i wanna arm wrestle with her!

Chaotic monk

After fighting a group of lizardmen and finding a woman barely alive who went to find her brother who is dead next to her.
Me: So unless you guys wanna stick around and maybe Ando(the monk) wants to kick her in the face, are you gonna go back to town?
Monk: Well..
Druid: Oh no.
Me: He’s less chaotic neutral and more chaotic asshole now.
Now the party is in a tavern to spend the night before heading back to complete the quest and the monk is just being a general ass to the innkeeper.
Monk: Hey, arm wrestling is serious business, I might beat him but I wouldn’t leave him bleeding.
Me: you started off quiet and chaotic neutral, and now you’re talkative and chaotic asshole.

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“Hey y/n!” You looked up from lacing up your boots to see Becky Lynch walking up to you. “These guys,” she pointed over her shoulder to a small group of wrestlers, “don’t believe me when I said that you are stronger than most of them.” You blushed she didn’t have to go and say stuff like that to people. 

“Becky why did you say that?” you whispered. 

“Because it’s true!” she said, clapping you on the shoulder. 

“I don’t believe you,” said Seth Rollins. You looked at Becky, a snide smile on her face, and shook your head, a smirk pulling at your lips.

“You are going to be the death of me Lynch.” She smiled and tapped you on the butt as you walked out of the locker room. “You wanna arm wrestle Rollins?” He nodded, a smug smile on his face. You put up your (dominate hand) on the nearest table and he copied you. Once your hands were closed around his, Kevin Owens clamped his hands around yours. He looked at both of you, but your eyes were locked with Seth’s and his with yours. Kevin let go of your hands. Seth didn’t put up much of a fight. You slammed his hand down in about five seconds. His face was stunned and you were smiling. 

“That’s unfair!” Seth was shoved out of the way by Jack Swagger and he put his hand up. You matched his hand again, Kevin held your hands still then let go. Jack was a little harder but not by much, it was more like ten seconds before his hand was smashed onto the table. Unlike Seth, Jack smiled and gave you a high five. “Okay so your arms are strong but I bet you can’t squat that much!” You turned to look at Seth, annoyance radiating off you. 

“You just like to be proven wrong,” you said. You moved and pointed down at your legs. “You don’t get legs like this or an ass like this without squatting a lot.” Becky laughed. 

“Show me!” You rolled your eyes and turned to Sheamus, the heaviest guy there. 

“Do you mind?” He looked at you, shocked. 

“Honey I don’t know if you can,” you rolled your eyes. 

“How much do you weigh?”

“About 270,” you laughed.

“I can do it.” He didn’t look convinced. 

“Don’t drop me dear,” he said. You moved over to him, Becky dragging a stool behind you.

“Jack can you spot me?” He nodded and walked up behind you, he lightly placed his hands on your hips. “You ready Sheamus,” he just groaned. You squatted down, putting your head right by his stomach, and grabbed his neck with one hand and grabbed his leg with your other hand.  You took several deep breaths and then picked him up on your shoulders. Everyone gasped loudly and Seth’s eyes widened.You looked up at the light above you and squatted, your butt touching the stool. You pushed out all your breath and stood up. You leaned over so Sheamus’ feet could touch to the floor. All the people around you clapped their hands and Sheamus gave you a side hug. 

“Not many people can do that little lady, impressive.” You winked at Seth, who’s face was rather red. 

“Still don’t believe me?” said Becky. 


I was so disappointed when Bella ended up being the super-newborn. Wouldn’t this have been more fun?


Two milliseconds after waking up

Edward: Ow! Carlisle, get her off me! Help!


In the nursery

Bella: But it’s been three days, and she’s already changed so much! Just let me hold her!

Jacob (guarding crib): You’re kidding, right?


In the backyard

Bella: Wanna arm-wrestle again?

Emmett (backs away slowly): Um, I gotta wash my hair…


In Carlisle’s study

Carlisle: It’s quite remarkable. I never thought that any vampire could be this clumsy.

Bella: Well, it’s just a newborn thing, right? It’ll get better?

Carlisle: I’m afraid not. I spoke with Eleazar and we are agreed that Supernatural Clumsiness is your gift. It’s only going to worsen with the centuries.

Bella: Oh no! What am I supposed to do?!

Esme (gently): You can stay away from my house, darling. Far away.


In the garage

Rosalie: Don’t even think about going in my garage. And no, you may not use your Ferrari.


In Forks

Charlie: Oh my, Bells, what… uh, sharp… teeth you have?


In the cottage

Edward: HELP!!!

Hey, wanna arm wrestle? I’ve got this cast on my stupid arm and it’s my dominant one. I’ve got to bulk up on my right to make it stronger since I’ll be using it for awhile, who knows maybe I’ll be an ambidextrous, I’ll be the next Da Vinci. I’m pretty sure Batman taught himself to be ambidextrous as well.