i wanna arm wrestle with her!

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*whispers* I would love to know more about your OCs


ok here are a few things about Tilda:

- She’s asexual and a Taurus like myself.
- Likes sweet foods, her favourite is creme caramel pudding cups
- Very much a workaholic
- Spends most of her time in the gym or training
- Takes great pride in her weapons collection and does maintenance on it regularly (including fighting with them)
- Dislikes mechanical weapons like guns and missiles, also not a fan of swords, but does appreciate them and admires people who can use them. She favours weapons that require blunt force. Especially hammers. If no weapons are available, fists will do.
- Likes to whittle sometimes, she’s not great at the detail work and she’s a bit heavy handed with the tools so her stuff always look stumpy and chunky but she likes it.
- Likes the outdoors, enjoys camping.
- Believes everyone should be able to stand up for themselves and protect those they love, runs extra training sessions for those who want to improve their combat skills.
- Will not get involved in other people’s unnecessary conflict until the last moment. She will watch and wait until it’s clear that someone will not stand up for themselves before stepping in. This has not always ended well.
- While she feels people should be able to protect themselves she feels immense guilt whenever others are hurt and she thinks she could have done something to prevent it. Even if circumstances couldn’t be helped she feels in some way responsible. 
- Will bend over backwards to help people and is caring in a mothering way but due to her height and build many find her intimidating and difficult to approach
- Is uncomfortable with taking days off to ‘relax’
- Only ever wears comfortable sports wear, any fashionable clothes she owns were bought for her as gifts and although she finds them awkward to wear she will regularly put them on around the person who gifted them. 
- Used to have very long hair, like, down to her waist, until it became impractical in combat.
- Saved a guys life once and he named his pub/bar after her and she has free drinks for life there. Became best friends with the bar owner/tender afterwards and they often bicker because she tries to pay for drinks and he is haVING NONE OF IT.
- Can hold her alcohol very well but once drunk she is rowdy and WILL arm wrestle and/or fight you as a show of friendship
- Is a morning person
- Prefers to get to the point and hates beating about the bush
- Prefers to eat in private

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“Hey y/n!” You looked up from lacing up your boots to see Becky Lynch walking up to you. “These guys,” she pointed over her shoulder to a small group of wrestlers, “don’t believe me when I said that you are stronger than most of them.” You blushed she didn’t have to go and say stuff like that to people. 

“Becky why did you say that?” you whispered. 

“Because it’s true!” she said, clapping you on the shoulder. 

“I don’t believe you,” said Seth Rollins. You looked at Becky, a snide smile on her face, and shook your head, a smirk pulling at your lips.

“You are going to be the death of me Lynch.” She smiled and tapped you on the butt as you walked out of the locker room. “You wanna arm wrestle Rollins?” He nodded, a smug smile on his face. You put up your (dominate hand) on the nearest table and he copied you. Once your hands were closed around his, Kevin Owens clamped his hands around yours. He looked at both of you, but your eyes were locked with Seth’s and his with yours. Kevin let go of your hands. Seth didn’t put up much of a fight. You slammed his hand down in about five seconds. His face was stunned and you were smiling. 

“That’s unfair!” Seth was shoved out of the way by Jack Swagger and he put his hand up. You matched his hand again, Kevin held your hands still then let go. Jack was a little harder but not by much, it was more like ten seconds before his hand was smashed onto the table. Unlike Seth, Jack smiled and gave you a high five. “Okay so your arms are strong but I bet you can’t squat that much!” You turned to look at Seth, annoyance radiating off you. 

“You just like to be proven wrong,” you said. You moved and pointed down at your legs. “You don’t get legs like this or an ass like this without squatting a lot.” Becky laughed. 

“Show me!” You rolled your eyes and turned to Sheamus, the heaviest guy there. 

“Do you mind?” He looked at you, shocked. 

“Honey I don’t know if you can,” you rolled your eyes. 

“How much do you weigh?”

“About 270,” you laughed.

“I can do it.” He didn’t look convinced. 

“Don’t drop me dear,” he said. You moved over to him, Becky dragging a stool behind you.

“Jack can you spot me?” He nodded and walked up behind you, he lightly placed his hands on your hips. “You ready Sheamus,” he just groaned. You squatted down, putting your head right by his stomach, and grabbed his neck with one hand and grabbed his leg with your other hand.  You took several deep breaths and then picked him up on your shoulders. Everyone gasped loudly and Seth’s eyes widened.You looked up at the light above you and squatted, your butt touching the stool. You pushed out all your breath and stood up. You leaned over so Sheamus’ feet could touch to the floor. All the people around you clapped their hands and Sheamus gave you a side hug. 

“Not many people can do that little lady, impressive.” You winked at Seth, who’s face was rather red. 

“Still don’t believe me?” said Becky. 

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“I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.” Everlark

Tipsy drabble #1 for the night. My apologies Anon. My mind went off the rails. I blame the 16% by volume wine. RATED M: For le smut. It’s brief, but it’s there. You’ve been warned. Bottoms up!

“I’ve seen the way you look at me,” Katniss hisses. “And it won’t work. You’re not getting in this bed.”

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Chaotic monk

After fighting a group of lizardmen and finding a woman barely alive who went to find her brother who is dead next to her.
Me: So unless you guys wanna stick around and maybe Ando(the monk) wants to kick her in the face, are you gonna go back to town?
Monk: Well..
Druid: Oh no.
Me: He’s less chaotic neutral and more chaotic asshole now.
Now the party is in a tavern to spend the night before heading back to complete the quest and the monk is just being a general ass to the innkeeper.
Monk: Hey, arm wrestling is serious business, I might beat him but I wouldn’t leave him bleeding.
Me: you started off quiet and chaotic neutral, and now you’re talkative and chaotic asshole.

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kara will be the annoying little sister that wants to do everything her older sister do. she'll be w/ alex and maggie and be like 'you are holding hands? i want to hold hands too' you would think she'd grab alex's hand but she gets maggie bc she doesnt want her to feel left out bc shes like that. maggie will adopt her, other couples have puppies, she and alex have kara.

Maggie sits hesitantly, nervously, on the edge of the couch, sandwiching Alex between her and Kara. It’s her first movie night with the girls, and though the invitation had come from Kara, she can’t quite shake the feeling that she’s intruding.

But Kara smiles and tosses a blanket over all three of them, so Maggie scoots closer and relaxes into Alex’s shoulder; she grins as she hears Kara shifting and doing the same on Alex’s other shoulder, and doesn’t think much of it.

She forgets that Kara has x-ray vision when she slips her hand onto Alex’s thigh under the blankets, finds Alex’s hand, links her fingers through Alex’s, and smiles as Alex sighs contentedly.

“Alex,” Kara whispers, except Kara’s whisper is more of a whisper-shout. “Are you guys holding hands? Can I hold your hand, too?”

Alex furrows her brow and looks at her sideways, but she offers her free hand to Kara as Maggie chuckles.

It happens again when they’re making dinner together the next week.

“Mm, Alex, babe, c’mere, you have to try this, Kara and I came up with the perfect amount of chocolateyness – ”

Alex slips into the kitchen and obediently opens her mouth and moans happily as Maggie lets her close her lips around the spoon she’s offering.

“Mmm, it’s amazing, you should have some, too,” Alex flirts, drawing Maggie closer by the hips and leaning down for an open-mouthed kiss.

They’re interrupted by a firm tap on Maggie’s shoulder and a glasses-adjusting, furrow-browed Kara. “I get to try some, too!”

“Not off my mouth you don’t, Little Danvers – here, wanna finish off this spoon?”

It happens again at the park, when they’re tossing around a football and Maggie takes Alex down and their laughter becomes a wrestling match, and Kara hovers over them reminding them that she’s really good at wrestling and can’t she play, too.

Maggie is a detective, and as she looks up at Kara’s pouting face with laughter still on her own lips, she detects. 

So the next time they’re cuddling at movie night, Maggie makes sure that one of Alex’s arms is around her shoulders, and the other is around Kara’s.

The next time the three of them are walking together, she grabs the hands of both Danvers sisters, swinging her arm back and forth amiably with Kara and interlacing fingers and flirting with thumbs and pinkies and soft security with Alex.

The next time she wants to feed Alex something, she makes sure she offers to Kara first, so Kara will be distracted by the food while Maggie takes her time licking it off of Alex’s lips.

The next time she buys Alex a donut from that tiny food truck on the corner, she buys Kara five.

The next time they’re playing around in the park and Maggie feels like chasing Alex to the ground in a fit of shrieks and giggles that has J’onn pretending not to smile and James and Winn cheering her on like little kids at a soccer game, she knows she’ll have an easier time of it, because Kara is perpetually invited to help.

Because the Danvers sisters are a package deal; and Maggie wouldn’t have it any other way.

For Better or For Worse (Theo Raeken)

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Request:  Hi, I love you is made, are what you can do where Theo and the reader so together, she discovers that she and Theo are soul mates and just after she discovered Theo travait for horror Physician. Sorry if the foul English is not my native language.

Author’s Note: To the anon who requested this, I hope this is what you were looking for. This story employs the trope of where soulmates have matching marks on their arms at birth. Because whyyy not? :3

Soulmates are bound for life. That was what everyone was taught for generations.

If two people had matching marks on their arms, they were soulmates. It almost became an obsession for people to find their soulmate, their other half that was destined for them since birth.

The mark on her arm were two lines twisted around each other.

It was never an obsession to find her soulmate. She knew he was out there, somewhere. There was an anticipation that someday, she’d find him. It didn’t take long. It happened on her first day of junior year of high school. When Theo took off his hoodie during lunch, she caught sight of the mark that matched hers. She had to check several times just to be sure.

Mustering up all her courage, she slid out of her seat and to Theo, showing him the mark.

Theo’s lips curled into a grin when he glanced from the mark to her face. “Hi soulmate,” he greeted.

She felt the knot twist in her stomach as she smiled back. “Hi.”

Everything from there turned into a euphoric ride in the clouds. Perhaps they were just stupid teenagers blinded by the concept of a happily ever after. They fell in love too fast, too soon, too young, but they were happy and that was what mattered at the time.

Oh how stupid are you? she thinks as her grip tightens on the handle of the knife, its cold, biting edge starting to dig into her neck.

Theo had been her everything in the short time they were together. He helped her study. He made her laugh. He held her in his arms when her brother disappeared, and then celebrated with her when her brother turned up okay.

Then came the day he made her cry.

Theo seemed distant, quiet. When he inquired after his silence, he forced a smile and said everything was okay. The nagging feeling in her stomach did not go away, and she knew it wasn’t.

Perhaps she shouldn’t have followed after her brother. Since he had come back home, there was something different about him. He had locked himself up in his room, telling their mother that he was sick. And so when he snuck out that night, she followed after him. Curiosity killed her heart.

From a distance, she watched her brother sink to his knees, vomit black liquid and fear encapsulated her heart when she saw Theo approach him. His face was cold, unlike the warmth he always had when he was with her.

“Theo,” her brother gasped, “please.”

The ground vibrated beneath her feet, and she remained frozen when three looming figures approached them. She had no idea who they were or why they wore such horrifying masks. But one slid a blade from his cane and sliced her brother’s throat. His body fell to the ground lifeless, blood being absorbed into the soil.

“He was another failure,” one figure replied.

“You’re right,” Theo answers, his voice devoid of sympathy. “There was no use for him.”

All attention turned on her when she gasped in horror and stumbled back. She turned and ran home as fast as her legs could take her. Theo was running after her but there were no words to describe what she felt.

She grabbed the kitchen knife from its block, its blade pointed at Theo.

“Stay. Back,” she ordered. Her hand trembled slightly, and it didn’t go unnoticed.

“[Name],” Theo began, holding up his hands. “Put the knife down.”

She shook her head. He repeated the statement again, and one foot forward brought her to that moment with the blade pressed into her neck.

“You bastard,” she whispers, tears growing hot in her eyes. “I don’t know who those people are, but you let them kill my brother. Why?”

“I didn’t want the Dread Doctors to kill him,” he answered. He eyes the knife and the shallow cut that was slowly becoming deeper.

She didn’t want this, oh no. He had lied to her. Made her believe that he cared. He had reassured her that her brother would return when he disappeared, but did nothing to help her brother. Theo stood there and let those monsters murder part of her family, part of her soul. She had no desire to be soulmates with someone who had manipulated her so cruelly.

The blade leaves her neck and to her arm. She hears Theo scream “No!” as the edge breaks her skin. She’s hurting already and her brain doesn’t register the pain when she tries to slice her soulmate mark from her arm.

Theo wrestles the knife from her grasp before the mark is cut from her skin completely. The struggle makes them fall to the floor. She crumples in her own tears, and he lays beside her with one hand over the wound, trying to stop the bleeding.

“I don’t wanna be your soulmate,” she manages to choke. She’s not quite sure what she wants more, to die or to hurt Theo.

Dread runs down her spine when he answers, “You don’t have much of a choice.”

Soulmates are bound for life, and Theo was going to drag her to the depths of hell.

Try Again

This was one of my few serious stories

Pairing: DeanxReader

His eyes widened at what her response was.
“We should break up…”
He looked at her as if she had gone crazy, insane even.  "Break up!? Break up why? I mean I know we-“
“Dean you know as well as I do why. All we ever do is argue. I can’t even remember the last time we were weren’t mad at each other." (Y/n) sighed and folded her arms. "I really don’t wanna do this but-”
“Then don’t! We can fix this! We can fix us!” He stood closer to her, grabbing and unfolding her arms.
“How,” her voice was a whisper. “How Dean? This is the most civil conversation we’ve had in months.”
(Y/n) walked away from him to sit down. “I’ve been trying to stick it out for a while now, hopping things get better but it doesn’t. It just gets worse and worse. And I don’t wanna be in a relationship where I’m not happy…”
He stood there and stared at her completely in shock. “Not happy? I’ve been trying my damn hardest to make you happy-”
“Obviously not if we’re always arguing Dean!” She looked down, putting her face in her hands. “Look I’m just tired ok? Just tired.”
“How are you tired from doing nothing! You haven’t even tried to fix anything yet! You’re just giving up…like you always do.”
“Like we are now?”
“Oh my god you’re impossible!” She walked off again, anger taking over her whole being.
“Then why are you still here?! If I don’t listen, if i’m so impossible!?”
“IT’S BECAUSE I FUCKING LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH I’VE BEEN STAYING WITH YOU! NO MATTER HOW BAD THINGS GET! No matter how bad you get,” her voice was significantly softer then, conveying her sadness.
He let out a bitter laugh. “How bad I get? You’re not a walk in the park either darling! So don’t act like this is all me!” Dean was shooting her daggers from across the room, anger written completely over his face.
“I know that Dean…”
It was quiet in the room for a while, no one saying anything.
“Look I just…I just think it would be easier for both of us if we ended it.”
“So that’s it huh? Just end it?”
“You have a better idea?”
Dean walked up to her sitting form and kneeled in front of her.
He stared at her form; slouched, hands in her face and he knew she was trying to fight back tears.
“We can keep trying.”
“Dean, I don’t wanna keep trying. Not if anything’s gonna change.”
“Then I’ll change! I’ll change whatever you need me too!” He reached forward and wrapped his arms around her waist, face in her lap. “Just please don’t leave. You’re the best thing I’ve ever had.”
She felt his arms tighten around her and felt his erratic heartbeat on her lap. “Dean I-”
She choked on her tears before they finally fell.
Feeling her body shake he looked up and wiped her tears away.
“I know I can do better. Just let me. You’re the only positive thing I’ve ever had in my life. The only person who’s ever given a damn about me. The only person to stick around. And I don’t wanna lose that. I don’t wanna go back to where wrestling is the only thing I have in my life…”
He wrapped his arms around her again, burying his face in her chest.
She smiled and lifted his face to look at hers.
“You won’t have too…”

Workin’ Out (Requested)

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Request: could you do one using the prompt “It’s not heavy. I’m stronger than I look.” with Bucky

Warnings: None

Words: 895

A/N: I actually had two ideas for this, one of which kinda goes in a completely different direction so I’m going to post that separately in a few days… most likely tomorrow XD Hope ya like it ^_^

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Intricate love [Taehyung]

Originally posted by myeong-su

Genre: Angst

Characters: Taehyung; Reader (You)

Word Count: 1580

Notes: I was feeling some V angst so I wrote some :) Let me know what you think please! Maybe a part 2, idk yet ~ Admin Unnie

“Hey Tae pass me the rest of the stuff in the dryer please”, you said glancing over at him as you put the rest of your laundry in the washer.

He gave you a pouty face back, not seeming to like the idea of helping with laundry day.

“Come on, I bought you lunch this week. TWICE”, you emphasized, hoping that your generosity could get him in motion.

“Fine, but that’s only because I’m broke”

“We’re all broke Tae, that’s what happens when you take 3 years of college”

“Yeah, but you have a job at least”

“Yeah its called taking care of your broke ass”

“And what an honor that is”, he sing songed back to you, bowing slightly.

“Oh please, all your good for is lame ass jokes. Which I give you a laugh for because no one else ever laughs at them”

“Hey, I’m funny”

“Yeah Tae, hilarious”, you said sarcastically.

He humphed beside you and started handing you your clothes from the dryer. You didn’t realize that was a bad idea until he was holding up a pair of your black lace panties.

“Oh la la. Who are we trying to impress”, he winked at you.

“Hey, those aren’t for your eyes to see”

“Well whoever they’re for, he’s one lucky man”

“You know they’re not for anyone dummy. I haven’t had a date in years”

“I’m just saying, you could get some man candy easily. You’re gorgeous, you know that right Y/N”

Yeah, you thought, just not your type apparently.

You had first met Taehyung freshman year. He was in almost all of your classes him being a music major and you being a dance major. The classes for the arts ran extremely close in your school and you guys instantly became friends.

You hung out almost 24/7 that year. Late night study sessions, trips to the beach, theme parks. Name it and you guys had probably done it.

You both got jobs that summer and decided to take some courses to get more credits. You shared an apartment just off campus and that’s the one you shared now. Except Tae lost his job earlier this year because he was caught eating the food, again.

Sophomore year was a little bit of a blur, or maybe its because thats when Tae got his first girlfriend. You would block that whole year if you could, but it was just too significant to you, even if it hurt.

You couldn’t remember the girl’s name, but she was beautiful. Long silky hair, fair skin, nicest girl you would ever meet and Tae was infatuated with her.

Every time you guys had a hangout it would be she did this, she did that. You could recite half the shit he said about her. You, of course, never said anything about his topic of conversation and let him talk as long as he wanted. If he wasn’t talking about her, he was busy texting her, and this only further annoyed you.

Then one day, time just seemed to come to an end.

It was 3 am when Taehyung had come home that night. It was raining lightly, the slight patter lulling you to sleep. You were almost asleep when you heard him stumble in.

“Tae, hey Tae are you alright?”, you asked as you walked toward him.

He was sitting, his back against the door. He was… crying? His shoulders shook a little with the little hiccups of his sobs.

“Taehyung, what’s wrong”

“Its her”, he whispered. “I walked in on her fucking some guy”.

“Oh Tae, I’m so sorry. If you want me to beat her up just say it”.

“Haha, you can’t even beat me at arm wrestling Y/N”, he said giving you a weak smile.

Seeing his joking side come out made you feel better, but you knew it was just a defense mechanism for the grief he was feeling.

“So what now? Get drunk, talk about our feelings”.

“Hell yeah, but cop out the feelings part”

“You don’t wanna talk about it…”

“No, I just want to forget her”

You got up and went to the kitchen bringing out a bottle of fireball whiskey, it was all you had left from the party you had last weekend.

You held it up in front of you, shaking it slightly.

“Ohh no, not that shit”.

“Sorry it’s all we got”

“ It fucks up my throat though”, he whined.

“Do you want it or not Kim”, you said.

He shook his head at you indicating that he wanted it, even though it would burn his throat. Who thought putting cinnamon in whiskey was a good idea.

You guys spent the night in your bed, drinking, crying, mostly Tae, and just reliving the good times before he had met her.

“I’m sorry”, he suddenly said to you. His head was resting on your lap, your hands running through his soft hair. You had both gotten quite drunk and were now coming down and getting sleepy.

“For what? This? She did this to you, you have nothing to apologize for. I’m here for you and always will be”.

“No I know that. I’m sorry for putting her before you, you have always been there for me and I feel like lately I’ve been giving you 50% of my attention. And thank you”  he said a slight blush on his cheeks from admitting his feelings.

He was your best friend, but he didn’t like you the way you liked him. The 3 words you wished to hear would never come out his mouth.

“No problem Tae, I love you”, you whispered the last phrase making his head pop up.

“What was that?”

“Nothing important. Come on, let’s get you cleaned up and into bed”, you said pushing him up and off your lap while going to put the whiskey bottle in the recycling.

“Nooo, let’s just sleep”, he whined, face planting onto your bed.

“You smell like a wet dog Tae, take a shower”

“Fine, but if I slip and fall and die it’s your fault”

“Stop being dramatic”, you helped him out of your room to his bathroom, shoving him in when he halted at the door.

You were all washed up for the night or should you say day, it was close to 6 a.m now. You had just gotten cozy in your bed when Tae pressed his head through your door.

“Y/N, can I sleep with you”, he asked tentatively.

“Sure, get in here I’m cold”

“Yes Ma’am”, he said making his way to your bed.

He got in and immediately cuddled up to you. You turned your back to him, your heart was racing in your chest as the love of your life cuddled into your back.

You felt his arms reach around to hold your waist, his warm hands coming around your curves. You stiffened and he stopped.

“Y/N, is this okay? Are you uncomfortable?”, he asked, worry in his voice.

“N- no, Tae, I’m fine”, you stuttered out. Being in such close proximity was a little much for you, but you would do it if it made Tae feel better.

“Okay, just tell me if I’m being too touchy. I tend to hug in my sleep”

Fucking great. He liked to hug in his sleep, this was going to be a long night.

“Goodnight Y/N”, he whispered, nuzzling your neck with his face.

“Night Tae”

So here you were approximately one year later and you were as close to him as you would ever get, just friends. You reeled back at the idea of him calling you gorgeous. If you were what did he see in other girls and not you?

You tried to come back with a witty comment but all that would come out was a shy “thanks Tae”.

“Hey, come on, I mean it”, he said coming around to back hug you.

“Thanks Tae, but no other guys seem to think so”

“That’s not true, it can’t be”, he said. “Hey, why don’t we go out on this weekend?”

“Really, like to a club”

“Yeah, you’ll be able to find some hottie there for sure. Now all we have to do is go shopping”

“Whats wrong with the dresses I have now?”

“Ummmm you know, they a lil worn down”, he said.

He had this innocent look on his face that he was oh so trying to keep up.

“They are not! I bought that red one last month”

“Well we’re going shopping, so suck it up”, he said, moving around you and leaving the laundry room.

“Hey, come help me finish”, you whined.

“Can’t, some non-important thing needs my immediate attention”, he yelled back.

“Tae, I can hear you eating chips”

“Whattttt pshh, no I’m not”


“Fine, fine”

“Don’t get chip crumbs on my clothes”

“Yeah yeah”

So that’s how it is. The one man you loved without a doubt and he didn’t even know it. Going to a club with Tae was going to be SO much fun, when all you wanted to do was be in his arms. Knowing him though, he would have girls on him the second he walked in, it was no surprise to you though, he was handsome and charming. Going back to your room, you shut the door and buried your face in your pillow letting out a big sob and the tears that came with it.

~ Admin Unnie

Lapidot: Physical Contact

Lapis Lazuli was someone who absolutely adored physical contact or loathed it. After so long in the mirror, her physical construct was sensitive from underuse. She’d get tickled way too easily, and there was some days where a slight touch would send her either giggling or into a jerking fit trying to get away because it actually kind of hurt.

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I was so disappointed when Bella ended up being the super-newborn. Wouldn’t this have been more fun?


Two milliseconds after waking up

Edward: Ow! Carlisle, get her off me! Help!


In the nursery

Bella: But it’s been three days, and she’s already changed so much! Just let me hold her!

Jacob (guarding crib): You’re kidding, right?


In the backyard

Bella: Wanna arm-wrestle again?

Emmett (backs away slowly): Um, I gotta wash my hair…


In Carlisle’s study

Carlisle: It’s quite remarkable. I never thought that any vampire could be this clumsy.

Bella: Well, it’s just a newborn thing, right? It’ll get better?

Carlisle: I’m afraid not. I spoke with Eleazar and we are agreed that Supernatural Clumsiness is your gift. It’s only going to worsen with the centuries.

Bella: Oh no! What am I supposed to do?!

Esme (gently): You can stay away from my house, darling. Far away.


In the garage

Rosalie: Don’t even think about going in my garage. And no, you may not use your Ferrari.


In Forks

Charlie: Oh my, Bells, what… uh, sharp… teeth you have?


In the cottage

Edward: HELP!!!

(I actually wrote fanfiction. And it is Teen Titans.)

Pet Names


“Move over, Mama.”

Raven glances up from her book and moves her feet just enough so that Beast Boy can sit down on the couch with her. As he turns on the TV and boots up his video game she says, “You know I’m not a big fan of that nickname, right?”

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anonymous asked:

hello friend! it has come to my attention that there are very much not enough teen wolf circus and pirate aus and i cry

dudeeeee, right. the pirate au is the dream. Captain McCall and his trusty second in command, Stiles, sailing the oceans and getting up to mischief, BUT NOT TOO MUCH MISCHIEF, back home there’s a town sheriff and a good lady McCall who would be very cross if either of them got into real trouble. and they’ve got a kick ass purser, like, technically they all know Lydia rules the ship, takes no prisoners, especially if there’s money owed. they perhaps sometimes come across another ship, a slightly scarier, bigger ship with a Captain that has intense eyes that follow Stiles whenever they’re all aboard havin’ a shin dig on the same boat, and a first mate that has golden locks and half of Scott’s crew is madly in love with her. but would never try it on cos she’s with the quiet, mysterious helmsman of the Hale ship, and he could probably break anyone like a twig. they’re all mildly terrifying and often Stiles wants to ask how Derek got the scar across his chest, or about the shark bite scar on his arm, but you know MANNERS. so instead he settles for winding Derek up and winning money off him with ridiculous bets and card games Derek swears Stiles cheats at but he never does, Derek just gets distracted watching Stiles’ hands. 

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The Rest of You is Paradise - Chapter 10

Author’s note: HELLOOOO! I am alive! I have NO clue if anyone remembers this story lol..I wouldn't blame you! It’s been so damn long and this chapter has just been sitting on my computer. Life got hectic and then I had a major case of writer’s block. If there is still any interest in the story I will try to finally complete it. If not, I’ll see if I can come up with a new one for ya! Love you all. Best fandom ever. 

Quick Synopsis:  Zendaya is visiting Hawaii for Ingo and Ehiku’s 10th Wedding anniversary - 6 years after DWTS Season 16 the entire cast is reunited for the occasion. Zendaya is engaged to Trevor Jackson and hasn’t seen Val in 4 years, since he kissed her, told her he loved her and left without a word on her 19th birthday! Trouble ensues!

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Zendaya’s blood boils with anger as she anxiously fiddles with her silverware back at her table at the reception. Her mind races – What an asshole! The nerve! He thinks that he can just swoop in and say a couple of sweet things..and then KISS me and everything will be just fine!

Zendaya let’s out a singular and audible “HA!” to herself while she drums her fingertips aggressively on the table. Her lips are still buzzing from where Val left his mark. 

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ilarual  asked:

MIDDLE FINGER PLEASE, pick a SE character, any SE character

Some Patti development!

MIDDLE FINGER: write something that completely obliterates a sexist/racist/ableist/etc stereotype that gross people associate with a character of your choice

The first telltale sign that something was wrong was the silence in the foyer. There was no familiar noise from the television, no familiar giggles and lip smacks that were entirely the fault of her sister echoing from the viewing room. There was absolutely no noise at all, and that in itself was enough to send Liz Thompson in flurry, kicking off her heels and wrenching off her coat, her hand on her phone and the other grasping at the constricting clothing that prevented her movement.

Her cries of her sister’s name were returned with silence; dread filled the base of her stomach as Liz bounded up the stairs in twos. The silence from the kitchen was deafening, even moreso than the other leisure rooms around. For a split second, she wondered if her sister was playing a trick, perhaps having holed herself up in the bathroom.But Patti was never the type to not answer, especially as Liz called again, unable to stop her voice from cracking.

She rounded the corner, the normal trail and evidence of her sisters movements suspiciously absent. Maybe she hadn’t returned home yet, though Patti had stalked off somewhat quietly once the school bell rang. Liz laid her hand against the heavy panelling that was the door to her room - and she felt her heart rate slow. She didn’t need soul perception to know that her sister was there. She just knew. And with a long exhale outward, Liz turned the door handle.

The first thing she noticed, even in the few seconds where she was merely able to glimpse into the room, was how neat it was. And then her eyes locked on her sister; hunched on the ground, her blonde hair spilling around her neck. 


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I really just wanted to write some modern!AU domestic Stalka, so here, have some, with a side of toddler Hiccup (getting lost in a Target)

Stoick pretended not to notice the tiny sneakers sticking out from under the circular clothing rack. He followed his wife down the aisle, whistling to himself as he waited, and then-

His four-year-old son leaped out from behind the clothing rack, his small hands curled into claws. “Boo!” Hiccup shrieked.

“Ah!” Stoick shouted, grinning as Hiccup jumped in surprise. He grabbed him up and tickled his sides.

“I scared you!” Hiccup said. He squirmed in Stoick’s grip, giggling and kicking his little legs. “I scared you, right, Daddy?”

“Oh, of course,” he said as he set Hiccup back on the ground. “Because that isn’t the fifth time you’ve done that in the past ten minutes. I was so scared.”

Hiccup jumped at his mother. “Boo!” he repeated, grabbing onto his mother’s leg. Valka smiled absently, patting the top of his head as she looked over a dress hanging on the rack. “You’re s’posed to be scared, Mommy.”

Valka laughed. “Oh, of course,” she said. She raised her hands in mock surprise. “Ah!” Hiccup giggled and hugged her tightly around her knees; she bent to kiss the top of his head. “Now stop wandering off, all right? Stay with Mommy and Daddy.”

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