna make sure this gets fixed. :)