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so i had like

just recently watched Cats Don’t Dance for the first time in ages and then I got these asks

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yeah probably

Nalu Week Day 7 : The End [is a New Beginning]

Extremely late Nalu week submission. 

Don’t ask me what Lucy is wearing. Can we just agree that it’s a star dress of sorts??

Jungkook’s Perfect Imperfections

So recently my precious baby bun has been getting shit about his skin because he has acne. Which EVERYONE has dealt with at least once in their life, or still is dealing with it. It’s not a big deal, it’s just skin, it doesn’t change what an amazing person Jungkook is. And honestly I love his acne, it just makes him normal and human. Every imperfection he has, in my eyes, just makes him even more perfect so that’s why I’m making this appreciation post about his perfect imperfections which I adore with all my heart 

His facial scar 

i love it so much it just makes him even more handsome asdfghjkl 

look how cute it looks, i just wanna kiss it 

my heart hurts because of how adorable he is


w o w what a beautiful specimen

His acne


bare faced kookie is my favourite kookie 

look at this sleeping beauty 

i wanna kiss all over his face. what a fucking angel 

baby boy is the cutest thing to grace this planet i cant deal

His arm scar 

lemme kiss it pls also sweaty kook will be the death of me



^^literally me cuz i can’t handle looking at his beauty 

His knee scars 



two angels istg

I love Jungkook with every fiber of my being and all I wanna do is protect him. If anyone hates on him I will fite them. He is not disgusting, he is not overrated, he is none of the things I‘ve seen these assholes call him. He is the most sweetest, talented, caring human being alive and I’m just so happy to be around at the same time as him to watch him grow and shine. ❤️

my only angel

Based off my favorite song from the album and my favorite pet name. I’m not going to edit this so please ignore any glaring mistakes.Thank you for reading and i hope you have a swell day!

You had the string of the tea bag twirled around your finger.

Slowly, you dipped it into the mug with steaming water, humming along to the radio playing softly in the corner of Harry’s rather large kitchen. You were wide awake at seven this morning and no matter how hard you tried to go back to sleep, you couldn’t. So you stumbled out of Harry’s plush bed and found his pajama pants and a discarded t-shirt sitting on the ottoman in front of his reading chair. You needed socks for your insanely cold feet now, but you weren’t going to go back upstairs to disturb him. He was sleeping soundly and you didn’t have the heart to go back up there. So you decided to stay down here on the first floor drinking a cup of tea while you tried to get some work done.

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The BTS Hair Colours That Fucked Me Up [Maknae Line]

Okay… So we may as well get the bias out of the way, considering how practically most of his hair colours have fucked me up in more ways than one. This also goes in bias order and my order of what hair colour fucked me up the most. (I have missed some hair colours out I know but they didn’t really do anything to kill me) 



  • Silver/Grey

Guys… We need to take a moment to appreciate how good Jimin looked with his Silver hair. I mean he always looks good but this hair colour… plus Blood, Sweat and Tears… I died… No one was ready for this music video…

Uhm… NO! NO! Jimin… I feel attacked and offended… This… this needs to be illegal and like… I need Jesus… the amount of… Let’s just move on…

  • Pink 

Seriously this boi, he’s such a mochi with pink hair… like we can all agree when his forehead ain’t showing he’s adorable but as soon as his forehead comes out to play BAM! you’re attacked. LIKE SO CUTE GUYS I CAN’T WHAT A SPECIAL SMOL CINNAMON ROLE!!

Like… Holy shit… guys I’m pregnant…This is it… the feels are too much. He’s my daddy

  • Black

Jimin looks so fucking cute here I can’t like… Omg he’s an angel I can’t… I’ve been blessed, seriously his smile could cure cancer.

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Okay so I know this gif is black and white but still… We know his hair is black and holy fucking shit… He’s daddy material

  • Orange

Jimin’s orange hair is one of the main reasons he became my bias. He suited orange hair so well I’m so upset I wasn’t apart of the fandom during this era. His hair looked REALLY fluffy when it was orange and I was DYING to touch it!!!

Like… Yes. Fuck. Me. Sideways. He. Is. 100%. A. Sex. God. Fuck. Me.

  • Blonde

His blonde hair was so good! I loved it so much and he was so fucking adorable with it! I can’t such a cute mochi I wanna pinch his cheeks!!!

Originally posted by nnochu


  • Light Brown

His hair… When it was light brown + Danger (Japanese Vers.) = holy fucking shit asdfghjkl!

Like.. How can you not love this hair! I’d fucking let him strangle me (IN AN NON SEXUAL WAY)

  • Red 

Believe it or not… Jimin’s red hair wasn’t one of my favourites. NOW BEFORE Y’ALL KILL ME ALLOW ME TO EXPLAIN MYSELF! It was fucking hard to choose an order okay!? But out of all the other colours, I felt as if this one didn’t kill me the most.

But FUCK! HOLY SHIT YES! He is literally a god…. But allow us to move on.


  • Purple

Jungkooks purple hair… No joke… Almost made him my bias. Jungkook is one of the most annoyingly hot ass bias wreckers for me. I can’t take it. Dis boi needs to stay in his fucking lane. But it appears he doesn’t know what that is!

He seriously though…. his hair purple, brought me life, cos I couldn’t handle it the first time I saw him with this hair colour.

  • Light Brown with Pink Highlights


Awwwww heeeeee sooo cute!!!!! <3 but his hair ASDFGHJKL!

  • Honey Blonde

His honey blonde hair literally killed me! I love it so much! and I’m kinda upset he changed it so soon… The depression…

I don’t ship TaeKook but I fucking love this it’s so cute. And his hair looks so good, it goes from light to brown just YES!

  • Black

I hate how he can go from being the most adorable maknae in existence to…

the most disrespectful and r00d person on the planet. Boi stay in your lane. I’m fucking warning your tall ass!

  • Brown

I need u depressed me so much and I love Jungkook in that era so much! ASDFGHJKL 

Jungkook…. In Blood, Sweat and Tears… Yes! HE IS DADDY! But I fucking loved his hair in the MV cos he suits natural colours so well <3


  • Orange

Whether it’s light orange of, dark orange he suits it no matter what!

His hair during Boy In Luv, plus those triangular (Illuminati) earrings. Yes, he was so fucking hot!

  • Lilac 

His lilac/purple hair was one of his best hair colours I believe, along with orange. He suits any colour and he’s just… Yes!

He goes from a sex god to fucking adorable how the fuck does that even work!!!

  • Blonde

Taehyungs blonde hair looked amazing! I much prefer him with brown eyes and blonde hair because I’m so used to his dark coloured eyes rather than his blue ones.

This gif fucked me up so hard. It’s just him breathing but omg yes! I fucking love him so much!

  • Brown

Yes! I know that his hair in this gif has slight green but I’ve grown lazy (as Tumblr decided to be a bitch and delete my work… For a second time!) But his brown hair is just fucking yes!!!

He’s so fucking hot and adorable at the same time… I want to know how this is possible…

  • Red

His red hair during Save Me was amazing! But I think it’s a bit too red. Don’t get me wrong he suits it so fucking well, it’s just not a favourite colour of mine that’s all.

Fuck. Yes

anonymous asked:

Do you think that if Cas gets the choice between staying an angel (powers, mojo, wings, everything) or staying human (if he were to become human again at some point), and if he chose to stay an angel but remain on Earth (I'm not saying that this would happen, it's a hypothetical) could his endgame still happen or will it only happen if he was to become fully human? Could he remain on Earth, be mostly human but still have some angel aspects (earth angel, if you will)?

Well, for me personally his endgame is to be Human because of all the lead up to him loving Humanity etc but mainly it is the whole heap of moments in seasons 9 - 10 especially that point to the fact that he WANTS to be Human.

In season 9 he becomes Human and it is jarring, painful, awful until he gets to the bunker, then he feels happy, safe and smiles so brightly… THIS is what he wants.

Of course this doesn’t last long, so his experience of being Human isn’t even a GOOD one, but he still wants it again as proved by his actions and words afterwards…

He tells Sam in a clear exposition that he misses being Human (and what the PB&J represents for him):

Then when Cas thinks Dean is dead he cries upon hearing it, then tells Hannah “I just wanna be an Angel”. Because he wants his emotions to be dulled, as he later says to Hannah herself:

Originally posted by yourfavoritedirector

…they’re dangerous temptations.”


He wants to be an Angel again because he thinks there is nothing more for him on Earth, Dean is dead, his emotions are so painful, his family is destroyed, he just wants to help the Angels, his other family (because he still views them as such until season 11), as much as he can and hopes to feel less pain in doing so. At THIS point he thinks that being an Angel is better than being Human, because feeling nothing is better than feeling pain, you don’t get the highs but you don’t get the lows. 

So this takes us to Hannah and how Cas changes his mind moving forwards (yes, it also has a lot to do with Dean, but it is not all just Dean) …

Hannah is an exposition for Cas’s emotions and feelings.

There are various characters that are expositions over the years for our protagonists feelings, for Cas they are Anna, Hannah and Chuck, for Dean it’s Amara, Lisa & Ben, Charlie, Mary, all the waitresses etc, Sam’s is Amelia, Sully, Ruby for example.

In this difficult time where he is trying to save his brothers and sisters and Dean, where he is half Angel and… well still half Human in a way, one foot in Heaven, one on Earth. There are SO many instances where Hannah shows us that Cas wants to be Human in the end…

In 10x01:

Cas: “Perhaps I’ve been down here with them for too long. There’s seemingly nothing but chaos. But not all bad comes from it. Art. Hope. Love. Dreams.”
Hannah: “But t-those are human things.”
Cas: *looking wistful and downcast* “Yes.”

He is wistful not just for Humanity, but for HIS Humanity, to be able to experience it for himself again… This is in the same episode that Cas defends and tries to save the 2 fishing Angels who just want to experience and love Humanity, because he GETS IT. Yes, this is also a potential for him to be an “Earth Angel” but it also shows how he would likely be hunted if so and also this fantastic exchange:

Cas: “Do they – do they put up much of a fight?”

Daniel: “The ones who truly want to be free? They do”.

In 10x03:

Cas literally quotes Dean to Hannah about being “fine” then they talk about why possibly Cas would go to help Dean when he is in such bad condition himself (duh), Hannah literally then replicates CAS’s feelings of worry and putting himself out for DEAN in her interactions with worrying and putting herself out for Cas AND IT COMES ACROSS AS SO ROMANTIC IT MADE EVERYONE LOSE THEIR SHIT THAT THEY WERE GOING TO MAKE HER A LOVE INTEREST FOR CAS, LMAO I CANT EVEN!!!

OK, there is loads more Hannah / Cas stuff that is about Dean, but you didn’t ask about that, you asked about Humanity ok, so… this seems like it’s about Dean, but bear with me, it’s also about how he wants to be Human and not an Angel anymore…

THEN the most important one, in 10x18:

In the moment he gets his OWN grace back, this is the moment that he completely rescinds his Humanity and in this moment he says:

Originally posted by weeklyspn

… Let himself die”

This is him considering that he is sacrificing himself, he sees this as a DEATH. Becoming who he now IS NOT, who he doesn’t want to be.

And why does he do it? TO SAVE DEAN. Yes also to help put the Angels back in Heaven etc etc but earlier he told Hannah that he WOULD NOT go to Metatron to get his grace back, so what changed his mind? 

Metatron was in Heaven’s jail, then made powerless, Hannah is restoring Heaven, THE ONLY ISSUE THAT MEANS THAT CAS NEEDS HIS GRACE BACK IS DEAN.

In 10x14 Sam told Cas that he is secretly worried for Dean, we also have the burger date where Dean asks Cas to take him out if he turns again… 


If he is saying that he is killing himself, dying in this moment, it’s because it is not what he wants.

These emotions, feelings, they’re dangerous temptations… and Cas knows this first hand.


Cas has become so Human, even with his grace (though diminished) he is like Legolas, slowly becoming more and more Human by living in their world alongside them… falling in love with Humanity and one in particular, who happens to represent Humanity of course, cos its a TV show and narrative parallels and tropes exist…

Of course there is also the whole mortal / immortal love thing where he will need to become mortal or Dean will need to become immortal for it to work, but that is also kind of a side point, as the whole point of their love and relationship is that it exists because they are an endgame and reward for each other and that they aid each other towards their own personal endgames. 

So yeah, Cas’s endgame for me was always about loving Humanity, and since he experienced it for himself I believe he misses it and would now choose this if there wasn’t a big bad to kill or that he would be needed as Sam and Dean’s protector.  Since this time he has been lost, depressed, unknowing of his place in the world precisely as he is trying to be this “Earth Angel”, it just doesn’t work for him to be half in and half out…

It is therefore really important that Dean said the words out loud to him this season that he IS NOT their babysitter, he is wanted rather than needed, he is family rather than a guardian angel or a tool. THIS, leading into endgame…. *happy sigh for Cas*.

It just also happens to be that for me when Cas was Human is also when he realised he was in love with Dean, but his Humanity arc does not solely revolve around Dean, it is also everything that the PB&J represents. Art, Hope, Love, Dreams….

That is why I believe this is where it is leading and why this is what he wants.