i wanna be bad with you baby

a friendly reminder that no matter how many bad books we read there’ll always be soc a.k.a the true masterpiece of our time which is like a safe blanket for murder babies and you can throw it over your head and pretend you’re on your way to a big heist or smth equally dangerous (but exciting) :’) and while you’re dreaming of $$$kruge$$$ you might also wanna remember that soc has:

- a bi poc character who didn’t dance around the term hgtawm style and pull some lame explanation out of his ass ala ‘it’s complicated’ but he actually said ‘not just girls’ so yeah confirmed bi poc who’s a KNOWN flirt and everybody praises him for it instead of mocking/shunning him honestly what did we do to deserve jesper fahey
- a disabled gang leader who’s literally thE BADDEST BARREL BOSS TO EVER WALK THE STREETS OF KETTERDAM caw caw bitches (he also has severe ptsd, panic attacks, suffers from traumatic flashbacks and experiences nausea and all kinds of ptsd symptoms everytime he (even accidentally) touches someone but does that limit or stop him in any way?? HELL NO MOFOS here comes kaz brekker with his crow cane and he’s about to whoop some ass better beware)
- a beautiful, amazing, talented, showstopping, spectacular, never the same woc who is basically?? everyone’s treasure, heart, love, most cherished person ever, role model, etc. etc. and it’s only right tbh inej ghafa owns my entire heart and i’d gladly give it to her over and over again if that would make her smile. she’s been sold into slavery (mentions/hints of prostitution which only adds to her bravery and strength thank you very much) when she was 14 but she managed to leave the past behind her and remain INCREDIBLY kind and humble despite all the shit she’s been through?? there is no character i adore, respect and love more than inej (okay maybe there is and inej calls her sankta alina b y e)
- a CANONICALLY. FAT. FEMALE CHARACTER WHO’S JUST!!! AMAZING. BREATHTAKING. HEART-STOPPING (literally). a true inspiration to us all who was also held captive when she was younger, trained by the mighty (goddess on earth) zoya nazyalensky, held captive again - this time by a gross ass, fanatic ass fjerdan nazi soldier/leader and lemme tell you she didn’t even lose her appetite. BOI she wasn’t even fazed. she couldn’t find a single fuck to give & she was determined to move on but she was plagued by guilt so she came back to save/help the boy who helped HER so she’s not just a pretty face and she’s so?? badass and smart and funny and fierce and she’s so fucking PROUD of every roll and curve on her body i could actually cry?? nina zenik, an actual muse for young girls/readers. nina zenik, life & wife goals
- a smol (very smol but also kind of a sinnamon roll tbqh? he aspires to be one anyway) angelic boy who comes from a TERRIBLY abusive home bc his father is an actual piece of shit and humiliated him all his life bc wylan couldn’t read. well guess what joke’s on van eck senior bc my boy, my CANONICALLY GAY SON, is smarter than him and his entire sorry lot and he’s gonna take over the world one day, you just wait. also just wants to make things go boom boom POW (usually regarding explosives but also applies to jesper a.k.a THE MOST PERFECT, CARING, WONDERFUL BF EVER)
- a big yellow tulip also known as matthias helvar. so matthias is that boy who helped nina escape the clutches of his scary boss and he’s the actual literal embodiment of the grumpy cat. but!!! he undergoes the biggest character development of all imo bc he manages to change for the better (bit by bit, brick by brick) and let me tell you that’s COMMENDABLE. like listen this is a young man who’s been brainwashed into hating everything nina & the rest of kaz’s merry band of misfits stand for. he’s been taught nothing but hate hate and more hate and he manages to turn his back on those prejudices and he opened up so much and we got to see so much more of him in ck and we learned that he’s super kind and sweet and giving, and he’s so pure and wonderful and amazing. he also loves nina zenik A LOT which is smth i can get behind and relate to 100000%
- last but not least kuwei, who’s not ~an official~ member of kaz’s vip club (pity pity pity) but. he’s a gay poc (asian!!! the same as tamar&tolya from tgt so please don’t whitewash him, it’s unacceptable) who’s sassy but kind of laid back at the same time and his favourite pastime is to just chill in the back and pretend he’s not listening/doesn’t know the lingo but guess what?? boy is like an international spy bc he understands more than he lets on. he also lost his father (which kind of turned him into a living prize bc everybody wanted him for his knowledge & chemistry skills, like he could probably cook up a deadly virus in three minutes if he was feeling inspired that day - which never happened but still. it’s good to have options) and yet never complained about anything and he just let that drama unroll like 👀👂 I HATE DRAMA 🎧🔍📝 overall deserved better

I'll try baby

Baby: can I have a onesie daddy?
Daddy: I’ll try and get you one baby
Baby: can I have a bottle?
Daddy: mhm. I’ll try
Baby: daaaaddy! I wanna new stuffie!
Daddy: I’ll try baby
Baby: daaaaaaddy! I want the new Melanie perfume!
Daddy: I’ll try little one ^_^
Baby: *half asleep* daddy? Can you be my knight forever? And protect me from all the bad monsters?
Daddy: I’ll try princess. I promise.

twitter bios

need new clothes, a new city, a new life 


constantly torn between “treat others how u wanna be treated” and “treat others how they treat u”

worst feeling in the world is knowing you did the best you could, and it still wasn’t good enough 

all black everything to match my soul 

just wanna do bad things with the right person 

it sucks being the person that cares the most in a relationship 

blood type: gold 

confidence is attractive 

i like being alone i just hate feeling alone 

a heart full of pain and a head full of stress

plot twist: you miss me

not exactly emotionless, but close

no matter what I’ll love the shit outta you

roses are red violets are blue nobody loves you baby the way i do 

so honey now take me into your lovin’ arms 

which is messier my life or my hair 

as I was writing this, I was thinking of nutella and you because that combination is just so perfect

life is too short to worry about what others say or think about you

it’s insane how easily someone can lie to your face

be serious with me, don’t waste my time

honestly if my ex is happy im good

we can watch netflix or we can just have sex

a girl who wants best for you, is best for you

trying not to care is so damn hard

“being yourself is all it takes. If you want to impress someone, don’t be someone else just be yourself”

remember to take care of urself. sometimes u forget, because u are too busy taking care of other people. u are important too

where are ü now that i need ya

he chamber of secrets has been opened. enemies of the heir, beware.

there’s only one queen in this town and that’s me

u r the collest kid in the town im ur little lady

the worst feeling is when someone makes u feel special, then suddenly leaves u hanging & u have to act like u don’t care at all

if a girl tells you about her problems, it doesn’t mean she’s complaining. it means she trusts you.

appreciate what you have before it turns into what you had

maybe one day youll realize how much you neglected me

you lie about the dumbest fucking shit and you expect me to trust you? you got me fucked up

just because someone treats someone one way, doesnt mean theyll treat everyone the same way

i miss “i love you” coming out of your mouth

maybe youd understand if you knew how i felt

do you ever sit down and think “what if my whole life is a lie?”

i just want someone that cant get enough of me and wants to talk to me all the time

you make me feel so unwanted

youre full of shit

dont “okay goodnight” me, were gonna fucking talk about it

we met for a reason, either you’re a blessing or a lesson

i may be an asshole but i got feelings too

dont really give a shit about anything but i give a fuck about you

if overthinking was a drug, i’d be high af

sometimes I care too much // sometimes I don’t care at all 

I like art, and by art I mean music, poetry, sex, paintings, the human body, literature. all of it’s art.

i don’t remember the last time i wasn’t tired

black clothes are an obsession

tired of school, but i’ve got goals

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Things Retail workers HATE:

• “I wanna speak to your manager!”
• *tells you the price of every item as they’re taking it out of their cart*
• “Do you work here??”
• *Gives you half of their order saying they don’t want it anymore*
• *checks out 5 min after the store closes*
• *hides things in random spots of the store*
• *watches- as their baby is sucking on an item, then puts it back afterwards*
• *Lets their kids ‘pretend’ shop- filling the cart with random things*
• *asks you to take off items, then changes their mind*
• *spends 10 minutes looking for a coupon as their checking out*
• *silences you* “I’m on the phone.”
• *Leaves their garbage behind items on the shelf*


I once said to her the 13th prince is handsome. The 14th prince is talented in martial arts. I told her to marry one of the two. Yet this girl insisted on marrying the 10th prince. She said he was her first love. If I had known, I would have stopped her. But I suppose she would still have married him even if she knew this would happen. My Soon Deok was that kind of girl.

Chris Evans at a Party Would Include:

  • Jesus that kid can drink
  • he wants to play all the drinking games
    • “Mm, one game, baby. Just one.”
  • He is so handsy
  • he understands if you don’t want to drink
    • but he still spends every ten seconds asking if you want a sip
  • “hold my drink babe” before he does something weird
  • not letting you out of his sight
  • holding you really close to him
  • going up to everyone he sees so he can “show you off”
    • “look at this beauty, right? I bet you’re jealous.”
  • “Dance with me”
    • Very bad dancing on his part
    • also at least attempting to grind on you
  • holding his dance while he tries to kiss you and spilling all over you
    • “Oh man! Oh, I’m so sorry. Jeez. Let me help you.”
      • getting really flustered when you take your shirt off
        • “I wanna take you right now. Please, baby, god it’d be so hot.”
      • again. very handsy.
      • manhandling and pushing you to a wall so he can kiss you as much as he wants (and you allow)
  • he just laughs the whole way home
  • really bad hangover 

V-DAY:  love songs / cute songs / feeling good songs

  1. Arctic Monkeys - “Baby, I’m Yours”
  2. Childish Gambino - “pink toes (feat. Jhene Aiko)”
  3. Motion City Soundtrack - “It Had to Be You”
  4. Bad Suns - “Cardiac Arrest”
  5. Beach Weather - “Goddess”
  6. The Black Keys - “The Only One”
  7. Paramore - “The Only Exception” 
  8. alt-J - “Every Other Freckle”
  9. Death Cab for Cutie - “I Will Follow You into the Dark”
  10. Saint Motel - “Cold Cold Man”
  11. Arctic Monkeys - “I Wanna Be Yours”
  12. The Wombats - “Give Me a Try”
  13. Ariana Grande - “Into You”
  14. PUBLIC - “Pretty Face”
  15. Albert Hammond Jr. - “Bright Young Thing”
  16. Alex Turner - “Piledriver Waltz”
  17. The Drums - “Kiss Me Again”
  18. New Politics - “Stuck on You”
  19. All Time Low - “Daydream Away”
  20. The Maine - “Thinking of You”
  21. Say Anything - “I Want to Know Your Plans”
  22. New Politics - “Fall Into These Arms”
  23. Fall Out Boy - “I’m Like a Lawyer With the Way I’m Always Trying to Get You Off (Me & You)”

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[Camila Cabello:]
Am I out of my head?
Am I out of my mind?
If you only knew the bad things I like
Don’t think that I can explain it
What can I say, it’s complicated
Don’t matter what you say
Don’t matter what you do
I only wanna do bad things to you
So good, that you can’t explain it
What can I say, it’s complicated

[Lauren Jauregui]
Baby could you shut up?
Cause I don’t need you to come up with excuses
I just need your eyes on me
So I can see you watching me move it
So soft and cryptic
Oh, while you listen to the music
I know you want it so you better get up on it
Or you’ll lose it, I’ll prove it

Merry Christmas bby’s !! (sorry for the shitty photo) It is Christmas for me today but I know for some of you it will be tomorrow so  hope you all have an amazing time with your family/friends xox

This is my first follow forever ! I just want to thank you all so much for following me & blessing my dash with your posts. Some of you I have gotten really close with & I just wanted to let you know that you all mean so much to me and and I care about you all a shit ton !

This year has been both good & bad for me. I have had so much stress with work & family members getting sick/passing away. But the good things out way the bad things, such as I have been able to travel this year, meet new friends & experience new things.

I just wanna say a HUGE thank you to these lovely babies for making 2016 memorable for me. I love you all so much and I hope 2017 will be the best year yet for you xox

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53. Fisting

Well Prepared

Word Count: 796  
Written by: @sexylibrarian1
Warnings: FISTING, bodily fluids, light smut

Originally posted by thedesire

“Bucky? Do you wanna try again?”

You saw his jaw tic, before he rolled over and stroked your hair. “Baby… I hurt you last time.“ 

“Only a little! And it wasn’t like you did it on purpose.”

“I don’t wanna hurt you again.”

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Netflix and chill? (Ethan)

You were sitting home alone one afternoon, watching movies in bed when you got a text from your boyfriend, Ethan.

“Babe, what are you doing?” He asked.

“Nothing, just laying in bed and watching movies.” You replied.

“I’m coming over.” He said.

“Oh, okay. 😊😊” You replied. Within a matter of minutes, the doorbell rang. You answered the door to find Ethan standing on your porch with pizza and a bag of microwave popcorn.

“Hey beautiful.” He said as he kissed you on the cheek.

“Hey baby.” You said. He walked into the kitchen and set the pizza box down on the counter and threw a bag of popcorn in the microwave.

“Netflix and chill?” He asked.

“Get out of my house.” You said sarcastically. He laughed. “You wanna move to the living room, or back to my room?” You asked.

“Well, if your parents come home, and see us in your bed together, that probably wont end very well.” He said.

“That is true.” You agreed. You picked out a few movies from the shelf and made yourselves comfortable on the couch. The table full of pizza, popcorn, and soda glasses. You watched scary movies, comedy movies, romantic movies, and any other type of movie in between. You were sitting up on the sofa and Ethan’s head was in your lap, and after about the fourth movie, you heard his breathing slow, and you looked down to see that he was asleep. You grabbed your phone and opened snapchat and took a quick picture.

“He’s lucky he’s cute. 😘” You captioned it and posted it to your story. After a few minutes, You heard your parents’ car pull into the driveway.

“Oh hey (Y/N). Is that Ethan?” Your mom asked when they came in. You nodded.

“Shh, he’s sleeping.” You whispered. She smiled.

“Okay, we’ll leave you be.” She said as she walked off somewhere in the house. Ethan started moving around, trying to re-situate himself, but ended up falling to the floor.

“Morning sunshine.” You laughed as you helped him up from the floor.

“Ow, that hurt.” He said rubbing his head. You kissed the spot on his head and he smiled.

“Better?” You asked.

“Much.” He said. You continued watching the movie we were on, cuddled up on the couch. You couldn’t have asked for a better afternoon.


“When I say I love you more, I don’t just mean I love you more than you love me. I mean I love you more than the bad days ahead of us. I love you more than any fight we will ever have. I love you more than the distance between us. I love you more than any obstacle that could ever try and come between us. I love you the most.” (insp.)   [x]

Do you wanna have baby?
  • Minho: I think it's unfair that Alby placed a no relationship with Y/N rule just because he's scared she'll get pregnant.
  • Newt: Forget it Minho, he's right. Besides in this place our hormones are likely to get the better of us, and who knows, Y/N might get pregnant.
  • Minho: Okay, suppose she does. Why does he think it will be that bad?
  • Alby: Because the Glade is too dangerous for raising a baby!Minho:</b> The maze is dangerous, the glade, not so much as for now.
  • Clint: We don't have the amenities to take care of a baby.
  • Minho: We'll send a note to the creators, I'm sure they'll be interested too.
  • Frypan: Noone's gonna wanna take care of a cryin baby all day! We all have work!
  • Minho: So? they can take turns,besides I think a cute baby would bring some life and laughter to this place.
  • Gally: Because Y/N would be pregnant for nine months, and pregnant Y/N would be worse than Y/N on her period, and let's not forget after delivery she'll be on her period for around forty days.
  • Minho: ....... Yea okay you're right a baby is a bad idea.
marianas trench ‘astoria’ lyrics meme
  • ‘ don’t wanna know my darkest lows? ‘
  • ‘ don’t remind me what the price is when left to my own devices. ‘
  • ‘ what’s another bridge burned? ‘
  • ‘ this would be the wrong move. ‘
  • ‘ hey, ever just say fuck it? ‘
  • ‘ maybe i’ll drink this all away in buckets. ‘
  • ‘ is it bad enough to call it off? ‘
  • ‘ one minute you need me & the next we’re stuck. ‘
  • ‘ i can’t help but want you too. ‘
  • ‘ don’t say you don’t miss me that much. ‘
  • ‘ don’t say i don’t still make you blush. ‘  
  • ‘ you got me freaking out. ‘
  • ‘ i guess we’re even now. ‘
  • ‘ baby why you leaving now? ‘
  • ‘ don’t you want to kiss me someday too? ‘
  • ‘ tomorrow is a day away. ‘
  • ‘ so yeah my timing sucks. ‘
  • ‘ i’m just so good at fucking up. ‘
  • ‘ what if the one true love’s the only one that you get? ‘
  • ‘ i’ve been broken but i’m better every day. ‘
  • ‘ you get me every time. but i live with that. ‘
  • ‘ i might do this to myself. ‘
  • ‘ only made it worse but i just can’t help. ‘
  • ‘ it’s the only time that i see your face. ‘
  • ‘ what if there was still a way of taking care of this? ‘
  • ‘ what if i wake up tonight & you are real? ‘
  • ‘ what if we could find a way to try to heal? ‘
  • ‘ what if there’s no stoppin’ us yet? ‘
  • ‘ what if there was still a reason not to go? ‘
  • ‘ what if there was still a little bit of hope? ‘
  • ‘ impolite would only be beneath us. ‘
  • ‘ fill me in on how you’ve been. ‘
  • ‘ but that’s not what i came for, my amour. ‘
  • ‘ i just wished you opened fire on me, so i can see you still worry if i care. ‘  
  • ‘ you should come over. ‘
  • ‘ best laid plans are not sober. ‘
  • ‘ then we’ll disappear. ‘
  • ‘ bring wine to bed. ‘
  • ‘ we’ll toast what could have been. ‘
  • ‘ i don’t know how to mend it, but this chapter ended. ‘
  • ‘ but at least tonight we still pretend. ‘
  • ‘ hold each other close like it’s not the end. ‘
  • ‘ you will be my home & there’s no place like home. ‘
  • ‘ you can say you’re kind of bored with this. ‘  
  • ‘ but i don’t want you leaving me now. ‘
  • ‘ well you say i’m a mess. ‘  
  • ‘ you say you’ll never date me. ‘
  • ‘ or you can just shut up. ‘
  • ‘ shut up & kiss me. ‘
  • ‘ you should stay away from me. ‘
  • ‘ you could tell me no, & you can let me go. ‘
  • ‘ just can’t get away from myself. ‘
  • ‘ i’ll miss the way that you saw me. ‘
  • ‘ but, i came back to you broken. ‘
  • ‘ i hear the words i’ve spoken & everything comes out wrong. ‘
  • ‘ i’ll get my shit back together. ‘
  • ‘ everything goes quiet, it’s like i just can’t move. ‘
  • ‘ nothing will change if you never choose. ‘
  • ‘ i know where you’ve been. ‘
  • ‘ you say that you’re lost & need to find yourself. ‘
  • ‘ can’t do that with me, but with somebody else. ‘
  • ‘ when did we both get so afraid to speak though? ‘
  • ‘ i thought we got each other’s hearts? ‘
  • ‘ you know i thought this love would always burn like a wildfire. ‘
  • ‘ so now you show up when you’re alone again? ‘
  • ‘ but what if you’re just afraid to be alone? ‘  
  • ‘ i thought you got yourself a way out? ‘
  • ‘ now you want me? ‘
  • ‘ but what if your heart’s a liar? ‘
  • ‘ we just can’t let this go. ‘
  • ‘ maybe this time it could work? ‘
  • ‘ i was there watching you, watching me, missing you. ‘
  • ‘ i’ve been lying & i don’t know why i do. 
  • ‘ maybe the truth hurts so it’s easier not to know. ‘
  • ‘ i wanna hear how your heart speaks. ‘  
  • ‘ this should be the time of our lives. ‘  
  • ‘ i’ve been so lost without you. ‘
  • ‘ are you lost without me too? ‘
  • ‘ we both want it but love is not enough. ‘
  • ‘ you slipped away to a mile from an inch. ‘
  • ‘ i don’t know how we ended up here now. ‘
  • ‘ what’s lost is never gone. ‘
  • ‘ i’m not ready for what’s to come. ‘
  • ‘ i will watch you sleeping & make sure you’re alright. ‘
  • ‘ i know you’re not quite here but you’re not quite gone. ‘
  • ‘ life’s too short. ‘
  • ‘ can’t love if you don’t. ‘
  • ‘ i can’t try if you won’t. ‘
  • ‘ please just let me go. ‘
  • ‘ it’s do or die for you & i. ‘ 
  • ‘ i’ll never be taken alive. ‘
  • ‘ but our future still remains unclear. ‘  
  • ‘ i’m so afraid of trying something new. ‘
  • ‘ cause every start begins with saying goodbye to you. ‘
  • ‘ our heart divides in unrequited view. ‘
  • ‘ i feel so ashamed. ‘
  • ‘ wish this was easy. ‘
  • ‘ i want you to know this never was the man i hoped to be. ‘
  • ‘ i’m in over my head. ‘
  • ‘ i hope your heart can still be mended. ‘
B-B-B-BABY come on over i don’t care if people find out DADA-DADADA-DA-DA-DA-DA they say that we’re no good together and it’s never gonna work out DADA-DADADA-DA-DA-DA-DA but baby yoooOOOouuu got me moving too fast cause iiiIIIIIiii know you wanna be bad DADA-DADADA and giiiiirl when you’re lookin like that i can’t hold back cause you, you’ve got this spell on me i don’t know what to believe kiss you once NOW I CAN’T LEAVE cause everything you do is magic but everything you do is magic!
All Of The Drugs

I just wanted to write this. The song is called all the drugs, by the brobecks, btw. I recommend it.

Brendon tossed and turned next to me, letting out a small whine every once in a while. He started to calm down but soon enough, he started tossing again.

I sat up, watching as Brendons face twisted in fear. I brought my head down, touching his cheek, feeling the sweat that had accumulated.

“Brendon, baby,” I whispered, attempting to wake the boy. His eyes opened quickly and he looked around, sighing in relief when saw he was in bed, “Brenny?”

“It was so bad,” He whispered, “I don’t wanna go back to sleep.”

“Ok,” I replied, holding an arm out for him to lean on, “c'mere.” He gladly sat up and leaned into my touch.

“You’re warm,” He whispered, laying his head on my shoulder.

“You’re sweaty,” I said, running my hand up and down his arm, “do you wanna talk about it?”

“Not really, I just wanna be with you,” He said, burying his face in my neck and wrapping his arms around my waist, “Sing for me?”

“Bren, you know I don’t sing,” I said, making eye contact with him, he looked so scared, “fine. What do you want?”

“I don’t care,” He sighed, a smile gracing his lips.

‘All of the drugs, she takes at night, keep her awake, give me a fright,
I don’t know what goes through her mind, when she takes drugs.

All of the lies she tells herself, won’t be believed by anybody else. And I can’t buy just what she sells, when she tells lies.

And she takes her pills, And she tells her lies, and she breaks my heart, and breaks her word, but I still act sur-, surprised.

Every kiss she gives away, might be a good time, but you know, the sad thing is the boys all say, she’s something of a slut.

And she takes her pills, and she tells her lies, and she breaks my heart, and breaks her word, but I still act surprised,’ I sang quietly to Brendon, who was wavering in and out of sleep, “go to sleep babe.”

“I love you,” He said sleepily.

“I love you too Beebo,” I said. His breathing evened out on my neck and I laid us both back, careful not to wake him, “I can’t believe I just sang one of Dallons songs to you.”

Kiss It Better (M) - Hoseok

Been waiting on that sunshine boy, I think I need that back
Hurting bad man, it hurts inside when I look you in your eye

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“I can’t do this again,” Hoseok had said.

He stood stiff in your hold, anger and sadness mingling in the the way he held himself. At the time, you were glad he couldn’t see your eyes for it would have revealed just how desperate you truly were.

“Please baby,” you pleaded softly against the skin of his neck. “I just wanna make it up to you.”

Hoseok had only huffed a sardonic laugh. You hurt him again and you knew it, but this was different from all the other times. You could tell that much and you were afraid.

“Oh yeah?” he asked. “How many times are you gonna make it up to me before you realize this needs to stop?”

Now pinned beneath him and losing your breath, it felt like the most exquisite torture. In his arms, you didn’t have to worry about anything but the moment you were in and the pleasure he was giving you. Hoseok rolled his hips into yours with a groan and all you could do was take it. Every moan of his name spilled from your lips had him clenching his teeth and you didn’t know how much more you could handle before you fell apart.

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im proud (Derek Luh blurb)

not requested. just really wanted to make this. -e


y/n’s pov

“Derek, baby..wake up. I can’t sleep,” I softly whispered to my boyfriend, trying to get him to wake up. However, I just felt his arms move around my waist and pull me closer to him and his sleepy voice making out, “did you have another one of those bad dreams..?”

I shook my head and whispered back to him a no since I didn’t want to be too loud. “I just wanna talk,” I whined to him.

After I spoke up, I was expecting him to wake up like he usually does whenever I can’t fall asleep but this time, he just laid his head on my chest and snuggled close to me. Running my fingers through his hair, I tried to find some sleep myself but it just wasn’t in my system and I really wanted to talk. “Derek, pleasee..” I whined again and this time, he turned his head so he was looking at me and even though his eyes were closed and he was still laying his head on my boobs, he responded with, “I’m listening, baby. Just talk.”

He lifted his hand to caress my cheek but ended up with his thumb on my lip which I quickly kissed and began talking. “Baby, I’m really proud of you. I hope you know that. I know that I don’t always tell you but I am so proud of you. You’ve overcome so much in your life and I couldn’t be prouder to have you in my life. Even as just a person I know, not even a friend or a boyfriend,” I kept whispering to him, looking down at his sleepy face and his lips slowly forming into a smile as he listened to my every word.

“I love you, Derek. I really really love you. You’re my inspiration, my hope and my muse.” I kissed his thumb again before moving his hand away gently and leaning down my head to where I could press my lips against his, giving him a soft kiss. He kissed back tenderly and mumbled against my lips, “you’re my angel. I love you, y/n.”