i wanna be a mutant

“My clothes are… um… my clothes don’t shift with my form.”

Namjoon blinked, realized he was gaping, and blinked again. His mouth snapped shut as he finally realized the meaning behind the words, but all he could choke out was a meek, “Oh.”

(A scene from @thatonepersonwithaface’s fic for this au here!! )

Imagine: The Guys waking you up early to go see the a killer Sunrise


“Trust me… You are going to thank me very soon.”


“ C'mon. You don’t wanna miss this…Ya can catch up on ‘beauty sleep’, later, though you really don’t need it…“


“Babe… babe…. Baaaaaabe. Release the pillow, we gotta sun to catch!”


You wake up as he is carefully half dragging/carrying you out the door.

“… It was gonna be a surprise.”


Casey Jones:“….zzz… wha-… you wanna what? ….babe… it’s a weekday, I can’t do that…”

Hello! I just wanted to make a quick status update~ (it’s not going to be quick I talk a lot skip this I just wanna talk about how I am LOL gahdhajsh) but anyway a lot of people have been leaving me asks about how they miss my comics and I’m super thankful that you guys are excited about it ;v; but ok Ive been prolonging arc 2 mostly because Ive been having a really hard time writing it. There’s like 3 story plots I need to thread together all at once and I was dying because how to do the do feajshaj BUT OK I was driving earlier today listening to the sad tunes of the ed sheeran™ making miserable headcanon of my mutant au and I suddenly had a huge epiphany on how I’m finally going to thread everyone’s individual stories in arc 2 and I was about to cry because it solves all my problems omg and it’s also really cUTE IM SO EXCITED ABOUT IT THAT I ALMOST WANNA SPOIL IT!!! 🗣🗣🗣

But yeah I wanted to finish the bios for the mutant au first then I’m going to dive back in here in full force! Just a couple more days~ and maybe one day’s worth of rest without drawing at all (lmfao my definition of resting was making an entire complex au filled w angst, angst and angst why)

Anyway, I just wanted to thank everyone for their patience and kind words! ILY ALL 💖💘💖💘💖

I can’t stop thinking about how so many villains are mutant types or are scarred up and scary from their quirks.

Like, how much do you wanna bet that mutant type people are often stereotyped or always bullied because kids that young already have a prejudice that their mutant playmates are going to be villains. It’s good to note now, that in Tsuyu’s personal story that she became the first friend to a mutant type girl whose only quirk was a snake’s head.

We already know that quirks that are extremely powerful, like Shinsou’s often cause him to be ostracized from a large portion of his classmates, but with his large eye bags and freaky blue hair? He’s probably never been able to keep his head down.

So what I really wanna know is if mutant type people like Kouda or Shouji or Tokoyami were bullied in school. I wanna know if when they were kids and playing Heroes and Villains, how many times they were forced to play the villains because of how they looked.

I wanna know how Kouda became so shy and anxious, how he probably talked more with his animal friends in order not to get pushed around by non-mutant type kids.

I wanna know how Tokoyami became so closed off from others and overall so dark because his Dark Shadow and bird’s head probably called him a villain to be.

I wanna know how Shouji became so gentle because he’s giant and he’s got 6 arms and he never once takes off the mask that covers half his face.

There’s a lot that can be explored here alone and honestly I’m so excited.

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I wanna see more super mutant main characters. Not like a companion who really brings nothing to the story, or one just standing there doing nothing, then becoming human through bullshit science. I mean something where you need to get some kind of resource, and the only one who has it is like, this super mutant who somehow has a beard, had a business suit custom built for himself, and is in charge of a vault casino.

yeah, i like marcus, hes my favorite in fnv, even though he doesnt do much in fnv. but i liked how he had a really calm voice and seemed pretty chill. i love lily but her and raul had very disconnected and simple arcs that revolved more around lore and backstory versus being interactive with the games world building. there was neil too, the guy at black mt that helps you get past the nightkin if your speech is high enough, at least he was helpful. theres like, one random super mututant in far harbor thats intelligent and sells dogs, and even gives dogmeat a bandana which my sole survivor wears everywhere now because i was so attached to that sentiment. i wouldve loved him waaaaaaay more as a companion then strong, but mostly because i just like animal friendly people probably haha

     she crushes the end of the cigarette into the ground with her heel, and jerks her chin towards the flier in his hand. lucky you caught me in time, i was thinking no one would show up today.

SC. &    ——    @teleportia !

Based on the song “Do I wanna know?” by Artic Monkeys 

GenderNeutral!Reader x Charles Xavier, SFW

Reader: Human/Mutant (whichever you prefer)

Requested by: @mm277me

Word Count: 751

Warnings: none

Setting: X-Men: First Class

You met Charles Xavier at the bar for the first time a few weeks ago. You’d been going there occasionally, you caught his eye almost immediately and he would always buy you a few drinks. But that was it for you. Just a slight flirtation, drinks, dancing… And then you went home. He knew your name, but that was it. You never wanted your bar-relationships to become anything serious. It was just fun. Relaxation after a long week and day.

On the other hand, Charles seemed pretty nice. And just as you expected, he was there again tonight.

“What are you drinking tonight, darling?” he asked you the moment he walked up to you with a smile.

You blushed involuntarily, even before he approached you. “The usual,” you replied with a smirk.

Charles already knew you’d say that and held up a glass of your favourite drink. “Done.”

You raised your eyebrows, pleasantly surprised and took the glass. “With service like that, I should be coming here more often,” you said clinking your glass against his, before taking a sip.

“Is the service the only thing worth coming here?” Charles asked smugly.

You chuckled. “So far, yes… Why? Do you know about some other things?” you flirted shamelessly.

Charles finished his drink and put the glass on the bar counter. “How about all those nice guys here? Or those terribly handsome guys?” he smirked. “Yes, you guessed right… I meant myself in both cases.”

You laughed at that, almost spitting out your drink. “Well, at least I know you don’t lack self-confidence.”

“Oh darling, you have no idea how good I am.”

“I think you had too much to drink, you’ve just started to blabber nonsense,” you said, shaking your head, faking sadness over how quickly he got intoxicated.

“Are you implying I’m drunk?”

“I wasn’t implying it, I think I said it quite explicitly,” you laughed happily. “You know, I’m not just a pretty face, I’m also pretty smart.”

“Now I should suggest you’re drunk as well.”

“Only if you disagree with my statement,” you pouted playfully. “Are you saying I’m not pretty and pretty smart?”

“I would never!” Charles exclaimed dramatically, even the mere thought of something horrible shocked him.

You blushed again and finished your drink, so you could avoid his intense eye contact. After you set your glass down on the counter next to his, you looked at him again.

“Wanna dance?” you asked as one of your favourite songs started to play.

“With you, anytime,” he answered taking your hand, leading you to the dance floor.

As you were dancing, you noticed something odd.

“Why do I have the feeling you’re nervous about something?” you asked Charles tilting your head curiously.

Charles frowned slightly. “No, no, I’ve just been thinking…”

“Thinking when you’re drunk?” you chuckled. “Are you sure that’s a good idea?” you asked, but he seemed to be a bit lost in his thoughts.

“I wanna know something… “ Charles started carefully, looking at you. “I mean, do I even wanna know? I have no idea… But I can’t get you out of my head.”

You were taken aback a bit after his statement. “And what do you want to know?”

“If this feeling flows both ways… I’ve thought it through a few times and I want to know if you feel the same,” he said, his eyes not leaving yours even for a moment.

You were way too surprised to think of a good response. Charles seriously caught you off guard now.

Charles felt you probably needed more time to think about this, because suddenly he was kissing you. His hand was coming up to the back of your head, while his other hand pulled you closer to him by your waist.

You kissed him back, not sure why, but damn it felt good. It felt right.

“I’m sorry to interrupt your thoughts,” he said after he broke the kiss to look at you. “It’s just I’m constantly on the cusp of trying to kiss you,” he confessed and you blushed once more.

You smiled at him to reassure him it was nothing to apologize for. “I really didn’t mind at all… It was better than my thoughts, anyway.”

“I don’t know if you feel the same as I do,” he started again. “But we could be together, if you wanted to.”

You laughed. “Was that supposed to rhyme?” you chuckled before pulling him in for another kiss as your way of saying ‘yes’.

cherik model au part two
  • erik never intended to end up in this line of work.  in fact if you had asked him a couple of years ago what he thought of the fashion industry he would have said that it was vapid and shallow. that it exploits people’s insecurities and perpetuates unachievable humancentric beauty standards. except here he is in a skintight wetsuit, doing a photoshoot of the coast of rome, achieving all of those standards.
  •  he shakes sand out of his hair and the photographer ends the session for the day. god knows he’ll be back here tomorrow wearing something even more ridiculous.he’s still not sure how emma conned him into becoming a model but he suspects telepathic manipulation. it’s easier than admitting to himself that he sacrificed his principles for a paycheck.
  • he gets out of the wetsuit and changes back into his street clothes. he checks his phone and sees three missed calls from someone named charles xavier. a quick google search shows some fashion designer in new york. erik sighs. this has emma written all over it
  • “who the fuck is charles xavier?” “nice to hear from you too darling. how’s rome?” “unbearable as always. now who the fuck is he?” emma clicks her tongue in disapproval. “no manners at all, it’s a good thing you’re pretty.” erik is about to growl out something derisive because he is classically handsome not pretty when she finally explains.         “charles xavier is to fashion what michelangelo was to sculpture. he’s a genius. i must have him.”      
  • erik is intrigued despite himself. emma never compliments anyone. ever. it’s one of her most endearing qualities. “he can’t be that good.” “he will be. i need you to model for him, he’s designing a new collection for me. keep an eye on his progress, i want regular updates. oh and bring me back something from milan. i’m thinking crystals ” and with that incredibly vague statement emma hangs up on him. typical.
  • two weeks later after erik has fulfilled all his prior commitments, emma arranges a meeting with xavier at what is quite possibly the stuffiest restuarant in all of manhattan. erik tugs on his silk tie and reluctantly resigns himself to an evening of mindless conversation. twenty minutes later and xavier still hasn’t arrived. erik levitates knifes above the table and idly considers castrating the bastard.
  • “oh but that’s incredible, do that again.” erik looks up into the brightest blue eyes he has ever seen and the silverware instantly falls to the table. the angel smiles and erik smiles back awestruck. he snags the empty seat at erik’s table and gestures at the silverware. “well go on, don’t stop on my account.” erik flicks his hand and the spoons begin waltzing. 
  • the man laughs delightedly. “extraordinary, absolutely extraordinary. i’ve never seen anything like it- tell me is it telekinesis?” erik shakes his head. “metalokinetic is the closest word for it, i manipulate magnetic fields.” the man grins and steals a roll from the bread basket and lathers it with butter. 
  • “this is such a relief. forgive me, mr. lehnsherr but i was worried we’d be discussing color theory and fabric choice all evening. it’s such a delight to meet someone with similar interests.” before erik can ask what he means by similar interests, the man raises his hand to his temple in the universal gesture for telepathy. 
  • erik sits back in his seat stunned. xavier- and its xavier it has to be- is not at all what he expected. he’s not quite sure what he was expecting but not this charming, odd man dressed more like a professor than a fashion designer. erik feels slightly flustered and off balance and he will later attribute his next words to a temporary lack of self awareness. 
  • “do you want to get out of here?” erik’s cheeks flush, that is not at all what he wanted to say. the spoons seem to wilt in embarrassment before falling to the table. xavier’s eyebrows rise and he smiles mischievously. “a bit forward but i’m willing to consider it.”  erik facepalms. “that’s not what i- i meant that do you want to go somewhere else to eat. i don’t much care for this place.”  charles smiles. “lead the way.” 

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Kitty do you have any love interest in anybody (maybe a certain blue skinned mutant)

Kitty: I don’t wanna like anybody like that. Then we’d have to kiss and I’d get cooties. I’ll do it when I grow up and can’t get them anymore.

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Del, I have been following your rp for some time and I have a theory I wanna run by your bucky anon: what if the kiddos are mutants? I mean, it would make a huge plot twist!

Hmm, this is interesting. *stares off into distance.*