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I don't even know how to react every time I see the gif of their boxes packed my heart skips a beat this is so domestic? good? wholesome? it's so good for them I jus wanna cry a little

so i wasn’t really surprised during most of that video but 10:32-10:39 really got to me..? moving theories were smth a lot of people believed in for a very long time and although we had a lot of good plausible evidence, nothing was concrete and people still had doubt. but now.. seeing their apartment literally reduced to cardboard boxes? after years of practically living inside that apartment with them due to how familiar we were with every nook and cranny of it? after months of speculating that we may have to imminently familiarize ourselves with an entirely new place? it feels like god slapping me in the face.. it doesn’t feel real..

I should be working on the next chapter to FTGO! or CHDH. Instead I’m staying up late to write a smutty one-shot that’s so angsty it’s making my heart hurt. Maybe I’m just tired and it’s really not so bad? I guess I’ll find out when I eventually post it and hear people’s reactions. I’m 3.5k words in and haven’t reached the smut yet. Don’t know if I’m capable of writing PWP, haha. 

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How much (if you even do) sell your babies for? I'm not interested in showing I'm just looking into getting a buddy in few few years! (Preferably male please! I've had female animals all my life and wanna shake things up a little)

I do sell peepers.

One of my goals and the one I have the most immediate and direct control over is providing people with the best possible First experience with pet pigeons and doves.

All Ramsey pigeons, regardless of breed, are $30.
All Ramsey Ringnecks are $20.
I want to ask juuuust enough to prevent impulse and attempted bulk purchases without making them prohibitively expensive.

Physically sound rescue pigeons are $20.
Physically sound Ringneck Doves are $15.
Because I cannot guarantee their long term health or temperament, only that they will be disease and parasite free before they leave my home.

Pigeons with special needs are $10.
Doves with special needs are $5.
Special needs birds can be high maintainence and require frequent vet visits, so I want to make things as easy on their approved adopters as possible.
But the people that would snap up a disabled bird for a stocked hunt or dog training think “taking it off my hands” is doing me a favor and NOTHING insults those people as much as being asked to pay ANY adoption fee!
So it doesn’t take much of a fee to deter that sort of person. ^v^

u kno i dont go into the whole kin shebang because it kind of freaks me out a little and isnt a road i wanna go down ever but just kno if i Had to pick a chara it’d be jim kirk from star trek. lmao i just feel that #puil to him.. i relate 2 he

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why am i not surprised 


-it’s made by roosterteeth, the same folks who made red vs blue

-it’s about little red riding hood (i wanna say she’s called ruby rose or something) but she has a really big fuck-off scythe that can turn into a gun

-the teams in the show are named after the first initials of their member’s names and also colours? so you’ve got red, white, black and yellow, that’s the main cast, hence RWBY

-this will be the day we’ve waited for

-this will be the day we open up the door

-i don’t wanna hear your absolution

-hope you’re ready for a revolution


*drops off doodles of the kiddos*


Y o u   m i g h t   b e l o n g   i n   H u f f l e p u f f …