i wanna be at this party rn

you wanna know what happened tonight? i was at a party, and i met a guy, and he was really into steve aoki ok, so he we were having this loooong conversation about steve aoki. we were like praising him, and talking about his documentary and how hard he works, and how successful he is. then we put on just hold on, and everyone in the room (20+ ppl) was singing along, raising their glasses and smiling and having the time of their lives, and my eyes teared up bc??? i haven’t been this happy ever??? it was amazing

i know june is gonna be my fave month because it starts on a monday like tbh all of june is just really aesthetically pleasing to look at

I swear barça could lose 10-0 i wouldn’t even be mad or sad.. i just want to cry rn. The far right party fucking got 22% of the votes i wanna puke


Okay so ALL the ships will be done, I have a party to go to rn so I’m gunna take a break and do that but I promise keep sending them in and I will do them all. I’d rather wait a lil and not rush them so you all get a good one. ALSOOOO pls put your prefrence in there so I know whether you wanna be shipped with a guy or a girl or either yano it makes us both happy.Okie thank you xxx

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Hey im drunk off my ass at a party adn wanna drubkenly say (yes im on mobile) i lvoe yuo a lot adn am prob getign progresively more drnuk as i type htis but i wuold like to kiss you and i feel liek i sonud p smooth rn for a drnuk clolege studnet in senior yr (im legal to drnik yey) so im prob gona pass out eventaully so i shuold sned thsi befroe i do im a frikin hot mess

I’m… flattered?

Also all my friends wanna do is go to parties or get drunk and I’m over here like…… that’s fun like once a month but I want friends I can just watch shows and sleep with in the comfi environment of my or their room and also cuddle and kiss and all my friends rn are the opposite of that and I miss chase I wanna hang with him rlly bad but he’s working all weekend and I’m cry:,(

my killjoy headcanons

party is genderfluid and pansexual
kobra is nonbinary and bisexual
jet is demiboy and ace/aro
ghoul is ftm trans and gay as fuck

i need to write shit about them but rn i wanna hear ur headcanons? like that’d be cool and if u have ideas for other characters thats awesome i want all ur killjoy headcanons

♡ songs i'm loving ♡

Trap Queen - Fetty Wap
Blessing - K Camp
Space Jam - Jhene Aiko
I Dont Mind - Usher
Favorite- Nicki Minaj
I Won - Future
Feeling Myself - Nicki Minaj
‘03 Bonnie And Clyde - Jay Z
Jealous - Beyonce
I Do - Young Jeezy
Thinkin Bout You - Frank Ocean
Rocket - Beyonce
I Dont Wanna Be A Playa - Davo
Primadonna - Marina and The Diamonds
Flawless Rmx - Beyonce
Idfwu - Big Sean
Islands In The Stream - Kenny Rogers
Rude - Magic!
Or Nah Rmx - The Weeknd
Wus Good / Curious - Party Next Door
Bedrock - Young Money
Get On Your Knees - Nicki Minaj
Only - Nicki Minaj
July - Jhene Aiko
7/11 - Beyonce

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Sasha Harry! tweeted, Louis tweeted! that's ot4!!! I just wish zayn would tweet too :((

Welp, like I said, Anybody + Niall = Safe. I’m happy to see it though. 

“Louis’” comment about the birthday party was a bit awk. Why?? You know why. I guess to back up Niall’s radio interview where he said he saw Louis recently. Harry’s was signed. Also why?? It’s coming from your twitter, babe. Alrighty then. Then there was Liam’s emphasis on “boss” as in Niall is totally free and in 100% control, *wink*. Everything is so calculated.

Considering the official narrative, I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting on something from “Zayn”. Unless they wanna fast track the hell out of an OT5 reunion, which would be a huge surprise rn. But give it time, it’s coming. 

all i wanna do rn is wear the biggest t-shirt on earth, and watch the x-files, and paint. i DONT wanna keep studying for this exam, i dont wanna go to class, i dont wanna go Out and party, i don’t wanna put on makeup. i literally just want…. to lay down….and paint….. when did i turn into an old lady & why