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“then the ball hit my hand and I was all like WOOSH!!”

Hinata and Kageyama as third years, they grow up so fast *wipes tear*


“You exorcised it, Reigen,” Dimple said. “I told you before. You’re a real psychic now.”

The spirit was saying something else now, but Reigen couldn’t hear him over the sudden roar of blood in his ears. He looked down at his shaking fingers. The aura remained, rising slowly off of him in slow tendrils of smoke. There had to be some other explanation. Reigen was not a psychic. There was no possible way he had any sort of power, and certainly not enough power to banish a spirit of that caliber.

And then a thought appeared. It was a strange, all consuming thought, one that Reigen recognized as not his. Everything else in his mind became black static.

you are not my host.

hello friends. over christmas break, i wrote a multi-chapter mob psycho 100 au fic called symbiosis.

after fighting Claw’s Seventh Division (the end of the first season of the anime), Mob’s powers leave Reigen, but something is left behind- something undefinable. Reigen realizes something is wrong, but doesn’t know what, until something- that is, ???%- begins talking to him. Meanwhile, someone begins to take notice of the strange psychic activity coming from the Spirits and Such Consultation office.

If you enjoy plot centric AUs involving psychic powers, horror elements, and general twists and turns, check it out! it’s pretty good. 


Is anyone gonna talk about the fact that Sekizan, the beefy eye candy of this anime, wears rollers? Because he wears rollers. He has to. His natural hair isn’t curly, let alone enough to sustain his highlights. So unless he somehow finds individual, tiny white sew-ins, this guy literally intentionally grows specific locks out just to bleach them and then curl them into the corkscrews we know today.

I just started watching Naruto and I love this nerd tbh 

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I know this is kinda random, but I'm struggling with how to consume the bnha manga. I only watch the anime, but wanna read the manga now. the Viz official translation is over a year behind the original, but I wanna be caught up and I also kinda can't afford all of it. I cant find free online copies of the Viz Media translation, so my only option is fan translations. In your opinion, what is the quality/differences between fan vs official translation? I'm really struggling how to approach this.

well, according to my friend @isahnas (who i’ve talked to about this often, and who does speak japanese), the translations are generally 

Fallen Angels < Official < Mangastream

Fallen Angels is just bad. like, it gets across what the manga is trying to say, but they often add in messages or implications that were never there to begin with. the most famous are Bakugou calling Uraraka “Angel-Face” (based on the logic that angels, specifically cherubs, have round faces), and All Might “breaking up” with Sir Nighteye (implying romantic intentions when they didn’t exist in the original text). they’re the most unreliable of the translations.

the official translation is much better about this, but they also tend to lack some of the little details in the translation, like -chan, -kun, etc

Mangastream has the best A to A translation, by which i mean their translation usually follows what the original text indicated, while they also keep the little details that the official omits, and they follow the structure of the original text better

the unfortunate thing about this is that Mangastream doesn’t have backlogs, and Fallen Angels has all their chapters up and are the easiest to access, while the Official is behind in volumes.

HOWEVER, if you get a Shonen Jump subscription, you CAN keep up with the official translation AND keep up with the most recent chapters! and you can buy backlogs of the magazine for very cheap too ($.99), tho it only goes back so far (usually about a year).

but the official Shonen Jump subscription IS up to date with the manga, and it’s only about $25 for a year subscription ($20 during holidays/specials). 

it may SEEM a week behind tho, because it comes out the same day as the official manga does in japan (which is the monday after scanlations). scanlations, like Mangastream and Fallen Angels, get the manga half a week early because scanlators illegally get the magazine early.

and if your subscription runs out, you can still read the backlogs you had during your subscription, so you don’t have to worry about going back and buying it again. 

i hope that helped!!!

where is my ridiculous, anime-style magisterium spinoff in which jasper is the main character because of his ridiculous, anime-style hair and the overall plot is the same but hilariously distorted to follow jasper’s pov instead