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“then the ball hit my hand and I was all like WOOSH!!”

Hinata and Kageyama as third years, they grow up so fast *wipes tear*


“You exorcised it, Reigen,” Dimple said. “I told you before. You’re a real psychic now.”

The spirit was saying something else now, but Reigen couldn’t hear him over the sudden roar of blood in his ears. He looked down at his shaking fingers. The aura remained, rising slowly off of him in slow tendrils of smoke. There had to be some other explanation. Reigen was not a psychic. There was no possible way he had any sort of power, and certainly not enough power to banish a spirit of that caliber.

And then a thought appeared. It was a strange, all consuming thought, one that Reigen recognized as not his. Everything else in his mind became black static.

you are not my host.

hello friends. over christmas break, i wrote a multi-chapter mob psycho 100 au fic called symbiosis.

after fighting Claw’s Seventh Division (the end of the first season of the anime), Mob’s powers leave Reigen, but something is left behind- something undefinable. Reigen realizes something is wrong, but doesn’t know what, until something- that is, ???%- begins talking to him. Meanwhile, someone begins to take notice of the strange psychic activity coming from the Spirits and Such Consultation office.

If you enjoy plot centric AUs involving psychic powers, horror elements, and general twists and turns, check it out! it’s pretty good. 


Is anyone gonna talk about the fact that Sekizan, the beefy eye candy of this anime, wears rollers? Because he wears rollers. He has to. His natural hair isn’t curly, let alone enough to sustain his highlights. So unless he somehow finds individual, tiny white sew-ins, this guy literally intentionally grows specific locks out just to bleach them and then curl them into the corkscrews we know today.

I just started watching Naruto and I love this nerd tbh 

Request 22- Boredom


There was absolutely nothing on th t.v. that was worth me watching. I stared at the window in the hope the rain had stopped. It hadn’t. It was too bright and cold for me to fall back asleep. Phil was out getting some cereal after finishing Dans. Sure, I could’ve re watched Yuri on Ice but Dan and I agreed to do that together. Daniel, my loving boyfriend, was filming a video so he wasn’t around to help.

The sky grew darker as the time went on. Soon I had been sat alone for almost an hour and I still stuggled to find anything entertaining. Minutes felt like hours as I scrolled through tumblr seeing mostly Dan and Phil related things. The reminder of my boyfriend drew the final straw. I stood from the warmth of my blanket and made my way to the kitchen.

I sighed as I tugged my thick black hoodie over my ponytail and pulled my hair from down the back. I knew it wasn’t the best idea to disturb Dan but he knew I had my tendencies. Yawning I stirred the milk into my tea and his coffee and made my way to his room. The smell of coffee took over my senses and the tea warmed me immensely.

My lips formed a smile as I watched Dan talking to the camera. Each time we caught eyes both our smiles would widen.
“You all know my wonderful girlfriend y/n” he smiled to the camera as I sat beside him holding my mug close to my chest. I gave a small wave to the camera before focusing my attention on Dan. “Y/n was bored and lonely downstairs so I’ve decided to let her be apart of the video” he smiled placing his hand on my knee, sending a shiver down my spine.

Leaning down from the bed I placed my now empty mug onto the floor. I then fell back on our shared bed and stretched my arms above my head. As I looked up I saw Dan looking at me like I’d gone totally mad. Sighing again, I sat up, my face no longer showing pleasure.
“Dan, can we do something together?” I asked, it was clear I had returned to my bored state. His response was simply “We are” which  earned another groan from me. 
“Nooooo” I whined pouting a little “I wanna watch anime or….. do something else” Dan was now the one sighing in response to me.
“Come on y/n. Just wait please?” His fingers wrapped gently round my forearms pulling me up from laying down.

I  began twiddling with my y/c/h hair to pass time. I knew for a fact over 10 minutes had passed and we were still filming. I searched the room for something to entertain me. Soon I got a glimes of his famous potato sack jumper and a smile returned to my face.

“Y/n! What the fuck?!” He exclaimed as I pulled his jumper over my hoodie.
“It smells like you” I giggled innocently smiling up at him. I watched him roll his hazel eyes clearly getting annoyed by my behaviour. “And its cold in here”

Dan signed off the video in his usual manner as I stood behind him on the bed. My arms wrapped around his shoulders; my hands falling on the exposed parts of his chest.
“SHIT love you’re freezing!” Lifting his hands away from me, he turned the camera off. I sat down in the middle if his bed and shrugged my shoulders.
“Why didn’t you tell me you were cold?” He asked giving me a confused look.
“I came in here with tea, coffee, a thick hoodie. I put your jumper over the top and spent about half an hour in bed.”
“I’ll have to edit this now, the phandom want a video” He mentioned pulling me into a hug.

Turning off my phone I leaned into Dan and pulled the blanket up to my shoulder. Phil sat on the other end of the sofa. “That was a really great video” Phil mentioned after going through some notifications from the video. I felt Dans hand fall to my hip as I drifted into a deep sleep.

I woke up in the soft bed sheets that covered mine and Dans bed. Looking over my shoulder I saw Dan staring over at me. I smiled at my brown haired boyfriend. Out the corner of my eye I could see his laptop. I sat up to read the page.

“Y/n is so cute I can’t” was the first thing I read. I looked up to Dan with a suspicious grin. “You didn’t”

After watching the video I felt a warm heat rush to my face.
“I can priv-”
“Its cute, don’t worry about it” I cut him off smiling from ear to ear. I watched the 40 minute video of me and Dan from earlier in the day. He’d titled it ‘my girlfriend’. It mainly involved me being slightly annoying when I interupted Dan.

“Dan” I whispered.“go to sleep babe.” I placed my hand on his arm and looked up to him through hooded eyes. I watched his dimple appear as he smiled down to me closing his laptop. A shiver ran down my spine when Dans arms pulled my body towards his.

O really wanted to draw Viktor again, he is so cute and precious how can I not? So I decided to draw him in all of his anime glory! Him being cute and shocked and blushing. What an adorable baby

He is from the game Beauty and the war which is owned by @poisonappletales Enjoy!

I’m in a HUGE drawing mood but I’m in crunch mode for finishing two essays, two paintings, and studying for tests that I just can’t hrjshjdhjsk