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i need some help mama brat. i wanna get outdoor retreat and so many other simmers say it is amazing, but I don't know if I should! What are some things you like about it, (if you have it).

hey nerd !!!!! outdoor retreat was the most fun 4 me…..like i play w it the most out of all the packs!!!! i like the whole campin thing. like tents. and the lil cooler. n like chillin by a fire. reminds me of when i was just camping w @kismet-sims and we screamed sittin by the fire and i peed in an outhouse. nice!!!! i think u should get it n i think u will enjoy all the things!!! xoxo

Ulrike was winning but Kali was close behind.
They cut the game short as Ulrike had to run to the bathroom. 

Kali turned to Hana. 
“Hey Hana.” 
Hana laughed
“Why’re you staring at me like that.”
“Like what?”
“With that face.”
“’Cause I love when you suck at games.”
Hana smiled.
“You look way too cute right now.” Hana said quietly.
“I think you look cute no matter what.” 
“I’m not cute at everything you know.”
“Yeah, you kind of are.” 

Love How You Hate Me - Sam x Reader

A/N: Fucking finally! I’m back! I made this part longer to kind of make up for my absence. Any one else in love with the Northern Lights? Anytime there’s even a chance of them appearing, I’m outside. I LOVE spending all night looking at them. So, I incorporated that into this. We have a bit more plot. Crabby Dean. Along with a few of my favorite side characters. Wayward Daughters, anyone? Hope you all enjoy! :D

Previous Parts: One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven 

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Warnings: Outdoor sex, Use of ice cubes

Word Count: Roughly 5000

“So,” You played with the food on your plate as Sam spoke up to break the silence, “anything exciting happen since we left?”

You were with the boys in South Dakota. Sioux Falls to be exact. Sitting at Jody Mill’s table next to Alex while Claire sat at the end, by Dean. Jody to your left.

Alex was graduating, and Jody had invited the boys out. You were simply a tag along to aid in your restlessness, and to finally meet the infamous Mills. You’d heard about her multiple times, but you had stayed behind the last time they’d gone out to see her. Now, your curiosity was met.

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I’m trying to take you to the Tamale lady on our first date shorty. Verdes o rojos. You could have whatever you like. I’m trying to crash a quienceañera with you. Argue about who’s taking the center piece. The tamborazo is poppin. We’re both fly. I got a pulserita with your name. You got one with my name. Power.

I’m trying to eat tacos standing up with you. Order the cebollitas boo. I ain’t got no worries. The taquero is playing Los Invasores on an old radio. “Otros dos de Al Pastor Compa.” We don’t know his name so we call him Compa.

I’m trying to dedicate a song for you on La Que Buena. Probably a Banda Recodo one…most likely when Julio Preciado was still there. Cause I’m real like that. While I’m on air I’m a shout out my Pueblo. I don’t think I know anyone from my Pueblo anymore. But I gotta do it for cultural reasons.

I’m trying to put tequila in your raspa. Both buzzed ordering Un Elote con todo bout an hour later. You half mad…saying I’m getting you fat…half looking at the chicharrones. I see you girl.

I’m trying to teach you how to play pool in a little bar in Dolores Hidalgo. We’re there to visit Jose Alfredo’s tomb. I’m trying to go to La plaza de Mariachi’s in DF with you. I can’t sing. But broad daylight you gonna hear this Hermoso Cariño shit come outta me.

I’m trying to wake up early and watch Despierta America with you. You can can criticize all the broads on there…except if Salma Hayek comes out. My only rule hon.

I’m trying to leave my ringtone on high. Get a bunch of texts. You gonna do the whole “oh…ain’t you gonna answer all your little bitches”…I’m a do the whole “I’ll answer them later. But they’re not all bitches. They’re cool” Now you mad. Now I giggle. Now you’re pissed. Now I gotta work to make it up. You dig?

I just wanna go buy fruit, garbanzos and shampoo at an outdoor flea market with you boo. Buy you a pulserita para la protección for you. Muchos haters. Play fight about who’s doing brujeria on who.

Walk through the Mexican mall…doing that walk that only Ghetto Latinos in love do. Walk right behind you really slow hugging. We only do it sarcastically to make fun of the ones doing it for real. Pinches nacos.

Trying to take you to a karaoke bar. You ain’t trying to sing. Fresa. Couple shots later you up there dedicating Rata de Dos Patas for me. Off key…but you get a standing ovation cause you meant that shit. Now I gotta do Jigga’s Big Pimping to soften the blow. Smh.

I wanna be the “Está guapo, si no te lo quedas tu, me lo quedo yo” de tu tía. You know that tía that still thinks she got it…reliving her Hoodrat glory at every family function. I wanna be the “Está feo…Pero pues si estas feliz a mi me da igual” de tu jefita. Momma be knowing.

Trying to take you to a family party. Lil nieces going up to you smiling asking “Eres su novia?” in a chipmunk voice. My sis asks me all loud “Y LA OTRA?” Chill. My sis stays hating.

I’m trying to Netflix and chill with you. We call it Selena and tostadas de tinga on deck. Mid day micheladas. Palomas and pizza. Tequila Tuesday. Poppa said you never know a woman till you see her drunk. Poppa be knowing.

Just trying to be your Profesor Jirafales…Ms. Florinda. Except none of that fodonga shit. Fly shit. All day. Primero muerta que sencilla dices. Trying to be like “a donde tan peinada” knowing you coming with me. Pero apurate cause el open bar se acaba.

No se. Piénsalo.

Hit me up.

Nos vemos en el tianguis boo.

*leaves full Bryndis song on your beeper*


H2OVanoss - King For A Day Part 2

You’re all darling people, sorry for the wait! 

Yes, I made Moo older. He looks older than most of the banana bus squad.

Please, look at the tags at to see the pairings within!

Chapter 2: cause you and i, we were born to die

Brock sighed for the twentieth time.

“Hold still, you two.” He warned as he dropped his hands firmly in a clamp onto identically clad shoulders.

“Sorry.” Evan scuffed his footagainst the floorboards. “It’s hard.”

“Yeah, what he said.” Tyleryawned, stretching his arms above his head. “But we can’t help it, Brock. We’re bored out of our minds. How long do we have to stand here?”

“Think of it as practice.” The football player advised. “We’re going to be in a lot of meetings like this when we get older.”  

“This sucks.” The bespectacled boy pouted. “I’d rather –”

And a sharp, high pitched yell caused them all to jump.






The three boys looked at each other in surprise, not expecting that there were other children in the den of the adversary of their boss.

“They’re outside.” The older boy spoke as he turned towards to the window, his dark eyes focused on the scuffle outdoors.

“I wanna see!” Evan threw his arms up at him, and Tyler mimicked him.

With a smile, Brock effortlessly scooped them both up, balancing the young pair against his hips to peer out the pane of glass.  “There. Now hang onto the windowsill.”

A group of boys no older than Brock were out playing in the freshly trimmed grass. The oldest one was lying on his side, busily entertaining a four year old sitting next to him with a pile of toy cars.

But who had caught Evan’s eye was the deathly-pale skinned boy locked off in a standoff with a tanned, blond one. He was skinny, with the sleeves of his blue sweater pushed up over his elbows as he leaned back in a clumsy fighting stance. His ice blue irises flashed with challenge as he seized up his partner. “I didn’t shove you, Fourzero, I swear.” His voice was gratingly haughty.

“Oh, so the wind did it, Delirious?” the other sneered childishly, running a hand through his dirty blond hair.

Delirious rolled his baby blues. “I don’t care who did it, but I didn’t do it. Maybe Lui did.”

“Lui’s four, dumbass. He can’t even reach his bed.” The third of the trio spoke, sighing. He had been sitting cross-legged on the ground next to them. “Just apologize to Scotty and be done with it, Delirious. I want to play soccer.”  

“Yeah, just do it.” Scott mocked. “Apologize to– oof!” He wheezed as he was tackled by the brunet to the ground.

Expertly, he had pinned his friend on the floor, and Fourzero thrashed around wildly, trying to free myself to no avail.

He let out a victorious shout. “Start counting, Marcel! I got him down!”

“Get off of me, Delirious!” Fourzero cried out, flailing helplessly as he tried to throw him off. “You’re so fat!”

“-ven, eight, nine, ten! Delirious, you won!” The one named Marcel crowed gleefully, throwing himself into the pile of wriggling limbs.

“Told y'all I could beat him someday.” Delirious giggled madly as he tried to fend off Marcel’s slaps to his back. “Will you quit it, Basically!”

“Brock, can we play with them please?” Tyler tugged on his shirt, his mischievous expression replaced with one of childish pleading.

“Yeah, can we, Brock?”  Evan joined in, pulling on his t-shirt sleeve. “We promise to be good.”

“I…” Before the eleven year old could complete his sentence, the door across the hall swung open, startling Brock enough to tighten his grip on the two little boys he carried aloft. A deeply tanned man stepped out, a man that wasn’t Tyler’s dad. Instinctively, Evan and Tyler went on alert, watching the man with wary eyes as they clung fearfully to the football player.

“I thought I heard voices.” The tanned man gave them a generous smile of white teeth. His face was kind, and he gestured to the window they had been staring out of. “I didn’t realize you brought your children, old friend.”

“I want them to observe,” Came the terse reply as Tyler’s dad stepped into view. An imposingly tall man with a cruel jaw stepped into view. Evan fought the urge to bury his face into Brock’s sleeve – his boss always made him nervous. “I want them to learn their roles early on.”

“There’s plenty of time ahead of them to observe and learn, old friend.  Let your boys play with mine. Let them be children. There is plenty of time to turn them into the men we want them to be.“ He held out his hands, his blue eyes pointedly soft towards the frozen trio in the corner. “Go on. They’re usually friendly.”

"Don’t be ridiculous.” Their boss scoffed. “You clearly haven’t changed. Why would I let my boys near yours?”

“Why not?” The other man rolled his eyes, an action that was reminiscent of Delirious. “They’re just kids”

“This isn’t a playdate, old friend.” His harsh voice dripped with sarcasm. “And you know what? We’re done here.” He straightened up, and strode rudely down the hall towards the entrance without so much of a backwards glance. “Let’s go. Come, Brock.”

Obediently, the curly-haired football player followed, still toting the two younger boys in his big arms.

Evan took one last long look out the window at the group of merry boys beyond his reach, and a pang of longing ran through his veins as they slowly disappeared from view.

It wasn’t fair.

“So, where do you think we should go have lunch, Evan?”

He gave his head a little shake. “Sorry, Brock, what’d you say?”

“Did you see something?”  

“Naw.” The Asian man shrugged truthfully. “I just zoned out.”

“Okay. I’m going to go in and check on the Terroriser. Do you want me to send Tyler out to keep you company?”

“Do as you please.” Evan waved him away. “As long as I don’t have to go in there.”

“Done.” Moo Snuckel laughed as he made to duck back into the store. “I’ve probably tortured him enough. That’ll teach him to steal my car for a joyride.”

“You know it won’t!” The Asian sniped back playfully. He leaned back against the cool glass, lazily watching the Christmas shoppers pass him with their oversized bags of presents. He was in a good mood today. Everything was falling into all the right places. Tyler’s dad was finally going to abdicate his position in a few short days, and Tyler himself was going to rise from underboss to being the boss to take his place. Moo was going to be his underboss, and he, Vanoss, was going to be his consigliere.

To say he was excited was an understatement. He was finally going to assume the position he trained for his entire life – he didn’t have to be a capo anymore, though he hadn’t minded the job. He had enjoyed the running around and the risking of his life for work, but he was happy to put that behind him. He vastly preferred the planning side of things, and it brought in better money too.

He ran a hand through his hair and yawned. Plus, it was easier to keep an eye on Mini and Brian who were still capos in the game.

A loud voice almost next to him startled Evan out of his thoughts. His senses on hazy alert, he scanned the open area, his dark eyes scanning for his interruption, and his vision fell upon a group that just came out of a store on his left.

“You guys have to stop. My stomach hurts.” A vaguely pretty girl giggled. She was tiny compared to the rest of them. “Next time I’m bringing Ptesh or Janet with me to shop instead.”

“Aww, come on. We told you the first time we took you out years ago that we aren’t that bad.” The curly-haired one whined.

“Yeah, we told you so.” The blond one saucily waggled his eyebrows. “Now, I’m interested in some new kicks. Who’s coming with?”

“Not me.” The fourth of their group spoke tiredly. “I’m beat.” An accent that Evan couldn’t place tinged his exhausted voice. A sweet shiver ran down his spine, and he slowly inclined his head to catch a glimpse of him through his mirrored aviators.

Evan wasn’t disappointed, and unconsciously he licked his lips at the sight of the third man.

He was pale – porcelain, Evan would think up later. His brown hair was practically cropped short to his head. He had a generous mouth framed with barely-pink lips, and he wore a two-toned grey hoodie. His irises were a faded pale blue, and his expression was one of pure painted boredom.

Vanoss was mildly impressed at the amount of disdain in the man’s expression.    

“Aw man, you can’t be, Jonathan. It’s only been three hours.”

He bit his bottom lip, and Vanoss had to suck in a quick breath at the man’s action.

He released the appendage to speak. “I want food.” He complained with a pout on his face, his face transforming from one of mundane aloofness straight to one of childish petulance. “I haven’t eaten all day, Marcel.”

“We’re almost at the food court, man.” The man called Marcel dismissed. “You can hold out a little longer and then we’ll get a bite to eat, okay?”

“Whatever. I’m not going inside, though.” He slouched moodily next to Evan, taking no notice of him. “I’ll just wait outside.”

“That’s a good thing, since I was planning on buying you new shoes.” The girl grinned brightly, and she leaned in conspiratorially as the other two men bounded into the store that Brock, Brian and Wildcat were in. “I’ll try to make them be quick, but you know how they are.”

He waved her away. “I may just wander off and feed myself. Go join them.”

As she disappeared into the store after them, Jonathan sighed heavily.

“God, I hate shopping.” He muttered, seemingly to himself.

“Me too.” Evan agreed with him, and the blue-eyed man cast him a glance.

“You been dragged here too?” He snorted as he turned to face him properly, his pupils giving the Asian a quick once over.

“My family’s been in there for an hour already.” Evan shrugged, pretending not to notice the man’s scanning of his body. “They haven’t even found a pair for themselves yet.”

“Oh, for fuck’s sake.” He buried his face in his hands. “They’re never gonna leave.”

“I’m Evan.” He shot the other man a half-smile that was meant to charm his socks off. “The guy with a big enough truck to load all of their crap in.”

The man let out a rusty laugh that settled too comfortably in the back of Evan’s brain. “Jonathan.” He returned the smile with a genuine one of his own.  “The guy who’s the designated bag carrier who doesn’t have any bags yet.”

“Nice to meet you.”


Evan let a pause settle in before he dived in for the kill. He pushed himself off of the glass window of the shoe store to face the other man.

“Wanna go grab a bite to eat?” He said mischievously, a smirk etched onto his face, bouncing his weight from one foot to another. “I doubt they’ll notice. I’ll buy.”

Jonathan groaned and his stomach rumbled loudly, causing the Asian to snicker.

“Man, I thought you’d never ask.”

To be continued…

I do apologize that there isn’t much happening here. But it is all buildup to the plot.

Thank you so much for your patience <3 please, if you liked it, <3 it and drop me a comment [here]. 

Previous Chapter: [link]
Next Chapter: tba

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2, 6 and 20 :)

2. outgoing or shy? generally pretty outgoing. like too outgoing for my own good 😊
6. what kinda guy am i into? i LOVE guys with sense of humor. if i can genuinely laugh with you, i can love you. i love guys who are protective too, but not controlling. i wanna know im safe at all times. he has to like the outdoors. im kinda weird bc im attracted to guys w a lil chub on em. ummm mostly just respectful, not only to me, but to my family & friends. and a Godly man never hurts either ❣
dont remember the next # (im on mobile) but the question was do i like my neighbors… YES I ADORE THEM theyre the sweetest elderly people

thanks for the questions babe!


Because it’s about a million degrees outside right now, I feel like some more seasonally-appropriate looks are in order. So, to kick off Tropical Week let’s revisit one of my favourite looks from the archives

Aruba, Jamaica, the ECRU CROCHETED MESH DRESS is back and better than ever. In the close-up (top image) we see the meticulous detailing present in the beadwork and on the windswept side part.

Truly extraordinary.

For My Brother

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam…and some new ones

Words: 2757

Summary: A mini vacation is cut short when Dean sees a kid who reminds him too much of himself.

Author’s Note: I left it open for a part 2…so if you’d like it to go on, let me know.

“Dean, come on,” you called out to your boyfriend, “I swear, you take longer in the bathroom than I do.”

           You could hear Dean’s deep chuckle from the other side of the door, “I’ve been in here for like five minutes. If that. Hangout.”

           You giggled and sat down on the bed in the small motel room. It was your second day in the morel, and it was all by choice. It had been a while since Dean had had a day off from hunting, so you insisted that you stay after the simple salt and burn from the day before. He needed some time to wind down. And so did you.

           “Okay, I’m ready,” Dean said, coming out of the bathroom, “What are we even doing today?”

           “We’re going shopping,” you said, standing up.

           Dean audibly groaned, “Shopping? Really? We can’t just stay here in the room and have some fun?” he asked, pouting.

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my smutty haikyuu headcanons

Kuroo, Bokuto, Akaashi, Suga and Daichi (click on keep reading!)

tried to write this gender neutral - if there’s anything bothering you, please let me know!


  • all hail the master of tongue
  • 24/7 horny
  • likes outdoor sex and oral
  • favorite line: “I wanna eat you out so bad!”
  • position: 69; s/o sitting on his face
  • insecurity: (he’s Kuroo… what are you talking about?!)


  • once started his sex drive is inexhaustible
  • likes leaving marks
  • favorite line: “Ready for the next round?”
  • position: sex on a table; s/o sitting on higher surface
  • insecurity: insecure of his body when completely naked in front of his s/o (once in grade school someone called him chubby)

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Short Bumblebee fic

I was on skype with Angie and she was talking about a high school AU she had because she was angry with so many people forgetting how feminine Yang is and I started thinking about the dynamics of cheerleader!Yang and bookworm!Blake’s relationship and this really short and really crap scenario was born.

I wrote this in 20 minutes please excuse any mistakes and the shitty quality.


The day was laid out as what would typically be considered a quiet day: No class interruptions, minimum gossip being spread, and above all, no one went out of their way to attempt to start a conversation with her. Blake briskly walked to the library, hugging her anatomy textbook to her chest and skillfully dodging the pathways of her more rambunctious peers. The hallways were filled with loud chatter and promises to meet up over the weekend or confirmations to attend the weekly high school party at so-and-so’s house later that night. She ignored it all as she always did since even pretending to be listening would be out of place for someone of her social status. Instead she ducked into the safety of the silent library, heaving a great sigh of relief as the suffocating noise of the narrow hallways dissipated as the door slowly swung shut, shutting out all of that nonsense from her designated sanctuary.

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London Spy: Alex, Or Why I Have All the Damn Feelings About Him

About me: grew up in a VERY patriarchal culture (literally going to be the first girl with a four-year college degree in my family! :D) @zooeyscigar: Thanks for your support!

I grew up with a lot of guys who were expected to be “ideal men” and acted accordingly. This meant no emotion other than anger, a calm and in control demeanor at all times and careful and serious thought into everything they did. They would grow up to be upstanding citizens, husbands, fathers and provide for their families. Did everyone follow this? No. But this was how it’s supposed to be. 

It’s a very toxic, gender-dividing and ultimately unrealistic form of masculinity. I want to talk about my own personal experiences with this and how I view Alex and Danny’s relationship in light of all this. 

Spoilers under the cut! Also lots of flailing and incoherent feelings. Warning, it gets very ramble-y. Feel free to message/reply to this! I wanna know what other people think!

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