i wanna be a mutant

Imagine: The Guys waking you up early to go see the a killer Sunrise


“Trust me… You are going to thank me very soon.”


“ C'mon. You don’t wanna miss this…Ya can catch up on ‘beauty sleep’, later, though you really don’t need it…“


“Babe… babe…. Baaaaaabe. Release the pillow, we gotta sun to catch!”


You wake up as he is carefully half dragging/carrying you out the door.

“… It was gonna be a surprise.”


Casey Jones:“….zzz… wha-… you wanna what? ….babe… it’s a weekday, I can’t do that…”

I can’t stop thinking about how so many villains are mutant types or are scarred up and scary from their quirks.

Like, how much do you wanna bet that mutant type people are often stereotyped or always bullied because kids that young already have a prejudice that their mutant playmates are going to be villains. It’s good to note now, that in Tsuyu’s personal story that she became the first friend to a mutant type girl whose only quirk was a snake’s head.

We already know that quirks that are extremely powerful, like Shinsou’s often cause him to be ostracized from a large portion of his classmates, but with his large eye bags and freaky blue hair? He’s probably never been able to keep his head down.

So what I really wanna know is if mutant type people like Kouda or Shouji or Tokoyami were bullied in school. I wanna know if when they were kids and playing Heroes and Villains, how many times they were forced to play the villains because of how they looked.

I wanna know how Kouda became so shy and anxious, how he probably talked more with his animal friends in order not to get pushed around by non-mutant type kids.

I wanna know how Tokoyami became so closed off from others and overall so dark because his Dark Shadow and bird’s head probably called him a villain to be.

I wanna know how Shouji became so gentle because he’s giant and he’s got 6 arms and he never once takes off the mask that covers half his face.

There’s a lot that can be explored here alone and honestly I’m so excited.

HEY I know this is very predictable of me, but:

Charles as a charming and constantly drunk high school teacher who comes up with the idea that a glee club will unite all the cliques and is not above blackmailing teenagers to make it happen

Erik as the casually outrageous cheerleading coach who has definitely killed a man, carries around a staple gun, doesn’t do any actual coaching, and loves antagonizing Charles

Idk what the rest of this AU is like but:
-Emma, Angel, and Raven are scary cheerleaders
-Logan is the surprisingly competent school counselor
-Jubilee is a football player
-Being in glee club defo makes class president Jean develop anger issues
-Hippie exchange student Ororo obviously joined just because she has a crush on Raven
-Raven and Charles are still siblings but Raven ran away and lives with her college girlfriend. She’s basically just fucking around being a cheerleader
-Wanda and Pietro are transfer students who audition with a disturbingly peppy cover of Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This). They look exactly like Erik but none of the adults seem particularly concerned
-Stoner Sean
-Erik keeps trying to get Kitty (captain of the math team) to join the cheerleading squad and possibly be his personal assistant/protege. He is foiled by the fact that he has no idea whatsoever how the cheerleading squad works and also Kitty doesn’t fucking want to
-During the gas leak episode, Charles notably does not act any higher than he usually does
-Erik vaults over the judges’ table at Regionals to punch one of them when they make an ableist comment about Charles, who is very charmed, while the kids pretend they don’t know either of them
-Tony Stark coaches a rival glee club and absolutely everyone hates them


first a doodle of Mutant Springy but Bonka’s AU inspired me to draw some other stuff fffff thought of KC mutating into a full on Naga like creature and then Bonka mentioned Min Min as an actual dragon so I drew that too haha

also random unrelated Spring werewolf cause of course I would draw him as a werewolf (he’d be such a good pup boi)

seems fitting to post today since Halloween and monsters and all that heh

Hello! I just wanted to make a quick status update~ (it’s not going to be quick I talk a lot skip this I just wanna talk about how I am LOL gahdhajsh) but anyway a lot of people have been leaving me asks about how they miss my comics and I’m super thankful that you guys are excited about it ;v; but ok Ive been prolonging arc 2 mostly because Ive been having a really hard time writing it. There’s like 3 story plots I need to thread together all at once and I was dying because how to do the do feajshaj BUT OK I was driving earlier today listening to the sad tunes of the ed sheeran™ making miserable headcanon of my mutant au and I suddenly had a huge epiphany on how I’m finally going to thread everyone’s individual stories in arc 2 and I was about to cry because it solves all my problems omg and it’s also really cUTE IM SO EXCITED ABOUT IT THAT I ALMOST WANNA SPOIL IT!!! 🗣🗣🗣

But yeah I wanted to finish the bios for the mutant au first then I’m going to dive back in here in full force! Just a couple more days~ and maybe one day’s worth of rest without drawing at all (lmfao my definition of resting was making an entire complex au filled w angst, angst and angst why)

Anyway, I just wanted to thank everyone for their patience and kind words! ILY ALL 💖💘💖💘💖

TMNT x Reader! Part Four.

Of all the turtles, Mikey is going to handle your absences the worst.
It’s not that he doesn’t understand that you do things outside of the relationship, he doesn’t mind that at all. It’s that he wishes he could be there.
The others all want you here, with them. But Mikey? He wants to be up there. He wants to be with the people. He wants to meet your family, all the people you’ve told him about. He wants to see your parents home, the house you grew up in. He dreams of seeing the world with you but he can’t. And even though it’s disappointing, at least he has you.
Now he doesn’t have either.
He mopes and sulks, but not in his normal baby brother way. It’s different this time. More sensitive. More serious.
His brothers can see it and they wonder what to do about it. But right now, Mikey would rather be alone in his room and text you endlessly. Until you finally send the magic words:
I’m coming home!!
He sits up, smiling down at his phone. Finally, he’s able to get out of bed and get up and ready. He runs past Leo and Don, who calls after him
“Hey, where’s the fire?”
“On a plane! She’s coming home!!”
He’s lucky it’s late and dark enough to sneak up top and into your apartment. He lays on the sheets that smell like you and, for a second there, he get’s sad again. But then he remembers how close you are to being here and goes back to smiling.
And finally, finally! You’re here. He’s fast asleep when you come home, shutting the door behind you. The sound wakes him up and you’ve just taken off your shoes when you’re whisked into the arms of an overjoyed turtle.
“Baaaaabe!! I missed you!!”
You’re soon covered in kisses and left giggling as he carries you into your room.
“Mikey! Calm down, I’m home, I’m alright.” you laugh.
“I know.”
He flops onto the bed with you on top of him, looking down at your boyfriend.
“You weren’t too lonely, were you?” you ask.
He shakes his head, but you know that look in his eye. It’s that sad, wishful one that makes your heart ache.
“I wish you could have come. It might have actually been fun with you.”
You kiss him once, twice, three times and then he’s smiling again.
“Tell me about it! I wanna know everything.”


so last night I was thinking about movies that feature powers/superpowers and everything and basically I wanna write something like this but would honestly rather read it

mutants are created by mutations in DNA sequences right, naturally they would either die from incorrect protein sequences or have an advantage (in this case power). over many many many years natural selection (and by that I mean terrified people with big guns) would take its toll and there would be less and less mutants with powers so they would have to hide them (like in every movie ever lol) but wow magically theres an institution/hideout owned by a normal dude with lots of money who’s daughter was a mutant but she died so now he wants to protect the other mutants and blah blah blah

so this chick right shes like wassssupppp I’m a mutant but I’m 17 and not dead wowowowo xD and she has the ability to shapeshift so shes been on the run from her old home cause you know…everyone hates her. and been shapeshifting into different people to hide and everything but then WHAT she finds this institute and then she lives there and there are a bunch of little kids with random ass powers who are confused and excited but can’t control their powers yet so one accidentally destroys the greenhouse cause he got excited about being able to make a plant grow but then it got a little out of hand and what have you

so she (YES FOR FEMALE PROTAGONISTS) meets this group of ragtag mutants that are her age and they tell her who’s who around the institute. most have been here since childhood as they were dangerous when not in control.

they explain that their names came from their powers, an interview held in a stadium-sized room underground where the owners determine whether or not the mutant belongs at the institution, whether their powers are too great to live around normal humans. an interview, as the owners call it, which requires a mutant to show what they can do (give it to me) and then they’re named. unfortunately this isn’t so well with some people and great for others.

  • there’s an American boy and his sister who both have the same mutation, wings. her wings are beautiful and black, so she’s called raven. his are slightly grey and mottled, and whilst they actually resemble owl’s wings, he’s called pigeon. he’s really bitter about it and originally hated his name but got used to it. raven thinks her name is badass.
  • there are the two Mexican brothers who burnt down an orphanage when they were three because they have the ability to create and manipulate heat. theyre named something like blaze and flame (and theyre obviously the coolest guys at the place with names like that). theyre very mild-tempered despite what you might think and actually are quite humble.
  • theres the girl who can teleport and for her interview she went to Alaska and brought back a husky (she kept him and his name is Bug) so she was called Alaska. she used to use her ability to transport her friends and family from her home in Iraq to safe countries but problems occurred and she had to stop. she said goodbye to her family for their own sake.
  • theres the seven year old German kid who can turn invisible and stole things from around the institute unseen for his trial. He was nicknamed Pick from pick-pocketer but he’s little and cute and doesnt steal anymore. he speaks with a German accent and his favourite person at the institute is pigeon.
  • a Spanish boy who’s about four who stumbles around the institute and heals people with his tiny healing powers, and he normally faints afterwards because it takes a lot of energy but he’s adorable and stubborn and chases Bug around whenever the dog gets sick to try and heal him. His name is Alivio but everyone calls him Ali.
  • theres the Chinese-American boy who can control the weather. he was originally nicknamed Tsunami but raven refused to call him that as the owner thought he was Japanese (RACIST) and gave him a name that was originally a Japanese word. He is instead Hurricane. he despises his powers and the affect they have had on his life, preventing him from living up to his mother’s expectations of becoming a doctor. he instead spends his time in the laboratory in the institute and helps find causes of the mutations. on his bad days, the weather is always raining and cold.
  • theres the twelve year old girl with the ability to hear peoples thoughts, but she spends most of her days in bed. as majority of people are self-depracating she hears thoughts of “you’re not good enough” and whatnot everyday. she was diagnosed with depression when she was six. some of the older boys nicknamed her Ears when she was four because she was always listening. 

and many other ones but these were just the ones I came up with


one day when i have the time and the patience to actually put my thoughts together on it, i’m gonna write that meta about how kitty and her judaism have had significant influence on illyana’s faith and how it’s gradually helped her find her way, spiritually, after being lost for so long.