i wanna be a photographer

sea-2  asked:

I just wanna say you are a very very VERY good photographer! It is an honour to have you in my following list. I like your comment on that bird’s shot & please keep taking photos and keep posting here. All the best.

@sea-2  Many thanks. You are very kind. Best regards from @cloudair team.

photographer: i know you wanna see but it’ll be distracting for him

louis: [pokes his head around the door] you look beautiful harry

photographer: what did i just say—

louis: okay, okay, i’m going now…i swear…

louis, 5 minutes later, busting into the room:


I was lucky enough to help my friend Nick Roney with his music video for The Lemon Twigs earlier this year. These are some photos I took while we shot the video in the cold of winter Utah. The Lemon Twigs are an awesome band and I think the video turned out great. You can check it out below!


if you’re doing any kind of art, don’t feel like you have to save your favourite paper, or paint, or every square of film for that perfect moment. Take silly photographs or of whatever you feel like and keep an extra roll of film if you’re worried you’ll run out. Play around, have fun with your art medium, otherwise you might eventually stop using it all together. Remember that experimenting and trying is the way to learning, regardless of how good it turns out.


2 / 2 Gaspard Ulliel by Matthew Brookes, 22-27 June 2017. [SOURCE]

promptis drabble; prom is noct’s lyft/uber driver

so this conversation happened w/ @numinoceur

And well, now I wrote a thing: 

It’s been a long day. Prompto’s been busy at work lately. But he’s trying to pay off the last of his student loans, and his dad’s been watching his dog because his tiny flat doesn’t allow animals, and he’d really like to move into something bigger and better. So, he’s been doing a side-gig, driving people around on evenings and weekends for one of those ride apps. The money isn’t that bad. He gets a decent cut of the fee, and the tips are generally good. Prompto’s got a way with people. His own self-esteem was questionable, when he was a kid, so he learned how to talk to people, to get them to open up. And, well, he’s cute, so that helps.

He’s debating finishing up for the night. It’s a bit late, just past midnight. Yeah, staying out till the bars close is good money, but Prompto’s got a rare weekend off, and the idea of going to bed and sleeping in sounds really good. He just finished dropping a couple of already drunk girls off at a bar downtown, and his car’s idled in a temporary parking zone when he gets a request.

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i feel like iko would like,,,, be really good at photography? like she would really enjoy doing it? idk its just a random headcanon but imagine iko with a camera. she would be really good at like taking candid shots of her friends. cinder laughing at one of her jokes. scarlet giving a soft look at wolf when she thinks no one’s looking. of course she would do photoshoots of her friends for free, professional ones with backdrops and wardrobe changes, but like. iko notices her friends, its one of her traits and its one that makes her the most human, you know? and so i feel like she would get into photography bc she would be able to express those little things she notices about her friends. the way cinder’s nose crinkles when she laughs, the way the tips of cress’ ears turn red when she’s embarrassed.

and of course she’d take hella selfies tbh

audrey’s play list

note: I mostly listen to ballads, indies and r&b. 

personal favourites are indicated with a star.

  1. KREAM (크림) - Wings 
  2. KREAM (크림) - Talking To The Moon 
  3. Lee Ha Ri (이해리)  - Hate that I Miss You
  4. 커피소년 - 내가 니편이 되어줄께 
  5. 그네 - 꽃이 진다고 그대를 잊은 적 없다  
  6. Hyukoh (혁오) - Tian mi mi 첨밀밀 ☆
  7. Hyukoh(혁오) - Gondry (공드리)
  8. Hyukoh (혁오) - Comes And Goes (와리가리)
  9. Hyukoh (혁오) - WI ING WI ING (위잉위잉)
  10. Hyukoh (혁오) - TOMBOY ☆
  11. DEAN x Dok2 - I Love It 
  12. Loco (로꼬) - Too Much(지나쳐) ft. DEAN
  13. DPR LIVE - Know Me (ft. DEAN) 
  14. DPR LIVE - Cheese & Wine 
  15. Babylon - 너 나 우리 (ft. Dok2) ☆
  16. Babylon - 처음 본 여자는 다 예뻐 (ft. 릴보이) 
  17. SURAN (수란) - 오늘 취하면 (If I Get Drunk Today)  
  18. SURAN(수란) - 1+1=0 (Feat. DEAN)
  19. Heize - Star 
  20. IU - Can‘t Love You Anymore ft. Hyukoh ☆
  21. MoonMoon - Contrail  ☆
  22. MoonMoon - Paint  ☆
  23. Kim Na Young (김나영) - Being an Adult
  24. FTISLAND - Love Sick ft. Kim Na Young
  25. Urban Zakapa - I Don’t Love You
  26. AKMU - Last Goodbye  ☆
  27. AKMU - Dinosaur 
  28. 볼빨간사춘기 우주를 줄게 
  29. 볼빨간사춘기 - 좋다고 말해 ☆
  30. Bolbbalgan4, 20 Years Of Age - We Loved
  31. R&V - 4 o’clock  ☆
  32. YU SEUNGWOO (유승우) - Only U ft. Heize
  33. LambC - Love Like that 
  34. BTS - Come Back Home  ☆
  35. G-dragon - 無題
  36. Homme - Dilemma (딜레마)  
  37. 폴킴 (Paul Kim) - Breathe (Cover) 
  38. 폴킴 (Paul Kim) - 꽃길 (Cover-김세정)
  39. WINNER - Really really 
  40. WINNER - Fool
  41. WINNER - Love me love me
  42. WINNER - Island ☆
  43. Ra.D (라디) - I’m In Love
  44. Ra.D (라디) - Couple Song (ft. Kelley) 
  45. CHEEZE(치즈) - Love You (좋아해) (bye)
  46. 20 Years Of Age(스무살) - Remind Me (떠올려줘)
  47. OOHYO (우효) - Dandelion 
  48. Gallant - Bourbon ft. Saba and Lophiile ☆
  49. Gallant - Skipping Stones feat. Jhené Aiko
  50. Gallant - Chandra ☆
  51. Gallant - Weight in Gold 
  52. Gallant - Open up ☆
  53. ONE - ‘그냥 그래 (Gettin’ by)
  54. ONE - ‘해야해 (heyahe)’
  55. JUNNY - I Wanna Fall In Love
  56. Taylor - Swimming Pool 
  57. Taylor - Crazy Luv  
  58. offonoff - photograph 
  59. The Black Skirts (검정치마) - Who Do You Love  ☆
  60. The Black Skirts (검정치마) - Everything
  61. Chet Baker - I fall in love too easily  ☆
  62. Chet Baker - I’ve never been in love before
  63. Saib. - In your arms
  64. Standing Egg (스탠딩 에그) - Cuz it’s you (너라면 괜찮아)
  65. WILCOX - 빨간날