i wann be yours

Connor Murphy headcannons (meeting parents)

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- Connor definitely didn’t want to meet them at all

- He did a bunch for you, like let you braid his hair, watch Broadway bootlegs, come over at 3 am cuz you wanna cuddle

- But meeting your parents he would refuse to do

- So you tricked him

- you asked him to come over to watch a movie, but your parents were home

- usually when he came over, they weren’t so he agreed and went to your house

- your parents thought that he knew

- they were very excited, your mom wanted you to “prep” her about Connor

- so you just told her that he took a little time to get out of his shell and not to mention his family

- she and your dad agreed to the terms

- When Connor got there, he wanted to greet you with a big ole kiss, but you placed a hand on his chest to make sure he couldn’t

- he didn’t understand why until he saw your parents behind you

- He would have turned around and left, but you grabbed his hand so he couldn’t

- you dad greeted him with a handshake and Connor took a couple seconds to respond

- “Hello, I’m Y/N’s dad”

- “I know.”

- “Yeah, that was stupid to say. Well, it’s nice to meet you, Connor.”

- Your mom smiled at him and shook his hand also “Yes, it really is. Y/N talks about you all the time.”

- “Mom”

- “I guess I wasn’t supposed to say that.”

- while you guys are dinner, everyone was visibly tense

- Connor asked to go to the restroom and said you had to go to the kitchen

- your parents didn’t believe you two but let you go anyways

- you and Connor went to the hallway and you immediately started apologizing

- “I’m sorry I made you come and meet my parents without telling you. I can say you don’t feel well and you can leave now. I know you didn’t want to meet them. I’m so sorry.”

- He sighed and gave you a hug

- “It’s fine, you just owe me.”

- “You’ll stay???”

- “Yeah sure, just don’t make such a big deal out of it”

- When you two came back, your dad asked him what he liked to do in his free time

- smoke weed, jk he said he liked to read

- and your mom lit up, she loved to read!

- you guys had a small library and everything

- they had a small conversation about Sylvia Plath and Edgar Allen Poe

- you and your dad were just happy they were talking

- your dad and him didn’t have anything in common

- but they were chill with each other

- then your mom started again about how much you talk about him and how excited they were to meet you

- and you were blushing like mad

- Connor had a miniature smile at that statement

- so you asked your dad about his job because you knew he couldn’t be shut up when he talks about his job

- When Connor was leaving, you walked him out and he gave you the kiss he wants able to earlier

- you swooned

- He said he had a good time then walked home

- When he was gone your dad said “he’s more interesting than you”

-stfu dad

- the next day he called you to ask if they liked him

- but he tried to play it off like he didn’t care

- “My mom liked that you read dark romanticism and my dad said you’re more interesting than me”

- “he’s right”

- “shut up butthead”

- Connor snickered “wow mature”

- “now, I wann a meet your parents. If my parents liked you, then yours might like me”

- “hell no. There’s nothing you can do to make me say yes”

- “wanna bet?”

- “try your hardest”

- “I will”, but you didn’t know what to do lol

- but back to Connor!

- He was surprised that your parents liked him

- He was sure they were going to act nice and then tell you that you weren’t allowed to see him anymore

- but then he sees your mom around town and she smiles at him and his mom I like ???

- He won’t explain it though

- He just nods back to your mom and goes on with his day

- then you see him at school and tell him that your family loves him

- and he actually smiles and that makes you smile

- He kinda wants to go again

- but he doesn’t ask

- He just hopes that you invite him again


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Pairing: Jimin x Reader x ? 

Genre: Smut, Fluff, Angst, Horror/Supernatural 

Words: 12.4k 

A/N: Welllllll here we go! This was gonna be out yesterday but the lovely muse has evaded me the entire month of October and then came back full force all in the last two days. I’d like to thank @jinnies for always sending me positive energy and @hunkyhoseok for motivating me and perhaps slightly influencing me a little with a certain someone who should not be named. This is slightly experimental on my part so tell me what you think! Love you~~

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I love your hide with sidecut sO MUCh ;-; admdksbsn do u ever think about kaneki with under/sidecut??

i do now thanks to you

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Hellooo! I just had a thought... What if a reader confesses their feelings to katsuki but he just doesn't return their feelings, then in a villain attack they sacrifice themselves to save him.... Ahh i live for Bakugou angst and i thought you'd write it:))) it can end fluffy or full of tears its up to you

OKAY BUT HOW COULD YOU!?Also I love you & I live for angst so much! mwuahahaha……!! I hope you enjoy~<3

used the ‘you’ format. Do you guys prefer this or they? Let me know my sweet loves!  (*゚∀゚)

Slight spoilers like chapter 70-80? Like mentions of characters and things that happen so there’s a warning?  (*´Д`)


Bakugou, Katsuki 

“Lights! Lights in the distance, we must be close!” You called out tiredly, pointing towards the small flicker of light now more visible as the sun quickly set. Everyone was exhausted and hungry, but no one was giving up, not when everyone was so close to the finish line. But one thing was true, this training camp already sucked! Jumping down from the tall tree you climbed to see where the lodge was at, you landed next to Bakugou who was massaging his forearm with an angry glare on his face. “You okay…? We’re almost there, I can watch your back if you wann—” You attempted to touch him but he smack your hand away and stomped away from you with a loud scoff. You grumbled and followed in the same direction, keeping your distance from the hothead. Bakugou still didn’t want to talk to you after your sudden confession of your feelings for him, he was the one who rejected you, you should be the one ignoring him. You didn’t know what his problem was but you didn’t give up so easily, you liked Bakugou, Katsuki and even if he didn’t feel the same, that wouldn’t stop you from being his friend unless he didn’t want that either.

“I-I like you!” You stuttered out, gripping onto the front of Bakugou’s shirt, your hand managed to grab a hold of him when he slammed you down to the floor during your last sparing match of the first year. Your eyes squeezed shut and you felt your cheeks start to burn hot, your heart even began to pound loudly in your chest; finally you spilled your feelings for this boy. But his lengthy silence made your eyes slowly open back up to stare directly at the confused look on his features before it was replaced with a harsh glare, he replied with a loud snicker before slapping your hand off of him.

“W-What are you stupid!?”


“I don’t—-! I….. I don’t have time for this stupid crap! I beat Y/N, I win! Next match already!” Bakugou snapped loudly, turning his attention away from you before rushing over to the sidelines to clear the area for the next sparing partners. You blinked a few times, utterly confused at what just happened, lifted yourself off and dusted your clothes. He didn’t say anything but he didn’t seem happy about knowing your feelings…. This was going to be awkward now, great.

Three days at the training camp came and went, the challenges that awaited the class were only more and more tiring, and having to get up before the sun was the worst. Now it was the test of courage! Since you were able to get your grades up last minute with Bakugou’s notebooks, you were able to get out of remedial lessons with Aizawa, thank goodness! You were paired up with Izuku for the test and would be heading into the forest in a few minutes after the last group but that wouldn’t be happening. The villain alliance suddenly appears and everything quickly turns sour, students are screaming, a random wildfire has broken out and what was that smoke! “W-What’s going on!?” you gasped, holding onto Izuku’s shoulder as your eyes dart all around you, so many things happening at once, another ambush!? But it was supposed to be safe! “B-Bakugou!” you cried, knowing he would be perfectly fine but him and Todoroki were the ones who just went inside, amazing or not, you still had feelings for him and didn’t want anything to happen while you just stood around! Without thinking, you ran for it, leaving Izuku screaming after you and a few others but you didn’t listen, you just ran!

You followed the trail as quickly as you could, your guard on high while searching all around yourself in the limited light. You didn’t want to panic but realizing what you had done was making it hard not to, how could you just rush into something like this without backup?! The yelling from more than one person was giving you cold chills, making your body run cold. What the hell is going on! “Bakugou!” You screamed, knowing damn well how stupid that was, but you didn’t see any explosions or hear his voice, you were completely panicking. ‘Toughen up hero!’ You tried to tell yourself but it wasn’t working, and then Mandalay’s voice echoed through your head with the best and worst message of all. Everyone had been permitted to fight but the villains were after Bakugou!

Your knees nearly gave out when you heard this but you kept on, even if your chest was stinging without air and your legs burned, he was in trouble you had to keep going! You ran and ran, running until you were forced to stop, seconds before running straight into the arms of the enemy. Activating your quirk, you were able to block the attack suddenly aimed your way from above, being able maneuver your fingernails the same way this villain used his teeth. While you skid to a halt further away, the villain turned back to the ice wall he was stabbing through, much more focused on that than on you. “Todoroki!?” You screamed, looking around the area closest to them that would allow you to get closer, at least with this boy you would know what happened to the other.

“OI, STALKER WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!” The voice that boomed behind the ice was not Todoroki, the second voice immediately after was but you didn’t listen to what that voice said. You hated that he used that horrific name for you but it didn’t matter, Bakugou was okay! Taking a run for it, legs moving before you could think, you ran for the trees going around to completely avoided the villain and come from a different angle. Running back to where the ice wall was, you saw both of the boys with another on Todoroki’s back behind the ice. Your eyes darted up when a sudden black figure appeared in the air, which was the villain launching his body through the hair by his teeth, the sight was terrifying. He kept his sights on Bakugou of all people and sent a few teeth straight for him, and he wasn’t paying attention, neither of the boys were because they were watching you run for them. As you got closer you could see the flakes of blue patches on Todoroki’s skin, he was using his quirk too much and was slowing down! “B-Bakugou look out!” You screamed as he turned around quickly sensing the incoming danger before the warning,but would he react in time!?  

“W-What the hell!?” The blonde screamed lifting himself up off the floor, he was launched backwards so suddenly he lost his balance. Looking back at where he once was his eyes went wide immediately, Todoroki was able to block out most of the teeth but three of them were able to burst through his ice and slice right through Y/N with ease. One in each arm and through the chest, he knew that no matter where it would be on the body, getting stabbed was never something easy to recover from. His knees gave out seeing your horrified face and the blood coming through your mouth, being held up against Todoroki’s ice before the villain retracted his teeth and you fell to your own knees. Seeing you fall to the floor, crying out in pain and trembling, he realized just how terrified he was in this moment, not because of the villain, but because you could have died right before his eyes. “Y-Y/n..!” He cracked while crawling over to your side, carefully bringing you into his arms when he was close enough, clutching onto you desperately, you weren’t the only one shaking now. “You’re fine… don’t you dare talk right now you goddamn idiot! I still gotta tell you how I feel dammit!”

He pressed his forehead against yours, both of you crying now, so much of your blood was already on his skin. “I-I’m glad you’re okay too…” you replied weakly, holding onto his arm, small worried smiles curving on both of your faces before a group of your other classmates suddenly came crashing through the trees, snapping everyone’s attention. What else could possibly happen?!

St. James Ballroom
Alice Francis
St. James Ballroom

 You know that I don’t wann know your name. But you don’t seem to care. I think that i’m in love with you boy. Tonight it’s in the air coz you make me feel so good. The girls were shaking their fans, shaking their fans, shaking their fans.

Guy doing the tap dance moving their feet, wavin’ their hands. Oh oh, what a crazy man!

I’ve recently discovered the beauty of the electro swing genre and this is just one of the gems I came across 

Captain drunk texts

As requested by dax-rattler. :)

What if the captains sent drunk text messages to each other? This might be the result!

1. Kurotsuchi to Unohana







2. Kurotsuchi to all

sometimes i turn into goo

3. Kensei to Kenpachi

you and me man

we have the collest hair

in the serietei

4. Kensei to Byakuya

so you have a lieutentant with bankai

how’d you manage that

did you give him candy

5. Soi Fon to Kensei

knock knock

who’s there


you who

you smell


6. Soi Fon to Byakuya

nobility pours from you like water

7. Komamura to Yamamoto

you are just the best you know

the abolsute best

did i ever ell you i know a dog that looks like you

8. Komamura to Yamamoto

sorry man i forgot you'r dead

9. Rose to Kensei

do you think our lieuteants are fuckign

10. Rose to Kyoraku


woudl be a great badn name

i don’t know why i think you need to know

11. Ukitake to Hitsugaya

hey shiro buddy

buddy buddy shiro

we are both shiro

i like that

12. Ukitake to Kyoraku

tolds yio i coudadrink as much asyiu and be fine

alsoi wherews mhy hoyse

13. Shinji to Hitsugaya

hey i hard you got an ice mask

wanna be a visored?

14. Shinji to all

you are my first love

15. Hitsugaya to Byakuya

i wrote you a song

you are my senpai

my only senpai

you make me happy

when skies are gray

do you like my song

16. Hitsugaya to Kensei

does ukitake give you candy too

is it a white hair thing

17. Kyoraku to Ukitake

dude i can’t find my eye!!!!!

ha ha lost eye jokes 

18. Kyoraku to Byakuya

true story if you lost your captains robe i wouldn’t give a flying ffuck

19. Kenpachi to Unohana

i’m super horny wanna fight

20. Kenpachi to Byakuya

what does horny mean

21. Unohana to Soi Fon

i just realized we both have braids

do you want to be blood sisters

22. Unohana to Kensei

i wear my braid in front

and i think your hair is dumb

23. Byakuya to Kenpachi

but why do u have so many musles?

24. Byakuya to Rose

I like you

do you know why i like you

you are named after a fower

i love flowers

so much do i love flowers

and you are named after a flower